BC Coaches Show: Steve Addazio on BC's loss to Wake Forest; previews Notre Dame 9-11-17

Boston College Football
Monday, September 11th

Jon Meterparel hosts the BC Coaches Show, featuring head coach Steve Addazio. Addazio covers the Eagles 34-10 loss to Wake Forest, what to expect from Notre Dame this weekend and the Keys to the game against the Irish.


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And grows and David you. Live from Jacob Jones and Walter. This is the Boston College football show presented by Bud Light for the next hour we'll have special guests and you can get drawn up by the Eagles football the Boston College football show was presented by Bud Light famous among friends also sponsored by blitzer if blitzer PC developing longstanding relationships with the clients we serve 61950. Died. McGovern Chrysler dodge Jeep ram. Driven by you and by village bank. Your village your bank. Now it's time to talk BC football with the head coach Steve does field appears the voice of Eagles John Peterborough. Boston talk to Notre Dame will be the 24 time in series history coming up it's Saturday afternoon at the heights. Resorted to kick off time assistant they changed the time but. From noon to 330 so BC had noted it will be playing on national TV policy great events. At Boston College when noted it comes to town but first things first good evening everybody. And welcome to the musical while she objected to those in Waltham I'll jump to corral with the coach Stevens doesn't go and play the role the crowd tonight. It's like an understudy and Hamels and Scott Nugent. Has our report was the role date. Cricket tickets I think you do yes well but I felt those in the secondary market and we can do that so coach this is not a suitable replacement for room. I just hope he's gonna make the same big bucks the chrome makes them. Try to get us out like you that's about it but there. And I knew it should do it on the sidelines going we bring him down there and that's the seniors will stop moments not easy you guys certainly throw afternoon. Know the feeling though coach norm though the feel and what it's like come and when the emotional pitches try to be respectful of that that thing coming out because a good and bad moments especially in the good what you wanna be able to celebrate right. Why don't you think you're thinking hey get a week off last week like when we talk about win. A pop up and that Illinois wanted to reach why not do wanna get to that yeah it's I don't know that was a really good win for you guys but first things first. Upon further review you lose to wake bars 34 cent. Look at the team to Germany times. What you find out what's it. To really simple. Review okay. Interminable four times three of them resulted in a fast point one points we spotted the team when he one of the 31 so. You know we just can't do that than that happened it was uncharacteristic but it happened. And it's not gonna win like that and so all the other things that get done good bad whatever. The we talked about right I thought there were times we played very well that game and but. You know you're not overcome a 21 point. Handoff. So. We just got to go back and we can't have that happen you don't like to say well you don't they stop that from happening to a more volley ball tips off the answer receivers I mean. It's not like that's something like that hey you know. Balls are thrown right they were comfortable balls that were caught they also been here. And they unfortunately. Either went for six or went to the one yard by. We had a fumble on our 26 which is unacceptable. And we had a turnover. Again. Which you know why I feels is my fault. You know should have been better that are passed. Combination than what we put infineon to a foot. All all he put the ball were needed to be you know he was pretty much we're supposed to be and but he did a lot of really good thing to make game. The young guy. You know richer freshman. We know that the situation losing John Baker center or senior captain made all the calls front. I've you know we've been without change in her back up for almost a month now with the you know the question. And you know so we had you know. Put them tool center who's gonna be a fabulous player. He's never played a college football game he's never played center before which I thought when you add them all together at what he did a pretty pretty good job they're considering all that. But there was going to be some operational errors there's going to be some missed communications are going to be some going the wrong ways. And you know we got a dose of all that you couple that with the turnovers and you don't. A thicker kids played hard I think you know we're better a lot of positions we took a hard hit in the gut but who's in baker we've got to rebound from that. And we've got to get you know ready to move forward from college football substantial from over the I was film a press conference today. Com. Thank god we have a little bit at depth. I mean we lost Elijah Johnson for the year the spring ball with a knee surgery right you're the starter. We lost over top six players in the rotation that now almost John Baker for the year. We stamps malvo all last week didn't practice last week one rep. And and and chain letter our our back up or sixth player in whether fab this spring force has been out for a month. I'm grateful that we have enough depth and power still managed where we are because. Very few people can take those kind of hits and we've taken. And we're not in playing for giving teams right now so. But our kids' attitudes fantastic staff said who's fantastic. Rock and roll and excited to play Notre Dame Philip we'll have a great game plan for Notre Dame got to pick here of the football at all cost. And let the things that we have seen holt training camp war. Which has been really exciting in the throw game and in the run game let that have a chance. Is that we can talk about a gazillion things here tonight but if you're gonna turn over four times and give them. Bottom 21 points both those things are all skewed it's just you they never come that is not what you can talk about regards to your phone. So video thing we'll run the ball of we'll stay with the run game over more. You know we were. Not counting to neutral for a half roughly 5050 completely 5050 run past either wrong. We need to hang in there with the run game especially what a young guy right now a little bit more even though we want that balance we're excited about where we think we can go with the with the throw game I think we need to hang in there are a little bit not what we're back the other way but in the same breath they allege off of that so those kind of were thinking of coaches. One of the things that I talked about pre game is when you bring in a freshman senator now late in like basically you wanna be strong in the middle and on the thirtieth two very inexperienced guys are in the middle you and I are Raskind. You're asking not only as a quarterback I think a lot of people. For think that just the quarterback position is getting guys in the hall. Call on the plane thrown to the right that it's not that way anymore you got to slide protections you got a call you gotta do you know check your run game away from three technique to the five technique. But sometimes an inexperienced senator your label you're able to pull some of that on on your senate. Rights and an even protection calls caught up with stuff now you put two freshmen in that situation. Do you pass off some of that responsibility to a crystal instrument even though you're moving up he's been on a tackle might these who needs the guard position. Do you pass along some of those responsibilities to some of the more senior guys out there. We're trying to do that there were we were in that process last week trying to get that done I think you know. The thing that goes on talked about here which is just all part of it is you know these inning after the beating young guy trying to keep a lot of stock offer him. And now he's trying to do more than he was accustomed to doing it not only that unfortunately we had a snap sailed over literally for about thirty yards. And now all of a sudden he's really thinks about just getting back. You know I mean we're talking what ride dishonorable long Rivera in on the in the community centers that sought. You just putting you think Nicklaus that really matter if you know for young guy it's a lot in end in you know I think. You know I love. We have these commanders of things but you can tell that he was wearing some stress them in in in that game and an in and there's not much we can do other than you know try to have some of these guys pick up some of the slack but as you point out that's the apex of the office right. That is so. One having played as a true freshman getting in the second game when you're you're I mean I wasn't expecting to play not prepared for all that. I mean just the simple things I had to have someone show me where the guy I was on the thirty seconds left the game where the play clock. You know I luckily that I have fifty or guidance and I got to keep Mitchell who helped me out on all the TV dump Craig in the huddle music network TV camera that Beckett. But one of the things that I was impressed by Anthony in the first week is he threw an interception in his very poised in the silent went through his teammates had. As a young guy in those situations like you're just trying to they call playwright. You're trying to get everybody makes the right personnel as out and then you start throwing those other things and now you're thinking about pocono more Obama will work right now more about all these other things. That that are incorporated into it and then the vision starts to shrink instead of key things in an expression I remember. My first pass was an interception so now all of a sudden you start really focusing on everything and almost holding it tight. And you could kind of get that feeling coming in that situation and then all of a sudden there are guys you guys open but with the whole month which I would be worried about all these other things. And the mental capacity that that happens in the situation yet your composed but you know that there's other senior guys up there that you're currently. You try to perform for these guys you're trying your best it's almost like you're trying. Two more. Yeah I mean I think that's exactly right I think who you know Theo who and other older guys got to help out. You know you gotta make some plays and get it started but. He took a few you know we wouldn't give up a sack which is amazing but we took some hits and in and I think you know our philosophy right now is we've got to release. Really. Examine. How we can take some models offered him right now and but but they somehow the sky high. He's got a great look at design. He's got a great frame of mind right now. I mean he is going to be held quarterback and in in in in notes. You know that's what excites me right now. I'm disappointed. I'm upset. I get it. But when I look at him and I'll look at that senator who's going to be relevant player and you look at the eight Jake Gilman who's going to be a hell of a player. You know and you sit there in the series so we just gotta be steady in the boat with these guys come along as freshmen and and after going through some of these. So some of these things you know we had some you know people say Eric wanna hear you say you're young anymore I got it in him and that we had some more experienced upfront but we've we've lost a lot of that right now unfortunately. It's the game of football it was impressive. Even when you'd made the decision to take him out of the game at some point you concede that sat down there's officials there struck. He tried to get back in the huddle go back in there I mean so that's that's showed you right then that your you're not afraid. You know pretty IK I don't I'm man enough pummeled in my mistake with the Rebecca Quick from little touched on this. Yeah and he's he's a good thing he's got a good look about a you know we just I just want to make sure he needed the double take a deep breath right there from and he's he's. We don't want it to the young guys make that situation compound at that point on you know that Saturday myself. But he's he's our quarterback he's gonna be rock and roll against the Irish here on Saturday and then you know what. A video though there that are you know because you know he's a competitor and he'll make some relief in in the guys around them. And coaches week. They've got a really help him we've got to really. Put a good plan together that doesn't put too much on his shoulders. Bought enough so that we can win that game you know. Run blocking is probably work in progress and want the stuff. You know what is. That what does that area of the game aptitude and more consistent. Well you're you're you get too many different pieces in here right now. You know BA picks of the offenses we just says quarterback in the center missed underneath the chance that it would have. Learn how to be a senator and learn a plea college football he's got a ton of ability to agree kid I mean like Anthony meanest guy it's all ball. So I think his development what happened relatively fast but you know. In the and it needs to happen in rocket time. So we just need to get. We just need to get our blocking you know we need to get jelled together again there's some calls that have happened sooner and quicker and you know and and I think there were times in the game we started with you can see them take Forsberg coming together. You know and if we just got to be a little bit more consistently that we had a few situations we went the wrong way we did a few things you know just got penetration. One of the things you know it's an on line coach and I know from listening to many O line coaches in my in my time is. Unlike any other unit that unity so dependent on all the other 45 all five parts working together at all or for parts got to work. So if you're right guard is worried about your senator copied of the reach to this than your right guards not doing his job in the tackle Matt doing his job so. Instead of getting to second level and linebackers now the sun where that half step slow right and half step slow and in this NEC football is is gonna get you gonna get to burn. And it's one of the things that you noticed. That. Expression with with news with the petroleum senators that. What is we can do with a gonna put someone had up on him make him think it on the stretch on the ozone is he gonna have to reach to that stretch than you worry about the snap and if everyone's kinda worried about that. Then it kind of leads everyone perhaps that slow. But in the here how if these guys all pick it up and try to get moving in the right direction it's a quick fix like you do your job right guard they'll be able to do his job just let him do it. Does let him do it don't try to do his job you do your. I think that's exactly right and I think you leave we just got to rebuild the confidence that we get started to establish. We came through training camp with a lot of confidence now just don't. And you know. It disintegrated a little bit right now you you know we. We gotta rebuild it we got to reach yell at me you know you get better each week each week to get better at north probably not what everybody wants to hear but. You know what when you're getting better but it is fast as possible like get that but you know we're like I said earlier we're not playing for giving teams and that process right now. And you know this is a hell of a team that's coming in here there there are older defense they're big they're physical. And what we got a good look about right now Tony. And so you know I think what we saw last week will be a lot better this week and we just got to make the plays that are available there to be made. And try to get revel rules rough edges the amaze. But mental mistakes that create humble guys penetrations or through yourself Odyssey. And like you said. These guys you can't have. Everybody's got do their job stuff we're about to do the next guy's job and you know. Even with the staff sometimes what happens as you get a little concerned about what we we really thought we'd be able to do this will you know what we're not doing. Right now OK so. Move on. You know we're gonna have to find another way to approach this right now and that's kind of where we are were over in that process right now I've spoken about a corporation today. And I think you. You know we've got are our biggest goal right now is to boost the confidence. Oh this unit that got kind of form part really quickly you know. And try to rebuild it back just as quickly. So you wind could definitely solves that I'm an appropriate in the Notre Dame gable also hear from his special guest coming up as well that's the BC football show which David Kazuhito. At Jacobs shows a Waltham rolls along after this from Anheuser-Busch. You can always count on the crisp refreshing taste they'll Bud Light just like you can always count on it always came scary. No bar is too far no wings sauce is too hot or not third Kerry Kerry is the man. He's nothing like feet deep never wants to do anything why here we even talking about T always game Gary is famous among brands. He deserves. Enjoy responsibly by ABC it was loser. Rob the shop. Guthrie was left Roland go out working buyers and so fast now plus the dollars. Michael walker as the players eagle fan zone at this 2007. Days. Welcome back to the Boston College football show presented by above life to talk more x.s and o.s with coach or does he over here again Jon Meterparel. Very two of those other additional provision. Football show objected Joe's a walk them to much to drop by every Monday night. Tweets evident come by sue over the coach salute BC gridiron club a cast of thousands there. Haven't I was gonna drop by Scott neutral way in the world who wrote an op job is to Burrell. Coach Notre Dame which is always special template of a couple years last time assist them when it lost 96 you know again privacy advocate one night. Through but. Every time BC you know and get together it's it's a competitive fire to stoke the. Yeah I don't think there's any question I think in room. I'm so long for a guy here this was the very competitive rivalry type scheme that was evident what you said two years who we played him Fenway it will be a great atmosphere. The games to back a little bit later which probably. Open handset atmosphere and they got a really good football team now. You know watch them play last week against the Georgia. And George generally good football team. And that was a heck of a game so it's going to be quite a contest here. And our kids are really you know you can sellers. We were together on Sunday on in practice watching tape and there's there's a pretty good. But their stuff. From a leadership perspective you take it would jump Baker's absence out for the year of the toys you know what needs to be done. To fill that leadership void one of the things we did was. Charlie count and we redeemed often captain and so you know what we only had two we had John camps and now we have turning him Charlie's been around long time turley is a tremendous leader force agreed. A high character been through a lot kind of guy can truly respect them so we did do that last week we announced him last week. He walked out of coin toss them you know he's going to be one of the 2000 team captains and so that that that's one thing we did. Coach after watching kind of at Georgia game and he's there were you know some young inexperienced quarterbacks and Mac game as well. What did you notice something for Notre Dame wise maybe scheme more style wise that has changed in the last two years that you guys made you wanna attack on the on the offense. And defensively that you saw during those that game. Well the first thing that's I noticed movement and different than schema Toobin knows I think that they're playing a lot harder. And with more intensity. And I and I. And I remember they were very talented couple years ago but this team please release that that's one thing that hellish for me just a little bit when I was watching the team. You know and I. I'm on Sunday Monday it's been most my time watching defense. Then tonight tomorrow some time watching their offense and but. Defensively I think they've got some or guys that played peak. The physical and they play hard to their credit they played very very or non defense that's one of the standout things and I and they have speed. They can run. They're back in the news is this guy really good speed so we'll you know systematically they're playing in these are different than they work. Systematically the plane wakes defense that coordinator. No cocoa it. Reversing and replacing defense we displayed. Quicker we can no name defense which is you know probably a good thing you know so. And not get it back to attitude to BC's defense now the first few games haven't seen a ton of explosive plays sacks fumble recoveries and interceptions. But it didn't close. On on a bunch there three times the ball hit the carpet couple. Real close plays. Do you see that the defense feel that that they're just that you know how Scotia way I mean even with the fourth down conversion in the in the for that first game against northern Illinois. Couple times we out offered almost. Buried in and or stuck in the backfield and just this close to make it an explosive with the heat with you. Yeah I mean listen our goal on defense keep munger to underneath but we urge McCain we help this team at 309 and that's after the office gave them four turnovers and three. 21 points. John Wolf for. Is that Kimi Hoff kind of guy. We faced two teams that are quarterback run teams where they're gonna from the quarterback intentionally so they're gonna quit numbers it's hard to put an extra half when you have a quarterback runs. So he he made a couple plate but if you look at the stats on it. You know in both games. That got skewed a little by some big place. I think we've got to do a good job eliminating like the northern through the quarterback had that big run and in John had a couple of big runs but all in all I think we're playing pretty consistently in terms of sacks. People are really. Concentrating on quick game get the ball louder Max protecting him. A lot of different things like that I think we're playing pretty pretty well on defense I think you know. Rush stepped away right now from make some more big plays would like to create turnovers we haven't. Really had a great opportunity with that. So we haven't talked about and pleasant surprise the ticket game with Oklahoma the bird. It's a big fan kickers but you got obviously been the government stock to right now who has won BC. Legends. Whose name is David Gordon. 24. Years ago in South Bend, Indiana David Gordon. Kicked a monumental field goal against the funding our trustees he won the game it was. His ball game to win or lose and dale is joining us on the phone my right not to resorts. Good evening how are yeah. Great idea right. Doing great thanks Jonathan Ross Scott who can speak without Zito. That is back to that topped one point here's the first ball doesn't feel like 44 years favorite feels like you know how it. It is not in my 24 years can't we that the 24 years but it is I guess yeah. Well what was going through your mind when we talk about the such the that it says Google. How my body I was nervous. There's locked onto my mind the great thing and that. Coach properly screened for and preparing us for these situations we used to. Two minute drill just like that every Thursday for special teams you know minute 31 time out. So the good news as we prepare for stuff like this and that was the good news and so it's a little different obviously playing Notre Dame. In the significance of nineteen but it's still way it helped prepare for her pants like that so. That was good. So one of the funny stories about Dave we overlap from one year when I came and they asked me in my choice of number in my eyes when number was fourteen. And they and I opened at fourteen and like that's got it just me the biggest kick in Boston College history an active member of ugly. And I got to develop. Nodded our region our voice yeah well I mean I'm obviously not gonna touch on who it better here you are exactly that story for an update I know I'm gonna battle that in the locker room program won't touch on that. Now I'm a real question is. When that ball comes off your foot everyone in the stands from Notre Dame in DC fancies that Paula that's going to be huge hooking you're gonna miss it to the right. When when that when you saw the ball drifting did you note that you play that natural slice or did you just were you just open there was gonna cut back in there. Yeah I've seen it I'll be up to get I rush it because I was so worried about getting blocked that I will move quicker than I normally do. But I knew that it's kind of like golf like you know when he hit a golf shot and any kind of know if if you. Are square to target like I knew that fundamentally. I was OK I just had a little funny out conflict. And I'm using it if I mean it's square toward the target could not I would know if it is my number atrophy in the Gulf Coast. And I'm square to bat the ball should go straight and so that's what happened it's just that I did it and hit my Clinton's. You know look at a little different like I'm my toe stuff I kind of more wheel action on the ball than it normally like I'm in depth which is more mature tech. But as long as my body was square the target I knew. And then from there but when Dave when that ball goes through. And you turn around and now all of a sudden because kickers are exactly the biggest guys you're gonna get mobbed by the biggest human beings in your entire life now where you think and rethink its celebration or survival at that point. Survival to be up to get because he's tired he was on top of me and it was just chaos in my life. I had a hard time Breeden and I'm just so much excitement so much. Adrenaline you can imagine. It just happened so quick you know life happens so quick in these moments go by so quick and to be looking to be able to be in that situation at that time he felt that you about obviously that's why we played team. It was so much excitement that I was going back control because everybody went on the field and I'm just glad that. They got up quick if I'm sure how I can allowed you know I don't know guys went if it all worked out. You have to feel confident note that it sitting on the sun I watched the game because BC was move the ball all day. What Foley was on fire Pete Mitchell could not stop. Noted it was actually used in novels where a lot with the ball last is that when the game but. Was there a pervasive feeling of confidence around the team that you were gonna win the game no matter what. Yeah I just like you better be we are opposite look at that game the root of the ball well and nick in the play and you know I just came down really to the last possession in half again we just were fortunate that. They squirt and and there's time on the clock for a two. Get the point we need to when he needs it obviously any client played the level offensive line you know all the receivers everybody it was a total team effort. And you know. The biggest play that game is so underrated when I am boycott that the ball went in the middle of the field nor realizes how much help the kicker punted on two huge thing. Then beyond I don't hash mark to be angled so much tougher to get from the hash. That's that's that's what I wanted to ask you you know in. If you had your way exactly where would you want that ball some guys want you know some guys like and I'm certain hash. Nobody I know that I like you're in that all right the middle yeah. And. You know how many branches to on the hash to be up to the is popular in his tuneup. Because in the middle like at that time of the year feeling not great shape and not the grasses and good but. I don't care I like the ball right in the middle and just for me if you can target the execution from me. To me to kick straight ahead vs angle you know we. I'll talk about the competitive excellence and knowing your number's called you can you can make that clear that has to be made in the most competitive moments and obviously. You were competitive excellence in anger you were ready for your number to be called make the play and and in sports in the biggest moments that's that's an interest you know something that you need to have your players need to have competitive excellence. Know that that you can handle the moment it's not too big. Yet again I I'd give a lot of credit to our coaching staff can they really prepared me for that situation you know looked to me. To be ready for it and you know I can practice all alone but it's different cracking on your own you know we we when you're out there with the team and Matt and the whole. You know. It's a totally different environment and you know I wish I got more opportunity to practice with live situations like that but we did at least once week. And to me that was good enough and you know something talked a lot time on specialty you know and to coach coffin really and he just helped me immensely by by doing in. I really I know a lot to the coaching staff to prepare now. So the PC history go right there and yourself and what your early forties right now. Yeah I'll get a chance to look back in those great moments right there rather it's that's pretty awesome. And it is not to release date I would say for you in the 44 years since that happened. How many Notre Dame grad that you met and when you sit on the guy that ruin your national title how much happiness does that bring your life. Well I brought a lot to my little I got that they are buried. Passionately and that they do not like me I'll be out but yet. I don't like you I was then and coached for four years I can let me help you aren't likely at all so. Motel around. All right Malone is not a big fan of mine and I and his wife is from Connecticut and prepared they don't even talk to be crucial to this day and still mad at me. Oh well better be feared than loved. Yes yeah. Yeah that you use that was a lightning rod moment for for all of us us throughout the visa program but. Dave what you're doing now and how are things going your life. I'm actually I I I I'm from Connecticut. I I need my Connecticut. If three children and the growing up so quick. By my oldest is that you'll farms high school graduate high school. And Austrian marketers are really into hockey viewing what you cocky pretty competitive and plain. Leading Boston company. He confederation leak and so I'm in Boston like every weekend from. Now until end of march but that's right and went. Like you're we have our own company my wife and I we have custom home building company and that's what we've been doing for twenty years. So that's good and very good and blessed to have BP education which. I'm I'm open market had not commute well. Sounds like you're busy guy you can over the years out of fortunately I'm going to be Bridgewater matches that I game with my son now partially. I know that's hockey dad I pockets. Let's not football let at all stuff that now I'm still little Luke's donuts. I do yeah great. Knowing I'm a far reaching guy you know I hated it were you grew up you know the arrival and analyze that drives on or Sunday's new bill looks known and after we would be gave up. You know it's no great I'll but I don't really got a bad feeling right now let's go through when I heard you on this really bother me but I gonna get over things you did so many great things from obesity. David Gordon always a pleasure Matt thanks so much for joining us tonight we always remember but it. Great thank you guys so much they care detonated a reluctance exactly. Yeah it court he's he let the man with the so not like I was boot nationals dazzled at all. This is their dignity right. The odds groups. Germans through the boat took department reported that. Let's kick off Mars but those good he's certainly gonna go out of the court Iran's. So. To arrive soon. I mean is the farm to anybody game that was Thanksgiving Day and a rival game and just kind of been lingering for me and I had to relieve her her death. In a long long time but it just got to grab me really quick. Well at least that the Notre Dame fans loved me and I I choke the last few more that I played against that that they love me so we get that someone on the other and that's on the nose but the field the. The North Adams vehemently at a couple points and he's gotten jobs jobs to browse David dobbs do review of the BC football show we're back. We're more after this subjected Joes from Anheuser-Busch. You can always count on the crisp refreshing taste so Bud Light. Just like you can always count on tailgate Terry we don't tailgate Terry you wouldn't have called Bud Light since seven mayor did that every pregame. That's 56 layers pre season. Just the right amount of US Terry. Just don't ask him Molly's inflating the eight foot mast on egocentric tailgating. Tailgate Terry is famous among friends. He deserves some floodlights and jointly sponsored. By Peter ABC this is. And seventy were there any deficit goal. We'll kick equivalent to stroke my favourite for this the squad but kids on the way that's go to. Nobody's shocked I tell them lift the burden of. The Boston College football show presented by Bud Light continues. Here again Jon Meterparel. And it's good to have you with a Sotheby's football show everybody and I itself and data chick NGOs want to 48 at Waltham Scott Richard John Rolston but Gaza you know. Both with the birth three for three against northern Illinois specials of the week. In the ACC. Build another one on Saturday looks like he's getting some more confidence and I was a spot that you. Entering the season that's of concern about right yes I mean I would say that we agree consistency in training camp. But it's certainly has come along as you mentioned. Maximum degree job kicking off from Mike Moore had a good day punting and Mike Walker did a good job kick returns and punt returns. I think we got some really good speed on our special teams units home you know we got to continue to play well that's a big piece of history. Notre Dame always seems to have good returns they have McDonald's or all Americans all over the field. Their kickers did pretty good as well but when you look at this Notre Dame brought to you see a team that's noted you say it meant esteem is. Kwanzaa lights out how do you compare. They're very talented. And I think that that's a team that's gonna continue to grow as the year goes on. You know when they're playing really hard really aggressive football. And you know I think the commonwealth of a tough year I think the you know you can see that this is a team that. This is hungry and angry. The city get away from the picker people go to some impact players that he has criticized the I don't know I don't know that that's big up blood evidence did it that's fine. So given that have been talked out of it it's our day. If getting back to the impact yeah I talked on the boat and it's over talking about the right here this. On the defense it's not a volume three big impact players and deepened the line not to throw later but Zack Allan why rate has started well this year. An interesting thing I noticed in the beginning at the wake team. It is coach past colonial probably coach Reid. Bump and back down to put him on the same side as Terrell usually on the outside so now you put those two on the same side now your gonna force who's gonna have to pick a double team here. And I can get one here one year pac guys the single block. How how some of that those schemes or any ideas to the kind of let loose some of those impact guys up front. Yeah I mean they're there they are playmakers. And we're gonna move them around him and try to get matchups that are favorable and create. Matchup problems than we got to continue to do that you know one. Work hard at that right now so. Those guys you know one of the things that allows us through some things to was the fact that Greece misses playing so well inside. And know America has really given us some strong play then we've got good linebackers you know I mean. Kind of Strahan has done a great job on the on the outside edge then I swab and Max. Richardson and Max them a phenomenal job the the sunlight back so. You know that allows you to release moves checkers tomorrow or do some things that they played well. What's your biggest concern about notice office. Well I think you know they've got some speed out firmer. And they've got a very athletic quarterback he's big he's good good sides we recruit and he's that talented guys that can. Got a good arm and these people beat you with its feet as a roar. And that's been the third week we've had a a running quarterback and you know that that had more some more stress to you. And so we'll you know you've got to account for that you know you're using skew view reckless. Off the field pass rush you pull that thing down take off on a quarterback draws is that the assignment football. Well there's a lot of think we're quarterback draws you know I mean you know it's it's got a building you know level rushing got a bill would have been that your presence at your twisting you know it can't be out here gaps. You know you gotta be gaps on all things to do ones QB draws you know. And you can't dispute reckless of the field through the corner and get beat he's the only guys stepped off the point scene next thing you know change. Coach coach touched. On this and that in the first segment talking about the familiarity of this insane you're facing the same defense fees and other personnel changes and that's it. How much does that help you guys preparation to get in there are no you're gonna face scheme wise could yarder put. You know granite personnel is different in the execution is different but does that help your game plan to almost get ahead of the action to be able to know that you face this the defense again. I think it goes for sure. Problem is is we have to do some different things to account for our personal issues. And it and in the good news is that the same defense the bad news is that the it's coordinators is I think is one better for help before right now and you know he's really sound. Oh who disagree job. Kids are no good. Schemes the blitz packages. On third down you know first and second down lined games stunts. They're really well put together. This is again woody story. And so you know it's a really. It's the personnel stood in the scheme is really good. And the guy running that it is excellent what he does now it is a help that we're not it's not something totally different operable weapon you know he'll have some tweaks to you know. One of the things that you talk about especially the young quarterback to give and not some confidence underneath his underneath the shoulders this. Throwing early in the early in downtown persons like ballot though you're not gonna get those complicated blitz looks and you're able to distribute the ball you can pretty much predict. First intense second and and medium kind of coverage what you what they're gonna be limited to do. Is that something that you guys think is that a way to get some other personal going media Tommy Sweeney who's you know you're trying to get on the ball but it's just just kind of missing their little bit. Yeah I mean we wanna distribute the ball and you know obviously on first and second down it's it's going to be a little less scary. I think we've got to do worker on third down. And so we're gonna we're gonna keep trying to do that you know I think. We're gonna have to get our run game more established so I think that that no one but I'm not. It's not we're right artfully we would be I know some reasons why it's but you get them would hit and I think that's really important because it could run game takes some pressure on early downs off of that throw game. And so we just had to get functioning. At a better level. That some of the stuff working out right now. I said you know we've we've we've got to do some different things and that we have to do comedy. What's happened here to us so no six weeks of pre season we put it it's not all lawn but. It's not all valid either right now you know so you know. We've got some things we've got to get on the street plain and simple. Aged dome looks like he's close to break in a sixty yard run. While times maybe he's losing his footing seems like it's almost puppy yeah there get to use may speed up a little bit what what's the what's not a product of for a while now. I just think it you know think humans. It is I mean he's he's you know he's. You know. Like getting its confidence. Getting its. For you know he is here right I mean in you know briefly you know that's why we're China China women. In in in and start to become a bigger part of what we do what but you know there's there's the there's a growing pains process here. But he's got tremendous talent. And I think that with a every game you're gonna see him get more. Explosive because he's explosive. He's got legitimate speed in size. And I think that's right around the corner now rules that sort of thing in Korea. And we desperately you know need that that come together. There's going to be a lot of fun to watch the cabinet about that coming up portraits coach who doesn't those keys to the game we'll wrap it up here from. BC football you know. Right after this market president as a bush. You. Play safe prop. Roll into the light bulbs popped back next. Village. That's done. Oh man zone. Nice drive by Boston College. Welcome back to the Boston College football show presented by bloodline. Do talk more x.s and o.s with coach Rick Lazio here again John metre drill. I was busy quote touchdown against. Wake Forest coach drive you know these pleas for seven yards look at each other as in all right. Being back on track now I'm sure you felt the same way on the sideline that was towards the end of the second quarter. And it got off track again but they you have to be pleased that drive right. I was very pleased with that throws pleased with the good drive after the half we went down field. And I would like to see us you know catch that ball scored a touchdown is that we have so for Google but if you go. There were some. Good drives and very good moments. And but but we get a piece more that together and him of course you know. You know me decision to be aggressive we call timeouts to get ourselves in the position for the have to try to without squirming we really feel like we have a guy that can throw it. You know we we before we did that it was a good strategy force. Unfortunately. You know like sit you know ball got tipped up in the here at him and unfortunately going into the half. You know we got ourselves down by that score which loose. We'll elective. Two things a little like seeing different but you know it's it's like one would be I thought we had a great opportunity early job. Before we use we you that snapped his future hit rear down. They grow up thirty or minors so get knocked over a good momentum there. And then we lost that one that we lost. You know we keep up that one before that happens I think that. And we still clicks and still came out the second half and knowing him and him had good drive there then you later in the game you know you're not your. Now you're slowing an every down trying to see if you can get yourself back in the games not a good position room with him. Protest what are things. Elected judgment on any quarterback how they handle pace in the two minute drew you learn a lot of buy your quarterbacks and you put him in that situation. Some quarterbacks are called their own place. But the pace of the game comes up with the as the pressure ramps you see the quarterbacks on this and ability to handle process that that information. And you guys are going at a good pace right now. Do you think that you guys even trying to give you know on the ball almost like that two minute drill like you have with with Anthony right now because he seems to really sell that he did. Exceptional job against northern Illinois and that and he was no he threw to the right guys in the two minute drill in it and wake it is the result with that in that happened some time but. How confident you feel in May even pick it up the pace for him not to retreat secrets but I mean just give him a little more into it too because he seemed so comfortable doing. Yeah I mean I think he is and I think you know who was uninteresting even after that it we came right back again and went back in it again right. And like you said at that when he made a couple of throws. Which were great to see in any known then that then. For the right people little off target you know and in in it and I think what we need to do is maybe give them some better starters. So bettors are replaced and in in in in I think we can do that you know some. Some. He's your throats. Just to get going to get that you'll sometimes that two minute thing happened is getting it going right don't even with a it's screener draw our. Rory quick gamer you know and I think. Because he's gonna he's tough he's gonna fire so I think we. We've got some things we've got to work on there. And but I think he showed a lot when he came back up that second. Round and he was still fire. No thank you as the odds that this two weeks ago best arm lawsuit I've seen that the militants now run. Terms of his velocity in the way he spent. Wasn't there with for you you know you gotta live arm I was shifty but he. He's got a house. He's got a strong arm. In is that things got I think we're talking earlier I mean he's gonna throw guys open I mean the polls with about themselves come out. You know he's he's he's he's pretty good pretty good with that he's gonna Siegel who feel better and better as he goes. But he he he he can fire. That does he do a good job talking with you it's got insane coach I feel comfortable in this player public display it. Because when you're younger you try to just feel like yes coaches you don't wanna you don't wanna get in in the in the way of everything. But it does he get his input do you guys in the kind of they had I let's go this a little more this I feel really good on early that you get that kind of put together the Emmys he's got a. Good confidence level two years of self relief well even in tough moments and I think that's critically important deal. And so he does that you can really good communicators. And you know he shall knows that now of course these two games that's why you know. I know that do you know he's Kamal. He's gonna play wells that are believe them or speaking of that game BC Notre Dame accused of paper occupy all the recovered Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram now by means a lot for government. 777. Washington street in new or my coverage you. Dot job. Are from there. An image of the service that you're gonna retire on Aaron. Yeah I mean it's a really great place make you do what you are friendly they can hear you. You know it's it's a really good experience product excellence and you know those guys are great guys great supporters of Boston College. So would. Wholeheartedly recommend that anybody when there. By at all to do with the right way all right BC Notre Dame both teams coming off losses noted it one night to Georgia what do you do it and stuff. Well the obvious I mean the obvious is we certainly can't workable I mean that's just not gonna work no worse than. So that's the obvious the next thing is our run game productivity gotta increase. We. Gotta be able to keep firing the ball we got beat Biron a ball. The offensively. We've got to. They hear some of the big explosive plays and an increase or worse. We've got a special teams have been really good but we've got to get some Jean king teachers our specialty. We ruled mostly walking on real close to Boston the kickoff return back. We need to have one of those game changes I think that'll be critical this game so. Special teams game changer. We gotta gotta get more productivity out run game and defense creates turnovers go over that we've. Talking about managing arrow land minutes when it. Well I mean you talked coach Basilan judgments or experiences with these past ruptures and you know it's critically important for them you know again going to change the game. If you have a guy that is gaps that you have X you have taken when he does best unique which is rushing quarterback at a very high level and you know pull that package of them favor. So you've got to bail we'll rest him keep him fresh in those situations. For the best of your ability that's that's we worked real or not doing so that obviously he has a fastball and for bell situation. Not a half a fastball. Surely of the fastball on. So coach good to see our John about Scott thanks appreciate pleasure Scotland building that largely done buried us with the outlook cut throat. Your wallet that you like guys. You're meters left for Carter that he really concerned it -- froze I didn't Wear the Irish go under here there was a model of the tuna I mean he's he's been Nike and using green I accidentally I believe discern if the agreed to go to you know you know but he does have BC sneakers on a given us right now on your apparel under armour. Yeltsin who lives sneakers that's legit class socks with that was the storm Marty over there that the efforts to I don't I dressed up Clinton go at risk it's about jobs wrote coach. Steven Dodds who were back again. Saturday at three of the PC ING sports network have a great week everybody and thanks for listening to the BC football shouldn't.