Alex Reimer's apology

WEEI Podcasts
Friday, February 23rd

Alex Reimer apologizes for the comment he made regarding Tom Brady's daughter during an on-air discussion involving "Tom vs. Time" the Facebook Watch documentary.


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So the last time I was in the studio. About a month ago now. I was recording a podcast at Steve Buckley about covering my first Super Bowl. We get some fun with that we talked about spinning the week at the Mall of America. All of that. And of course I didn't outlines of covering the Super Bowl because I. Insult the Tom Brady's. In over the last month I've had a lot of time to think and one thing I keep thinking about in keep going back to his just fell off what must have been for the family. To have that means name plastered everywhere. And every channel. Every website. Every newspaper. In what Vivian did somehow. Catch wind of my comments. I mean. How does a parent explain to a child. Oh yeah your face is everywhere right now because. Some stranger disparaged you on the radio. How do you even have that conversation. Has a child even conceptualize. It makes my stomach turner never think about it. I knows about four weeks after the fact now but I would like to take its time to publicly apologized to the Brady family. I'm truly sorry. I'm very marquis indefensible. It was ridiculous. It was reprehensible. And I am more than deserving of all the criticism. That's come my. That morning Brady was on with Cain C. Talked about my comments. And did the interview. Got I did reach out the patriots organization. It would like to also thank the patriots for a wine meats and Brady a note of apology. They have to do that. They're very easily could've said no co way we want to hear from you but they didn't. They did allow me to send radian note. I am very thankful for. And I'm also thankful for Brady's compassion. Which frankly I did not desert. He showed me mercy. On the effort. And right now I am the guy who made fun of Tom Brady's dot. That's what I'm known for. And geared up on it. It's certainly not high wanna be remembered. I know I have a lot of work to do. I'm grateful for another chance. And that work starts now thank you.