BC Coaches Show: Steve Addazio talks BC's loss to Clemson; Special guests Joe Tessitore and Tony Gonzalez join the show

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Monday, September 25th

Jon Meterparel hosts the BC Coaches Show, featuring head coach Steve Addazio, live from Jake and Joe’s in Waltham. The coach talks about the Eagles 34-7 loss to Clemson, which saw some improvements for the BC offense. Special guest Joe Tessitore, ABC College Sports, talks preparation for the games he calls and his love for the Eagles. Former BC receiver Tony Gonzalez stops by and gives his thoughts on BC’s current offense.


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GO America's home for college sports. Live from Jacob Jones in Waltham. This is the Boston College football show presented by Bud Light for the next hour we'll have special guests and you can get drawn up by the Eagles football over Boston College football show was presented by bug life famous among friends also sponsored by blitzer if blitzer PC developing longstanding relationships with the clients we serve since 1959. McGovern Chrysler dodge Jeep brand driven by you and by village bank. Your village your bank. Now it's time to talk BC football with the head coach Steve thus field appears the voice of Eagles jog and Peterborough. I want everybody happy Monday well UK it isn't all that for the BC football show. What does. Steve Jobs opt out of philosophy that. Yeah once again we're hearing gave you behind me the fire at the built houses now march I'm building nothing. Building my reputation back. You know crow was. Well within her well when everything looks like it nearly wrecked like whoa you are hammer everything looks like a nail with work. Mama community down there that I did over the in the thirds of them got a lot of carpenters and you're via note not all all well. Also. A wardrobe. That it be colors. Now your appropriate. I have broken up by the white dorm room looks good. Rocket but pockets it was an outstanding quality and excellence and outstanding three minutes football. Knowledge he's not I'll call it upsets school history. They don't go through your minds. Throughout the well I thought that. You know we went down there with the mindset that. We're gonna punch in the face of room play relentless just as schools we could be and I thought we did those things we knew we had to have great special teams control field we were gonna have my excellent defense the remake them over won't feel so we did that offensively. We wanted to try to play the field position game be able to run the football we knew we get about 45 shots and thinking that could be difference makers. And we you know didn't didn't complete and enough of those. But. We played hard and play this core of our kids had a tremendous demeanor about him we were able silence that stadium. And you know. I thought we please use it as good as you can play against them. You really needed a ruling affair for the club's office you wanted to create a long view was top for both sides have brought more use that you've got us. Obviously claim that that climate but. That looked like it was just a slip pull for them to get anything going that's testament to beat you that's a game. Yeah I think so I think. I thought early on we make some plays on offense we tilted the field. And we had not too many ups and kick a fuel for three points which would put us at 107 deep in the fourth quarter. And we knew would be that kind of game America we told our kids let's get was dragon in the fourth quarter. And that was our minds that we had to dragon in the fourth quarter got to be careful with that team. In the event that. No we accomplished that goal we think we're just we're not able to finish it off. We had a couple injuries occurred or neck team and and and then on defense one of those became critical. And you know even though. We had the wind did a great job and that really going to be agree fine player. You know we had to cope with really had two plays that hurt us first troop placement and in the body of that game. One we were in perfect position for a week just went up and didn't make the play and one where we had an opportunity for open hit that. We missed and creating a big run it to to the field so. All of all you know I know at the end you know we've we know were we give up a punt return and and that set up a little bit of a cascade at that point in time but. The body of that game. Which was really good I felt like that would. No. We should they had that 107. We initiative intensive in game nine minutes and for the fourth quarter and then. Battling to try to turn that in the seventeen. Sports thirteen. And hold them where they work and that's how you get beat that team and then you know. I think our kids played really or thicker coached the degree Japanese did agree and plan on all three phases. I think it's what's again you know we've played some outstanding teams right now I mean he's he needed teams are in the country right now and we've Toto. That's the good news. You know of course that advances we can come away with the win and we knew we took some. We took some losses when you play those kinds of games this early in a row like that you know we take some losses you know. I read about some of these teams are playing nobody in there of these before it starts you know. We haven't had that luxury but through that I think were forging. If we can stay healthy enough were forging with can be you know foundation of really good football team. I noticed the four game. Couple things. First thing I noticed a week ago following an order in game. You seemed to consciously. Control the dialogue from what was. Lot there was a lot of negativity coming off that game you forged the very positive. Message coming up that game. Now by design I assume. This I'm a guy that you know what you see is what you get when I say it wouldn't believe and what I believe was. You know we had committed to that Notre Dame game and we had an issue we too we lost our senior senator we had to come in here with a freshman never played we documented that. I thought. After that first week you know. We we got that situation. Itself pretty quickly against the really good opponent in Notre Dame. And then that we don't and we had another situation and I thought we did a really great W that salt and that was obvious going into Clemson. And I think what we've done is continue to develop the young football team. Mercy on him in the quarterback and in a couple of key positions on offense and a defense and and we've overcome. Some tough situations that anybody would have and we're doing that while we're playing some of the very finest teams in college football right now. And so I'm very optimistic of our football team. Where we are. And so amount about to do anything more than every day below developer team to get better each day in each week because I know that. If we keep calm and at that rock right now what we're forging these are really good football team. It never probably comes exactly the way you want to exactly when you want to but that's sixty million dollar question is you know before you look at football. You know. To do you have the the clay you have no. The team with the right mindset and attitude toughness and skill level that would develop and become what you wanted to be in the simple answers obviously overwhelmingly. Yes. And the hard thing for everybody is understanding that it. We play in extremely. Tough conference an extremely tough side of that conference. And then you know and and that's a good thing no one owns north main issues for that that's a good thing but understand that. And it's different it's never been to this level these he's never been to this level and are we have replaying the ninth really car schedule in the country right now. And we're going totally. And I know. What's gonna happen as we roll forward okay these these the key. He's staying healthy as we can right now and that has not been good fortune for us right now. But hopefully we stop the bleeding no pun intended there OK at the end we keep the mindset in the confidence wrong. What happens in the world room today is ever you know missiles that there can be you know a lot of negativity. And that's unfortunate but that's life. The end I think our kids have a great mind frame we are like all formal for one. One probable for one. We're heading in that foxhole together right now. We love our players they love Austin and there's a roll on here right now I think what would you do with that is you have each other's back and give the best that you have to each other. And have faith and confidence that good things will call take. It's through what happened. At the end of the half when there was a match misconduct. Throughout the field you're trying to get an explanation from the officials we didn't know it was gonna hard I don't. Yeah I wasn't trying to get an explanation. Here's what happened. The obviously the miss spotted the ball three times and so when we finally have the final spot of the ball we called play. Here we had to change each time and then we called play and then has her team was running on the field there just about what was once scrimmage. They picked the ball the movement against the other half so obviously the play was called the wrong way so I simply went on the field to call time out. Because we couldn't from the plate like that the end the new rule now is that. Coaches anybody can one argue calls. Almost arguing any call this was simply a function of I need a timeout. We're on the wrong hash the place called wrongly I knew I had a time out there so I had to try to use that time out and they threw a flag and they know that that was an accurate. In the east you know the new rules of law of unintended consequences. As you work through these things but ruled potential rules that you're not going on arguing with officials that's not what. This was about all. This is about. Trying to make we have the wrong Michael I mean of course stuff and I can do about that that's you wanted to type out. I had to get a timeout because I had to get playwright and I won't that was in our responsibility they know that they miss spotted the ball that's all been cleared that's so it talks you up after the game that. Both the incident that's clear that sort second down to me that a second down. 23 and it's also. In it's it's also ash. Yeah I ago we we we got that I mean that was the right it was a real kind that most of those were coming this wasn't complicated I mean everybody. I think everybody in the state knew what had happened and how it went down and it's just unfortunately you still stops him but you know I'm not listen. I'm not here to be critical but anything. That did not impact the game. Hand thank goodness and the reality of it is is listed no. We have the right to while were were encouraged them in the stadiums no one can hear anybody write them what you I can he'll fight feet from a meanings here. Well bill we get a time out there and so that's what was going on there and it you know it just was so bang bang and end. It's unfortunate but it's put to bed and it's what it is and I think with this new rule lose it and it wouldn't rule place some growing pains and some unintended consequences. And I to say fortunately. It didn't have. Speaker consequences you know put. That's exactly what they are a so that I noticed through. You this deep into the season I can't believe we're this far along already. Through things now number one. You seem to be very business like. Watch in the body language and the team for the game. In a in and argue very difficult place. You and I understand that did not come out of the stands with knives and hatchet to coach it's noisy and enjoy it but a lot of the young guys. Maybe did little awe inspired by the whole thing so these some leadership from. Emerging this football we're we're a comic. You know I just think our kids are no these are real coach well guys and they're role walked in and they really want to be great and they understood how we had a cool how we have to approach this game. How we had to be physically tougher mentally tough. And and there would be challenges and you know I thought that the as you said I think. The result in a lot of emotion a lot of energy going into the game but there was that of a businesslike approach to I thought the guys that have less experience. Did a great job of of of managing it there's always things that maybe you can see in there that happened that you know our young you know. Or issues here especially the quake which referred the apex of the office and we talk with the defense in the offices in apex. And in and the offense it's the center quarterback kind of feel like that's the apex of the offense and you know we we we have a lot of time that's refreshment operating in there and and I thought that they manage that environment pretty well we but you know we had one snap on the ground. In a very favorable ruling outfield position which cost us. A little bit. But that's a vote. You know operationally. And and that was a byproduct of just you know the noise and not here in cases quite enough and what tiger corrected real quick salon. It's amazing to see maybe one other program in the country those Russians. A freshman quarterback depression so. Does your statement. I can't name one I don't think the rules on which you know what the other is going to look just so they'll know what though it's exciting. In in in in an engineer John Bowman our senior back is playing his best football but but it's exciting. Because. These are. Great players I mean they're not going to be good players are going to be great players and you can see. Those guys playing for the level the playing at right now on those kind of environments no. You can't help but smile and and you know you know that. Good good days or hit in in in it's my job our job my job to make sure that I accelerate this. The fastest liking him and and I think we're doing that for the best overbuilding and will never be good enough for everybody I got that and I understand that but. In the same breath. Big picture here. Like I like where we're headed and and I'm not naive enough to think now that. With these guys is not roller coaster rides ahead okay. But as long as you know that you can get to the end line with those guys you know just think about having three more years. With that situation it's pretty good. And just think about the guys that we lost that are gonna come back for their fifth year. Pretty good and think about the guys that stepped up their place that are playing really well at all be back. Pretty good so we're we're we're have a chance the get to where. BC when they've had their best years has been with a bunch of fourth and fifth year players and if there's a silver lining to all of that that's hit. Unfortunately. Into the season. You know got away from us with some of the of people that we had but. You know we move forward. And and then and we are and and I think he saw that Saturday and I think that's that's what yours you know you can really take away that's real it was a knew it was like anybody keep the same thing we have going their take what we got which wasn't enough because we didn't win but it certainly. Was impressive I think to show where this route were we can be. I think definitely resonated around the country. There's no doubt about that attack speak to join us next great for the program what a great broadcasters work they joked that's more. We'll stop by next a BC football should know after that projected judo isn't all that. Brian the road which wanted to come. Landry job. Donna and Donna it's mix up for the and according to a thirty pie with the authority is Isaac yeah I'd have a police tackled it looks. That's up past Rossiter is outfitted as I. Welcome back to the Boston College football show presented by bug life. Do talk more x.s and o.s with coach or does he joke here again Jon Meterparel. Goods that it was a busy book. Also don't forget where prayer every pundit I was coaches dossier on the cast of thousands including the gridiron club clockers you know he. Good friend John MacDonell over there on the corner Paul as though they're sweating on the sidelines. Which Scott future. Swept down there at that we might lose you'd do it dehydration. And have been an issue and it he'd laugh about it but Boston brutal. Powered air conditioned. I was pretty it was pretty hot humid down and you know it was it was. Here's who's felt. It but you what is it that well it's all that stuff so you guys arguments. I think the fact that both sides of the ball they play it we've marine temple every day and then we also practice every day in that stadium and on the turf. With the sun reflecting off the aluminum it gets really hot there sort of weird way kind of really prepared us and and so I thought we Hamlet really well. I get it we thought the conditioning might have been a factor but. When you consider the yep temple walked into a replay that I didn't get the final number on on you're on and we didn't. Run them out of place we want a two minute and really reflective of our our poor third down conversion ratio. And you know. Haven't pretty good fuel position I think you know you're trying to keep that a good field position deal. And you know. So it was a couple times were across the fifty we're here you put the ball try to keep them on the long field which is part of our plan right and a so I think that took away probably in the game legitimately. It's fifteen snaps at least yeah. I want when I want to get your special teams coming up first go to it to the phone lines that you market Fred. Jokes that's a sore from ABC and ESPN one of the great voices of college football all college sports that matter pretty big Joseph Doria. Don't tell him thanks for having me on the road how you doing them. I'm doing great Joseph agreed to hear your voice. It may not only here on what but I actually. You don't watch out quicker right I got the water to hide behind act out perfectly open air. I listen Jo okay I'm down 46 pounds. I've got this new outlook on life okay so I'm not on this macaroni meatballs and bread and carve some on lettuce. In grilled chicken so I'm hiding it trying to hide it for myself for ten may be like on meet the bishop but got the deals have not. The if you look great governor Peter I got a failure I would not vote for the guy he beat week one. And I'm bit in my hotel room listening to you guys all came in northern Illinois really in the hotel with open Arlen and I got you guys. Flat rock hotel the hotel. With order and do ban. And Pete seat football speaking over you or I walk every second of their regular wire was a great football play you've got a great way to irk you. I thought that was what looked at the image of poker he'll be sweating down on. Micah ha that was the pretty like it's that you like it's pretty there's not the work here. I think years straight now there and I don't do that boo boo boo richer content was anything you want to be a part of rights and up. Coat it at all or what you're an album but Chris you know it's steaks on the feet. They tell you matches your preparations that we want what's it like for you on Monday it prepared for the game you do on this week what game are you doing this. Job due in Alabama as we began Ole miss I don't wa and was up I'll grow at night doing used in prime game. We get a heavy dose of Alabama Ralph your that this can be artwork spam game I was able to go down this spring and spend a week with coach Pete didn't happen. You are in game or Mercury I would like to -- spring but it's always special and I'd be down because all primetime game number one country. They're playing whom as. Everybody knows the situation a little bit that he empathy given them a bit in recent years you know about who it's going back. Three years ago and I'm glad your people were yet they Adam and Nicole they may have rallied. So with that and he knows this better than anybody that he he's wired act like. I think rebel region now I got up this morning and I thirty I have careers Reza. So I'll watch and build a dig deep in the Alabama locker. I'm pulling down because it was all afternoon long. Getting ready. To me see my local football it might walk preparation you know we want Federer right. Somehow and that's why I don't take lightly what coach says and Gretchen what he is dead in the first quarter and a bit ago about. Approachable guy I want to eat great guy I wondered in talent. No matter what might he when I watch and see on Saturday afternoon no matter what we're working goes up like I'm old after a act I know that that Rockford filled with like minded guy I've been. Who believe and. Well it's Joseph agree a question regarding preparation. I get this a lot I'm I am on the same school would you are always be over prepared. But people always ask you get involved in this football that it might be a few football just bill. I couldn't do better if you put while it note but you don't player these. No what no like I'm I don't know it back. I accidentally got burned over Mike on the Internet know about what the public him. Brother wanted California bird knows the home front pumping money furious the united. Here to best they were what you know you you. Joseph you are absolute best to your profession really are and and everybody knows it and so that preparation and that mindset in the way you approach everything. It is is remarkable and and just like any profession here at the top of them. Earlier you know I got I am I could reflect that respect your view it in your app from the way through guys walk out. I wanna hear something which you coach because I know you go and I went up. And spend an afternoon with you just check in with you and it would be and expense and I'm just. And we had won a mark on paper routes that didn't Notre Dame game and thought okay right. Deeply and I was talking in the area of work. And he said it was in which probably quite frequently with every step every week and he certainly fit that he said how many. That in the country that omelet for your wit. Have more football knowledge and ability who sport and snapped out like this and I'm with the net to break compliment. You would guy and he couldn't be more your. I appreciate that. Appreciate everything that the old guys who propels football. This this and it's the best for the country there's there's nothing in the country that is more actually base for people take pride in more. It was an approach and it was a balk at the end and they post or out with a pocket and greater refused to grant provision of each seat football. But people live in the red Kennedy he's college football or college football and they're not being polite. And I think replied I think that that thing I think Rick price up and I'm so glad you brought. Or brought it as the face of our program. Don't sit around and pressed up every Saturday and I demand that might prove that cookie that they put he he football off. And we're sitting up there with all my god I'm black which they're a group. Whenever it every yes yeah and crew and you see crew shows that thought of our guns correct threats lightly and police are coming down a million dollars they're looking like the all these folks on the big. That he has become one of the great and predictions in DC and college football I looked CNET dot ever vote I'm so glad that you make or. Well it is a priority and I love it too and let's say the other thing I loved ones especially here on how many people. Have had a chance to be a part of it is is when we have a pregame mask and the father jacked it does harm us and them. And the opportunity. To be there all together as a team and in two B publisher faith and the be able book. Archer the size of the peace who each other and went in and hugging each other as we get raided it. To go down those fears are going to that game is this special deal let you know. You just really appreciate being at BC and have an opportunity to be a part of something like that our kids from all face. Feel like that's one of the special moments of their life is that masks and the ability to come down most players in the price they have we're in the blazer. And being part of this. University. We take a lot of pride napkin and and it's real important and and I'm glad. A horrible they'll. That is a very underplayed tradition. National take note of that Joseph Harris is up as does the highs and Knology exported ES TN. We always afford that an upcoming weeks as such as the season goes further here how do you see the Heisman race and it capped at this early stage. I'll tell you what I would say it's the beat you mean there are going. In fact quite an expert network for years but I always say it's the not giving that is ultimately good for your iPod or. But this year unlike other years the G. You have to Portland was guarding big Buick maybe he'll be on our. That may have to go after your iPad that in the weeks ago I went back bumper to coach that was blown away. He's the principal. I mean what what they want more physically what people who want yielding to dying and that. And they don't see how little you know what that theme of what happened on better off or it was all up. Mayfield got that. Whacked it back and got the win on the road but I didn't know who died in a row crop growing out along the way it sometimes when you're on now I. One world. That night Juan call you or down and I and the late in an effort they can put our hand right now. No god or an apple. And you know now agrifuels through guys through the guys know them well. Barkley looks like Barry Sanders the movie mania stuff and we watched unbelievable unbelievable unbelievable move me when he would look at. And in real beauty is a reason to the other side unlike anything ever. It looked like cronyism thoughts you have and I was playing I was a player what they want my opponent and Tucker are going to they aren't running removed from the constable. I. What about the championship contenders and walked away Clinton's. You know that. The real name. I thought they might look a little weaker than they do last year July you know what are going to be in Alabama it was Clinton collision course. You don't I don't this past Saturday night I that the tour is the speed game which a lot of people were recognized the second best you can yes you speak. There is no doubt out. You get used torches loaded at linebacker they have one of the deepest group running backs in the country. And I think they're gonna get better and better beat goes on with a freshman quarterback and get it he underneath them. I think that's real talent Alabama but won't happen until they get to Atlanta. I think the big twelve creeping up really well Purdue's college football playoff hopeful moment be you can beat that I've eaten at her happened. At a USC and Washington are looking court that they don't fully covered brick or they would eat up. In the pac twelve title game and it got to wait and see what happens in the big and one and obviously it's easy you know to provide her with things. Although I hope they. You know we make grandest assumptions that we see these scenes and really nice walk number neck the main things are gonna play a certain way. I would contend that a bounce and all of the other way other people all on. Or at some point down the sideline with a partner that doesn't happen who know Hillary and pop up on right now as a Korean wanting them or know. And those moments are we right around the corner with everybody at salt lack. Catching the lost you know prior I'm getting to a championship moment but. If if we were the rain right now Alec depict well oil and eloquent and however Alabama up and I like the winner US he walked in and they have to play at Ohio State. Michigan still going to be a factor everybody potential lost their. Here's I would say generally give my two cents about man metre here. Just does BC played in deep in the 2477. That's a credit to BC so I would tell you that I've watched that tape inside now I would say that Clemson team is extremely. Talented and very aren't. In the fact that we played and we did. Don't make that is I think that's a positive for us more than it is a negative for them and and that's the shame that's how these things go that's crazy that's lunacy. I watch a lot of football. That office of the defense is at least that offensive line is a leap I think that quarterbacks phenomenal. Public talk about Georgia I watch a lot of Georgia loss at Georgia Notre Dame game Georgia put twenty points up. Against Notre Dame. In the George got a really good defense having motoring an outstanding team. And I so you know I'll watch all that stuff goes down and I saw everybody talked about. So early this team is all that but you know what happened was George went out there played unbelievable football game and in in in dominated that game last week. I think in our conference. And I hear that moment trying to raise the flag for the conference I think that are conference right now is extremely talented. I'm watching these teams and they would you know well victor's who's anybody in the country. And so while I like to see all of that hopefully I'll. You know that's my opinion so let's say that wants them to me. As a whole before. When I mean Ari there recording at all I think there rank where they belong arm and in in cannot be careful. Not receive that care they might not be. One of the best if not the best. Why I got it right now with them when we were wrapping up RD ID you just yet and and we went and had our college football final ago. Both of our analysts had one and number one. Over Alabama. When they put forth the rank and that ended today and it is a credit to what you guys figure that U 77 big game on the line. In the next report order where one turnover here there really was an herb that it would not be hurt when you just heard from coach right there and what the public. All that coach every week they live in the final vote they very rarely can you the world every perspective outside of the room he. That is why every year to bet you you're invited up yet yet you want our analysts and votes she his perspective on public football that we superb. Ability to give up. Excellent analyst for Kirk. I don't know about that. I think grown as the analyst right here and you're just keep the seat won't Wear coats 1520 years. You know I'll be ready to retire you can look right in the area I go back the Boston meatballs I'm not gonna make you could creator athletic they're gonna be always good at your roommate. It up ala Al beat goes up. What do you have fun doing it. Yeah I think about that sometimes made that trade offs worth that you know lettuce and chicken and or school yet though I don't know maybe I go to sweet note we go to those Opel earlier I don't know who else but they'll gonna be some people hope that happens if there. I think that the page no access to earlier in the let's go so soon but I don't one last question thirty seconds or less. You gotta it is. Battle network's stars this top. I was I was addicted to I don't love when Howard Cosell used those to. Joseph Testa towards there was Mike Greenberg that's on the Pepperdine campus column battle that we're stars I supplement what rules on the job. Mosul hundred. Tell you up and here's my one takeaways spend about morale now. Careful when you where he apologized for goal PG EPs equally served from 1979. You don't want any action. We'll use that these are gonna go up that way. Like it down later it would not. It was an absolute blast. I think we all grew up watching those go watch that don't think in the world. It was an absolute blast but the plastic away or was not on a plane and brought back the New England. So if anybody ever want the photo and it just call me. I love this and I love the touch. It's Hillary did this could put on TV history joke to sort thanks so much for being a good sport all right Richard Wright showed their alarm luckily. Kareem and thanks. That's Joseph access to a properties secret out here on the BC football show we're back with more after this with the other special guest at Jacob Joseph ball that. Bryant shot done for the for the gold poured Bryant looked a little rusty and I got a big battle but the bottom five too. Great job by the Mets. Ford's second. I don't like that the Boston College football show presented by Bud Light continues. Here again John metre drill. I Schwab has been alleged bid for the BC's defense this year we'll talk about him at a forward coach Steven Dodds you know after joked that's the door. Cast of thousands continues here at Jacob's chosen to Walt that pledged to be joined by. The great BC receivers from yours dumped by Tony Gonzales to decision. You know what the peace now it's remarked about your accurate way to. It's great quarterbacks including Matt Ryan but. You'll always be pleased to coach here is what those guys we went to a clutch moments of Tony Gonzales was going to make the catch. That is a testament to her ability. Do you feel like you Melvin and those types clutch situations. Yeah like. You know you have the play's place in that regard for the football play when things break down. He got it got to look to to make something happen and now. They were two great quarterbacks that at Boston college and it just seemed that when the played get right down the ball found its way to in my direction. You know you want me to make plays in the this. And it's a local kid from Framingham. When you growing up was BC a place you always what does that that's where I want what. I had an aspiration that you know. All over average how much are an awful. Saturday this game was on myself. The electric atmosphere and the atmosphere I want that that element there. And then as we got a little older toward you know the local. Forms to running back mark walk of life principle while coaches and he got shall we look at bill and I told me a lot of schools and from there it's. Plus college. Now what the guys open to kind of jump on meet point. You meet civil quarterbacks look pretty good. A couple of stretched out like it's really easy when you watched the game now. The lack of productivity at that position where guys dropped balls that are. Him and hand. You're a guy Rick White paper and we're able to go go get stuff but I remember you going horizontal a lot. Make plays and we you horizontal the kid who died in office things that are not. Well not to show it on video was to two let you couldn't but I just through obviously quarterback in high school and have all my life you know every time yet on one and one of them. And while we're at these seeds you know Coke but only seven Apple's. Levels in the air it's. It's ours when you're that there is the point do you agree countries I mean you knew you were. Find a way to keep yourself at all of it that way right right units on the opening all there at all sorts. And now to a lot of pride in that you know drops or something that do it either so a lot of pride in law. Lot of prop up front blocked well so you know that Paul Leary though and it. Hopefully that. Yet and these are also he's been to a battle of big time moments. So spent 2004. When did I want it touched Belfast it's 45 point four pieces. 2006. Up from Michigan to about a hundred degrees on the floor. Well remember that olive oil and you catch the winning touchdown from Matt Ryan right Kelly was the coach at central Michigan at that point very petite storm. And so those types of moments or highlight film moments would probably look back and say you know. I want to ship. Yeah yeah yeah. I got. That the games on T media room and every now and you're just you know. A little refresher on Monday it was it was fun while I was there. But and yes some of those memories that they'll they'll never you know you go to a BC if you look into future. I graduated and you know you got people coming you know bring back those memories and went to the that reinterview the time me and you know on account and what you guys. Stuck around him. You know we got to talking chief that he was there as well and we've got to talking. You know bring those memories back with it was thought it was great. No one of the things. I'm also premium guy but when the great benefits of golf with the Boston College. Did you get this the closest it's obviously Steve in the area. Tom there's a real benefit if you get away with some kids it's a different story for you study stuck around now while we do we solve these days. I actually. To start a new job today I was an education programs teach differently for nine years. Actually it was my first day shepherd police how carriers in the countenance. It. You know what it is that you go and that was good that relies that's what's no steam through sure would be. And it kind of ultimate backyard ruined it maybe that's ago you might get a break up with evidence that Qaeda now I don't officer Gonzales. But. Again romp through the skit resonated coach he was drafted by the Red Sox. This kid could have been Deion Sanders. But it Brazil through sports are quote Jackson right right Tony it was was it a hard decision or. It yeah originally it was you know initially you go through the U you know process of you know negotiations went about it. When when it came down to it now. Check out my family and just wait option is what they were offering. Good enough to give up a scholarship in. Years of football that great place like Boston college and at the end of the day it wasn't. It is to go that route and he left you know time hey what if what it is well positioned to inflame the place and field a law that no. The bulls still on track balls in tennis non standard run around was elected educated. In the middle school is a good hitter yes and yet hit the ball well see here right. I think he's out I think that brought you try to label who don't. Act. Go to Brian Gay hate media options such as you know when it and I remember to this date just solidify yourself on the football field that's where ones come from. And we'll see you you an opportunity this first day you. First practice after we we grow from camp. Now comes LT overran the pot. Over in the blocked punt got kicked my knee and those statements like years strange piece Leo you know so at that point I kind of baseball mind. Focused on recovery in the healthy ineptly. To let you know. Great. Guys it's certainly a testament to what these guys is Tony consultancy. Thinks that affects her populist rhetoric. Tony nicely thanks. Appreciate that congratulations types of Gonzales the count your report. He's grown in Alameda Perot positive here as well coaches. I should be more respect to you're good all right well I would backward regular is that the game. For McGovern Chrysler Jeep it's BC it's a commissioning coming up. On Saturday at one after this from Jerry in Joe's. Shot done right. The field rushes off fires and it backed off hurry. From vested when. Welcome back to the Boston College football show presented by bug life. Do talk more x.s and o.s with a Trojan does you over here again Jon Meterparel. How about that. These secondary Lucas does now with three interceptions. Movements if that's in Austin does do is read. Manure keys to the game presented by our good friend would govern Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram but. Dennis Dodd of wood to fix on Saturday it they are coming together nicely and you get a feel good about your back for. Yeah I mean we're getting their mean Lucas is really start to develop and get some experience now you know he had played at some football for this with those got a lot of ability. And it's great kid worker really really hard and good improvement. But they're ball hawking skills or shall come out well or make him. From against the rules interceptions for sure and that's that's what it's all about you know one. Who were repair. Opening get a couple these fumbles are way that whether it was guarding him around thinking bop and out of their phones right field line and he gets personality cameo as a twelve yards out. 320 found trouble in fumbled the ball went on the sidelines crazy and I could believe lastly are you kidding here right now. It was consignment Turks perhaps some drugs but he's the game against central Michigan they're coming off. Lost my avenue house expect to be a top team in the back this year. Hutus they beat Rhode Island at triple overtime. Also bill went from what you know about them and are they next Kansas was Nolan will what what can we expect. Well I mean you know I've said it before LC in a lot of respect for the Mac conference a coach and I conference that's good football conference and some good football teams and those guys are tough hard nosed kids. And they lineup and they get a chance to play against power five teams I mean they're put normal line and obviously you saw they beat Kansas and they get a really great job of that game they have a their offense is pretty good they get the transfer quarterback out of Michigan. And the pretty explosive on offense and you know on defense are pretty stout so what they're gonna commit here. You know. Fired up and and look into it through to get it winnings are five teams so we have to do is as if they each week we've got to continue to improve. And good to get more consistency. We need to do better on third downs. And that's that's the future is that reflective reflects on her model plays we run. We've got to run the ball more consistently we need to create some more explosives. We're very explosive training camp we need to get back to that right now and so we needed to really work hard on that and defense you wanna continue to. Where we left often. And really continue to develop defensively. And a and M I know some real explosions are right on the court special teams so. I think the explosiveness is something that like to see really happen. On on Saturday. We've done what the central Michigan team and and also what happened. At Clemson. With excellent secondary play. What we noticed whose pressure. The relationship between pressure on the quarterback. In the ability to for a second and exploit a passion. These these seem to be. Remarkable difference in the billions the quarterback last week yeah I mean we did it. The Foreman Russia we simply too high and I think the amazing thing is that. You know Clinton's office lines really tell them and I was watching game tape with the defense coached on Sunday and those are really go off of slimy and we did that against a hike hell broke. And we had some occasional pressures and are we mix them in. Who was an all you know four man rush we had some five man rush we had some you know three now fronts that we're able to create Forman rushes with linebackers with Kevin blitzer with them. With a tie Schwab and and and John LaMont and and Max when he was still in the first half so. It you don't. That that was really critical and book but against a really good offense wind we did get to the quarterback create a lot of reason disrupted there was a point there were to me. They were kind of like given up on a throw game. We were church and that with the way we play them. Not given of those man to man he shot. Quickly injury situation maneuvers and now the death of him. Not yet poems too early in the week right now I think reviews don't miss us and things of that wolf but there's been written a book. Obviously the most group for coo Stan. Coach Gaza thanks very much always judge practices be thanks to a lot of respect. BC of the chippewas of central Michigan alumni stadium on Saturday at one. But he CI NG sports network special thanks to let her let her see full service law provides good practice over fifty years to located. It right but what's been coming out full force tonight. He's speaker and he stated thousand odd jobs to parole special thanks to Steve Jobs jobs you know Jason off for the BC sports equipment staff and Barry golf courses well. I'd everybody from chicken jewels look at just Saturday at the heights have a great week everyone.