Alex Reimer - Taking down the old guard for takes on Jimmy G; Is Tiger Woods back? 7-21-18

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Saturday, July 21st
Hour 1: Alex Reimer takes you up to Red Sox pregame, going after Glenn Ordway and Gerry Callahan for their concern over Jimmy Garoppolo going on a date with Kiara Mia.

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You guys Sports Radio. 93 point seven FM. All right so welcome in. My name is not favored taking you up until Red Sox pregame at 525. Today. 617779797. Following a Mark James Greg Dickerson program in returning to Mazda they got the rhymes Saturday hours and a seal somewhat approve from Kirk met him I heard Mark James reference that. Turkey says they're not terrible together. At a high praise congratulations ways what do what do program. He's always watch him he's every. Lots to get into today. This and sending I'm dubbing this. The Roemer power hour lots of places we can go the biggest story in sports today is Tiger Woods and his incredible round at the British Open. It just shows you how important to golf tiger still has meanest guy hasn't won a major since 2008. But about all this past transgressions to the DUI arrest last year. All the affairs all the women all the salacious. Sexual scandals. In yet here is there's still so much fervor around tiger whenever he makes anything resembling Iran. And big tournaments a major. He shot great today is best rounds on a weekend at a major since 2010. He used force shots out of the lead so that's the biggest story going on nationally today do wanna get into dot. A little bit later on but I want to start off with. Something that's been bothering me quite a debt. Over the last couple days and with each passing hour. If not each passing minute I just get more and more agitated and I am talking about Jimmy Barack blows scandalous state where it. Adult film star or wanna be when mark Krause porn star. He Arab media teams he recorded them clinking glasses and day out. Any Al luxurious. Beverly Hills restaurants. Videotaped walking to car arm in arm. Looked like a nice couple. But here we are 2018. And there are many people including two prominent voices. On this very radio station. That have some sort of issue with Jimmy drop allow going on a dinner dates. Ate dinner dates. The least wild thing you can do with a one. One of them a dinner dates the most basic form. Of court and ship. Going on dates well. Glad you're way Gerry Callahan had a big big problem with this. They expressed their issues over the last couple days it is just so. So incredible to me that again Jim eagle rock was going on ate dinner date with key Arab media. Is any sort of controversy. It's any sort controversial story whatsoever. As a mentioned both Glen in the big Al waited on Glenn in Jerry rather waited on it this week. Jerry started off by the show Friday morning with I think just a bizarre. Rambling commentary even by his standards. Powell play that's on them and stop this multiple times to be ready here is that Jerry tying SY Jimmy drop well again eating dinner. With a woman in a restaurant is not such a terrible thing to do. You're gonna rip. Or where were they are well right this is horrible look I'm I'm I'm well. I have lost respect for Jamaica or. Their horns yes is that this is present it as the United States had an affair with a points there right. But we voted for me personal stops right there absolutely right good point Turkey good point ambition efforts we have approval come on. Yes if you have no problem whatsoever with the president of the United States having affairs with points guys write to me didn't take stormy Daniels out to dinner. He called her up to his hotel room for room service and shark week. So if if you know probably Donald Trump on again according porn stars bring into his hotel room while he's married as well. We just found out yesterday to Eric tapes of trump tied to a payments to hush Playboy playmate Kari McDougal the it was dating who who we want Louise who was having an affair with. Right after Gilani gave birth to Aaron. Jerry if you have no problem but doubts you can't say ending of a Jimmy G single guy 25 years old. Going on again ate dinner date when he points to our pilots here voted for me personal trumps ports that was much better look at an attempt at second the president secondly when you're an NFL quarterback starting quarterback a franchise quarterback who's making a hundred whatever million dollars. Perception matters again stop again stop again perception the perception of watts. This I don't understand what does Jerry and gets the big O in a moment but what does Jerry think is going to happen to Jimmy drop like what you. First I want to dinner date with Jeremy yeah. In and you start and rob busters for. You start nodding nurses I mean what will redistricting is gonna happen this can lead. To a pornographic career for Jimmy Rob Lowe again he went to dinner with Jeremy I just don't understand that we defeat the looks matter does the library he would do its terrorist act Tara Reid is not. 300 pound porn star. In two or three Republicans 252. To fifty years is if she's a hot points or your mind doing it has been much of a little differently but but I think she's a that's where it's gone against the top here stop here. Don't want name. Reiterate exactly what Kurt said but what what the looks have to do with this at all. So if Jeremy Ito was Bibi Jones grants porn star appears back Jerry would have no problem this so now it's not that Jim EG is. Going to dinner with a porn star it's a Jimmy he's going to dinner went. Eight porn star whom Jerry does not think is attractive OK so now now get the real cracks and that's a swear let's be honest so. She's hideous she's she is Haiti's. She's 41 years old so can you imagine. That the boom boom and as TV's choose. OK I doesn't stop there Gerri what are you talking about as TDs talked about it. Talk about just a gross vital thing to sag really really asked TDs. As TDs. I bet you that here Anemia. Or any mainstream porn star who works at major studios like she does. Takes more precautions that ninety to 95%. Of the of the average people out there I mean this is their business Cara Mia. Her body is your business to say the very least rights. And you're not gonna star not rob busters or big boobs at work if your climate that's TDs any come line. Come on this is professional. Work this is a real business any Jeremy a two point seven million. Followers on instinct and she is not some underground. Died phenomenon she works for a major major studios as to his come on and. What do we do. She's in sport and Radovan now. Again you region grapples have its unprotected so it's right may be seventh dinner whether. It's about judgment this is terrible this is terrible judgment. Terrible judgment. Again terrible judgment for what's going to dinner. I mean I mean what's as a said what first comes dinner. Then co starring in big white box I mean really where I would like to ask Jerry may I get the chance this week. I'd like to ask Jerry what exactly he thinks is going to happen with Rob Lowe going to dinner with Keyaron emea. I mean really. What is the big deal it is the most basic form of romantic courtship out there taking a woman who you like to dinner. I don't see a big deal and now so I was just in asinine take from Jerry. But hopeful Paula that they go out Dedham all of that they go Glenn Orton right. Getting jiggy moving afternoons and you start and early he is start early Glenn says that this is going to affect the rob Lowe's win. Los record what's yes we have got Kyle. As idle this kind of stuff. So here is that the problem with Jimmy grapple so apparently. Chip maker apple takes huge. Porn star key Arab media. On a Beverly Hills date is very similar to Tom Brady in the Tara Reid which was not pretty but it did a great quarterback. You know what it's like you know what to work and in the work ethic in the time and the effort you've got to you know everything is going to be flown all and a hundred mobile right now content everywhere he goes right now. The up paparazzi you're gonna follow. Looking for the 41 year old point store it trust me this is the record for Jamaica or apple and if we continue to see this you're gonna see it in the win loss record of the forty once this year. In Latvia and reloaded in Europe and the beginning of the yet and I said some ridiculous things on these airwaves we all know about but that Eads. What. What's this is going to affect the win loss record this is the beginning of the end. Virginia drop low because he went to dinner with a porn star I mean do you really the end of ruining your blood Jeff what are you talking about that is. Talk about a way to sound like you're 85 years old I mean really. There is no way that Clinton would say this that drop or having dinner with anybody else no no way what's that offers them my questions that they go we'd be. How does he think having dinner with Keyaron media. As any different than having dinner with any other one. I mean honestly if droplet Gwen says the paparazzi. It's going to follow Jimmy drop low around the paparazzi won't be able to go anywhere at this one in and that's gonna pulling him down in. Bring down 49ers and be the beginning of the end of his. NFL career either you're gonna see it in the win loss record of again he's he's undefeated as a starting quarterback but this is going to be the beginning of the end. Of garrote blows NFL career really I mean it again. If Jimmy he went to dinner with any. Other woman Glenn would not say it's in the paparazzi like what Acropolis scene having dinner with an actress. What other famous woman he would still be thought it paparazzi that would still be a big deal on the tabloids and DMZ. I don't think they'll Glen would have gone on this rants and think that what is sad it's terrible judgment and the beginning of the end for Jimmy drop low. If he was seen going to dinner with a famous actress a famous movie star so. Again. It's because Keyaron Miette is a porn star nears the stigma out there it's ridiculous I don't know what they think is gonna happen. How does one dinner. A couple hours together or how let's go crazy and say they spent the night together. How does one night with Gary media Indiana a lot season before training camps even open at any effect whatsoever on Iraq was played this season. And you know what's with Stephen go a step further. Let's go a step further here. And let's say that GE G starts dating. He Arab media outlets at the Jimmy to Rob Lowe starts it can noodling with Terry with Jeremy regularly. Let's say they go all the way let's say there a couple. Poll what difference would that make it Jimmy Jimmy. I've had decent idea of trying to figure out where these takes come from what's the Genesis I can't. They get anything besides just does this stigma in the shaming of porn stars and. It and that's and that's mats are here to do I'm here to stick up shockingly I now. For the porn stars across this nation because I just don't I just don't understand the stigma here we hear Armenia and 2018. She she stars in pornographic videos yup it's a little time it's tawdry yup. But how is it any different in going to date or any other woman. How was it different going on a date with any other woman and again let's go crazy and say drop low starts forming a relationship with Jeremy starts dating to Jeremy. How does it interning droplet dating another woman I just I just doughnuts but what they think it's gonna happen. What in the world do they think it's going to happen to Jimmy drop but what's. Like what he's gonna start. He's gonna start you know again starring in porn is going crazy becoming this party boy. Y eighty Jeremy dislikes quiet evenings and when she's not on sex and we have no idea what she's really like and if he was on a day with any other woman. None of this would have happened there would be no controversy whatsoever I just. I just can't for the life of me wrap my head around it. Maybe you can 617779797. RAZR phone number that again is 617779. 79837. Let's start up which on in a car on what's going on. The guard let's not. Why they had to calling them they picked up the first time I've ever actually agreed that something that you said wow and it's absurd hatred. We'll pull over so on and off that's a good sign for the rest your car and now. At the but anyway he got out. I did possibly maybe in the backyard people tired it's likely make it a bad thing because regard riveted justified deteriorate. But I'm but public even mores the way eight yards Jerry reacted to this. Group you can't release date yet it's nobody's business. Was shot and Jerry's take was ridiculous spot and England's acting was even worse this is. Going to affect the win loss record wiped. I didn't all want got one of them eight cents up one moment ballad. It was a guy it was it was ridiculous. It's crazy it's totally crazy you gonna see it in the win loss record the how how glad how we gonna see it in the win loss record what. The beginning of the end thriller in Europe yet has he went to dinner with a woman who stars in pornographic films like egg line. Come on I know you're big fan of rob busters or big outcome on. Glenz angling for starring on broad busters five and I think it's about time and he certainly. Certainly has the certainly hasn't. He has the body for he's got all the same on right now to move back no spot it's gone to his head this is an asinine take one asinine. Robinson Charlestown rob what's up. I don't like I. Thank you. Don't know what's really well all right. Here again I. Our miss. Oh please please let me now I owed about 80. Wire on her. Woman my. Idol so we all are. Arab ports. Meet some terrible. That's really tracked down Tom Brady out he's pretty damn good when Tara Reid was by aside mean. Outlook it. Better. And what am I. I think dating Tara Reid had any effect on his play romp come. I don't. Count on. I. Maybe she doesn't party Rodney who just she's a porn star I mean what what and maybe she doesn't party do you know. You know. I reports. Out. They're all in all. Are. Yeah. It. Makes. Sir I think that there's something out of nothing. I mean may be but I don't know I feel like if Iraq lowest seen. Going on a date wed. Any actress or any other famous one man I don't think Glenn what a sad this is the beginning of the and this is terrible all this can affect the win loss record. You're right rob maybe it would have been the same reaction Graf won on a date would and the other woman of notes but I don't think says something tells me this is because. To air media as an adult film star and there's this belief that she's wild decade and that she's gonna bring a problem down in his in his black ball of sand in it's like watts. What I mean again I don't even know what she's like off camera I mean people. Are different sea of people are different on camera and they are off camera I mean maybe she likes quiet evenings and I don't know again they had dinner at a restaurant as TV's. Dolls and sport radavan no I bet you she is totally clean about you again. Most if not all porn stars. All points as enough but the qualifier all porn stars who worked for major studios Nike air Mia. There are either totally cleaning have to take those precautions. They have to it's like you know it's like eating at a poll I after they had the idea nor virus scare like you know those DePaul is we're never going to be cleaner. You know they're never going to be cleaner porn stars are so much risk out there yes you know they're taking the precautions you know that it that there that it that is a. There's no evidence at its crying with as TDs no way he'd use of tedious. He had big hip one in jail like that that's against what they Bibi Jones this would have been better. I think that's the real crux of Jerry's problem. Joseph is in the car. Joseph what's going on. It. Bad blood but I look Bob what are you yes I. I don't didn't want last night. Other that would be a little fact he. And let our let. Me that you are right. Want. That all you know. It out there with some beautiful model like back. I'd what are they feel about. It. Right right right but what it's like to sell like his elves the beautiful model to drop one on day with a model you're right to they would have been saying is absolutely. But a long well I can't add that. I pray that public blog. Now now Jerry's gonna do a great job an afternoon drive with these cakes that are gonna technique so enraged. Why boatload. And let go back I don't know where you get back you're off base you know like Joseph about. I'll let. Back. Thanks brother and Levy to you know we're gonna do with Glenn we're gonna send them back to the attic that's right Glenn Moore takes like Jimmy EG. Back to the attic you go back to the attic with meter in me. When I was really boring and talking about UN assess goodness well that's your punishment for this. Awful. Awful awful Jimmy G take that scares the hell on scary scary scary scares the economy. She's important star who knows it's gonna happen to Jimmy Tate his photo the ports start what's next. What's next another dinner dates that's probably what's next. 617779797. As their phone number that again 617779. 797. I got off my chest after a little bit better we'll still take your calls on it we'll be right. Guys point three. 93 point seven FM. All right. I should know at the song is that I have no idea. That was good tires let them. I doubt be so ashamed now to lose a site we got the other day during battle the brain size. That I age doesn't matter you say you know all songs that they played for mutton Curtis I'd play I I knew probably about 75%. But that's also because. I would go places that might with my dad that he would play at all these okay mind as the same it just. I didn't retain any of it evidently. I do agree though that age that should not matter what got like if I was a well functioning fully adjusted human I would know. Like you said news any 5% of those signs mean those are iconic songs. You know it played all the time even today like the fact that much. There are so many obvious ones like there's nobody in the cardinals the Sandra Oh as does everybody car every end engaged in Europe and on that age doesn't matter. I didn't have much of childhood I was like doing Red Sox podcasts in my basement slight you know. That was intended classics like like everyone else so I agree age doesn't matter. I said the other night's accident cane seat Thursday I would have gotten maybe one of the songs he played only Sonja knew instantaneously. With Sidney with your best shot. Yeah right away. Better than not I struggled mightily would even worked would have looked way worsening Curtis and even worse and not as hard as that is to believe. I your phone number is 617779797. Is a greener power hour taking up until Red Sox pregame a little past 5 o'clock 525. I am here doing God's work folks I am. Sticking up for porn stars sticking up for Jimmy Jean is right to date porn stars Jimmy G rule went on a dinner date with key Arab media and according to. Gerry Callahan the big O this is terrible this is the beginning of began this is in effect garrote was endorsements. Can he ate dinner restaurant with a one and I mean really the woman happened to started rob busters sport but so what like what what's what's the next step. Drop always and can undertake a porn career yet one dinner with care media ridiculously sprinkle those calls and throughout the hour but I do want to briefly touch on Tiger Woods is performance today. At the British Open I am not a big golf guy shocker I now I am I absolutely terrible at golf like McCain hit the ball like a swing and misses. Is so bad is it was one of the scariest moments in my life was when I was told like last fall that I always. Gonna participated W yeah I golf tournament in like actual clients are gonna play with me economic almighty god that's that the scariest thing. I've ever heard a swing and miss I can't hit any balls it's the addicts I am a layman when it comes to golf but even I. And getting into the British Open because of Tiger Woods shot a 66 today good for five under par. His best weekend around at a major since 28 and give courts is looking for his first major win since 2008. Raised briefing at the top of the leaderboard now Jordan speeds that three way tie at nine under par. But Tiger Woods five under. Ford back entering the final day of the British Open. He's here it's a run and if you just search Tiger Woods his name on Twitter. Even though his round has been over for hours. You still seated tweets coming in several permanent. That is not exaggeration and just shows you how much Tiger Woods in matters to his sports. No that's not be matters more to his sport than tiger does for golf. Matters more to golf than LeBron to the NBA then Tom Brady the NFL Aaron Rodgers the NFL I mean at this point Tiger Woods still ten years removed from a major. Eight years removed from around like best. On a weekend got a major it's been so long since Tiger Woods was a force any still has this kind of power this kind of following. It's unbelievable and even as unbelievable given as we know all of this transgressions and he shot a Seattle a lot of demons. The multiple affairs is the women in the parking lot at Perkins all that stuff with you in Nordegren. Then of course last spring I think the far more serious offense that do you wire rest. Asleep in his car stopped in traffic lane with its engine running at 3 in the morning. Tiger later said he was taking prescription drugs pleaded guilty to reckless driving one year probation not. Obviously Tiger Woods is very lucky that he didn't injure himself or injure anybody else. If he did the conversation around him I'm sure it would be very different than it is today by. It is amazing to look at tiger just go back. Ten years you go back ten years ago eleven years ago he was he was that the face of golf the fate DD DDB cleanest. Athletes around like yeah I would have fits on the green he would swear he would cost you actor demonstrably by its. Now was it to me off that off the green off the course he was just golf golf golf or so weak dot and it turns out. He is all these personal demons and it writes it shows a couple of things about this country again Tiger Woods I think now is. Just does blood disease ever detonate just again judges judge the reaction. Up from his run today it shows us the power star power and power so thirsty for a superstar. For its it to factor in here and for tiger get back on the left compelling story lines and he left compelling people. And it also in this. Ties into Jimmy GO little bit and Helena ties it to trump writing all these evangelical Christians. I have no problem trumps affair with the Playboy playmate paired MacDougall or his affair with stormy Daniels. I think as a country. We're getting over this stigma of of of sacks provide a better term. And that's not to get bank obviously not endorsing infidelity. It's terrible thing to do anybody but ultimately that's Tiger Woods is business. In do anything illegal. You know to our knowledge there's there was no harassment there was no. Assault mean to our knowledge these are all consensual relationships yes dirty yes raunchy. Yes you know again if you know infidelity you can go eight moral I don't know I would endive no legs to stand on butts. You know it's pretty dirty stuff and if this was thirty years ago how I would even say twenty years ago. I don't think Tiger Woods would have been forgiven for that but he has been and that's speaks that changing culture in this country overall I think a good thing. Get your phone number is 617779793. Sevens I'm happy to mix and tiger calls as well as we continue won here but first let's row about. Stephen Dorchester Steve what's going on tonight. Call our lets out. Well yeah you just can't believe you're trying to elevate. It carrot quote pornography to a porn stuff. Go to do damage is he gonna lose. More because of those go up a woman. Probably not but it sure doesn't look good ones not the pin. Because of her line of work and I would say that's obviously made a generational I don't know but. It doesn't look good. But Steve and an etiquette very well might be I mean this is consensual work its professional work I mean she's two point seven. Million bars on mr. Graham mean this is this is pretty mainstream. But what does that mean two point seven million follow means two point seven million people follow her texts are that I know what it means a they're following her actions yeah. Yes. Steve keep what it scared me with the product review so so it's that so you think because she's a porn star it's just sleazy and slimy and. Jimmy he can't take it involvement. Our executions seem to force why it was like what's up what one thing it might wanna think about. I think who voted the best political on American football how he wants the stake it was Johnson. Okay now look at that no bearing but I could build a lot better to choose from. Got a point. Anecdotal look good to have the government help of particularly more hurt than good why do you think lessons drop. Now hopefully get a lot of Lamar and I love football so you know I hope he succeeds. Model the Brady of course I hope we don't work well. It doesn't look good in it it's definitely going to be generational. You can tell me that it's okay. Could be. Very openly. Always dating all the we went out eclipse so we've I want to let I don't know he doesn't leave much to Steve's. Well it's got a lot of work of a woman I would apparently that's for sure I'll go with. Sure sure. Sure but a row and are totally like. I guess my question is ultimately Steve what's the harm with Rob Lowe going to dinner with with this adult film star will what's the harm. I think on the outside it looks very bad for him. In looks nothing but good for her there's no downside to this or. Non now we can agree that she has the most handsome quarterback in the league. I'm very jealous of her I mean you know I I wanted to bash Keyaron me because after taking Jimmy Jean what are we doing it. But yeah any Steve's dreaded big it is largely generational thing. I get personal preferences Stephen Dorchester were not date are being a relationship with an adult film star I get back. But you know they say it's about luck it's like why why you'd say it's legal work. You know it's all consensual it's very mainstream it's it's what what's the harm ultimately what is the harm here. Is he went to dinner with their clinking glasses a lot to a card there wasn't anything tawdry. Was an untoward. It was it again it's the most basic form of of courtship right. Most basic form of courtship you take the lady did dinner. It taker to dinner now to Jimmy gee did. All's in Westfield polyps up. They're gonna marry a new mall. All right quick reference went to a got punished or about drug addict it would not intricate party my grandmother called her birthday. I didn't having your hatred toward it people have media sphere dot Hewitt and yes it is the fabulous encore they are yes Stuart. So how what you put into condition of war when they went into Michael Cohen yacht which award it was wire rod. Money laundering and money transferred supposedly connect it Russia never billboards that change. A Playboy bunny and any conversations. Yet somehow that got out of the federal wore it warrants are out of bed. I'm gonna go down that rabbit hole but listen I might I say this couple weeks bunker Italian. I don't care at all about the stormy Daniels Karen McDoogle staff mean you can get trump on a lot worse and I'm with you. So I'm not harp on them. Abbott puppet just showed that they remove personal information that described it. It won't. Arabs will host. A legit litigator not have nothing to do you know I haven't actually radio will. A lot of hot spot on the upon I appreciate your kind words I don't quite know where you're going to act. I appreciate that free flowing to stream of consciousness I like bats but now Paul now and we are gone I appreciate the time I think that was. Complimentary called rights was that I have no it is hard to tell he was all part to tell. I don't care about the stormy Daniels came to us I don't care. But we talked about campaign finance law violations at the end of the day I mean really eating at trump on a lot worse than. As of Sunday at the weird one of the few good things trump has done is he's the president the United States. And we know he's. Had relations with porn stars Playboy playmates. Is does nearly unanimous support from evangelicals and that's fine get rid of the state. If there is with you if you got the pin me down it's Alex name one good thing that trump has done. That is. Particular agency college grad Stephen Los Angeles Steve. An Alitalia and do my. You know it's kind of funny well welcome back and radio but. I don't agree with anything you say I am by myself getting curious what I listened to help and yet. I always to be so when nearly every down and we went in and out. Well welcome back radio. Are able little bit of a different take it you look like well yes a bit market. Yummy. Is a porn star. To bring that's not her real marriage rights I have no problem with Junichi. Gate circle 88. That is personal decision. But I would agree with Cali yeah I agree with our way it's a tremendous lapse in judgment. I think the one thing on to each he's part and I think he'd also creating a duty. A lot more than just an insult purse. Oh Jerry then the reality is is that you. Look the little further in its. He's not dating or. She like many ex porn star or better sort of on the downswing careers. She's 41 years old G three perimeter sell all. She's basically a woman for okay. Well I stated I Connor prostitute what do you mean woman for high. Well whatever you ought Liddy we are. You go audit in street lamp and you can hired based our amber conversations whether you can go at it whether you wanna spend. All. Eating droplets into when he 500 dollars. Although I salute you we don't and that and that parliament. Obama in the Los Angeles you go into any sales restaurant on Thursday Friday or Saturday or. Thursday Friday or Saturday night and you'll see many athletes. And while. So you'll see them sitting at tables where. Ladies that re brand themselves that. Let's keep Jimmy is the best looking quarterback in full by Nicky needs to pay money. To go on dinner date with key Arab media line. You do with our. Blood blister would've lived those kids and what if there. You want. On current Seagram post so what took nearly eight. Explore. What a couple of blocks over it check forcing him currency was very open. Yeah. It's a judgment lapse. I'll vote on. But Steve Steve we disagree Steve LA. Respond to this please so. I disagree I don't think Jimmy GS the paid 2500 dollars to go to dinner with anyone in the woods is even say he dead it's just even say he did. So what what does that mean so what so we paid Bynum didn't care Miette. It doesn't mean anything but I think it those are. I think in my bank. I think there is. There news I am one of those guys that believes that people. And notoriety people aren't public. People like our president. They do have a responsibility. To sort of hold up the certain level of a consciousness of what you and and I they have. Now like it could all well I mean I'm lax. I do right so like but I think it hurts is or it. And I think that and I were saying. For him to do advertising. I would argue with a front football sports. I'd still probably only be easy rub against the Steve thanks to the call leave the easy. He is Locke and Cobb from there to Steve. And what happened there. Yeah I mean I've not enough and it's like at it generational thing I think is largely rights. On that spike just again it hurts to me g.'s brand how how does it hurt Jimmy g.'s brand you went to dinner with a one. Big deal let's untoward about that as I said many times its most basic form of courtship out there. 61777979837. RAZR phone number that again is 6177797937. It is a Roemer power our cars we see there we'll be right. Guys Sports Radio. 93 point seven FM. We expect to play you don't like the country or whatever it is. Just go into the locker room. Get many respects that's worse. Yeah that worked so that's been. That's worse but it ratings are down 20%. I know this one Van Halen for anyone Ana Elba are right there. Not a total dunce. Speaking of dances that are our president the United States couple weeks ago the JT number of what do Donald. That's right. The new policies even worse. Staying in the locker room worse than kneeling on the NFL keeps shooting itself in the fight and it continues it continues. Listen even taking. Anthem calls for almost two years now cap predicts started kneeling. In August of 2016 so we are coming up on the two year anniversary of kneeling. Kneeling car is you're like baseball is boring cars I love you I mean it's Ike. I love your ideas about certain game to seven innings starting extras they guy and second base just like I love debating First Amendment freedom of speech. Military I love it all but. I don't wanna take this conversation after action I just wanna say this quick thing now about trump. In the dealers in the latest generation of this so it look again this week the dolphins. Weeks documents the dolphins describes protesting during the anthem as conduct detrimental to the team. Instead such demonstrations could lead to a four game suspension as the Max punishment. Now I think this has been miss represented a little bit it's been reported ousted dolphins sad. If you neo are protestor Armenia them you will be suspended four games that is not true you could be suspended four games that would be the maximum penalty. Just like any other conduct that they deemed detrimental to the team but. You can also get fines and its fury games in four accent so I'm not to bang the dolphins. Asinine to even put yelling during the anthem as conduct detrimental to the team but. There's there's nothing in the document that's that is you will be suspended for it it just means god is the maximum penalty. More like it think it would send out fines right so I think that's been misrepresented a little bit but that leaks out. The uproar continues again. IDF ball that announces they're going to stop this new income policy the locker anthem policy. While they continue to try to work out a deal with the NFL he had a we don't of the giants come out they're co owner Steve Tisch says. They want discipline players are protesting at all I'd jets are Christopher Johnson said a few months ago you'll pay the player finds that under this. Now suspended income policy a teams would be fine if their players protest during the anthem. So it's a total mess the NFL had no reason whatsoever to enact this. Nobody was dealing fewer than twenty colors were kneeling by week's seventeen last years and nobody was kneeling nobody was even talking about it young person talking about it is Donald Trump because it's red meat for his days in the mid term elections are coming up in. As he told Jerry Jones and a phone call the Wall Street Journal had this when the new dealing policy was introduced in Mac is trump told Jerry Jones and a phone call. You're not winning is issued this is my issue this is a winning issue for me I'm gonna keep hammering it yet the NFL owners. Ignored doubts ignored that transparency from trump and all outward and try to appease the out of peaceable man we're going to try to placate Donald Trump. And maybe maybe maybe he'll stop tweeting about us maybe he'll stop mentioning our players at rallies but nope they continued to do it as you just heard a few minutes ago and shocker. Donald Trump yesterday another missive fired at Ian about these anthem protest quotes. You well we'll get the sense innate copy pasted there on track record but basically it's its point wise camp we've the end the protests are in the news again. Is written contract the players and a standout attention hands on hearts. Forty million dark commissioner must now take a stand first time kneeling. Out per game second time yelling out for season no pass a showcase at trump again. 26000 reach reads a 105000. Favorites this is. This is a cultural issue for him. He's not giving this up no matter how much you know apple tries it is beyond stupid at the NFL. Even reintroduce this and it did that this topic is now two year old topic that no one was even talking about anymore which is unnecessary. Cowardly and the policy to try to appease the got a piece of elements of trump not letting up is that I forget don't take a stand come down hard on the new toys. And you elect. Trump is right it is time forget got to take a stance is time for Roger Goodell to stand up to downtown and say no. No more of this you know what we thought about it and weary singing the anthem policy players can do whatever the hell they want. How about just put us tweak those thumbs away. Players can meal they can sit during the at them they can stay in the locker during the at them they can do whatever they want doesn't matter here are two birds I'd like acts. Notice how do you like that that's where Rodriguez doesn't message should be the Donald Trump and yes standup for your players. And we make your legacy this is Roger to douse chance to white to play gave away wipe away his. I would say laissez Faire approach to sexual assault and domestic violence. This is time forget Al to create a new legacy now liberal media hates Donald Trump right. They do so how would Roger McDowell how would he remake is like to see how petty propel himself in it and it's this pantheon of beloved figures liberal crusaders. Stand up against Donald Trump. We socked it Dell issued a wishy wash statement last fall when trump card that dealing players SOB's and he's on the cover Sports Illustrated. Our men on with LeBron James and stepped he'll carry eight social justice warriors so. Roger Goodell this is an easy opportunity remake your legacy stanza. Let's stand up to trump. Stand up to trump this is your chance. Say yeah hate us on we don't care because Trump's attacks on the NFL had no effect on the bottom line. Whatsoever. Yes and a follow ratings are down but ratings for and read things are down. Sunday Night Football was the highest rated show on TV for the seventh straight year. 37 of the fifty top rated shows last fall where NFL games. No doubt cares about. Our TV rating. And the TV ratings are fine yes they're down 9%. But relative to everything else that's good cable ratings as a whole are down 16%. Broadcast ratings are down 11% so a comparison to the rest of the rest of the world to everything else on TV the NFL is doing. Greats of shoot. It down superb job no. If you don't want to do is superb job. He stands up to trump remakes his legacy and says enough. We re saying this and the policy it was a mistake the players can do whatever they want it doesn't matter com. Out outs that's look at Dallas should do if he had any stones about him. That's that he would do it. Got Alex and a car. Alex what's going on. Now the government lets up. Com I called the talk about Tiger Woods play that I just heard these guys fired by Jimmy drop all would have yes yes the strippers in the area bounded out hilarious yes. And valid you know they started by trump I'm actually everywhere ordered products. Anyway just. Bombed. You don't do television make decisions he's been there you understand. Very don't. That's my opinion on that always got that bought. Tiger Woods. Today it was like old school Tiger Woods it was like watching him ten years ago. Night. Yeah and the excitement was thirsty that was his best round on the weekends in eight years for a major. They know he had that confidence walking up the fairway he. He had the shots is part of wasn't always there boy he's still had a conference blocked an up and still look good brought the excitement back to the game. Com and it was great up and down. Announce an end women Tiger Woods goes on a run like he did today do you think at all about is. Infidelity do you think of any an actor do you just enjoy him. Lessons down all that time I think doubt affects them. Every second of every shot that he takes honestly. It doesn't affect your viewpoint. And you're and you said your child support or write some assuming a conservative guy. And doesn't affect your viewpoint Tiger Woods I like to hear that. Like to hear that Alex. Again can't endorse any of the stuffed tiger is done it's. We all differing views on infidelity again you know you know my history doubts number two you on the station's I'd I would be hypocritical. But I think they got we have a conservative trump supporter who says he loves watching Tiger Woods get back in now. And there's really think about his previous transgressions doesn't think about the infidelity as they got Perkins waitress in the parking lot at parking lot. And think about any of those wild salacious tales we've heard so many years ago. As a matter as a side you're getting over that stigma. Has ticket the ticket and fox. Six or 77797937. Auriemma power hour goes on until reds expert game at 520.