BC Coaches Show: Steve Addazio talks BC's tough lose to NC State, but is excited for the future. Special Guest Current BC linebacker Connor Strachan. 11-13-17

Boston College Football
Monday, November 13th

John Meterparel hosts the BC Coach's Show, featuring head coach Steve Addazio live from Jake and Joe's in Waltham. The coach talks about the lose of QB Anthony Brown for the season and how the injuries keep adding up. The coach also talks about the lose to NC State, what he liked from his team and how they can improve. The coach also previews their upcoming game against UConn at Fenway Park. Special guest current BC linebacker Connor Strachan joins the show to talk about the future of the team and how his rehab is going. 


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Live from Jacob Jones and Walter this is the Boston College football show presented by Bud Light for the next hour we'll have special guests that you can get drawn up by the Eagles football on the Boston College football show was presented by bug life famous among friends also sponsored by blitzer if blitzer PC developing longstanding relationships with the clients we serve since 1959. McGovern Chrysler dodge Jeep brand driven by you and by village bank. Your village your bank. Now it's time to talk BC football with the head coach Steve does field appears the voice of the eagles' job in Peterborough. It was a gritty performance by Boston College on Saturday afternoon. And the Eagles certainly had a valiant effort it was an unbelievable game it was in the open talked affair and not there yet ashamed of that's for sure despite the results 1714. In favor events and stick it out of this everybody. The BC football showed job at a parole not broadcast partner peek round and then of course the coach Stevens doesn't dispute you don't. Yeah I'm doing good things get ready this. For another big week here and I would get some changes that we've got a wood just to hear right now also disclosed typical day in the paradise. Police say. Are you healthy. You know I'm healthy but some some up plain don't really matter fumble. This reminds me of public. Fraternity rush and get the paddle out. And you say thank you sir may I have another you know well you've got dealt another one over the weekend you know. She's doesn't. Around when you get used to it yet knowledge especially you know. It took us quite a while to get that point we know and gotten. Develop the quarterback position really started known tremendously confident and in. What we're doing so. The key now is to keep Roland and you know give give give back in and once again try to get rhythm and get chemistry and all of those things that go along with that so. You know what it's all part of the game it's common it's it's it's it's common oh waterfall this year but. We're still playing in pretty high level I mean. We played one of the better teams in the country knows and those still had a great after you win that football game and probably your kids played. You know I thought we whittled that our special teams who won that game and that's a little uncharacteristic force. So. You know. Battle on a plane and Ohio. He's not talked every week about the intensity toughness the grit there's that word again that was very evident on Saturday. Anthony brown for those that don't know earlier today you announced that the grounds out for the year. And more undergo surgery. Right on it is on his knee injuries certainly of brutal blow wanted to and in time a team whose. Uses quarterback. Especially quarterback that's coming into his own. Redshirt freshman who looks so composed. Terrific game a couple weeks ago odds against you you follow up a blockbuster against Florida State. So you lose your quarterback mentally now what does it do that it. Well I mean I think that's stories yet to be told I mean I think our team's tough and resilient and they've shown that we've come back in a warplane one of the you know get the number two rated the most typical schedule America and we battled through all this so we'll just keep battle I mean. You know. That's the way it is so. How they handle and a mythical candlelight with you know everything else we just know we're practiced more on him in get after it and and keep grind. You know and that's it that's where we are so we've got a few other injuries and here that that that are that have some concerns won't. We got to get through the weekends you revel at those as well so. You know well. This is nature of football to get down the homestretch you like it at the you know it's many and certainly ate that hadn't happened your quarterback here right now but. That's life and think our staff error excuse me are battlers. Our players are battlers. So we'll my sense of the U Kamal. Player who really thought it was a. That was a the game that you reflect on I did it myself you know you pick out spots and you. In aggregate see you know you mentioned special teams and can lose your quarterback. You said it who's your quarterback you might you'd probably lose the game. It looked sloppy but the number three in looking back it was really a brawl. Boy that was a really physical football that that maybe the loss kind of lost in translation. We've been in and no people look at go to what was going on in these bytes it was a really physical these guys again after. We're matched up pretty at the end of the game the statistics were pretty matched evenly matched that fiscal game I mean we move the ball extremely well early out when he abuse and that you know we missed by we had a past that we should be checked down we threw in the coverage in the end zone and then when he. You know got hurt he was planned to go in score on that play I mean. We were run the ball really well I mean that's one of the best defenses in the country certainly one of the very best in our conference that's what we're going through that deep of pretty well and on defense. I thought we're playing extremely well we're for street that quarterback we're making them throw up silo getting hits on him. And we took the number 23 team in in and I felt great about it. And obviously. You know what a game like that where there's a small margin for error in the end you know we had quite a huge disruption happens and but but yeah you're right I mean that was. That was really. You can you know what sometimes I I I say each week I think actually each week on the seat again. That we have the number two rated most difficult schedule were playing in America were in the number we're in the toughest conference in America on the pop the side of the division. And it think got to have a little appreciation for just who the heck were plane right now one in week in and week out okay. And you know we're not we're not playing in some each week copper. Side of her own conference. And so weren't all flights in in in in in the quality of the competition is incredible and I think I'm proud of the way our kids. We stepped up and we are from the BP didn't see that all the way over now I'm me. We are battling it. And with youth were battled with massive amount injuries that are unprecedented. It's still you walk off that field you your your fan you're a woman is gonna be prouder football team right now there's no guy and you go through the eyes this thing and this is going to be one battle tested tough good program good football team here gonna have as we move into the future now we're gonna have to weather this immediate impact right now. But the reality is not couldn't be more excited and and I would like to think that if I was alone mr. fan here I would be. Extremely excited not you don't understand football do you think that all teams you player's name will then you know what hey whatever. We know it with the fact is that the sentiment. So far has been in the bluff and call it is presenting. That the brand of competition. And being obese is prone to it. And and not the right not always the right outcome but the competitiveness. The resiliency hog all the things you've always thought. Saw a steady progression through expanded from week one to now. You guys are rocket should I think in terms of potential. And that starts with the best running back in the conference right now in AJ Dylan who has most yards in America. Since week four. And the kid is not salute these wrote the way he's running right now you got to ride his coattails. Yeah I mean don't think there's any doubt about that you know on the line is. Played pretty well right now and knock on wood we can keep that together and you know that's where we are you know. Not who I spoke to the story after the game. You looked at it and said wow. You know you have your football team and a and that's the best compliment yet you know. And so might my job is the continued development and in. And create. Positive fifty OK could it should be that way. All right run you know when a plane has no disrespect there won't even mention names OK button. Oh. Other than does a lot of it issues going around a schedule that. Little gesture. Let's talk about your offensive line to his but it looks at vigilance this is underdogs and arts. It's all ages don't opt business. The offensive line has opened its view and huge huge holes line's play well played in to block an extremely well I think we have a good play action passing game. John helmets playing really well traps Levy's playing well I think there's you know world Renault. Blues on offense. There's a lot of good players and on defense there's a lot of were playing here's what we're doing a good job okay. We're playing good team football if I had to say what we've seen this women most last week it's the fact that I felt like we did play really well on special teams. OK and that has been very consistent who were playing good team football this is an unselfish team it's a team that you know. Understands that you know. Roll battling for each other. And you know that's a really cool deal and I love being a part of it but I thought that. Uncharacteristically. We didn't kick the ball well off you know we kicked it short of middle feel it's not who we want a big. We give them great field position a couple times we mishandled snap on Google we got a punt blocked it had no there was no penetration or to be blocked we were missile line. We had a penalty on appointment had pinned inside one so it on the kickoff return we ran tobacco blockers I mean we had a few things happen there that you know. Really could change the outcome. And and in the north were capable playing a whole lot better on special teams than we did him in that just tells you how important those things really are. And then on both sides of the ball offensively defensively. There's a couple things that we we certainly could've done better improve upon. And you know I think we all coaches players we all have some things we. But you're playing and highly competitive game against a very competitive team owners of small margin for error. Well you've got yourself finishing position because of the way you played. Every gears now because the game every either the consequences. The next two. Are. Virtually you know you've written you really have that you're in control he wrote that in your of your own death. And you know you're going to be one this week at that he said it talked about it's it's one game seasons everything going on no doubt mean. This this is this a huge gamer. Plan and you know in against a team that's getting better and certainly is very capable. Big. You know atmosphere deal at Fenway area regional game all all bulls you know Alter your markings and we just have got to focus as I told our guys you know our mentality is plans to all right now that's what it is businesses know. Everybody in a program. Worsen the water given everything we got going on miles an hour going to get this went on Saturday with every ounce energy that we have. And in in our team whoever's playing quarterback or teams is he's rally and it never ever when everyone's got to know. Played big boy ball right now and it's an and that's what it is that's what you do that's what I'm saying it's a team. And in in everybody's got a rally together here in in in it. Guys it'll be in the game that for the first time or have a bit and a lot other guys go pick their game up the sport that that's going to be to myself. And Emmitt the quarterback the question of the day is. What's the next quarterback who's been scores will be competition this. Reminds. I mean in my X it is like everything sort of grew up Tuesday would compete like Nolan and in in go. That's what we do every week obviously. You know was. Theory Darius is a little nicked up and so we got to see you know where he is moral and I think. You know and and it's ivory stayed in my press conference. That meeting his family and no desire you know. John for schools though also for the remainder of the year so. You know everybody's on board. Everybody's on the same page. We're gonna maximize everybody. And put the most healthy bodies we have on that field and we Iraq general and that's when you look at Egypt Mary's. What horrors restaurant. Is the incredible competitor. He Tuesday a gym rat. He he's got you beat apple at a system. People don't vote you know how athletic I mean a bonafide big time speed explosive leaping ability he's got a great rocket arm. EG just hasn't played. It is has completed this level but he's a student of the game and it's so unbelievably important to him. And then of course serious is head Greek team experience. And has been big time games and theories is equally very very talented so mean we have. You know we still have very capable guys and Jeff Smith. Took snaps on Sunday. You know get back under center takes snaps it takes shotgun snaps and he's it. He's been in many ACC games is a quarter as a starting quarterback last time you put someone you know so. Arm will be will be just fine. Will be just fine. And none of the his name do with Hawaiian rock and off the ball the backs carrying a ball and in our defense played great on defense in in in you don't what we're gonna pick a special team thing back up and make sure that it's an elite level and in and not let it dip. They've made a comment about the vote. You're game planning. Based on skill set to the court. That obviously it's a little bit of a challenge depending upon. Who's taking the snaps. You know I think I think this OK I think that. We've built on offense right now that has multiplicity threw it where. We don't need to weave them in mean and I know Darius has been involved in his right from the very get go. And could just easily been starting quarterback OK so. You know. I think what happens sometimes is when guys aren't taken about two reps and you try to trim things now focused down a little bit you know because they don't have the benefit of the the complete body of work that disorder that. So I think we have to do is make really good decisions of how much we carry in exactly what we wanna Kyrie is we can't carry everything. Especially in the throat. Because you know the running games and outward up. It's the throw game and you know there's a lot of precision in the throw game and if you're off just a little bit that's when turnovers happen. And you know we want to make sure wore on there so I think you know we. Rule will try to make sure workplace Truman what we're doing but it's not about man in the minors earlier you wanna attack and I went out to and I. You know what happened we got a little bit and outmoded and in Saturday's game pitcher in the middle of the game. And you've got to manage that situation at that point in time. And you know put. We're not gonna go into the scheme with Dave we got to manage a game and I were going to the scheme with this is what we need to go win we're goes through this you know. Whatever that is whatever that percentages. And ratios. You don't throw team how much movement how much drop back. Oh. But the last thing in the world I wanna do right now you know I thought it was fervor typical it's a couple of Florida game and win. You know all the sudden. You know he's he's quarterback coach to coordinator your route with with. The guy that you're in the rhythm with the now also hear out of that you're trying to make sure that okay. You gotta be careful here right now you know because. I think I said this in my press my Apple's game comes what happens is this. Not everyone they don't think you know fixing my wrap story and it's just the fact of life the backups just don't take that much wraps. And so we just don't have the same model repetitions involved in this thing. And so it's not fair to them she got to be careful when that happens and but now this week that. You know that's why Agassi who takes the most amount of who's healthy and takes the most amount of reps because you need those reps going in this game it's a fact of life that's the way that is and you know we we we we got to manage it. Then he got to say to yourself how do we how do we win every week you sick how to we gonna win this game. He used a US bureau of key for the game but is this tactic how to we gonna go win this game. You know. Who. Would we need to do to get this done sort of speak write and it just so you know my mind that's gonna bureau simple. What do we have to win this game right we'll formulate that and I don't hear how we win it. I don't care we went up by a quarter of a point four by fifty is that it's long as we win. Sure it and that's all that matters to me in my mind set right now is. We're gonna find a way as a football forum coop play physical play a choruses. And and in Inglewood in. Win this football celebre at bowl eligibility with a victory then. Then threw his stick it does it help me to Perot crawl under chicken Joe's in Waltham we're back with more after this on the BC football ship. I formation for the Eagles but they'll devotion. But given to fill. Big old 4550. Cars are afforded by resorts and let a bit. You guys still to plus this is very hey Lou there's there's digital video adds load up. Welcome back to the Boston College football show presented by bug life. They're talking more x.s and o.s with coach or does he go here again John meter Burrell. We'll get to have euros on the BC football should note the Eagles have you comment February market. On Saturday night at 7630. Our broadcast time here on the PC ING. Sports network coaches showcase game for the program. You great to play it no way an unbelievable environment is solid a couple of years ago against Notre Dame and I think it's great for the program to play at this type of man right. I mean I think. Masochistic in notes it's exciting and you know then usually special one so I think all that disputed they do great job with it. Pace that you console. So was their home games were played and our backyard. I'm good you are gonna travel down you know the stores Connecticut but who wanna do that. So he. Flamingo or we can drive a mile down if it's even a mile down the street song I mean thank you very much Lou good guy and ask that question. Logistically the dress. It alumni partially nude figure LT got the news when you're that is the only gonna raise the a block of situation a little tight so. We partially dressed here and you know. They've who wore heels can losses though wouldn't rule over there and like it is two years and you know who puts the never happen. So now all we know we'll get over their. And and played a game you know I think both teams are on the same side my Netflix and what does that mean it as a means different. It's weird. It's the it's weird I mean you don't have the same wrong with your box you know I mean you can't get like when he gets them another and their team is you can't. It's kind of bizarre than you know yeah you know you know I guess you could search agreement attitude earlier. Pretty from the same era record Chris whatever a couple of years ago peace usable in a packed ballpark. Didn't differences you know brakes as it Pete Carroll almost got to fight their right that's not good. Well for our record and Bernie were wondering what that communication issues were but either way. I'd talked about the special teams issues. Correct the ball. Worst mapping for blocking just the multitude of issues. Yeah I mean there's just no talent issues there focus and concentration. Things that that showed up and they were gonna make sure they don't shall again you know. The blocking in the pac filling up at all was absolutely fine. But the other part of it wasn't so fine and we're gonna get that fixed you know mean. You know we're gonna build susceptible to you know cute when your fuel or your you beckoned rhythm now that open date. Lot of discussion around the effect that was gonna have on your team lot of positive things but then. Although we played fast and physical on defense and offense about the break was great force. Maybe the break affected the specialist on special teams I don't know I don't know but I mean I don't think so I think we played fast and physical I thought we looked fast and they game. Players that we could come out of the blocks any faster than we did I thought a product on on defense but we're playing real physical. I thought we did a great job coverage. Got hit a couple runs. We still liberal wants to market with couple fit issues on the wrong. But I mean I think you know to me. Renewable better job on third down get off field right we need to do a better job on third down on offense in the drop back game. Announced but a special teams that felt like. No operationally. We had some operation errors Mosul schools will be corrected. This time of possession you mentioned after game two that that's indicative of not being a leader of the field on third down there are nine. The seventy units that on third down that's uncharacteristic. Right. You know. We meet a mobile long Hartfield. Which was great. In the but when you. Convert on the rules you know your plan on all they often as possible twice in the third period and and so that that second half of the first half but that was great in the second half the combination of everything all together you know that was that he touches. To be had. So. You know we lost our paths explosiveness. I think we hit one ball Sweeney. In the second half but but we did have some good run explosiveness we ran the ball broke. 200 yards and usually when you on over to regard you agree chance of winning. Sole means you're moving the U move analyst large volume is is. Tied that game was. All the things that. We didn't go well and you talked about in this evening. They had their share of the same types of problems yeah net net three point game which is hard to believe. With that it would come down we're down we're three point game you know we've we've that was with a lot of explosive plays with a lot of big plays a lot. You have one yourself with double row which ended up unilateral picked it up afternoon. Point four is there was a lot of stuff in that game become way too 74 to get rid of it didn't compute. I mean you know we went for the jump pass. We were down there was that right after Anthony got hurt I think we're down instead and the colts right around there and you know that would have been a big play from gonna hit it then obviously we didn't do that we have an opportunity there we have an opportunity in the through boldly ahead. The interception early we're inside the point I mean. Yeah there was a lot of ball both both teams had opportunities and played a horror to move the ball in play good defense and so both teams kind of went after each other in and you know. And we you know we did it without whose are starting quarterback after I think was poor wonder. That's a lawyer thirteen innocent slip. And approximate distances us. Thought crosses three minutes left in the game yet no timeouts and radio cards right. James move and probably a hundred miles an hour the appointment alone for opening round. No doubt competitors ready coming in cold right what's the thought process for you on the coaching staff. Well I had to use our timeouts. You know I thought that was good and then I really honestly hoped that we would get more on that punt return. And we didn't and the ball we got a pretty good drove a lot of the ball are are you know we we thought about going after the block but that's that you get we we got a pin here we had a chance for great field position. It's Walter get a decent return so we didn't get a decent return so we have a long field. And we had no timeouts left so we went into our third down two minute kind of mindset and wanted to throw the ball in and in moving down the field try to get ourselves into some kind of somewhat fuel position. You know in the end to know what that points you were were time wise but that you don't. Really need to be thrown football that point in time to go eat. Roughly eighty yards river was 75 yards on her resentment that sound yardage was but. You know he you know with no timeouts you gotta be careful when you run the ball you know you're each federal football person on the pile and so you know we win for third down two minute deal which I think is what you need to do what what broke down there what happened. Well. We had a first down we dropped the ball right rhetorical bay we had a first down. So that was one know that we didn't meet him make that play. I think one ball that. Oh. We take a sack on first play I think I mean you know take a sack there means don't takes acts you know you can't do that right. So we did that that was special. And then. Then on third down I mean I'm not real sure what happened there I think. You know we have an open receiver and you know. Oh that was the Kobe dropped open I think on second down. We headed in in in open deal and then you get Malawi this what happened res can I I don't pressure. What happen I mean there was there was there was there was a little little silo with there was no hint that there's no contact so. And then on third down we connected for the first down we're gonna make that play. And then there was a fourth I'm a little off here but in in either case we threw the ball trying to move ball fields that point I'm universe. You know the brain jailbreak blitzes with proud that you approved as proven. It's clearly a first round and it clearly the best offense you know obviously you know at that point in time your your deal with one of the best these incidents college football night in yours back mentality. I think try to throw screen to in this series for place. Effect and we did. So you know. That was the series that was that was the way that win not not ideal. Should come down that you know we're winning the game with nine minutes left to go. You know it was what fourteen Tenet who was. Counsel. We're a great opportunity here amongst all the documented difficulties and personnel issues we had we had agreed opportunity to win that football game. And like have a couple plays back all over the place. Because it could it tilted either way but then in in the with a all that you know just. The kick if you will from the one you were tied up and you like with you know with. And in an overtime situation quarterback to currently like your house counsel. That the Nike irons Ron. Is electrifying kid in the open field it's tough to stop watch that breakdown. Mom you know I think we just misfit that play a little bit and no problem. Think we had a we had a good scheme for. We didn't make a play and he made a play and that's one of those plays who you know you wish you had back. Know for sure you can do ya like that that playback you like the the drop we had it in the last series back you know. He'll get back. Well let's make some tough games. That's for sure stupid Ozzy on the BC football show coming up will be joined by one of his stars whose re having to be back next year will tease you about. He's grown on me to Burrell back with more after this on the EC football show. Two wives and there have been dropped back the 31 cups of. Opted to would've backed off but that's what you guys picked off flights I saw on the rebound mapped through. I had not put it up I didn't miss you all look the senior linebacker BC football. The Boston College football show presented by Bud Light continues. Here again Jon Meterparel. Now welcome back to these football showtime Schwab is certainly picked up his. Outfit output roads and New Year's been terrific I think it should be first the smallest seed but what we know right Pete. But I were not buyers now not at all calm like receiver. That's that's exactly what we do but you know he's really picked up the leadership torch and a lot back to cruise suits our next guest here at the BC football show punished her hand. Accident caught a great to see you you don't get cute to see you. Spent a lot of time and good to see you all walking around and look what you get good lateral mobility. Agility everything's gone back into focus I had him do well out which could be up there. I know it's gonna be hard how difficult is it for you Donnelly Saturday but just throughout the last couple weeks and watch. It's hot days that we'll watch it that you just need to find a new rule in the beginning now to look tough for me but. Work him or in the film room theater garrison and finding your place to help that's the team then and makes it worth it and the wind's just has fun. Is this your first long term model lineup experience is the first time Aaron before this and this one game ever in football so. That plant the only first for me. By indeed it's also picked the positives. Those who coached he was talking. You guys all you injured fellows are all still very very engaged very involvement. In the you know the overall. Community. Yes it'll yet you have to be. Otherwise you just in the way I'm you know I'll let you know. They Connors been an unbelievable leader for yourself and I mean his his attitude what he brings to this team in this role that he's in right now is an incredible not just. And also with the guys that are virtual on how to rehab showing them how to handle yourself how to get back. I mean it's been invaluable so his role this year is is is incorporate an incredibly. We're you know that's really an Harrell threw one subject cookies that is you know does disappear with it hurt. You're you're there every day rehabbing working studying helping young guys that's going to be rewarding for you want someone right. Yeah oh absolutely I mean not his best in the of course the game. I mean. One guy taken we expect Duffy to come home watched they would I'm out now. Asia top and he makes a statement kickoff and exceed him all pumped up and that definitely when warning. And then become a coach and resentment you know the money form and what I have not yet another my real motive might vehemently. I'm going to do you just mentioned that in passing the academic pieces that. I would consider that maybe. One of the benefits if you can keep positive from the experience. Is the ability to get on track academically not that you're Graf tracked by yet you have almost get ahead of yeah I'll be graduating this December and then I'm going to grad school in the spring. So I mean mine next year is pretty light school lies which means it's awesome football like really focused a lot. With a little bit of a it's tough not to be out there and have a little blessing in disguise. What's the next up for your terms of the Rio crosses. Next step for me probably I mean I do see it's a figure now tell us are running. So I think right now Christmas Day but businessmen like it Sarah it's now noon today so would this. I'm Christmas Day. He'll be out there on all right Amanda I mean you know is this he's a lunatic I thought you gotta you gotta hold them back I can write to him I don't. The only thing only thing is that just curious I mean if I would never got hurt did he get plain and what. He's got he's like you know he's that is frequently a while I heard you ever give any kind enough to get hurt. I thought I. I. Didn't go to a they didn't yet he has and usually get my water do you view that it is. And geography. You'd be yes he's not on Mike I didn't want to I don't know that as soon as we commercial you're gonna throw the children of conflict Hillary's. We'll talk about it you know this guy. Oracle's he was an outstanding player and see what's important for the raves yet a football evident of what they want your brother was. Lawyer yet. How has that benefited. I I think that maybe you'll offered as it as a kid you know having. The all mennonite family or my brother Allan con man just having been a month now let. And those guys still edible wants it kind of ya been in touch with who waited units though. I can't take much credit for that stuff they. It happens. That's out of like a threat to. He's listening day you come and now you talk about the the rehab with the business after Chinese and it's not just about the need to buckle. All bought yeah in an. If you went what an in depth when you were healthy. Did you see that. Transfer of things you did in the week more than you did the condition yourself competition transfer or translate. To. Unique experiences reset that's a direct result means doing a certain exercises doing. Doing something to improve definitely think so I mean this big going into the season I'd say since spring ball till the season's by the artists and overworked poke ball. So is that I have let down but. I think that the building where I push myself and it wasn't just me image badly handled exacting and even know Barrett. Be active on there at sometimes we're gone every night with each other. Because I don't work at it the kind of atmosphere that created. As they realities here mean it's. I'm pushing a few more innings giving and holding taxes I'm used to push myself by this though. I think it's worth none as serious specific muscles you know better but it is the mentality what is. And is it. Culture of that around in the program so it's easy. We got a lot of good things to come because you'd be back next year you were just talking during the break and approaches we've mentioned many times which doesn't stack. You know if everything goes according to script that would be one practices. EA get worried about next week first. It to a ballgame get that done. His retirement next year it. For now. Kind of really what McCain do this week for you. The two. Good answer that the ballots correctly answer a legend listen to. I like him I liked it but you be a battle that. He reached a lot of good linebackers PC though we got a nice nice string of linebackers. And especially late this guy's right. Right in the topical let's there's no doubt about that fits into the fits into the profile coach if you're sure about assessment. Yeah I mean Connors and have a phenomenal career and he'll have enough to inflict for a long time at the next level tsunamis. He's the and you beat player he trains as an elite player I mean you you know you just rushed through his academics I mean he's in the Cooper Actuate. In December me extremely bright and you know the sky's the limit here so. Provide high high achiever with great ability so. Connor. And in in really have become an excellent leader probable so he's got to incredible future and a biggest problem we have him right now is making sure he doesn't. Overall rehab okay because that'll be that'll be that'll be the peace with him. But he'll go on for miles an hour and and exit here he'll have a phenomenal. Anomaly that it I players now backed starters entered coach is that correct. Yes. But that's all star list of guys that are clearly don't need to keep talking about that do it don't go to get off that narrative right now good result but. What what you know at the brown what authority does strawberry. Q is that a man is far football. D.'s and you're not gonna make it if you wanna play this game for a long time you gonna have to deal stuff with that in just just doesn't work that way so. For him immunity it's tough spot for our team. Definitely could definitely you know what I need you around its total player when it. For for a situation like that it is good it's a learning experience almost. And you know I'll be there with him every step related majors he's not a real rate and do that so I'm opulent one of his head job seekers. Say taking control the entire off it so. He's a good place is of these speakers who. While we flicked them to remind people who. Didn't play that the probability of serious injury what percent that you think it is the longer you play. On the line you play it. It's almost a 100%. The flow. It happens everybody answers it and but it's you know it's never easy it's challenging it's a great. Character builder. You know you learn it I like that they learn more about. People when things don't go well than you do when they do go well to even challenge you've elevated you maintain relevance and maintain your level of importance. And for the future but very active in the in the day today which is a great compliment to your daddy and ultimately it. Pat pat pat pat. Like but apparently like to meet you. Either you know what I feel I don't wanna be here to see either one you guys did each other and OK you know if you know you're one might pass out after three swings you know I don't know what he performed CPR on your right now he's ready for a kid named him Brian white of the they go box boxing every morning I know you've federal watchdog lately they have I I you know I love it airlines get all back at the united. I forgot about that boxes and Brian white inalienable are the Marty you're a video that that was an impressive slate after a mountain. Well where once he's half. Rattle you're going down a bad that it. You don't really need to dissolve all your the united contradict most allotment banks that have. Two out for a golf a film on Bob Bennett I lovers. If you listen to mom you. I was scared to death after. That it was raised well then that's their decision doctor locked. Basra have BC star linebacker we'll be back sooner but this is the BC football show them back to preview the you can argue it some more here on a these CI NG sports network. Vote to spin the jet sweep lieutenant Smith for the bottom it's good that it's no doubt. A busted it's. A big loss. Welcome back to the Boston College football show presented by Bud Light. Do talk more x.s and o.s with coach who doesn't go here again John metre drill. Great to hear from congress Strahan and of course that's good laughs at him. Is that city during the break we're gonna get a yet he poohed the thoughtful Jolo where you walk in cooler. In what is called yelled not come out here and have a little match we Celtics. I'm not common. Then the loser has to eat the jail. You don't look like utility Japanese wrestler act of Bono but facts are actually a couple out there myself aging until athlete. But if you just crashed all the way down here right now on those oh. If these things adjustments are. Authorities hope to yours mine Alley just coaches that's felt. But on that you look for good I'm buying big close to it works and move could kind of be like you. Is she cute is true is I'm trying to catch up. Which is the Gingrich brought you by the all the recovered Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram now nobody's allowed Matt McGovern never great selection of over 400 cars to choose from a 777. Washington street in Newton orbit govern Jeep. Dot job UConn. Lost to settle for a very good team top forty team. In a 49 points or three and seven not going to be bowl eligible. And yet schools trying to rebuild a culture there are some very down years what do you expect to see from the hostage. I think he'll be a physical tough football team up watch tomorrow they meet a quarterback change on offense that certain social rules for our offense last week and on defense. There is going to off their nose guard there linebacker of their defense men are as good as anybody we've we've seen her talent that that way. So we got some physical tough players. Division one football now and you better bring it every week. And they just announced today that David Adele who's going to play quarterback it's not going to be Bryant shirts. Yes it concussion issue. Put up some good numbers for them but the delves kind of an unknown quality or qualities also look at probably more running quarterback in his court court. There's an excellent athlete needs rule place was the last week actually sparked them offensively so. I think you'll look he'll bring an element that'll be that'll go really test this on defense and we're just gonna have to play great was we got to play great all three phases I'm worried about BC. No we have we go BC's got to play like BC on Saturday and that's that's our goal right now. As an important game from up. On many levels but geographically. I think you said press conference today. It's great to have another division one program in in in New England. Recruiting wise this is dean certainly should have consequences and I assume that you run into those guys when you're on the road map. You know right at UConn. I mean renew ACC when you're good player you wanna play at the last level football. We don't recruit against UConn. The cancer. Well adored those two that you like you do so. Well connected. Right. No absolutely a lot of good look boss them better but a lot of good restaurants and it. Better ones in Boston but it and it's. That's not listen they're doing a great job there. You know I have a huge amount of respect for India told because. I think grandes a great football coach I'm really proud as the Connecticut wrote in norm has worn race in Connecticut I was dreaming those young kids that Connecticut when they would have a division one football program. They have that they're doing a great job. And this will be a tough tough football game and to be played and a great venue. And we have great New England interest and you know what you were saying Pete I mean. You know. Obviously there's there's there's a lot of recruiting and stuff that goes on and us or just think that every week. Bring the matter who you know the matter who it is simplify the keys to the game we could do to get them. Well we got to secure the football I you know we we we turned ball three times last week which uncharacteristic we lost to a home. So we we we absolutely have to figure this football this week and we've got to play far far better and special teams. And we played we go. And I think we get a plea swarming on defense and offense we've we've we've we have to still maintain an attack style Oval Office. How are you gonna management and for those opposed. Those people missed the top of the show are you gonna managed the quarterback situation this week in terms of reps is that it's often go. I think that. It's gonna manage itself and I think that the you know based on healthy bodies and everything they'll dictate a lot of what goes on I mean obviously. You know we're gonna wait and see with more brings and but but it would seriously take the all who work here you know hopefully he'll be able to do that physically. There's so unity. Talk about earlier than the pretty much plug and play. Pick your offense is fear some consideration to skill sets you do you do a couple things because Derek does they left him quarterback. If it's a different look. Stuff you can do in public of bootleg I've never operatives like that it can give people problems but I imagine is an element of customization depending upon each one of the court yeah I mean certain guys like certain throws better than other guys do it you know Scott would sit down the infineon. And you know you you do it any quarterback in say you know what Hilo. We feel great about you know the news indeed go through the game plan he'll do the same thing with various. And certain guys like certain things better than others you know on. Whether it's you know whatever but or whatever constant concept is almost some guys like certain kinds of pocket movement better than others. So you know we will do absolutely do all your book is just DJ at this stage more comfortable rolling out or is more couple drop him. I think young guys like to be on the move a little bit where they can get out there and in in and see it better and you know even when your drop making your role for Russia agreed. And and you know sometimes are near any movement game it's it's it's it's it's more of a level read and it's it's in front of you and you know. Darius is an extremely athletic but as I said earlier with a known each day is whose god is unique at. He's like Merck. You know now he can really go. And he's got a rocket you know he don't want you type little you know the right and wrong I mean. You know. The best running quarterback which however. Of course when he was an elite running quarter beneath his good record a lot of people's phone and so I mean no in this this guy has the same. Speak. I mean safety while so you don't this is if it's if it can be shocking sometimes you know. Why American look at the other side you know you've got solutions obviously dealing with them. But if they're from down in stores Connecticut scratch my head target practice for a couple different styles. Maybe you've shown an awful lot to this point in the season a lot like that consider. And you know you've got not that it's that it's been established. Like I think they gonna have their hands full with. Especially with the unknown. Well amino unknowns and you know Bobby as a coach for sure you know but my way of viewing this is. You know you gotta win the game a probable sizable. At the end of the day we got to take charge of this thing up front we've got a we've you know I'm sure that filler guys same thing you know you know we got to be the most physical team on the football field. In him and we got to control it controls. And has to happen. You know things that you can control you need to control and we've got to do a better job I thought we could that a better job last week that. Well certainly going to be fun to watch coach enjoy it that way we look forward to a good luck this week you know thanks guys appreciate it's always good luck dude does do. And obviously both Foster a special place corporate dispute shot churches involved from the BC athletic department Reggie terrier and a cast of thousands here action to Joe's Parker she only. Of course these secret club were back again Tuesday night BC basketball against sacred heart 645. But the BCI AG's sports network it's over and have a great week everybody and good night projected Joe's.