Are the Celtics struggles because of the loss of Marcus Smart or is there more at play?

Mut at Night
Monday, February 12th

Keefe and Villani are talking about the Celtics rough loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers on national TV yesterday, before the Celtics retired Paul Pierce's number 34 in the rafters of the TD Garden. They debate and take calls on why the Celtics have struggled so much in the first half of games, having to dig themselves out of a hole in the second half, and if it's a result of missing Marcus Smart, Gordon Hayward, or young players still acclimating to the volume of NBA games, practices, and travel.


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While early in the week every other night here we are now it's rookie Chris Gilani. On your seventh or fear itself had. I had planned out covenant zionist that is coming in we're gonna begin to show at 7 o'clock but the apology. Just seems like everybody else and doing so yes it makes sense it probably should do that the memorial to apologizing good. Apologize doesn't studio it's mossy on Saturday and I agreed we layer and other commodities that really did you guys some material I don't know today accuses over the weekend program to help you know launch on Monday dodge days of February when I get the week off to a good start were happy to help. Because you knew all that it was going to be a bleep storm are automatically going into valid just learning that was going on and that I don't even know his stance on it I add I did not know that. To mossy Ron Borges were such good friends so I can understand defending a friend. I felt like he took it may be a little too far that's just me I think you duty to put on him I'm not saying. I'm not telling anybody to celebrate mic in Boston the guy who pretended to be done right the in in duped Ron Borges. You can think it's hilarious you don't think it's awful you configure somewhere in the middle whatever but it's still to me on gorgeous and Tomas he seemed to make excuses for the and that's where united differed. Not the played anything I said than like one word you said long Conner yeah I'll hello Allen has skated again let's it to make it impacted very small samples and help the show so heavily that they'd jedi on Amazon video whatever his name is of this of the weekend programming now. And I agree with that inlet not to beat this dead horse any more than we already have play. The fact is illegal and the idea of a lawsuit kept coming up well he could he could Borges knew pretty soon we know we can't sue he contributed to. The issue at hand no matter what I mean there are is certain tenant of law like if you. Just pour gasoline on the floor somewhere in negligently. But then I light a match. And throw it on their knowing that the gasoline there well I haven't absolved you'll all the theories are they read it at fault but I've taken on its own responsibilities one right. I don't talk a lot about that anger gods are favorable modernized wanted to get your quick thought on it but celtics' big day for the Celtics well who's a great. Day after the game it was a terrible game so. Celebrating Paul Pierce which was awesome as that of the nice event his number. Which deserves three in the rafters is up there are schooled they hear him. You know talk to the crowd and everything else is Graham Paul Pierce today but for the actual game itself Chris each mail where they bad. In the crowd wanted. That to be game Soledad as the crowd was so into it the first quarter felt like a playoff game and I I was not there of watching on TV. But he in the same you know brain in van Gundy and Jackson talking about it this crowd is going to. Nuts no carrier ring crosses up LeBron James hit the shot candidates face place gone bonkers and it's in a midway through the first quarter. But then the the wheels fell off the Celtics were messed offensively really from the entire game. And the new look cavaliers. It's only one game so I'm not crowning them as the Eastern Conference champs but for one game at. They looked obviously a lot more athletic and had been before we know they're a lot younger. And they have guys that you know might fit it LeBron James team better that all the old ass guys that they just traded away I'm ready to crown. Are you already got him. After one game because. It seems like in and it's all about faith here and younger and faster is definitely good thing. But big guys they got rid specifically Thomason weighed much more so Thomas. Ball dominate kinda guys. And at the kind of guys that are not going to be easily share the floor. With LeBron James as the ones they've brought Amy liquid George Hill said. The one practice that they had which apparently was the greatest practice Tyler Hansbrough ever run and go top cell though though the one practice they had he talked to the media and says hey. We've got our bat man. And we're on to Robbins. Yes and here I that promises I think he's anybody's Rondell and the problem does not want to be Eagles it would take he's ready be committed arkan asylum by the time is seventeen games in Cleveland route. Yes but these guys want to be robins air comfortable. Being Robbins. And the other kind of game that they play. It's somewhat similar to the guys that LeBron surrounded himself with in Miami when they won titles this guy's thinking just three Indy. And you saw that especially in the second half Clarkson started get hot but hit a couple of shots in the first half. Those are the kind of guys that LeBron likes being surrounded with and he's got them now in Cleveland and I was skeptical. This is the whole you know how long did it take to gel kinda thing and they may still take their moms and in senate anyway games to come. By this looks like eighteen they can be a wagon and a team that can win I don't think they can be Golden State now I do and get back to the to the Indy five. Yeah I think I think it's right out of three team race could you can't rule out Toronto either he notes while the same guys from the year before but there healthy the rules and Lowry the clintons and the Celtics do they take a ton of three things that many of Ayers when Ian yes they take 38 threes on on Sunday too but they -- but now and they have guys do anything about it they got some much younger in you know getting rid of Dwyane Wade who is was cooked this year Derrick Rose has been cooked for a while. Isiah Thomas Jae Crowder those guys won't work in Vermont Shumpert and you bring in a specifically Rodney hood in Jordan Clarkson. Who were ten years old and the brawn James as a rookie. So those guys are probably just in off on LeBron James and they wanna impress them so. If pay on this possession I need to stand in the corner and wait for it to pass and shoot three great and every one all you want me to start the offense great I'll do that I'll do whatever you want me to do. Rather than Isiah Thomas to San. I scored thirty game last year again like I I I know what I'm doing on offense that let let me kinda figured out to. That wasn't gonna work and so early I'll look great now I do think. Know week goes by. LeBron James you know passes and out to Jordan and Clarkson. He misses it opened three LeBron mites are glaring out of a little bit or Rodney hood takes too many shots he must or declare Adam but early on. Those guys were. We're very yeah. So over the top and how exciting was that that excited is Barry says they are they. Again he jumped off the court after. Was oral Rodney hood dunks or batteries or are in their way into the game. Yeah pat and I didn't etc. and about what a mess though the Celtics. Obviously you know market Smart has been out and no Gordon Hayward all season long so maybe you get both those guys back Smart a lot sooner maybe down the road the accord Hayward back. But they have. That's a bad happened this year where they have dug themselves these huge holes games they're to double digits almost every night ran. And so when you play it's a team like Cleveland even back Cleveland team that. Doesn't have Kevin Love and they really half the team just met each other. But you play somebody that good and you'd get down by fifteen or more. Always going to be able to come back and so that's the biggest thing you know post all star break. I think that they have to figure out what they need to play better defensively and you need to stop. Did you doubt by. Twelve or fifteen points effort yet and and I don't know if it's tired legs or what it is but I don't Brad Stevens said coming into the game he had success against Cleveland is attacking the paint. And then the Celtics to thirty calories thirty right eight. Three putted transition they're doing that which is the better part of an amber what are you saying that eighteen seconds on the shot clock so. I'm not in the message isn't getting through from Brad Stevens by it seems like this team maybe just through the amount of minutes they've played. Not having markets Smart I think that definitely hurt them against Indiana makes that the team to complete a little bit more pasting goes small. And without the depth in the backcourt the Celtics just really couldn't match him. But they look like a tired team right now they would like to banged up team right now T Adams playing hurt. Rather tired at times shooting through high res playing a ton of minutes I mean this looks like Terry rouge here. It did there's a stretch against it is on the clean games the Indiana game. Ridge basically playing you look like my dad and it directly back in the day I'm going three point line the three point line that's right now. Letting the reason why he hit was from half court is her parents as well events. We have this there'd Seymour everything. Is going right forum for awhile through the first twenty plus games did the best record in basketball and they were. You know there you know the rookies were all play a Mulligan on your first year guys are Jalen brown made that step up Al Horford is playing like an all star carrier was playing like an MVP. C of all that cold for you. And a lot of that has kinda worn off it's really very good team. Although since they've gotten back from Europe or they six and eight because their record since they've done that they got absolutely pasted by Toronto and Cleveland. So the two best teams in your conference you just gotten crushed the last two times that you've played him so they get some things to figure out this thing is. Recently they remind me more of last year's team in the sense that aren't its carrier ring. And then after that who's in the score. Ready one night it's Rosie here one night still brown that's ten minutes injury I think I think it's a big part of it yet I think I think they don't and. Brown and both of pretty consistent now another overall numbers and and the ball averaging like that fourteen game. That seems low for a second score right but it just seemed like. You know one guy would be you know eighteen to one in the other guy I'll be lower than they would irritate currency almost always rely on one of those guys but. I'm not gonna I'm not gonna freak out yet although let's see 12 weeks after the all star brick looks like he delegates from all Wednesday. And Avaya a good amount of time off plus the scheduled does get a little bit better forum. Where they're not gonna placement back to back a bit like front all the scheduled that that's stupid trip one. So starting you know the middle of February. They actually someone of the xenophobic comments are aren't you may have noted that the modest and I apologize to the brits I don't like him playing games and went on British accent I need camps within Canada I was I could do the British accent. Yeah that there's by hot tea I don't like them playing regular season games in different countries across the Toronto because they have a team exactly. Later they aren't there in this time zone so it's not that bad. I don't know if this is more of a once it stood out to me and not really looking so much in the second half and games out of hand but. The cavaliers hung with and then started to pull away from the the Celtics in the first half we will brought on the bench. In the front quite well or might they are attacking he had that knee injured ever one of the UN and united media and he with with ties and he was out for about eight or nine minutes in the first half million Darren and it was a plus the cavaliers tonight. And they scored more obviously when he came back yet that hot stretch right before halftime where there are they put it away and they built a nice cushion there and then put it away in the third quarter by. That is it means yet the cavaliers seemed to be jelling pretty well least based on that one game. But that's a frustrating point if you're Brad Stevens because that's a stretch where. Just simple effort on the defense of and should be able to it to result in stops when your top scorer I far. For Cleveland is not on the floor and he didn't. They hung with and then pulled started to pull away and they continued it once LeBron got back into the game in the second quarter that is not a good omen this team is that was. Are at their effort I don't think it's been there throughout whereas the first four years and Brad Stevens. Even a year one it would have no talent you're two. A little bit more than the last couple years they've had more but not as much as they have now. A bit never had a player like carrier ring no Isiah Thomas had a really good season infected seasons while he was here. But did have the star power in like the potential brown and Tatum Odyssey or for the last couple years but. There's mortality here but it seems like the effort comes and goes which. You would never say that about a Brad Stevens semen and until this year I don't know what that is I don't know. And I think carrier ring is a good leader like a big surge early on I think he had to become a leader right away were. There is looking out on court here or on the ground as is ankles just a disaster. And carrier ring hold everybody out you know these guys are they're very emotional as it should be. And they nearly lose the next night but then they rip off sixteen straight wins out our carrier ring to his stability was a big part of that. So I can't I can't figure that one out and make Al Horford is also a good leader I know people give him crap for you know conceal a game three as two points are points. But he's a good leader make all those guys they look at him I he's been a legal long time yet and they look up to him. So I think all the right pieces are in place so I'd auto sector make heads or tails of the lack of effort at. Yeah and I'm sure it's frustrating from from you know the Celtics perspective as well to go back which said a minute ago about you know not time to panic or anything else. I think. It in sort of the everything you you're saying every critique is there by. You also have to sort of put it in the overarching context of the season. Once Gordon Hayward ankle was destroyed not that you wrote off the season by either rode off the season will be an even if he were comes packed. How many minutes is he really yeah I think it worked I leverage meant to you really when you play when he. Maybe below or behind I don't know in in what he did he score a little bit peacock. I'm not gonna value of any jump. I don't know about the jumper in a year re about easy to be basically are again going back my dad directly just Kobe's night or that read what my address. Back and there is I have I have a little bit more 45 years ago wasn't bad your virginity pledge no defense that about three out so it appears knockdown threes he was 83 and no. Maybe he'll be that I don't know if the Celtics right now I think. You know they've been matchup let's say Indiana and the first round I still think that's a really good matchup for them or shall I I like any first from out of should be I like their chances to get to an Eastern Conference finals and lose which is essentially what I had been penciled in port I know. The start kinda gets people excited and then all this any symbol and. But I think. I don't know they can't put anything Cleveland even though they're better than they were three deadline that's the worst of the world last year. Yeah but they don't have to be better than last year's team is happy pattern this year Celtics and I think there are CI I think the gap is is without very close without. Without error right I think it's very close to beg the Celtics are better the cavs are worse. And somehow you know Toronto was still in that mix as well to Mark DeRosa hits and threes men and I don't go there to gentiles I am and Larry's client and they they got some bigs. We do what is your Greg Monroe by the way so I think it's early but I think a Marty out. I got a Munro and the other all I I grabbed a loose ball out of that there aren't any and a drug to be aired bands that I I like means a better fit to I'm willing to give moral little bit more about a leash I still can't believe and they said to you on Friday. I can't believe this guy a Max contract like five minutes ago. In Milwaukee in a couple of years out yet I am consultants want them gasoline is like our go to Milwaukee you know economic that brags worse here than we thought to have fun but is not an -- out of it may be a figured out I don't know he seems really slow and he's not the answer and if he has I'm not sure what the question is perfectly honest with you I'd. I still think this is a good team. I think once the schedule lightens up a bit with the back to backs it will match and and other young team looked at still. Is gonna take it told you got a lot of guys that had to play right around thirty minutes game. Early on in the season when they were really short handed and still developing depth on their bad side. This still feels like an Eastern Conference finals team to me at that they can compete with Cleveland. By I felt much better about that on Saturday. Then I did Sunday answers circuit at 6 o'clock certain Celtics here 61777979237. At the how do you feel about the Stevie still feel good even with some of the recent losses including yesterday. To the new look cavs. It is rich keep crystal on your Sports Radio W media. Back here never mother died portrait is WEEI rich people pay for full Lonnie. I didn't feel about the Celtics now after getting crushed by the cavaliers Chris sorry to give the cavs beat Eastern Conference over about their guests that the Celtics would still be my pick right now. Admittedly I don't feel great. About it because they've not played well last week you're ready to give the Swiss this hockey game against Japan with the 1148 left in the third. Although Japan had a very nice gold gasoline here so I think they'll little life and I'm OK from being on this one's over to the Swiss and the cats both on the way to victors. Because now apparently you can parlay that to a Saturday album chart at Fazio the phone 6177797937. Route is in Cranston whatever else. Hey guys Google like Petit and I don't think any of us expect this team to win the championship this year. This team will company I have total treatment data about this year. So we're gonna at a few more pieces include comes back. But right now of course credit locally and the Celtics that they do not have a troll or point cut. So their soul into the stock and apply it to the back out. Especially as informal behind me just fire. Truck had not played well. They don't have to sit and route point guard. Go to wants to double the traditional hit a global I'll pass first. I don't doubt that patchwork or at least. You know not great about what they need really despite the sluggish. The elections. And since he can't. What gave them a chance to see what was it really is excellent vehicle forward a pivotal for bulk of you know markets in mosaic of such. But they'll be okay but this is now yeah I think everybody. Actually just gonna feel electoral achievement we have action but I would love to progression and I think they've progressed this year. We've seen time it was a re you know they've progressed but they're not they. Al Ralph thanks for the phone call I agree with a lot of it I think last year the goal was Eastern Conference finals that's a successful season this year. I think it may have changed to NBA finals and nobody sit there and beat the warriors. But I think that they can get to the finals that would tell me would it be even if they got swept out the files much like they've basically got swept out by the cash five game sweep against the gentleman's earlier that ultimately. They could they do that again I think. They can do it it's going to be very tough. The cavs just got a little bit better but they also got a lot worse from a year ago for the first few months of the season currents of thought as other working out Foreman has won a markets Smart. A guy who the he was in trade rumors right up until the deadline and ended up keeping them. Their doctor revealed the pay him next year if somebody's gonna go nuts and in wanna give him more than he's probably. Deserved I'm glad they capital and I think they do miss them as much as you might fury debut at times no launching threes or yet he's he checked shots. I'm glad he's on the team I think he's going to be certainly a welcome addition we expect well exactly and go back to that match up at Indiana. Quick team played there all of a quick decent human being toppled the yet you tell you hills and and look all the peoples gonna be marked sparkling at times to all the people be a lot of good perimeter defenders in the league but. You needed that extra bit of defense in depth on the perimeter he just didn't had it sure he had a live with the volume of shots for market Smart you at a live shot selection. For market Smart you take the good with the bad but they're definitely missing the good parts of markets Smart right now and it also comes back to minutes. I write this teams gassed I really do think there there SIUs gives you thirty minutes tonight tie him now and so now rosier supplying more about. Yeah that's weird you know certain nights Stevens goes deeper on the bench that other guy now that you know even in real time I'm not disarm a blow out losses of sandlot. Hey now is highly leveraged and go to plays is guarding LeBron you know and at other times that you wouldn't be out there here yeah. Around used just looking for for an answer there sort of just an up in New Hampshire without Justin. Which I guess I don't. A couple of quick points one I think it. You know not so much of the other thing that a guy like Gordon Hayward does but I think this team desperately needs a little bit of archer leadership. And I'm not sure the carrier ring back I don't ever Bennett if you've been a little bit quirky with the media in the past. He kinda keeps to himself vital is that. Prototypical. Leader I think security if you're backing torso and all the other thing. I'm having a presence in the locker room and on it and practices it would be huge addition. And I also don't know how good field bow waiting on market. I'll go back together. But last what is I. I think it's gonna be up to Brad Stevens got a better job managing minutes subject and it. This gives first here. First here in 08 I'm not he looks like he's just playing any absolutely. He's exhausted the Q and ground it's it's gonna eat a better job done mr. Schmidt in the minutes. Are just that thanks for the call again that's one thing you know the minutes is more more typical when you take Marcus martyrs one year 15. Top manic eyes again and take him out of the lineup it's gonna change things I can't tell what Tatum. If it's more the finger injury or if it's. They out all the sudden I've played 58 games where you are never played that many games now a U circuit sold but that part of it it's not it's not the India. Right now it's not just the flying in your eye and they're flying first class but still I think. Jalen brown in that same category that is the guy that's playing all of a sudden thirty minutes a game in the NBA after not being anywhere in year. That level player it's that. He edited adjustments that will mark smarts on outsmart keenly the missing Condit brings everything together he and about supplying those minutes supplying some of that that. And I think with Smart. You even without Gordon Hayward you might look at this team a little bit more in the context that in Eastern Conference finals team and that's what they are in the biggest difference from last year. Is not necessarily the round they reach even if they go attitude. You take our Cleveland Eastern Conference finals and it ends up being a five or six game series Cleveland wins goes on to lose the gold skate final. So it essentially copy of last year. Last year you felt like that team was reaching the pinnacle of what he could achieve Astro yachts and conference finals and losing it this is on your eyes no matter what you write I mean just he were coming back right there but also. Tatum round with a year under their belt now having that full season of playing major minutes. You get the feeling that even at this team loses and five or 6 games of the Eastern Conference finals. Even if they and I don't think it's happened yet they somehow get bitten semifinals. And and they don't have the word if they go and I'm not worried at Toronto is the one. Not to get bogged down in seeding but if it Tron LA one seed they would play Cleveland in the second round. Curious about your scenario where they lose in the second round is you know the 23 matchup. As far as the leadership point. I think they're very young team but I think they give a nice mix of veteran players like Al Horford we mentioned but even guys like Marcus Morris and around the league awhile. Harry Irving still young. But he's been in the league since he was what nineteen point nineteen right so and he's been the finals three straight years I I do think he is is one of the leaders. Now let's go to law rests on in Connecticut what's going on what's on. They have on cute. That a lot less oh million. Yeah what would pick up an added we got a person either by her arm Smart but the fact that can actually be. It. A little bit of that edge that you were. That I am a partner unit message. Oh lead over so well. He's. Give itself an. Eloquent. To speculate. That it not. Or not all players of all position. Are you pork you're black or brown well let me be a defense switched it the minute that want aren't all. You know what mark arc arc in the record. Where as a policy and then putting Trevor. That you guard slot. Well and urban without all it really well. In human error so Turk or pre game you know sent out. The pick and roll. Back to art art in this year we put Craig. I think in settle down. You know what I am. Against crazy to say a special phone call a fake. Not that they didn't run into the to have these lapses were they had markers Smart you know where they're get down by two point did you come back and win but he is one of those senator guys that. Can. Help stop or wrongly say ago. The opponents going on Iran right now he takes a charge or just something like that to swing momentum a little bit like write those plays her account makes fun of my god don't show up in the box score Eric what's true. But it helps you win and that's relatively advanced stats he he does really well and it's even when he's on the floor shooting 30%. Or whatever the hell he's shooting a the offense still plays better give a guy out there who's. You know get a key possessions alive he's gonna he's gonna do a lot of the little things out there every take him away. Yet maybe it should be surprised about some real thought about well in Liggett. Yesterday's game just an example of that you know LeBron goes out and cavaliers are still looking pretty good on offense in the second quarter markets mart's out there. After making the Malcolm Butler argument against inserting markets marquee event our stop I try to get one more stop that he could not a date they were stronger defensively obvious Dahlia being in bad stretch that maybe that's a situation with the cavaliers don't take. That big event of an edge I still think it probably win that game itself to slip lifeless yesterday they were eating not so much energy. In that first quarter that Paul Pierce draped in energy. And I know they did the ceremony yen for obvious reasons that they wanted it to be six hours long but. The fact it. Bloody when he three can buzz kill a commission leading all the way god he's in the first quarter the place was camps is ready to go right what did they were all about it and then be given nothing and so then he had to shake that one off. And then enjoy the ceremony. Which we can get into coming up here as wells were talking Celtics the Cirque shows 6177757937. Is keep a Lonnie. Sports Radio WE yet. I've been given. It's okay we'll. To prove them all work pays off when you are looking to be better than everyone else. But it's there. To be the best you. No matter what your position alive. Over the Paul Pierce from the retirement ceremonies. Yesterday after the Celtics got. Flushed by the cavs. But then aren't put that aside and enjoyed Paul Pierce day at the garden of number 34 a from the rafters. Chris were about the same age out there anybody. Mid thirties or younger and Paul Pierce is your guy. You ready 3025. Is an AB you know even younger baby Isaiah became a guy now a power hitter got right. But does that they hadn't dated again right yeah that's right good for you but expert for a ten year span there. Paul Pierce was definitely he's he's my favorite Boston athlete of all time until he entire law are my two favorite all time favorite have a hard time criticizing either one and game time as five for the benefit neither wanted to hide anymore right because that would deal a good thing I adore Ortiz in there for me to him all sure it absolutely. Those guys were just. A different level and it was the Celtics team where. I mean Paul Pierce was on. The best Celtics in that I personally oversaw the house to an 86 of address other thing I ever saw Paul Pierce on it. Assume the worst south receive their resolve Paul Pierce was the idea before that you are a bit ago that we use him advance want to like get your hopes up there in the conference finals like you know that he wasn't very goat but they are still in the conference finals poor man's version of last year's team and why how did they get here it is this I don't he stinks relate to they're only a few wins away from the NBA finals and like. That was a crazy run late. Yeah we listen to Rick Pitino yours that you get the Jim O'Brien and now this is pretty good at then here comes Doc Rivers and their ups and downs there. But fifteen year career. For Paul Pierce to think about almost half your life like if you're thirty years old like half your life you've spent watching Paul Pierce play. For the Celtics and share you would have loved to have squeezed out another championship but when they went back two years later like if they could of won that. I'd like to be here it would have felt so much better if you was a multiple champ. You have run our test from the quarter run that I think to go back to back him Garnett stayed healthy that I did 20 yeah nine a big pit that team was loaded for bear. By yeah after me peers it does seem as you mean pierce is the guy and you think about two that'd that'd. Twists and turns of the franchise and it really know what the time either but you're coming off the missed Tim Duncan draft and the little. Very ignoble. Rick Pitino era and Phillips and Mercer yes great so there. And it appears drops down attempt by the they drafted piers two months after decent it was born to us that I sat out of the spring of 98 was kind to the Celtics a lot of and it took obviously so long to develop another decade before Kevin Garnett shows up and in puts all that together in. The way I've always thought of it is. For anybody that's older than us and even a little bit ultimately enough to remember it really be able to sink your teeth into the bird and parish Mikhail days yet. You remember. Rates Celtics basketball we never had a memory. Of great Celtics basketball John Bagley there's I have done all these guys X man back in the day I Xavier McDaniel a Rottino have you received a guest on Patrick gloriously and you know couple nights ago dealer Roger you know Roger Rafa was on WB yeah I got to know about DO Rajai apparently doesn't watch basketball anymore and I asked him about the current team yet he had nothing I had ever McCarthy asked the deal raw -- a fat guy he wants but we never got silver medalist club and the rock. Problem is the silver medal silver medalist and would denied any mostly c.'s podcasts and he didn't like come on our podcast yeah Eddie came out that the Bill O'Reilly yeah leader in the data is very available at 1030 at night during the final clutch moment in points. I would come back and interviewed the option late fourth quarters when the giants if we are we when he but the Elijah that's it so Michael Holley is they have carried no weight would deal Roger. Wasn't. Patrick Gilroy Damon the other hand audit believable. And that could not say yes quickly now we got right there at that gap there you know after bird retire at forty years. Yeah I think I got a really dark period again my it was you know ten plus years later we're OK these are added and they're like there are grounds Eric Montrose and the outcome of these guys on frost absolutely police the girl had just gone down Roland Burris is so you know former number one picks nervous yeah terrible it's terrible for awhile events appears. Change those things obviously with Garnett. Who I assume we'll get his Jersey retired discuss the Celtics Kyra how are your ultimate situation I have no problem with that whatsoever I think Garnett should get that space and he needs impact that he made was five years six years nears the sixth. Its impact for me I mean I know it's it not an apples to apples comparison to its college to the pros by. Fifteen is up in the rafters at. My alma mater it's turkeys for Carmel by you there for one of them but it's a big but about one year that more so don't walls could do you extrapolate more than Dave Bing could do and being as a hall of Famer but he's a break her hair that he a lot of people that went upper except. But the chairman Douglas and general. Guys back there thanks in the ninety's Celtics that's right by in the attic he kind of extrapolated a 56 years almost and one and done so to speak to Yemeni NBA something like that. And in that stretch gave young fans a taste of what Celtics basketball wise. More so in the seventies and 80s60s he just won all the time but right right exactly when they're consistently. Competing for championships and your team is relevant every single year out fizzling out the Red Sox beat seat with the patriots are quite yet with the Bruins. And we gutsy with the Celtics and it was because of Garnett sure but. Largely because of all here's a little cornerstone of that team what do you got coming up at seven were to keep the Celtics going enough time Anderson just I think it just dropped a eight scathing scalding hot Tai Anderson. I cavaliers take. On I mean yeah I'd dot com Hillary keep NDA tackled startups have o'clock parts of the lobby and Tai Anderson coming up thanks to out of Dallas back tomorrow at two wood dale and Michael ocular.