BC Coaches Show: Steve Addazio talks BC's shocking victory over Louisville: Specials Guests Boston College men’s basketball coach Jim Christian and former Eagle and current Los Angeles Ram John Johnson join the show 10-16-17

Boston College Football
Monday, October 16th

Jon Meterparel hosts the BC Coaches Show, featuring head coach Steve Addazio, live from Jake and Joe’s in Waltham. The coach talks about the Eagles 45-42 upset win at Louisville, improving the Eagles to 3-4 on the season. Special guests are Jim Christian & Former BC Eagle and current Los Angeles Ram John Johnson joins the show. ​


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A live from chicken Joe's in Waltham. This is the Boston College football show presented by Bud Light for the next hour will have special guests and you can get drawn up by the Eagles football the Boston College football show was presented by Bud Light famous among friends also sponsored by blitzer if blitzer PC developing long standing relationships with the clients we serve since 1959. McGovern Chrysler dodge Jeep brand driven by you. And why village back to your village your bank. Now it's time to talk BC football with the head coach Steve and does he owe it appears the voice of the Eagles John Peterborough. Wanna sell. Oh yeah. It's now it's a good kid it is the top and it is just added big data back up. I don't oh Boston College supported. The cool full authority to. The Eagles let's go the cardinals. Oh what a great day it was in the Durban city good evening everybody breaks out with a song BCI if you sports network. And chicken shows a ball that it's the BC football show with a coach Stevens does your job to corral a broadcast partner peak Ronan. Coach it makes all the difference in the world that was a showcase game for you guys offensively. That hounded them at the point of attack electrical earlier today. You said. The food taste better the sky is blue or the sun is shining more and it's almost like to breathe again right. Well it's all about win and you know it's it's it's great to get a great win on the road I mean. I think the most satisfying things fact that we had to go on the road we played. A really good football team in their home stadium with the U reigning Heisman Trophy winner. And we had to go in there beat him in the process. You know we're able to put 45 points on the board which is the second most points scored since we've been in the ACC at Boston College. Against the bullfighting. And our kids did it was sheer guts and will win them and then. You don't root problem I mean you know there really resilient and you know thoughts because it took great steps in terms of confidence. And and in it was really good to see it. Ever point that gamers that are right we got these guys are we want them looks awful and knocked up font. 4220. PCs. Author of when this gives you a sense field. I did I thought we had a lot of momentum we went up through school worse we actually have a chance. Maybe put away a second time where we had Coakley for chip commercial was wide open. We missed them but. You know. The problem is who you're playing an act guy he was put the team on his back. I've been around guys like that before you can see in his eyes and do you know who's making me nervous because you see on defense we had to defend they've they've they've got a pretty sophisticated. Throwing back. And then they are running triple option football. And that's two different animals and you gotta you're trying to play covers the from the past that pretty sophisticated level that you're trying to. Rally up the play the triple option run fits in Iran and some of these fronts on third down. So they're creating fits in in a very few teams it to look like they could do it because this guy can make anybody else. And he was on. And so you know I just go like OK especially at the end you know moves it near San ourselves you know what the strain o'clock kick this thing and give them no time clock and force the issue here right now. Because pretty clear that like who's in the fourth quarter. Clock we start the line. It looked like he fit date. Get out of my way I'm gonna go when this thing. And they almost did and that it's very hard to describe. This spectacular. Steal that he displayed in the open field this yes. I'd kick it describe it it was just tremendous. To watch you lose. Something you know I mean that that's what makes. The win super special. Because we didn't beat a great team without their best player would be a hell of a team with the best player. Given us their best shot. And and that satisfy you we had in our process we've lost our starting quarterback. And Darius given the degree jobs but we lost starting quarterback and so I think it just spoke to the grit and determination over team and all three phases offense defense special teams in at the end we had to make one more planet because we made one more play you know we should be. Game hit keepers had to come in the game with a cramp and out of gas on the fence and he he's in. He caught the ball out thinking and pick them off the and Kim got knocked how and then I jump on it like he walk it was a wacky season is all but but we had to make we had to make more plays than them at the end had been that way and I thought that was. The great thing to watch our kids do you know and you know I think some of the effects of you know. The challenges of our schedule and everything you know there's burden helpless as is is your you know your your getting word used to being in those kinds of games you know. And but. I mean Harold was at half speed and you know we're you know we're paper thin and in him. The most biggest challenging thing right now as you know we got a lot of twosome on energy out of that win but. You know were wreaking right now you know and in and we got it we got a gas it up again here right now and get on the road finally you know the wind. Well we knew going into the game Hewitt said it throughout the course of the season in the game could not only vehicle plays you gotta make the plays you don't in it shows up in the school board and last couple of weeks had opportunities and missed them this week talk ought to hit you Greece situation. He could in the game I'll look at his numbers please visit these 59. He's got a 64 receiver Adam Barrett. I sit on your exit this is the mismatch. That it is it would backfire on BC. And you get beat on the slip with any tomahawks that thing out and out like a like wow that that is a big time. Football play big time play I mean isn't knack for making those means probably a buck seventy moon rocks in his pocket and but he's he's a heck of a player young player meetings he gets a hold more physically developed he's got all the skills that you have to have but you're right I mean. You know in in the it guys will Pierce's cramping up can't go choice he'd get a life that it's crazy you know you. It is really is I mean it's it's but that's you know who you know who will replace him. Really good football teams right now you've gotta you gotta handed up but you gotta go. Well that's good league greatly to the next question. We meet their observation going into the game. You play in an iron conference. You play in the iron division of the Aaron conference. You play against yet for iron opponents want to crossover. You played through them throw in Notre Dame which some of the best front sevens in college football bin. We're review and all right what about in that mix Clemson Notre Dame Virginia Tech. Local reroute you put their front seven it wouldn't be had on those front those other three sweep occurred to me. You guys that they can know something. We've been here we've played against the top as these guys that knock on the hour of what they'll all the way you came on the second half and I was really oppressive. First year in the second half. Yeah I mean we felt we needed to do that mean we felt like you know what our goal was to try to get Templeton once he hears there's a couple of key things. Keep things were we really civil place and making your have a much higher five of that's factory team and I fruit down sir nine freaking out there now we're able to keep the chains moving. And so we're able to start to Wear them down movement that's going in the second half okay. Are dressed like what we can knock them off the board now and in an and that's when and then you know each day. And John both common animals are. And it and they were wearing down I mean that's just the facts and that was what we wanted to do with the key to that early was a good first and second down mix of run throw and missed critical for all at a critical fourth and one we threw it make you pass on them and just try to really mixed that in there but but we keep pepper in a way out of you know when and make him. Work the field line and and you know and try to get them have to substitute more. So you know. That was critical and and we were able to do that so. No work felt pretty well there there and while watching game tape and watching them I mean they're they're pretty they're pretty athletic and physical through now I mean. You watch them you know some of the plays like that EJ need were pretty incredible because we're coming after a pretty good blocking them and and those guys to their credit. They got some good players. There are no stone oh absolutely. Yeah you don't simply five yard run I think was one of the best runs I've ever seen in person will put out these sisters one of the top five probably. Best ever. Outside of that 75 yard run to game seven yards every carry. Was out of just a product you hear his juror will but the metal front feet gives him over the line you know look like they dominated a lot of strike. Yeah I mean did I mean it was a combination of both all of the above I mean. It was at times looked like he is beautiful like moon but the person in the end zone and Muslims from wind up in the backfield we ran a power set. It was. Stopped at the line right corner of fire Reid picks a guy with one hand tools on the ground and then from a pit stop. Perceives the whole run everybody through the end zone which shows you the kind of flat Hopkins beat what accommodation. You know and and then in India and don't forget Travis and John Hilton John Hilemon had some really big time plays in the game now I mean he is critical catches in the big touchdown run himself where whose. Really going after so and Travis did to so. I think you're seeing in that I think if you look we gotta keep the office when healthy you know they're good at two weeks of sort of chilling in the one I wanna say it but no no one. It's missed practice you know and and I think that's critically important right now who's you know trying to get some chemistry there and and I think Anthony. Ran the ball really well and hard in that game I mean we ransom Reid's own Clemson quarterback runs with them. And and he did a great job and in the Darius came and he and he did a great job means making the twelve great touch. On some of these naked rings getting pulled up and he had to find the window on themselves. You know. I thought that I just thought our defense or offense or special team we won that game as a team as a fifteen. Everybody had a big in everybody had to make plays when they had a chance to make plays at peace that we need there was little series of plays on both sides of all those teams that. We may not mean you sources tight ends put their foot in the ground to get vertical ones of these patches and just stuff like that you know one in there we knew we had a great opportunity to block punt we actually over blocked it I mean in all. We all thought it got the I mean and we thought we had to I mean we. We overbought it. It because we you know we went beyond and not you know and so you know we're right back in a meat grinder this week we're playing up five and one Virginia team that's got a lot of confidence I mean. Then we've got to go to their place them and that's what football is right now we discovered rally up have a good week of practice. On Monroe conscious right now. How many reps are gone practice. In the week he would know by I'm really. You know it's it's it's it's a poker because we've gotten better if we practiced really physically and hard but we're get to the point where. You don't care we got to probably have to be able Smart this week you know we've got two games in the next however many days so we gotta be careful. As a quick turnaround Florida State up front and I would stand. I know it's only Monday that it bronzes source shall well through questionable for the relive the answer that you know full of a better answer moral. I mean. I don't know what that's delivering I really don't know the same injury that reaches certain redo same shoulder a little different injury. And I just think that you know. I think he's he thought a lot better today. Which is a good thing. And we'll see how productive that can be tomorrow think yours did a great job I thought that he really did a phenomenal job. And we just got to be ready for both these guys roll and and you know you kind of you guys know your weak government and I think our his of this flight got myself like you know what. Whatever it is we're gonna find a way would roll and because every week it. Not that that doesn't happen to a lot of teams but we've had an affair high high frequency I think we're dealing with this every week right now and you know Scott Rolle they'll find a way to get get a win on Saturday no matter what what thing notebook with it we observed. Look like a little bit of a different approach Saturday. He typical and that is you begin to throw the ball a little bit not Irish stuff but threw the ball to set up the run right here and then the leader when where and weeds in the game. It looked as though you're calling plays that we're gonna be. Easy for him to meet the kind that he's left in a quirk make your role of light rock for that why dragged to death they couldn't stop it. But it was due to look like you really were playing to strengths that you hope you players that the commitment. You can replace much of us got the great job with that because that's difficult and then you know you're you're. But yet we had no one of our things last week was we. Got. To get the ball into the hands of the guys that can make the place. And then we've got to be able to manage. The personal changes that we had to manage. And so a quote. He did a great job the staff the degree joke consciously doing that you and yours came in we had to give him an opportunity. To get going in and be successful. And you know. I thought that got managed well and then managed the game at that point is well you know we don't need to be in high risk situations at that point in time we seem to be album the thing down field. On them you know salt. All those things came into play I think the beautiful thing was I said earlier my press conference I think. The things that we talked about this radio show in the promise. In the future we got another good glimpse into that for me to say we're not going to be an anymore roller coaster rides you know on the concede that. But I I think everybody got a good glimpse though of what we sit we think we can we can do I think. You know you've seen it in and thought a little. Bigger fashion on Saturday so it's clearly there and now which is the consistency thing we've just got to keep working you know. It's a merchant that's for sure it was a beautiful thing BC 45 mobile 42 this is the BC football show projected Joe's. Could walk them we get a couple special guests lined up for you would welcome night. Chock full of decent football soccer and other pieces sports doctors wealth but the coach Stevens doesn't. Second 15 wolf we're back to throw Russia's that's lose it's not like John. I'd have thought they broke up on Thursday. Eagles capitalized. Welcome back to the Boston College football show presented by Bud Light. To talk more x.s and o.s with coach or does he go here again John meter for round. Let's sneak preview is our next guest we're waiting to hear from the great John Johnson now number one of the hottest teams in the NFL. LA rams his his patrolling. They're secondary we're getting him lined up here with trojans Gaza because I'm Jon Meterparel peace is celebrating its three point. Nail biter against global coach everybody's buzzing about AJ Dillon his future but I heard you earlier today at a press conference. Chris Lidstrom was in the ACC office sublime of the week and he's playing at another level right now is called it why is he so fears of them. You've known him. I mean honestly this dude loves football OK and he's one of those guys now he wants the know quite true at all. I mean that's the way my place you know he's got the physical size and mass to go along with a now as we've been talking about you know everybody talked about that I kept saying well one day one day you know. Failure you well securities and in the plane and a pretty darn high any point two positions boy you you made a good point I I don't. This convoluted question what. All the great ones. Offensive linemen always wanted to buy that's an attribute that not a lot a lot to live and when you get one it's special. I mean he you know I mean he's the only guys that you know he wants to get after it now and he's got that different here. Get a defense of mines and and he's just a great kid need loves football and just really enjoying and watching him lost. I remember watching him in the recruiting field when they went youth it made the announcement decree the national tenth day we're watching film the one thing I don't let him finishing blocks. It on yet. If he finished it needed to finish it nicely so I've been in. I just curious is that that that has to be infectious. There's no question. It's raising the level place seat we went through little transition John vigorous leader of that offensive line he's still trying to be a leader but you know Tories not plan. Chris had a really kind of almost except that a little bit he and he started to do that he's not naturally come and overly outgoing guy that way. But with display I think he's elevating his young Brothers gonna be exactly the same way about what they were raised that way you know I mean an end. I mean it's just that I think it without a doubt this is raising the level play in this you know then patrols got a lot of it in them too now and you know I think. Purcell. Draw the best out of them that it's well known that becomes infectious and John Phillips and singed more reason their level and no. That's what your hoping to see you mean that's that's the name of the game and as we get every one of these guys back plus speaker plus don't forget Elijah Johnson's troops starter is true freshman. And he's coming back all of these guys are gonna give us an opportunity to not that we're in the middle of it now and I'm saying we have a really really. Bonafide real future from the office won here and that's gonna be relaxing and you know. The depth will have to be greets you know because Elijah is extremely big PowerPoint athletic. In everybody's for a right he's been gone since spring ball when I haven't because. That dude right there complain. OK and you know we're gonna get chain letter back at some point weather's this year or next year but. I'm real excited about the future and that John Christine main leaders on this thing and then. Alec young age from brother's going to be I'm telling you he might be more ramble and Chris. He's just undersized like Chris Wallace I mean now he's 264. He came here at 240. He's now to six in the world up to forty things a little insurance he'll be he'll be threw seventy in spring ball he'll be 280 to start the season next year. And then you know what's gonna happen right and then he's and is that that you receive some really unbelievable. It's going to be very fun to watch them patrol what he's doing the apex of your line freshman quarterback freshman center only team in the country. With that operation going right now it's over consumers and of itself but the expressions and get three guys right up the middle. What does mutual fund soon approve. It is getting more and more comfortable making calls them. Sentinel block combinations and and snapping stepping you know snapping in being in the same players you know he would. He's just each week you're gonna get more and more comfortable that's what you've seen him do these got more comfortable. And I think that guys can do a heck of player. Ruse oops I mean myths that I mean that's obvious you know it will we talked about last week is that you know particular team effort out. We're now into the site. Against some very tough competition. The Boston College football brand so he would reemerge. I got a lot of calls last couple days from all over the country. From commenting. On the Boston College branded a group of aggressive football and I've been so I was scouting. Virginia today. And they're talking about here in the ground downhill momentum around don't contribute with. Formations and all this stuff this line up and knock you off the ball in night and that's gotta be work at your favor. Mean that's who we are and that's who we want to establish and you know Wimbledon would like to do along the way is. You know continue to increase our passing game and our skill players. Which we have more pluses in the meat and the long time we've got to get that performance level up there will make him. If we can make more plays down field. To go hand in hand but the running game. That's when we'll start to become. But dynamic offense and that faith that peace is not all the way there yet I think we've seen the tight ends. You know becoming more and it's gonna be more consistent we've seen the offense like more and that's got to be more consistent. And then we've got to get those we've seen the quarterback run game storm come back a little bit now we've got to get that downfield throws we. Everybody you know we got to connect a handful locals downfield throws to get those chunk yards. In the get these people off looks a little bit we're going to be focused on that we have had a heavy focus on that we agree it's not reviewed the. And you get you soon on Sunday February 1 2017. Transformational recruit. Speeches don't game breaker presence. Looks like he's ready to play immediately you oppression that. As we saw earlier could be one of the top spot back he's he's ever had been a lot lot of football what it but yes every. Moving part doesn't. Yes. No size speed mindset. You know. I mean goes in and he's getting more comfortable when you get better and better and right now no means going knowing. The only goes so many plays and he needs to come out. And in the Eagles back in we've got to manage that and and and John has been phenomenal mean John's up very talented back. And and he's been great he's taken it gender swing than a fabulous job with him in the Travis Travis leaving now. I'm telling you don't sleep on him now he is the difference maker and you saw bits and pieces of that but that's a 190 some pound guy that pictures and be at 200 muscle bound guy who's electric. Seoul. And we've got some. Ice there you know. And as a guy on the phone list now one of the greats John Johnson one of the great cities that come to Boston College now in the secondary to the LA rams hi John how are. I'm dawn are pretty agree that evening to you man you brought coach has very happy about your success we all are must feel pretty good job. Oh man it's great. The B Alex I laid. Out all on top on opening bit. Are happy right now it you know I repeat the support. Overrule it throughout each and in what you've done you know none of us you know. In the football building are surprised because you know obviously we felt that passionate and strong about chip. Your work ethic your preparation your character and your ability in the you know apartment but it virtual work out their all time you know in our great friends and he says how much they love you known him and you just you know pleasure to have him and in doing phenomenal just got to keep grinding I just. If you had an off the oval time meet Saturday to come down a Virginian cover upon. But that it's that bad. I have not been. Note are no notebook that but they ought to get those that. Now now well we miss we miss that and I love the fact that all you guys cut your teeth and special teams you know and gave you an edge over everybody's all been really really on. HIP Cronin here I got a question for yet. Rookie year. For pre season games. Six regular season games to order a week seven. Seven plus force eleven that she equivalent almost full college season you know even halfway through the proceeds from season yet out of the field. All. It. Like it they could wait at the picnic Ralph fight in we're going to add right now where act. Like that that the these but I did it great that they carry a body. The approach about being denied that they won't edit right now what do we that it though. Not even halfway there yet got a front. She not know what that the BC football experience mean to you and how to do its. Catapults you into a starter for the LA rams and secondary. Owed me a lot be you know it. From above the neck. At bank if not they are and now want the guys that we're in the Bryant would be in mark that we. And beat need to prepare. It. I don't cook that every bite at a spot on that out in Iraq. Opposite is well prepared. In all along though I looked at I don't think it would help the outlawed profit. The big break. Coach John McVeigh watched the video today of him in the locker room. Simplest ebitda positive jacked up he's got a lot of energy he's 31 years also is not much all the new. What's it like to play for him. Oh don't like bomb. Are there that pop out though that are you opt for years. That it goes on the pay per year note and it I feel. And now have a bet that out based on what what do you are in I'm aren't going great that there are a note all. Like oh he we get after enough about all of the art we I don't own. But to the success you've had John it's a team is pretty oppressive to this point. You obviously a rookie another kind of were questioned whether some of the guys that. I'm venturing you out there in the secondary and I guess with the with the team in general. All David you know opt out but right now the market on top of treatment Benoit and out lack. Are right now and now I'm all about bill O am and but oh god that it will be. Quote that. He'd be code oh main there we have it like. Being eight but the big go more you know late back. The bait a lot about the old world and they'll 80 yeah. That's also where you had no Coach Kiffin knowing your face and so you're used to that right now. Oh yeah it but I like epic. At the back it up though I think what have I got it up in. Upon those very jock asked for a better place to play at some rookies and upbeat Cleveland. You're Hollywood on Johnson now yup Malibu up the front door again at the Hollywood's probably it back door Wheeler and out there. Are yeah the bat well not opt out who albeit in a row Ali look out there right to make. But I had pupil I got bit at the only that you get through like LA acted never get the low probability and I. Or the other what while. And it's Hollywood and you and you forget about the Hollywood. Dot onto his Harlem. Obama ran a wild. Sorry if you've got you've scored all waxed up reviewed it and go from fixer and all the tickets. Surfing. All got out the ones like I looked down black mound but no one out I think the good you know it does a lot right. Yeah we are beyond bracket them that backed the bill right now. It's that third eight that we had out on content we are about the tape our elected. Back build upon that it on. That's going to be great tribute at the Arizona Cardinals or what it's gonna be like who played him Peterson is they're running back. Oh bank that the the Pitt game you gave Brooke the wanted to you know make the play all the band eight or beat the heat eight camped there balm glad we. The body without it now but it boat back on the and I beat Butler in a the game that we at later beep at OK now what a great back and don't bet got out but it went. Now landed at eight and the part. It's been a lot of fun to watch shot and its success raw root for it in BC nation. All the best Annan were all roll up cited where you were happy for everybody and team talks about you and brags onion so ruler Prodi. Thank thank you operate it I think it got apparently it gave up out not but equipment now I grew kiwi man before his senior. Are right now I don't level not to look. Thanked them but you get hot and mayor John Johnson. That's a PC guys like ours in golf and the results of academically. Locker room on the field is at all is gonna ever here's a guy that was not heavily recruited. Who came to BC excel in the classroom excelled as a leader and person. Develop on the football field and and will will play a long time and Utley because he's Smart he's off. He's and make good decisions and in just something that everybody you know we can all be proud. Then while said John Johnson continued success to him but yeah LA rams this is the piece you folk also another special guest. Come back right after this from Anheuser-Busch. Well I was back bill called the person with the ball hard going to end up building up for the role of god to. Did you lose a few I didn't and an exclamation point touchdown at Boston College. Welcome back to the Boston College football show presented by Bud Light. Do talk more x.s and o.s with coach or does he know here again Jon Meterparel. Then all of activities and football sharply different jobs jobs and beat these. Star safety now these LA rams in the just keep commoners coached Nazr you know after you see pizza rule 4542. We got a guy whose gear up for the troops is Jim Christian BC basketball coach gives it veto you I think Pete's butt though he's. Yeah and feel awful about to play linebacker. Now the host who small forward. Since you're a heck of a basketball player though that we know it and you are Jack for the season November 10 the opener. Atomic form against Maine as the Eagles have a lot of promise and shoot. Coach. Talked a lot of people people say that these backcourt that's going to be one of the best back courts in the country which room Robinson Scott Bowman. I think it is. Injury. But is no doubt in my mind having and like I said I've said publicly a bunch of times and I don't know if they're the best but I don't know if there's anybody better. And there is good as anybody that they're they they do everything you need to do they work hard they're dedicated and loyal to BC to loyal to things we're doing it his program that. And they grow better and better at that you can't substitute experience talking about. You don't want guys a freshman that played. Roughly thirty minutes a game and aces and play it into Rome. Really was his first full season because of everything he broke his wrist after eight games his first years so now. You know I think his body's got stronger better and and it just they just leave a lot of ways. What's the pre season like from basketball. To review Bryant coached Gaza contestant apple what do. The lead up to November attempt to get a read. And it's it's probably the same you know it's vetting system and kind of figured everything okay what do they grasping within our grasp it would have things that. If we have to do because it's not the same you don't play the same every year you person those little bit different so. Especially the defense of it to the floor we don't have as. Much depth of the backward step that we probably would like we have two great players but so we have to find ways to play things that they get a little bit of rest and at the same time. Improve our team that was the area but we wouldn't improvements. Was river defense. And also in green and fit you this year coach. Donovan a couple times that go to him to not take Teddy Hawkins. Normally stay. It was terrific score last year and every publication picked up the reason is they think this doesn't just. Play you know it's funny. We've been around him he could see why certain people have been part of winning programs. And he's really believe we go to movies most vocal guy and our team and he understands everything you put him. He's done a really really good job just. You know jumping in there get to those TVs but at the same time he's you know instilling in them how important certain things are like he's the guy that kind of stopped practice it. If it gets a little stated it it explains how important it is and totally focus what we're doing things so he's he's really really been impressive that a lot of different ways and obviously you know we've been a little bit. Black hit the floor offensively it's uses an offensive punch a guy that can shoot the ball but he also can really score posted. You know we haven't had that option at that position so those three guys that they you know they give us three guys that on any given night you know could get one of anybody. Steve you could speak to this how tough was it to agree fifty years into the program and get them I. The slot to do with this it is Jim Hussein you know. Kind of we know what their background is what their character level is and when you get a guy that went we have Murphy here was a high character guy. And I came from the program was high character and had a really tremendous influence. On our team and and you know kind of moments it seems like community guy that can put people on his back. And you get a chemistry between those guys in knew who lifts your whole team. Your group. You know question it's all about why they're here you know I mean like he's the whole thing his father about winning or they try to get numbers. In India thing right now about what he really wants to be part of this. He saw it that's why you give that a company he saw the development so what kind of what's happening inside the program you want to play with those two guys. It just kind of builds up this I think we've also you know got great contributions of some freshmen. You know it particularly athletics department to. Succeed 230 pound key issues he just gets it he's tough he's hard nosed he's he's a great rebounder just doesn't really good feel for what it takes away. What are you looking for both guys on the recruiting trail. What's what's your prototype these basketball. You know a lot of understanding is is a big part of it getting you have to there's got to be things of that transferable skills to sit you can do you know you're opening the door with. That you're gonna make you be successful right away in the upper the other thing you have to look boys is they're basketball IQ there have to how quickly that they picked things up. And all kids go through some struggles it can they get from those universities. And remained confident that's a hard part. That was the one thing that stood out of us could well. Was that nothing can take with these companies have been if Maggette scored zero points its because they are number you're zero. Five turnovers I closed my eyes for have to do is point. But it didn't faze the next day he comes to play in next thing he comes to work it is never to Kuwait was companies and I think that's really was. Division one college athletics and higher level is that it made it go your way that you better be able to bounce back and if they can't. Steve Bowman was a football recruit her you know Ottawa went receiver and can't be receives a star on the fact corporate. Is that similar yeah. I mean I think. I think along with that you have to delegate guys that you feel can come in here. In and handle the work you're academically. And in and can no. Adapt to the culture that you want on your in your within your program. And I know it gyms and like ours it's that starts with toughness. And being able to take her coach and and then and then be able to you know fit in with the group of guys and either gonna go to class are gonna do there you know they're gonna do the work they have to do. And be good citizens of high character because here but he wants to be proud of it did they all want us to win but they also wanna be proud of of the guys that are represented this university so you have to have all those factors have to come together. And he does have the enviable task of being coaches in the agency but the unenviable task of being in the toughest conferences in America. I'm sure Jim has been indicted Tuesday meant we get North Carolina we get there we go Miami news now power picked on and on and on there's really no let up in this job. It is. I don't question I mean again it's it's fun that's why he's doing it it's. You know when you finally get pieces that you know you can compete and I think really uses. You know going to my now fourth year I feel like now we finally have a really good foundations the first time we've returned a double figure scoring nevertheless to a so it's not a total rebuilding it was so it's exciting it's exciting for our kids they get it. It's exciting for fan base to see those that teams those that placed him in the it makes fun every single night but who would definitely mean every league is challenging to me this is that this is without question the best league in the country but every league is challenging. You know it's true certainly did the quality of players cranked up someone says to me earlier announced illustration about what that going on talk about it. And luckily in our backyard was everywhere and yet you does that does that put. Yeah that is littler. Well this. I don't care who expound on this situation about what the heck you don't on August. You know I probably know as much as I read I mean agreed with everybody else it's obviously. It's a tough time and in this a lot of stuff going on now that. That. At the end that they could be very very good college basketball and sometimes you gotta go through those type of situations for everything to the to get cleared up but I mean I know is about as much as the person who asked the question because void all I know that is what I read. So it's except for a lot of people the same time I think it's really good because that's. It's a developing situation I would agree with two I think hopefully this'll bring some fresh hearing coach. And you both up challenges there's no doubt about that but when you look at this team this year. When you think your biggest you know it. Our biggest challenge is tell me when you have you know you have guys like that. You know health is a big part of it is these 20% with Steve as you know it's it's. Everybody says next man up mentality but there are some holes that become big hit that next man. Is gonna do everything he can't he's he's got back. You know so when you're yet when you have key players key players have to stay healthy. You know the ball's gotta go your way a little bit but. That's not different than any other program would with every team Italy Turkey players and with a key players. Don't get hurt it's really really difficult for everybody to it that this so that any NFL Packers. That happens it's tough it's part of sports put it that next man he's a great kid is gonna work hard but he may not be back Steve. You're familiar with a next man up. Next man up and I just also want to add this you know like I know Jim those earning the right way at BC we try to Durbin right away with him with a high ethical standard. Let's say for me personally. They got a ride these people right out of our sports that are cheap. I'm not into this team thing okay and I don't know I got a son that's breaking into this business right now he's graduate assistant house state. And I wanna preserve the great sport football basketball. And I think what we have to do is squeeze this out I wish I wish it would go back into the high school coaches level. With a high school coaches have. Have more involvement in in in just keep our sport's great knowing him I just a great appreciation for Galley Jim knew these. Work hard work and toughness and build your program and all the southern nonsense it is had a bottom half of the the announcer. The real path that's sure hopefully it will be yet but what coach Christian great to see if that's come about me to thank you so much on the run. Graduation thanks Jim thanks economic Jim Christian BC basketball November 10 at Johnny form against being. Terrific games on the schedule check up BC Eagles dot shop for more ticket information. If he said he wants the college game admitted me and Phil freight Khobar and we like the money that football there's. Apple previewed the U Virginia game coming up with coach doesn't show up to this from what sort of let's. It gives it its time Dylan gonna show exactly as the authorities the boy we look at this it's not a source of different city. Miraculously. Nobody paid any good this sport that's Alexander. Spent now flags. The Boston College football show presented by Bud Light continues. Here again John metre drill. Now I don't say coached both Pete and I came out of our seats were. HE Dylan. Absolutely flipped. Chuckie Williams for the better safeties in the league like he was a flea under the terms and he was gone for seven but. The best front her pursuit yeah I mean to remind me you will remember and Andre ran over the DB from NC state that you know I'm a percent while. And that when Eric just said. I told Brian weigh in Lagos is that on your clinic they you know coach analyst and they're off stuff. You can be out giving clinics you know like you that's sort of throw workers. I thought well sure it will be a lot more to confirmation until it's time now for our keys to the game brought you by the all new McGovern Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram. They're a great selection oval 400 cars to choose from 777. Washington street Newton were recovered she. Dot com what are you got for the wall boos but Virginia this week. Well the wahoos are playing at a high level with a lot of confidence right now and you know there good football team. We've got to kind of go down and and be who we are in as we saw that a million times here you know. Expect kind of really like to see special teams we've been really good news strong but I like to see a team record special teams and continue to play great on defense and offense we've got to keep or explosiveness. In the can't just be one dimensional so. Hopefully we'll have a healthy good we can get some guys back in the it wound up down there you know full compliment so we look forward to please him. To win like the little game great momentum. It's a validation for all the hard work. I was there I was a team mass before the game by the Jack made reference to that. No that are through to belabor you know it's time that time that we could reap the benefits reaped the harvest. You can see the positive impact the game like that reduce your risk. Coming off of that mean he's giving grinding. It's gonna be hard to keep the focus on the grind. Yeah I mean I think there's you know. There's no doubt in oil look at some of these guys like Mike PG liking Anthony and and along talked today with I won't say who but about what it takes right now and punished for him help me with what what is it. Teach these young guys are what are really takes we're just talking about the NFL. Two week in and week out to cure your body a you have to be super proactive how you know you. This game we had it was great okay and and in and really for me three or shall tonight is the last. Time I'm gonna speak about it. And we've got to get back in hearing decrying did which we're doing our ops are already. And and in get ready for this game and guys have got to take care of themselves and understand that this is that time of the year were. You know stuff happens because some people don't handle it very well you know. Only good thing to receive the the leadership component. Always comes up and I recall playing on very good football teams. You didn't dwell on off a loss or failure very long when you have. A run of success is like the green streaks. You could celebrate the victory the dating game by. That that began to drift you should use your focus be in the ship. Two through next opponent almost immediately you know no doubt you need immediate debt sixties preparation psychological preparation really at the mind right. So that you could be best prepared to compete the following that following week and that's it that's it. That expect lyrical questions that challenge that leadership teaching these guys that we really can't dwell on their laurels. But we don't have a notebook with my healthy seniors right now there are so. Quite frankly Aaron in my mind veto you know tomorrow morning were rogue field and I could Saudia. As the as the leader whose organization. The eagle or. He handed. How it's like this when you when you need to go to work. And what a game we go to locals were right now I understand you're ready for what's gonna become the oval like itself. We look towards another big win. And Charlottesville on zone that notion gradualist extra thanks John appreciate it John coach Pete thanks Stephen Johnson on this football show over dead as well Friday night. Boylan heights being zebra rock that's in Charlottesville. What does it do you haven't shot that morning delegate ball. Go. 2000. There's talk about now the back again Saturday.