BC Coaches Show 11-20-17

Boston College Football
Monday, November 20th

Jon Meterparel hosts the BC Coaches Show, featuring head coach Steve Addazio, live from Jake and Joe’s in Waltham.


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The following is a presentation of volume GO America's home for college sports. Live from chicken Joes or Walter. This is the Boston College football show presented by Bud Light for the next hour will have special guests and you can get drawn up by the Eagles football over Boston College football show was presented by Bud Light favorites among friends also sponsored by blitzer if blitzer PC developing longstanding relationships with the clients we serve since 1959. McGovern Chrysler dodge Jeep brand driven by you and by. Village bank. Your village your bank. Now it's time to talk BC football with the head coach Steve does yield clears the voice of the Eagles John Peterborough. It was a memorable but it's not webpart for Boston college's that it blog you've got to become bowl eligible for before time. In five years it's great to have you this for objected Josep Waltham. The BC football show pre Thanksgiving job to Perot appeared drawn and of course coach Steve does you know ST congratulations on many levels one. You're the first BC coach to cure for bulls. And spot in the first five seasons that has to be a terrific milestone for you would how's it feel to be bowl eligible. You know it feels great I mean I feel happy for the players. You know it gives a chance to continue to build our program gives us another. Month of practice post season. Which is critically important right now as we develop all it's exciting young players. And you know it's a benchmark exits it's. Beginning benchmark group of your program has euros one of people wells pulled and you go from there. I think we're investing in the future of some talented guys we'll bring us the level we wanna make. So I'm excited about that and nor kids are but I think you know. When things are really like this week was. You know we're very excited to be below tool but it seems like really clocked in the plea Syracuse you know like. Suppose like a camera that first durable jewels like the greatest thing that happened you know in and now it's very exciting in its tremendous but let's go get them so clear except. Groups that hire him so. Yeah I mean I think this group wants to gets wants to beat Syracuse gets the ones that. I understand one particular use it standalone event right that's that's exactly right and they. Rivalry piece this is really tickled to each year. Got work to it you know used to be obviously I'm now is on the other end of it. But in others of period timer kind of reform movement now it's back and I think that's a really good thing and I think the really wanted that to you know. Bought it but that's Purdue on many levels and you run through those guys who threw. We do put you know what not as much as you might think it means. They say you know we do but they they're what you know back in the day in the masters. You know doing New Jersey New England we are you know. You know there they appear to be more and some other states and stuff but that we do absolutely. Back to the UConn game three nothing that the of the war and kicked it to fifty yard field goals career. And after that word that an all right where we don't guys with that with all the way it was unbelievable dominance after quarter one. Yeah almost like a prize fight to kill each other out you know you guys got the upper hand. But again what happened was that came out early in some very different. Formations they had some trick things that unbalanced trick play these kind of things and panicked I mean we're ready to play. It was like we are out there are no sleepwalking or anything it's just several different stuff took place in the first quarters Connolly. They threw everything at the kitchen sink gets really and once we kind of handle that to a degree I mean they had some yards but we can't handle it. And in the rain was coming down like hell oh and we kind of got RC legs and both sides of the ball and there were really ready to go. When we get those first quarter stats. And we get a look at it and who they were completely lopsided. And I turned to these exit. It's a three point game. And then second quarter it was like OK you were to go out to the yard. He showed up who wouldn't who that your dog wars. Well. Early. You know we missed a couple you know wet dropped a couple balls we missed a couple runs actually really there dismiss them. No then. You know that's what happened there but. You know sometimes you knew your coach on the field you know you get you'll follow all of that I really wasn't. I could see that. We can control points scrimmage but we just had a you know just had to bear down the habitable sizable ones kind of giggle when you know. I kind of felt like I accidentally Catholic okay let's just take all this barrage here a little bit you know kind of reflect that put him in a moment ago you know. That's kind of what we did a kind of felt like we would do that honestly. You know. It was in the cleanest. Of games I mean you know this field goal we missed that for points and couple those. Snaps were greet them and fuels. But we played really physically hard like our defensive front they really are offensive widely really harder. The mean that was good for me native played well too by the way I mean you watch the film to come back in me they played well. No merit he bit. Profit you motivated for. More the left what if not he's always motivated by a group of war I her return another one of the bars outside the way they heard that sacked. Outside Phillip or no our seniors is real important really our seniors really important market that he was so important to me. Our kids look and they they love you know they get it was ruled port deal to us you know. Couple things that took away from the game that we got a lot of work to do was you know I know the weather was huge pieces put. Got to get the receivers really catch the ball but it won't throw bully that that was a disappointment a couple of shots that we really would have really completely filled with the field. So we gonna go back to get that done. Quote that need to be a whole lot better I was vis how but kept shouting that out to be. Maybe you come out of course formation had a lot to do with a quick. It become the blocks. He's had more than 10 o'clock 10 o'clock right and it went in that was kinda. What do they do when it was him who really battle of attrition that it would you vocal whole defense and six point. Just say it was quite impressive. You're you're outta battle. I guess. Battle will. Yeah I mean I just felt like the weather was crappy. And if you know I just send myself you know we took a couple of shots because they were down load the safeties. And I just a way you know crew who were good let's just get this let's just get. The running backs going here. You know and and and the guys up front like coach we can we cannot these guys off the ball so at some point dislike you know look with let's get which is not possible explain. And in defense they felt the same way the back end felt like. They felt really good I mean I know the first. Couple series in the first quarter but. We've spoken about all you know so once the game went on like you said I think they had a hundred some yards in the first quarter they had eight in the second half you know. We rushed the ball for 330. Yards I mean you know. That's kind of the way it was. If the if the weather was better. Who would have the whole lot worse off. You know we have some specials from one of the on the leash we had worked we have a lot of throws you worked on all week that we felt great about. We would have been involved with those. But. Comes a point receipt yourself into them when this game and and and and impose our will review roof as we look good news right now and then you know. One of the one to plead jail one acre down various knowing it was some things that I wanted to get done. Just what do they do it soon offer major utility just something more miraculous. Its first touchdown took five guys movement of hands. What's it like every week he's coming up for the rather that than the last few built up way. Yeah I mean is a powerful guy was speed. No and he did great but John Hill with the great get a beautiful stretch robbery a couple opening an accelerated from everybody. Some like those guys together mean they've the they've brought that they've brought a pretty good punch in their you know pretty hard. And it was blocked pretty well you know. We want to get the ball from her a little bit more and we did on the cost couple applauses reheat what was the touchdown run we would have a lot more of that but. Which sold wet. I was afraid that you know we lose the handle on them ball. You know but but we knew that that style of defense was packed inside. You're running either running outside the tackles. You know. And we were. You know. To do that you know we toss it and do stuff like that I just want to keep that to a minimum but at some point we just had to. But it received prosecuted whether you talk about forget the footing which ones. Major issues especially kicking game. But the ball get thrown deep. You you we ask you about your quarterback threw the ball wet heavy. Hard to get spit rotation you're used to get you dead ball it float. And like thrown a wreck. You know courts that take you out you'll you'll on August. That's you know we took a shot. Couple shots Norfolk Kobe had won we lost that we hit the ground. You know sold was just a little off there than went through the handsome couple children screens that we trillions of Mike and Jeff and there with drug dealers through the ball pretty accurately. And he made a couple of big plays at scramble it was spread out to begin with but then it turned into a sprint scramble re hit a Christian Pearson back via those free throw. And he he threw the ball pretty well just was a slick ball control. How overall as you thought when it came to expect that. Those that the conditions authority authority played well in those conditions I thought he threw well it fully managed to gaming had a big third down run that was a change from over foursome led to a good bowl Sweeney downfield I think from her correctly. And I think you know. Do we had one. Feel we're back with the wrong way and we should eat it try to hand them off and can't do that on the on the ground whose turnover. But I mean overall I thought there's played well it means the game well and had a good confident book about a man. If only he had taken a lot of a total real snaps I mean. You know when you're when you're playing behind somebody you're not get those weekly snaps. Please don't use that back over because it early injury come off but it didn't get a lot of early snapped last week no I mean he hurt his ankle pretty good. So you know he's ankle felt good for game time but it you know wasn't self certainly not. Didn't practice Sunday really didn't do much on Tuesday took some reps on Wednesday have a full go on Thursday by. Yeah there's less than ideal. I energy earlier today across governments have wanted to throw game going. Softened. You offers to build a career around one balance yup Egypt very stars week how's that gonna work this through different. Farm club repairs will be starting in and if he jays got to continue to take some preparation reps can't be done no reps and expect him to roll. I mean there won't be 5050 but I mean there won't be 9010 either you know we'll probably be. 75. You know seven. Maybe I don't know supplement that we'll see bee jays got to develop I've played Obama played for a reason. That we need you know he's he's the next guy to gain delegates from games now so. I got to continue to get him some game snaps and got to get them preparation practices that now. The price to pay for that and would continue to do he's a talented guy when in the game in the wet conditions handled all the exchanges really well all that had a good look about them. That's step one. And takes up too with them now you talked about the importance to make getting a bowl game. The extra fifteen practices there is an example we're. Give him. Maybe a little more activity that you were under water no question appears to develop. Let me just put almost a guy's right on offense and talk about bearers talked about eloquence and you talk about. CJ Lewis right knowing talk about Travis Levy you know you talk about. On a long time there's apologize to talk about. You know on defense you know and talking about brand Sebastien the canes. Talking about. Isaiah the Duffy. All these the Avon at linebacker. This. The original Barry is so many guys I mean it's unbelievable specially for us. You know fundamental growth and development over this month will be incredible. Crook I'm Jack about it. How's that street there's no doubt that people don't realize that people say it's written it all day and look what's your perspective it's probable. Because if fifteen extra practices and I mean it's ever honestly it's everything that's with a I mean that's the that's what the bowl game for you. Brings you continued development of your program that so I mean you know. Didn't and in recruiting a meteor you have huge recruiting weekends and its surrounds your bowl practices in the atmosphere is fantastic in severing its. Great to me that's Rea you make a lot of hey I think you're recruiting you know as opposed that if you're not bad by a bit harder recruit you know. Your linebackers really emerged John Lamotte seem like who's with a little bit and the dentist okay. Think that's yet the people immunized Rios who going to be there that's that's important deal. Obviously have roared down three so that it before. Not hooked up here. No no I mean I would say bare bones. Well on the other every week it's a new high or actually I mean last last week there was Anthony brown it was. It was. We'll lose my oh. Camp more him more we lost him more Iberia surgery last week. You know we're nine starters down right now could you know who knows could be ten. It the most ever pursued my career never seen that before but here's a believable. If you think that that's phase in this football team knowing terms of their preparation. Through their work ethic their mindset. No. I mean they but but I mean the wealth upwards gonna get here. Yeah yeah after all what's gonna give you talk about it you really. Yes it not for good run. Well. You're talking about. But by huge number guys that are getting far more reps than they ever would retreat beginning which is gonna create a big pool of experienced players. And that's the beauty of all that afternoon and in your management and you know to continue to win along the way. Probably not playing at the same level we could be fired up probably but plane and a pretty good level and that's a good thing so I think it'll all come back he just you know you worry about at some point your you know your New Year's. He catches up with you a little bit you know you're gonna have an enviable scenario next June though. There offensive line since I'm Elijah Johnson's been you're starting last yours too tremendous volatile instruments job. Chris has brought you love. Are there you go Muller's everywhere. It's hot prevention of snaps like this right. You need all that depth is where your experience in this year's replay of the conference or play any place schedule we play you need the death. And if you look across college football I'll throw this out here right now. You know the season's been long needed now would start pre season camp this year as I look around landscape of college football. Lot of teams are we'll click the run cubes. And a lot of things have changed at the end of the year. I think you should go back and look at that I think the impact of the early start. Might he race and its head just a little bit so. You know I think you need depth of the moral of story. You really do and if you know Muster and it conference's most physical and violent as the ACC. Maybe get away with a little more but in this conference. Who you get away it. I mean nobody I mean everybody is really banged up right now across the board who could happen at Florida State Milosevic ordered. You know they open a federally game but Alabama. You know everybody's all jacked up above all that you know but I mean the end that they that was costly game of course they. Where you're at this point if you came we spent years last August you know then are we to locate Steve are. To defend it. The illusion quarterback starting middle line back your best at the linebacker outside. You're gonna lose not yours your captain your senator elude cap on defense. The U click on the list in the CE OK you're gonna be the position that. To actually formally with this usually wins the map doesn't compute it just doesn't. I mean given all of that that scenario there you know that'd be staggering if you're talking in the right now in July. If you know but where we are right now and in in in in with the result of our team and and all that's going down right now I can't be anything but grateful and I can't be anything but excited. And I think he knows credits were players number one I think your coach has done a phenomenal job and built this team. And the futures for very bright and and and and it's an exciting one. In we just got to keep growing the each week you know we just like right now we'll have a new set of challenges I'm sure by the time we get to game time. And we're just have to find a way to maximize. Our team for Saturday. And and it will say. You know what if if if if their mindset in the look at the rise is any indicator. No wooten who qualifier. What's testament to everybody around these before the job done in the entire staff. Supports that as well in his judgment of what. You Steve does Adobe C football show we're here at Jacobs shows it all then come back for public news special guests as well keep it here on the BCI am huge sports network blitzer and blitzer concedes a full service walk. They're turning possess extensive experience in a multitude of practice series and the opera level of service and dedication to their clients pedal is small firms can provide. Question what should stick to personal growth. My situation advocates for them until they realize their goals. Call 617. Q five port 8904. Free consultation today go Eagles. Pace sports fans what you're packing up for the tail gate and headed into the stadium or yelling at the TV when your friends Bud Light has you covered. Because win or lose game day is about more than just the game. It's about having a great time with the people who matter most. Possible for the next opening kickoff and be sure to pick up the beer you can count on to share with the friends you can count on. 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Think we know everything about the game and they're going you guys every stinking game we play is huge no matter who hits you don't wanna beat Michigan. News adolescent stage. Listen to college sports now 10 AM and noon eastern time Monday through Friday exclusively until and then follow along on Twitter at CS now tweets do it here everything audio left. That Dell gets the snap short dropped washed out of the pocket looking gauges flyers didn't. Toward the end zone that that Dodd. Picked up by cheaper players that are being believers out of their zone that's the said the best thing that's not cool at the victory. Well look like but he Mets don't after a fly ball hit receivers welcome back to the Boston College football show presented by bug life. Do talk more x.s and o.s with coach or does he'll hear again job metre drill. Other species secondary has been locked down for the Eagles as they are bowl eligible once again. Credited to their game at Syracuse on Saturday afternoon good to have you with a sort of EC football show. But Steve you know Pete Knight dropped what favorites on the broadcast but I think we are quickly developing it and achievers and poor. Because you've been expletives but he's a 150 not so good web probably. No but he is unbelievable going after balls it's it's like he's got great ball skills. Lloyd doesn't revolt that's unique and so. These are really. You know it's awful athlete I mean he he efforts effortlessly can change direction. And and his ball skills or. Legit. He's keen to fluctuate since he's been here but when he got here he was pretty pretty clean up my Obama. Now we got to get those twenty pounds on you know we're working on it and you know. Not a big eater need to ask Tyler wrote about it these Tyler working every day you deal with more insight into the yeah I wish I had that problem. You beat both the you know I know the thing by the vikings ample comic. Can't the I hope you like a bird. I mean if someone would give either green light east I would it would never stop coming up at. When he picks up a little bit of who picks here picks there ice shelf. I don't understand I can relate to the house like a work on Thursday afternoon. But it Shoppach. Mumbled my daughter's house and she's kind of a cult but so. There's no like potato issues with Collie flower there's no like real high there's no. You know nothing will have car herbs nothing will have sugar. This this'll be like you know the special delicacy on that against them. Not she's a great cook when it you know it's good I'm glad I you know you know okay takes them seriously it's a model jacked up about Thanksgiving food. Want to public Christmas he played well received here. No thanks you for me he stuffed shells or something like that I mean I got pieces turkeys is not like I'm not excited about it's okay it's okay. But it sure is usually does leave. You believe that's the real I mean not I won't eat for weeks so that I can eat all night long prohibited balls on Christmas. Lama the seven fishes on Christmas the onions that's what I'm the column are you are. I ran out of the box. You know you can beat good good stuff clams and you know it. You'd dessert yeah. But say patience. I don't need admitting on the serve I need you today the and I need Italian pastries. You know we talk to north of the talent Vista and O rebels any colonel les you know. That's why like if I could have every morning if like to wake up have a tape featuring coffee happy to have these guys in world but I 500 pounds. And you've lost a lot of weight so clearly you don't suffer BI now I have a sequel bread with. Allman butter on a peanut butter. And half off my idea of who circus and a half full not half low low carb protein bar. And some cookie that's not a real cookie that's got a hundred calories in it with T. That's in my life is reduced to cut thank god we won a couple of games are every suicide right now. That's going to be. Hard on your schedule advantage if the Ayatollah Bryant late brings to claim pastries in every Friday every gators have peace pizza. It's brutal but. You're gonna have a lot of real well below will put. What you'll feel so it will at Syracuse in terms of won't often bought Miller defense has been a battle this year. And I got to face of their defense surged this isn't coach speak now. They play real physical on defense and I know last couple weeks they've given some points up but I'm just telling you. That team brings a lot of heat a lot of pressure. They're big up front they got big guys up front and they played pretty physically it's kind of a early in the season mean to play pretty darn good defense right now at that point. And I think you know what happens towards the end the year sometimes you get some injuries he got some issues like we all do but. There were pretty salty for maturity of of the season. On defense and offense their Burberry explosive. Can I be last week the even talked a bug go Mark Jackson taking snaps. Say no more I watch the game but McLemore tracks and OK there was guys in place to make the play that might actually move us could make a play. The guy was at his ultimate best last week. So that's more mature people more Jackson is anything else about what Syracuse have a great plan against them but that it was unbelievable I mean it's like Houdini. In the pocket coming out of coming out of tackles and it was crazy you don't have a Heisman vote on vote however stock picker mayfield is an excellent player but Mark Jackson. How could go wrong that selection. I don't think you can't I think he sold dynamic but. You know team's not winning at the same level they were before and it's the wrong part of the problem right but in terms of sheer. If you said okay. You're gonna you can you can you can pick guys to be on your team. He'd be a top picks for you immediately. And and that's both really need to know whether whether it so you target since fearing that you can criticize the numbers. Syracuse given up a lot of yards lot of points but if you look a little bit deeper there's no reason why. We saw it we get a bloody art stuff again points we just frivolously atoms for us. Good one more play than me I mean. That guy's got a rocket form. Mean he really thought he's legit anyways we didn't we we played them and we beat him so we cumulative talk about it anymore my but. We will be the only point is that. Don't be Mel led by. Last week's game because in the week before. I would CDU. That. John Wolf verdict that we force is as hot as anybody in the clincher. I watched them play Wake Forest and John was throwing. Starts and he was and he he must ran for hundreds of yards and threw for whatever. I mean he's those senior quarterback that's playing actually in the top of his game right now and that's what happens you get a veteran guys up for your starter. Any inning inning he's playing his tail off and that guy you know I don't a little bit cause you know brother Bobby Pate fought plea for us and when you look at that his eyes there's something different about him. I mean he is the champ wanted to try to get them off the field for well a lot with bad I mean. C'mon now this credit give them off the field to win a lot of games that I got right now capsule with these special it is he is a different maker which. I think Eric Phillips yes a lot of Sinatra. I think Syracuse. You know and arguably. One of the top three quarterbacks in our conference. I think that guy is a vicious competitor. He's big he's fast and he throws the heck out of football it needs an unbelievable leader. I really feel that way I respect the heck out of that you haven't seen that for awhile I guy's got my vote is one of the of the players in the conference is the difference maker. And so that any time that guys on the field it gives them a great opportunity. We don't know again look across the landscape. When you got these great quarterbacks are playing at a high level here we are when you miss when you lose them. It's it's seriously affect you out so I mean just going out Goodell ballistic when Al Lewis. Clemson if they get affected definitely searchers they had to go on the roads are used throughout their best player a quarterback who accounts for most the rushing yards or you know who. Would you want to about France slot for a state I think that in effect on your season. No dominant select you know. Like we losing Anthony brown you think it affects you and then he restored to become an elite guy. I mean these. These shoes are incredibly important especially down the homestretch right now those guys that those guys are playing their best ball at this stage of the year. They're dangerous. Very very dangerous you've been on teams that have been full load of going to do last you know how to is that what it meant it was a huge mats. Well me if you can get bowl eligible. Highly highly motivated I think if you can't get bowl eligible just comes down to the leadership of your team. Know you've got strong senior leadership of a lot of pride you your you play your bottle. If you've got to watching young guys that kind of milled around some times. I think if things don't go your way early sometimes I can be hard to do than they get caught up in the competitiveness of the game too so. It's hard to know the make up in the psychology. Certainly harder even to go on the road in that mindset. That's kind of a quirk to this game might yes right. A lot this Gaines got a lot to do with. Momentum. And a lot to do with you know flow in the course of the game it really does and you know great momentum is contagious and pour moment in his two. Well you go into his team and you didn't have it plans to give Darius little more exposure in the passing game not able to do it. I would make him under these conditions that are roof you probably open things up a little bit you look more characteristic list. In in doing so which gets beat Canada and while you're talking about the importance the quarterback position. We are talking on the other night. You're you kind of way into the season we wanna run a hundred plays you wanna run sideline to sideline. You wanna on the middle for the ball over the top with play action pass. Yeah and in near a lot of passing. But what you what you were the other night was that downhill. Punch you in the nose you know knock you off the ball football team right. Which was saying they look can we talk and look. A lot like what they want will be but at the end of the day you guys just line up and knocked off the ball if you have. I mean I don't want that identity change I wanna be physical and do that but I also want a bill to get it downfield but if we have to get to a game like. The beauty of being in this style that worry and I mean. Like if you're ready just at quarterback driven spread offense and the weather's not very good and it always seems that got caught for whether the weather can ruin your day. In your season. If you lose your quarterback you can ruin everything for you I think the benefit of being in our offices we do have the ability. To. Get the board sent her into a big back with a big offensive line in northeast if you're gonna play outside you're gonna have those games India and I think. You have to have the ability to do that in those teams that don't. I mean that's Harley armament last year Notre Dame went through it played North Carolina State in that. Rain was on soon cost of the game they couldn't shut they're trying to shotgun snap a war I mean I just think that. This one of the reasons why we do what we do I mean I think you know it's not a lot of old ever I don't ever want everything that I mean I know they would with Mia. I mean I wanna be a big physical. Talk. Team. But I wanna be able to view that and still have the ability to spread the field get the ball down field and I thought we are heading down that path pretty well. Saturday night we had to be that big. Powered team. This. Saturday at noon we're gonna need to be gobbled up get the ball bumpy. An interest to to watch no doubt about that this is the BC football show coming up. We jawbone these degrades your chicken Josep Walt then after this. You can always count on a crisp refreshing taste of Bud Light. Just like you can always count on. Tailgate Terri would tailgate Terry you wouldn't have called Bud Light since seven layer dip at every pregame. 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Listen to college sports now 10 AM to noon eastern time Monday through Friday exclusively on CNN and and follow along on Twitter at CS now tweets listen to college football now free all season long on to an end. Possibly JJ Cilic. Comes up that's the pits did their side for the thirty dinosaurs brought a divorced parents don't look bad and of the Bob Dylan is sort of the all time. But at Baghdad last minute games. The Boston College football show presented by Bud Light continues. Here again John. Your Burrell. And welcome back to the BC football show. With the coach Steve adagio jump to drill a broadcast partners the room who just dropped by a cynical. The great Tyler Roush good to see it's I'll how are you you think to a great BC assistant strength coach under frank Murano and probably give all the credit to Franken Zoller Jimmy's been zero for agent don't success of that I would write bonus no question okay. Should take about silent. What's alike still with a AJ in the rest of the guys in the way you straight. You know those guys and we're room is something that's pretty comes pretty naturally to me then I train with them in the weight room. A majority of the guys are now making the transition has been finding. A lot of energy got this on please you guys just like it did when I was a senior leader there in. It's a lot of fun. And again another guy we've got to watch does on the show this year but when I think BC football we think he's the football we think Alex Roscoe. Tyler stands for everything that's great at Boston College right he was and a great student. It's unbelievable high character. Great work ethic great leader great player did everything the right way and he was a role model for this program so. It was such a logical choice that have a guy like Tyler come in and be a part of her strength program continue to have a chance to chic young people's lives. And and on our players love him love him and they respect them and so what a beautiful thing you know he truly great Connor we always remember you as a player was always. A 100% not a 101 could only give a hundred. But the intensity that you played with you bring in its intensity to the few new new position. I believe that I do not try to everyday. I enjoyed your own players and pushing them and helping these guys achieve something maybe that I was able that you use something that's. Imports of meat imports services that I'm very excited him on that part of this whole legacy in January and houses transition been for you. You know he always talks about stuff to give up one announcement and stuff mentally. Did you have trouble the first of about. A little bit on the on this plane every day. I'm up their practice I've kind of article while he's my hands at least once I hit apply here and there but but other than that I and I enjoy and the players who helped me a little bit. Watching them kind of live vicariously through them. And it's been a lot of fun and just happy imparted their eyes. Following that tell you the good news you here always and think you're rated play. And the bad news is you're always you know you're not going to be great way exactly how can I don't know that I always struggles what. We have Friday night we have some unbelievable food in this you know then there's the snack in the ice cream in my man's still think she's playing you know I mean he hit. Hit it hard hectic it is gonna get a but we think he's go a little time before it gets the milk and the B train tardy and Jimmy manager or you'd think like they're getting ready for like you know. Some sort of a quadruple America I but. It the way they train but you can click on animals though some believe that's good I can't give it up this kid ice cream. All sorts of toppings you get it done. Well they say muscles whoever's in that field. In a dark room. Came to PCR numbers and be out at the status or suspected. Syracuse backyard rights and also a record he restarted. It almost no New York which is right outside Syracuse. And BC gets you. As a kid growing up did you always want to play preserved news. Growing up young I did I enjoyed watching the games and watch people like I'm making now was there and it was enjoyable and then through my high school. I kind of was open to anything as wanted to play it at mausoleum that was cheap ticket too and goes Ozzy was that temple and they they found me then. And one out when they were there and he made the transition Boston college and then they recognized me again and kind of just set it all up and he gave me opportunity when no one else did. I'm forever thankful then now again another opportunity to help be part of this staff and do everything I can help the team wins so. That's that's a little bit of a parallel with Jawad don't bark. Whose client it was a Syracuse guy and he's she's got him and use a tremendous puncher JaJuan what. It's amazing coaching your connections are accused I don't mind that connection yet more here. Tyler plated degree high school football program for great high school football coach in yes unbelievable ability on film. You know and you know everybody sometimes that we we we. At BC we get a lot of guys that may be some thought it was a little bit short little list through little that an. But what we did is used highly motivated shrewdly intelligent. High high character guys and they develop and they grow Tyler had a huge impact on this football program and will continue to do that one of the unbelievable things that he's announced a program as the impact he has the players right now I mean what a great role model. Right that young guy that young guys can really relate to that has sat in his chair at their chairs not that long ago and that's. I think that's critically important news or might they all bought the right stuff I mean. He's all about the right stuff. And and and in so it's it's a really cool deal with this guy was a hell of a player I mean a hell of a Playboy is a true freshman force biographer. You know me was offered either richer. I mean you always do so when the fall as a chance to do so it was. No question about it then we can go to going to be with delegates at a 100% players different level constant level now you're you're out so. Your relationship changes with your former teammates now. Your coaching them is it do you see your a little bit of a different in different determine how you deal with these guys. Yes there's nothing that difference I have to draw the line the kind of show that. Prominent new role and I'm not just their friends who want their coats and at first it was a little difficult for me you can get a brass of play the guys respect me enough they know what I'm trying to do my career and in the hope meet how to make the transition and able to push them I say something you listen as an abuse and they listened. And then they also listen to my advice is well because they know I've been through it and being in the trust me. So a lot this kind of agree. Great transition. When a person who applaud you but I draw the line and once it through the line in the sand and we're kind of new what they expect from news. Also knew what to expect from frank Toronto you know strength coach in America. And I saw obviously watched the other live in opposite I didn't limited release launching hit him up close like the work for the guys. The theory behind this guy he's great to work for. It's Brittany carry out some new coach doesn't learning a lot from him in the right in amazement so. It's been good. It's. Frank has he unique guy and there is not an ounce of BS the break while I mean like I've ever seen a guy over it the is that what you see is what you get like. No deviation. None. And you know well it's universal with players but the players know that you know them when coaches get in trouble players is because they. Maybe try to make him a little bit of BS from a little bit. That our staff it's a pretty straight up straight on deal and you know I was got a chance to see that in how he learns how to train. These young players who go he's gonna have a recovers for a coach that's what he chooses to stay in that field he'll have a breakthrough with that because he's being trained by Greek guy. Now it I don't know these youth movement in the coaching ranks but I think. Also appears that there's a beautiful building being billed. But I here's you have quite a facility for strength and conditioning is. Bob four times the size and earlier in his right now. How mean is how much markets say that puts on the size means more equipment more everything. That much more we can do with our players we can Alter the workouts you'll also access the cool stuff within. If these guys is an elite level and not to festive food that there can be so. Well you come schools really come along way when I went there we are in the classroom. The RO ROTC. Andrew Young couple inaudible solution last. It will not become a universal machine you've got it for freeware we have a couple of guys were big in the freeway which was. Dominant countries that thought process so. We look good getting off the bus to pick. The real good get it is still do that that's always there that while united prevent going to be electric plate to I think some event let's say it. Stripping conditioning is really you know come along way since when you talk about. I'm it's amazing I remember lake and lift weights and high school at a universal machine coming up that. Never lifted Olympic bar and wait until I got to college and even then I mean it in the in this Iowa was little power lifting based things these guys are in the unbelievable methods of training guys that are healthy and keep you know keep your joints healthier so it'll look like we do and you know you know him well there's a lot more to what it is time to pick in the building operate these guys understand all the attrition I mean what they do with these players it's incredible. Thoughts are amazed pursuit Tyler Rouse the Prada Syracuse who should the missile lock thing. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family join us thank someone thank stuff I would change that don't fit right at VC product usage is the right guy you know got righted the price don't know you guys beat the other of them. America volunteer you know. Now. 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You joined by Marie Taylor from ESPN's college game days it was a big game day that started in the know and ended at Clemson in the re invent really I thought I was out walking pneumonia or something but it's a really fun job though honestly it's great right. I could never anything wrong with the no negative at all. Listen to college sports now 10 AM and noon eastern time Monday through Friday exclusively on CNN. And follow along on Twitter at CS now tweets listen to college football now free all season long on June and develop a shotgun that not well James. How it plays they keep rolling out for the. Farsighted topped off the back drop out of its doors to the fifty plus side boarded the graphic at points where. And all right. Pasta. Welcome back to the Boston College football show presented by bug life. Do talk more x.s and o.s with coach or does he opened here again John meter Doral. You know they covet few waves of that secondary. Steven does he'll be drawn. Remarking about the secondary and assault that is all year common unheralded aspect UT coach you go to Syracuse is expected to throw the ball a lot but. He got some locked out players back there touching it soars as the unheralded member of the secondary took. In a conscious continue in the development. Maybe coupled with plays a big play obviously big interception. He's got real speed too so it's tough and it's come along nicely in him for coming along and obviously the loss of book him or was huge to us he was our. Senior our captain our best player back there but. These young guys stepping up in the big place no Lucas that's its first that the agency was six fixed. Not a doubt that nose for the ball right in a native ability on his part. Yeah obviously good anticipate your brakes on the ball well very very athletic he also has good ball skills. And I teased both he and she Sunday I had shoulder plays it. I sit issues force the western mass sprint champion nice that you almost got hawk. And I still boot your system Lucas what happens all that Everett speed and in our civil could give some issues out. Those guys he talked season you know do that they they they can really run and seeking a mobile phone with those guys that love football or competitive and a good ball skills and having a good ball skills good anticipation. Well as long as I've been on the program. The secondary was always kind of well a question mark it was always something you had the scheme around. Had good players but just who was never really dominant position on the field so you can do a lot of the things that protect them. We were we noticed that the Virginia game talking to their broadcasting potent unions they couldn't handle me in coverage. And now or pay a lot of work more attention to be. Quality of the man coverage and that seemed to be the benchmark. Or trademark of its football team. They run great man coverage and did you recruit different needed it to speed is. Opening question and I don't I don't know the answer it starts to speed. We can run a little bit you know I mean I guide on his extreme I mean I consists of four for forty guy in the long haul him. Will Harris got exceptional speed he's a big do. Lucas then this has got great speed he's good size guy causes smaller but he hit. You know by the use since six electronic meter high school. Him achievers as got real speed I mean it starts with that I mean rain especially true freshman he might be at basketball. And he's six foot. They mean to them office right now but he can he's the sixth ordered it and flat like those guys apply to having the biggest differences we. Our team speed but in the back in right that we that we have real speed Roland that's changed dramatically even since I first got here. And you play this conference you can't run. Can't play man they gonna play man can't run play against these receivers and go. And they are gonna have to bring their a games on Saturday the keys to the game were brought you by the all the recovered Chrysler Jeep dodge were have a they have hundreds of cars to choose from 777. Washington editor. Or at McGovern Jeep. Dot com all right I looked at Syracuse but watch them earlier when you move we've talked about that in a seat. Unbelievable receivers deep dish now are Phillips if Eric dungy players don't know whose bill ability but it doesn't like the exact maroni. So your defense is gonna again have to put one up with parents right. Yeah they're very explosive offensively those receivers are really I mean you know and smell like you mentioned I mean he's going to be a tough traffic I mean. So those guys are really dangerous and and they controller mean whatever quarterback play big ball rolling. There has been in the we have time here Josh. How to go is to put Garrett. It's really hard place on the road two which is something about it you know I'm number I coached there. You go in there it's got a different feel to it you know it's eerie kind of appeal and if you're not used to it. It kind of throws you. And you know salt in it there's a big crowd there it's loud it's intimidating. We'll battle before. Going on the road where he goes like this and home building. Leftovers right at an embryo yeah. Appreciate you guys have been good year there are flooded out. But I had to be here we thank the staff addicted to those who have support policies along the BC football joke the cast of thousands happy Thanksgiving everybody. Captured Saturday from Zurich. He's grown. Our job is for all have a great week everyone. And crisper. Dressing taste a Bud Light and just like you can always count on tailgate Terry you know tailgate Terry you wouldn't have called Bud Light since seven layer dip it every pregame. That's 56 layers pre season. 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Listen to college sports now 10 AM noon eastern time Monday through Friday exclusively on CNN and follow along on Twitter at CS now tweets listen to college football now free all season long on June end. We're listening to the Boston College football show join us from Jake you're Joe's throughout the season. Fear of a Boston College IUG sports network. Well Boston College football show has been sponsored by Budweiser favors among friends. What's your what's your PC developing longstanding relationships with the clients we serve since 1950 night McGovern Chrysler dodge Jeep brand. Driven by you and wide village bank. Your village your bank. The Boston College football show always an exclusive presentation of hi MG. America's home. Ford college sports.