Is the benching of Malcolm Butler int he Super Bowl the biggest mistake in Bill Belichick's career

Mut at Night
Monday, February 12th

Villani and Ty Anderson are debating the Patriots Super Bowl loss and if the decision to bench Malcolm Butler for the entire game is the biggest gaffe in the storied career of the Pats head coach


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Rioters are here for 10 o'clock. Yeah they're big hockey guy keep getting to use the Olympic hockey son professionals. It's tough I think it's tough because it's coming out looking forward to yeah with the pros real bad especially because TSA was going to be stats are my meat it is an NHL thing right. What you mean like they saying no to yet add a quantity of NATO Russia nearly down to three weeks and not have any of the players covered you know in whether it's insurance or. There's a lot of lot of but they wanna be in for quite funny moments in China are pointing to as in China I understand that yet and I wonder why billion consumers potentially for their they're avalanche hats. I like. The you know that idea of from the owner's perspective lake your guys it's kind of like Kalla a lot of baseball owners are squeamish about their guys playing in the World Baseball Classic especially pitchers. But in terms of just a marketing the game. Opportunity. I feel like outside the Bruins all the great hockey memories I have are. Tidings the Olympics in some way including the miracle on ice there wasn't alive for Dara. International hockey. Just drive so much interest in the game. Ands. You know you they waited TJ Yoshi I mean who who outside of your your NHL fans really had a good handle on deck I was until. You saw what he did the Olympics and it's two weeks of the most intense hockey page you're gonna see outside of the Stanley Cup Playoffs a Pulitzer you wanna get people to watch that. Have them watch on a huge stage apps it seems to be missed opportunity. I definitely had a good last two Olympics in 2014 was that was disappointing continue for teen USA. Aside Neil Sheehan he really sort of I think they they left a few games in the table there. And whites have known here in Vancouver that gold medal game was the United States and Canada as one of the greatest. Gay hockey games I've ever seen in my entire life NHL. You know NCAA. International it was it was one of the greatest hockey and never wash my entire life. And I think that. You know at the same time and USA hockey is grown so much these past few seasons past few years rather that. This this was a gigantic misfire from the NH I just think that they're they're stupid they. The owners that mean they have no problem generally down for first six months for a lock up but their trauma. That in three weeks off to go overseas straight down at the other big thing. Any time year you can remember three lockouts vividly. Over the course what twenty years and mean it's it's obviously not a great look the NHL. I just when it comes the Olympics I was never anti professionals going I know it does take away from the the miracle on ice stories some sort arguing both sides of the fence and I say that's obviously the maybe the greatest moment in Olympic history. Because that's driven by one teams a juggernaut and the others days. You know punch out upstart kids for Minnesota and Boston in the eighties college kids to go in beat the Soviets but. I wanna see the best any I'm watching over your your head here I think it's ski jumping right yes ski jumping is no polls so it's got to be jumping. I'm assuming they're the best in the world I wanna see the best. And with the hockey it's not if I'm not watching the best hockey players the world's obviously I'm not of the NHL guys aren't there understanding of these interest that. Monster and I think that the rivalries that you've seen develop over the years between these countries knows Sweden fillet each other. Canon USA each other you know Russia everyone hates Russia it's like rocky for all over again. You know it's one of these things where I think that you've really wanted that you wanted to see is this the thing that you wanted to see this year and and it just feels like we're we're losing and you elicit your Bruins fan he want you want a reason to watch Olympics. Ryan did not have the son of former Bruins had to not only one of your prospects of playing for teen USA so that is our number one. Sort of positive you can take mr. Bruins and missing. What you're going to be seeing right now could be some of the best international hockey since the 2009 double life HF world U eighteen. I just had to be airport that's Hillary's things out by half our North Dakota USA one that you really the first gold medal. One by USA hockey on American soil since late last that. Has that her little you all tidbit is unbelievable I was in the building to witness it there's no way in hell I would go back. But. Reports kid. Was on the team all the scandals and kids filled scandals than it was on the team. Well they're not very good Angel ought to retire Sankoh's bass player internment. That's not a surprise he's anyway he was special even at sixteen years old or reverie was for the for the Russian team. 6177797937. Chris in the car wants to chime in on that ceremony yesterday hello Chris. And the blond guys and well children aren't they all. Now you know I like all people I considered it you know we really appreciate being out there mentally now. But Auerbach passed away now all that you in the next reached a kind of I think you've got a true appreciation. And you know going to Kansas. No word game basically what didn't fall down all the great would that you know what Chamberlain and so on appears on one on. And let's not forget what I'm also slightly canned with an ankle before it. And ends up on the Celtics. Treat these greens weren't going out you know but I I'll tell you bring back good memories and that meant on it. You know a lot of people. Like they'd be looking into why and how could Kwan won the electoral bad for the guy. 'cause I've not a bad about my parity is real good guy real generous you know obviously become. Kamal foolish things financially blood on. You know what kind of shot. Looking like the on the outlook of one of the top name. I've done good on mine and all. The ad dollar again and I like to a lot of what Antoine Walker brought to the table and they liked about it hallmark more than anything he annoys the living hell out of my father. And I don't know why just takes and we are perverse pleasure from that because he beat just shoot you just to be shooting just chuck and the reason that drove my dad ducks he wanted high percentage shot. I kind of got to where pleasure out of that as far as pierce goes though you know he brings up the point about kind of identifying Pierce's Celtics that's another thing. Not to lose you know hearken back to it today's viewer here but it's so rare. To truly identified. An athlete with a team especially in the NBA. What are we going to bronze done people may make a case he's the best ever won in the past few ever. What are you gonna identify as re against the cavalier but he won two titles in Miami and now he's probably gonna go to Los Angeles and and that's just the way of the world Ray Allen played for 45 different teams that's the way it works with peers even though he played other places he played in Brooklyn he played in Washington. It is still think that I think use out of clobber her bar or something that every sign Washington late midnight on Saturday yeah really weird like in May you're standpoint in the free agent period to it seemed like he just called up his agent Alex you're just round the expert Washington but snapped out that I that we they Lyle exactly. You identified him as a Celtic and that is somewhat. Refreshing and rare in sort the moderates. It's there apps that things were seen the end of that era and he brought up last thing any stock in the eighties and you know. You don't see this anymore answers I mean. Who it was the next guy that's gonna get retired that sort of fits that bill and it's probably. Jason's name. Well I was guys was gonna say it and around the league it's probably Tony Parker money you know you're of those that you guys out you think located in prayer along spurs. This is where they're going to be getting besides that though it's Dwyane Wade any and he laughed you know he went to use Chicago and in Cleveland and now he's back in Miami. It is really. Audit in age you know it is a strange and I see a player stay with the one team for entire career I think that. You know we're learning narrate nauert even a guy like team Willard has been that the blazers in the men's player for them. Now he's trying to say that he may want out because that teens garbage or they're not gonna they're not gonna be a true contender anytime soon. I get pinching to see that that. You're you're loyal to the NBA's only five years now it's brother mark let you know we within five years that players leaving in or not change his mind if Democrat. Well and that's pretty much set in that's a lot of fun. They don't have the same leverage in the NBA they do in other sports but you do see through that revolving door everywhere at this point. You'd be able to identify Malcolm Boller a different uniform next year's going to be where it for you LB really weird community guys it's. Just as Thomas we never play a player's final game is just can't I mean that that image of 21 burns is burning your memory. Either intercepting the pass we're standing on the sidelines deathly every one of those aides ashore it's such a bizarre book and certain that that hole. Thing about. What he was and where what he was for the patriot I mean you must that you feel like you're one of the only guys that hasn't had a chance to open up and opine about the knuckleballer benching some giving you the floor now I've talked about it. Numerous times over the last nine days it has not made heads or tails of it soak the floor is yours charted two to weigh in on that which most have been weighing in on over these last nine days. Absolutely and if you read that he yet icon you know in my column this was the dumbest move Bill Belichick will ever make as patriots head coach the dumbest. If it's not disciplinary which we all said they also does not it was a performance based situation. How the hell do you watch that game. Go three quarters watching Nelson galore. And everyone else who's ever caught a ball for the Philadelphia Eagles to short your secondary and not make an adjustment you're the coach that. You don't date really sort of specify that this team is the best at making Indian adjustments are committing make that one. How in the world do not make an adjustment. Given what the imports that game was and given the way you move the ball offensively how do you not say and you know what may we should put Butler and senate. Eric role or Johnson data mostly by the way I does in the Jonathan data mostly goes to Johnson that's how are relevant that player is this team really in a lot of ways cell. Not a bother play and I came at any point is embarrassing and it wasted probably the best performance of Tom Brady simple prayer which you know what is saying quite a lot really. To feel better I feel OK that's good I'm glad yet Johnson memos he hadn't been a playoff game until suitable. That's got out of the spurs won a playoff game you see any time against Tennessee didn't see any action against Jacksonville so he had not and in a playoff game. Until they got the Super Bowl in the big east eighty get nick pulls carping about down the field hope the lines of fighting eleven it did it's because now well what about Butler is a line. My record happened but would that be the greatest I got it and I Tricia. Signs. Malcolm Butler. After. Not playing him and an I don't think this was Patricia is decision I think he unfortunately had to be air. Some of the they sharper questions again about it from the media afterwards just. He drew the short end that's what it is either defensive coordinator he's spouting the company line. But man if he ends out that Malcolm Boller somehow ends up in Detroit. Amazing that I would not say that would just be too good out instituted it is what is situations where. They just won a single never ever make sense to me even look at the details even if he was quote. You know. Spoken potter missed curfew whatever I don't care because he's that important this team. That you know we say all the team first. How come we didn't apply those same metrics to Jim Jones when he walks in new police station shirtless and high on synthetic weed you know it's one of these things where that did tell the player. Almost you know it factors in decision making a dollar checks there was a disciplinary measure which again people say is not really the case. You know it's just it will never add up they'd be the I think this was ultimately this is Belichick having has final say what was an eleven month eleven month long drawn fourteen. Butler and Belichick about new contract and I bought all the wanna get paid in the Belichick saying you know I need you I can destroy you in this when he dad. I'd take in the brought into this world like taking out exactly feel we're making a Bill Cosby reference given but yet that's from the government Cosby show that they're advertising from the pilot of the Cosby Show going way back so laid that whole thing developer bill costing. That's the first time I remember hearing it is and that that nick I brought you into this world I'll take you out he said it to his son. That's a good kid you'd wanna clean his room as we get deep was it Rudy. Now is the al-Qaeda will you know that's medicine that minority is cute she got obnoxious and Seattle are all carry an ally aid could thought that that would be for me wade deeper. Sort of contact if you will not a Cosby show is an episode is that the that the pilot supposed. And it will never make sense to me if I ask Bill Belichick one question. Just say and I never would have thought this. Beyond prior to week ago I would have asked. I don't know what I would of asked you know will happen when did you know Tom Brady will go to led to that decision I think that might have been the question was there a moment when was the moment that you knew Brady was the guy. Getting past the just typical telecheck invasive cancer or get a real IDC Florida area yeah. This would be the the question that I would ask him how in the world. Do you sit Malcolm why what was the actual rationale because people. I have heard so many different theories there's got called in last week it said. Day he was daring. The Eagles to throw the ball. By not putting out he wanted and that which even if you buy into that ridiculous logic at the beginning. Once they are throwing the ball once they challenge accepted. And nick also chucking the ball down appeal beginning chunk yardage could bring every single third down. Appoint you crying out for an adjustment and I know people wanna move on from it while some do receive calls there at 6177797937. I I know that people are are you may be tired of hearing about it to some level. I don't think this can be talked about enough I think this will be talked about thirty years from now. For people who watch that team remember that game and look back and say you know what Brady was great. He won seven Super Bowls I'm predicting a good and Ty tonight's Brady's career yet he went to eleven. Leave one more loss in their somewhere. But that he should Betty and that was an eighth that he should have had in 2018. And all the it was one stop and they had a second best quarterback on the bench. What's the thing I think I can live with I hate it in ruins my site heater to remember but I can live with Helmut catches and crazy Eli Manning throws in triples. Cannot live with he willingly letting one of your best defensive players and one of the best tackler and by the way any team which they could not tackle to save their lives. On the bench for a full sixty minutes I cannot live with that. That sucks knowing now that you basically. You hurt yourself. For a full sixty minutes past is not one series or one quarter to send a message. That's how you do it you don't do for the whole game and and really ruin your own chances that cementing your legacy as the greatest doable time which I. They still might be the great doable time bellies and Brady. But this hurts this hurts to have reasonable losses because you get you get those stupid idiots those the nick writes in the rob Parker saying that. That now this is you know now that Osgood because they lost another Super Bowl. I would rather be there and lose but I wanna do it my best players and they didn't have a best players in the field not gay and consider the source thing rod Parker says I really and. Absolutely no interest in in anything that he has to say it but. Yes there will be people who say now because Brady's last three that he can never be Joseph Montana I don't buy into any of that. By. It's frustrating it's a tough one to lead out there and for me to in this is the petty part of me. I don't mind losing the giants class organization. You'd fans. He loses the Eagles really hate les and their fans. I mean yeah as I am I do not like he I can stomach giants fans much more so than making any Eagles fans. We do feel lowest form of sports life. The Philadelphia Eagles fans I mean just an absolute is the dregs of society what's left over. After your guns creeping the bottom of the barrel it's basically the worse combination. A the WEEI text line at Boston Herald dot com comments section morphed together. Overweight. Clad in an ugly color green that is the Philadelphia Eagles fan base and those people are happy right now and I am upset about that. Yeah I mean I can see that I think I didn't hate the sort of the Eagles until the parade. When that guy looked like they do and they get genie is out there like Utica doing a wrestling promo on our right enough go away please make this is this is now obnoxious and you know I had less and I'll I'll always and this makes me like. The worst person in the world but I always sort of had a soft spot for teens and in these droughts and no matter of the city I read it. You're sitting I wanna see never win a championship as buffalo I want off loaded to always ones on the buffaloes the and I'm depleted buffalo they seem like harmless as an upstate New Yorkers we need one loser. And we've on a side of that buffalo is the loser will go Cleveland for a long time yeah we'd be transferred that the bubble that's two teams so it's kind of a Toppert. I am paid for them anyway. All right let's get back some calls here to the lines are loaded first let's go to Neil in Maine because he mentioning god that we probably should of mentioned talking about identifying with one team guide you know. Hey has moved from the guy EE eight totaling us and Europe the right stating that you need that. But at certain events yes ballots Sunday the EU cannot paint you'll never hear life time. Being able that saint Dallas Mavericks. In not being content. You'd like Larry Bird that Bill Russell east of premiere player of that franchise. Side to side column appoint an amount yet have a great. Yet not Neil 100% right and Dirk young one franchise's entire time. If I'm picking kind of the three elite offensive players like pure scorers of that Arab some going a little bit before LeBron I guess but after Jordan even though there's some overlap there. I'm picking pierce on this order picking Colby Pearce dirt. And maybe I'll be talked into a different where he's. Nobody's Carter for you re right up down not inspire what about Tracy McGrady not trees McCree tyrant Turk is a better player. Well I'll take Dirk over Allen Iverson I know you're big sixers fan I will take her over Al sixers fan honestly I just like AI. The answer he is the best man I don't know what the question was but I like I I will take care. Illegally player. No no question about it pleasure and also just identified with one team and it you can find a way please find the photo there's a pick and roll and the mavericks lakers game. Where it's Dirk against Isiah Thomas and exercising your house from behind it looks like Turk is earning eleven year old and it's like the funniest photo that I've seen in this week let's go to Mikey Connecticut up next they might. Hey good evening gentlemen. Hey listen now before I get might my loving all peers. All the nonsense about cap and how they're back out Yahoo! has gotten better for their acts are contenders I think it actually ridiculous bit. For everybody that loves and rules over the Catholic in the right and Shannon Sharpe and if there was anybody today. You know you'll hear them talk the regular season doesn't matter packed everything sales data regular season doesn't matter LeBron can turn up and while there are locked all would make there. Eastern Conference finals in the final why there's one regular season game matter now is what I wanna know why did this game. All the sudden matters it's if you actually watch the game. They can't didn't do anything defensively to shut us down we missed so many wide open shot that would normally to rock for us. Dated you know basically five shot each way can't change and I dynamic of that game and when you have care Smith talking a fadeaway three. And they're going in an eight car every can't make a wide open when he rose can't make a wide open one assist the waiting game goes this Celtics team is still not going to lose to the cat. I mean I don't think Brett even going to be up at night worrying about Georgia Clark's and meet in street when he or shooter Elaine Larry Nance junior let. Our armed appeared listen. In my opinion I I get the whole you know dynamic there is you better offensive player they're bird I think he's a more dynamic offensive player at number. Apart as you know in my opinion the greatest open while I'm not my generation I can't really put here a while and when it comes offensively because birds that are passers well he created more shot. A Baghdad we think all Pierce's so they you know behind Kurt Russell. I'd have we'll check back in your slide in that fourth slot. I think you put him ahead of who you heights and head of Mattel that's just my opinion I also think no matter what he does he's almost gonna be underrated nationally. I mean you look at big idea to compete with that small forward position the guys who were more slash in more highly. People actually to this day we'll try to argue they've been Carter because he is more flashy guy yelled out out. It's exciting style player with a better player than pierce wasn't right now if you take away that dunk contest between Carter warned that dunk over Frederick vice. What do you actually do when the career they had any substance. Nothing. It is actually numbing uses there really flashy greatly. A soft version of Dominique Wilkins it would dominate at least they'll try to beat crap why he'd want it to try and win a championship. Vince Carter once whole team what play they're raptors were gonna run out of a timeout because he's mad I don't think you can go to him. You know I've stated Pierce's underrated overall I think your pocket the all time query probably slots in that forty wondered if he rained all time for me. Now I love I love watching Paul Pierce. Other than birdied my favorite open to all time and I just I think it was an honor and curtains then what exactly is always going to be an all and so could forever. Yet lag recruited there they might set in terms of Paul Pierce I disagree. On cavaliers we talked about it think they're much better equipped now wanted to win then they were. When they had Isiah Thomas when they had more ball dominant guys but. In terms of pierce yeah he's easily had the top fifty NBA player of all time I think he'd absolutely falls into that category I would take him ahead of Vince Carter again. The efficiency and he's scoring. There were times earlier in his career we had to be more volume shooter rehab the ball in his hand so much that there were turn over issues and things like that but. It was more the product of having to carry a team with literally nothing around him in big stretches cell. He appears obviously. One of the if it 4050 whatever bass players all time were ranks in all time Celtics history he's comfortably in the top ten. You know that that's that's the best way output it and mean you're not gonna get ahead of I think that Russell Byrd how we'll check troika ran up there at the top. And then some the other names are sort interchangeable I think people maybe gravitate towards who they saw when they were kids. So people are will be younger might put Paul Pierce up there a little bit higher than people who watch the Celtics more in his sixties and seventies. Like he certainly no worse than maybe six if word. Really stretching meter seventy easily top ten Celtic ball time which in this organization saints on the. Absolutely and it ended a comes back to his sort of the generational and I think you haven't won Celtic for regeneration and in pierce is that guy and listen stats back it up its production and ways in accomplish they back it up. Analysts say the one thing I had Vince Carter credit Ford at the column not is that he is 58 years old and still play in the NBA he is a billion and he's still playing for the Sacramento Kings baby. The take back. How old is Vince Carter actually he's 41 years old 41 freaking years old's the only has the basic like Julio Franco Natalie got it in basketball terms like that's basically what it is aren't bad and I said people might be tired tiger about Malcolm Boller. Lines of full of people want tot mom welcome Butler we get to your phone calls next 61777979837. Gilani in Anderson's which are UWB yeah. The new. Well Lonnie Davis sports hernia WEEI. Tides on Twitter adds tells him. Underscore tie and that's right he start he underscores polls. Now all that plus my design banks. At underscored Tai Anderson if you look at his banner picture there that we incurred and hand think we get back to courtesy can. To my seem Bradford interviewing Tai Anderson is death. My best friend in movie buddy Kurt I signed hang out on weekends we did he can now follow outside there on a Chris Maloney 44. I quickly we get back to your calls seal lined up there when it's hot out and Butler Warner to open phone lines at 61777979837. Or patriots in general to make the turnout the out season. But. This stories of Peter king's Monday Morning Quarterback. Column and then QB as it were. Said it Josh McDaniels walking away from the colts quote has given you under like a shot of motivational adrenaline. But he didn't have before Tuesday. Now elect is so working back neck shoulder injury hasn't even started growing. So a lot of the news has not been encouraging despite the fact that he spent six months over an Amsterdam. Which I think could heal anything but. Who knows. But now he's got that extra shot of motivational energy apple little extra juice to take him through the fourth quarter. The rivalry being back on in Josh McDaniels. Leaving his cults appeal. Yeah that's pretty remarkable that that is as motivation is not the whole fact he missed an entire season the shoulder injury that would do it now the fact they got sacked. 41 times in your last season but the fact never won anything up maybe have a winning season but in fact they hung a banner if you losing. Maybe maybe focus on being better and alienate you know for the first time since you got whacked in the conference finals or 45 to seven. To really sort of have that motivation. You know how you don't throw. Double digit interceptions you know for like the sixth year in around and they motivate that revealed a motivation but are now may ten as the guy you didn't know decide to say in England where everything is pretty much. Perfect which is crazy answering what what happened this off season meet these last few weeks to month you wood and eight days yeah. You know that's better than go to CU a year in year one arm unilateral lefty all the sudden gets sacked every play out now that's your motivation now Andrew good luck all upon someone intended there. All I can think is from make Daniels perspective. Either he believes he's going to be the coach the patriots and and the next year too or it comes back into locked. And he somehow knows something or maybe found out something that the colts weren't completely forthcoming with during the the whole interview process. About weir he is in terms is recap because that job goes from pretty good job. 200 no not not not a very good job and also the rumors he and a lockout and at the rumors that that the channels and hammered with. You know one of the quarterbacks hours in the strap that's going to be in the draft here with the book with their high tech and are three overall on us together there there there are there around the area sales between Cleveland yes so it's one of those were like hey they knew that. I think. Mcdaniels the board and and you know as one of one of these quarterbacks speaks to that exact point that Locke is not 100% and who knows it ever will be you know we've seen these arm problems derailed careers. And he was Chad Pennington had had shoulder injuries he was never the same really. He had to reinvent who was the quarterback I don't know if luck can really do that in I don't in any see to it means out of the Max Kellerman cliff. When they fall off the cliff it's dramatic and even look at knowing wanna Super Bowl that last year but Peyton Manning. Could barely thrown thrown punts and he could barely throw the football. That last season of his career once the arm injury shoulder injuries accounted taken their tolls so when it does happen. And it's never going happen Tom Brady but when he does happen to other mere mortal quarterbacks. It happens quickly. Yeah if it happens gig like that job goes from good job to not a great job I still feel like mcdaniels. Thinks he's gonna be a head coach Pearson. And I entered it would make sense ray I mean you can't. Pretty Belichick can't play forever I think we all we always like that be the case but we all be realistic and realize that one guy is forty the other one is. Almost seventy you know it is funny situations where. I do think that the writing is on the wall that one of them is going to be leaving soon. And if it's the coaching that benefits for Daniels and and if it's a quarterback I think that would allow the Dana sort of felt a new guy. And at the same time have a size on that head coaching job as well so listen I would leave if I were environment and as I wouldn't go to Indianapolis I just I think they are better jobs out there that. Obvious and generals of not cat and I think that that decision easier that a little more coin from Robert Kraft and he had go along like the. The problem is though he probably closed the door to other head coaching opportunities down the road yet so it feels like new Englander bust at this point. I wonder in this is the scary scenario from a patriot fan's perspective. How good bite this really let's say it's three years let's say it's two more years and 2019 and Tommy currents can circled when he nineteen. On to contracts are concluding brief moment they'll probably get redone at that point. How good is the New England. Welcome back I'll get is Dave Brady is not and Max Kellerman will be right at some point. Now he's not ever be right can you don't get to the ball on the wood five times and then try to down the fairway and say your line to Nora I'm crediting it is race he no one will give him credit no we're door he's deserted but at some point Brady does step away. If bella checks gone. Of that is the New England job I would think that part of this whole. Under to show you my world thing when it comes to. Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels and their relationship is. The team building and development part of that in a big part of that. Should be. Spending a relatively high pick on drafting another quarterback finding that next Jimmy Rob Lowe knew they beat deals we have a lot of input on that. Maybe with an eye towards that being his quarterback. In water two or three seasons now. Absolutely I think you're you're seeing a little bit of what they're doing right now like. A lot of the pieces that they've drafted defensively especially in that front seven I think they're pretty yet and yet you have some hope there. For the future so if you can build the defense and then sandy canister got the offense I like that I like that more than I would have been I would do the reverse if you will sell. I I do you think that's a helpful thing if you're mcdaniels walked in this knowing that you have the trade flowers Dietrich wise. They had a few of the players do that that simply that season ending injuries in the pre season or early in the year that that derailed on their young players but those that some high ceilings you would imagine you lose settlement and high powered up the beginning those though yeah the two big ones are exactly happen even as part of a young an idea yeah so it's one of those things were I think that it's a good situation just. It's developing how you can build around that you know and and and listen I think that. As long as politics in the fold their never Arab prom identifying talent and he gets a real thing so I'll take it for the next two years for share. 617779793. Sevens pigeon and the typed it up next religion. I'm Jim you're on the well I don't I want him back I want back up once backed by saying that and I automatically when cavalier then. On purpose OK but those Ford guys that they advocate are. And now the last call was saying that they'd been targeted those are applauding us they all 3940. Cents from three point range. And I think LeBron will make them better. But we got sick. I don't think there is anything won't. But let could've done. That he would ask. Sat on the bench at. At least after the first quarter so I've added that Belichick laid out Carol formal and has opinion you know we'd like to know. Exactly what it was but we'll probably never were. Now I agree on both points and this is one where again I'm sorry at Philly coach shows an explanation maniac he knows more football than I do and yes he's the greatest of all time and yes he watched all the video in the tapes and everything else in the freaking real two real. You know in the dark at 3 in the morning and everything else breaking down every conceivable match up I grant all of that. I think is the time Rios an explanation of the fan base that that. Yeah he's right that James Wright never again ever not or edit when Malcolm Butler is that OTAs for other team that's the only shot that's a chance we haven't ever finding out the real issue and and even and speaking of what he the origins that it is closings were. Must he was arrested which you would have found out about. There was nothing not a public rendered exact and I should have kept him off the field be on the first quarter when you're getting torched when he can make a stop and you can't tackle. That's when you need your best players back on the back on the field and we just never aside and listen that's gonna (%expletive) me off forever because I ate. I think that what we're seeing now is. An unprecedented run that will never see and the rest of our lives in any sport and Boston. And I want to maximize that I wanna see is they change it is that. Humanly possible and and we're we're not getting that meeting get that and I feel like I'm be honest we should add that this year well. Media and it's human nature to you think about the near misses. Yeah it's like straight out around here's the poker player there remembers the outstanding tough beats we were talking about the Celtics. I don't be spent as much time you talk about 2008 also. 2009 where I think it Garnett stays healthy pierce gets a second 12010. Where they pushed the lakers in the final at stopper Ron our test team 73. They can hang another banner that's easy that you mentioned 2012 you when their role men go to that series with Miami. You think about the mrs. the ones that you just miss in the Manningham catch the Tyree catch and the ball where benching. And I feel like that is gonna live when we think about this game three years from now. You remember the fourth down play yeah you'll remember the fourth down play because they threw the ball tight and throw the ball quarterbacks of course that's gonna stand out more so than. All of what's gonna stand out to meet with the image burned in my mind is being Malcolm Butler standing on the sidelines all the guys that were in the air in place of him were chasing receivers down field. Unable to tackle GH IG and the Garrett once. Yeah and I and listen I think of the losses we went into the wind which is says a lot about who and as a person I suppose but. I do go back and I and I look at a lot of what happened as as. You know on fixable it was something that they really couldn't controls out of their hands whenever the keys in the miraculous catch isn't. In great defense on the other end like the Von Miller a year or he just destroyed Tom Brady. Both Ian. Uncle Zack from Dallas that they that they brought the markets where our markets where they just ruined Tom Brady for an entire game and as I well know how do they care giant TV for great pass rushers is that an elite front exactly those are things that their out of your control I mean. It would be nice have a better roster share. Again they did not dress optimal roster to win this game and that will always bothered me and it adds it's always going to reach is one of those things that. Five brings greatest all time we all know. Why can't be six trains grizzled time Alia that's right because you made bonehead stubborn decision and the most important game of the season because your PC that this guy wanna get paid. That's what comes back down from me. And needs is an explanation as any at this point and it's doesn't make it any less frustrating from patriot fan's perspective. Little more than an hour ago we jump right back your phone calls coming up next. They made feeling better than what we're doing on the air is speed between segments breakdown of ski jumping that Tai Anderson and I are doing. A different elements so far yeah it's gonna stay out of their zone really high near she didn't seem to have Jack leans shrewd as burger. I street did not seem to have library bruiser I have no idea yours sounds better than mine. Too didn't he got a good good run. And I clinic up next from Slovakia. And even Slovenia. Slovenia and you're right SL OO now as it is of the insulin like here at the three letters. I think sound. I don't get the sport and for those well that are not watching they should try try to strike it's a brutal and gave a few breaks seem ski jumping but it's a brutal spectator sport. Is there are literally doing the same thing. Over and over and over again it's like. I mean people think golf is boring and I understand that I like culpable evidently it's boring or respect that this is like watching somebody at the driving range. He's just days is people hitting the same shot over and over and over again if you had to guess what the sport ones where this event was pulled yes. I guess it's ski jumping I don't ski jumping all can't motto is no I had no idea ski jump now yeah. This stick it any penalty jumping right at the top and I stayed I guess Harold downhill you win this round the money they take op apparently Austria's good attic. And the Americans are not none of the Americans are on the podium yet but there's still time to go out completely curling is different. You know they did. Different things happening is that the there's a pull to it that way at the winter equivalent of the handball tournament at parliament get a ought to do. And Lana looks like fun is it that every and this is as local comic that does has been I can't think it would it's given credit but. It it's every you know. Guy on his couch watching this has that same pot yup I took a year off. Take a year off and did nothing by curl. I bet I can do that diabetic you go to the Olympics I think that with ticking in the NFL. I see here's what you give it to the year big there's it's the physical component to that you have to have strength flexibility in your leg late those. Hurling I don't think you really have to be an athlete like it was a woman from Canada the last Olympics and is six months pregnant or something and she was out there. The world we don't Kennametal. I don't know if they want if they battled cancer went out hit tiny baby and now a tiny pre birth metal prenatal medals at work. But this is a ski jumping is going to be an aptly brutal spectator sport it looks like it's zero degrees out there and you're watching people do the exact same thing over and over and over again with. Marginal difference. They write this one landed two meters past this one this one was five meters path this one is one metre pass the last one. I I just don't get the and it's one of those things too early if you don't really know the sport. And you're it let's say you're there for like to watch the snowboarding it's gonna happen now right half an hour you know it's an honor does good jump I think. Yeah I think you won I don't although I really get it either like what they shot bullet. Yeah I know ideally Q what does that even as watching. Stewart three rows in the and I get the hell out of there is this really wasn't very much fun to participate and to date yet to be a brutal spectator sport. That's I feel but the ski jump right we'll get back to more interest exports Dax excellent 77797937. We another hour ago Chris fly tying Anderson with its forgery at WB yeah.