Alex Cora on Dale & Keefe - “David Price plays a lot of video games and I have no issue with his comments” and addresses Chris Sale’s frustration

Dale & Keefe
Wednesday, June 20th
Red Sox manager Alex Cora joins Dale & Keefe to discuss Chris Sale’s frustration with not getting any run support, Jackie Bradley Jr.’s struggles at the plate, David Price bringing up Fortnite… again, Rafael Devers being included in trade rumors and who his favorite local social media follow is.

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I'm not talk to the Red Sox manager Alex Cora Alex brought to buy our belly insurance your New England Honda dealers. And Cumberland farms the official copy of the Red Sox radio network Alex joins us from Minnesota where the Sox take on the twins tonight Alex arias. Good are doing great thank you. You're starting pitcher last night Chris Sale expressed a little bit of frustration and I understand that. He's having an outstanding year in yet you know the win loss record isn't quite what he would or you would want it to be how do you make sure that that frustration doesn't. Dig in deeper forum. You know I'm a doctor and a database is normally react or is it gates tells me that it's okay. And obviously. Is he going to be in the bowl games we have and a lack. Fumble on the wing column but he controlling what you can control and given potential land. It cannot stand and look at the numbers. Seven demands made in man's. He went deep in the book in Baltimore today that we needed so we're very pleased would always on and don't go there you know I know trying to score runs out at you. Tie game in the eighth inning you turned to Robbie Scott in his season debut what went into that decision. To let people out of the lineup particularly in third at and I didn't know it was it and 18189. So. And I always felt that was the window that you know that's why he's here for that's why I got called up for this series you get those lefties out. They looked at first it but it and second line. And sorry don't put a bit about the catamounts put them out you know I sell it. We waited to vote you know regardless of the split so let's or you know our our best guy. First and second. Ultimate package and there are so we wanted to go in it or got. Well in the eight pitting was our thoughts of starting the inning would Joseph Kelly knowing how good he is against lefties well. Yeah I'll buy want he was going to be. One thing you know we were wrong with crowded down. Sometimes Kiki ten chase wins in is very important to keep the bullpen. Rests then men and you know. You ready for the rest of the week they don't work out you know we still needed we went through to Joe's well not not in a perfect situation. And it didn't work out. Alex as long as you've been in baseball can you ever wrap your head around these baseball kind of things that you could be eight Natan Chris they'll start. And thirteen and one in Iraq starts and it's just the randomness of numbers. What do you make of that. Yeah club. How important went a lot of harper for pitchers and it matters. In a real well you. About it you know. Can patrol you cannot control the result of game the only thing you can control. Your outing how far you can go and get between our chancellor went. You know we've been. We're gonna the other way you know like I think people are around say they killed six then to teams coordinator and the inability. That's great on. Missile card and the back of the baseball card and then there's an ago seven vehicle went one we called why men and now. You lose again dyslexic writing in Seattle. All is the nature of the game. And that's our egos and I think that's what people. You know but that's agency game now are now you know they'd be careful with the luck that they don't they don't. We talked to a couple of times this year by Jackie Bradley junior and his issues at the plate. When you look at his entire game is outfield defense we saw the arm on display again last night. How is it that you decide that he brings more to the table than any other alignment you might have out there. Now it is a matter of the quality of that. An incentive at all on luck to. You really. Been watching the games and then the approach and the way he's been here in the ball. There's they're lucky ball. And he's been given missile although played him in Allah to. There's only been accused. How sure are pork or hit so he'd done I think right now as far as his approach we're very pleased. There's no more so that there's somewhat let Kate is very considers consistent in an effort down and stands by the balls. We like where you will hear the player and obviously yes well on. He wanted to talk to those in vaguely. Keystroke on the running game. Because down ball and gab he's outspent me I'll. Friends cannot put this team simply because the way I think right now it's Kirk. How is he handling it mentally I would think it would it would Wear on a player as as you get later in the season looking up on the Jumbo screen every time you dig in your head in the below 180s. How how does he handle on the. It anger and I actually sometimes. That series in Seattle. It was in Baltimore if you missiles right of people have yet to report that the manager you know you if they would let it all they would. Sometimes you don't and I'll say it. I'd play the game and I know what he has to struggle and I know that you know you want to. Find hits now it's the old saying you want local court or look symbols are also forward Pau or missiles right at somebody. You know because that's the process. But at the end they you know what you want you one thing those how are you ever the players you keep you keep with that you stay with and Utah and and you know we we can't complain about him in a way to get on. See you run debate right ways puts pressure on Adam and play each and every time I'll give a 100% music like you're not bother. Out to random questions for you I know he's not your player anymore but are you surprised that Hanley is just that now they're still. I'm I mentioned not how we do go. The question how do not. Not like it's going over the the course of those true yeah I'm surprised you know. He's got a although the struggles and we're sitting in Iraq so you know now we versatility all that's we're we're going to I still think there's basal left him and runners Amber's. And the other one is when somebody like Ken Rosenthal very publicly floats the idea of Raphael diverse remaining at shot out I'm sure you're aware of that how do you react in in what if anything do you say to devers in the when his name starts appearing in stories like that. But I don't I brought you know that boat was going on the only thing you know life and he's working hard at his craft into the plate. But actually had a conversation with a buddy of mine more Fiat mean. Alex how about words you know the old July trade deadline now well. Are looking not organized network we recover that and it's like where you couldn't Papa you know it is. You grabbed noodles you to the wall yeah and some of them stick and the other ones don't stick. I think that's a wayward conflict and I saw that live there so one of the guys that's me I can go. I tangle to my. Media experiences you know ideas the end I can tell about it or it's not like sometimes. What you see is not the true. I do wanna ask you one other question about devers he's just 21 years old. Hit a bomb last night you know he's on pace for about 2425. Home runs about eighty runs batted in. But defense is an issue with thirteen errors I think so far this year. Is that an area of the game that you can improve on wood just hard work and get now they're in debt and being dedicated to that. Well depends how you see it now we can go to errors then. She's saying that it's prevalent. You can go to because LeBron stays on these efforts of the leak. It's gonna make it bears my party's rank and let them to the right up there with a totally integrated armed. Evident sense that the game so we're very pleased of Berkeley it would at least when they're base I know that part of the equation and you know errors are errors you know I think errors where big deal in BAT's. I think there is still out and they're more into the equation and we're very pleased with the numbers. David Price at the start tonight he's pitched really well as of late but yesterday he's done a joke around again about four night you you feel like you should just let it go or are you OK with them how to talk about how soft he is and how much video games Nicklaus. Well I don't think it's and he's been playing video games sort of far a long month science you know sometimes I don't know whether talking in the club house. A black who goes out there performs the ladies but Donna the last six or seven. We're very pleased the way Knuble in Seattle. You know Gerri good photo pentium four Seattle the American it is the next date as the best he's seen data cries of those. Keeping this is the arrogance his team that created team so we're very pleased. He doesn't come into the equation. Yes even though he seems fixated on some of the criticisms of it and you don't you don't care. Not a Alex who's your favorite column in the local media and Twitter. Red truck sacks. Eaten them media I'm happy that was that was put on a scenario they added that. You don't follow him. I'd like Ali yeah. Yeah I'll do we all think he works for you. Well I won't blame when I was working in. Last year and in Houston. I thought he worked for the Red Hook him he was a great source for us. I'm dynamic speaker of it is given too much information to at least. I. All were joking about it a few moments ago he was talking about the fact that when JBJ place your team has a 672 winning percentage when he starts. When he doesn't it's 615. While eight there don't you know I don't. So that's I'll still say Brad intensity and a all of it anymore the night after the Cumberland farms question of the week for Alex Cora brought you by Cumberland farms. Farmhouse planned iced coffee go to WEEI dot com slash manager to submit your question for us to ask Alex Cora every Wednesday. This question comes from Andrew does Santee in Torrington Connecticut. He says what is your process on scouting free agents and evaluating who could help your team down the stretch. Off that Islam. There's a lot of people asked that it can ball and those that decision. Compromise and that's Vietnam. I'm very aware of what's gone and the league Ahmad fan of the game so you know you know as a struggling this year. You know I was injured. I don't know that I can I can answer that question prodding him in the months but right now it is a matter of data and information management. You know communicating what would pay the penalty the department and the front announces. And then we don't. They changed the lives and I. On and pulpit split second. A bush does not playing them we got. Think guys would do so wholly explain it couldn't cut. A Palestinian prisoners playing cricket claiming that Christians. Always appreciate the time we'll talk to you next week thanks. Again that is our Red Sox manager Alex Cora joining us from Minnesota.