Andrew Benintendi Player of the Game Interview 07-04-17

Boston Baseball
Wednesday, July 5th

Tim & Rob Bradford talk with Red Sox outfielder Andrew Benintendi as he supplied the fireworks for the Red Sox going 5-5 with 6 RBI and 2 home runs along with a spectacular catch leaping into the wall in left field as David Price and the Red Sox beat Yu Darvish and the Texas Rangers 11-4 on Independence Day.


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Andrew what a night for you. Your second career multi home runs you five RBIs for how do you feel a position. The big that I mean I came away with a big win. You know the win the first few games of the series. The hero of the game where you find a six RBIs this interview with fireworks. And now as a person me and if that few bad that he uses. Another five for five night and in the in the back to back home runs in the eighth inning you know jacket when you hit the ball did you think you. Let me hit the top of the patting him and jumped out but did you think you had a I knew I had a good. I was expecting to fade a little bit toward the line and they got to play about all of it the state through and you know what you say cut off that loss. Everything matters though we'll take the Oscars for me. That did that catch you made earlier behavior of toppling the catching it. Wolf one of the best catches of the year project you feel about that how would you rate that one with the one you had in him last year. Yeah I mean. I was just trying to get back by myself and you know it seems the wall was might jump and you know this time that Jessica was fortunate to come down Witten. Might say that by the I was I think my route home run over that one. This is that we everywhere in the game in the situation. You know. Aren't you that well intervention in the front his own fireworks here tonight on the fourth of July it certainly you can remember now the team itself. High watermark fourteen over 500 your score up in the division now. And on a bit of a roll five and on the road trip that's also impressive numbers. Yeah I mean Myers there is worth a replica of the team I feel like and you know got to start. Either role and they're not done the work before six things come together. The bush getting together. Were you know hopefully write this. To go Reagan you know. Maybe you can go after. And her congratulations on a great game and a big win here tonight to thank him. It's kind of an attorney joining us amid the fireworks shoot one this. Red Sox when they left for the full hour your first place Boston roots.