Ben and Russ visit the Revs tailgate

Sunday, June 25th

Ben and Russ bring the show on the road. The guys visit the tailgate before the Revs/Fire matchup on June 17th. You'll hear from members of the Midnight Riders and more fans about the current state of the team and what the positives and negatives are surrounding the Revs these days.


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We finally. Was that we do this like two weeks ago. We've made the deal then out to bust out that he was going to Arizona but we're here yup we're here at Gillette Stadium for the tailgate for the reds fired. Pretty cool being here it's about time we actually said we're gonna do something actually they often did. The best part about being down here right now is. We've got a lot of people that we interact with when I say a lot like ten people that we actually interactive. And we memo finally yes the record Ever-Glory. Those are glorious. Search party for glory. But. We want to bring these people in happen actually talk to us on the ship. And we wanna get their in because they've heard our opinion a thousand. But we're gonna get their opinion because they're actually paying to be here every week. Putting down their money and sullen lament complaints song don't have complaints. We need to hear from them because they hear from us right I agree. Thanks. To a Christian. All right let let's are that aren't Evans here. Now what we met him officially. You getting enough from him. All right we met officially about fifteen minutes ago over at the tailgate for the rebels. Aren't. So when we first met we said are what you wanna bitch about. And he said yeah don't have really anything to that you wrote. Thing is this too much not so nice and are using the negativity in this town sucks yes no question about it. No question about it it's awesome this new England and follows it straight here to the revolution to a stadium yeah. There is. Definitely a lot to. Feel. Like you should complain about in this things that need to be improved club. I'm here to stay the show. Consent sick and tired of the vile negativity that I hear all the time from uneasy even from us apps. I am not denying it in the Red Sox win the World Series next year there would consider aren't yet right. I'm not back and sports aren't so. Would you look at the team that the revolution had a there right now. There is a lot of quality is lot of reason to feel that they can do. Something really well and analysts. Calm there about six points out of port place right now and it's not all doom and gloom I'm playing well recently I didn't start off great that's not. And you think for the revolution. So I don't think it's all doom and gloom they've been not playing well recently like I said. And I think this team has enough good pieces that they can make the playoffs and they can perform well in the playoffs and again like they did just a couple years ago. Okay so. At some things are valid in something dark what is what's the most valid major complaint right now that even. An optimist like you have Serena. As the stadium. Yeah. Yeah I mean I'm a Rhode Island guy so I'm not itching for them to move the Boston with a and I understand that notes can be a good thing for the club yeah a good thing for me. Club's first obviously. Some big. I think that at times they've been a piece or two away and they haven't spent the money. And when they expect money mostly they've done it in the right spots whether it's Jermaine Jones or are Camara. But I you know you look at 2015 they were probably one piece a way of improving the club dated at a senator back in so things like that way you felt like it took. One moved maybe to. And a little bit of money get people in the seats in the fields. At times to do that. And other times they've tried to do it didn't work out looking back it's like god Didier dominate back in 2011. You know. Even you know re upping each Charlie Joseph for a lot of money that didn't pan out so they've they've spent money hasn't work but. I think they've been. At times when two players away so it's really roster construction is that it is at times the biggest complaint you think which is. It's a valid point and it's actually an it's an on field and it's a team complaint. In the same right though. It's so what what's not a valid in my what are people's know about that you think so easy your wrong but the OK so. Mike Burns deserves. On to serve some negativity in complaints at times but when you look at some moves he's made with. The things that are available to him here in a molasses he's got a lot of good for example. Charlie Davies right now. Is playing in the US cell hasn't played at all for Philadelphia's season the revolution will have a number one draft season. Charlie Davies as a very good move my parents. On in and you look in the past even getting Charlie off the scrap heap he got production out of him. She money and then was able to deal more often get a very nice piece that the can be at least in the future. A good example of my friends. I'm really using. The rules with them the last corner with without using a lot of money and having a good impact on the club. Off for a couple years they had a lot of really good draft picks that came. In played well in the news you think back like aging soars Kevin Alston. Kelly wrote. Into Farah also for like 45 year period they were bringing in young players out of culture came in and had an impact in where a really big part says pitino at demo. Cup 2014. Let me ask you what this might burns have to do coming to take the revolution where they are right now. To the next level like you said couple years ago there are only at Blair away. What position they need to upgrade now. To take them to the next level. It's a good. Should I think this season they address the things they needed to bring in to center backs come from Europe. I played pretty well. I think that there yet at the midfield is pretty strong right now and right now it's about the team coming together so I like he's out. Obviously if you're gonna bring in a player equality. I always have an impact and I think you know molest a midfielder you know someone that may be placed position similar like Kobayashi might be simple Bob. You know similar to like it Jermaine Jones type player that's played it had a big impact and really do some great. And so I've always talked about on the show that the revolution I have. Been huge about the fact that they need a leader on the net insulator on the pitch they need to bring in a player. Not just a particular position but someone that actually has leadership qualities. Yeah. I think that's a valid point I think you know in many ways you look at a guy likely win a key it's that. You know a younger guy we'd like Scott Caldwell thank you it's that you know where course got it doesn't complain that it doesn't want the limelight but he's very good at. Keeping routinely gather. But certainly I think that you know some in the coming come comes in on day one in commands respects. They could you simulate that junior really vocal on Twitter were going collier. Say you want anyone to follow you into order where can we call you on Twitter. And CFC RMC. FC RI I am and City Council. This interview is over absolutely. Did have any other car out here. Liverpool only try and emanated a bio assuming it's all right so free Rubino yes. All right I remember where I remember that morning when when club got sold and bought are being you know and it was like. How did they get this much you know because. You know some of the players at a time like Trevor Sinclair L. Exactly I mean that he was one of the best players habitat are being you came in and open it up Stephen Ireland etiquette good season next season's. I will thank you for sapa mine during hasn't really pursue you are given some time talking it was not. Appreciate it thank you thanks buddy I what's going on what's your name who are you what does your daddy do my name's Matt. I also a soccer podcasts are you know. Which by just six days lump podcast yup I feel a little bad plugging my iPod why has our report broadcast I Atlanta fan and so we're we're big soccer podcast in them we are to have to support each other is I don't know I ate ice it's too I feel really honored to finally be meeting these young Ben gets. That's not really much of an honor I mean we got back to form a lot of interviews soccer sub like I tried to get to be a note Bill Gates I've tried to get you to read still gave so like I'm finally here it's it's nice to finally have you here I feel this is a little bit of an accomplishment for me I feel you have to legitimate. Not a patent. I mean we. It I know a lot of BS and or use our a lot of BS around youth are a lot of BS around was just it's common disagreement know it no it's like I don't even notice that a community here it is just edited general throws a lot of BS are so dozens. Please just in general I'm good BS station okay Irving I knew I didn't want to I didn't want. Her son mark I'll examine the (%expletive) but you know exactly it's. That was the thing is like 750%. Of whatever sentence probably coaches. Louis there's a state that with a grain of salt are. So we ask Evan Nazis and question. What is our they're valid complaints about this team are their complaints that are probably not valid that. Like you think that people are over blowing making a bigger deal making a mountain out of a molehill what do you think is a very valid complaint that is wrong with this team or organization right now so it's a little bit from Colin mail little bit and come there there's. It's kind of choose your own adventure with this with the rest so. This team right now going on the positive side is playing very well we're playing great where where. You know doing what we need to view. We're defending. You know fairly well our offense is starting to click on all cylinders which is really nice. But then there are definite concerns we have a year we have a traditional midfielder playing back and like that's. Not okay that's not a bad take a lot of credit and the reds are not play well for Liverpool. You know there's six open roster spots right now where we and you can say you know oh there's that's my phone I was wondering. Knowing if there's six there's six of roster spots you can say hey we have a summer session we're coming up so we're looking for flexibility or you can say. What the (%expletive) is this team doing was six over roster spots and we have a particular point look back. So there's. You can go down whatever rabbit hole you wanna go to I choose to go down right now. If you ask me today. The positive. The positive rattle this guy over he had no prisoners mr. Russian beer cans are rare in hats don't six. And luckily for him a note boss. I I didn't get to choose I'm gonna choose to put a positive role I manages to suit to go down we just beat the first place team our last league game. We just came off of good wind in the open cup. It was a very convincing win but it was three up and win in the open cup which is great wasn't it DC united and and they know exactly exactly so I'm gonna choose to date. To be positive about the steam going and going into the fire I. Hi I'm bringing the negativity bring the phone. Because here's my thing. I love this fan base I love this team in this community that we have around the steam yet. Any time that I go on the any reds Twitter. It's just a cesspool of negativity it's a cesspool of negative. I convinced that this team could win analyst cup and people would provide some into complain about when it comes this team. So. I am going to shoot I'm gonna choose to be a ray of positive energy in this negative cesspool that exists or amnesty. Evan. You had a time but out. Yes this upcoming notch I've got to strengthen our time watching video of Chicago hit very impressive very. Maybe not much some reported there are dearly and how they've built their team you look at how they built them bringing in swat insider. Trading for Dax McCarty. But the real one designated differences in nickel extra twelve goals yes you yes all Chicago. So. That's that's an excellent argument because it's. They've really taken to who different philosophies and MLS and built the team around that one that is beat let's sign. In item using air quotes listeners can't see this but in aging superstar. In Bassett slide cider. But let's also grab some up and coming proven and I'll ask guys like that's the party. And then you can't you can you know overlook nick glitch he can't overlook David Tom who's also an absolutely believe then on fire for them. So they are using a couple of different mentality when it comes a billion analyst team. That being said. The reds have built the team from within we have two guys in Scott Caldwell and be interpreted as a boat to hit 101000 minutes homegrown players. Out of the 48 players in MLS that have hit that mark we have to them which is great. We signed guys like wanted to though we sign guys like Lee win office scrap heap you know for Vancouver what's wrong with spending some money to secure the there's nothing wrong that there's absolutely nothing wrong that. The the mentality of this team is. While would be over quantity let's spend the money that we have. Not going out and signing a four million dollar player you know five million dollar player. Let's try and build around the guys that we passed now. Is that going to work that is yet to be proven because Chicago's on fire with the way they've been doing things and it's unbelievable run and beyond and it brings and in the exactly. Because earlier in the season when they signed Dax McCarty at Roland said where's he gonna fit in with the C they have and then they signed bash is once art and arrow said. They just signed desperate card that same position what are they doing they found a way to make it work. I think that this spring that they had is on the managerial side of the ball. Because they have a manager and they have a technical staff that is making those pieces work together. I don't think the reds have that same technical staff that can do that that have that same level. And there was you I have issues with the their technical stuff with Jay heaps or go one step further why don't they have. Scott what are they and do not have a Scott please tell me why the revolution. Cannot have a scout. It's a question I can't I can't answer is because it's apple it's back it's absolutely baffling and actually. Again not to plug my own podcast we just did on Wednesday an interview a prime below president of the revs. We asked that exact question are is this deemed it invests you know down the road and starting. And he said it's something that's coming by. Will get left behind were getting behind in the sense because we need to be scouting. Like look at look at Atlanta what Atlanta's done Atlanta went out and they got. Young players they got young DPs they got they got these guys that are on the up and pounding it rather than. Hey he's an established name or you know and I mean and and we're seeing a lot of that the fruits of that labor is. You know paying off in how well that their play. Right and I'd give an example of a scout helping the team Chicago a scout on the courts yet. OK I'm so that doubts almost came out an absolute no way just like everyone. Always I've heard this guy. It seems he's gonna be RA and now here's what 1212 goals ultimately it's the only think it's unbelievable and and the fact that we are not. The arguably we have be most. Well established owner in the leave. Not making those same moves not not bringing in that type of talent and that's a problem it's. It may it may not look like a problem right now to. You know not a die hard not a supporter. But down the road this is going to be an issue it's going to be a big big issue. Well we've talked about this on the Sar cast lead is evolving that you just talked about two ways to build your team from when then. They have a wonderful academy they've got players come to Republican revolution but sometimes you need to marry that with high end talent of course and that is what I think they're missing. And and I would I would go. You know to her to prove this kind of idea I would go to Dallas if you look at Dallas Dallas has a fantastic youth academy team. And they are seeing the result they were paying off now with with their recent run of play I think depleted Dallas is missing a really pushed him over the top is that. Proven superstar that is going to draw tens I've been to Dallas we I went to douse Lester for the open cup final. It open cup final the state it was apple. That's unacceptable. I think that the only thing that Dallas is really missing is that proven superstar to really put some over the yet so there's there's two mentality is. In this league and the revs are getting left behind. Though Iran into this year who were. Bill more optimistic. But evident that I'm a delivery routes today delivering the person an area is that the reds are unbeaten in their last eleven home. And 50 into the season 50 into the season this unbeaten streak goes back to last September. It's Chicago's covenant flying high bid they're definitely you know one of the best teams only I think. I wanna say they're either second in the east right now their second or third in the east right now. I think there has commanded this game of the result whether that be a draw at home whether that be aware and I've been a come out of this game of the result. So there's a positive spent there is about businessmen where we have Cody cropper to net. He's going to be a US men's national team player there's only a matter of time with the 2.3 23 years olds he's got great experience. We've got tellem wrote just got called up to a national joke camp road gold cup along with wanted to Dello got league win which is noticeable leave off of that lists they would. Andrew Ferrell I don't know why it's a Ferrell hasn't he called it in a national team Canada that's a bigger a question mark for me than we win I understand that when it RT 29 years old almost thirty on his Arnold's thirty. So I understand that you're you don't really get built around a guy like that he's not gonna really developing more obviously. Farrell is more of a question mark for me as to why you're not utilizing this guy I honestly believe it's it's because of yet. Well yeah and that's when it plays a similar style of him but yet when vasser and give it a little more skilled on the ball than who's in our personal position lever your personal interest there is a better. Your defense. Then you're at but still without a doubt he's he's not as much of a liability but he doesn't offer you this deal at that wing back position that that get an off that's way arena adamant the absolute right position except to swing back. There but. He'll get there IE. If you want more bug we're going to jump onto what are all right so you can find me personally at Matta basically sets ME TTY. BUGL I SE and the need to find a podcast at 61 pot. So due to listen rate review us I'm a slave to the comments and I'd like love the reviews I can't help myself. But I give Melissa and see what you see what she see which you feel about it and we would love the love do get your feedback on we'll at some point we will join forces for something I willingly and millions and have. It is were to train you know heading heading towards each other in the night and it is fluid and so that's an agreement and now. Should make everybody the poster children. It's not a drug yet he's yet yet yet being the operative who aren't he's he's on the yet to come across interns at decisions during a Vermont. The loading and immune you deserve the money he isn't he just was my lowly intern. Given he's running the horrors letting doing this lady he is important is more important is way more he puts the buns puts all the bonds that's. You can't put a price on absolutely our spam get over here c'mon. Yet do a slow saunter on over here c'mon. It's like folk talking assets. Just. Putting on airs. I know you're really sensitive person. So each and put on a show to be bigger than you actually are I get it again that's going on that's not exactly and I'm good how are you I'm doing all right all right. So as you said you Internet decision I didn't return in the digital apartment. Which is. I like this people. I I think you've picked up on that many times as well into the office yet and throw a pitch and about some stupid (%expletive) thing. So. I gonna make this really brief review just as punishment for where your interning that are out there. I. You season ticket holder. Yes I am how why did you have to think about that. It was either yes or no not a flimsy. Odessa how long you've been seasons ago. This is mice that you're doing about myself. Allah is that in some I did I've been paying for myself for two years from for my parents hospital it meant. So I've been going to games really spousal didn't like it 2000 back and amid those three straight MLS cups and the Austin's when he thirteen have been in the fort have been a midnight riders the sort of fortune. I like how he said. And Russell field is still I like Jerry just said since I was a little kid in the mid 2000 submits it. This bastard. What are you eighteen now only 11 going on all right see you that your own his tickets for two years what's your assessment of what's been going on the last couple years. Since you've been a season ticket holder on your own reunite parents. Com wolf you've been a fully formed adult. So. Last year as a bit of a step back off for us we don't read and address the main problem coming in the season last year which was to fix our defense obviously you weakened defensively and Jose Gonzales had been analysts defender of the year. He had shown great promise he was on loan from C on and he was probably I think our player of the year. And then came over we want the MLS cup this first year full time on the rams. But dropped off in 2015 and Tony sixteen rest and answered a question of what to do it senate back and they continue to use consult us. They used Woodbury and Watson back there are a little last year as well and I love London would Baretta he's great as a fullback has eaten within balls from the sides but it's not senate back in plain and simple and the -- using him like that. It immediately gave their defense a disadvantage. And they didn't address that problem last year was added in the playoffs and I notable difference was able personally this year they address that prom my love. Tony tell man I love Angola you like domain goal. I saw that video stupid (%expletive) aside video it cares if if someone serves someone's ever entered the red car lately game. At least we know we go to now come on TV now I messed my boy. I'm I'm the lone member of the BB nine fan club. I like Brett nine is a good guys good goalie cup hero he's a really good guy yet. So. What these two that we previously had on Evan and Matty did not address. I was because you're actually still standing next to me. Well it would these two tackles. Didn't address was does the stadium issue. I didn't know I ask you what I ask you I asked you which year major complete tour. And neither rubber out of the city which is great I love the fact that it embryo. Both Neal and provenance. That's fair seek to what I like and respect about that. Is there honest about whatever makes their lives easier to come to these games perspective that's not a knock actually respect. But (%expletive) that I mean seriously that haven't Providence. What what are your thoughts about the stadium do you have an issue with these games at Gillette. Why do you think fans are so desperate for is soccer specific stadium. Well I mean you do go to Gillette Stadium it's 67000. Seats they heavily now and downgraded it wouldn't matter Anderson of clubs look so it's the optics of it doesn't look good is the morning cheesy I guess more the optics is is the problem that people are aren't. Personally have no problem was that I mean you come Downey partner are no gates or grade. Supporter culture here is unique because of it yet. So gates people get together in the law they can walk into the stadium from their cars. It it's it's not a big deal honestly despite that the reason why people I think have problems. Is because. It's just it looks empty on top. And you know you you go to a stadium where 20045000. People are every game. And you look around it seems empty because it's just such a huge state soccer specific stadium full would be loud it would be excellent book. Well here's a lot of Russian here's the. I'm with a socket is an exit humans it. The biggest problem and I think it's for all of you you don't have this you have this tailgate you can't do it in the city there's no space it's. There's not even really enough space for stating. Let alone. Parking lots and and a tailgate area so. You would if you had a soccer specific stadium in the city lose out on a lot of the aspects that brings fans together but what you're talking about. In all the fans coming and just kind of hanging out together and enjoying themselves. Doubt I'll be done. So does that. Kind of take away from wanting it to be in the city. I don't know if that would be dawn because you take a look at where the open cup games going to be couple Thursdays here are Wednesday's turn out Harvard. There are places to hang out around Harvard I know I'm not a lot the writers are gonna Charlie's kids in the an atmosphere garden yeah that's going that's going to that's going to bars and restaurants. Tailgating the whole fun of it is just kind of the out on nature of drinking and cooking and grilling and smoking in (%expletive) whatever in the parking at the that's kind of the fun of the tailgate is just going to the bar. That's just getting shady at a bar and embarking grocery known in the game. Yeah I do agree which is what we all do when we go to south exuberant and so I do agree it's it's it's a much better feel. Having stadium parking lot where you can tell but when we went on the Red Bull arena couple weeks ago. They have parking for a fan than they have so it's just like we do here. I'll so I mean I think that is one of the drawbacks putting in the city it's it's not a big deal that does go there because there are ways around it. I am hum I must hurry here. Dimmer and where can we Foleo enter. Globe installment. It that was easy Oca let's get it up. I think then I will CO worker affluent and tell him Scott how horrible you do on this subject son of a bitch. That was dreadful. I'm just getting. Our. What do you think protect the dumb people like take the recorder and walk around some more Coca doctor strangers. I'm dull I kind of want wannabes. German fans what it is that the Byron Munich. Group. Boston Byron Munich fan club over there I don't know anyone. They give the bright good guess right nowhere in Byron Munich fans know look like drunk Germans. They'll try insider jerseys. What's that Gloria owners. No they're gardeners. Can hear it because he's got one more question before we go short. Alaska all the same question all right. We talk about the stadium how do you feel about that her. I think Grasso being much more suitable playing surface but. It it would be a lot to happen peel back the grass and put the air back for NFL games because she Democrats feel for the NFL get more part. When we get. Scary players away so she got a lot of things. I'm preachers. To craft has the money but rate her protester. Purple. American football and football. To have a better experience. Grass he does that's where I am on that I think the reds are hurting themselves well I didn't everyone know that programs. So I'm with them. Much grass speaking. But if we're gonna talk about the stadium which should be talking about the surface. I mean yeah that's a major drawback remember teary Henry didn't wanna play and didn't in fact come and play right on the surface. Until it was the playoffs and news is it was kind of forced to add to. So you see stars like that I don't admit I don't think it matters as much to the Emma less guys. That have played in the league drawn time I don't think it matters quite as much it matters in terms of bringing over the European guys and convincing him to come here. And be part of another culture that they don't really know and that asking them they hate can you play on the surface. They're not used to and is arguably and it's actually in arguably. I'm a more dangerous service brown as an athlete is more dangerous for your knees and your angles to play on the stir (%expletive) And it is planned routes I agree there is one advanced to the revolution and I don't really were really close to each other assists. I would never sent us those. No we have a little scary is that quote one of the events that they have that could play out tonight. Watch a bunch of video with the Chicago fire and I can already tell. They're all talking about that her. And in the concern. And if you go go mentality. Playing on the TARP and not on the surface is different turf than in years past we out it's a slower chart. So that actually is an advanced to the revolution if it absolutely is an event for the reds. But. Which like that shouldn't be employed for the team like that that's sticky tacky ship. Just put real rising. And at seven just said crap we know craft has the money. We also to take into account that he is a businessman Griese has a lot of money is his doesn't make bad deals right. But. I look at that as an investment in your team also omelet and investing your team in your product. And here's the other thing that. It's also in advertising to sponsorship opportunity and this grass is provided by a (%expletive) and who cares rhino whoever read this goes back to what haven't set how many players do you think the revolution have missed out on. Just because that's our six. Are you know with six I don't know we just ask me how many players I just threw out a number six I don't know. But we do. But don't you feel that navy they have. Yeah I'm sure they have to a certain degree I don't. It's it's it's also not just missing players coming to play for the revs its about missing out on stars playing. In front of your fan base right which is a real draw wet as it's always been drawn sports. The team with that big star is get it attracts more fans can't put more butts in seats right because I don't rate in the and it went oh I hear now people are gonna buy tickets and you lose out on revenue. So it simple map they should probably put it in just insure that you don't lose out on. Fans because stars don't necessarily wanna play your weather for your team or against your team. Right but gold back to this whole thing about the TARP and they just put in a rendered to our. Why not bring in itself like you said this got to be a way to bring in a grass services for the rest and then go back to the turf. Let's on the patriots why. Investing your team and best in both teams is the only problem that comes of that is that Saturday to Sunday. Reza let us Saturday in September and patriots host again on Sunday that's that's where the problems Astro. Otherwise you have on your time to switch out surfaces it really even. Dated day you do have enough time but it's not paying that overtime for those idiots. I have a colonel Michael committee I don't know I think an unfair. The good don't make nearly enough money Irish in a suburb iPod does not listening but I apologize Hamas. Oca. I could edited out but if you listen to the show enough you know I really don't end up editing any doesn't know how helpful or he's gonna edit something. And it doesn't. Yes born. There's a couple of games here we're here. At Foxboro. The reds dropped 303536000. People looking. Not every game but here four times a year they hit that number. Now in this stadium it looks pathetic looks half empty. If you don't feel and you don't hear it. But 35000. Out draws. Many first division clubs all across Europe in including in England. So there's weekends where we out drop you know club like Everton. And it looks pathetic so you build a stadium holds 30000 people somewhere in the Boston suburbs. And all sentences completely different vibe feels different looks different and and you consult. All they ask you bend because it's. Not a common are desperate. Though we get to in the Sar cast is why why is soccer knocked talked about on the idea that there. I have to answer this again no I'm just saying yeah could be as simple as getting a stadium in Boston. To change the mentality well look it let me uses last year when the Olympics came out to being a member when the have Boston's mr. it was really Olympics yes there's an aircraft court. Yes you'll have a national reaction talking about it because it's in sporting news in the city. The problem is is yes they were they what's the general average money 2000 I think is the average throughout the season going 12 when he 2000. Which as we know is more than the Celtics and or the room that's right building constructions. With the Celtics. Averaged more maybe. Possibly the Bruins average more probably because they actually filled up more than Celtics evened up. The problem is a TV ratings that's the biggest problem when the TV ratings. Start to creep up in match and surpass things like the Celtics which are the lowest rated TV wise in the city. Then you know that's what's gonna happen. TV ratings kind of dictate. Far more than white attendance records due to. Parents directed how we talk about a certain sport. When we look at when we decide what we wanna talk about. There are factors. How juicy is sort SX is a sorry sir we talked about the rest going to the MLS cup a couple of years ago we had Jermaine Jones on until hauling in the afternoon. If (%expletive) sucked. Because his English wasn't great phone sock so I look like it ass hole for booking it. So when things like that when the team doesn't put forth a full effort and say. Hey we need a guy that can actually deliver the information. And get people fired up and you give us someone at the audience can't understand that doesn't help either. So they have to do a better job of marketing themselves. They've had different marketing people. Over the last four years since I started doing the show and it started off for this woman named Liz she was great she gave me ever Blair asked for Jimmy heaps. Give me below game birds interview tomorrow. She left to go to BC and other key came in he wanted nothing to do with us because he wanted only national stuff. Which made zero (%expletive) sense in the world. Oh you're gonna bring in people from Charlotte to come to the game shut the (%expletive) up you're not you're more on stop trying to your grand plan of expanding the fan base. Is idiotic for Warren and it was a complete failure for two they bring in new kid. He's he's back along the right lines which is okay we've got to do this with in the market now we've got to find the places that are talking about them. And I thinking and I will ask Gavin here again will bring him back into the ninth time. How does the did team treat people like the rebellion. May Knight riders. How does the team cooperate with them as a team treat them so I mean Evan. You would know far better than I would because I'm not a part of any supporter group. So how does the dream that dream she a loss has been marketing assignments ranked utes are drinking. How does the team three guys they treat you well do they include you into what's. I think. Mateen cartels to us far more than. Any. Local team ever what to their fan base. This been some hiccups along the way that. People at the stick out in people's minds little. More than it shouldn't. What else. We won't bring it out but. I think overall it the ownership in the team does a lot to reach out to the fans I think we're closer to. The ownership. To the players then. Any of the Boston sports teams by far. Days they'd do a lot to make sure that we have the environments to beat the supporters that we want to. And date they they do a lot to curtail. No question about it. So what do you think of our experiments so far you know who need to bring in analysts feel that. Were given the greens relatively easy sitting here checking for a Slidell blast like 45 minutes. He's brought his girlfriend along who is just sitting there like who want to flock. Why did I agree to come this. We should talk to Kyle also got to get on our tolerance our toes so obvious I was gonna say for those who don't know but nobody (%expletive) knows. OEC intern for me. When did you intern for me. Just couple Summers ago totally I go last summer now awesome okay so I remember your auto insurance. Aren't we didn't actually talk that much when you interned forming. About soccer and now they're rarely treated like we we actually didn't talk very much at all. Sure right that's true okay I just want firm myself in for Russ and proud of our listeners. Get a gauge into what it's like and don't boast because there's no reason to what it's like actually interning for me. Hi I had a (%expletive) awesome expect all thirty drop the ball doesn't have gone there first sentence. No I had a great time I learned a lot actually and you guys. From from the whole experience I've I've done. Just more into the whole podcasting. Aspects of you know just the cute you know radio and whatnot but. I want it you definitely explore that the podcasting avenue as a as a more of a you know kind of a challenge for me and you know I've been I've been doing things like editing and and working on that. All sorts of stuff and it's it's but I need your pocket my sorry I now Emporia. Who say it's are you doing your own podcast on I am right now what is golf bottom line the bottom line personally find it. Buying go at bar dog bottom line are at the underscore bottom line. Aren't. So you've heard you've been sitting near the headphones on you've been listening to everything from evident Matty and Dan if that we had stopped by and talk to us members of the rebellion. So and they've been all weirdly optimistic on the show I do not expect that. Right rust thank you. Do you have do you you listen every parent's consent. Do you agree but they've been saying or are you arm on the darker side of the street like Russ and Alex are. No I I agree with a lot of when everything is set I mean. I think the one thing this team is missing is a star player and I think. That's I think that's the the consensus from everyone clearly he's been science and I assist you mean you see all these teams. And what they do you mean you're there ports whatever reports there are out there rain now about slots on May become and a Los Angeles and what they're doing out there on Brittany Brian Gerard last year. They use your Toronto with. Are not trial by trial you know the team there's been certain teams Chicago even tonight which joie insider what they've done I think it's just. Helping not only the sport itself here in America but it's helping. These analysts teams become more well known in there cities you know locally on our means a warrior I'm probably boring you but. I think that the one thing Reza missing is SR player and you know I do whatever they way they can do it I you guys were talking about when your other podcast the Rossi that's not happening obviously by. I mean. Somebody they can get in here and in you know market the crap out of would be would be tremendous for this fan base and I don't know I the whole stadium speculation thing. I enjoy the I think this is a great time here Gillette Stadium now think they do. Eighty awesome job. The experience here when I have whenever I come from New Hampshire so it is drive but. I think the experience here is great on for revolution games and I I just think it's great product with what they put us history now the way they're playing mom I. Young can I tell her all my girl on timeout for doing as I think it's tremendous and how far he's come. I'm from when he first started I think. The the way they he's playing right now I think he's he's coming into his prime and it's just something special that they're growing here and I think it just that that one last Claire you know that's our Blair would just. Put them over the yet. Of them put them over the top where to within yards America spewing find me acts pile underscore a underscore browns a lot of underscores. You ought. That this has been fun this has been fun and enjoy this I have to let me ask you before we wrap the saw yup what do you think about the amount of people in the still. It's really impressive. Sir sling yeah now public as I took the double people I have not actually gone and sat at rest and I haven't done right and not gonna do today either. I have been here for international games. Because and it's a Mac house. But it's soul. That's a lot of fun too because. Like Lester went on to Argentina Mexico the fun part about that was in the regular tickets I remember I said I sat next the winners I didn't televised there and nobody knows me that was awesome. Yeah I like to experience that because it's something I you kind of almost trying to replicate from a major game they'll in Europe South America so I like that aspect of having been here today. This is my favorite jug had ever announcement one. It is so relaxed. Everyone's enjoying themselves having a good time but it's really relax and chill there's no. (%expletive) going on like you get an patriots game you know or it's gonna play tell you in this scenario editor. This is so much more calm and this is far more my speed. Minus all the little kids. Why it let's follow the hook kids that I don't like advocates. A couple reasons one they're dot com. With this typical look at the suit you. Think you have kids you know there are stupid at one point. OK Ben I don't know where you're going on this registered. To a thank. Mrs. run into us. I know. Let's seriously look at this delegate and it's a lot of fun lot of fun there's a lot of German as well and Byron now. I German fans. They just waves that insane thing. I don't know they spoke English or not I've no idea what just happened but I gonna play it but if tailgate of my time in this is very different than what I'm accustomed to. I'm meats do it's I like yet I come down just for the tell it mentally when the game starts DVR the game watch it from my number my couch. I don't sounds hypocritical because they don't like put my money down and support the team. Right is that in my own little hypocritical about a little bit but we're also laden. Podcast well that means it. That's the other thing too is I try. Yes I do arm interviews with them you are promoted him in some way I promote them for more than anyone else does well that's the point at some major initiative exist when he. Podcasts that do great job disagree I guess at that toxic rose six nations that great job they did they are fantastic. The differences. I have the benefit of having. And it's Zastudil. It's really notice. So that's the the benefit I get is the fact that I actually worked for major media outlet in the city they don't. Border are not saying we do a better job than them and are saying we have better backing them they do. What was interesting and what I've learned to Stephen recently banned. You ABC's. Bill I was gonna say. We've learned about the listeners honeydew you've told how many of us as the countries that they're coming from we got more people interacting with us yet some is going off. So then pauses going on. Yeah I think we'll Florida that there. Is good amount of interest not only in the revolution blood and the soccer cassis soccer in general in this area in this the interest in the targets is. Really good you know we have episodes that peak out and do really well the best episode that we've done all year in terms of number wise it was is obviously it was the miles Robinson and column that did more numbers than anything else bio a far margin. But. The team is moving in such a great direction in this country. You know obviously it is the number one game in the world we note that the game is moving in such a great direction this country let me give you weird examples of the other night. I was the one watching Boston sports tonight. I was so and so they teased a segment. Is our man Michael signed my man turns on it. I don't know Casey and I barely know Tom Giles. I'm friends and colleagues and friends of current size I watch is all right guys. Then they teased a segment coming up next outside of the four major sports what's the one major thing like you'd wanna win. So Casey Smith says. The masters. And that's cool I get it. Her instead something like hold all you want to win a gold medal in the pole vault. OK I think you're trying to do whatever I'll leave it alone. And then Michael said. I'd wanna win the World Cup. Five years ago what we've heard that and Michael probably not no you're influence that. A probably a little bit my influence a little bit of his kids' influence in the fact that they're young and they you know soccer is more the first where they play so he's getting a little more into it. He's also seeing it. The community grows so much to her and understand how big of a deal that would actually beat. To win the World Cup I texted him right after a while is on the parents like Miami and that's a do it if you said anything outsource slapped him. It's the right answer. But it's growing by leaps and thousand and we're witnessing is here today. We are witnessing here today I mean we've got a huge that one of the cool things some watching these people want bags were right next to. I'm assuming that's got to be that the Boston Byron Munich finger at this a ton of right here there is a ton of them right there in the Q marking bias. End. I don't know if they're actual. German people like from Germany. I have no idea I don't know if they're just. Mind your fans capital and embossed I kind of hope they are just my immediate sense that live in Boston because. That really shows you the development. And the growth of the popularity. In the states. Now we know what MLS's. We know with the popular area that is we know it's been going up every year which is awesome we love to see that. But I also love to see this kind of stuff. Where groups of fans from other. Regions get together or groups of fans out to support other countries teams. I love to see that you are no Kelsey group's I know Liverpool groups have invited them Liverpool viewing parties. I don't go. I've been invited. I love to see the fact there's groups of fans that support their team and they all rallied together become a little. Community community. Now. The only problem is you kind of all wanna see them rally behind this leak. Wrote to the point. As a whole. All right it's still are sometimes the right over people don't understand what's going on and we're down to tailgate. I have this board hooked up to a recorder and the board is hooked up to eight BL in my car. And I Java Prius so it mostly stays quiet you can hear it and really two minutes those idea. And her. It's visually saying hassle getting here either driver shut it off yet. An affiliate to reduce unit didn't book. That's great though Jim is this season ticket holder is also a full support. Then murdered I'd enemy time shows overdose. I it's Alan have you been a season ticket holder this is my second here's a season ticket or. Welcome him before that or I ever six years anyway is to get up Florence expects tickets. OK so. What is made you become a I guess if there's reason to go beyond. We know we were dimmed probably stated probably started in 2007 my wife and I went to London. And we wanted to do couple non tourist he thinks that and we happen to see an event to the rail upper at all. And I said. I wanna see an English primarily match. We got tickets for full. It later on in that day. In November Clint Dempsey scored the winning goal that day. And when I got into a sock craven cottage your mind and a lot of friendly pot. You know built within that specific from Egypt it's not Eric and I just really you know and I'd always wanted. I've watched the revolution game two here in the air watch your World Cup game but I always needed it's that extra push. And going to. Craven cottage gave me that extra push and pull him was in the height of the great escape that here. And I mean you couldn't help but root for them in my opinion be in an American without the Americans on the team. So Jim we've been talking to a couple of people here today and we've tried to get their assessment of the revolution you've been a season ticket owed for two years is that. So you've been watching this team up close and personal for two years it. We've had a lot of I'm trying to watching I'm off now. We've had a lot of sunny optimism where I didn't think is much sunny optimism and it's probably a product of the team on a good run right now. What is your general assessment of this organization. And this team are you optimistic are you or do you just kind of enjoyed as a fan and don't get caught up and all the other. Nonsense. Feel little ball I mean I do enjoy it as a fan. I am not I am optimistic I'm hoping they. You give back to there were a couple of years ago I mean I think there maybe 112. Players away really what does this what do you think they need to upgrade engine. We've been talking about now. Don't you do if you in my purse I think I would probably look you need somebody like you Jimmy Jones. C dot drama that you know give you that extra push up and it's. It may be short in the back line I think is coming together. Lot better than it had bad. Are you convinced of then go I'm convinced that they'll man you've convinced that then go. Still need more time. Domain I've loved watching him play. Seems a great player I think it's a great addition. Iran. You know and you know the players like god I think if you get a where. God does necessary need to be certain position either I think sometimes just need that clear command not that we don't have some good leaders would joke and doesn't let my argument that the the revolution does we need a leader white Jermaine Jones. I don't even know if I would put adults who position that they need someone that can lead by example. Ends on us. Bits and ever since Jimmy Jones look I. I agree and I think if they had that player and I think. Your you know looking at some of these close games you're you're looking at you know a point on the road with three points in the row now competency in their home form has been incredible. On the past but haven't lost and are having ten games I think it is ours has eleven. Eleven. You know it's it's a little full fortress. We can always win at home and couldn't quite get it on the road and drive and I and that's what you know this seems lacking right now is is winning on the road and. Oh what's interesting and and you mentioned Jermaine Jones. What I remember of hand especially. Was those notches on the road when they were find ways to win out there missing. Exactly. I'm I think the last time I can remember them doing that. I think it was the way I think it was a win or at least coming back to tie. In the last couple minutes was against the opening game against Houston. Day go Kobayashi coming in fresh legs in scoring that goalie gave you the spark that game and I think that's been you know missing and a lot of these games. You know not the tag as necessarily a leader but surely somebody comment does not to be the leader but. Hope they have them on the the pitch the whole damn sure. What are your thoughts about the game tonight. Think there's gonna be a good test I mean this is a good team didn't very have very good team edition of swine Steiger I mean. Watch out for. Odd Nicholas Nicholas is a dangerous striker yes I definitely yes I'm. I think this'll show I mean you know we beat a good Columbus team couple weeks ago. We that was a winner wasn't just someone fluent in Dallas the win and I'm you know the wind got. Two weeks ago there was it was another good win and I think those you know those of the games we have to build on and I think this can show whether this team can go push forward. I get in the middle of the playoff on not just in the tail and like we are now it armed in this game could go to give a lot of optimism. Yeah he took over two point end zone that I've been arguing on this darker past how to do it. I've heard many revolutions supporters on Twitter mention was just get in the playoffs. And that's the one Lakota have yet they should be looking at. Where Chicago. Where the teams are at the top of Eastern Conference RN one to be one of those teams exactly I mean I just par I don't get. I feel last year. Just get in the playoffs would present this year in addition to our long -- or it should be a lot more they came so close last year I mean you know Seattle last year look at them it was up. Just get in the playoffs. And they make the wrong sure. Do the revolution have a team like that I think they do you get the right results at the right times. You could but right is no reason to think that they shouldn't be in this thirteen either because I don't see a team. That I fear as a revolutions support. This year no seems to be a lot of parity. In the league this year more than may be others. You know I mean we beat look at how we beat Toronto. You know I mean that was there are you know. The head of the league I mean. You know so shows that we can be and so they shouldn't be any teams we should fear doesn't mean any given night you don't buy. We shouldn't bear any of these teams we should go in thinking we can take off three points whether it be here or on the road. We've just a couple of people lose to talk to vote. Some of things they're not so optimistic about negative about them we've product via. Soccer specific stadium a number of times. And as these people know this is the first I've participated in a revs have been down or number times. And I don't generally don't any game whatsoever doesn't matter what sport. The only game I really ever go to as a phantom buy tickets sues the Celtics just that's me. What are your thoughts on the soccer specific stadium because one of the things I brought up having actually been sitting here and and enjoying the tailgate it was. You know if you move this if you move the stadium to the city this gone exact all of this tailgating all this camaraderie gone. I think now I think the revs have been pulling in between nineteen and 20000 a game you know in you're talking to thirty miles outside of Boston. Selfish aspect to me to. I can see the final whistle. And Venus season ticket holder to get the special parking AB in my car and I can be home by 10 o'clock. And I live a pretty good now sell. Coming out of Boston with the parking. And afraid of losing that of course for you hope that it's still take care of the season ticket holders somewhat like dom. You know you can pull in 1920000. That's about what they gonna build for a stadium in Boston. So it's tough would I'd like to have a soccer specific stadium shore although they've built that here. That it wouldn't mind either I think that could be something that would work as well I mean it did showing that you do. Get the fans here. When they are. Anywhere from mid table. To better slow or under the table maybe not as much and then may be it wanna look at polling people from the city by. You know people I would go to a game no matter what. What's interesting is we've met supporters from Providence. So. They're not totally sold off obviously on a stadium in Boston for obvious reasons so it got me to think well maybe. You know I've always been in it needs to be a Boston. But not to being hero with Ben and and and meeting other people on start doubled State Department navy and you pick a little bit more about this. Because I didn't revolution. As their name is doing when they're one from other. Areas. Exactly I mean I have. Friends that I know that lived in New Hampshire one time in the come down before five matches a year a little closer now. They still come about six or seven com. Yeah like you said doing their you do see people in New Hampshire with a revolution stickers Providence I mean even look the out what needs they have or that the games they they send their. God employees out to about they have a lot in Rhode Island. And I think if you could put something here. I think they could make it work very much so I mean I think you'll look Frisco Texas I believe is a little bit outside of Chicago. There's is not downtown is outside the city bomb. Kansas City had really is you know I was nodding his emissaries Kansas City, Kansas across the river in you know it's I don't think necessarily have to be downtown. But yet and I think I've no doubt Bob Kraft would do right if you built or rebuilt it with your chin. Thank you so much for joining us you walk Breuer and usually come down. Now my pleasure trip to finally meet your ass and it's scripted idea after dominating all supporter of me Baltimore's meeting in Boston. What is what is the ideal life in there are more of us there are orbits. All. Youth shot Chelsea. No he's Liverpool. Guzzle over. Your impromptu tells you one. I thought. Oh that's right and screw us. I. Through it fine thank you Jim. Averaging greater regional bids not. It matters are dying we got to wrap this up hook up all right. I've had a blast. I've really enjoyed this done yet. I think we do it again. Almost without may do any get a little bit later in the summer we do have some common late tonight or nasal hustlin' owls join us. Maybe the I'm retiring. Until I'm also looks in Scottsdale or a result right now. My grandfather now Lou it would be Allah my cousin my husband Alex now though it does announce. The B Ellis Goldberg who's that. O'Sullivan trying to him her as someone that for some reason supports spells out over the US sounds familiar. Sounds really fun. Just ahead on but. But that that our our coast our. Oust Goldberg announced on the couch she'll land. All accounts that he supports eligible for the US is I always knew he supported Belgium I didn't know he supported them over the US technical (%expletive) Com on two levels one really fast hole. And support the American sued. It's cool view of the secondary team in your rooting for them after US gonna go nobody knows this huge primary element buildup to beat the US house so he really. Com and we're gonna and the show right now. Broke up we can find yours to order at Russ and as we're going up and you can find me on Twitter at young men W yeah I. And Alex. Can really just a flock of us.