BC Coaches Show: Steve Addazio talks BC's victory over Central Michigan: Specials Guests Jerry York and former Eagle and current Denver Bronco Justin Simmons join the show

Boston College Football
Monday, October 2nd


Jon Meterparel hosts the BC Coaches Show, featuring head coach Steve Addazio, live from Jake and Joe’s in Waltham. The coach talks about the Eagles 28-8 win over Central Michigan, improving the Eagles to 2-3 on the season. Special guest  Jerry York,winningest active coach in NCAA hockey. Former BC safety and current Denver Bronco Justin Simmons joins the show and gives his thoughts on how coach Addazio helped him, and talked about making a game winning play Sunday. ​


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PG a America's home for college sports. Live from Jacob Jones and Walter this is the Boston College football show presented by Bud Light for the next hour we'll have special guests that you can get drawn up by the Eagles football over Boston College football show was presented by Bud Light famous among friends also sponsored by blitzer if blitzer PC developing longstanding relationships with the clients we serve since 1950 died. McGovern Chrysler dodge Jeep brand driven by you. And by village bank. Your village your bank. Now it's time to talk BC football with the head coach Steve does field appears the voice of the Eagles jog and be. Your Borough. It was a press of all how performance from Boston College on Saturday against the chippewas of central Michigan. As the Eagles improved to two with three with 820 eighths to eight victory great to have you with us on a Monday night for objected Joe's of these giant -- sports network. Of course we are in Waltham this is great place to come on Dow watch Monday Night Football baseball playoffs coming up this week Red Sox at Houston. On Thursday that its spot great destination. Always great sue the coach Stevens Gaza you know institute. It was a terrific performance by your team I'd love what you guys did on both sides of the ball and also our specialties or tell us how you got it on overall. Well. Pau played great defense. Though really really had a terrific band the fence for a buck on offense river to get the run game going which was really important to us given the fact that. If he grounded practice all week long and so. We knew we had to do that I thought special teams we keep getting better each week I think we're really making a lot of improvement there are so. That's what we improved I think there's some areas though that we we need to get better at I'm not really happy right now with our. Chalk play action game I think that that was something new we really felt great about camp insists. Source of the we gotta get where he's not anything bad it's just. We can't it's either protection breakdown or read breakdown but we we gotta get some consistency there and I think just overall. Consistency was somebody young guys are playing right now in terms of it but it's it's kind of feast or spam looks great the most and you know was I guess to be expected but. As you mention the child please discuss future and after the game to your throat game. Coming out of camp you're very optimistic and Anthony brown the young receivers would come along. We five nauert to a three what you have to do to take the next step on the part. Well I think you know who's got to keep working on to be honest with you and you know. When we had some personal shifts with the injuries to set us back a little bit there and we've got to get just. Like everything else seems to each week we we pecked away at something at a rate that back up again and the issue resale every week economics say it is that we're doing that while we're playing some pretty talented football teams you know like your recovery theoretically Virginia Tech it's over on forgiving team on defense right for the better defense teams in the country sir you're trying to. You know you're trying to you know. Fixable areas here and there are things that surface here in the air while your playing in the east teams so last week give us an opportunity to kinda. Vanilla I hope and just kind of work on the run game a little bit we had that opportunity based on who we played. Now you know it's going to be a different scenario here. It is there's that it roaches Hokies open to that defense feed our marketing to an office while I was coming together it's you know it. Quarter want to quarter for us and their balls at large was that the case yet know that was the case I mean I think. You know. I'm hoping this week we can get five guys to work together all week long that's normal report last week we didn't in. In your account herky jerky to beginning and it's more doubtful that and you could see it stirred up by known we kind of force the issue telling the truth. And you know. In an effort just to kind of get going knowing when to get money get Johnny genome we did we got all that going up. This week we got a really really put a lot of time into this play action game known relieve this release of minutes on my mind right now. Morning when I get this I a year ago that are more consistently. Welcome and his ball game I think that there is no question. They're you know they're historically. Pick me approaching a load the box on you because you know be she wants to run out and take a mile of that report the abuse throwing the ball. But the play action component. That can really take advantage. That the approach from from this appointment is hardly clubs and ran the ball for ninety yards against OK lastly that's I mean. You know what like you know clumps as one of the better offenses in the country that ago believable quarterback and a running quarterback running quarterbacks seem to give them more problems like we have Murphy. But you know they still ran for ninety so there's. You know this is this defense is for real mean clumps of was for real this is for real there are really really good defense you can if you like clubs can't run the ball for our arts and you know that that defense is run stopping defense and you know they to a couple people's Thompson in matched up coverage and the guy came down. That a mounted for you know. Africa with a total of smoke but was but it was shockingly low what clubs or does it technically is needed you know this this defenses. Built to stop the run. And aggressively so they struggled more with you know wide open teams that took them through quite a bit relieved they truth. And so we've got a good long look the problem mrs. Woodward developer team like we are you really wanna be. Who yard work and develop and your football team when you get a little out of bounds with that that's when bad things happening you can you know you can. You can turn it and it's often not free. You know so I'd rather try to you know work on the things that we need to work on. You know we feel good about this game this week I mean imitate that to mean we feel like will be able do some things that'll bother them. And so. That's why you know wanna work on the play action game on the first and second down throw game that would try to have a good mix. Although our formula. You we beat them to a four years and the way we beat them. It is here quite frankly to hang in there. And wait for couple plays where they get out other gaps and hit them. Play great defense be good on special teams and that kinda has been good formula to beat them. So you'll be careful to you know you don't wanna get crazy we you know last year we tried to. To a couple things to really attack that defense and would that feel mr. Jeter I mean we got a little out of our comfort zone. And in just turned out real quick I don't want that happen amuck and do you know so. When you get there again you matchup against teams like track like Clemson. Like removal because Florida State. Teams we're there we're there is a you go do something to compensate for May be an advantage they may have athletically here. However you want to look at it. What we're you've always seem to have had success in even before your time what is your ability. BC to go to make the thing a brawl and that attract the right. And but this is a brawling type of defense you guys wanna get physical on and so it's a strength and that mentality to strength against strength against right. In my eyes so you it seemed like last week. You get a little he went he went through what I got from. You know practice simplified. You know you explosive simplify. Simplify it last week we had too many guys that didn't practice last week to. They have to be so I mean we're directed practice and its army or you know her. So you know in in in one of the fix the company on a fix that's a bad word but. But iron out some of the kinks in the run game. In which what what of the kinks they can hurt just some guys that haven't got a lot of play experience America. And if you do too many things and try to do too many things that blows up on this what is happening. But. I think you know. We have that we had a mindset against Clemson I'm not sure this might see it should be all on different you know. Dragon in the fourth quarter here now we're home. As the polls on the road that's it go make a bunch of mistakes don't turn it over don't do things that put you in harm's way you know you try to do too much sodium quarterback goals the next thing you know you get turnovers. Then your. I'll make him make him. Plimpton earn their thing. The way they wanna go over the top of lighten up. You you've let. So. The long field was helpful and great effort out of my old couple weeks ago. Got another great jeopardize your special teams in general this week in terms of flip in the field but you know I'm return game. You draw panel either a little things glimmers of of brilliance. Now that were quick to put together would. Product which you pretty good position if you get the ball into the guys that make them please right now our guys that we have that can make plays to get a couple. Play great defense they have a young quarterback to mean lets us with hopefully some great we played some really fine. Offensive teams. Notre Dame head of the federal for excellence in the country. There total quarterback run outfit. Which puts another edit Burton. You know clumps and was very similar excellent offensive line Miller really detailed actually good quarterback who could do allow his arm and his feet. Even the kid from a northern Illinois was a really good news the and so. We played some some some pretty powerful fronts we knew we played week with fifth year quarterback or fourth whatever last senior quarterback. Who. No they were that it really do much offense they were a couple of drops. You bureaus. You know. Everyone's kind of in that little mode right now you know and so we played some pretty talented teams Nolan and so mean. That hurts not going to be shocked. Well that's these two great question I get all the time. The fan base is seen a lot of success with QB runs. One of the beast you've run a quarterback. Why don't I figured out ASCII I don't know you know it's that you you know I mean you know it's funny immigrant I come from quarterback room background right that is most accurate Florida that's we did Gregory and the dog out of a quarterback you know. And that's we do Murphy do we not only told you we set a record so you know. But that it was well we can't throw the ball we're trying to develop a quarterback are controllable hope it. And we're trying to get the best of both worlds he's young guy I think they'll come a day that will be a what Spain and Anthony's running capability. Right now for him handle that kind of run vote in that kind of throw load you know we're trying to really get them better at in any injuries right now on top of everything else OK so. You know. I'd like to see him run a little bit more. Conventionally on third down bullet now and go and we talked about that. You know to say that there won't be a couple of possible QB runs in there. That could happen but. Right now we don't need is another whack at that position right now and then it'll loosen your really. You know jumbled up OK so I think. We know how to use QB run game really well here here's the deal of say that these then we can play. You're all these teams from a court pressure and that's great. Right you know force they've lost theirs OK and as you get deeper in the season you rumble stress right now okay. I mean I wish everybody nothing but great success in which it and anybody right. But the reality of it is your searching some get some of these guys. Well you know and even if and a practicing last week and then we pull content might run. And at the end I'm Krakow hold my breath ago OK but if you can get up you did that's what people say oh march action. The bite him you know he's that are now on he's super freaky athletic. Com he's the next he's really out way out there and clumps has run their guy I mean god forbid he got hurt on Notre Dame I mean. Buildings guy with a bit I don't know what they got behind it sold but. You don't mean. We talked about this year I think they are executing a little feel for this element and that the wanna be is that question but. I think it BC you're trying to get your tight ends are corporate it think it BC you're trying to pitcher. Your play action team I think you're looking for quarterback who can throw it BC I think you're looking for a little bit what one of the reasons AJ don't attract the coming years because we had a pro style run game. OK I think those things all factor in. For us to go all spread quarterback run. I've been in that office guys that was one of the early guys in that thing you need to have some freaks out there to you need you know it becomes a skilled skilled game that are. And I think we made a lot of hate your warm for a guy here. On having some ability to have a little bit of pro style attack OK not to say you can't incorporate a couple of Q runs you can. Is it any athletic enough to do it yes he is. EJ Perry certainly it's okay. But. Oh. You know we're trying to develop something big picture here right now to you know. Thought Matt Ryan knowing some exceptions obviously wants generation quarterback put. Mean the ability to have a throwback run game throw the ball attract that kind of quarterback here. I think the picture recruiting wise or ovals things I think it adds up Ross Ross to go get these super mean Murphy we're lucky it right he was. They were going to progression for I recruit him I knew me from connect with. To get those guys on a daily basis sometimes is as good match either side's substitute. Fodder but not cut outs of what's but it fusion to guys like these night and looked at the senate. We don't want guys who coordinates all but lost. It broadcasts from doctors but losses that genius. But there's no geniuses OK let's get that street OK he gum you know getting old you know I heard all this stuff you know they had geniuses at LSU they hire two geniuses okay. You know what when you're at a place in your players are really good in I've been there have been been a part of this are right that they're done I mean. Whoever is a genius when it and people attempt Tivo graduated almost in the genius styles way. You know it's Turkey's economic now after some geniuses down McNabb graduated genius title went away. So we've got really good players and in in in a lot of that is you know. Develop new working you wanna get good players good players know really really matter OK so sure. Here's the deal. But Foster is an outstanding coach he's a proven commodities are really good defense courier for his whole career OK he's a big pressure guy. I mean he's put himself in man coverage OK it's through the years it's been unbelievable and at other times it hasn't been so unbelievable. Depends on the quality of whom they have right now they happen have a very good talent level on defense so he's on he's on the hype around that right now. But traditionally he's one of the top coordinators. In the leak. But you know I just sometimes the genius titles you appeared away from. I'll Wear it on our list of equality and I was gonna break it it's I would have a break it out tonight against. Well I mean you know I mean you know there are some doctors that are genes so there are some. There's a people solving cancer there geniuses and Eric you don't I mean I don't mean football is not genius you know mean. When you got some really good players. You'll really good things that I Comair resource OK there you racers that you really watch the tape and you say wow look at this thing happen here right now. And it looks really great right in like Amare was watching George play in ordering giving examples connect. And all the sudden it was like I thought his back yard wide open and home boom gone ninety. OK that'll play that's a great player right there I mean sign me up for Napoli. Okay this is not rocket sports but I think developing your guys recruiting. Developing your guys and putting him in the right situations and to be successful. I think when we did with Andre Williams your one was right right we do armor for your two was right right both for coal good decisions. Andre obviously have talent but had he really had much on your BC in his career now no because he was a downhill GAAP water. OK and we happen to be lucky enough good fortune enough to put him in a scheme that matched his super okay mirth. Murphy wasn't writing every was he came up here we put a minute. Quarterback wrong option oriented offense and all the sudden his. His super talent came. You know. You're you're you're you're in an effort to find the complete map like right now you know John in in in AJ. Those guys in Chase Utley back you wanna find it exact mix for him make no mistake about he's gonna make coaches. Really good coaches OK as is for moves forward. When he when you're on 10700 meter in your 240 pounds. Is launch you put him in the things they get the chance to do it best right. Calming off all yeah and then when people play man coverage and you got a quarterback that can throw that dark or you get a six foot four receiver that can snag an oddity here. Looks pretty good. Received a little bit of that that looks pretty good looks real good thus. That does a teacher at that time out. Come about we have some special just projected Joe's in all of them the BC football choke which David Gaza about it more after this from Anheuser-Busch. Advisor drop back going across the milk tip. But could bring big gets tipped and picked up. Being outspent big defense continues. Can't start over from BC overnight fast the evidence this second interception of the game. And a father Ryan Kelly can't believe it. Welcome back to the Boston College football show presented by bug life. Do talk more x.s and o.s with coach or does he opened here again Jon Meterparel. And welcome back to the EC football show. Great to have you others after BC whatever central Michigan they Europe for Virginia Tech. On Saturday night Saturday night lights at the heights. 715 kicked off 645 our tree in these sports network. Your preparation any different for a night game. No lateral. It just gives you a bit more time. If your body recovered after along with practice you find yourself just wait watch and I'm not a who I think it's great atmosphere to play yet but I hate them you know. Because. Sort of you know you're you're away. You wait all they'd all day and then when the game's over you know you're looking as a coach he finally just trying to pick the right mix it out quite the what's couple games on TV relax a little bit next thing you know. You're in bed it's 1 o'clock in the morning in Europe in the office next morning if you like in every got a chance the zebra. What the atmosphere is great though that is that was great. Last we just are those so what part two years ago Justin Simmons it was a huge part of your treatments a play maker for the Eagles. Now is make employees in the NFL Denver Broncos is joining us. On the phone marked just the civic duty to how far it. Well adjusted. Maybe you know. Heidi you don't like the idea of it was just good. We do look up which Justin. He was a guy that you can always relied upon. He's off. Just as one degree guys you know just tremendous person great player great work ethical both the right stuff and Justin are you with us now. Wrote Justin. Aren't we have some technical issues maybe about a quarter talking and again precedent you know while picked off a pass for them. While timings everything you know we can get pick up the past we can talk of it and I exactly but hopefully we can reconnect and it's just great to see. Every day I was at Foxboro yes there watching the cheapest opiate for the dance with my kids watch number 59 he's gonna make an effort that you know what. Pretty much minute that it but I don't see that game I mean he's not particularly those whose instincts Belichick was talked about last week. That's all well instincts all night knows what is. Because of this. Cerebral way about them and you've coached a lot of those that you know via. Mean he's big he's freaky talent now. I mean Lucas other guys in the talk about a believable acceleration speed utility toughness India's high obviously football IQ volley just. And you know just like football like you guys but I mean these guys I mean he. He made every play Hemmer who watched some tape and miss hearing your life and saying you know it's staggering numbers probably thought it broke his face of wonderful person that's them that. As they you know I appreciate more war these great players that are wonderful people role models for core gamers for right now. There's an awful those guys out there that are great players but maybe not so much on the role model category. I'm. Not part of that who we recruit here that we've had a long. Long lines of those types of people now makes it really. Really a lot of fun really enjoyable you know but doesn't for recruiting standpoint. You're always looking for them I think every environment probably different but around year's team that you can you please stock in. That character component that intangible care to think you have to. I mean you know because he's your your which you've got to do is bring guys like like Luke you know it was a super highly recruited guy. And they use safety high school and became linebacker I think your bank your bank and on the high character work ethic. Real desire to get a great education because. Otherwise it's my work outlook report you know we're not here not here other places and yet not quite for a way. It's great we're gonna give it another shot at third time's a charm just in some of you Willis. Not all right the three strikes you're out. Well a couple of to connect to it alluded to we can reconnect the limits of the point but yeah the secondary to do bridge here is your secondary. Allowed just a 154 yards a game fewest yards allowed through the years since 1992. And come around every week and the status top of the nation's lead with five interceptions should have six beats them so that should have known and say well. Just assist on that note you know just in Simmons had a whole lot to do. With helping with the development of that young can't more IC yeah I right I mean. He was terrific here in terms of being a mentor for all those guys that room. You know we talk about you know unit leaders mean assistant coaches in the rooms are you know leaders in that room is is is it. Guys were raised right in that room and anti capitalist and a great job and but the Justin had a great impact that that's that's that's really important there booze world's quiet things people probably understand or know how important it really it. It probably four guys that felt like bill and it. Yeah I mean I think those guys are talented guys in and hopefully we'll continue to grow and all have an opportunity to shop you know put. But I think you know Justin really in John Johnson. Justin took cured John John took care king overnight in soda Justin and it's kind of a cool little deal right here going you know this is the right ways how you go by your business like him yourself like professionals society it attacked preparation this tiger. Gil your personal life blah blah you know acquired all of that. Training camp watching Isaak. Emergency. That's the leader. In that group with the young guys which is gifted behavior. His presence in practice that degree of crap he gave receivers. It was all really healthy good stuff and I could just yet being the galvanizing component for the young guys in terms of the league office. No bush and no question in it always helps when you have great leadership in a position. You know and and he goes a long long way in development of that group I would I would tell you that the offense line here over the years you know. Had some great players some great leaders and it became kind of for real. Kind of a standard here I think a lot of that had to do with the pick the guys that we that roll through that. You that Rome you know and I've been a part of that myself please open. There's a lot to wall. Notes to return. Steven Gaza on BC football show as we move along here toward week's six. The state of the yields at the moment through five games what no team would do it. From here in the next witness. And all of our team is in both football there softly these these they have a passion to get better. They have a real great belief in each other kind of a tight outfit you know. That's Lenovo this football team. I know that we took some shots really early it was some you know injuries that created you know one point Marie. The starters down. And I think that really knocked us off or. All for real track early. I don't know what to tell you you know we've lost a game -- lost because of that and in quite frankly maybe could've picked up another one of those last couple last few. But it is what it is. You know that's life like fields those purples and I think our kids understand that we need to do right now is continue to improve. So that we can you know go about our business in in in in in pick it up towards the back in the first schedule here right now as we go through this. Call second half. And and indeed we didn't. We didn't have a nice graduated entry ignorant mean and but were. We're good read it to its good to go do you know it's really like really Laker with guys you know like the pick up another win on Saturday. Sounds like we have some gremlins is that Justin Simmons hello adjustment. Eric Barton. In action man. Busted out mile high atmosphere I don't know. After. It's Avi what does that we've been talking about if the last five minutes of zone. Thanks for joining us tickets through what like there's been like for you with the Denver Broncos since we've been music. It's been great and I think rate you know with the croc. Had been accurate and it opera is he would have been but they you know gone from. The copy and then it you don't I was with PP. And train is it being you know that are eaten yet spelled. Has been at the bottom but expect so much our first year I mean apple and at that year it still learning. You know a tremendous amount of oh well all would it be you've grown at a daycare you're IP all the big echo effect did it you know for making a law it LP career. Just overall Prodi a man and a we're just talking here are saying how would agreed impacted atom on the young guys in this program specifically guys in that room in the TV room and you know you taught them how to via how to be a professional how to go about your business how to handle yourself in him into having long lasting effects with John John and now down through I can cam in the early. Left a legacy immediate impact here. Yet because there are appreciated and now it what people you guys on Saturday like that. I that it might they can block the ability where you know where not be dealt with pride that they'll. You copy they are you upon really appreciate. Everything that you've done the view out there. Your wanted to great guys in makeshift. Thrilled to be able to be a coach you know watch you have success and grow and in and and I'm so happy for you know and everybody is what guys on the team follow you. I mean like there's no moral and it's fun we're groping super fundamental priority. There are cricket. He Justin. Elegant look yet at McGill feedback Europe anyway. Talk about that than that that big jump from college football team professional football especially in a position like. And maybe the it you don't can break through. Well. God you really don't get a break it you know you go from. It straight from college football you you know you're both in both in the comp on Europe. And it would that a compact that. You know both in your apple Opel like that he pupil in that they would that shortly after. You know your old game and college in. Go after that though. Yeah you have at it yet they're four and if you don't you're in your book game you go back we are my prep that you tactic oh. I abide by it. That aspect I might hit the rotate in and but not the route that aren't immediately. All thirty he'd done it or go to different. It for are now around here he'd been. You know you're just going over there at the notebook all it. I mean it is hard to believe it or in the is it worth it impacting. You in view you know their organic based that they expect that though. Arbitrary Micah and record but he worked at and bubble that ability that I'm Nate you'd. In your lap you know the football game view going it be you know training camp at whatever respective he'd do it in that that you know. Duties here. I yeah right at that point I'd happily let prepared. You know are out that are trying to. You know noble. You know ready. Now that accounted for the applaud not you pick your victory. Integrate it in a debate on my bike although at the that includes a min bit the minute that he'd be able to add you know those type of problem. You know I do they think it has been. Now a lot work. You have a welcome to the NFL moment what was the time for you what is that man there I am and I go do this now was there point was a shocking moment that. When you first start your career. Are and yet I did you out that the vote. The most idol like well well well it. That bird the bird game. We'd be we opened up in Iraq and it did last year and obviously there's a lot of I the you know beatable reenact it. No there's that big they're big pipeline that the aunt is the one. The loop it though there's a lot of debate because I. Packed game and you know swapping guys that I'd be. It's grown not been playing and you know what it called spotlight that they can't do in you know I'd like we keep the and you know it being in the crop bought now you know here in the game who would then and it was what I did the right guy yet well you know bubble what you know and aren't they had that name. They've kind of the Wii and they eight treat later down the road again that our Brady though. Is that who really did. How did your PC experience prepare you for the rigors of the yup well. Our man. BP prepared be you know wait you. But I thought he would prepared toward. And by that night. Now that the great things that are really beat you. But you know preaching outward as he. But it is what. You know our beat the a vacant guy. Think you know. These detectives opened up the people applaud and really it become. Went that are being that bad that have been there had been around. And you know cold and it goes out that'd be it on at the end zone though. That prepared me really well. If it wasn't awkward note but but he ability in being able view. Late. They seem that and I aren't very neat there's no way I would. They're rabid bat that it. I by the Broncos and what part of the deal. Our guys in the a great back where it needed ought. Very you know greater reliability. And our best he'd that would be able to make believe right. I'm all throughout the year attic at the level. Certainly do great things congratulations on a big win yesterday in the eyes of reception. Good luck this year and overall room for your class act just in Simmons thanks so much. Yeah it's got it track thanks for being on on the radio just take your best walk. Bank out of a netbook. I'm just take care and Justin sevens. Four BC stars that you're in the BC football you know. Coming up another special just south of thousands magic and Josep Waltham optimist from our good friends at Anheuser-Busch. Single black children moving right to eleven different ball the left that puts that's been into the it is and a touchdown Boston College. Shot an elevated thing. So the Boston College football show presented by Bud Light continues. Here again John metre drill. Terrific day for John hell of a career best three touchdowns. For fees C other 288 win over central Michigan won't get to him in a moment but welcome back to the BC football show a chicken shows a ball. This guy needs no introduction of I give you one anyway because he's one of the greatest coaches in all of sports Jerry York. As you know of up on 23 seasons of NC. 56679. And eighty Jerry that's a 65%. Winning percentage multiple national championships. Every year you got wagons BC hockey is one of the best programs in the country. Your huge part of that welcome Michelle thanks for joining us. Always a pleasure boat. You know football college football but opposes it but caused applause for slow. And I think it may be more open up the season. OpenId preview Lou. Erica defense of mixed up pass that beat replica but for now. I don't know about streak scapegoat by a double double type Freddy Kendall. Ha ha. I've heard a word that's sort of graduated and yeah it's Angela from the actually enforcers but he couldn't stand continues to get. Oh yeah no well. I never learned I don't know on alert out doze off of the punch here at least on premium of guys. Well at least you would see we had this thing you've probably noticed that you're on the on to. We always learned it. The toxins in the water always going on over the on the winter colds we drank the water on. Don't get back to be if that explains everything has I. I think exactly. Now I. Only now people. They think that Obama the winner. That's true we were world through well hydrated all the world rough play on. A couple days now we're opening Friday night at each school available piece Eagles dot com but those who wanted to watch the doctor Jerry tells but he team this year. To a report. For assessment great weekend you know our grip it comes in and Friday night opener but hopefully he will raise Tivo watch a little bit of it. It and stagnate with the move back at 715 now are all our team go this so. Our authority to a support. Hockey fright night football Saturday when Austria spoke not a great booked and then you can eighteen veteran or letter winners returning but he totally off the here. No seniors. Which is unique is that a good thing or bad or have a senior manager. All right that's and so but an irregular throughout the Moses to the vehemence that seeing an embryo there radio jock or call but. All three of in the National Hockey League so it's it's good for them it's. But on the picket or elect football with a stay longer. That you are freshmen in an effort for him what was it. But he could impact the first recently seen. Beastie a couple of years you can really get that. You know. Force that he brings so there was Sanford tuck him. You know for alternate with those of best recruit so long time ago on so. Pluses and minuses but electric brotherhood who have had a thirteen practices as of this morning are in we're really sat him get together a lot of corporate. Casey FitzGerald looks like if you marquee player for us virtual walls Libya that type of player so I feel really good upon our club. What is the secret charity your leadership style and you talk a lot Bill Belichick punctured thought what coach Donahue was Jerry York's. Leadership pacs. At least he shorted early what do tugboat the geniuses are. You know when you get article grower Cris Carter the spectator for a good special I know it's as good players and you know I think our. You put. The leader investment group leaders. One year the kind of weapons often in its watch it they become penalties is so. Norm sort Justin Simmons that we talked about this receipts are quote the impact yet in that. Dynamics of the locker room and you know as sexist and Olsen is all kinds of game management but that locker room. Is so important success of any. You'll call it team for sure I pick him. We've had some terrific leaders have learned from a public appearance of them are and then he says it's and perhaps there and so. We really. Think that's appropriate forward. Nugget that getting back to that. Keep staying in the program deal I remember and I maybe this is change but. When they get drafted every kid seems to be drafted which is which is kinda neat when they're when you think about it. Then there in the position where they make a decision whether we're either gonna play there. Hockey as young men and a lot of I remember. Like hockey team a great place that compared alternative to the belt. But a lot of these kids are developed they just want right. They show that was what I think baseball has that report was with the same draft you know our pace was seen as drafted. You know and baseball is the silent they're Red Sox so when you go to school for a minimum of three years and you re drafted. Are there puts pressure on the the post aside Annika and her schools that are more than go back in the draft but with us how the draft of season high school they they'll come and watch in the freshman year in and they feel they have a need. You know for a defenseman local time or you know there is proudest of every effort to science so the one and done is. You know it's it's happened to us twice the last three years and we're trying to get to go out there it's so general managers and out and kind of makes them that or arm. Senate rule that will benefit both sides if you can't place they fuel truck. Input on the other hand. Having kids go to school who plays like BC. And convert quickly one or two years got a call it. I think node view it had a calling card for Q you recruit or does you know what you spend employers yoga. Very quickly here but I think it's certainly a plus or we use all you know hopefully it's just like Sheila C does with. Number of players we have a house of justice Simmons is gonna pump looks across. The BCR. You know it's. It's up and down with that situation like to stay in the world baseball third he has great actress and make some rules to protect the kid to now and that in and don't allow them the natural that Warrick figure ought to. Blow up my field do. That is an app but I elect who aren't like I said John I'd like what we have with the club through kind of like. It predicted fourth or fifth though weakened. And it will open than that product apparently that star in our. And I think we're gonna quotes a cauldron. Recover pretty good significant factor of race great seasons who put her on great team in particular. Pretty cool keep in URG keeper to hear both excellent social war. You know we can have won best player. Irregular goalie all what a linebacker like Warsaw Poland and they can't escape how much you gotta go I think that's that's the you know it's a core backers and football when and if you have the one guy he's up exploited effects of the united she talked about the effects of a football field. You'll from the back wouldn't go right now and he's he's known for apple is an excellent player aren't. That we really think he's just they won more you know our to a student your typical tennis. In the weight from my beliefs are right now Arctic communities safer to use that's great great though one of the best. He thought the coaches. Unbelievable you know great you know it's we were had a game. We are going through rock that's coach's team come by and they wish our guys are coaches. The best of luck and he has soft on the bus and means a lot through a classy of him and it just means a lot you know those little things are really important. Our players truly removed by apple I appreciate coach. Packets love it too is that the guys that picked fans and for you know to get a bus to go to clubs or don't difficult that is or how that is done. Our but to. You know wanted to say and we can do some all of us quote there last week called back practice open to motive meant a lot out there and and all the kids that don't want to listen. If that's what a great FaceBook BC's. You know than on. Our north won't just for pocket dorm just about norm vols football to get to know which other I was surprised as thick it's locked to orange or through. Security how many. New people waved them out of our guys upon the focuses but he already. Michigan mr. busters on Maryland and witnessed it countless a. While Gerri we appreciate you time to we know you're busy it's going to be great opener on Friday night announcement yet of luck there. And best of luck this season bring home another national title we you know things like equal in the hands of New. Orleans and a lot of biscuit in the basket. Okay thanks try to accumulate and that's about electric in the pond water you know the chemicals now local element you know it is just gets out that because I thought truce in the basket. All of you know well. Well Colorado. And daughter here and probably that followed Jerry. I forward to throw a lifeline. Loyalists and thank you Gerri great to see them like Jerry Garcia from class acts. He C hockey coming your way on Friday night. Come formed company battled the coach's keys to the game after this from our president Anheuser-Busch. On a bat throwing. The pit stops like that at some of the data that point 15303540. How does floors of the building 45 of them voted for the party spot. Welcome back to the Boston College football show. Presented by about life. Do talk more taxes and those with coach or does he joke here again John meter Burrell. We'll showcase game for being seen Saturday night at the heights against. For your arrival Virginia Tech time now for the keys for the game. Brought you by the good folks of McGovern Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram now all but these seal up Matt McGovern. They have a great selection of over 400 cars to choose from a 777. Washington street Newton or McGovern Jeep. Dot com moved to status in the secondary will be tested again coach Josh Jackson ranks second among up PS freshman. We would passer rating he's thrown for over thirteen hundred yards what do you know about him what do you do to stop. Well he's very athletic. Smart guys got muffler recruited him to Virginia Tech knows him well. I mean I think you know you got to contain him you gotta keep me in the pocket enforcement that pocket with pressure. You know in in in in now let him out some of these quarterback run type type deals so I think that's going to be critical. How'd you streamline. Your office against their defense what are the keys for your offense to be successful over the ball. Me quite frankly would have to go through all mean I mean you know that's I would say however we throw whether roots drop back game whether it's play action game. Whether remove in the pocket drop in the pocket room have to go have some ability through ball now you can't give them the opportunity to come after you and change with momentum sexy got to be Smart with what you do but we're gonna have to throw the football much more efficiently. To be able to have consistency moving the ball. Against them. It specialties to talk about Mike Walker you know Pete. I gave him a game ball Saturday we all the 128 total yards are turning. Maybe a little different scenario this week but for him have success we have to keep don't. Well I mean you know the unfortunate part is they got a kick off guy that puts Indians on 95% times or maybe higher that so. Those will probably be few and far between. Put on Pontes will really get in the form on bill we get that thing you know vertical so we need to spring him loose their. I think it's going to be critically important I was not I was looking at watched the Clemson game in. It seemed that. What Klim was Clinton was even dues when tech threw the kitchen sink at them they held up upfront. It was always a free run somewhere. But they held up. And there'll billiard ball during the ball really quick from a player gets me in behind me on a Lotto. She looked upon a lot of holes if you been in in my you have to assume that's how you gonna try to approach it. Yeah I mean you gotta you gotta move the puck into the ball out in the American bills stand back here or on the football very long I think you know than than you're gonna get yourself in trouble so we got available to us. They know. Two things out of on first and second down. And you know. Can't get my actions. You get yourself a third won't we won't do anything. To be a fun night coach doesn't look in Port Newark graphs and a big win cubic don'ts are jumping into it who could be an extra. Very special thanks to our guests tonight just the seventh of the Denver Broncos Jerry York Boston College Hockey. Special thanks surfers are Steve Jobs shot joke Clinton pull back in the studio Jason all the from Boston College Mike went in Matt Morris. A management team as well. From Pico are the coach David does it off joppy to Perot looked at Georgia on Saturday night at the heights six point five our broadcast I've received at Virginia Tech. Have a great week everybody good night. Projected Joe's a ball that.