Alex gives his review on Tom Brady's new book. 09-21-17

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Thursday, September 21st

In the first hour Alex gives his full breakdown of Tom Brady's new book.  


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These students and late night talk Sports Radio telling. Let's get it going with the Alex Roemer on late. On Sports Radio W. Yeah. I think by yours truly Alex dreamer. Or as we always stop it Roemer after dark. 6177797. And 937 is your phone number. Coming to on the heels of another big Red Sox win. A big sweep for the hometown boys down in Baltimore. Yankees did when this afternoon still beating at least remains at three games. Beginning some complaints since it started doing some late nineties here not talking any sports. Not talking any socks. Like say you're not talking any Sox started every shot as they give us a call. Talk socks we are the home of the Boston Red Sox WEE. Here Red Sox calls are always welcome ninth two scorching hot Red Sox takes to lead off tonight before we get into. The TB twelve met the review I have it right here. Had a lot of fun tweeting out pictures from this spot over the last couple of nights my copy came yesterday. I spent three hours of Reading this thing in preparation for the show tonight. Interview I'm writing for WEEI dot com tomorrow. On the pictures are just so dreamy and this one is my favorite right efforts paid Brady's eyes just gaze into one baby. Is into one file that that they had me Amy there's an article is on with his like hands behind his head like. But such a model Tom Brady and his dreamy eyes he looks dots now in person but in this in this but he's looking pretty dead. We'll saying I want action shots of Brady Matt was saying lots of pictures are recipes lots of TB twelve products. I highlighted in this book is while the 150 dollar like resistance bands those are always guide. So get to that. But I do have my two Red Sox got ready okay Chris cell should've come out for the eighth inning gas gas scope for the jugular. One strike out away from 300 he was feeling it tonight shutout effort thirteen k.s. I know he has one more start coming up Tuesday but so what's go for the jugular. 300 you can smell it you can sniff that it's in the air. Go points or John Farrell put Chris sell out there in the eight. And his last out of the game was is 300 strike out on a nasty sliders that's number 1 I am on team Farrell number two I heard some cars talk with this with Mott. The Pedro Christiane comparison is Chris now. Eyes it's as dominant as Pedro Martinez. The answer is no not even close I know they're the only two pitchers and Red Sox history. And that 300 strikeout club. But but look at the errors in which they play we talked about this last night a bit when discussing the sagging Red Sox ratings odd. Almost 30% of that bats in Major League Baseball. And in either strike out or a walk meaning the ball is not put into place strikeouts are out like 22% this year or something like that. Deeper senator Pedro is pitching was much much lower so 300 strikeouts is great. Not saying Chris Sale isn't dominant but pages 300 strikeouts in 19992000. That's stands a better thing Chris sells 300 strikeouts in 2017. When again over 20% about bats and an eight strikeouts. Roughly 30% at bats and another strike out or a YU a batters were not really looking to put the ball in plight. Self. Those are the Red Sox spots as always you're told to cost 617. 77978937. But mutt was talking by at the end of his show. I'm sure will be a big topic on the station all day tomorrow and really for the rest of the week that TB twelve method is officially outs. I got my copy last night I read through it this afternoon. On first observations it is a massive block. It's like three pounds I mean this is your resistance training right here. I carry this in my backpack on my way to the station and that it got enough training to last me for last me through the weekend I mean this is a heavy heavy bock. It's hard to read and you can't really read it Mikey you like you can't read it sitting up really because it's hard cover in the pages go everywhere. I mean it's a it's not really small enough to bring you know want an airplane her you know one in a car ride or. You know it's knots and knots and by beach anymore but let's just say you're going on vacation and you want a little. TB twelve poolside know that's top this is a tough block. To carry around it was designs I think to descend on coffee tables. Much like his 200 dollar nutrition annual so that's number one ness but. Was not really designed to be read I think it was designed to sit on coffee tables across the South Bend. I hum the pictures of Brady. As they said are my favorite part I mean tweeting about for the last couple days they just can't get enough. Of these eye gazes these model like gays is that Brady is giving us here. Lots of smiles. There's one has mentioned he's just like his hands are back. His eyes are closed off. Like it's like a pop stars you know owing it is like a little water I think like a little moist air let him down that would have been nice slick is well for TB twelve. And you know it's a full blown advertisements pretty TB twelve sports therapy senator we all know that pages 83 203. OK I exclusively show pictures of models. Wearing TB twelve gear. Doing why ability worked outs with TB twelve branded equipment. Vibrating foam rollers. Vibrating spears. Are resistance bands that as I mentioned Ken. Albie bottom line I'm Tom Brady's official TB twelve web site. For like a 150 a 160 bucks so. That's it's a big infomercial. For TB twelve and I think we are expected dot but it is brazen I mean I don't even hide it pages eighty through 203 exclusively show pictures. Of models in TB twelve years doing these worked odd spot there's a lot of angles. You can take with yes I you can talk about bill Belichick's reaction to it today. Which I think is quite telling and dot I think it's quite apparent that the ballot check is not a big fan of all the TB twelve meant they'd talk. Other TB twelve method advertising. Alex Guerrero is constant presence and actually dug up a Boston Globe's story from 2015 that deet tails a source telling the globe. About ballots Jack sock. Kind of perturbed meant at Alex Guerrero and his presence. Around the patriots so I think this is a longstanding thing between Belichick and Brady. It's quite apparent that ballots -- not a big fan of the TB twelve net that in a self promotion an ox Guerrero as presence around the team and you saw that come out today and a couple of curt answers from Belichick in his press conference and then Brady. Was kind of caught by surprise on so lots of ways we can go with it despite my over arching. Take away after spending three plus hours today reading a lot more this book than any sane person should. Is the New York Times that it and as always the New York Times I mean I gotta give it to him Nate at the now on the had. They never deviates they never fan Al. Vineyard times is that TB twelve met that is have deep but short on science. And not say out really good way to put it op also invests. Your opinion on it depends. On whether you buy into the cult of Tom Brady. Because the book does not site any official studies. Or any figures to support raise methods whatsoever. At one point when he's going through lie all of its viability workouts there's a chart. That shows natural viability by age. And you may be wondering what what the hell is why Billy boy mentions it like a million times. And after reading yet I'm still not really sure I know why ability means it's defined does not targeted deep forced muscle work. That links sins and softens muscles at the same time those muscles are rhythmically contract did and relaxed. Got it let's try it again viability is liability training it's. Targeted deep force muscle work that link fins and softens muscles at the same time those muscles are rhythmically contracted. And relaxed. What do we have any tweets anybody know what that means in English I have no idea. But he mentions liability like zillion times in this book honestly every page. There's a reference to liability in deep muscle tissue work outs and. It just at what one point career I've Brady I think one of the more asinine claims he makes and actually emailed MIT about this. I am on UTB 12 I am on you as he says that a group of MIT researchers came into TB 121 day. In measured the amount of mutants meaning energy that Alex Guerrero is like bomb can have can put on Brady's body. And any says that parades just it's it's absurd it's totally absurd there's not there's very little here in the way of backs I'm. That's not my favorite graph again the chart that shows your natural liability by age I'd shows are widely percentage. Going down from 100% at one years old. To below 20% at sixty years old. Where are they getting this source with a footnote says the graph. Is quote not representative of any individual involved but indicative of natural viability trends. And cat again I don't really don't know of anyone doing no supply ability as I was I was like muscle nimble nests. And why body workouts again is like deep tissue massage at least according to the spot so it makes sense right when you're young your muscles are nimble and flexible. And when you're older they're less nimble less flexible. Odd but this chart in this spot shows year viability percentage going down from 100% at one years old. So look 20% to sixty years old and there's no source for it whatsoever there's no source for that chart. There's no source for any of the work outs here. The bottom line is you just gotta believe Brady. You wanna buy into this you wanna buy into the stuff that's espoused in this Spock a lot of it is common sense like drink water. Eat vegetables. Get a good night's sleep. You know resistance band training back kinda stop is very mainstream at this point so. A lot of this book is just common sense it's not really unique to you it's EB twelve method. But a lot of their stuff than it is just not backed up by anything. Except Brady's word. And Brady makes it very clear paid sixteen any entrant. He says I've been faster every year for the last six years. And have also broken my own personal bests in agility and functional strength tests. Again we have no proof that that is correct except Brady's words. Page eighteen when Brady's explaining how he and ox Guerrero first came into contact with each other 2004. Raised in which shoulder pain elbow pain. He's come to the realization Ares just accepted. That guy he's always gonna have pain throughout his career. But then willing Maginnis introduces him to Guerrero. Where starts working on Brady's shoulder and elbow starts this viability training in this deep tissue massage. And Brady claims on page eighteen right in the intro. That he has not had shoulder or elbow problems since he started training with Guerrero in 2004. Again I find not almost impossible to believe. A quarterback. In the NFL they're meant to quarterback he's played as much as Tom Brady deep into the playoffs every year since 2004. Except away when he tore his ACL but every year since 04 except oh wait he's played deep into the playoffs taken countless pets. It in and in your to tell me he hasn't had any shoulder elbow problems since 2004. Going on thirteen years now. Of pain free shoulder pain free elbows. When my elbow was in pain basically every day Alex through his treatment that was in 2004. He started lengthening and softening all the all the muscle in my war. And it took away the tension in the muscle and I was like god that makes much sense. Demand here liability can be achieved in part by a lot of things and work bin workbook. Well I would say increase your strength well limiting the density of the mosque. The dents in the mussel needs the last five what is most of our workouts are all. Resistance bands face. So. So that that's the story you stick into it. Whether it's on TV with Norah O'Donnell from CBS you heard that putt there whether it's in this TB twelve Manuel. His stick intuit that Tom Brady. Playing quarterback in the NFL countless hits countless passes over these last thirteen years claims he hasn't had any shoulder elbow pain. Since he hooked up with Guerrero in 2004. So I hope. Again none of this is cited by fact none of this is backed up by any research your charts that are not sighted to anybody. Or anything. It's just it just believe me Tom Brady TB twelve method believe me. That's a beat saying for the TB twelve sports therapy sent. But it's apparent this is Brady's life mission right I mean if there was any doubt whatsoever. About what Tom Brady was gonna do with his life what's his career ends. By its best and he spells it out the book is wow saying no we've all read the definition of insanity. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. We'll sports training is exactly that way too often we get trapped in the same old routines. That's Brady explaining why he's writing a spot why he's educating us about the importance of I ability training whenever the hell that means in the importance of not eating night seats in the importance of gaining your body and mind and spirit in a rhythmic. Connection with each other. I've Brady is has all the answers. Nobody before him has been able to solve the riddle. But Brady has the answers you know he and and I think the more I read this Spock. And the more I think about Brady and his philosophy. It's almost Peter teal ash you know Peter teal believes. That death is just a disease. That we can ward off that eventually. We will be immortal. That is Peter steele's prevailing belief we will be immortal one. Tom Brady isn't too far from that hit L reading. A lot of the stuff in the black hearing him speak over the last couple years really. He believes that injuries. Don't have to happen he believes that muscles don't have to get warned don't have to get hurt. Brady believes that through his philosophy he can avoid injuries. For the rest of his career. Any claims he had outside of the contact injury tearing his AC Allen awaits but everything else. He says he's avoided it can't avoid it will point it. So you know at the more he will get to this later on by. I've always thought the Brady's gonna play until his mid forties. I always thought that. But no wonder you play the longer the bigger chance there is for injury. And if Tom Brady gets hurt like let's say Brady gets hurt this. Misses a couple weeks. This TB twelve method. Kind of goes out the window. Who writes. Because you're saying I never get hurt I never get hurt I've might peak performance forty years old healthier than ever faster than ever stronger than. And if you get hurt that kinda goes away. You talk about I don't in terms of cat yet meaning viability can prevent injury yet. I think so I I have to do and that's. And these are based on my experiences and that things about learning experience I wrote about them that's you know part of the education and I felt that I wanted to do. By this point my life but as I get older to end. You're right when here if I think about it from a football player standpoint. You can't help the team if you're not on the field playing. True you can't embrace been remarkably healthy. In only missing games due to injury no wait. With the ACLU only time so there's no doubt that whatever he's doing is working I'm not arguing that just saying. Odd his claims that he hasn't had any shoulder elbow pain in thirteen years Adam despite not ridiculous. He's been on the injury reports with shoulder injuries and other ailments over the years so what's he saying the patriots have made that stuff pop. I spoke just to believe me. Believe me that's the message from the TB twelve method and you know end to meet the one of the biggest laugh offers in this whole block comes early. This is celebrating introduces out Guerrero ready this is it one sentence. Alex grew up in California. And study traditional Chinese medicine in college. That's. Till it grows past. Wrapping California. Chinese menacing guys are right now. That's that's. What's the fuss about it. No mention of the fact that the university. Guerrero holds his master's degree from is now defunct. See Emory university of oriental medicine does not exist poop bake nope Don. No mention of the FTC is suing Guerrero in all four. For his role as the pitchman for fraudulent can't secure. No mention of the FTC ordering Guerrero to shut down his phony concussion recovery beverage nearest safe which Brady endorsed by the way. Of course Brady's not to mention all that stuff in the book but it just goes to tell you the perspective here. And again obviously the stuff works for Brady by. It's hard to take it seriously. And it's hard to take it as gospel. When it's also coming for Alex are out this sneak this leads the slime ball. You know pitching fraudulent cancer tours. To patients on her death that I mean that's one of the more despicable acts you can never do you. Endorsing this phony baloney concussion prevention drink that Brady happily endorsed in signs his name to. You also endorsed a by the way Wes Welker and them things that can work for him. And apparently according to Zell didn't work for Brady other Kristi said this year Brady suffered concussions as well. So that is if you want to know what the crux of my issue is that the TB twelve manual we can talk all we want about the high prices. Not backed up by scientific facts. One of them 1% stopping here Brady talking about how he says it talks with the importance of drinking water and high trading. They goes on to say that every type of water we drink is back. Filtered water bad tap water bad. Spring water that. Billy type water that is that that that that he would recommend drinking is purified water that. You know what that is purified water. Isn't that like bottled water no no bottled spring water is that Poland springs about the Sonny backed up with being a bad. Poison. I'm so confused really pure your ride water. He says you he says the only way to drink tap water is too old director of filter a grip older I have won my apartment. You know very cool like that but then he goes on to say a sentence later that filtered water is so. It's. Only purified water is what you can drink and I will read those passages to you a bit later on lots depict through here again my main issue is. It's coming from doctor arrow in Reno his pack. It also so many of the claims that Brady makes an answer easily debunked from the viability training the acid alkaline diet to the brain exercises. So many of these claims with just a simple Google search. Are easily debunked. So we'll dive into this further with you. At 61777979837. It's TB twelve died of TB twelve method is out we are reviewing yet it's Roemer after dark a WB yeah. Boston sports never Rex east peace Alex rumor and late night on Sports Radio WEP. Nothing has been my life where the methods in this book and are hoping it does the same for you. Even if you start which is one of the concept from the book for a week I promise you begin to deal with it. Or ultimately like everything else which you get out of it is what you put into it and the choice that you make everything move it. I know that our team it TV twelve sports and I will continue giving you that which you need to make the right choices for your health and well being. But keep checking and all are key because social account for up. Most importantly from my family my friends my teammates and coaches. Are fans of my extended QB twelve him. Thank you from the bottom up my car. Writing a book has been humbling experience to say two weeks. And it never could've been possible. Without your love and support so thank you thank you thank you. On out thank you time that's a natural it's like it just focus off the cuff and I hate to put a sorely not to than sound rehearsed it off. Not on even watch that he's been via the visual is even more. Disturbing and I natural than the audio sitting out this ask everything's perfectly in line next to on the book right there. In this book is to re like three or four pounds it is a heavy blocked my question is really how do you read it and you have to read it basically sitting up. At a desk. That's after Reid can't take it to bed with you can't take it by the pool or to the beach or on the airplane. So I mean this book honestly was meant to descend on wealthy people's copy tables and town that's what this book was made port. But there's so many easily. To disk provable things in this spot. Will all rattle off a number of them in a moment but right away in the intro Brady says. He hasn't had any shoulder elbow issues since 2004 no pain. In his shoulder elbow since 04 hot in the opening essay by not nearly impossible to believe. At a public techsters taxing and toward text line saying await him as a Brady been on the injury list with shoulder issues and he's certainly happens. According to mass live Tom Brady's been on. The injury port. With a right shoulder issue 116 times in his career. What 116 times in his career and I'm assuming not all of those 116 times were before 2004. So come and meet other tracks a little bet is they have no shoulder problems no shoulder pains and so for. But you've been on the injury report 116 times with the right shoulder issues. In your career. I mean come on eighteen ankles seventeen the nine arm but by pat but you know arm pain green while propane. To so many easily disapproval things and any talks with the acid alkaline diet which is phony baloney. Liability training don't even really knows what that is. Again I'll read you what the liability liability muscles nimble soft its rights flexible. Brady says viability training is targeted deep force muscle work that length isn't softens muscles at the same time those muscles are rhythmically contracted and relax if you kin. Decipher what that means at 61777979837. I will mail you my copy. Of the TB twelve manual and this isn't gonna be inexpensive you can't just put this in the mailbox then you got a FedEx this UPS that. Put in a big package. Expensive thing to ship that things in weighed in yet you're you're paid some money I'm ashamed that money they made quite know much so I'm telling. I'm telling you that is the big prize 617779. 7937. Tell me if you can figure out what green means I've viability training in the meantime. Let's go to your phones let's go to norm is on the cape tonight norm your first stop. Charlotte allow. Good lord man you are long winded. Well you know I got like I talked to him so much misunderstood the earlier you're doing a good job thank you very personal. So Tom Brady YouTube himself for example so books right against this whole thing like I'm forty I played football also bear score. I'm an expert on how to stay healthy at night ever he plays it better than anybody has a forty which is true. So really shouldn't you just write a book called how to hops actually Gisele Bundchen. I would buy that I mean I don't I went personally by that norm. But you but many people would be interested in him short. That really the books you should show on right now. I'd be more interesting the nest I gotta tell you it has to mean this stuff you know and there's lots survived there's lots of stuff to you about how. He was with the Boyd car in Michigan and I'm not sure if I'm not sure if you guys know but I've Brady was a sixth round peck. 199. Overall. Not sure you're aware that that but a 199 overall. He you know was the fourth or fifth string at Michigan. They split time Drew Henson. So we we go through the whole Brady biography we've heard a million times. Avocado ice cream is here of course. The picture for avocado ice cream looks like chocolate ice. Mean Mike crazy this is brown ice green. It looks like chocolate ice cream. This isn't what. It's even a recipe pictures are easily debunked. This is now that avocados ice cream this is chocolate ice cream. So. You're right norm how to have sex or Gisele Bundchen not would be I think a much more salacious story number one. And number two more interest. More interest as we've heard a lot of the stuff before. And like you said much of it is easily to go to timid out over ten what's going on. You know now I'm doing all right. While you gotta give it to all remember him a friend of mine saying you know when news series you get a broad ways to be box abruptly ended mosh pits and then all of get a broad statement that a going away and three days. And have a painfully three weeks. So I mean you should imply ability training camp. I think that's probably something which stretching and keep it though which is very important to bill if not maybe by the way that he he used Libyans. They get the bottles so we can get knocked in bed in the doesn't get is that it so I mean it it is the fact other than. Not play any watched with some mundane but not polished. Mean. He does have a point I mean outlook big rock grunt supposedly one on the diet. I think you watch too much weight but rock dirt lot. Help the but I think I think I like them better what is rule and Leah but I mean that seems to work. I mean. Yeah alive there's no arguing Brady's results by you know doctors for example this professor at McMaster University. In Ontario is quoted in the New York Times review talking about the viability training this professor. Bob muscle physiology so okay it would seem to if I believe threading was a thing this guy I'd. Stewart Phillips professor of muscle physiology. McMaster university in Ontario he would. You would probably be aware of it right this is what he tells the times he calls not apply ability training stuff balderdash. Which I'm not Smart enough to know what that means without looking up but it means like who needs crap. He calls it balderdash. He says that muscles are soft when the muscles are sick. It's a couple. Sort of it's basically says Brady wants to make your muscles soft OK that's. It's kind of not really how works so it just so much of the stuff is disperse the liability training. Not a lot of scientific research medical research that this research to back that up except Guerrero as word. And who witnessed. And what why would you not want interest docs career right I mean when is he ever let anybody run IE got the ousted alkaline diet priest spent some time talking about dot. And the nutrition section of the block this of course says the foods that are 80% alkaline 20% Citic. That theory is based off the work of Robert O young. Who recommends abstaining from acidic foods such as sugar red meat dairy and it's basically everything else we eat. Because they inject too much acidity and to the body. But that's wrong his ass divide this acid alkaline diet stuff that's been debunked. Heard a story about the TB twelve method in August as head of the curve here. I spoke to a number of dietitians including Warren mayor who works at Brigham and women's she told me quote foods can not change. The measure vicinity of your body. Ultimately once booted your stomach it's all acidic at that point. At. This scientific back beside the foods that are promoted on the acid alkaline diet just so happened to be whole grains vegetables fruits and lean proteins. These food to help your options anyways benighted any ousted. Vs Arco and reasoning so yeah so that's right Derek a lot like us nutrition stuff. Is common sense you know eat lean meats abstain from sugar abstain from white bread and in flour and stuff like bats. You know eat eat your vegetables eat so locally produced foods whenever possible so a lot of the stuff is common sense that any dietitian. Or nutritionist with the value but then the wacky stuff like the acid alkaline principle is just wrong it's been debunked nobody buys into that buys into it. And 21 no of the godfather of this Robert L young just where he is right now. How come he's not on the Brady but tort is Brady's promoting his diet he's been president. Robert Joey young the godfather of his acid alkaline diet. Was recently sentenced to prison for three years in California. On two counts of practicing medicine without a license so. There he got the guy who came up with this acid alkaline diet. That Brady. It here's two in preaches about in this book in preaches about to whoever will listen including on these airwaves. The god fighter about. Is a quack he is in jail. You go on down to the brain exercise is page 275. Yet I took my book reports seriously at mark side page numbers all that op. Brady outlines these brain games he plays with Guerrero. One is titled the target tractor. Which tells you to track several objects that are moving around on the screen. Even when additional moving objects are introduced. Are right well that's been right about this a couple months ago I games like this. Were advertised bank company called Blue Mosque city. Which was forced to pay two million dollars in fines after the FTC determines its games didn't do anything. So. Brady is Hocking the diet from a guy. Who's in prison. For practicing medicine without a license and the acid alkaline diet which again no nutritionist backs up debunked these brain exercises that are the bonds. The companies that hock to them are find for the Federal Trade Commission please stop. They don't work. Why ability training is professor of muscle physiology calls it balderdash. Does a great word that I'm gonna start using immediately. But it basically means a week. Again he claims right up front no soldier pains since 04 or. Okay he's been listed on the injury blessed a 116 times in his career with the right shoulder pain. It's clear that whatever Brady is doing is working for him he's better than ever he's healthier than ever we get that. But you gotta give me a little something more to back it up can't just be believe me. Because well a simple Google search proves a lot of these cranes and wrong. 617779797. Let's take one more call before the break go to Mike in a car Mike what's going on. We don't do well. I agree with you man I mean it is there's about crop on the people who pick up this book the stand I mean. And methods so individualized specific for his goals right I mean. It's not gonna work for everybody else I'm output on the diet thing real critical there's real women's arms. You don't wanna restricted diet nonsense. Talk more guiding everything to thank the quality time any any type national oh yeah. Apply ability stop. What you buy dot is that so. Everybody up on the Jim McDermott got picked by a truck up oracle wake up the next morning can pick Eric from street or are all the muscle fibers or alt one apart. They need to repair which is quite limited mobility flexibility. And those muscles. He doesn't put his muffled under a lot of physical restraint he doesn't do any weight training he says in the smoke it but it because it's. In his mobility and I think part of it. Or does muscled arm saw and in ought to go rent. Acts talking about the Muppets aren't so out there in a bowl. That's what they are ability brought his initial rental bikes don't revel what organ and tissue from before you went. But that's specific to what it's done and I spoke to understand that this work and because of what he's done. Oh mark. Paula to. Label start this work you UK you cannot expect. That's all seem like if that's not an apple. Quarterback makes them but ultimately at Olympic time and resources and say oh yeah I'm like oh I'm so healthy. Absolutely Mike and you and you look at the but the died he says while you Dottie went base in New England if you're an accord are climbing daddy more meets he talks about warm property used coal property through. I think what normal person doses supermarket that that even sells war and who even knows what that is to beat on a personal shop rite I mean so. I totally already in kind timing is key he says it will trigger that's true and it went in the fourth coping well I'm not personally a lot of people. Probably that. YouTube or insulin spike postwar help to help the body actually into got in a small. That's well. That's a one or older like. Speak speak aren't you pick pick her apart he got the board vote to get up high and it's quite a bunch of crap it works and that won't work for anybody else that all of that Ballmer sat in our ability spots. A blessing and try to be at a pro quarterback and you know a lot of muscle definition a muscle car. I got to look or aren't so be it but it's a it's so. Sport there is so individual like this again and people need to realize that before but in the book yeah the this is the match book and it's got hotter not get injured and not been. Now I don't know might struck injuries do not happened thanks for the call about her up against it I know injuries do not happen according to Tom Graham telling you Peter till things you can cheat death. The only death really is a thing he thinks we can overcome at one day Tom Brady doesn't think that you can get it thinks one day. Went in an ideal world nobody will every get injured if we follow the TB twelve method. Injury is just weakness. Tom Brady sense so we'll continue to dig through that's. I think Mike brought up some real good points about how if you're not Tom Brady. You know Tom ray's budget you know Tom Brady's I'm no Tom Brady's personal shout. A lot of this stuff is just so unattainable we'll dig through that next. Ozzie some cars on the board that ethic I'm an idiot that's if you wanna hear me again you'll stay tuned it's Roemer after dark WB yeah. There's only one Boston sports station that's live and local until 2 AM. You lucked into Alex Raymer. And late night on Sports Radio WEEI. You hear a lot more about you know sports science and people wanting to you know play longer and what the things they need to do in order recover. And I feel like those are things are really good folks along for twelve years now so it's not. 2017. I think for Tom Brady this and I've been doing for twelve years and it's really paid off and again when you make good investment in that time and energy and the commitment to doing it and it really paid off. Like that's a great feeling and that's fights that wanna keep playing because you know I'm having so much fun at this point my career. Tom Brady a couple of days ago with CBS is Norah O'Donnell. The only big interview he's done at this point in promotion of this book. But Belichick still married and happy it seems like with this TB twelve stopping pretty curt answer. From the coach today when not topic came up in his press conference will play dot sound react to it. In the 1 o'clock arbor right now breaking down TB twelve method with you it's 617779. Seven at 937. Obviously it worked for Tom Brady. Yeah as a missed a game due to injury since he tore his ACL in 2008. He's forty years old so on Sunday against the saints. Seems to still be at the top of his game. And that's that that's the only proof he's offering pretty TB twelve method believe me it works for me. I'm the greatest football player ever forty years old so now by my 150 dollar. Resistance pants. That by my 200 dollar nutrition manual by my infrared sleep way that is scientifically dubious as well. And not doing that story last month in August about the TB twelve method interviewing. You Tricia nests and physical therapists the consensus that kept coming back to me was so what's the proof. You don't any other field of science you have to have the proof you opt out studies. Yep of clinical studies you have to have yet to write a dissertation you have to write papers -- to have backs. Here we just top Tom Brady's words you know again there's a charts in this spot. That measures your natural viability by age. And it says that your liability percentage. Is at 100%. When you're one years old your muscles against her after softest and most nimble. And then falls to below 20% to sixty years old. So look at the graph and said okay oh what's the source here here's the source quotes. This graph is not representative of any individual involved but indicative of natural viability tracts. Okay settles it what in the world does that mean honestly. This book is Tom Brady's word in out Guerrero as war. And what is not go wherever lied to us right up the FTC's never. Disciplined him for being a spokesman for fraudulent cancer cures her. Never told to shut down production of a phony baloney concussion prevention drink that Tom Brady endorsed by the way. Wes Welker endorse it as well and didn't work out so well for him. So so much of this stop. It's other common sense might eat healthy eat vegetables drink water. Stretch. Or it's this provable nonsense like the acid alkaline diet. Summit this liabilities stopped the brain teaser is. So it's not a common sense or just provable quackery. 617779789837. Go to Chris in rain am Chris that's going on tonight. And out you know of this opinion that from my. Before that book value Korea little book of poetry month ago. You're gonna fail this you you prick up first book going into it with a negative percent true. But at what my perception backed up Chris none of the stuff the supported by Oxford none of its. OK so what better competitor. And payment shilling for Eric. I'm sorry what what about direct and what's what's there to compete in mandate to operate and own account and Peyton Manning Schilling projected. On the war looked Mr. T V out there. Well but if you get DirecTV to my knowledge Chris like you can turn and on and it works right. This stuff doesn't really work not all of that and Hubble does what Peyton Manning was a spokesman for like expended he would that make you feel better. Company what to different. Because the difference is that if you buy DirecTV. And it's during camp and now Chris Jericho but that's a dumb comparison if you buy DirecTV it works you put it on you get to tell you you you you get the TV. This stuff if you by the infrared sleep where if you buy all the is that if he brought. Used to it and our Tokyo are well as where nobody says comic talent and people take it from Ndamukong Suh. I cheered it on my not my ridiculous it's scientists turn out how many people and I agree it's working for Brady but he lied he said he has no shoulder pains and so forth he's been on the injury list with a shoulder injury a 116 times in his career. If you knew anything. They put him on it in your report about demonstrate here that probable with a shoulder so it's all lies the paid into than lying to the week about their about the injuries. It was a joke like I'll a year ago it's a joke OK you know you thank you thank you thank you say you're under so it was either about the patriots are lying and unique about injuries Chris if that's the case and they're running afoul of the rules. They put him as probable. But it shoulder injury everything that he has no soldier pain why is he listed on the injury report with a shoulder injury even if he's probable Diaz no pain. It was comical thing that they in many years comical I got to remember I do I. And I think he I think I think if he's a quarterback in the NFL Chris I think he's had two shoulder pain over the last thirteen years just out. Of retirement I am now. Yes exactly I am going to determine. Yes how would you now right. Because doesn't make any sense you mention all the hits he's taking you think he's had no elbow or shoulder pain in thirteen years decline chorus line. On why would you lie. That because he's selling a product you answered your question at the start because he's selling a product just like you see Peyton Manning's line about DirecTV Brady's line. But TB twelve glad we could come to an agreement. You're going to make why gas fabricate and yes I think that a lot of this I think the Al alkaline diet is a why it's been disproven a guy who came up with that is in jail. Practicing medicine without a license and yes he's he's pushing quackery in this book yes he's lying. He's one out but now it out and people but it are. I'd note is that won't know now know what we need help ten people like but other common sense stopped to drink water like your fruits and vegetables like. I wanna go tripe about and they have money to be able to do that. You think do you think don't think that's what they hear I think people would lose weight did you rent a Sports Illustrated article from 334 weeks I did it was incredible ride when a guy cut Qaeda the diet. Greg bishop back I Yahoo! tried at the brain teaser is that have been debunked in just bought it hook line and sinker I didn't read it thought it was a terrible story. Why did you agree. No because he could he did no research Penske because he went to the TB twelve setter and bought everything they are selling him it did no cancer research he didn't record anything about Guerrero in that story that was a terrible story he did no research writer Eric. Tried to TB twelve method I would love you Chris Q will you pay for my lessons there on paper form here. Now what I'm of the money to try Chris I would love to. Thanks for the call. I'd love to tried you wanna pay for my TB twelve setter. Sessions are lessons. Have addicts and that I have the money to do. Or petition Entercom tapped me do it. And happily do. Now to Greg bishop story was terrible that was awful you bought it hook line sinker and didn't didn't raise any questions. Part of being a journalist is raising questions Chris. And Greg bishop a Sports Illustrated failed to do. A lot of this stuff is common sense yes I'm not saying not it's all quackery. Drink water eat healthy stretch. A lot of weight training with no liability award yet is bad we get back. The only TB twelve and Alex Guerrero to tell you out in the stuff that's unique to them. The guy intensive viability work the acid alkaline diet the brain teaser is the infrared sleep where. A lot of stuff that's specific to Brady in Guerrero is quackery it's it's been proven wrong nobody buys it in the medical. Or nutrition communities nobody. 61777979837. In you know you talk about how attainable. Is this stuff for the average person. It's not. It's not attainable I mean Brady talks about how lot you know you should eat freer environment if you live in New England. If you live in cold climates eat more meets. Warm property foods cold property foods in the average person is not worried about the average person can't even wrap our heads around I think to be going to Chirac. You're Shaw's. Or your market basket and asked for that warm property called property feeds they go. Pickle laughed you out of the store of course they well. So I mean come on. The question is also how attainable is the stuff. Bree tells you to stay hydrated and drink water while except top water can't do that. Can only drink tap water you filter it first. Then he says filtered water is purified of any containment. So unfortunately as identity says altered water. It's purified of any containment so it has no pollutants that's it and fortunately now. It's also been stripped of its mineral content which means it doesn't give your body in each did nutrients it needs. OK brace is if you were drinking distilled water you got a lecture writes I guess you can buy electric lights TV twelve web site perfect it makes cents. 61777979837. Continue you take your calls on this total quackery TB twelve methods other common sense. Or quackery and also Bill Belichick not taken this but either we'll play that's on appeal on the other side don't going.