Alex Cora on Dale & Keefe to discuss the 3 game losing streak, the lack of production from the catcher position, and when to expect Xander Bogaerts’ return.

Boston Baseball
Wednesday, April 25th
Red Sox manager Alex Cora joins the show to discuss resting players, Craig Kimbrel, and Xander Bogaerts’ retur

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I guess it was unrealistic to expect a seventeen and two pace was gonna continue on all season long and so a three game losing streak is not necessarily surprising. Has there been a common thread in these three games for yeah. You know good pitch him by not only by the opposition by by those two tore. Whatever is on on you know we don't want them and three days or you know the basic. Even as a chance to Wimbledon which is very important. Two guys not. They that we had apparently you're not sustainable. By actually the last few days. We we got off you know we. We're not doing the same people who donor it seemed like which he compared to let us right now. In Serbia want total wants it looks like we're heroes to most of the time I'm also talked about count it. And don't be somebody's got to equally to a position but. You know and it's two games in Oakland in the nine denim. And they had a 20 count and a no hitter would masters. If you get on data coming up to actually feel good about it and man Sunday while we had a chance second and third with less than two outs and we end. We didn't score which it is and I'll bet that we have to. We kept cashing those tuition didn't and they get pretty complex or we still get. You know not great but the office of us it is as a team as a whole we we took it. Amare gone back to Sunday what a what went into the decision to give smoky bats Hanley Ramirez and Eduardo Nunez all the day off even when Monday be in an off day. Yeah that's that's the key the Monday one of them to get to date saw I'm actually looked at. JD JD was an update on the weekend so well on Thursday we talk about it. And you mentioned you know that you need it lawn and if it I gave him the option. It was Friday actually McKee we're gonna get an update on Friday so he could play Saturday and Sunday. When JD gets bail them on Friday and I decided is going to be Saturday the unknown has been mean obviously campus and our Hanley. They get tonight game we know what is coming from last year and I do feel that move in neat well. To take advantage of the two days those Berkeley put them. Now we have extra edge that we don't have an off day until a week from Monday I'm not mistaken when we go to New York so we. We got they got back to those situations and big big. People the assault on the gonna. And to better Turkey and. Now ideally would you prefer to have you know smokey and Handley taking different off days and then this time just lined up that way or or rests still more important than maybe haven't had the best line a possible. It does happen that did this stunning ward valley. I guess it before or to escape we we gave me the all tried. That was supposed to be you monkeys monkeys they companies and so on the a lot doesn't matter I know there's a variety. Good against lefties but. I know David is gonna be vicious shot he improved output. Now it's a good game and we can we actual cable every day. You know that we can score runs just a matter that we would hit some bald and barrel and you know there were caught actually. It was a better pay them back and look you know I of course yeah bats look. This quote around and they beat us Alex any irregular sounds tonight. Hubble will make its the and and here people regular that he doesn't play. The rest of the doubt got a plan in the same lineup. Now today. Have Christians blame and he is catching equipment. Such as on ask left handers have given you guys a lot of trouble so far Syria and to a seven as a team I know are only talking twenty at bats and a lot of cases but. You feel the need to address that and anyway Ben antennae for instance one for seventeen. Jackie Bradley someday even Denver some of these guys do you feel a need to shake things up at all against left and it it's. Not a real 11 standard comes back to create a balance. He's gonna hit troops in the lineup and you can decided it look like those six or ever since nine and you make adjustments. Under him. It's like we do feel but he he's he's a cable hitter you know on base percentage is way up there. Obviously the numbers yeah it in the left and the hater yes. But there there was a lot of when you're so apps you know we still look down which openly in the in my life I know Jackie Bradley is a guy that you know he needs lefty. You let these things take with them him. And he makes him a better hitter when he's he's lefty companies. It is like him he gives up control them aside from mobile to let sort of so I've been now you know we got to grind them out there and we and other economic. We're talking to Red Sox manager Alex Cora you mentioned Sander Bogart's. Played in Pawtucket last night had a double and a home run. Said he felt good that they've already been rained out for tonight's game. As this adjusted your plans for Zander and how Sunni may rejoin your your team. Now. You know range Regina most likely try. Is gonna go. Go to work out tomorrow. It still feel essentially that the biggest question what you're saying that if you play what I heard and he moved well. You know and minimal. At least two thirds that he was OK I thought in last night at about 10 this morning he's going to a perfect. Perfect world perfect scenario was it into play nine innings before he rejoin the team but he feels like. The weighted stock in the ways can knock you know law work today and tomorrow he'll be ready most likely for. Now I know it's early and were still in April but you haven't gotten a ton at the plate from your catchers think Vasquez hit into eleven similarly own. 107 no home runs four RBIs combined. Blake's wife are not exactly up to a hot start either but is there any chance he can get an opportunity behind the plate. At the mound now we builder console would cushion and the and the place. They do on our own game lock him let him pitch as not to many opportunities to to pull people out they they don't run too much on behalf. And how they haven't been successful was not imminent and so will combo wouldn't. We've a couple of like right now but not now. We they we sandy and Anchorage. Alex a big picture. Craig Kimbrel question for you so he gave up a home run last night almost a year to the day after he gave up a very similar home run to the jays. In that same park. Putting that aside have you had a chance to have that conversation with him yet about how you wanna use him and maybe expand his role beyond just the ninth inning. Little lit up wouldn't doubt about it. Something that. A lot of people think that it is it's easy to do a lot of people think that. There. I livers situation in my mind. And I I don't agree. There's there's there's guy that has done it one way for trial audit lottery use them information comes into play. And the conversation conflict. A B and an eight. We do feel that we've got guys around credit that can do the job to him we have certain match that we can exploit over the course of being basically late. So we got still believe in on those guys but it the same time. We keep talking with the steel presented information you saw yesterday. Now and I details coming up political granderson was that they can put them they've been work. They pinch hit for I mean all of which it came into play defense port Oscar. In the second spot so my thought process look like well deputy got the ever visited time to shut the shut or out. We understand them and the second Peter and somebody on the book they're big boys tune. And so it's Corliss an enemy combatant and score runs and it happened conversations are. How do you convince him to use data are do you I mean we know I think it goes without saying that a guy and his position is thinking about free agency. And you have to convince them at all day you will still be valued at no matter what that save total is next in name. I do feel that he understands. The amount of talent at this guy they've they've got their routine. Am one of those same. I'm I'm very aware of men in the game. And you know I always thought about it throughout the years when I was working on the XP and our last match. How we talk about bringing in the closer in the eighth inning with a loaded no outs. And he gets out and pain and do we feel that somebody else should come in the ninth or is it fair for the closer to come in that situation a compounded that are you know they have somebody uncle Kevin and we're paying up to look for weeks but Belichick relations if you go to the research or you know you got a great urged. Check how many times the second third and fourth hitter coming to gain up to hit. In a one run game to run game being seen in our seventh inning and sometime this matter much as what people click last year would be seen. It happened four times that's an eight million. I'll buy two's second serve portrait coming up sucks all the information that I keep you know. Using tuned to talk about the subject and with time things are gonna change I mean we gotta be fair with this guy I could have spring training. He's being on to a lot. Off the seal which is backing marked. When he's ready and when when we we come to a conclusion that this time will do. Alex we talked earlier in the season about running and outs on the base pads just a bad decision by Carlos stables last night. Accurate that decision before it before this series we go over the scouting report sent the guys that we we identified that we have to challenge. Was Kearns grounds. You know he had a clean up and you know you it was a game up catch. And grow. And right there we don't know if it is not. There last year you know running what has let you know I didn't say it's an aggressive want and I look real I think you know the way we were swinging the bats now pushing DL but look there you're hoping. And four at bats row or. Some because of the place you didn't happen will liquidate them with Milan. Time now for our Cumberland farms question of the week for Alex Cora. Brought to buy Cumberland farms farm house blend iced coffee go to WEEI dot com slash manager to submit your question for us to ask Alex Cora every Wednesday. Today's question is from Kathleen G a chatty from South Weymouth. She asks do you have a certain routine that you follow on game days. Well on the wrote a target stage. I could put it our compliance possible not get up in the mornings or Tuesday that we have predictions. And I go back taken out men and ban after I'd like around 130. All part at all there's no routine because advocates and those. You don't know. The twins might get up in the morning and I have to take care that they might flee to a and I am but could put family. It is really on the where it went into the routine now home. Is it a lot different now about when you have the family around. You got to take care of them combined probably become more in the mornings honestly. Got to do your your your parents do and do what you gotta do I mean that you. Alex we always appreciate your time good luck tonight we'll talk to you next week. There aren't taking out that is our Red Sox manager Alex Cora joining us from Toronto.