Best of DHK: Gronk to the WWE? Dave Meltzer gives his insight; Bill Polian is the worst; Keefespiracy on J.D. Martinez; Overdone National Anthems

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Wednesday, February 21st

Best of Dale, Holley & Keefe Wednesday February 21st, 2018


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Yeah negative this is the best stuff PH. And and a guy who kind of touched off. A lot of firestorm around here is Dave Meltzer. Who writes the superb wrestling observer newsletter and I've subscribed to for years. Can't recommend it highly enough and as we've described him he's kind of the Adam Schechter of wrestling and he joins us right now David dale and are rich area. Oh great thanks. Let's start with this. Any serious about trying to lure Rob Gronkowski away from the patriots to the WWE. I don't mean I think that that's more gronkowski is gonna make that call himself. And I don't think that it's WB Wi trying to like that I can talk beat him not gonna spend ten million dollars a year on them. But if he's done the footballer of the interested in them yeah yeah it's pretty clear they are. What type of money could he make a decision that I can outbid him he's you know one of the highest paid tight ends in the NFL is an area that kind of money. From a debit W evil what kind of ballpark range could he get. It's really hard to say because it would depend on how much as I can't imagine him going in in doing 200 beats a year you know I mean. When you're done I mean this you know like James Laurinaitis is perfect example you know he was his seat he comes from wrestling family is his uncle is an executive or former executive took WB's father was a great wrestler. And you know he had an open door whenever it was sort Welker was over missile Welker was over used to be got. He wanted to do it and and Kevin green was the same way when just a poker was over. He was actually really good pro wrestling but you know he's that I can't do this on a regular basis now can you do it. Our Brock Lesnar scheduled ten matches a year probably. You know Lesnar was a unique. Type character and he made probably five million plus a year and wrestling last couple years. I could imagine you'd get a part time jobs in wrestling if he clicks. And make a couple million maybe. Maybe it's it's it's really hard to say it is someone either their contractor earned senate base and things like that in. It's it's it's really the I would I would say yeah couple million probably. To your point I mean there the thought process in these parts is that if rob wanted to get away from the NFL it's because he's too beat up he's got broken. Bones and back issues and surgeries and now the concussion late in the season. But going into professional wrestling is certainly not a a recipe for being less physical right. You can put on a limited basis it's not as bad as an adult season he could do it on the schedule bit like the wrestlers too which probably is better or worse. You know when you're doing a 160 to 200 days you know matches a year and I cannot imagine them doing. So yeah it's it's it's a matter of limited but it's you know even so. It's his body's really beat out pro wrestling news is not a place to go for her and what the wording of the pro wrestling each of your body in that section. But he worse for him in the actual ten matches here are the fact that he did good at doing this to mention here requires. A lot of lot of training that will you don't beat him. In a bad way I mean I don't fighters. King Mo and and Rampage Jackson when they wanted to switch to tribes which are resting to fighting the same time. I mean big push was amazed at how much punishment was training to rest Wednesday even Russell Means. Rampage Jackson like just walked out of the couple basic I'm not doing this while still fighting. So. You know it's it's so so yeah it's not that it's. If it's his body speed up and he's got money I don't see him doing a lot of pro us. Now croc had a cameo at last year's wrestle mania any idea what he got paid for that appearance I didn't. All right I have no idea you know but to come in you know I think departed may have been just about his buddy you know was Luke. But yeah I don't know I don't know what doctor. As any rumors about it that he be appearing at at this year's wrestle mania and instill of course played the patriots let Robert what. We could we see him anytime soon. I have not heard anything about it but testing last we do it the other wrestle mania no it was like. I don't think I heard about that until maybe the act in the show you know so it's not. They want to keep it secret they'll probably keep it secret but after doing it last year can't. I can't see him do it again mr. especially with the armor on arousing and it's kind of like it got their slippery this year. And you know they get somebody else is still working on the people Rhonda browsers like in a star so they don't really need Rob Gronkowski this year to get there used in coverage. Which is what his role kind of was last year. We're talking to Dave Meltzer author of the wrestling observer newsletter. I'm talking specifically in this case our rob run cow's teeth you mentioned round arousing. What kind of financial package do you think she got from the WW we to make the move from US seats to wrestling. Well the thing. Is is that it's not it's not the but I got to the admonition is making you see and it wasn't like it worker from USC she was pretty much I think mentally done which USC and then. This is like in next step but I cannot him again I don't know the numbers in this in her contract. But I can't imagine being less than a couple million dollars because. Just you know that's sparred with the price for entropy to do something like that. That was definitely seen some you know UFC fighters and an anime guys you mentioned a couple all of that made the transition what about. How many success stories are they're from the NFL or. You know the NBA some of these guys that have had careers doing one thing and then have switched over wrestling how many how many guys got a lot of success. From the NBA there's really been nobody passed as Rodman and Karl Malone did liked it and get mixed up and Karl Malone had a good look Dennis Rodman. And actions produce and edit armed early on but you know it was very. Discipline that it is due to price match. But in the NF. NFL there's. Dozens and dozens and dozens you know going from bronco to persecute we anomaly need to Ernie glad it was actually AFL. Milwaukee McDaniel was AFL. Trying to think who else Leon white actually Bader was never. He's a correction. Played in felt keen but he was on the rams' roster for several years Bryant comes with a bang goals of mean there's you know Dick the bruiser was big football star or you know play to. The Packers and it's Taylor right Lawrence Taylor is a as you heard it one match yeah. We've got to wrestle mania gap yeah I mean there's other shall Rahm. Reggie White and Kevin Green and guys like that Stephen and Michael played decent as a percent years so yeah there's there's. Like literally just endless list of guys who have gone from football pro. We talked some about the rock who reportedly you know has has had contact with grant consent hate you need to get into the action movie business while sure that the look the rock. Is arguably the biggest movie star on the planet right now. I see no evidence that Rob Gronkowski can do any of that. While I don't know him well enough to know how he transition and acting that's for sure. I mean he's. A sport pro wrestling is you really don't know like who's gonna be good at it until they do it you know means it means there're guys were great athletes have gone pro Russian made. Terrible pro Russian and their guys who went from we're great athletes. But Kurt angle who you know was just phenomenal pro wrestlers are just you just never know. Obviously the movies could be a drop for grumpy as well for the WW he has as our studios in May they produce a lot of movies now. A lot of the mark on these straight to dvd you know the marine five star in the ms. take their deals. But when guys to sign on with a Debbie Debbie Lee. In any of their contracts could you know being involved in movies be a part of that as as far as you know or that and does that end at exit. Discipline your contract include without ever once ever was to prepare guys on. I mean most of the guys there they have to go to the company which is why some guys you know will leave WW they really wanted to hit the movies you know John Morrison was an example something like that because he did. Want them in control of his attempts to be an actor you know Chris Jericho was another one this great relations with them but he will shine. Poseidon like the short term contract for six months and then leave and in time he's gone in and try to negotiate his own deals elsewhere because. It's really hard when they're in control so. You know I can't imagine going county giving up their rights. To do something like that if he has any inclination to be an actor and work through them and that that doesn't make any sense for them. Vince McMahon has always had an infatuation with football from a from looking at buying the vikings back in the day to his original. Invention of the except Felton now supposedly a new ex FL coming I still have my doubts about that viability. I would imagine Vince would love to be able to have a guy like Rob Gronkowski for the new ex FL if he could do it. I guess but I don't see actors and outlook and it's been ten million dollars on on a player and I mean like if he can make ten million dollars for the patriots. I mean why the play in the except well you know I mean it's. It's the money's just not going to be there I mean yeah of course. Which you want somebody like that as a drawing cards yeah out but you do. Get someone like that football you have to pay more in the NFL. And I mean this is look at I don't know what's salary structure in just looking at his first exit doors looking in that's the 2000 a year quarterbacks sixty. I mean obviously he can do something huge and important or in 220 it's gonna have to be a little higher than that but if we're not. We're not dissidents isn't like our I would Donald Trump with the USS well you know where he's out there trying to didn't get Herschel Walker I mean it's. It states that does this except those in the run and a mature to budget and didn't in Portland cow ski. Where your surprises everybody else Vince is Burgundy Jackson fell back in need to get as any chance of succeeding. You know it's different tell it to different that's not just to help change different world as far as marketing rights goes and obviously that's where Vince's. I. You know digital people and television people looking for product. Perhaps he thought he could make enough money on it so I think that that's that that's why he's doing now. Does have a chance it's it's really hard to say I mean at first might make gut would sing no. Am I surprised. And yet heard a rumors leading up to it was surprised at the time the announcement was made but when James was on that thirty for thirty with a their personal talked about bringing back and it kind of hurt people. We'll tell me that such. He's actually serious I thought he nights and am still not sure he's not good. You know again the whole landscape is changing and I think that's the gamble is that can continue to change to where if you have a product you commitment to. His wrestling business used to be all about selling tickets to the Boston gardens in Madison square garden and things like that and now that's. A very minor part of this business now as businesses. So in its television stations in that State's general all over the world and take. You get that bubble burst in you people talk about football they talk about basketball but what is the bubble burst you know they're gonna be hurt it's like me. WVV computer and bad debt bubble burst everyone will be the sports world will be a ball certain you know yes. The television landscape changes what you can't make this kind of money here or get to him and keep you register all built on the back of that. And that's what this idea of this is is that he can get. Big television rights which I think you're not gonna get it first and who's gonna pay tons of money for unproven product that. Was done twenty years or so I'm colossal failure it was done the first night. Final question before we let you go and dismayed requiring gas on your part. Who has stricter drug testing the NFL or professional wrestling. Oh man you know that's funny because I think we're both pretty relaxed but I would say. There about the same really may be yet another bout simply spoke four times a year essentially. And the first test to beat him you know there's there's there's sports where the tests are pretty hard to beat like the Olympics and then you know even in the US your keys to Supreme Court but. W Ian NFL product. The wrestling observer newsletter is the preeminent source for information about wrestling and martial arts USC and as it turns out even football players Dave Meltzer is so one of the guys who put together has been running this thing for years we really appreciate taken the time and opened talk again in the future. They say they're Dave Meltzer joining us. And how about hold it Meltzer interviewed and I did not ask him one question on the wide family so I feel like at that are it was Wednesday service that are. Dave sister Abigail could finishing over bad your thoughts why don't they if there's an actual sister have a the please I sound as though Meltzer thinks that this is very realistic that the the WW we could lore. Rob Gronkowski away now it sounds like from a financial perspective. It if he if he wants to make the big money which would be like five million dollars a year. Yeah you gotta work on a lot of dates yet or a lot of dates and he'd really have to learn how to be become a wrestler and a football players have dying day went through that list there. There's a ton of like Miami and so a lot of guys play football but not many are no NFL hall of famers so that's sort of a different level Matt Lawrence Taylor of one match some of those other guys like Reggie White not a not a whole lot of action. So wrong could be different in in that regard but. Eddie and you know what I mean time you mentioned statement Michael he got hurt more as a wrestler and got hurt as a as a professional football player yes or could be an injury thing and I can't imagine rocketing sick of football but I can't imagine that being anything but maybe. In two years he decides that you know to wrestling for for a year and maybe there's still some money in it I mean. Most football players and they retire with a good deal to make a million dollars a year doing anything like. Who among us can make a million dollars and eggs and maybe they would he would choose to do that but. Maybe maybe as I said more on the movements it sounds as though we have kind of put the kibosh on the idea of Rob Gronkowski turning into professional wrestler. Yeah which I've never I never believed was a realistic option anyway but I think it's the best for wrong for the patriots for rustling paper I thought I got this this is a good good. This is the best stuff eat. Each case I almost hesitated to bring this up because at some point or another important thing you're not that it's your job either. Well what we don't know I don't valid concern don't listen hater I'm just wondering how it is that you need to continue to. To hold onto a job is if virtually every take you house. Turns out to be not so good the only hall of Famer and all the stuff I soap. We bring up now now people are also gonna say all this is just dale you hate the Indianapolis Colts. Through its open on that note that a that would be Dallas joined the club and and so you dislike Bill Polian for that's for that same reason OK yes partially true as well. But polian has had some some -- tech hot sports takes lately that have been a little hard to you don't have them yeah he's kind of cornering the market Arnold he's trying to go along and you know with the skip daily show with Stephen A show or forty what are east. Trying to angle here he is he's had a run at a couple of weeks I gonna win it lightly he goes back further that focus on the week here recently let's hope let's go back just a couple of days. Yesterday he can I have a cup and when Bill Polian talked about the possibility of the Philadelphia Eagles the Super Bowl champions. Trading their Super Bowl winning quarterback nick polls. But ITT get me out of Philly for the team on it. First of all I wouldn't take the phone call for less than two ones into twos that's the that's the open and then we'll go from there. I just want the suitable for goodness sake let's imagine it's gonna be happy with that integral to our team that you think would be willing to do that I don't know somebody desperate enough. One of the teams in the quarterbacks have that ammo but it's gonna. That's what RG 31 for a guy who didn't make it this guy just won the Super Bowl. So now he's got mic falls going for at the very least who don't even make the call let's start with two ones into twos for a backup quarterback I understand you're in the Super Bowl and he played well. Or does make fools rank for quarterbacks all time and effort guys odd to me for a guy who was a GM. And you'd think kind of knows how trades work and how the draft is everything he's compared with that penetrated Broderick in the third it was no good. It's the draft boss. He was still drafted. Number two overall picture they really good rookie year. You're basing an awful potential and upside he was. Fresh out of college what just on the Heisman he fell 2.2 years old and you have under contract for five years. He's comparing that to make fools who is 2930. And basically a career backup at the one really good you're Chip Kelly. And it's been backing up he's gonna get back next year Philadelphia anyway. Where he's coming out of that and comparing it to. A team moving up in the draft. It's just that I don't get though. All right so Bill Polian because he's an NFL gold room and then when you have an ex brother is experts. In the house to get their opinion on on you know lots of football stuff absolutely. For instance Lamar Jackson Lamar Jackson speak in the size quarterback or wide receiver on the next level. I think wide receiver. Exceptional athlete. Exceptional ability to make you miss exceptional. Acceleration. Exceptional in Spain with the ball in his hand and that's rare and four wide receivers that's made be and who else namely another woman who's like that right and you really knows that he liked that. This guy is incredible in the open field and up and great ability to separate and again short. And a little bit slight. And and clearly clearly not the thrower that the other guys are these the accuracy isn't there yet so I would say. Don't wait to make that change. He short Lamar Jackson is 63212. Pounds and he's slightly shortened slight. 63 he's taller than. It's a number of the good quarterbacks in the I I will not and I and I promise you I'm not making the all sure that the the African American quarterback to wanna turn into a wide receiver that's not what I'm saying here at all. Positional he's talking about I don't know he's 63212. Pounds breakthroughs. Significantly taller than Russell Wilson and Drew Brees. Man Zell who get into whether he liked him or not but. Yeah out ought to get that one. I really I really don't mean he's. You're just wrong about the apartment if my city guys that he's an exceptional he's exceptional ball fifteen times back to exceptional and everything. Like cage for about a quarterback why can't you see if maybe could be an exceptional quarterback. Woolsey and we are talking about a quarterback won the Heisman Trophy as the quarterback. That's her. Okay just wanna make sure it was the same Lamar Jackson I was thinking now I know some guys they're Anheuser winners in the past Tim Tebow Jason white David you know they definitely Troy Smith that haven't worked out. This one you don't want your reasons for saying they socket you'd be you'd better watch receivers because he's short. Are really are we understand that want plus have we seen some mobile quarterbacks or guys that can move. But that's that's more of the tribe now play Carson once or to Shawn Watson or. An interesting announcement you know he's in the lead for awhile but these these guys that. More dual threat minutes ago raw and every time they get it but they have the ability to do that. But Brady's much more of a throwback where he can elude tacklers but he's not gonna pick up a sign yards this fee doesn't throw the ball really quickly which is important and stand operate. Yeah that seems like a mess on the points are and and not to go too far into the way back machine it will take you a year back OK okay Bill Polian is on that serious. XS XM NFL radio. And it and was talking about the for. Caller called and asked about it. Whether or not the bills have a chance to win the division the patriots being perennial and consumers. Right here is here's and again callers asking polian. The bills have a chance to in the division and he had a hot sports take Tom Brady was a pour away from losing the Super Bowl last year pretty decisively. So that there are great team. They're they're not as great as people like you think dale that they're not invincible. What they are is exceptionally well constructed. And exceptionally well coached but Tom Brady's not gonna play forever. And and he showed some signs of a being human last year on a number of occasions including a Super Bowl. And he followed an MVP season now. Yet he also was the MVP of said game I want you on that the game they only lost decisively etiquette that he was really struggling and he almost lost decisively use the MVP of that game and them on the NB a believe the next season so check out bill's fans thought he got. Tom Brady can't play forever and OK Tom vs time and time might be winning idea it won't we'll get a stay tuned episode six the find out. Brea that would not about the bills fan and thankfully enough but if I was. That would not make me feel better but I had the team that's in your division. They almost lost the Super Bowl but they did. Them because he thought better about the shoot and if that same fan called an apple in their hated didn't just lose the Super Bowl. I would go one more for a couple of Bill Polian. Has Johnny Mann cells in the news again he wants to try to get back and. And all that stuff. So Bill Polian talked about the browns and Johnny men's it has none of the product problems that China and Zeller. Cleveland got what they deserve this (%expletive) when people did their homework on Johnny men's health as everybody well on baker mayfield. They were well aware that Johnny had problems that might affect his playing in the national football. And they Cleveland ignored until they got what they deserve. OK there's one problem. Yeah stuff lives. Of this phase in the nation's history April Tony no 2014. Bill Polian appearing in appearing on Sirius XM NFL radio. Said Johnny Mann Zell has magic. If you're in the browns' draft room you owe it to the fans to consider taking him at number 44. He's got to take him in the salt in 2014. He says Seko he has magic if you're in the draft from you've got to take it. Now he's saying I'm browns got what they deserve they knew what they were again. Route 42 right yes he wanted an unreasonable for corrects. They owe it to their debt if he has magic that today he's saying well everybody knew he was going to be bad no that's apparently you didn't know. On things that he had. Never you Simon how high he had Tom Brady's gonna say that would grapple lows are to play well last year you talked about scouting Jimmy the problem and we we go to Tom Brady will be the first round great he had a for heat pulling its first from raid on ball drop below entry exit there's no way that's for. There's the Peru through their draft and they drafted like. I don't know if they got back up scorer at like upon her like that they drafted these insane. Extra pieces in the could have operated at three and obviously everybody could every six times. But specifically the colts could have Brady if they wanted to be the backup at a big body of the first round grade sub tells me he's still there in the fifth round yet ground. Right at that point. I don't I don't mean this question flatly but it's gonna sound like that of why does ESP and put them on. I'm dead serious not all dead serious okay well. Does it mean value. Certain. That he sound like a lifetime contract is he knows something that they don't wanna I only saw why does he have pictures of somebody. My guess is they don't have somebody else it feels world they've another former executive on the staff. For football. And none none none others and no other executives would like and I had a job at ESPN you know talking about football. The mental stuff is bad because. How can we just have we approve that. Yours line Apollo what you all everybody knew one of heated now. Finally people are gonna be wrong about about some of those things but that when you. Come back Arab advocates yeah hard right I hate that I hated men pollinate them like down like he makes it out to be like he you know viewed everybody right UV so now I'm really hoping Lamar Jackson that being related quarterback David I have a report wanted to play wideout I'm really hoping that data base of his past history that it. Maybe he'll let the record. I don't we we take special. Pleasure around here in you know kick in the tires at ESPN from time to time yes. They just sort of lob it down the middle of the plate. In Illinois say here you and like they've gone through. A lot of people recently over the last couple years they've they've moved on without you blow let a lot of people go like their entire NHL staff and number the football guys will try until for former. From the show Trent Dilfer and all of a lot of people. That'd suggesting some of the people that they've decided to keep. Okay that may ever have jobs are rated B employ that be great but when you have the pick and choose your ESPN we keep and who you can't. Definitely surprised by some of the decisions. 6177797937. Its telephone number text line is 3793 so I'm sorry we just had I mean there's too much what Bill Polian and the worst one. The men's though the Lamar Jackson the nick fools or bombardier dale has a particular delights us. This was just nonsensical. I Brady was out or away from losing the Super Bowl last year pretty decisively. Yet that that might or might be because we all know what happened and he was as you pointed out the MVP of said game he was MVP of the game and won another super bull. And it goes to show you if the team was doing so badly for three quarters just how off the charts the fourth or overtime that he finishes that come with the not a very good team except they're really good coaching and really good quarterback. And most important thing bill I would think you would know that Dexter brings up a great point I said wise he's still employed and ESPN they do have Lewis Redick Riddick on on staff there always raised. It's he's very. How about more Louis Riddick a little less Bill Polian now if Louis Riddick has been working you know. Seven days a week for six straight months of needs above break I understand that that. One of the most awkward things I've ever seen on ESPN was there was rep for the draft and made tried to set and public it was a real war room and they had to Opel in in there and they're trying to pass like. That what's going on but yet ten minutes on the clock and what's going on tickets through a trade. And he set how you like you call is that they did like a fake reenactment of the draft room and so awkward. And he was picked up the phone and use calling trying to make these trades and he used the word sweetener. About twenty times is that pale like maybe for a second round pick and I don't thrown a sweetener author honestly there might this has got to stop. Now's the years ago the appointment Mickey trotman. 6177797937. Is telephone number we do have to talk about Mark Cuban and then a couple that he is in. Because I think he's in considerable trouble. He's trying to pretend that it's not him it's everybody else. Churned out by that and in fact he's even admitted okay part of it was me. This is the best up ga. All now what's going on here bill. I don't I don't. Think today it's you know I don't think there's anything wrong I I don't I don't mean to an end boomer hold up though there is holed up now Lou said. On the mid day show with his he'd been hearing. It's Scott Boras wanted to be there. And wasn't going to be able to be there till tomorrow. I I they scheduled this thing in thing yes that's the word was we're gonna at least get the announcement released an official announcement. Because can't shoot the team right to the best of our knowledge when we get the emails and everybody in the world can see that suites there's not then a the Red Sox officially signed Judy Martinez writes. We see nightly I don't know they have the day I Sox have announced nothing so that's a point so. Can't you announce that there's a difference between announcing it on Twitter you put up or those cool graphics radio Victor Martinez. You can Photoshop the uniform on him but the old their rattle those by the other great athletes in Plano for years you could do that. We you know I welcome the Boston JD Martinez there's a difference between that. And a press conference where apparently Scott Boras needs to see it. So that's the case you can announce a decision I should stress that's what Lou had the Hussein unauthorized work for that's fine but I can beat tomorrow. And you can even as part of yours announcement in your email announcing your Twitter whatever else however you communicated all the fans. And then say a press conference coming tomorrow you can even promoted if they hear from JD Martinez tomorrow new and out of Florida. That you could do all that stuff it still have Scott forced at that David Letterman used to do but what it called is this anything. See I didn't Martina Nadia if any I will mean to this is not anything this is something. This has something to me they've made that you you have a term. Named after you of course you take it something Mikey spears these opens up the knuckles something's up there makes yep that's right. They're looking Argo I don't know about that he could like David Price eight JD you have a unique elbow that you know this that you know you as a unique elbow and hurt when you do this is it hurts it hurts like this fireball that don't do that. I so opens up it may be he'll end up being fine but maybe they wanna you know a second opinion on it. That he said 110 million dollars ton of money that it's a big time investment you wanna make sure this guy's. Is good ago it's not like another team is holding up or is that it betrayed. You know Andy mentioned the Isiah Thomas deal they look at Avago wedeman this hip is worse the spot. Tonight you get more compensation. Well this is just between the player and the team right there's no compensation anyway I got sent an anything so. It's gonna be more about just how how the I think you'll be fine. Fingers crossed. At that box it glitters is what two hours or does he have cold feet is he says hey David Price the animated boot that. If they thought it. It about the parties and this is best just eat each case. I'm fairly certainly break several international treaties when we do this but on Sunday night at the NBA all star game I don't know the biggest talking point coming out of the night. Might have been no it was. Burglaries rendition of the National Anthem. Okay. Yeah and it's. Their lap and their Lou laughing yeah again nursing that were did you receive the mark Kelly version of the antlers get them. Yeah yeah clapping a lot of it if if I don't I don't tell her don't you arrogant though I'm sure as you can hear their people laughing at her rendition as it was going on. The cameras caught several athletes and celebrities laughing as well including. Carlin that he towns Chris Rock chance the rapper Klay Thompson grin on greens staff curry LeBron James and the Jimmy Kimmel I think the reason I was smiling. It's because I love the national yeah. Highs tonight trying to work in the words my humps my house my lovely lady. They have been a mistake I hear real zones on camera then my phones are just buzzing tech that I. All I think I might have been on now. For even apologize for her performance she said she tried her best and the reason she decide to sing the song that way. Is because she's a risk taker. Which here's the thing about taking risks when it comes to the National Anthem. Don't just. Okay. That was when you're driving a school bus or singing the National Anthem. Just regulars find and it birdied the best we don't know what Francis Scott Key was thinking when he wrote the star spangled banner. Maybe wanted to be sexy singer. I was up north you know maybe their National Anthem is supposed to be all Canada. You act just don't Barenaked Ladies and an iso Canada red a for effort because that they get really lost in the shuffle yeah I was better than that of a violent so as Jimmie just said. There are certain things you don't mess and the National Anthem let's be honest this one song yet. Don't put your own spin on so Fergie clearly did too much. Let's go back in time and hear from other singers who did too much. When it came to our National Anthem including Boston's on Steven Tyler 2001 at the Indy 500. Yeah it's the game. OK okay. It's. And you. And okay. Okay. Okay. It's. Absolutely not doubt too much as Fergie saying the war or words right evidence he had quite a spin on them but did the best shot at you don't you don't change the ending pilots flash forward to 2005. Lead singer of the group creed you decreed that you urged Greek parents are you know the Udonis staff I could've done too much at a NASCAR event. Spin. Oh. Still better than ever he can out treated them so I've got a little better. Okay. Our judgments of where it doesn't really worth all. Stuff yeah. And just let the act go for just once a. Okay her. I set up for this would solve I love this art Keller. Bernard Hopkins fight in Vegas 2005. And what's get a case mr. Kelly witness doing too much. I. Was that volley tempered exit pay too much disrespect for a while bond that was. He really. Hot and now there's. Somebody. It this way you like that they would someplace you don't have that clap their a lot of smoke period. All right the group Madison rise. The self described. Don't know that's most patriotic and in a match well breaking them you know where that's going and I a little too much on a regular basis. Think. Eighties hair being OK when you listen to this rendition. It. It was good visuals that you know I give me a little known fact I fireworks that was. Fire coming out of the guitar. The visuals make it worse because you've got the guy who are on the apiece to hold. Three dance we're mostly likely due to fear them stopped you're not but to be there. They did the regular words those were the lyrics and it didn't change or they are America's most patriotic there that the most patriotic if you can tell there they basically have a lot of respect to us and we appreciate that yes I'd finally 2014. Police. Bass player Brett hot chili peppers. Once again a guy. Who tested too much with the national land. What was that you can't go down another road there's been a little quick little side bar here stacked along. Just really feel it here and I don't know eulogized the song. As as we left out Roseanne Barr was left out Carl Lewis so elegant. A car is they'll skirted opportunity at least. You know eternity too much wouldn't go motivated to infect. On golf. Because there's there's the the group of people who forgets the words spread there's always those people Carlos of the now who bought out and yeah he can't help me about it please that's it I I don't know the rest of the words. Yeah. Fleas is that ultimately was during the name now. Treats its just very creed the vote was loses to greed of the Scots that is to put his stamp yet but in the end. That final drive also cosponsored by cars for kids donate to cardinal the child today schedule your free pick up. At 877 cars for kids three cars for kids not now never heats up next ago but tonight yes Mon night two nights at Ralph about that. Will be back tomorrow by. I.