BC Coaches Show: Steve Addazio talks BC's improving roster. Specials Guests current Boston College Eagles Ty Schwab and Thadd Smith 11-6-17

Boston College Football
Monday, November 6th

Jon Meterparel hosts the BC Coaches Show, featuring head coach Steve Addazio, live from Jake and Joe’s in Waltham. Steve Addazio previews the Eagles Senior game against NC State. Ty Schwab and Thadd Smith join the show and discuss feeling disrespected and life after B.C.


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Presentation of body MG of America's home for college sports. Live from Jacob Jones and Walter this is the Boston College football show presented by Bud Light for the next hour we'll have special guests that you can get drawn up by the Eagles football though Boston College football show was presented by Bud Light famous among friends also sponsored by blitzer if blitzer PC developing longstanding relationships with the clients we serve since 1959. McGovern Chrysler dodge Jeep brand driven by you and by village bank. Your village your bank. Now it's time to talk BC football with the head coach Steve does field appears the voice of the Eagles John metre drill. I want that are brought to our football show October 27 it was a special night. At the height it was the Redmond then a game. NBC dominated Florida State 35 to three Eagles that there were dominant and all three phases of the game really was never in doubt. And the testament to how prepared these C. Was for that matchup a bar week. It is over it's now in the books coach who doesn't welcome back to chick adjuster missiles last week I did I actually thought we were up and ready to roll Monday and then I heard reworked. I was bombed out. You could texted. Me that we are. I don't know what I shoot. Have I don't have your cellphone number you don't know I yours Howard wonder why you guys to show. You'll of course you're here at this danceable a couple of words and absolutely no not. Health food but great to see you I know there's a lot talked about tonight we got a special show is always you know Monday night when these football should open. You know when I talk about domination coach I think he's now with each other half the odds of men the sings in the back. Upon further review wasn't as dominant as it looked. I mean we played pretty well nickname Hanoi and and you know I think we spent most of the second half certainly the last quarter just trying to. We're on the clock down. Publicly physical I thought we created opportunities and thought we. Threw the ball ran the ball opponent because you played really strong I thought we did some good things you know. Our MO right now is playing good team football hopefully we can hang out that it should move into the plain NC state this week you know and right now we're like number two in fewest penalties in the country and you don't top five or six since sacks given up so we're playing good we're we're kicking the ball away were not given the ball up. And were more balanced were making plays in the running you through games so. I think you know hopefully we can hang on to that were played a really talented team in North Carolina State that's really well playing. Their best ball and the very explosive very strong on defense or a bureau. Challenge that's been a confluence of events for the offense. Confidence. Everybody's seems to be going very cohesive right now. Yeah it next to the offense is coming through the last three weeks and Anthony brown and temperature ruled the senator and aged film itself back. So it looks like down the middle you guys are stronger than ever. Well we're strong and we have a great future ultimately it's it's but you know there still they were freshmen. Four weeks ago in the school freshman. And so you know but they're getting better and to get more confident again works burns but. You know my experience with my experience with this is that sometimes this you know they can raise its head you know and so you know you just grateful for the fact that right now on our guys are playing really well in. Hopefully we can keep this level with consistency. The good news is we've done and against good people it's volatile summer league team and that's going to be panic it's not but. But we are playing good team. And he'll really test us. You know in your ability to move the ball. Now you go back to that game against Florida State it was stretch here in the U. Third fourth quarter when you ran the ball 28 times you could you pass the ball yet now and in light. If you look at day fuel ought to call him back to their role. You know three yards and a cloud of dust off that it is and that is the case Knowles the very different. Approach I was that's called go in the football game. I mean what you wanna do a search around give them a chance for the good second or to pick you often hit six and the Mets who at the naming any sense I mean. You know we had a game put away the only way you could even come close to lose that game was the start turning the ball. And not think I'm off the clock. We get a chance. Have a special night in and beat a team that it's loaded with talent. And that's what we're gonna do currently get away from that and you know that's that's but. Now we're gonna open the scheme up and played the same way we played last few weeks wide open in frosts me you know wild horses went over for everybody but I mean. You know we're gonna. Be balanced in school for a fourth down and do things that we're gonna do that's that's that's what we are right now. Argument that if this bye week. Kicking and screaming because he probably would have liked through earlier in the year but what and when it fell. It was an opportunity for your to a number of things panel gave a little bit of a laundry list couple weeks ago. You know you arrest. You celebrate a little bit you know where you are that we kind of where the season began work it the ball. And then it would we're gonna assault. Scout we're gonna creek and out so what you learn in the self scouting world. Without notes fell betrayal of secrets here and I think what we kind of learned as it is really for us. Inn earn no mobile. How we wanna pool boat attack in the defense. And I think we also learn what we really do well what we don't do with wheels may be we think we do and who does what well. I think we've learned that I think we needed to get some rest got the rest thing. Gave us some time is to a couple of different wrinkles that maybe we can work on your. We're down the homestretch that we Ruth kind of hesitant to. You know almost all those types things and hopefully you know we don't lose or. Rhythm or momentum. But we agree practice today we look fast we've looked explosive that was good because we are strong local tired. And hopefully you know of another good data more on the will be able to pull it back a little bit me who we can be the most first in the field I don't know you know it. You never totally get on the feel him. So what they can place known known create momentum so hopefully we'll go to. You mentioned earlier today and pressed on this is a weird type the year. For everybody college football it's always a jump ball teams we can we go we saw about a minute levels during games this week but. Also it's weird because. You say week nine to be difficult for teams that kind of regain their focus has a lot of things down a road some. Young players might be looking at me and I was focused as the should be. How do you avoid that. Well mess that's the system and our question racing teams you know last week I mean I think a lot of teams get towards the end of this person in Tokyo you know we could be in the B and the big. Each each year the whatever championship game we can be in the went public health playoffs what about this what about that what about. Be an all conference what about. You know Ross but I think we are our best we're just worried about finding a way to win a football game. That's fourteen that it's in the style lose that identity you know and let's just keep this were about to Saturday him. How to we have a great day today so we ensure better dance Saturday in in in you know we're same. I want to exactly what it says that we're the same group we were three weeks ago and cal like Italy that you know same group of coaches same group of players and so. Hopefully we can maintain that type of mindset I don't think we're real concerned about anything else you know through it and I hope I hope that's accurate. You never know what's in people's minds but. That's our message citizens. The locker room after the game. The crowd of family was there must have been very emotional moment for you feet now had a month Alfonso is good document and such inspirational family anyway. What did you say to the team was to present the game ball to approach. You know. Just how honored we were represented. Their family in this football game. On behalf or university. In everything that will stands for. And you know the beautiful thing about coach of Boston college's you've grown these kids and they fully grasp. Everything about the Redmond any game and so when you're stand there. These are guys are captivated. You know and there's tears in their eyes and listen to the parents. Two you know it's from scroll we're gonna talk about. Their son was discouragement at Boston college and it's moving and as this is makes you feel really. Grateful they have an opportunity to be a part of that thing and to be able do that that was special. Yes after half the special mine accidents like that night. Everybody's rallied around now the resident Dan just acknowledge its own. What has we asked them about it you know you can pick collaborate with few or at school on which game it's going to be because you know we've seen the peak. You know so naturally with the case the other night they knew just they love being part of you know in their they're just they aren't as inspirational. You know again and just being what you're doing with his memory artistic and the way the of these at the university really gets their arm around it. It's quite quite a phenomenon that thanks in part and really it is tragic situation and taken to a positive you know you know I mean it's the unbelievable deal in. You know we watch with team that in the latest documentary. Into parts on the night before in the morning. Our kids are captivated by literally are they rulers have great respect than the it's it's pretty cool. Looking units each there is. Turn in the corner now well documented the very talented number 2.4 in the coaches poll watch their game against Clemson that was that's been talked. But once again. But. What are your main challenges when you look at the wolf. Well I think they're explosive on offense in the quarterback's playing at a high level leaders there there running back slash receivers their receivers. Our dynamic guys so they're very explosive. On defense they're very difficult or on the ball dance I mean there they were over the top and now we're like thirtieth in run defense and it's just hard on the football against them so. You know I think he. An airplane with no real confidence in their older team you know especially in defense of a lot of veteran guys out there so. You know they've done a good job with the program their older team this is kind of their time and a I think they have a lot of confidence. And they have ability and their quarterback explain so. Severely tough challenge. We knew that we knew that this was close games it was would be ruled Rafa thank god that we have middle when you look at where you went through playing. Early against tough opponents and where trees that she was when you get out of Canada that cycle. You found yourself see the position reconnect dominate opponents it's fictionalized scrimmage. They're coming out there thinks like you had. Did it in now are you gonna go and you're gonna match up against these guys I think this is sets up the view quite a battle. Up front of people while you're up at the defense lineman in their efforts in line you know we're gonna have to win that well. Mean that's that the trench battles gonna have to be won by us. It's hard to do you know wolf and that little bit of freshness will help us. You know it's really cool. Most of forty. He's also them and its. The states like Florida I don't know about that and I don't know about that but but. You know. There will prepared well coached good so football team in in in you know there were there ranked fruit for good reason. And souls who will opiate it'll be going to be quite a battle we're gonna have to make some plays are gonna have to put pressure on them. Knowing the perimeter and in in back and we you know we're not to think the visitors. Be them run the football aside happen. When you look at the way the fewer season unfolded you kept talking about it. Gets feeder ten or twelve plays the game make the difference you know in the outcome then you don't know which one it's going to be so you play every now. You weren't make it overly. Against good opponents he started making them what a difference and Peter Tim Coulter did the 151820. Plays and out of the thing that strikes me look it over. The real time off to suit looking back. The explode beat the introduction of the explosive way profits which was part defined in the past. It's not hard to find out. Well I think the quarterback's a big part of that you know and I think he's playing really well and then we've got guys that can make these plays and on the lines playing better and it also. You know and then it. Did some confidence you know and that's critically and thinking you know we we dropped early touchdown pass to came right back then you council. I just think the way we've come out it's been really positive it would have to learn how to do what we come off fast or not. But we have some weapons and in and that's important you know. So when news is she's views you sort of blustery we hear as he sees some caliber newbie. And you have the we we have some treatment we do but that's indignant tailback who breaks tackles while it is Earl Campbell. Rupees there and agree to it it breaks my tactics out. The great years. You do go to Dowd wrapped in here in its 140 yards and whole tackle hundred or four yards after talks. Against Florida State coroner. Football vote focused on the web sites. Why is he so ultimately back now. Well I mean you're talking against 240. Pounds. And huge lower. Body explosiveness. With coupled with great speed and mean on us. Mean we can keep kind of fresh John moments playing at a high level. Then. You know Travis is playing at a high level and so. Which they pretty fresh in the backfield those guys are all little different who you know they all or a little different style that's the thing so. But he's the AG's him cough. Looks like just as a estimates gets the ball you know he's been sick for seven yards seventy yards away from becoming BC's all time leading freshman rusher. Martha Harris you know you both the record. That's pretty select company. Yeah he's he's gonna have you know god willing stays healthy one heck of a career billions. Penalty recruit transformational for you caught that you know forever for us you know you're going to think of about 240 of them built a little bit like Vijay thank. Yup they mean last night. I think he you're gonna par water through her process. I mean if you're looking in the mirror and say you look like AJ right now in his physique in. His legs than now momentum though numbers in some measurement I don't know seriously you look great with. You have to really a couple of people this goes here love what I mean rip. Twisted steel and auto expo. I don't know you know what the facts are though you and your day Dario let twisted steel and we've been. That's that's the dozens and lots of old stone doesn't happen we don't have to bill. I was an all American sports of one flow. It was a fire somewhere there so that's a little bit of what I'm a little look prolific prolific Kathy what the greatest is that. But the F. All the facts of the matter you were great player well within those facts it's the that was then and this is now we're talking about them your guys they are elevating. And speaking of that we got to go out you know you like to watch play a lot. Taj lobbies for the drop by and other guys really emergency of that Smith. The just coming up here in the BC football show are you kidding it's true they're paying you know Reggie ferry there you go. Through all Giricek to Joe's a Waltham we're back with more after this with the coach. Snappy between the hash marks towards the big its street at zone probably right fires. Its. Notice. It's. Slow it's. Plus it. Welcome back to the Boston College football show. Presented by Bud Light. To talk more x.s and o.s with coach or does he joke here again Jon Meterparel. It was a fabulous not at the hides from these other 35 were notable. Florida State. Coming up on Saturday at noon 1130 and the CIA it is sports network it's just 44 ranked wolfpack offense these states. They are already bowl eligible at six and 34 and one. In conference. For the Thomas Sweeney highly thought it bounced back very nicely coaches come people focal point of the offense the last three weeks. What did you tell him after he dropped the touched up so he says it now. Not a thing immunity you know Toms made a bunch of plays and he's in the continue to make it much please go to. Roll on the next play angle making again and that's that don't don't hang on all knows what he's doing great playing great you know. Learn how to relieve his foot in the ground and give vertical run through contact and all those things or what it was really developed in our arsenal to advance to ray Martin and trees as a Christian Walker's Chris Pearson for an hour. You know career high catches almost it's a it's a multi talented tight and well we play with through maneuvers that were twelve teams give a lot of different looks those guys are Percival. You know like employee on the line extended or whatever so good but he made a great comment earlier in the season said. When you arrived here is Alex Amazon and we lose him at. Now X while you get the webcast of the team. Yeah we were you know we have a group of receivers and tight ends that or catching the ball better can make plays and throw game and a and we have some young guys that are yet to even knowing got Mike Walker Jeff Smith misses his then. Then the lines and then you know we got CJ Lewis and and nor Jordan Williams that. You haven't really seen a lot I think those guys are completely going to be. Dominant guys so. And that that's. Knowing got a quarter backs against the wall from that that's really. For your compliment throne he really news and if he really spreads it around me in it that's part of its game plan. You know in in in calling making but I think you're you can you're giving defense coordinators fits trying to figure out who recover. I mean you look at the Liggett and that's that's going to be with us here and that is a it's really one of the faster guys in the conference he's got tremendous heat. And he's so brought in this whole jet sweep team force you know he and Jeff Smith in the to a former. Really dynamic on the edge with that select all the sudden you know you whose defense Siegel suites and you know also here in bowl tailback or handball in the suite so that comport has been really really good and that's playing his best ball the scorer. And one thing's for sure the offense that's gonna happen. Outstanding again this week because you have as you mentioned many times we've vaunted defense of climate by crappy job. We should be a top ten NFL pick. He's just been disruptive as the game riker. It's one of the best defense events in the country how do you sounds. Produce sounds. Well I mean you got to have a plan for him known protection. Hi you go about handling him if you think you say what was the do we do that you're making a mistake so he's a dominant player you got to account for him where he is. And what the matchup is with him whether being in pass protection or in the run game he is likable player. I saw one clip of him. Think the left tackle from two clumps of who I think is really good football player. He should wind speed the power Ronald with one hand column lift them office feet. And I said to myself oh boy I mean. From a guy who used to something special. He's reminiscent of the doubts it PCI RO Landry. Lenders been banged up you know his status as of today and we're looking number. Well I think it's it's dated date thing you know the CEO of the week progresses here. You know or or what does the inaugural back as soon as we can get gold and so. Hopefully the rest will help the week off and then we'll multiply it by ear and see rent we even in that heralds absence. You. Mentioned that early in the season scratch it go all my quick. You keep it July placed an outstanding. You know Zack Allen is playing at a high high level. Wire race playing at a high level nor America reached myth or linebackers in place slobs here. And these guys are playing at a high level this kind of next man up we'll troll John LaMont playing great football right now too so I think you know. Not much you can do about the stuff you know guys you know Burton. And you just got to keep rolling forward and we just feel like you know it all happened it was so early in all at once but we can overcame a little bit. Really think about it that much like al-Qaeda once then compound by. The hired schedule and you guys you grew up quick yeah. Yeah I mean we stumbled a little bit but we can go down. You know and that's credit markets and in you know him what we've developed now is that for the future. And you know in in a lot of guys that. Put in rules now that you know you can really see you come a level playing they're going to be. The second toughest schedule country percentage you know Arafat that's there's I want them to do you know some of friction all years there's been a lot of no I mean I don't it went. I don't think the college football world pays enough attention to who usually now. I mean it in in which is that they get double edged sword right people's I got to play all these teams you know well at the end of the day people really know what your win loss on this. So works both ways you know but. Because when you play a really really tough scheduled races I've with the schedule Leo but and here's you know you're doing so right in the U see all these teams elect who they play. I mean I'll watch that a little bit earlier here when we won't Wear some things we list of who they play I mean. You know in in it matters it matters and a huge way just like conference's. Only know when you mentioned but you know some of the other conferences out there that they don't play defense. We sold his offices are prolific but because they don't play against good defenses. I mean if you played his defense a good defense you're not so prolific. And so I think it matters we point matters what for history. And all those things matter. And were we happened to playing in best how's how's football right now and we happen to be plane and look at our conference right now. The bottom of a conference's plane is opposite river plate rain in most cases. I mean it's it's it's a really tough conference people now saying audio boards they. Yeah what was on a fuel forced him through that defense was same Florida State defense general that defense. And on offense that lost are starting quarterback that's really the moral story their when woody and I and it just goes to show you that no one's immune not having their quarterback. Including clumps of by the way we saw that too right so. But. We've played matters were playing tough teams right now in were gonna continue right now here comes another one. Today this is they top 25 team and if they weren't playing in the scheduled airplane. They probably Buren dire. While we are you made the observation through this for the first and third season. Your early battle tested this Tuesday it would work your image in place we start really. Manifest was in Virginia. Where Virginia came inside and as advertised high profile office. Good you pitch good record question mark with these beaten and it was it was the dominant. Performer when you're art and LA turnaround won't be George that. I don't figure it well I mean I guess it tells you the strength vote yeah. Conference of the conference and even run on the you don't mean I just. I get you know. It sounds like given a genuinely. Comes a really normal college football fans to our thoughts are active in cancer but I tonight I've watched Oklahoma Oakland state. At 6252 very entertaining. We're talking ghosting on defense that was like an arena football. No it's a pimple on the fence and prick got a lot bigger midfield the robot's a 185 yards strippers that's been. Well that's you know it's exciting wants to all that but against. Well you've that there are if you're in your focus is next. Who's next and right now. I know with challenges in front of us right now. And it's great and so we get bigger simple as that and we gotta we play good team football we've got to. Really I say you know what I late were playing really couldn't and special teams right now. But I like to see a couple of game breakers and special teams and we're we're about due for something. And you know offensively. I like to see you strike the ball downfield and and in the course defensively I think just people going in the takeaways you know. Which produces yet Mike Walker rose leads the nation and to bond return marriage yup. 912. And we are so close to breaking a kickoff return it's not even funny or one block. You know we know we've been through that. It's close closes the week when BC NC state coming up shouted don't much more to come the BC football show. Projected Joseph Waltham couple special deaths. She players touched a lot of that Smith after this. Vernon Warren from the zoo robbers senator there's still the biggest Serena so they give to Della stray. Ahead at. Dylan might glance. Posted there. No and don't foul to Boston College football show presented by Bud Light continues. Here again John metre drill. And welcome back to Jacobs shows of wall forum on the recent football showed great to have you with us a reminder. Have you see an NC state noon of the BC ING sports network and to instrumental where it's not want to be instrumental all year. I'm back to tie Schwab and receiver Matt Smith gives you guys thanks for drop but yet they haven't. No it's not often these knives surrounded by players I greatness might greatness that I guess my greatness in these guys feel about it an attacked and seemed to like every game that most are you. The third route leading rusher on the team to receiver by trade with you feel like a running back now. They say some time now. But a but I had been and I really I had tonight through digits some weeks and it's that whole years working so. Welcome and they come. And myself that. I know I thought you would make a good player make it 76 yard first couple weeks ago you get the ball and hands and you reject. His speed always been something you pride yourself on. You ever since. My mom excuse me that your it was check. On the way. What about the toughness element though what when where does that come from. Be angry busing them there definitely in the world who have. Been. I you have that there's no doubt about that yet they went linebacker and we'd love it because you've gotten better every year yes testament to you know testament to the coaching staff as well what have you done to get to this. Point. Working hard I know pride myself on working hard and do it the right way and my family like that still raise need to work hard be be a leader and lead by example and give it everything I got with whatever I do so. Yeah football's my passion and I give it everything I got it that's what I love doing. You read this thing. Emergence and commence this season you know you years you'd get really strong at that linebacker position. All of a sudden a couple of injuries in you know you you're thrust into leadership role what do you aspire to that. Or not you're the man. Yeah exactly Lola. So I I always thought I was leader and the man that's been my mindset. And yeah a couple of guys go down and sucks it's you that. But it's we have next man up mentality. And now when they went down eyes I stayed up and down a lot of guys that stuff up. We just continue to work hard in our game plan the coaches gave us. Personally am excited with one player I've just got to keep playing better and better every week. I was over practice I treasure over Thursday's analyst linebackers is only five of and and coach Reid was give me the guys that coach no more like a gun one badly and I'm like enter the code to dump built like a kid you look like it's the only way that I. It is 3 PM event at an event. Now what he says. With the armed with a few twists that feel twisted and if you after the lord Obama bring that back now that your things that I speak. We don't have the benefit of being on the sidelines what people were on the sidelines. You get that ability to change gears when you get the ball you keep that the players picked here. They get their angle their pursuit angles they make a commitment lookup fastest guys running. I gotta get that spot. And what we've noticed the courses seasons they're always picked the wrong spot. And as you would use you have a burst or you change Q are you all out as soon you get the ball and it's it's. To higher percent now hopefuls the players come up to us upon. It's Fusco Fazio hole in the hit it if I advantage. I'm hated enough food to them and I threw them for us guys out here with moments that. But we've seen that you run away from people are talking about it earlier this. Now coach you guys you know it was him when he came here is emphasizing. Recruiting HTC's speed and excuse the Boston call does get some representation that. Category strewn island that throughout the fastest guys like 45 guys after the U in the team knob on the back. I was sure I can second that kick and I went to make sure and there was a resume don't need. Pants down and now. A 4040. All right now look I love the confidence. I would love a good stuff good stuff very gets they'll serve you well no doubt about that. As far as coaching goes a PC. Has a terrific staff what did you learn in your four years BC. From when you started to the point here now that. I'll say is patience you know I think I'm home well. The state of course be patient you know and those coaches. Always on. Stress that you teenage of their free and of course of their career off of stuff off those those ten FM minority. The ten people who support you when things are going well. And then tie you know once you isn't a bad move. Yes definitely on we they taught us so let's stick together and family and so we we've always been it's tight group and we've been growing every year since coach that just came in this program and he preaches family and yeah that's the biggest thing for me that I have taken so far from this experience is families stay together study of a boat and it. Work together stay together love each other we're to have these are the best friend forever after a life. I'll look at it isn't what Europe against on a week to week over week basis with the complex opportunity matchup against him. You have to get great personality get formations. Got scheme. I mean they're trying to create mismatches how much emphasis obviously don't have a lot of it but. What percentage of your preparations intellectual get ready with your head. A lot of the other is a lot of progress because of this with. Like in the film room but my biggest thing is on the practicing I really do believe you practice how you play and this year we've been. Practicing how I would play and it's it shows in the game film and it's on the practice though there. Compatible they look the same and so. In the film room definitely helps but watch them practice field and going up against these guys in making it feel like you game situation. Is what's really help us right now and now we're proud that our plan or the other you these courts gallop with the famous phrase. Perfect practice makes perfect plan like I think guys that kept to the the back of my head but it cuts in a minute but he's absolutely right you I mean that's what it would come down Tuesday preparation. On many levels and now from a that's that we are still a point. Kind of a mental or intellectual preparation you have to go through and Rico and faith. Those those just our offensive scheme. We couldn't who plays with every week took the stand without my playbook and created because the coverages but the guys. In the back in for an instant on some pretty much Estes. So a lot of people don't understand that we used that line of scrimmage. You have to look at the defense like a quarterback would identified and is it zone exit quarters is it. No single it is I mean it's okay yet in the near that dictates the cut the route you around. Yeah because. He confuses their coverage and coast doesn't like technically. It is and rightly in order to be successful. There's a lot of moving parts that. Sure it's been bittersweet for you doesn't sound and its senior day. Final game at Chestnut Hill noted went on the road somewhere in the next week but what's it going to be like what what emotions you feel like you can fill. It's going out there lawless town Lama to use your own to please. Phone which sure. Nothing to lose right side it's going to be exciting. Last game on alumni feel at all my boys like him in with and I. We're gonna lay it all out there and we're gonna get everything we golly we always do and it's going to be a fun game and it's going to be a tight war and I'm excited my family's excited I'm excited to walk their walk out on laughable for Obama like that. I love them and it's going to be awesome doing that together and they don't again went. He does so Phil I Kazaa a piece were in the media we read it hear it I heard today from some reporters down North Carolina kind of joking about BC's opponents state the last couple years include last year. You feel like you'll disrespect to. I mean. Yeah I think those things. As they are this respect are you got to look at it before you want every game and a team that's there every team that doesn't respect you. It's it makes you wanna play more violent and angry and he gives you little. But do little booths on I I don't ever do things he doesn't respect me and they want to take my once when he is so treatments. And and yet it won't come on my property my pin was all so like that self. If yes I thought look at I think they and they want this respect this and we'll take our. Feel that way through that. And it and consumption it's for those who don't expect him there but. A fluke the herculean match on this machine they expect is all is its own little week here bond was what really matters you know and people in our team better back in because he's got a accidents on I matters. You know what's in there was like for you with these guys to be graduating in the turbulent invest only on the live off the field from a leadership perspective. And you get three left in a ballgame. Left as well put. Because thought about life after pieces. That. Well I have another semester and I'm graduating and then. Hopefully it so it comes down to go child that leads them we'll see. Axl is gonna up all speak yeah get a coach that I'm testimony that effect. Acquitted years in the league and you're bucking them. Yeah that yes I went to graduate in December and then home. I'm gonna give him my best shot I'm gonna go and train and hopefully everything works out than a film that doesn't definitely wanna coach. So that's when I'll that's that's my. Well. What every has been dubious success and we really appreciate you drop by best of luck Johnson and against that since they don't got to thank you reckless and so far. That's got the guys walking through stars of the BC football team come back we'll hear from the coached in the closet joke from chicken Joe's have a decent football ship. My votes it got. And Ryan is okay. Welcome back to the Boston College football show. Presented by Bud Light. Do talk more x.s and o.s with coach who does he over here again John metre drill. On this thing with Josh Robin thoughts that. To lidge fit Eagles as the Eagles prepare for NC state on Saturday afternoon at the height stock swap. Coach Pete now remarked you know. He's a rock first of all but he's gotten better every year and I'm sure it is coaching staff that makes you guys very proud. Yet ties plane is absolute best football right now unease all over the field as a leader on the Bentsen. He's tough and physical and it's it's fun watching what. When he hits you you definitely feel it. Boy days organ guide them and brings it. You know he's it's you know and that's spent so you you know soft spoken but his speed as he says he's by far the fastest guy on the team you faced Baston and in sad that these. That is very physical. And this has played his best ball square. What do weapon to on the jets sweeps so we've seen this a lot of first year deal which are Boston put. The last couple years as well but now it's become more focal point. Why don't we turns the corner it's Simpson through stress on defense and America we also noticed that it. Forces Buchanan did you want to lower everybody in the box that gently running game fortunately silent silent. Did outside currently trees. And you get right inside run game go see that that you watch those pitches get up now. You know what happens is in the linebackers that it either wanna take the fifth street we with linebackers who back in pig with a back in these are rock general coverage to the jets regionals that some great play action opportunities. It just makes them play the whole field. And then you know it's so that we Buick knows. It's pretty Cooper's Anthony brown has been in the picture efficiency during the last three weeks banged up a little bit with a shoulder issue housing Conan. Zero in Iraq general. The ice practicing really well thrown ball really locked the keys you know the rest and there's guys that the rest help law. He's he's just become it looks like. This conference there about it right now I'd vote though and you know is willing to take the ball on the people's legs a little bit too I think uses shall feel better we'll do more more of that you know. We noticed that. Teams were not you were a quote unquote quarterback run offense. You've had success with it now teams need to prepare you know it is it can be gonna continue because you growing partly that's. You know we're getting towards the end of the season. I'd like it to grow and it will grow and a lot of that is hinge upon how it's helped. You know and until. You know I wanna be careful with that too you know it can be he can rentable photo qualities he's got some hapless as many strong. But I mean we're trying to go throw game and you know. I. Take enough shots we're sure the quarterback out throwing the football like right now you considers an okay. Wanna give these backs or. Wanna throw a ball over we wanna stretch of permanent jet game. A couple quarterback runs were not an increasing rate now we're back rooms you know but that's something that. Would there be this week next week. Three weeks I think that'll only increase if you the other car we're not talk or retired Portland now. We were not aware communities and how elusive the pocket. You know he really buys a lot of time back there I mean looks like somebody's got to beat on him in the previous activists it'll bureau that you've got the throat aches and all of that stuff happens these big these guys besides you know little guy he's powerful that I can roam the athletic. And stuff you know one it's that combination. Then he also sit there and you watched that big back in the same one let him have a chance to pound a little bit Wear on people at that that we are some people so. I'm really got some weapons right talking about what you have guys that with that absolutely beats the heck out of the oath or. It's another side defense that was yours yours defensive backs have been terrific all year passing efficiency stopped on the country interceptions not first in the new season with Miami. Lucas Dennison company. But the face of Ryan Finley this week is throwing three interceptions all you're right. Why is he so far. The Smart veteran guy who's really comfortable on what he's doing they've got really sure handed receivers he's playing his best football mean. Again. You know the quarterback is playing in a much higher level this year and it shows on their team you know you're you're that guy is so critically important. And he still important to them. Doing a heck of a job. Expect a lot of missed direction from on the switching when Samuels doubt you mention that that one was one of the top players and they see no doubt on top for his country. He does so many different things right there's an area of concern right. Yeah I mean they're gonna run jets like we do their general three zones they're gonna. Run some straight in off that Novak I mean they're not that are much different that we are really be honest with you. And they're gonna have some of them a bunch of play action shall control passing game. You know that's what they do best. I quarterback. Active this for a moment. The Tucker we watch have a chance what's the game Saturday talking about him we Boise State transfer. Please with a chip credentialed you know guys got to prove. That's that it's always dangerous guy with a guy who gets killed match that that image. Yeah I mean when you watch him play he's got us an air of confidence. And a again I think that's you know part of the secret to their success right now. And in the future part so. He. You've got to look about. They're very similar we talk about who this deep into the season he can begin to draw some conclusions you get. Boston College get tremendous numbers sacks against. Italy take away ratio penalties against I mean these things that. You'll pay attention to molest their idea you the other way right and it probably has a lot to do with contributing to the success teams enjoyed your last couple of weeks. They look a little bit like that they're disciplined they're they don't have a lot of penalties don't have a lot colonel. That that's that a good car between you would North Carolina State. It's been you know we played him now and then this is my fifth here and you know. So we've had four contests against them and they've all been very evenly matched teams know they're really. Wolf most of moment I think that when you're but the it was a boot. No my first two years removed you know beat him all the way and musher real beat him though they're pleased that the involving her verticals in my. They turn around penalties question kill them or on the fourth in the country films. And what about those kind of odds on song as well or not. Rise but there are veterans and point to see his return this year eleven starts. So that's a very good base for Dave Doran of bill. This is his best. News he's playing with. Fourth with your team and a veteran quarterback. Here is yet another it there under there there right there with that you know yes others that are that are at that point with a elevating customers through our two teams Norris is. Or purses does is it is pretty young football team right now. They're pretty veteran football team. And I would say that there would be that. There will be the difference or skill players roll you know looking down a girl who warriors play him there. Europeans. Our coach who's who tidy up the package here towards the end of the show the keys to the game or brought you by the Obama would govern Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram now home by peace alumni McGovern. Have a great selection over 400 cars to choose from 777. Washington street in Newton or McGovern Jeep. Dot com Conan dobbs our choice when he got force here. Hello another one and number morrow. You know I think we've got to really be aggressive. In this game and I was gonna take to play through them and that's what do obviously we'll we'll all mean I don't and this. When game's great defense. What we're gonna have to build strike they'll feel principles you're not gonna win this game and us. Points. So. Third of their lives there so this. Game. Stay on the field. Including third downs and a few lines of yeah I mean is not a very big one right now influence and often spoke to. Tonight that that the I swab from the very best guys like those guys now. We've. They've done a lot of things you're really bring our program back in them so we're recruit. But a terrific run coach keep it don't do lark you know thanks to excited about real looking forward to a peace in NC state at the heights. On Saudi you ready to go from cardiac Saturday at noon however all the throw the fastball. But of course it'll look more like a changeup middle declare that all of it that surge and Justin Verlander well the world sooners also. Friday night peace in Maine as the tip off the basketball season at the heights. The Eagles in the black bears acting in at 715 of the CI NG sports network. Until that our job to Perot put coach David doesn't look MP krona producer Steve Jobs jobs you know special thanks to Jason Baum. And Reggie Terry and that's that the Taj walked. Not everybody projected Joe's will catch on Saturday at these. You can always count on the crisp refreshing taste Bud Light just like you can always count on tailgate.