Alex Cora on Dale & Keefe:”(David Price) has a mild case of carpal tunnel syndrome, he will throw a bullpen tomorrow hopes  (Price) makes his next start”

Boston Baseball
Wednesday, May 9th
Red Sox manager makes his weekly appearance with Dale & Keefe, he gets into David Price’s injury, why Morland didn’t pitch hit for JBJ and much more.

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Time for our regular weekly visit with a manager of the Boston Red Sox Alex Cora Alex has brought you by our belly insurance. You know England Honda dealers and Cumberland farms the official coffee of the Red Sox radio network Alex. Joining us from New York right now hey Alex how aria. I'm great how are you guys were doing great thank you. Let's let's dive right into the game last night if you don't mind because I'm always curious about the decision making process here. Did you give thought at any point to pinch hitting for Christian Vasquez in the seventh or Jackie Bradley junior in the ninth last night. Not about him and I'm Chapman he struggled against lefties. Whatever struggles there bounce. The last two games you see him and him being Indians. Even against the Astros the command missions against lefties lately do matter. Then made on or. We actually cope better with the lefties so that it goes stay with them. Then nine the seventh yeah we thought about it it would Christian but you have to be like apartment and we saw in the third but opposition. Actually 1 morning Jacqui. May be out. We're thinking about it and run and actually win the unions occurrence they count it and couples to get to a point so. It would basket I didn't feel like Bernie. Declared that pinning me. Then I would going to be you know with with our bench and you have to take arc. Mitch put a catcher and I know we have Chapman. At Chapman to close out the game but smokey coming up in that inning we felt that it might be might be a tight game. They gonna stick with the righty and he got the right he's been around since probably later on in the game and we can use mentioned about a situation. Now what about going into the game and you said before that you know Mitch Moreland is really kind of forced your hand into playing him a little bit more he is. It literally hot at the plate meanwhile in the valley Jackie Bradley who his struggles. Really seem to continue. Yeah and if you can lose whatsoever and I'll call it into the left the so we felt like so that that didn't get in there even competence in how to go out there are you got a hit against him. Earlier in the season. You gotta yeah. And the guys and you know we have a good rotation on and I know me to say about well but he got a dozen guys and that was a guy in April and may. Because even slump you know busy guy that we cannot we count on him the Nobel peace. Is streaky we know that and hopefully we can avoid that to happen yet obviously. In Australia at the plate but and I collect. You know if people does that appeal yesterday it was a good crook we grew pitch in and you know the split gonna like nine amid concern about well what. Keeping his defense yes it was cruel of him on the of about what's. Now do you think that right now the team's best line up is with Jackie Bradley unit or is that more speak to the defense now import madness. I'm in Italy and so we feel about you know on the mound and obviously waited out. Is yeah everybody who struggle that they don't he was going on. Behind behind the scenes in is working at it and I know obviously that means you know a lot lately but. And time I do feel like you let the games or four or I don't know the reason you know is some enough it is. You can look at it both ways if well he's late you can hit the and it does is getting on time. Now. I can pick up there with them. Two guys now. Let it happen in Oakland does like it happening at a time you can put a good thing on it also spot and Kara. I took the kid you know the work. He works hard at what he's content to accomplish and you could accomplish. Alex what can you tell us about the status of David Price following his exams. Well actually. Actually. Is is actually good news or. Obviously when you start talking about hand and tingling excites him and saying Merck's insulting the worse he got them boxes. Carpal tunnels and so you know we we get treated the way we feel that. Analogy is gonna be good again is coming back tomorrow actually gonna grow. And Oakley gullible and and after that will make your decision. He makes it next start or or or something else but actually you know Goran and that is going on and obviously the last 24 hours. Crummy guy like Lou thank god mopping up and bent. No way how does how does he get car like carpal tunnel is something that us writers get sit by and a keyboard how to how does David Price get that. Welcome. And you pitch user riches. And a sometimes you can get it recruitment you know working and you grip it grip on on the pitches or just the repetition so. You know I'm not a doctor. How can I I don't know why how or how this happened but as you know they they. They looked like ground lately cats are all things they do there exercises so I mean they've got at least a bit those it's certainly then regular people. And the world so mom you know the only thing technology and we get treated and hopefully you can make an excellent. In your opinion would that help explain the the difference in David price's game this year as opposed to his entire career for his career. He averages 2.3 walks per nine innings this year it's just under four he seems to have a hard time finding the strike zone does this explain that your mind. I hope so honestly because I was on the good guys. Like you say throughout his career very precise records like this. I don't know his men who eagle you look at the dugout and they're short game. How he's he's so close to the mid bad. You're like he didn't call or not there was a game. The previous one the one against the rays. He was getting that two seamer and he does that play against against right handed hitters you know the ball was coming back it. You know the heart felt it was inside so what seemed miss them because that is what he really meant to an hour or or it was something else. Hopefully next had a lot of ET's where he's supposed to be and uses something about everything. And it's going to be fit everybody's gonna cook it about it nobody's gonna work I did it is going to be you know. I guess he he knows that there's nothing else going on in golf that are there on performance dominate that we. He's done it throughout his career. Is there rate treatment procedure Tenet to help alleviate this certain what do you do. I mean. Everybody is different. You know every individual is different case and so the our our team you know brat with. The athletic trainer tells you know they put out. They go about it yet packet that waited field you know he's he's gonna work for him and we welcome back. So is the carpal tunnel what the issue was back against the Yankees when only lasted one inning is that there's at the same issue from. April 11. Well the and symptoms and he can elect. It was pointed out that you know the next day April raid and you know Q what's out there it. They're out anymore since then when you perform it went well and I it's it's great intellectual gonna make one bad pitch so. Now that. We we we saw it you know we saw the same symptoms that we decided you know what let's let's get more more tests in and there's been you know like this. We're glad that is only it is we we know how we gonna do we got packet then you know we gonna get him healthy so hopefully you can make your next start. Now would you I imagine there being a bit of a pitch count on his next starter two or if you get him back he's he's good to go. Arnold will go down with him will talk about it you know after after her about it sort of tomorrow see where he got. But I think that now we've been taking care of this guy from they wanna strain training and particularly the this season and we still have to take care of them I mean for us to accomplish shall we could accomplish in import Myers when he. David Price of the LP and we have to take care. Alex and I know you're not a doctor but carpal tunnel it's a repetitive stress injury. Baseball pitchers that is they're repetitive motion what gives you confidence that you can work around this why wouldn't it get worse. Well. I I have threaten our medical staff. Most athletic and could analyze and how we got to take care of them. You know he had taught him to pay and he's in good spirits will do tomorrow to work it for a he comes here. Now and he plays catch him Coakley to multiple plan and if everything goes well. He's gonna go out there and compete game we're Bundchen you know what we're pulling for him we need him so we'll see how it goes to warrant then little will pick them except. This system back up a little bit what was the timeline on this exactly as I know. Iraq Bradford had a story about how he had allergies which is why he didn't throw and Texas. But then he was sent home the next day I'm just we're just trying to piece together. When did you guys become aware that this was more and analogies that there is something physically wrong. Well there are allergies Huntley. And beat until they're done on Sunday. And you know I found out afterwards after the game that you know throughout the game and after the game we sat down are they. And you know he mentioned he's felt he's felt blood throughout the day in you know we decided that. Socially and being you know I was like man we got to take it. Take care of this would get as you see in Austin and go to a testing and then hopefully you know there's nothing worse than them. You know that's not what we were part of about air. Unity. Selling the top line and no. I know everybody's. Question and allergies in the bullpen and everything but let's let out. Alex we talked about base running and and running it out to you said there are some outs that you run into that your fine within your okay wed. Your team continues to have run ins and outs on the base pads are you still OK with how this is happening are you concerned. Obama I do think though I would advocate better and all you know actually yesterday. During batting practice. We have patron and we got to got to be equation. We do that in spring training and we felt that. Imperial you know we stick around there's been a different way and other teams can now these centers are important. Well they weren't very important and I we got them out there. During their groups and around the bases and something we're creature. How concerned might decide that certain amount I don't care what they're solar. We have to be responsible and actually we've been very good in response to those rotten tomatoes from they want and we have to be better. Album back to David Price for a second and he's at seven starts this year and I think the total number of curve balls that he is thrown might be below ten it's a very low number. Dude it's as they gonna do the carpal tunnel that his choices of the game is being called swat why the low number of curve balls. Not mean there's a guy that. Oh he you'd barely. Great anyway the last two years he's been. You've been a lot of patterns last year or let's remember that that was unfortunate slip inside Iran that are. And you will get a cutter and now the things that he goes from ninety to ninety by. Bomb is that its that I do feel we have to cook on incorporating the game plan we have changed between you guys aren't talking about it. Last week using every pitch. Is very similar. Speak lives. 89 to 92. And because it is at this level they had just ran when everything is close and scream you. It aside and played and you put it between on and then I'd feel that that was going on let me start so. Hopefully an elegant weakened make adjustments or the constituencies see what's going on withdrew the last few. Outings he's into Marcelo and that something we we want baby to do so will make it does well. Why not have David go through all these tests and April when this issue first cropped up why why did why you guys wait a month. I've finally felt that it you know the next day he came back you know it was okay. And we didn't we didn't you know we. We what he went to a few test but I now we felt that they. It happened again well let's do more not now we now so we move on you know get him tomorrow here it is worth and then we take the next. Time now for the Cumberland farms question of the week for Alex Cora brought to light from Poland farms farm house blend iced coffee. Go to WEEI dot com slash manager to submit your question press to ask Alex every Wednesday. I today's question comes from Stephen lit one of the East Hampton mass. He asks when you see a player struggling on or off the field how do you handle it as a manager and how did your playing career influence that decision making process. Are you meet with them. You talked to them not only one struggling and also when they're gone well I think connecting with the players is very important sometimes you do it. Here in golf is sometimes you do them breakfast and I understand it restaurant New York or you do it in the hotel room. And you got to connect with the players and they got to feel that you have their back not only struggling also going to. I changed the lineup tonight it is and it's moral than there already got. I got will keep bad explains senatorial. Judy Martinez Wainwright we will not let steel. And I got me one point prisoners.