Barry Pederson joins Dale & Keefe: “Frederik Andersen is the best player in this series, but the Bruins will win Game 7”

Boston Bruins Hockey
Tuesday, April 24th
Barry Pederson joins the show and discusses the Bruins up and coming elimination game. Barry likes the Bruins chances of getting the win as long as the defense is strong, and the offense puts pressure on Andersen. He hopes that the Rask that shows up is not Game 5 version.  

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Joining us on the line right now is my nest and colleague in Boston Bruins great Barry Petersen hello Barry. Hello partner you don't all right thanks should I be afraid of game seven tomorrow night. I don't know budget but I feel a little bit more comfortable going into game seven that I did going into game six I just didn't know in game six two colluded to. Rebound I thought he did he gave his team a chance to win what competent. Not hollowed Patrice was gonna feel that we thought he. Played very well controlled via faceoff circle accretive opportunities. And the fourth line up we got a little bit more consistency like the fourth line I feel good however we've also got a giant that's weakening in Toronto. Up there what if you've seen from Charlie Mack a voice so far is there any chance he's still been you know not a 100%. I could be we don't is we talked about last night with dale low on the show it's. You just don't know. Minority I can go by is what my eye tells me my I told me indeed wanted to. He was a lot more aggressive. With the pocked. By eight. Skating and puck up through the neutral zone being more of a scoring threat pitching more aggressively along the boards. Now all we were showing last night he was you get that puck he would attend to now instead of rushing game moving his feet making Toronto come to him close the gap he's kind of like he was sitting back. Trying to make it past Toronto would just laid a trap form. And they would counterattack very quickly saw it for the world to be successful. They're gonna have to do what they did all year long which was have. Pressure from the back and you're gonna have to of the group in the back avoid have to push the pace of the Bruins have to get more aggressive in game seven. Especially considering the way they started game five. Buried the Bruins losses in games 35 and six the one line of Bergeron marsh impostor knock. Zero goals zero points and a minus sixteen rating what happened. Well I think the minus sixty in the goals against the bigger concern for meet during the playoffs having your offense is gonna come and build again at different matchups and different situations the power play opportunities and so forth again the comp but distracted as Bruins hockey club well all year long has it their defense even though they've been able to. Pushed the pace offensively and be right up there. Offense throughout the season the backbone of this team with so many injuries once their team defense that it was only good goaltending was also what threw six solid beat. But more important either forwards were very very responsible and have the trust of the coaching staff. And I really think that's what they're gonna have to get back to Ivica I'd look at that number one line if there shut down off that it would is gonna happen. Happened to you now that you're gonna need them the play a lot more salt of the defensively. And I think that's about looking for games so. We're talking to Boston Bruins great Barry Petersen also my colleague and nest and Bruins analysts Brad marsh and was on the station earlier today on with all nmap. And he was talking about Fredrik Andersson and how and you've got to make the extra pass because of how well he's playing. It almost leads me to believe based on what I saw that top line doing in the third period. The sooner have a little bit right now. The idea but I would actually got to say I would go the other way I think part of the problem for that top line is they go a little bit too fancy. The you don't gain wanted to make totally dominate like remember us sitting on the fifth floor they'll. The first couple of ships that top line had they went down the ice they had the pace to head the energy. They got the Blue Line they really didn't have any safe place to what do they do they dumped it in the corner did make Ronald detached turn around gold backing get it and the important thing there as soon as they turn around that means they can't do the stretched past will be can't do the stretched out that means the Bruin defense to pushing up. And the really putting the pressure on them. So I think with the Bruins had to do was take what they give you don't force things I think last night watching a marsh and a particular he looked a little frustrated at times. Things weren't going his way I thought they were trying to get to fit delicacy and got a little bit more like a fourth Slidell. Which is keep it simple. Put the pressure on the Ronald defense one through that suspect I think that's where their weaknesses. Stand behind it was scratched. Last night Tommy dwindles in at. Morning skates today or practice today it was hiding on the second line and not dwindles. Should it be Ryan did not know or or do you do you like that the change going back behind it. Well I think the tough decision actually for the quote was that which is a good decision for organizational standpoint with the depths. The one thing that would it treat me with the not a would be the power play and the Bruins power play let them down I thought last night not third period again they have the opportunity especially. Coming out to red begin effort here with a clean cheap device to have an opportunity to the Bruins back in it they did and another chance later on a hockey game. But let's try and stay consistent with my comments I think what the coach is looking for is consistency. On the defensive side. And even though Lahaina is a young player and a rookie Kia to god it is. Which we talked about dale has been a very mature game music is that the coach can trust that all situations he's a penalty killer. He's a guy that you can put out at crucial times of the game I think that's kind of what he's looking for I was the coach what I'm looking for improvement from. If like it might he goes up there and played hard defensively that need their intent that means they're ready to go that means are paying attention to detail. They were witness on the defensive side toward that that's probably why you'll be leading toward aren't. Berry Tuukka Rask home militia and elimination playoff game record is one in five which Tuukka is gonna show up tomorrow night the guy we saw on game three of the guy we saw on game four. Well you hope that it could be via. Lara to get this curious to the guys that like you saw last that is what I thought gave his team a chance game five. Was obviously that gave you didn't want you to rescue. A key matchup he was abducted his game. I would also remind Bruins fans that Anderson has been pulled once this series as well has found his game. So you're hoping that Tuukka. It has his game and is going to be able to match Anderson. And control the rebound controlled intensity make those big saves. Would he have to from liberal standpoint your hope you're cutting down on the quality scoring opportunities given his team champs the one thing that concerns me that we talked about last night. The from a Bruins fans standpoint it Anderson he's found his game. But he was struggling even though it you know to get lucky early on the games. Three when he wasn't looking to meet technically sound he's back to playing. His game which is a big a lot more technically sound a lot more aggressive he's playing bigger when he's going down. He's not flopping around and I think that confidence is also permeating all through the young Toronto team now. They have a lot of belief and so this is gonna be one heck of a game so. Rick Nash has about I'm not even exaggerating I think twenty shots on goal. I in the in the six games so far five games so far six that he's played he's got one goal. I guess the good news is he's getting shots. But he doesn't seem to be doing anything with. Don I think the other side of that deal that I think a lot of that's coming up power play opportunities. He's going to be one of those guys again of veteran who's been through the wars and all that second line with party great she had to brought that he is going to need to elevate his game he's gonna need to come through. Offensively get you to see that from great Q well you gotta hope the big line is there again I think one of the things last night. With big did cause a little bit of problems what you saw on national sought back is going to the net crashing the net. Trying to make Anderson's life difficult not only screens. But also just to have Anderson feel that pressure around was what you want which means the goaltender if he feels like you have to control every single rebound so. You wanna get those big bodies but boy Rick Nash is one of those guys from a Bruins respect that you would love to see wake up offensively. All right ball which on the spot before we let you go. Does the season and tomorrow night. Daughter got to say you know ability I remember what we are preview in this this series to me was the best series most evenly matched we thought it would probably go six or seven games this could be a conference final. If the Bruins can play. Like they're capable of which is solid team defense. Put the pressure on Toronto's defense one through six I'd like your chances if they show up like it did in game five. I don't. Always appreciate time Chelsea at the rink tomorrow. But look forward to it hopefully your daughter addresses you welcome. It's did that in America thanks that is former Bruins great Barry Petersen in my area minus and Ali.