BC Coaches Show: Steve Addazio talks BC's loss to Notre Dame; previews #2 Clemson: 9-18-17

Boston College Football
Monday, September 18th

Jon Meterparel hosts the BC Coaches Show, featuring head coach Steve Addazio. The coach talks about the Eagles 49-20 loss to Notre Dame, which saw some improvements for the BC offense. Special guest, former BC running back Andre Calleder calls in to the program to talk about his experiences in Chestnut Hill. Coach Addazio talks about the challenges of heading into this Saturdays game on the road, against the defending national champion and the number 2 ranked Clemson Tigers.


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Live from Jacob Jones and Walter this is the Boston College football show presented by Bud Light for the next hour we'll have special guests and you can get drawn up by the Eagles football the Boston College football show was presented by Bud Light famous among friends also sponsored by blitzer if blitzer PC developing long standing relationships with the clients we serve since 1959. McGovern Chrysler dodge Jeep brand driven by you and by village bank. Your village your bank. Now it's time to talk BC football with the head coach Steve does field appears the voice of the Eagles jog Peterborough. What's good about it it's great to have you with us from objected chosen Waltham on the BC football show job to Perot coach Stevens does you know of course. You'll linebacker he corona is back after one week absence we decide bring him back coach does. You know what. Mutants and it can happen. Well not well except saint Edwards emit fumes. Very appreciative of my absence we read a lot of money I heard you were doing artwork or bring him back fuel veteran pro right trying to buy and only to have it. It would however you get there accepted way to do it the coach could see you in the woods just but it sounds socialist for years but. We appreciate you being a trooper here and you know put on the farm and I'm a little bit and what's not you yeah after a loss but. It's like it's life that's part of the job and know how to sign up for that but. A few nights that throughout the game this one there for the taking BC's plan well. Two and a half three quarters with the right. It's there I'm sure he bought the opposite way on the sideline. Upon further review. What you want from the game but there's. Deal okay I thought exactly that way. We wanted to halftime and I went and have them set down in there that says we got this game mean. I felt like at that point time they were we're kind of whacked them pretty good removable pretty well on defense you know. We were stymied them now. You watch tape here's exactly what it is today we knock them off the hall of front or office point plea when the best games that play. We did a lot of great things office that the warriors offense while positive things happen. On defense. It's that it's it is bizarre as like a time when you watch the tape. It didn't move our front guys an edge during. That it threw the ball over it but what Annapolis via its seventh place on the eighth or seventh place run plays that went for 330. Hours. And we were out of we were out of gaps. I mean it was like oh they must have knocked the crap no I mean there I don't contested we missed them. We missed some fits it in the back back in that would put it played down ten or twelve yards but you talk about a month. Mean we're block and that's what drove everybody insane decent coaches everybody and so it's you know. Gotta have make sure we can't be out of gaps and if you lined up wrong keys missed tackles in the back end. But usually when you see that it's what you get malls. That wasn't the case and you know that's what the tape was final the finals were like go way they really they didn't mean you were there he. Mean watch the watch that city with a tape and you and tell tale now that doesn't mean that they lost the game and that's the way it is and we got to fix those issues. You know victory when the game with this time we went for fourth and one we didn't get it on the 31 in Beirut we'll take it seventy by converting two runs on third down. And I that's what did that game right here but I thought even after that we came back we went down the field youthful eating your drive throw the ball real time look like a good outfit then. You know the next time we thought we're confident we go down again after a tenure draw we put the ball. So you know we come last week I felt like we really mean a lot of heavily with your office. Now we got built before last week defense it now we've got to turn around making decisions and from experts that we've become the defense when we're doing this while we're playing some. Awfully good football teams mean and I you're nobody else but and I you will they would be bureaucrats at the press you can get. And now. What we have to do is go ahead right now we have two. Find a way to consequences because now you're talking about. They keep some decisions that personal with the guy we which happened. 33 guys who ordered him you'd like to you know would put over the next yeah I think so and I think we also own defense got tired I mean we you know at the end of the game's story. You know now when was the same stinger. You know it's it's weird we ran or about ninety plays office were like the fifth in the country monthly right. And you know so what we need to do now it is you know I think we need to rotate more people. And try to keep her defense fresh and that was heard attitude towards in the surrogate. Tired and that was our uncharacteristic. From what we've seen that that would you know the cash plays being run through the current good athletes. You know I'd be no question about it in the heat much the boat people who with the pick a mile. But the very characteristic of the eucharist we like that you know roots as a function of but what timing poor execution when the attack that that that gap integrity. And out of her depth. And we missed a couple of key key tackles a sack. You know they passed through about ninety yards means. Are it wasn't it was bizarre because it. There's so many explosives was out of time to beat keeps track chocolates. Wielded a BC fifteen your team with an unofficial they're probably the most well. Lisa's old. Tough I think on the ball and yet. 50% plus a couple of explodes and estimate the offense is headed in the right direction. When you say you need to make changes defense and one of the changes that I noticed was shifting Dave on Jones to treatments. What it tells the unemployment line about. Well we're take a look at their money came in a safety. Move the offense the ball. He's he's a real football guy. So we're just gonna think they'll get to look mean which don't wanna do was pick you guys had taken out of contention is played it you know but if he can. Fit that job description we need to start building a little bit that up there and make up for some book. You know injury situation so he's a guy we're looking. And CL a goes over the next couple days. Left that's good depth of these systems used his athletic enough to adjust. Well I mean he's a powerful. Powerful guy with tremendous ball skills great change direction right. He's kind of all or you know me like he's got football comes naturally to him but we got a statement is a lot they're mean you know this. Who don't have training camp here right now so no I mean yes and try to get all the fun in the you don't get if you guys know in game weeks is only a couple real working days there you know you know silly trying to. We've we took a look Sunday and ethical and moral. See if we feel like we get him where we need to get. You don't want to. No I heard a guy you know because he's you know. But just record. When you look at it two weeks ago. You know you have to regions on optics. Or they're. The it can't overrule period. Remarkable. Yet you get them and I had it tough afternoon on defense. Suppose you could expect. Because it on your focus and we've got the fundamentals. That the gap integrity back to some of the things that you were doing well but you've gotten away from. He expected improvement on defense coming up this spite of the fact that I regard for Paul. Yeah we were. Plan of existing that your argument. At their place but yeah I mean I think. You know. We've got to fix those issues no mean it's one thing like I said. If you plan to get the team and in the overwhelming yet and they're kind of get the best you know physically that's one thing. But throughout your gap ultimately. And you know we go to now this and Apple's mean Robert Rubin addressed that practice ups. Boy can do is addressed your address your issues and and work you know. And that's what we're going. Knocked us overlooked aspect of the game unless something catastrophic happens specialty. Maybe guidance as good a group whose I've CU five years. We have much we have really. A greater tone global and that's reflected in special teams people think it's special teams they always equated to kicker. That's fine up to pick pieces of it you know right but there's ten other guys and feel in our coverage units right now or you leave they really are. Our kickoff return right now it is really good you're one block away. Many many feel I mean ball were locked. We're performing a pretty high level our punt coverage is performing at a pretty high level are. Our kickoff coverage I think is outstanding and of course we're kicking it out of the end zone right now I think the one unit that we're trying to get up to speed and were close in this game was pump return. You know when we had a couple we're close on but I like to see that improve a little bit of pervert pleased with worse special teams are very pleased. And and that's usually reflective vote. We've upgraded our athletes and you know that's that's happened. So that's a good thing known. You know. Right now coming out a game the biggest thing we have to fixes. Letting up those seven plays for big Europe which means he got to fix that known then that's that's got obviously over pension now. The other guys emerged your stuff went on Saturday was Charlie element to an agreement great game it is our. I don't you play of the game and honored Jonas trusted to vote. He's not great friends who perished in plane crashing on him that award and he looked like he's coming into his own now as as a graduate. Yeah I mean he's you know he's he's an organize it if your guys too important to me to a parole or. I think he's you know you look to see those guys have their best years. In their fifth here and surely it's right now often wrong and the Mi vida had his best year ever. And and there's no more deserving than him of that sort will be consisting you know and he's put a lot of a lot of work or worked with the overall Anthony brown I thought it was very cute game never again in what. Through through three game streak of representation. You know what a great opening game and on the issues completely breaking. I think the second game we've we've we've we've to be documented what we think happens that game. You know I think the upheaval at the center position was a little overwhelming for young guy and I wish you know unfortunately. I wish you know we have had a different game play that we got like to have that back you know you're not gonna get and and I think in Anthony responded really really well you know when you know we talked about her rehearsal last week we also try to help them. And you know we tried that really cut down what we did try to put in some roach control. Play action and in and try to do as much as we could try to take care earth him. I mean that was a lot with went into your decision at halftime. You know before the half I mean it's all an effort to try to guard him try to get a great look in his eyes. He felt good. And the last thing in the world who wanted to do was kind of put in the one of those situations where you know yet. You know you you you just trying to get too aggressive than I tried that that we before and you know we we we our goal was to. To manage that it was a big game atmosphere and I thought he came all really great I mean we had one turnover at the end of the game and had that. You know this is part of his maturation process is one of those two seasons maybe midnight that night if I can now auction it off court. You do you do that. Com. No none of that when I mean some of them yes. You know on the third Mona. I probably said to myself work. There's a couple things that would only took them different I mean on the fourth and ones couple things are going to them differently okay. That when there. You know. I just hear yours lets off. I think that God's truth of what's so. We decide to run draw. The snapped up Bobble. The exchange between John Hilemon got Bobble. And that's that the myself. Took one shot at the end zone we we decided that kicked shocked. You know and we took that shot him that's all that Rauf part that we Bobble the next map and that's when I said. We got too much momentum here right now for a strip sack. Or forceful. And so no I mean you know. It used for that that's fine I mean I've got to make that decision meter for that reason. You agree disagree that way you know the world's full of different opinions. You know. And there's always going to be a call or two or three in every game that quite frankly you know euros and look at. Should this which added that. I wish a week ago I did try to get to metro going. Before behalf OK but the that's life. And that's why there's you know. People love to have an opinion I give it. It is not what you can do about it that's my explanation that's why's that it and we will do anything without reasons not like you know we have some conversation. I mean but it's not one gap. But I mean. And and that's that's what goes of the things and sometimes you know yep thought process hidden in those greens sometimes. It goes to mock. And sometimes you look back and say you know what. One of those best book process in this particular case of what was cool but. You know there's always a recent news than not somebody that food that comment. When. Burn it but it's funny we have to channel old. Thought felt good I mean it's all about your thought process been like us you know I'm responsible you know. For that like it or not OK in. That quarterback at that particular point in time the important thing for us with news. Confidence. OK I couldn't see that guy get rattled it that's the back gain. OK any didn't. And then and so I look at that as a win win. Okay and and and that's it almost it's almost a lot of discussion to me about something. It was one piece of that my god I'm much more interest in the seven plays that went for three point OK if you want to know the truth. I mean in in and get that fixed. That's that's really my as that's my focus is right now and and and and what I mean and continuing to develop boss. Offensively. And get ready you know put on a plan together record ounces you know ponson. I didn't play at the highest level. Certainly going to be an unbelievable atmosphere and always has a Death Valley Stevens vows he'll be back for the BC football Chicago after this project and shows him walking around. Look like blocks down the line that did the best of the third goal a lot of time bandit zip drive. Take. It's. Good. Welcome back to the Boston College football show presented by bug life. To talk more x.s and o.s with coach or does he go here again John meter Burrell. Oh what a great moments of this is rich. History not tricked out or just about about Iran on a raid Thursday night Blacksburg in 2007. That reporters Steve Jobs you know screaming in the background. As gifts that but it but it was hard not to get caught up in that coach that was one of the all time to see who's now on yeah. But minutes plane was our rainstorm. And last five minutes the Camelot with a guy like Andre Callender in a big time next movement not throw. You need those to spoilers you know that he's joining us right now on the phone line one of the great piece you running backs doctorate down there aren't aren't very good to hear from. Doing doing great thanks and when you do that called go back to active against Virginia Tech go back to that season. You must look back very fondly what Boston College beat you what was the experience like for. On the enemy the world you by enemy Kona I debated as it is. You know that decision in my life you know I think a lot of people we will have a cup what players. And the you know being coached by a lot of people eat well I have not been that great because they had about all of all the college. And what then it really did on britney's used in everything you're. Your to block you back here to receiving that can run the football UNLV whitworth used to alternate. In the back field. You ever since you know realize that man or well rounded back. Adam Adam backed the idea I've seen them before it was cute. Undo anything dispute with the wind you know and now we I think we all that have been opposed to it in there will be many people want it. And it it is called or put do we anywhere recorded at the that there would do just that they'll come through and win. You know it because he knew what they do it if not more valuable enough to edit them but all the the make up more more value on who are. It. Under this is Pete kronor in good to hear your voice where are you these days. I'm back home and security now. On commercial cleaning company now Bob I'm if I'm just starting at all. You're starting beat it can't rolling it out awful coach I'd look on her accurately. All right and it got me candidates spoke out. Yeah any day now Molly would like to keep the event and I'll a couple of you know we just because you're you that the people who all out up. Alex he around them look at it and he left heel I got beat you all the great feet. We you know weird. Look back at your career in those those those years and it was not uncommon. That Boston College. Was it was that a significant underdog going into it. Many games that went in Blacksburg. Was perfect example of it game against Clemson another example of what you found a way to win. Hit it any any advice for the root for us and what what it takes to win. Confronted with challenges like that. You know I think had he not been particularly they get to bringing you know guys therapy speak out you know we always repeat he got. And guided it do anything unite that that fourth win. And it sparked an offbeat being you know people Mario and being around each other on having an impact on now you know he added at go to ranked. It won't hurt to go down in the military you know and a bad pick it up you know keep moving. And that opened my daddy he noted. As a as a key you know and now. I think BP it is very you don't want that label we are going to be aired it. Roger what was it like plywood not Ryan especially at 2007. Throughout your career your great receivers 76 catches in 20072. Team all ACC was like to be in the auto them. Out. Gravely at the most poor eight. It leadership in awe at being out of body heat it's the lead a team to the world recap. Who had been. Any adding we we are doing you know it why it went. When he took over. The quarterback we we ought to that yet right there are you that he knew and and young met any going to be going to be videos at the and about. That yet this can happen out. Other times he didn't. Watching down on the action I'm at the practical to the route running back you know we we knew we knew we had a depression with a. Roderic couple questions for you number one I get this question a lot you stay in touch with his teammates guys you played with the BC. I didn't think after a couple of my. About Israel that but that who. Don't want bombard. Our group who. Brand new pocket that I thought it was. Men who have. At the money guys. You know I missed my aunt spoke both the ball and knocked out of me just about out of a senate panel the round at the news Vatican had a lot of the air and I bet they'll integrate Alec come back if he does that. The game at an active enough you know come up the issue he spoke yet come up we can keep he'd been picked me coaching Knight who book and are people who. And we get them open and indeed it became dark but ultimately going to be fifth when he beat this year. Interest to see that you really appreciate all your. Support him and everything you've done forests here and obviously in the state of New Jersey you've been awesome and so really going on here that we appreciate you. I've created he definitely. I I think you're. All the picked it off the bat that if you eat if you know I don't hear it and there you. I'll probably green the more upbeat yet if the. Well you're you're also manner BC man. You know your great person great player and we appreciate it bill forcing. Thank you put African everything you've spent the muscular the feet. Thanks for opera thank you so much for joining us tonight as coaches that a troop BC guys. And there's no doubt that you're remembered fondly at the height thanks so much for its up. But they keep it added evident it. To wanted to lock bait you. Audrey calendar. One of those guys I'm sure you won't want to recruit them to this day that the fine would appease. Guys. Rica are expelled are recruit. Cannot count that high high high character great work ethic. Just a tremendous guy great player and fantastic you know most of the guys that the that he says you know that you grow their recruiting get those guys right. Come in here that develop and they've become just lost. Speaking of running sites as we transition to what your back feel looks like now. John Tillman ran with power you were Ramadan and did a lot of good things and they probably like the fumble back. In the fourth and one probably but. Over the overall to be that was one of the best games I've seen John I don't want. Yeah I mean children personal questions and he played one of his very best games you. He had a real mines that the meter then did a great job and then of course AJ went in and did some great things as well he has such promise so. John's been a great men toward AJ and in his development and the course Travis Levy's got in person a couple of key plays in there as well so there's some real talent. In the backfield and you know which it was it was great to see her run game. You know pop a little bit a lot of it had to do with the fact that the offensive line the tight ends played pretty well in the game and we re established chemistry and we are sold to. That two weeks ago when Sheen. And but but now. That got much more under control now we take another step we get picked this young senator iPhone played a fabulous game. He's got to learn how to go through that now and it in here very loud. Hostile stadium. That's gonna be another first but. But he's a player. And he solidified the center needs a big man in there and that that hope to run soul I wanna continue to see that development. On that particular Ceres. John and I look at each other going and because it looked as though they were they get there it was and I had they got their kids. They got a couple or they get dad disruption when you look at like where Andrei had a big run. He's out by the numbers any cutback and there was no interference come from the interior. And nothing but green and act in my comment was because everyone's on the ground. If they get knocked down by the operative line to accuse you get that back and opportunity but that's about as good as we've seen that that you don't operate. Well this year. I'll let you know was operating receives Q okay and in I really felt it you know. And in game one. Kabul kite for whatever reason you know. We didn't handle some pick up some movement stuff for relief but but we went back in the solidified pupil movement twist pressures. A really in against that indicate it's good people meet with Notre Dame was a big physical defense and brought now I mean that's the other thing you know. You know but if we keep troublesome place because we need to missing getting it fixed but. That's one of federal that's why it's a country and honestly that it mover defense Voinovich. I mean so there's positives and are now the negatives are what they are they got to get fixed but the physical quality on both sides affront that game pretty darn good. That's been a trademark. For success here ought to call it does make and we joke. On the team won a committed. They attract the right BC wants to make a brawl right he didn't get it through that brawl speech you gave yourself a really good chance to win we universal's. In the liberal states for you know forty minutes to a half quarters in the back half of that. We give up a couple of big plays back after the third period you know and and then we're playing catchup at the entrance took the ball around which. You know Litsch threw an interception led through you know a couple of things and that's you know at that point you know I'm we're disinterested in trying to win the game and not interest it. You know. Worried about what we're it will cut down a path that we're not you know polishing up there yet you know but that that's that's the facts and put defense on a short field a couple times I mean you know everybody you know that that's reality too. These football shall continue projected Joe's in the Waltham more about the clubs again coming up on Saturday at 330. After this from our good friends and Anheuser-Busch. But full Olympic diving. Plus the bats people. Bush lost the buffalo. Number and welcome back to the Boston College football show presented by bug life to talk more x.s and o.s would approach it does feel. Here again Jon Meterparel. The next bad off Kevin blitzer filling in for the injured John strand. On Saturday welcome back to the BC football Schultz did happen to us. John Rolston but positive be corroded. What's your blitzer you see full service law for a bit of practice for over fifty years that to be located. You're right you go to let's lock stock up for more information. Father always around the program declare holy cross and I don't you must have been very proud Kevin a thought went off well. Great job. And played a lot of football on Saturday special teams and on defense and and took the responsibility on Hamlet quite well it's a great kid working rules are and you know gonna continue to have an opportunity to build the kind of strand loss. Personal give us enough to where he stands right now to Reno. No. He's in the process of you know. Gathering all the information to build a make good decisions here we think over the next. You know couple days. And obviously significant blow to what you have to do compensate for that it's. With Connor unity for sore he can do to Mike backers then we moved Sam backer and you're talking about it but retractable guy you're talking about when the top four players on T Connolly John Baker you know that it is not just a guy I mean. It's an impact player so. You did some things because he had the ability to do. He had a very Connors and unique ability that analogy powerful addiction really fast. Those are guys are coming we have played with. NFL outside backers here right. All three guys who met you know. Alana was active on the active roster the bills you Becky PL you're just guys right that's who played with. And that physicians did you meet you in the structure of the defense ran their positions critical critical position so. And Kevin's done a really nice job and you know were behind him as a true freshman. So you know. We've got to solidify. There's some job description. Everyone's different in there with their special talents are. And it's you know we've got to make sure that we've got a great job description for the people we have played in that position right now quite simply because you know not back. Complicated but it's hard when. You got one guy there right now on his back up his true freshman who's that talented guy in his own right but it's true freshman right now so. Nobles of the things we have to adjust to talk about. You know and see which funeral direction we want a kind of spur movement towards them. Put your best players on the field and give them let them have the ability to it they can do the best. Not that that position them for several years now out in front of the defense. Ought to be up here are you feeling you get fear and real quick obviously the injury. It's and it has an effect on the key to your best player but it just. We're on the other and how did you get been met with quick. We have three drafted guys. I mean you're in Toronto three draft of old guys. And you know we think we you know kept them really nice job force and we think we have a true freshmen super talented. And so you know it's kind of got to the roots while certain positions are in a real real load. That particular positions very unique and you're not always necessarily gonna find the right guy or for that job description social ties you might have to re tweak. Agree I figure I'm thinking I mean it's like you know during your three you don't have a big back. That he got a reconfigure the kind of run it right we don't have to give up always gonna have so much school get one what doesn't work that way I mean. Is that you know get which you know what you can't get too I mean you know I mean that's avail so. That's inflate that across the board some years you might be having. Defense lineman more than your linebackers maybe you should chip to a 34 that time I mean there's some things that you have to talk about. And in those discussions have to be made in in this are great when you have a plane in the offseason. You know he. Plans are made to be broke changed. So that's my choices sometimes die so that's like. That's like us feet and I we look at the numbers are numbers guys we see Harold Landry only has one sack thus far. Maybe not the field as much as yet has been in the past. We say you know what's go on there probably are an injury is pleased not on the field more than he's been in the past that's not an accurate statement. What is accurate though is like a lot of NFL teams like a lot of teams do. They try to take to pass rushers and keep them fresh for the important third down where they can be difference makers okay. And and that's what you try to do if you take guy and you make him in just an every down player you're not gonna get the same guy hampered now now having said that. Based on where we are guys banged up and things you know. Those numbers may have to increase. Just based on sheer sheer need to increase but this thing. Coaches on that side of the ball the same position coach made the same decisions before it nothing's changed not criminals call much okay. And that development was pristine and meticulous. In great. And in in numbers. Are always going to be this thing there's a lot of reasons why we're getting a lot then through the ball on the they threw them off for ninety yards I mean right okay. I mean that was that gay all right and in certain teams protections are different person to me and route combinations instead of get five out there's a lot of factors here so. You know. Yes you know we want Carroll would be it's much as he can be on the field and but his special talent is rushing quarterback that's as special. So we wanna give him that best opportunity that. And it's awesome full of. Profits the cavs and you know it did when it forms a single and went out. Not trying to have on the field it's mom's Walter's here. I'm which they would. Vote good with that now we connect. That he is most the rest of his teammates have the big test for this week. And no shifting gears out of out of last week and start looking to the next but getting easier. Probably best team in the country on the schedule Saturday. In their place. But. Who cares. No way up the and open the button nobody is bigger political play of our guys younger than him. You know we're in a very competitive conference room most competitive side of it and they gonna play it seems we're at Howland the dates that you play him you have no control over that you know. We have control over trying to get a little better predict treat you better game. And that's that's who we wanna do we did we felt like we improved especially in office. And I and we will we will regroup. On defense crux of those issues. And Kelly Bryant quarterback. Who was shot Watson is enough though Houston. Bryant looks very here it looks like you guys similar to what you face this week to run. I don't throw and he wrote two he's. Mean he's he's an excellent quarterback. Runs like to hear. You can really throw ball he's been there for three years he's been waiting and absorbed well and that'll lead player. Mean. He's playing at a high level they got some great receivers or office winds very very. And there there heck of a football team you know they've been good defense that's this who Phnom. You know there there there the government gets from the players in the country there and and and you can see them take you also see. Grassroots. Pressure seeing red shirt you grassroots actions ought not offensive line. And I know you so that many times it's felt that the ultimate. The bulk up program. But of course is close close every they're owed every year but it's also felt situation for them so yeah I mean they've done a great job recruiting that they have. The best ever. Ian fingertips OK in the eighth made good decisions. And and they've had the ability to recruit really well he's been there a long time now to get these kids into the fourth and fifth years enough clean guys prematurely right now. And there that cycle. And you know that and more power to more you know more critical. Mean they there was a time where they were not in that cycle now they are that cycle and in their in the pretty talented but football is cyclical. And in in in those those things have a tendency to. You know. To roll mean you know. Matt Ryan doesn't come through the doors every day and you know they they know some times at that level at places like been there of the program three. It can be 101215. Years before I got that level and it will through their unique. And I ain't that Sean was a unique that. So you know. Arguably their greatest power. That's that's a lot I mean you can speak that I can't hang I'm not historian and clubs and but I mean certainly he certainly is. Just right up there. These little Italy's planes and it's so player right but the guys exceptional leader he would always. I really like tennis player. Pat you've been as the environment argument as the noise the fury you clubs. China which kids simplifying. So that they can have a chance to form a high level phone going to reports checks going to with a much more options and try to keep things simple is it. And especially having home court. Whose communications get stressed getting on Saturday were actually trying to eliminate communication problems to the best of your ability. But the say your not gonna have any everybody else. It's fact of life you know the kind of environment that environment has its unique you know spent seven years and and that world. It's different. OK it's like jet engines on can't hear yourself talk think or anything else. It will do the best weekend like we always do to broker or guys that ambassador ability but that's a little bit of something they have the experience you have to have a ways of conflict via. In the early you know but we will reduce. The opportunity. For operational errors going through this. New York crude Wada have signed through it and silent communication. On offense especially in Europe when you're in this this up tempo you get guys run an all around a lot of well not harper will communicate yes that helps us. We've been comparable I think my practice even from the beginning of training camp I later. What are the crowd choice because I didn't want the coaches screamed and things that one of the train them on verbally so they're trained non verbally. But there's still keep its issues and at least even under center just from theirs quarterback working it to the tight end. In in him that though who be someone that you know that. Ability to fire out it's not as quick as it can be and that's when you can clearly hear. In a real hates most people are completely silent keeps them there shot. But will be under center fare well there's not a better sound. And that's the there when Boston College shut those people you know and it's happened. Culture here and drop them that's what you know when kidnapper happened. That is I would definitely depend silence is deafening. You get the upper hand. But the level Iraq right now that's the job front that's the tour you know because. The he gets some pretty talented players out there and playing at a very very. But that's what you play the game. You know one thing having us for his love and honor what we went thing we did get so we can have an among political unhittable again we're gonna do. Think and got to be as consistent as we can. Go limit turnovers and better known than the mental assignments get everything lined up and rock and rule that's why I think simplest better. At this stage of the game down there. Now only distort news of the game coming up with two out 2000 you know. As the BC put also continues after this from Anheuser-Busch. The shot don't really watch right. Brown right. A touchdown. Run down my child. Its second touchdown of the day. Throughout my head than ever out of court. I told the court today. Welcome back to the Boston College football show presented by bloodlines. Do talk more x.s and o.s with coach adagio here again John metre drill. And whenever we see visits clubs and it's always fun to check out the sights and sounds of death valley of what a great way to do it. On Friday night at the SO club so called best. Barton College football. BC gridiron club will be different three. The seven on Friday night also there on Saturday before the game talkers you know the mayor have a screw their coach. And you can get but if you're in the area go to the SO club. Check out all Christiane and some great food frivolity. So Ronan specialities you know like you. Through volumes and what is the root your elbow then what is frivolity really hey guys I just wanna look for quality and aids I mean that would have set time. Connecticut but I don't know what frivolity exiled son recently I looked it up at like who. It was being frivolous like. That certificate dollar worth it well that's the higher. Level that's that's an indication. For us bottom line it's going to be fun. For the roses in Akron and nobody. They'll be there at this so well on rotted or three separate. From all word whether it's like no point. This just slipped up a lack of seriousness flight artists since the and kudos to you. Deaths are. About myself but facts are keys to the day brought to you by the government. Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram now but BC along that the government of great selection over 400 cars. To choose from 777. Washington street Newton were recovered she. Dot com. My coach on and off for us whopping that we nobody profits of line is rapidly improving possible options for sacks. Through three games. On applicants when you the line and people make up 31 profit. Right so great challenge force I think. Personal as a team you know you know especially off answered operationally. In that climate we got to make sure we do agree job right non verbal communications we talked about really critical we've got to skewed away from the pre snap penalties you know. And go take your football and it's really important then handle the multiple. They have very multiple defense with multiplicity of stunts and blitzes. And we've got to have a great week. Handling that. And defense. Obviously we've got to cure gap integrity and attack at a high level these are. Really use the athletes that make you missed space so. Norm billion defenses. And not let up the pleased that we it's going to be critical in this game so and then I think you know one thing. We played really well specialties but won't be in it but what we didn't do have a game breaker. And you know it close but we need. A game recruit to our special teams that'll go a long way that we don't try to be important scheme. Obviously fill positions important you put them on shortly problems so. We a lot of things come out force this week but you know as usual our guys have agreed mentality and really excited about the challenge and we'll have a great practice tomorrow. Lot of times you look at a team is Eric there's a weakness we can exploit. Is Clemson that type team you'll look at it and say you know what there's something there we can think of brown took. You know quite frankly I would say that there's one thing there they say that's a weakness. And I don't see that mean I think there are really good solid football team. But like anybody else you go you know you gotta do what you do best and see if you can do at a high level. And and in everyone's got to that they gotta do that too. Then you you know you go ahead and Hayden try to. No. They play physical. One thing we'll do is play very physical. They don't see a lot of offenses like us that they see more spread offenses. We've got to Billy give them things that they don't see. And do it at a high level. Do we do into it as well as we can do it that's the key usable thing it's excuse should really and you know play that game. There's we've talked last week about. The importance of that play complementary football. And you played operate football until that one pivot point we Uga. Didn't convert it worked out and you need defense to make its top. And that was like that's when you're start think about it be let out of the balloon. Did your kids understand that they knew the habit a couple of moments in every game. Were checked they gonna suffer the consequences for their teammates mystics. And it's just accountability but you know if you miss a fourth down and one going in I'm thirty that doesn't equate to having to give upset. I mean I agree you know and and and nor should you turn the ball over. You know put your defense backed up and and so that's we're complementary football comes in but you know arm. I think that that that the challenges as understanding. How. You know every play can be game changing play Nolan and that's the way it is right now and you know the mental strain it's not good 80% 90% times and got to get to a 100% of the time. So it's you know it's it's critically important I think. The talent the ability in this in the work ethic are really good right now and we've got to get a much higher level of execution on both sides of the football right now. And and and keep improving but there's reason to see good things common with the talent level that you see him. You can say all that but if you don't have the weapons off your back and do anything and we do now we've got to develop weapons from there and we're in the process. There are a lot of good things to jump. Hopefully Granada coached Gaza thanks again meant it to see it my pleasure Tokyo thanks. Steve does do the BC football show a special thanks to our person Steve Jobs jobs judges involved for the BC sports information department Barry Gallup. Walker she noted cast of thousand political. Back in the studio. He brought an option obvious morality coached you but does it would join us again on Saturday at three on the PCI and she's sports network the Eagles and clubs in the from death out so that have a great week everybody. And good night from Jake who Joe's and wal.