Andrew Benintendi Player of the Game Interview 07-14-17

Boston Baseball
Friday, July 14th

Joe & Tim talk with Red Sox outfielder Andrew Benintendi after he got the game winning RBI when he took a bases loaded walk from Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman as the Red Sox beat the Yankees 5-4 in literal walk-off fashion.


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All right Andrew Bennett caddie Johnny has said that many congratulations. He showed a lot of patience there take us through the at bat there what was your thinking first the molecule approach to the bases loaded nobody out. We'll edit that the whole thing started looking at bats before. You know with everybody starts up lineup and you know it's not a comfortable at that for anybody else thinks. Just gonna go to division. Let's keep this thing go. This is the first time the Red Sox have had a walk off walk. Since September 23 2017. You hear us. Before this is it has happened again and your big part of it but when you got a little deeper into the count when it's that three ball count three and one rethink intake at that point regardless. I was you know those in the back my mind. He was having a trouble throwing strikes. You're still a good position there it to 32. But no obvious it was inside and before. You almost ended it this to all pitch that you hit hard fought on the right field line that you were very aggressive there. Yeah I was just trying to get something. More towards out over the plate. And try to catch up front for the actresses she's seen in this. Just got a little. Commanders talk about the swings of the pendulum of the game of baseball. No potential strikes out three in the eighth million face Chapman in the ninth. And those who use the Yankees are in the dug up more likely thinking they were gonna get out of here two and a half back now. The walk off walk here for a halfback is a huge way. Yeah I mean as a big win for us you know obviously first game they can. Against the Yankees. We keep that I'm gonna roll right tomorrow. Andrew is it Japanese guy you watch the clapping from Cincinnati is a kid. Did you grew up watching him in. That's a few members go to the games and sit reverently. Actually asked. Anthony Rizzo. What's elected bishop. About. Sixteen years old he says it's enough funds. Be able to face and after watching technical Tony it's got good fortune this. Yeah I was as prepared. Considering Rizzo sits on top of the plate. Not as much as you are still that's the eighteenth blown save for the Yankees more than anybody else in the majors so. To be able to get to the back in the bullpen in that fashion what does that mean for this team winning a game for the first time. It in the ninth inning. When trailing. Yeah I mean it's huge. You know especially have so tight the division as. There's still plenty games get over it on every game matters in numbers. You know hopefully come out tomorrow the people together to ensure he would be in there against ever Reno he's very tough. Yes and I gather through as of 200 miles an hour so. Getting it together quite a few of those guys over Federer. All right Andrea congratulations. Hey your first Major League walk off walk. Appreciate it our eyes are Red Sox win it five to four pick to keep swinging their report half game lead over the Yankees I think get. Tim this might BP most importantly to the year to this point. Let's it's a demarcation line when you start the second half and if the team that's chasing you in the standings. You were mean. In the inning away from having that gap narrowed just down to two and a half to over the Yankees in striking distance during this series. Now right such security to stay in front of the Yankees regardless of what happens in the next three games. And obviously they have a chance over the next three games to extend this lead in really put a hurt on the yankees' efforts to try to climb into the division Malia and you know it at Tampa Bay's there are nine and Anaheim right now probably pretty excited because there are now in second place. They just passed the Yankees. As it stands if they beat the angels tonight. There remain three and halfback but they've moved past New York which is so it's a direction they're heading anyway toward the end of the first half. And they caught the men and now for now passed. So other Red Sox to a lot of frustration. What were they one for nine with men in scoring position that. Hawk game and they stranded twelve rallied to win. With a lot of help from her oldest Japanese did not retire a batter Red Sox went at five before they lead by Corning.