Been a while since this take surfaced: "Tom Brady is a system QB", according to Football Outsiders Scott Kacsmar

Mut at Night
Thursday, November 16th
Mut is reacting to the interview with Scott Kacsmar of on Dale & Holley with Keefe today. Kacsmar is a self-proclaimed "Patriots Hater", and has Tom Brady ranked 5th among QB's all-time, and says that Brady is a product of Belichick and the Patriots system and any QB could have achieved the same level of success in that role. Needless to say, this doesn't sit well with Patriots fans.

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They are formidable as of right now because I'm Irvin. Is on another level this brother is spectacular. And he's playing like it I think you know Golden State need to do much with them. With these guys dole out that they end. And that is the biggest thing about wolf so we're. If I know how to get on Twitter and I saw a picture of mr. Bernanke today it would appear to manage before I tripled compared to now. Here's my. Talk Sports Radio W we. Enough recalled that during the hot stove show last night it's what it night Sports Radio WEEI all the way until 8 o'clock to 617779. 79378. Quick thank you before we get into. This Tom Brady stuff and they don't miss the last couple. Years but it never never seems to. It always overwhelms a good these guys are like in the crew over Atlantic power league hitters spots here on WEEI Atlantic power cleaning dot com. They came by yesterday and were able to out power wash and do some amazing stuff. In around my house with the issues with some trees everything in their gutters that we're not just claw but beyond a mess these guys came in and they did and on the believable. Job growth people like me is not wanna get up on the roof. As I wanna clean the gutters out wants to clean up the side of their house they got the high pressure hot water they show off their crew did an amazing job. I did more than I asked them to do I'm quite frank lose same thing for use wanna thank the guys Mike and his entire staff. And Atlantic power cleaning and that they can help me trust me they can help you please check the knotty did you fall cleanup done. As you get ready to what gates the winter season last thing you want. Is believes all frozen up their trust me I'd been through this in the gutters. And the gutters so clogged up as the ball leaves it still ice and water and snow to fall outside your house. And a lot more to damage other you ready to commit to. These guys can make sure that does not happen that's why they're good Atlantic power leading. I chickened out and Atlantic power cleaning dot com Mike and staff to excellent excellent job. Scott cast mark maybe not an excellent job he covers all things NFL as an NFL by analysts to was on Twitter. Earlier in the week and was I getting back and forth once a patriot fans Scott has done this before as he's a senator for football outsiders. And he is adamant. That Tom Brady is not the best quarterback of all time. In fact he came on today would dale holly Keefe which are full calls reaction to this I promise 6177797937. And immediately. Gave you an idea out of the gate. That he looks at quarterback play and feel differently than most people Molly and New England a whites America look at Tom Brady at quarterback play in the NFL. Where do you place Tom Brady among the all time quarterbacks in the NFL. Has the right fit for quite a few years now. Yeah I think Peyton Manning Jim what can I don't united stammering now. That's par four. Then you have great he's up there with any of richer guys Ron Amadon Roger all back John Elway. But you know birdies. In fifth for awhile and I think you know if he plays into his forties. I'm at a level that we've never really seen anyone extend. In two be on form for one year with the vikings then I think you articulate Lamar portal but it. You know I can't really see Julia irons four for me personally. So the debate nationally has been among guys to know a lot more football denied. Is is it Brady or Montana. One or two. And I thought a couple years ago when Brady tied at Montana for suitable for the patriots got the pick for Malcolm Butler and seal that win against Seattle. That did it three debris. Any beyond that was going to be icing on the cake since then he's gotten a fifth he's put up better numbers than he did at times during his twenties and is thirties. And I adding most of us all agreed that Colin powerball people did this segment last week where yell when Alan city. Gretzky. Hockey Jordan basketball territory Brady. Like it's not even a debate anymore it's if you think differently is not the best you are out of your mind or trying to be contrary. Nick right. And in this case not only to try to be contrary it's got cast mark he's got an outside the top three. He's got around five. And maybe getting up to four. What impresses you about a quarterback what does standout thing for you was it arm strength. Is it accuracy. Is winning games is a performance in the clutch is it. You know playoff game what is good luck clutch he has what is it is Manning and what got you. Accuracy historical accuracy of these long time consistency. Character here is that people people wanna put Carson went up there but in my excitement and stress. Care about personal. A big guy got the lead yesterday so if you look at Peyton Manning's stats. Accuracy quarterback rating vs Tom Brady's stats. You think to Peyton Manning is the best of all time. Look at Peyton Manning vs Tom Brady are are they comparable the comparable stats are now. Comparable but again so mr. Greece it was Aaron Rodgers in the again it. So if they're tough to afford it that's why. That's why it's very frustrating trying to talk you right now because if you're saying Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are comparable. So it pretty much a wash especially if you look at you look at some numbers in the playoffs to. And in terms of quarterback rating and completion percentage touchdowns interceptions all these things this comparable yet when these guys go head to head Brady has the advantage. And Brady has for Super Bowl MVPs don't you have to wait that. In favor of Brady could Peyton Manning had great teams do get a hall of fame general manager and Bill Polian had a hall of fame coach and Tony Dungy. He had hall he had a hall of fame of receivers. So the team did so. If you diminish the regular season achievement of subsequent post season was already have a losing record against any policy. So. If a meeting I am committed to pick here of that we do in sports talk radio I wish Michael wouldn't let him. Barry himself little bit more causey asked the question that I think a lot of us were asking listening to Scott Kazmir today with dale holing keep. All right we'll futile like wins it wins is not a fair stat look at quarterbacks. What do you look at. And unfortunately because Hollywood's was talking over the answered there at the end and and try to get one across like I get it but. All we know is that he appreciates accuracy and consistency. Year after your consistency well. Nobody. The quarterback position in the history of the National Football League has done what Brady is done. So no matter what you wanna look at yards touchdowns quarterback rating longevity. The ability to stay healthy. Consistency. Check Mark Brady over United's Manning Montana. Up Marino anybody want. The most consistently. Great NFL quarterback this is not debatable in the history the NFL is Tom freaking Brady so consistency check. Accuracy which he wants to go to. Right completion percentage. Man exit 65 point 3% for his career. Brady is eight point half let's 63 point nine in the post season it's even closer Manning drops down to 63%. Radio oil drops down a 627. The wood and a half a point in the post season of quarterback accuracy which is completion percentage when you factor ran. That Manning played a lot of those games in a dole and they go look at his dull vs outdoor numbers. We're banning has a quarterback rating outside of 94. Two points less than Brady. And fact it's five points less than his inside. He's doled quarterback rating. That negates any percentage point accuracy. Discrepancy. That this valid point you. The indoor outdoor which never came up I don't think we if the guys today but is a significant margin. Given that I believe. Brady's it nor rating it's the Brady inside for a second you get the benefit of playing inside as an old career. Brady inside eleven and 229. To nine touchdown to picks a 112. Quarterback rating. F been lights out when he plated side. But that's not brought up when he getting Alley Scott Kazmir at least as far as I can tell there. So he looks at accuracy and longevity or consistency consistency. Is a blowout for Brady. Accuracy is a wash and I would say. A slight slight slight slight advantage to. Brady at the end because he play these games outside and Manning played inside. Put us in this whole the idea of the system. And this a tough one because. Bellic Shaq is so good and part of what Scott Kazmir is about to say is very very true. That Scott Kazmir if he's right about Belichick being the greatest coach in the modern era but it greatest coach of all time. So on his mind you could plug and play. Three or four different guys into the system. And it would do exactly what Tom Brady was able to do. Players and machines can accomplish the same kind of thing that's what I agree I think. They Manning Aaron Rodgers Drew Brees all three of those quarterbacks he put them. In New England system with the best coach in the league and that's really where the patriots systematically excel they have the biggest gap in coaching advantage of personal football. They don't have the biggest skeptic quarterbacks. And again. I think you know you'd put Drew Brees to seemed. So he goes in due Drew Brees put him in that situation he talks about Aaron Rodgers who I I Roger's pretty fair Rogers have been. When he's gonna help he's been awesome but he's not and stays healthy. As Brady hasn't settled picky I'll double check that doesn't feel like he stayed quite as help these Brady but he mentions her breeze. Who's quarterback rating again how many use the indoor outdoor thing for second. His quarterback rating inside is twelve points lower. Then it is outside he's one owed to outside of one or two inside he's a nine the quarterback. When he plays an outdoor games. His win loss record at outdoor games this is significant. He's only eleven games over 500 in his career when he plays outside. He 65 and 54. He is dominated on the idea of the fast track in New Orleans in those dome games he also plays a game a year in Atlanta a dole. There rightness conference. You get your breeze outside he's eleven games over 500 Ford's career. Brady puts that number to shame he wipes his ass with that number. Eleven games over 500 outside. He's won 1954. Overall he's 25 and nine in the postseason. So when you listen to this conversation today. And you ask Scott Kazmir what he likes what he doesn't get like wins so immediately. Brady's gonna get a knock down his football's a team sport gives bella check all the credit and says about the team not about Brady getting wins. Which I think is a significant misread by him. But it goes and the other stats he looks at consistency and accuracy which Brady still gets. By the end of the interview keep it gets he admits this steeler fan patio and admits he does Brady. Guy I don't know. Well liked the guy hell no is a long time Pittsburgh fan. Template that to me. I look at wins more than anything a quarter MI wrong is Scott Kazmir read about this. Is it about wins and losses at that position. Or is it so simplistic at because I was one of the first people. RT Yelp a former host of the show about wins in baseball and how dumb winds are baseball and how stupid it is to look at a guy who goes let's say thirteen and nine and it's a one on 113 game he'll get a CRA it was 19 and got no one's support. It's a C runs a stupid man wins are stupid. It feels like at the quarterback position it's the most important thing. And Brady wins their two if you're gonna ignore wins. What kind of argument we have. OK I want to go to accuracy consistency. Brady wins those two. So I thought. I am fine I actually find you wanna come on here and debate Brady Montana. Brady Manning against Brady nice I can't do excited C a second united his career. Ice Neff. A not equipped to do that was one look at numbers. Do you start colon fits that same wins don't matter. Pointed accuracy consistency. And say Drew Brees could do what he did then you are biased and you you make football outsiders look bad. Quite frankly. But the postal happened the end IPO wanna send them off and a good note. It was fun arguing football again I'd I like your avatar two by the way which is that picture of Bill Belichick put his hands over his size it's nice. I like this option Todd keepers response to which has been grumbling among them. They got a nice Twitter avatar courted dale that's good. As far as debating Brady is the best ever he saw peace I was in the interest either like the guy this morning. With other midday guys. Chuck body on oh the New York Daily News those guys an excellent job of money on. He was at least plate full with that I bodies and eighty. He's a race Bader and he sees race for their is that race in the National Football League and he he also is he he's a moron. But he's entertaining moron. Scott has always not even entertain. Aegis. Which is bad. Or no laughs and it was Graf and it was when he's called on certain things he had had zero answer for. Toward anyone debate Brady it's fine just be entertaining when you do. Money out leases entertaining today. There's the cape on Tom Brady it 6177797937. ID. It would Columbine they questioned and that this guy and complete tool obviously that Qaeda indicated that an eight they. Out what you Salem is gonna keep. Haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate yes. I mean obviously brilliant mean look at them. Obviously you gotta go back at the first reachable balls and got into the game and it just your sense but since then and you want the guys at top of the charts like decent accuracy. Consistency. And the bottom line is wins and losses. So all you can look at all these other stats and he may need that one game not debate keen for under five got to be won the game. Right if you were saying all we played bad but they want to negate three did not into enough and you win the game yes but not. Yes you play to win the games there. He played when the game that you can get breaking certain records every time and again. I don't know he's number one right now I mean he could be seven though we could be 215 it's whipple's who knows what he's spent every time and consistent in all those games. Well I Agha Super Bowls he's that's a one air why give Montana the edge Montana was spectacular. In these Super Bowls right. Twelve touchdowns no picks. Keep in turn the ball were pretty I think Brady's been good and symbols wildly he's been you know other worldly in those games. But. I mentioned the the completion percentage thing earlier. Where Manning has Brady by Smith John raw numbers but I point out that he plays all these games inside. Quarterback rating Brady's got a 9796. And in the post season 8987. Interception percentage in close. Interceptions as you want a lower number or percentage your past is you throw that are intercepted lower the better Brady's led the league in that category three times his career number's 18. Manning is almost 327. So the ability to not only put up these ridiculous numbers yards touchdowns quarterback rating. And also not turn the ball over. Brady might be the best ever at that. Long term now a couple other guys they get back Tyrod Taylor handed. Might be Russell Wilson. Are right there were Brady had better interception percentage numbers that brave they've not done as long Brady Brady's forty. He's got a 18. At his otherworldly. Claes and Celtic like. Yeah. Larry. It might lead police healthy we probably. Yes sir why didn't this question I suspect it's question. It is no I think it would edit or this is is where it sucks why don't talk. It is this is terrible. I open air. I would like there was a there was a guess there was a guest of the station today. There was a guest on expansion today who said Brady's be fifth best quarterback of all time that is relevant given that happen. Four hours ago on the station clay I'm sorry. Oh. You are sad that is the call and get the recognition of somebody's not on the air clay. That is that. Also the worst late. You talked about but I'm not add anything to the conversation to divert the topic I I understand clay is right to an extent I don't Brady Brady being the best was dead. This came on the air. And called the fifth best quarterback ever and simulates quarry accuracy consistency. And puts more Reno what other and keep betting ahead of them. James at Providence I James. Michael you've got me. I think it's important to talk about bought some quarterback position I think a huge market and your company. Eat come back on or fourth quarter. Down by a touchdown score we would gain also. With these Super Bowl you know you want but wondered what Juan Ortiz second here. Emily. And how we got computer common technical you go to her arm craters on her. Them BO last start one written such an apple or. Yeah I'd add that that's all part of it whether it's that the fourth down stuff I just. This is not to try to re do Brady vs Manning or break it's it's the idea. That somebody works for web site called football outsiders ashes football the title. It's not you know a birthday cake website. It is not a web site that specializes in lingerie. This is football outsiders. And he's got Brady fifth when asked what he looks at quarterbacks he says accuracy consistency. Again radio consistency. Check plus plus plus plus plus plus plus plus plus he's the best ever. Accuracy he's right there would Manning. And now wins don't matter that that's why it's relevant today. The guy who works for a football website. Has that take. 61777979237. The phone every thoughts initial thoughts on. The game of the year of the week of the month of the day whatever it Celtics and warriors. Half hour from now we're talking basketball we're talking Brady. We're talking to you here on much at night Sports Radio to be the it was fun arguing football again I'd I like your avatar two by the way which is that picture of Bill Belichick with his hands over his eyes it's nice. And Paul and Monica. And I parent hang in there Scott. Was there are you good football contest football outside. Provides fast. I guess so not today though it Scotts has more prize eggs came from someone named meniscus should be getting. Everyone's last name right it's one at night Sports Radio WEEI your calls in the 8617779. 7937. Thursday night football titans and Steelers. Course Jim Gray will talk to Tom Brady at halftime of that game solicited that of course after the game. The only place to talk. Celtics and warriors post game is right here on WE yacht Patrick gill will be here. On the other guys are the Bruins so this is the place to go tonight post NFL football. Make your spot here on WEEI for big recap would Gilroy in fact Arroyo has Celtic legend the no Raja. On the show tomorrow night so he is I get locked and loaded heading into the weekend. I Johnson made on Celtics and warriors 6177797. ID 37 hi John. I did not want outsiders that they expect and our our our outlook that are excellent to keep traction. Though. Well look forward it out it the ID EA big game. I'd like to see Kyra you know took off like forty odds with the we ought you know I RT outlook. So I thought they are ready. In al-Qaeda. If a cult what do you know our partner well our. Everywhere I lost. Yet for win loss standpoint unity Tyree especially John thanks for your 1000 whenever call. Of I'm actually more to say this the other younger guys respond tonight specifically Jalen brown and Jason Tatum. I don't know what carrier ring is one of the best players in the NBA. I think I know what Al Horford is he's not act is it good player especially this year he's been a better player carrier ring that he was when Isiah Thomas. It was Jalen brown this game tonight how does he respond to you a big spot late thoroughly for. Against theft curry how does Jason Tatum respond that is. That's I'm looking forward to and I if you want to go Avery winner lost Pena right the two guys you mention have to play really really really well. Hot of the young guys respond Imus focus on that isn't an interest in that as any else. In Celtics warriors tonight. Analysts say this. Warriors whatever excuse they may get one. Their second Boston not get over the guard until about 645 herself because of the ridiculous traffic. Are in and around the garden and around Fenway on game nights which many of you know about on Nelson in the car on Brady and Manning I Nelson. They would government on the statement are you going to be I make my way real quick and I does that hear me out before you respond going to be quicker than I did make it quick break. I yet though Manning. I think honestly him and there. Montana I think all bought back him I think intelligence of the game. I would have to put Manning and months and now all of you what what's the rate went well clearly be that your opinion on what needing understand it off and what do they do that Brady doesn't that. They call that that line eighteen being put it happened I need you in any moment right at that law. Mean. Hit machine in terms of gaming and other things you wanna point out on you look at come that you set. There and well all right right. Mark and that nominee. Brady now twelve touchdowns no Dexia all the time yet. And the one that the U hum short quick turn out and I know what is in terms of who has. Well actually thrown the ball. He had died and actually. Broke out opened for days don't show audit practice in any yard they get out on the art. On the rate yards after the catch that would effect does all time reading the analog cards and an acting. Like you've got to look at all. To date a guy like I mean he thought I'd dark. Not bad I would say okay. It Nelson banks of the call not quite as brief as I hope but try to give your chance there the the stuff that Nelson mentioned he can't blow. Football acumen. It that I don't. And so I don't but doesn't. That does not work for me. I I I need. And I thought we get this in the case of football outsiders I need stats and need some data to back up mileage wins wins are pretty easy yards touchdowns interceptions. Football acumen how the hell the you know the Brady is and he acumen that. Manning or Montana did. That I that you can't quantify that and far is the limit the yards after the catch guide I think that's. Pretty irrelevant in in deciding the best of all time at least to me on Kevin is a west brought Kevin. Let up three. Eligible. Eat. No way that. A clipping you know like you know. It was great. It was great. And it played it it and the lying to get it it. He had eight it's. You know here right at eighty mocked his prime years. And it happens I don't how many. Lately comes too late he let it be quarterback you know every piece about. Yeah every all the greats are prepared but yet he should to eat. Witty and you know falling to rule that idea and throwing eat it and Richard giving the ball. Brady does a pretty big hole. Interest people but we really did an app. Somehow also hit it out in Europe he's. The ability to get out it's all free medical problems. I don't know anybody not know if there's nobody. The comeback Chad mediated an especially the Super Bowl Kevin O'Neill look at you know and how the comeback numbers of foreign intrigue pulls up pretty quickly in the fourth quarter drives and comebacks but I mean to play the way Brady did in for that pick six. Early in that game and come back it off 323 come back in the Super Bowl force overtime to get the win I mean that's. Again I'd I can't quantify that but there is something to that. That mental toughness at the quarterback position. The two things you have to have to still line from. Callahan. Accuracy and mental toughness. Accuracy and his puppets in general Brady has ball both things. More so anybody else this is not meant to get back into you know Brady vs Manning Brady vs Montana it was to react to. What we heard today from a guy were twelve cycle football outsiders once but Brady in the top. What's one of fourth or fifth. In a string quarterback enters a Bridgewater on system QBs hi Andrew. Yeah oh yeah all these arguments upgrading you know great if just nonsense the key is. The Brady being part of the spell check system all these people the tale of two reasons and there Peyton Manning. The key to look at is what if Drew Bledsoe had stayed healthy and he had saved their crew with Drew Bledsoe been able to win re out of or no no we saw drew and the reason we saw we saw drew me was not act now he was not gonna do that argument is. Done well at an all these short passes and have been rated the guy making a citizen through those passes to read these threats to do all of us. You know it's it's just ridiculous to get who so needed every climate they're very well it's sort of normal next until. And jury joy welcome back get your phone calls Celtics basketball at 8 o'clock against the warriors while the NFL game right here titans and Steelers. Your phone calls until and it's 6177797937. Another day. Other politician in trouble for reported sexual misconduct and a guy you've probably heard of that pleasure calls next. My head night Sports Radio WEEI always on Twitter at much ME TW EEI and UNAIDS program at that same spot. But WEEI Robbins in Chelsea on Brady will get to the latest politician. I was content under fire today for a sexual misconduct with two on our rob. Oh my goodness so there was quite an hour. For you problems sorry I was insane Robin Chelsea is under consideration and a. Elicited you know yeah recalled ago acumen and or I've got passes. Who that was thrown more five via passes potential market nobody Randall west goes off and you probably. Yet Jerry Jerry race took those five wins nine yards every time. So listen to that discussion at all. It's over. He's the best it is Smart in everything about about. OK and I am also receive some mouse that was some more actual plan. I love you to adapt. It and you take too much crap in Asia is give it back to you but he there are what. So I do how much I do tomorrow and going there tonight take up prisoners Smart take no prisoners should I take out hostages which I do tomorrow. Give it acts he's a good dude. In the election when you are tremendous start my stroke just go back but back on essays podcasts out that's the definitely. Maps are it was a mark Levy at. Ronald doctor tomorrow morning 6 am with. Two way holes of the morning Kirk Jerry as for the and this is this is now a it's not a weekly occurrence that they daily occurrence the latest politicians somebody you know. Who allegedly kissed and grope it without our consent is not known former SNL host. Al Franken. Oh lead and Sweden. Was in 2006. On our ninth the US so torn entertain the troops for eight the Middle East since 9/11 attacks or father served in Vietnam. Then boyfriend now husband Chris a pilot in the air force. Our shoes and maxim models who are very attractive woman she's also now at 79 Nikkei ABC. I believe in Los Angeles or in a separate Cisco. She was handed a script from Al Franken about a skip they would do. And on the day of the show Franken and I oral wall backstage going over aligns well last time he said to be we got to reverse the kiss. There's little kiss and there I laughed and ignored many said it again exits of late relax out this is an SNL we don't rehearse the kids. He continued to insist and I was beanie get uncomfortable. He repeatedly said that actors really need to rehearse everything. I said okay sweet stop badgering me. We blind leading up to the case that he came at me. But it's handled back in my head Nash is lips against mine and aggressively stuck his tongue in my mouth is supposed to be fake kiss is most BA. She turns her head for the joke. I walked away she writes all I could do was think about getting to a bathroom as fast like could the rates that taste out of my mouth I felt disgusted. I felt violated. She then points out that. After their trip one of photographers sent a picture. Of the trip that was taken she was asleep. On a plane and Al Franken he says jokingly. Put her hands. On her breasts while she was sleeping and took a funny picture of it. I she is speaking out here today Al Franken is apologizing. But saying coming from a world a comedy I told them written a lot of jokes that I once thought were funny but later came to realize we're just plain offensive. But the intent is by my actions are the point and all is the impact these jokes out and others that matter and I'm sorry sic me so long to come to terms with that. He says it was unacceptable. He says I don't remember these incidents is actually missed Wii does. But he is willing to go under and ethics committee. Shakedown in now Washington and we will see what happens with his political future. And obviously this is a big story obviously is continue to be as moral war women are speaking out against stuff folks in Washington and in Hollywood. About the creepy stuff they have done a lot more on this tomorrow I'm sure with Perkins Jerry beginning at six will be with the guys. Doing god knows what auto Al Michaels on the show tomorrow should be a lot of fun. NFL football coming up Patrick Gilroy after the game right here on W week EI for patio and myself enjoy the rest. Your Thursday.