Are the Cavs this bad? Does Keefe agree with Kyrie on the Earth being flat?

Dale & Keefe
Friday, November 3rd

Michael Holley and Rich Keefe discuss if the Cleveland Cavs are this bad, also if Michael was right about the downfall for Cleveland … just a year late. What can Cleveland do to salvage this season. Should the Celtics be interested in Jahlil Okafor? Expectations of what the Celtics will do with the $8.4 Million disable player exception. Keefespiracy: does Keefe agree with Kyrie on the Earth being flat?


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Michael holly and Ritchie. He's mostly seen some post links podcast the podcast about the Celtics from red to Russell brown took bird. Parish to pierce everything CE. Mostly seeks though mostly c.'s podcasting's presented by GPO. The officials sound of the Celtics let's get to Michael holly and Richie and mostly cease podcast. They considered it to be mostly c.'s pod cast new name. Similar look. New sponsor though Michael presented by JPL the official sound of the Celtics power you are doing great I'm glad that we have a sponsor you know also. Named traffic. So there's a lot of push back there they've fifty guys like evergreen we said no good okay it's evergreen here and it's up and it's available mature promote it but what that what ever greens really does that keep you out. It literally getting at any time I didn't Latin care for obesity is cut tells you what it's about that is the most EC's market mostly Sunnis on a lot of stuff to it now because it's mostly c.'s we also do around the NBA stuff you wanna start with sees. Issues or to Argo around the union is around the NBA is likely to whirl around like where we could guard so somewhere in northeastern Ohio I don't believe so now this is maybe you're just a year too early with the cavaliers are vulnerable talk. Turns up or so vulnerable last year with the exception of the warriors which you know I think every team is vulnerable to the warriors this year though. They can't seem to get out of their own way an outing an interest in Thompson injury on top of that they've been a master wanna go back. It's something that. Stephen Payne said right after I recently went featured right after that Stephen A said he talked to some sources. LeBron James is people LeBron James went to recess. At the correct tells I don't know that's quote I did go. I think that was accurate I mean that's a 100% accurate and that it would be that the reason and the reason is not because hey. You're messing with my legacy and in on the greatest gonna make these team wars. Eating given time to prepare. No he didn't think they LeBron James is all about you know putting together teams. Yeah isn't play. Got a great story yes they on the are on the air on the radio. About he was doing this even has fourteen orders. All fourteen years old he was all set to go to a public high school and Akron Ohio. But the private school there one of the private schools are two big ones. One of the missing for instance name Mary in the otherwise called open and so he wound up going to think it's the same area along wit. A coach. And friends unbelievable and Ebert and and Wally was rarity he brought a friend. So hopefully it outlook for the showing a lot of totally different audiences over it all of this is what he 145060. Put teams together and we know what he did. In Miami and you know what he did it without Cleveland. And so. Carrier ring took away LeBron james' ability to put together a team well I don't. Perfect too because they were. Over the cap even notice there was they had the biggest payroll in the NBA year ago the proms the complaining about it but what happened was the second best player on the team. Says that he wants out so right away the trade value goes down Iraqi via the Quetta even swap refugees tell everybody wants out so. There was no way they're going to be in the season with those guys together. So that he has his list of teams the Celtics were probably the best trade partner forum. But you had to send a damaged goods and I write it Thomas and maybe the thing that they coveted the most was the draft pick which is not gonna help broader publishers are right now. Essentially swapped out carrier ring for Jae Crowder. Gave it right now and you're going at all knows. I thought I think you'll go up. If yeah if Isiah is able to come back healthy that's a big boost you know I feel violence it's obviously how to help them graded the biggest fan but. I wonder if they can that they have the patience. Does it say wanna wait for Isaiah Tom gives another score what prize it comes to come back below are an active but they would they can do now don't take their Brooklyn tech others victory Kevin Love now. Their interest rate of four years did you break the Brooklyn penetrate Debra compared. But at what realize there's still I feel screwed cause LeBron James is say when that. Hey yeah are you wanna win and not. Waste. I'm a player do they need to have play with LeBron loves. Because weighed in another best buddies. Ballots are thousands panic growth rate cut out go regulate all we gotta we gotta find another way to get a super team here Dwyane Wade he's dumb of the balls let's get them. He's stinks now yes not the shallow and now. Darted off the aren't our guys are alleged plot. They they need somebody who's in all the other people they are going after that exact with a neat they're going after. All doors are 2627. And an athletic player who can created shock. They're going after Jimmy Butler when he sixth what he's seven athletic player broker who graders. That they needed young jointly. LeBron wade then other Miami needed another. Wings score Connery you know is a point guard he could do the same thing like if if all of that LeBron late have a take a possession to off. Throw the ball over here you're gonna let or something and he'll do it don't have that married now. And LeBron is is start to freak out slowly I don't know an Olympic hi Lou guys yet I don't know if Diaz Arthel I don't know if he's a guy standing. He survived the year I would assume that LeBron or technical what LeBron. And I know thinks of what he's done that who lost for the brought you want about somebody blogs about ball yeah that would secure what if it's got some guys are old enough I. I don't know if he's out. By the way not to get anybody in trouble but he says the first two rival private schools yet in the Akron area. With immediate that he wore it well there wasn't I was on the up and up so why did he choose against him merry. I'm sure the other school at a given him carte Blanche as well. Like I say in and just look at that historically. They've Vincent saint Mary has had a better basketball program. For years and that's where to Rome lanes in the end Jerome. Went. I mean he made it to the pros and then there was a guy who's like a friends broke back and today I got in Curtis Wilson probably never heard that name. Went to Ohio State good player but. You know if they had. Area the area anyway yeah that the program but to go program it is a lot say a team event on ESPN or when the problems there ready to the next level he really did. That was the game jail I remember watching high school games on ESPN before LeBron do you read thou not count of the all American gaming gets a whole different thing. But an actual. See that not even later this parent vs Oak Hill apparently apparently you know Dick okay see it that much and then now was a hold of them are ridiculous. You qualify on the pilots of that wants a Bill Walton. Was doing the color. And Michael and not the Bolivar on this going on and I mean. Everything that those guys said back then about LeBron at all turned out to be true it's not like so it's so crazy the way that America. Amid a better if not better than much I hate LeBron that is slumping that is so impressive. That anabolic guys that have been hyped up as high school players. This guy got hyped up more and probably surpassed that can and hopefully it Lopez are yet again they Lopez's that he was the next Jordan or Herat our special. I those guys always from New York you know always. New York playground legends new York and led to expect. From the York. OK okay billion there are your New York lenses the font help us Sebastian Telfair oh very heavy and I visited the fun Barbara all of these guys out New York allegedly let the legal right to call Washington. The New York alleging just the kid went to Lincoln just can't let this play out aboriginal leader high ethical and let it play out answers during that. Picked that statute of limitations is up on this this gut like Europe Oates you were 03. So Chris Wallace was still with the Celtics. And and he was saying they pulled me aside and he knows a group Ohio so isn't paying. I tell you should be right about is we talked about LeBron James. This guy that that is like this maybe earlier like. Oh notes due August they know what people I once or you'd probably just sophomore losing 040323. Draft like 01 notes due. About Ron James that the private coverage you already known about him know that he ain't got no problems that are other guy's unbelievable. He's dead. If the NBA draft work tomorrow. He beat the number one it was a good juniors can really be a breakthrough that he gets you beat the number one pick that I would be towards ACL. Still the number one back east it he's in it as a junior. Sell and made the mistake. This kind of missing the cues from the conversation so doing it to him at the product that is shut out and old school now defunct nice roster yet his fellow business are czar whatever. Had a one shows. LeBron James in. And Mike port and talk about that it was a perfectly. OK. Outside I don't know oddity of otters are thought about it. Just. Chris well I thought I you must be mistaken I don't remember that conversation at all now I don't know LeBron James but this. This guy who. NBA no matter who you're. NBA scouts all of unanimously agreed what. He on the cover of amid news source of the SI human events sort and it was an aside eventually bouncing as a junior. They'll wanna say health errors a year older. I could be missing up the players but I believe it was like the future of basketball and it was like Sebastien Telfair is a senior and the brawn as a junior but forget that lines up or not but they're both. In their high school uniforms like with a basketball their Harvick back to back it like this is pretty bad acts. And then you know one of them obviously ended up being. One of the greatest I love all that high school all American stuff love it and like the idea of how good these guys are on the pros and what they must've been like in high school. If some of the best if you have a New England. I would recommend going to some of these prep school yet you see a lot of these guys roll through here whether it's. You know we should tin or rooster or new Hampton all these times of incredible the kind of topic here. Isiah Thomas was right down eroding go to Connecticut Demps you know a lot of a lot of great player right of come through here. But you know this is such a pro sports nuts around you only pay attention to just ignored altogether but getting back to the cavaliers and their issues right now. That would be. That would definitely be a move was so Kobe Altman who's a young guy youngest GM in the league. He's gonna have to figure out some open because LeBron. I still think he's leaving after this year I don't know if you've changed your monitor or refutes that your. Set in stone what you think's gonna happen I think he's. He's up to dad that he's so if they trade the Brooklyn tech for help. That is so desperate that they that is about as they LeBron move but they hang onto it. That's Colby Altman and Dan Gilbert saying listen we got to cover so now you got to leave anyway probably docket beat the warriors regardless of who we get it here for just a number one pick. And even if you you decide to go to the lakers are we can't do anything about it and then make it a little easier for you we agree to a sign and trade what we get back at a sign and trade now is not even got to come close to two what you what you bring to Cleveland. Not only financially. But on the court. Amid I'd go back and look at the sign and trade think they traded him to Miami. Reload it hurt it late first everything Hillary tell anything in my it always seems like the trade exception there was a great what are we use this for that not to prosecute anyway I doubt there are extra money. Toronto at the same thing for Bausch Celek okay thanks yippee skippy and whatever the stuff. But I still feel like to. They are going to be in the conference finals caps are I think because Eastern Conference is that bad. It's not surprisingly bad I forgot it was only a lot better go mediocre that the Celtics without Gordon Hayward for the best. Are the best team right now in the conference. Milwaukee's top any the end of the year. You'll have your Washington and Toronto and Cleveland like bill will be the same five team's problem I don't know how to view kid in Milwaukee it's like he's moderates like him. Yeah I'm not anti kid I just like that team they brought us the same team back. With an improved. Adonis rockets on the very same team but. And you know right now maybe they could get a ticket and gear right now they're playing 500 ball and a they don't look right but it's okay to bring back pretty much the same team if yeah honest is to point to depart Parker was not back yet. It is to when why don't they don't bring back the same team outright as you brought back the same team and you still don't look like how. Yeah don't look like he has got Aaron not a red. I think that a lot of guys that should all be better this year just for a bomb maker early exit in the league in other years they should they should be better. But yet they do seem like they're missing something maybe maybe it is the case on and Stewart is I don't know. The other story around the NBA is Joel before and just that Matt Leo at the third pick in the draft and that's hold your views that duke of reducing the number one that accused the odds on guy like if he came out ice Cooley parliament really high picky goes to duke played well. Then at the end of the year you remember all the sudden it was Oscar has played defense all this guy every year Kentucky significantly better at what it was close. But all the scouts or saint towns and they were right and then Russell sort of jumped in there because the need I guess it was the number two pick Okafor at three. And the sixers had all these big guys they all had injury problems they word trust in the process there. Now know as well as gone but Okafor just seems like the the odd man out of the rotation just didn't. First year had decent numbers on a miserable team that can members than last year not as good and then this year and he's only played one game out of the next. And so if you're the Celtics. Our interest. I'm not interested right now I wanna so they get the amount money and also the theater where this by now but they get some little over eight million dollars because the court here or being up for the season. I would rather wait CPU get somebody better than I'll let you. Oh wait and I we don't go for the I don't I don't hate of at all but I don't I guess that a lot my enough to say here America that the money that I have. You imparted that is. Part that is you know. You know you can get a lot in a bunch of money in your temptation is suspended. Don't don't don't don't. That that there are at a divvying I've done that before so they're better off have you ever done that before well actually I'm kind of thrifty I would say. Where you always written I'm pretty strict yeah get a from my mom all right Lester meanwhile the opposite like so she didn't get it that way which she she get money events and it I would I actually out of a saver. See every year for Christmas every Christmas my grandmother's combined. Gee we've Seagram Marcum and Nana content editor there of scrimmage got it will. Overall and that you accelerate Elvis a lot tricky is everybody gets a fifty spot warmups so that's our Christmas Day. After all the I've met them all. Ball. Out of that you've got down all matters that like you know if he'd have at the arcade at least fifty to one. It's not as bad outcome arcade yeah right. Though the game. Those opposed to go to so is back me space invaders asteroid. Pacman pac man I miss I miss that it and me and clouds and I'll tell you about him being a better much better game. And you know didn't hole has people patterns had a whole Alia that outed on record with this trip coach Knight and coach Brady is you hope you're ready to go to the screw up you know there's an inflated lawyer I've got out right Greg Palkot Americans guy Arkin a diagram strawberry. There in the Arnold you're trapped there I don't go out the BetaNews if they are the Celtics don't like that don't spend all the money yeah. Repeat like rich if they don't need to right now because they're playing extremely well at the time or recording this they are six and two that won six straight games. Tonight tonight is. A fun match I love the test and I'm not yet I'm not gonna overreact either. I'm not like I'm not usually do a lot of smaller or the other but I won't tonight the promise that they. Kind of if they win by fifteen points democracy. They beat Oklahoma City about fifteen you know Casey. And get drill and to get troops and I. I. It is no game but exciting dog team. It is exciting though Westbrook George. Carmelo Anthony and oh by the way I love this now Oklahoma City has rebounded. After losing out on Kevin Durant. Love it absolutely love it they saw a couple of guys. And there's no guarantee all georgians today. The dated freaked out that'd say I's gonna go to the lakers picture anyway now they admitted trade. And they gave up. All the people sabonis is cancels guys actually old people find just Indiana back and let our right up at the time. Your event you'd make that deal that I get Carmel also two guys that LeBron wanted to got the cavs won it in Georgia Carmelo. Oak policies as adults like Olbermann there are Westbrook must replay over the over the superstar before he established that it's his team. Maybe even hit league and last year and still play like that so Killen a playground scored thirty game but you knew that was gonna happen he spoke with the right around a triple double double not don't know it yet. And about Paul George Carmela nice bit and their role players are pretty good Redick is if you have a start team like that we've seen it with the Celtics before we saw with the heat. You just need the right skill sets and I feel like Stephen Adams and Andre Roberson cannot provide debts of bear even a better team and I thought. All right who matches up with what's pertinent to the carried thing yeah Isiah. He literally steals looked sick I think there's a lot of Smart on them eventually effects are horrible lot but I could actually. Smart or mirroring outposts mark. Just thought I would joke it is horrific events because I've always strong and at much extra offensively at. Westbrook what what blows me away is I think minus that measure him again secondly he's only six story. It is listed at 63 yeah pretty low. Anytime I've looked shorten that doesn't think so I think he is shorter rock like I brought I don't get like 65. He should be 656636. Under his dunks hooks only just correct you explosive. You just have to match up with an app like the jumper. Really has gotten better too so. He can always drive to basket you can you can kind of play off them a little bit nineteen do us. Three aptly dynamic players all one team and but it Tyree probably matches up to start on Westbrook in the Agassi a look at Paul George and equity go there where where's wares were for go to night. Although a guy named their brains and Adams the F pains. Probably on Adams what I thought Marcus Moore simply tonight. We're not start out and out of the neatest part Al Horford on mount Carmelo. Yet you know at the beginning of the year I would've said no merit based on the guys it is started this year guarded it uneasy and arguments that have been guard yeah honest. You can guard put him up from all. Yeah 'cause Carmelo is that is is before now music he's yet he's. These are lower. Than who's on George who now Taylor wanted to go to a gala launch here but I you doing there. I like yeah I am excited about this matchup should be a lot of foot star power I saw a you Gaza NBC bosses sports they've looked a little promo for tonight's game. And it's just like seven different players know Westbrook Michelle highlight only if the data show I like Jalen brown and it's like Genesis. A star studded match. Yeah we're the with a pregame show that does run type in every game loses that late games I don't know thirty tip rate 930 to borrow from eight and nine and then that's it. Started over that sits on an earlier start than here up up the day done nice that it 9 o'clock WW time I'll watch the game yeah. I watched it is very very excited. Now those good what do you expect at a Marcus Morris not just for not tonight but what do you think his roles data because. They've started to play together now with C a number of games that he has not been in the mix. Guess who else and it's kind of go or is he. He's got to work its way back and I never thought that I can't yet kind of pencil him in as a starter it. And you know he's not a he's got a rebound in housing problem but the way the team has rebounded so far. Yeah the luxury of not being a rebounder attacking keep the rebound yes. Because they've got two guys well well well I know is that people would brains in key problems in games. Don't keep up with Tatum I think it was just it was like about a dollar good rebounder an abacus at criticism helps them he's always around a basket. Easy he's a big guy but he's got to slippery too so. Yeah now everybody compared Jason Tatum to Paul Pierce coming out these things are now. Well I don't know and I don't think so I'm trying to figure out who it is and I think. The complete game I can't really tell about he's obviously more offensive player first right now. And I think saying he's Carmelo Anthony is way too much now. But he does some things almost to rant inch and that's crazy to understand the way he can take the ball. And then maybe like outside of the the key vision. And then take it one dribble and Mike effortlessly kind of open up with a either hand. There's something about these these 68 scorers that the league is had a over the last several years but he hasn't yet hit the basket quickly blatantly say wait a minute I think what wedeman as a Daria. How'd that happen at I thought it was just fifteen feet away from the basket route is at the rim and I think since it appears. His outside shot he cannot tees it up a little bit slower and slower release its Ohio native competence and affect him at all. And he doesn't seem like he's the most athletic but Taylor brown looks athletic Everett and jump around us and it's explosive where is Jason Tatum just more looks like a I don't the world like a nurse that got the basketball player like the way he's got a smoother does things but it's not on the charts that he's not gonna win look at the cap on them. But not smooth than a Jeff Green kind of electronic kind of way like are are you awake you know it's not yet great it's not like got Sam Perkins the leg smooth you know I thought you know I thought it was going to be a thought. It was like more Grant Hill Adams that either because they Grant Hill to do because of due to the duke got it all and besides he's got the size and hill but hill was at his best was a great rebounder which I think. They don't will be. But also very good passer via seventy Tatum. They like a failure granules. That you're not I like fiscal times a couple of years or use for the injures Belichick yeah. I was great it was all NBA is an awesome player. What he would that this this this cake is not baked yet so. Bruce all Jordan Aristide tonight little bit of that. Undersea electable wing guys that. Can play probably the three or of the four could score pretty well there score and a number of ways. Others amazed by an I don't know we reminds me of yet I'm as amazed that he's a rookie NA not just a rookie on one and done rookie. Because he he rarely. Looks like a guy who's just overwhelmed or doesn't know. What it was doing you know you always get used to either the broadcasters would do this or. Org guys guys. Guys doing the analyst at the game or guys on this that was you know rookie. The got to understand in this league Canada but. But make any of those self righteous lectured on behalf of Ben. It's 22 adjacent it and it just looks like you belong I also think it it's refreshing to me because this one in my town. Pet peeves they guesses. When there are one and done guys you do get a lot of people what you were saying some other nineteen that would be really expect. Are all they're still tough but addicts the that I look at these top five picks and for years the couple Anthony was one and done. Merely showed up averaged twenty points a game and it was like he launches the best part of the team and they go and I think he would be the best part on this team but. I wanted to contribute when they said he was starting all the greats which he should start Eastern Europe and it's in the last few years. A lot of the one and Dunn's. Have been really slow zoom to mature and and have not put up big numbers you've also had guys like pence Simmons just missed the entire yearly so maybe he one of maybe he would have been sort of a bow out of bounce back that. But he was gone you see in the year he's seven now. Mean the team's socks but he's at peace corps. And Arnold they suck they stuck. I think they sock during. A packed. I doubt yes it is yet though if left it real that the couple weeks that you won't have a lot and as they're gonna make the plan is that they were but then that may losses up to those who you should know is that you back on the back on death registered keep track writer ailments they were perfect in everything in the playoffs as ours in the Eastern Conference this ballot. They can suck and make the playoffs on a good. It's 500 public just under five and look at him this year just under 500. He's really good game thunderbird about. We can both be right you get that you can say they suck and they today. And I can they make the playoffs based soc but I thought I'd like of some of their players but now this is a couple years ago if you said would you rather be Philly or Boston. Go back tears you have to remember that I think I said I'd rather have Phillies. Rock roster and no I am future projects they got all the the same stops on the same stuff that's not to except not anymore because they gave up on of those chips to the Celtics. I don't think they're as. Good now a guy I would much much much rather be the Celtics not just because. You know that the useless games they played the last three years but even if you just start starting from now we suffered at the misery that filly is has started from now much better. I look and every team is CIA that is great that is a lot of people want Simmons and and impede and you know. Yes our rich am Martell false seems like a mess right now are a lot of Red Cross is pretty you'd. Artists out there so you tell me if if I said you I have been Simmons and dole and B. And you've got Jalen brown and Jason Tatum. Would you trade me Tatum well would you would you want I would trade me Tatum and brown first events and MB. I think out if it's just those two I think it would cement them and be really think so. You wouldn't. You're out all of the guys in the team well let nobody hit the big the wild card is in beat. I don't injury cart I think the injuries gotta be with them. His entire career and he's great he's. Borderline great player he will be he's goings on that track. He's a great art like take those and more players that I think he's going to be I'm 55 to 65. Games per season. He maybe. Put those 55 that he plays. Pretty damn good now if so those four players that I earlier question. Who was gonna make the most All Star Games and who would make that we wreck wreck I guess in order of most All Star Games. Our. One team who hate that's went to examine Steve Simmons. Are they 3M B for brown brown I'm a Mormon up the brown I was very anti Jalen brown yeah I was I was a browns were provided what he's a good Japanese that played out but those those three guys are just sort of a disconnected to some than to beat all tick them -- all our guys yet something incredibly separate yourself a guy all the way I don't in league you know in the east there's little ridiculous. What about Marco faults with Phillip or. Man rough. My thumb. With a three terms yet. Well Alan I thought early about now the lies out there. Right what they have that you found out about before you scenario shorter terms that globally. Because that's mental that is 100%. Meant that no one nick Anderson just lost it yet they thought he can't shoot it did today in his head at them every does he go the free throw like if he missed one back when he was good and that is in the finals and then he was just a mess but his history there -- senate has won all I don't in the toilet in the became like a a quickly here at the line is always had to happen it's it's a mental thing to stand there all by herself with a fifteen foot shot your open everybody can make that everybody can make free throw but. When you're thinking about it the three and problems. Anything else you are mostly seized by its yes. Hype about. About Alonso ball on the ball on the ball or you want to buy carry over there is flat and WS have a definite lines of the pocket of all we'll get to head up ahead. Quick which like which opt out rookie of the year stuff come up passage of the rookie out here in what Tatum right now would probably have to be sentenced him is that a guy. And a final bit of falloff. You know in baseball is genetic faults would be their other arson but rookies for sure it was you know Smith multiple titles on it from the maverick that some. Dennis Smith a bounty on fox we just saw the other night not a great night the other night I know this is so come off the bench and pretty so clearly their best color yet. Up no carrier ring I loved I absolutely love the fact that you hateful bronze and doesn't think we've been the moon. He's the perfect if you are just creating a player like who who would I like the most what would he do that everything he does. It's at his ex guess his explanation is really your exploration. Who's taken a picture of the moon looks just he's just passed in the course dad just asked that question. Oklahoma took the picture it really gets you about these big moon people that get so mad when he qualities questioned things. But it wasn't it is not that. Ornament that's exactly really good laughter fired on his lap is done about it. It's not. Do you think it's a stretch that somebody would go to the moon it was a race. I don't like he's just an old school people get so upset because. You know the whole Soviet expert you know yeah assess our vs United States are doing their first so if there's a race to get there it was plausible. For Russia to get their air for us to get theirs or not. Like it's also plausible they went to move public welfare block or hit my god I don't really let you know we're. But also plausible that somebody fake it's that you say hey we got there are not yet that checks. Authorize or Basel the Russians wouldn't call this is my favorite one now though would you bet your life on the back we've been the moon. Would bet my life partner and there it and I needed to hear that you've got admitted that in that wind for this moment of people being carried if that's what you got into the dock MacArthur over the top proposals one topic we got into theirs on things like kind of forget about that view it did not go it was traditionalist wasn't picky may have been against it and you know and like we never got along. It was. Africa which you better like that you actually doctor. Dot. It's like about the replied I should public remark I don't think he's that that's impulse that can Google anybody anything and the problems. You know get low. A little digging and find a way historians a look at them. Higher PI think he graduated from high school out in particular. I you know I didn't see it is dark corridors of document really marry people call and I've always thought about what. Nothing. Is very entertaining and it's great love on the doubles at Kotelly coach and they were echoed coach. Yeah. Yeah great. I didn't think about that for awhile not that. Missouri the doctor stuff but when all the jobs that when I go back college all the jobs that I applied to an admin Reza man on the stuff and they would see like oh graduated from hope part. But how many of them really even looked in the big check it out. I doubt it you think they do feel like they've they've got to take your work Erica you record. Some equipment arrived knock on the colleges that I want to call especially one more like people argue that all my son went barely two you know so float. Or if you can't lie like somebody schools is very you know very specialized yes as you would know about schools like you said. It at that our alliance with Harvard to predict where it's hilarious but it is okay what house were you. Yes oh my god house. And how hot what. With no that's not that but that action that's I think that's projecting that well JFK it was clear you know we're here. That's no good. Well let's hear. At a restaurant organized the you must know Jennifer interpreter holders is personally go up five or down five. I've just missed time mosque though are okay. But if you look at big. Obscure school I don't think game but it kept John and how many jobs actually look at all the BC a copies transcripts. That I don't know where they are meant photos that if I had less than they've ever as you can live I had a different name at the time. But so many there's so many still are valid maiden name like. Yeah I don't know I'd. It's worth the shot although when you do get in trouble for it looks pretty bad have a terrible. I happen with somebody accidentally used an earlier yes right yeah as him Notre Dame it was him. Yeah right and it was also somebody he. What was it was its summary don't look at GM job or something we have all had enough oh. The activity graduated from some school he didn't. You know and it just until they probably shot. I think Hilton don't worry about it yeah here in this position that hey I attended the obstacles that you can I attend I think there's there's. I had no I don't think Bob Costas act actually graduated from there really he attended there I think it's an answer to use and he had a but he left. Early he left early this is could you not well I'll you once. Of these men like he was he once or you're all gonna let nobody that gave off. A hall. Of I'll buy you love talking about the whole 45 isn't that enough talk about the game please. Yeah that you LAPD did to these hospitals and. ABA the ABN. That he needs to do the the spirits and Louis he was. He was a play writing of that as just Lockwood chief just a random. You got a car that cars knowledge it is and never players who some don't you replaced with the thought better of it ought to get that or about bats that's because they're back at. Hey they executed a mostly c.'s you can listen to this on iTunes populace into it on WEEI dot com and or wherever iTunes are Wear a podcasts are played. He can check us out most PCs he muscles and my other podcasts Michael here's a little plug hash tag dork. Dorks remember we just did don't hit it well dork over is over that are out torque number forever we just did stranger things season to prepare which is great. And next week we'll do the war Ratner rock. The new marvelous good among reported that. Topic yesterday Somalia or. Doesn't it caller asked me what the caller as a big ticket for the candidate. Vertigo and you have to the owner of doing this fellow. If not if I was lower level but it's a ball club but you need to see at first you thought you'd be right on that note the podcast listeners on I have I can't be next Tuesday and liked. Didn't see it hello Daryn. And it. Initial all of all out so just waiting you backed threat I would talk to next hour later most of along the many new things like show title sponsor. The most Lucy's podcast also has a new producer hello I'm Jason Osce and again the mostly c.'s podcast was presented by GBL the officials sound of the self.