Best of DHK: Holley’s last nerve is hit with Tomase defending Borges; We look into Gronks post football career options; Who will write the Bill Belichick book, Is Felger for real?

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Monday, February 12th

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Your filthy. Don't sleep is wrong with you people we. Here's the best. Hillary Hollywood T. Sports Radio WEEI. Beginning of a new week the week after. The week following the Super Bowl and I thought maybe this gas had started to hard knocked you know crossed over a little bit maybe folks would be able to. We'll pass that but no chance maybe now. Well but that's part of the reason I was telling guys earlier about Boston loved Boston one breaking up often when I accused a UAE. Patriot if it doesn't matter what sport. There's certain things you can say to a Bruins fan and depending on when they were born you were born they understand too many men on the ice. Most people know what that means even if you work. A born in this and the 1970s. You've heard your your parents or grandparents are too many men on the ice and how is how frustrating it was against the Canadians. I particular patriots fan. If they want me to make it better you should let a lot to shock for the groceries you know who said that he said fourth and thirteen. You know that's Super Bowl 42 fort into you know that the colts and this is gonna fit into that you. Malcolm and I'll for a that's it up about you could deduct my Super Bowl forty I can't worry our hero. You said that course migrate them beta is that it's all personal every Indiana hole. All of this stuff just what you're Europe or walking. Encyclopedia. Simple port Malcolm Butler could mean Super Bowl 49. Where it could mean too little 52 and it both. Anybody involved Phil yeah. But everything about the voters going to be the go to ball and maybe if your real positive person who think Seattle's worst and hours ago they did not play and and David L changed it will mean he'll still be associated with that but as the years go on or even as the months go on a maybe you'll find out and then maybe you'll be either more on his side or less on his side. By the way of Boston's only only a Boston. Could the late great. Johnny Pesky say. He was in his seventies. Hey and hold the ball. And PayPal credit. Good night at 46. I meant at Rhode Smart fans who always senate even though wasn't true Bobbitt that doubles but. That was part that's part of it liars but hey it's part of like now holes story hey hold the ball. It probably did. Probably did all of it. Edged out ever made this one and those things that you do it since it's past down that oral history generation a generation. But it's about Butler thing. Only only issue I have with that is. People who kind of assumed that it Malcolm Butler is out there they win the game. Got a better chance winning no guarantee. That's your only problem I think only about him you know not playing that's my problem I would probably should I let it go rob I'm Republican not playing but the people have a problem with that plane. Some of them say well yeah OK okay but most of them guaranteed it they yeah okay that's my vote I'd hero so it was Super Bowl why not play Malcolm Butler. Maybe ought to have a much better hey the added benefit that our energy welcome letter that I got our chance of renting. But no Gary you're the only explanation you're getting its football decision and nobody is mine yeah he could not have been writing about possibly have been a football decision. So puede verse there and hung up on that there will be for. Very long time 6177797937. Elliott's in Cambridge alien. Gay guys I didn't have a little bit about it bit above Malcolm but. Do good. Is news where where did which could have been. But it chief medical staff somebody had very high up on the medical. You are acknowledged it's always you don't have to tell me any names that. Does your association you were being treated by a member of the pages medical staff and they drop this information do you or you have a friend of a friend who knows somebody how to. I did you connect. I know somebody on the medical get good Maginnis good to let you know. OK so the conventional wisdom is that Malcolm was sick with the flu it will idle Monday and he'd blow. According to everybody on Tuesday but that's not true. The have been a fly out until third day. And Belichick he was cleared by the medical staff. About it illness but you good to go on Tuesday. But yet he'd been shot a third day yeah and the coach would very. And pat ward with him and he got a ball back to the coach. And they edit I think it is it innocuous is that it's not being. Although that Hannity innocuous that would be a huge deal if true but I I I and you've got you got an association and I don't have Malcolm Boller wasn't its. He wasn't. But I wasn't there or wasn't there's a Thursday's policy limited at practice on Wednesday. Didn't know that Eliot I limited from Foxboro Elliott I want you to just listen to this okay just listen for a quick second why you're online and I just want my disappointment. And I. For the win I am. Listening. Doesn't feel too good so. Tennis that much any staff and myself will be there and doesn't win the next sentence. To stay positive intrigue me betting man came yesterday. I would love it very low. You know what that was set Eliot I was at the Wednesday media session. Corridor about it. Elliott I got to wait don't worry about it. Don't worry about it they're all other one hey you get an excellent figure if you prefer there are a lot of people who have sources. That let them down that's right your way down a big way and by the way Elliott LL a Wednesday yeah I think you just Jack. I doubles they were behind. I'm one problem and why I'm lied to us and deal materialized emblem a lot lied to he was given faults in from year ago it was crap yeah yeah I'm just stop yeah. I asked. Guys have a limited spoke to people on Wednesday but he wasn't. Really there it was like all of them bunch upload to their cameras solid outlook even though conference at the halftime. Even though he said. And that was wrong. I think you certainly 5% I. I'm concerned about Batman gonna rather play it how is that possible so for those of you who don't get the joke and I can't articulate it better joke OK if I thought god I got to stand up comic pretty good back. Michael Felger it just turns out it was phony except the thing about mcdaniels wasn't in the thick of Boston tweets you're saying right. Gary yes thank you hadn't screen grab my saw I know those there's like two screens upstate and Joan Hawkins did say that I. So I discounts some 5% true okay. So here we sell so Boston Herald took down the comets come aboard his column they suspend rumble birthday Thursday night Friday yeah. I'm based entirely on a series of bogus text messages for and saw the photo spread to a moment thought I was all of them and say whether anybody else on the show. And it's a mascara tries to catch himself he's as well I only saw to the table there more. And so they're basing all of that that's why Federer goes on the whole thing. Personally wanted the story to be true I don't use your story but he's got 75% news truth there where else to get also the stuff. From nick in Boston all of it it's from nick and lost their homes from the heat Bonnie has here out delegate here here's another hit for it. The S on the end of sources was also wrong about the lie and that may have been what got him in trouble more than anything else. Well there may no later I think we got him suspended I think it I don't Paris because you know what you get set up liking it you bogus information. But you have to hold your editor in lie I've got source says he lied about it and that's where the editor says wait a minute you told me had more than one source a 75%. Of it made up or. Goes through the Boston Herald you know both of those guys to work from her both of them. So the paper that you used to work for took it down. It said it was based on false information they didn't edit it leg well gyms are really kind of out there as part already we say about her rallies and now I was may I comets comments on deadline copy editor pitted and their by accident now they took it out no this is wrong. It's all based on a falsehood. Much much like the previous caller story once it was very similar to that this is less harmful and is very easy does it wasn't hard to talk about 130 walking around the Minnesota Wednesday into the Mall of America on Wednesday. He didn't fly out on third when talking to TV cameras and reporters on Wednesday at chances are he wasn't on a flight on Thursday and he's at practice on Wednesday. Sure we wanted to be true what do you want it to be true because it would be an explosive story will be huge it would be bigger than. Malcolm Butler not playing in the Super Bowl imagine Tom Brady for the first time in his life. Coming out of sand covered up by the coach no I'm not taken reportedly. Brady's diva. What are the highest paid player when he years he noted the highest paid player in football and I'm not going to yield to I'm not going notes the eighth straight guy. Who's going out to Montana. How hard since I had a bit telling of God's got a but the work and I've given up my life for football are you could get three but it didn't appear like natus an admirable today's models or want to get back at epic epic epic. All of my life back. I don't know I'm not going to OTAs. What that problem definitely huge the big story is false. All of our you know I mean Paul is now may be some parts of the story of eventually become true or maybe they there's a hint of truth to some of it. But not from any real source went as of right now all of that is made up. It's not 75%. Sorry fish and game goes 35% 25100. No 100%. Or into what percent what percent it's true. Zero in line you're over some kind of no I'll tell you I do our part to get the Republicans and Jimmy I don't think I'll just unpopular truth be 75%. Problem at a big conference. It is the ultimate conspiracy that fake story. Mostly true. Yeah technical Rob Lowe had a big contract. That's too bad. I had the story about Tom Brady couldn't get Jimmy grapples agent. Sure aren't the same guy that guy you had you had theoretically what a source Jimmy drop Lowe's agent. Allegedly grapples agent calls you and says. I literally have twenty seconds no I like two seconds I talk to baccarat all very bullet Peter King gets the story shifty. You gonna give him 120 seconds I don't know I say. It got twenty seconds for shaft that I would like to sort of fall on my lap checked just shook it gives words what in seconds and has hit CA does. He needs one and that's usually got a good sources yeah absolutely take some time to explain what's happening here right a lot how to deal came together. You up mcdaniels is here just celebrating the great except you have about next week do you think. Brady do you think for an all out today if Jeff he had big Brady said I need retails through the coach in waiting. Mean he's about that the part that he's he's about I don't think so. You don't think. A guy who didn't say a word when Deion Branch or Wes Welker or Logan make everybody have given their David Patten or any of these guys left but now all of that he needs a coach in waiting an adjustment. But it did. Noting that. Knowledge certainly is what's out of there's only that it didn't even know what Belichick doesn't know. Approaching this now though it smells and the ability. They could have brought that up at any point in the month leading up to bat the other thing Belichick and say oh sure he's gotomeeting. He and awaiting trial that you have to like that even had to be an argument you want an expert but I. Right now he's decided he was intake in my job it was go to Indianapolis. But if he doesn't wanna go to Indianapolis was the coach in waiting here show our final play. We'll be back I use it according to what does that. Put it out but those four guys and indeed bring out here if it. They might not have anything else it is though it may not anything you want no problem coach Reagan you know problems on his coach or rating but I'll be your coach next year. Probably the year after I don't know how calm. Because I saw the into Graham that he posted the other day of images Allen Costa Rica. It posted over the weekend and he was saying this Sunday certainly ended better than last Sunday did. And and and hash tag losing streak stops at one. Which by the way sounds a little bracket notions because it's kind of indicating that things ended you know in a certain way but. Well how does he have time to do all this it is right in this football team. I do that Iran football team from anywhere if you're Tom Brady. As he. I think they are kids came with a technology that parsing it and what are all on Sunday when he posted eons to Graham chats today and just that it if you look and now from. Barack didn't miss not drag this to say it's just a fact of life dale did he's in Rhode Island paid any. Back in Baghdad code and then a great. I got conspiracy once or no you don't want to and it keeps your keys was laying on you experiencing back okay. Mike Mike Leary is in. The hypothetical had no sources no one knows what it's like some newspaper reports he's he's yeah I'm okay. Malcolm buck was a pot proposition by someone from Las Vegas yeah. And it says it looks and we have a better chance of winning if you're playing southern suburbs corporate. Tech is sold. Other game this Sunday and it will make wild. But yeah. Quick if it. We actually got this yes I was only eighty hard yesterday we got to secure our time with their horse head in his event a little bit they offer was made it was similar it was actually Belichick got wind that Butler. Bet on the game. And he was betting on Philly. And I don't know I can't I can't have that. Let me word about the purpose. And be worried about that he's on board. It. I thank god this is where we're at now yeah because that doesn't make sense that you have to come up with them. But. My. Scott there I did that affect him if you don't you're up by it and can gambling. Somebody called yesterday a great great college said he thought you know follow the money. In the money here at least to some sort of illegal gambling because like you can do. Or gay man a crime because that would be worth a boatload of money to win the game right I guess not. Maybe even more and their five point dog take him to win outright. About. So that thing about. So Malcolm Butler had to do something stupid and out where he had no Nawaz Belichick and on this so I don't. He his thought was no that he wasn't but the one I heard yesterday was that spell check found out about it and that why can't have this decline. Because he's gonna sabotage him. Apologize that was not gonna make him look bad if he's given a big place in the super bull. That well. Is the icy course all the time we get a does that look out there to affect his money long term sought. I blogger I ayalon I woke marquee Spears' on this by all are that one out. Well. I think that you know that keep you think is gonna a fact is money long term yes unless he's getting enough money and time. That throws the game that will be bigger than the contract you'll get from the tree. Back traveler which is back brought in about forty or fifty million dollars. That's a lot of money. I'm not fair to suggest probably not that you know look up Roxy is not the problem Butler had a forty or fifty million dollars B notes in pursuit of the upper. Maybe more the defense definitely about it all the fences at the over. On two iron might be some 26 what seventh right now let's just keep you out. 6177797937. Is telephone number. Yellen holly with Keith and his conspiracies. Sports Radio WB yeah. This is the best. Jeanne. Each. Case. Which it curious that so what what that. Now. Butler who played with every way that he did let it cannot. You build up a little bit where those people that all the that this. Elected an empty net there that that like I understand. Their partnership closer might appear much longer customers love our gone. In the end on the citizens or less so we'll. You guys have heard all of us and by the way don't we got on the time. Yeah I mean whatever but everyone I get into it. Sure everybody is going to sit down listen. Stop what you're doing him now and explain to any time talk but are great lesson today bill take your time. If you wanted to walk us through this step by step we have five we have in and then on Monday that's when while Wayne and nickel back. No we beat Jacksonville that I don't find that you know just walk us through like the idea that on Monday that it says this would have for Brett Butler actually flow on Thursday they are happy when battles lately we go to the bye week. And then hey you wanna do whatever he wants to talk about an interest of all four but this will come out one day. With the Bill Belichick book. Who's right now I don't know who's gonna right predicts the early favorite right now I would say a Mike Kris I'm. Would be an early favorite Michael Holley what are his odds. I hope they're gonna be. Outlet are at what I do it or anybody else that doesn't. It is a I'm I'm thinking about it too par I was at a house in Elster says. 600 that the pages 500 pages. Thanks so a look at almanac yeah appeared doing the book with Bill Belichick not on balance record on Belichick OK fine but the put that that the real play is with Belichick. On his book has so much stuff to get into. You get 300 pages before you even get to him taken the pictures of Horry got here yet it's good stuff really gets them maybe logic was. Ed Bradley you been badly junior's book on February. Eight about 800 pages that they. I'm comforting debt and. Yeah I think that this rivals retirement 700 page it more that he got from the coach was basically a little cool book. It not gonna repair them as great book but it was short enough to you wanted more meat on the ball. David Albertson's at some time and now I know and and and I wanted to hear read more of what he had his own I get so much. That they'll pay a bill solitaire not and let it and your not I'm not a literary death this year from the cavs is try that. And our help and author out here 864. Pages 864 and I play a negative vacated the moral life of Ted Williams 864. It's aggressive. And a I mean that's just amid the short chapters of act and yeah Bill Belichick somewhere between six and 800. Is there anybody any football fan in New England who would read every single page. Yeah I mean incredible degree. Then we'll get the Malcolm Butler story and that there. That we have at that point right left and I thought about it carry out area and doesn't bother others ten years from now. How are really feel about Vinatieri. Ty Law. Four that you Drew Bledsoe. Super Bowl loss. Was shot both of them Tony giants. Tony Dungy leaving New York. In the you know whatever is left of his patriots are Alex Guerrero to operate like right now. Josh McDaniels and that. Our weekly cabinet for the three of us apparently we'll be in there unreal chatter that you guys. Did you guys can't the line of the meeting he supposedly have a job again. It was a it was a five hour on roses some of them here and it was like and some of them cannot. Fish and it. He's talked to one person for ten hours I think exercise book might get marketed to. Our hours at that guy that is Mecca all. You know all also this this this is on the cutting room floor. Where is why do like a separate ten hours. Audio book just on what he he was showing him his world that's cheerio windows world. Shining shimmering so it's calendar is coming out Monday. All of it. Yeah about the years though a report out quickly after his retirement duties him book I don't care who does that I'll read. From Ron Borges. There will be robbed. I'm gonna a lot of arrows are literally letting our guard Diana knell of with a forward by nick at Boston in the he's I think. Thousand to one odds on board just gave a long shot buddies in the news right now seeking at least there's that to be made. He got Reese holly. Current. I'm about to be in Dale Arnold there the effort to Arnold than there definitely he likes the most that covers the team. We likes the most obvious nobody I. Don't want to say I left. Or another guy like there if you notice he always mentions him. In press conferences and always says obstinacy factor what Bob socially very good that don't put him there put him and makes the best is in there. He always says that's a good question fill in laws so Perry Phil Perry all of you have yet though Perry and Phil that's a really good question. A few written a book is not about Tommy that I that I heard mention crowd term turbulent. And show up at a press conference once without shoes out they have a guy that attain not a guy who should be in the next. Bill Belichick himself. Really that's quite an endeavor is a good writer. I found that out firsthand it's it's more worked and you think it is what writing yes yeah yeah. Yeah it is he's a good writer he wrote a great letter to Donald Trump yes. Ed and he rewrote it supposedly we rated I like this on the they rewrite it and he also has an appreciation. For a for good writing so. Maybe detonated as it grew these these guys the other there's some of these guys come that's a good I've retired now what ultimately do. I'm a writer now there. So and look up for that I'm a hack yeah I know I don't keep go to become a little worried there's. All caps text here as. It's bleeping shining shimmering splendid not splendor but bottoms blogger. All the you know I got to lyrics are not that I got a girl jurors who wrote that I she's he or she is probably right I'm terrible weather alerts genius to figure this thing out. Seemed to mean a lot to this particular person that you got it wrong poems are swarms wonder. Being told doubts wondered. The world has changed. I particularly look back table were pulled the there blended like kids don't know I did not its its. Characters are. That's that's. Don't want you do that Tony Romo. Yeah. Yeah okay that's unnamed officials want to let people send the wrong words for years and years up third blended. The word we're looking for a splendid. Turn it off from now on when you quote the letter until well I well you'll learn from your mistakes that's Jose Newbury port page out. Our age to the what's not. Well I'm tired at all or are followed check. People seem to forget. Patriots offense at all about two minutes thirty seconds left these are the and the offensive line you sort. Gave up where he gets stretched out. On the slope slopes stroll on the defense. Yeah he did you scored 33 point three think they did their job overall I think you're wrong I'm Daniel and all 41 points put the blame her little hands right. Other than it would our whole defense is well all was as well oh yeah yeah yes. Just like artwork but probably trying to issue the offensive line actually pull together. When they beat that game winning car I can think couples and couples are they want. This was just that that strips or which. Collapsed one part. Mature look what you're looking at a single play Joan I mean for the most part the offensive line played really well in the in the game. Yeah. Nut out now Joseph they play more and okay in that game between the though no one doubt about it between the Philadelphia defense in the New England defense. They were to place there were tube. Big plays made by both defenses that resulted in turnovers one was Iran Hartman. Who's got a knack for these things around a football the right time and this is like a classic Iran harm an interception and give him credit he was able to get the ball stand bounced. And and now turn it around on a day when defense can stop anybody in the Obama was. It was a Graham play Graham decide strips that. So there were two plays in May by the defense all day there was no show. The first time. The Philadelphia defense there was supposed to be remembered for the game become a giant you'll be able to rush forward to pressure on Brady pressure of the middle. He's never seen a defense is good fine he had no problems with them. As as sandy Hart said yesterday working with Keefe. Yet the number four and number five scoring defense and let's turn up and neither one could stop on knows what other terrible. Really if you look at it it in the AFC championship in the conference championships in the Super Bowl are the Jacksonville defense. Was what's been great defense. Take away take away masters. I'll point differential best in the league. I had a ten point lead in the fourth quarter they couldn't hold it. NFC championship game Minnesota defense terrific supposed to be. They got blown away by nick falls in the offense Super Bowl number four number five defense is gave enough. Except Philadelphia when it really really really. They got one partner while values yeah you guys wanna know that Mike Pereira. Has now confirmed on pro football talk dot com. That the ill the Eagles were in an illegal formation on the filly special place thanks Mike but that's how appreciate your we would go back and replay this is it Chatham house that a week ago thanks Chad at a faster and that that the. My dad and I and I should notice I don't all the minute is that review Opel. So if you are you're the if you're the defense. And they scored a touchdown and go back if they were limited I think that was an illegal formation can you. Review of the formation. I don't know that I I I know their review every scoring play but I believe it's just to determine that the ball did in fact cross the goal line I don't believe they're reviewing. The formations now but it could also let check challenge. As an enemy as it is that somebody could challenge for example I don't think of BR if you have if if if there's a touchdown. And you've guy. Let's say they often had twelve guys out there and missed that go back and say of course it's going to think I was running free because we we had eleven and they had twelve. Medical record review and overturn a touchdown. It's okay so it's not it's not only did. And hockey right outside the attitude that what what's more we hate what do you think is more important. Thabeet to. To be review Opel to pass interference which is a subjective play or something like that where you can look at the formation. See Dublin that balance cut and dry it if they had looked at at the formation that it's a lock. Got a six guys in the line of scrimmage they only have five. We got to back them up to the six yard and I'd be easy there's no subjectivity to it as you said. Pass interference at I don't know all the hand looked like it was that adds up to them holding pass interference all that stuff is up to them this. Should be real review mobile and I don't I don't believe there and it's illegal formations they go forward you've Akamai now. Because from the six I don't think today technical going to the source I think it then kicked a field deaths and hundreds of Novo. Even as as as aggressive as they were I think in that case thicket of. Oh please don't ask don't DA. Yeah to. Fourth and final hour Daylon Hollywood keep. Sports Radio W Lee young couple big stories. Here are in these parts of blatant one of course was the retirement ceremony pretty the number retirement ceremony for Paul Pierce. A last night after the Celtics game against the Cleveland Cavaliers game not so good. Ceremony really cool we'll bring you some sound from that this couple minutes. Father Ron Borges. Story continues to be kind of toppled mind for some people. Wolf and we've got some sound from the weekend here. In which one of the people on our air with defending Ron Borges and out and wanted to hear some of that as well so. Let's start start what Paul Pierce. They look I said at the start of the show they do ceremonies really well and we've got a lot of practice at around here and they do really well. And VS ceremony post game last night for. Paul Pierce's number thirty forgone of the rafters was great Paul had a terrific speech. And let's start with Paul Pierce thanking his former coach Doc Rivers who was there with them last night. You know this homeless man become a man I'm almost always young immature. And plugs every bump heads that's probably because you have the same birthday. And but you know. A U wanna me to do things the right way. And I help you so much because then once thought that that in my game to golf. Lost that's it wasn't about us that's in more it was just like playing in the right way and that helped me understand how to really win. Not a talent but now we understand how to win. And Melvin mature as a player. And you know what more can you acts of war on the up bottles at a certain level that you took you to the next level. And I'm like. Not like the. It was nice first follows nice stock was there don't you think. We've got a job full time job that is in play bars are perfect there they play and Brooklyn. Tonight in the back here on their back here on Wednesday Souza right time to do it. That I hanging out. In New York yesterday and decide to hang on Boston. Is perfect he's sitting there on the on the end line along with that Rondo. And Kevin Garnett and there were other former Celtic Paul Pierce teammates here as well but they were the three sit there on the end line you could miss some. Well for one thing you could miss Kevin Garnett whatever that was on his head does that recalled as a half hood is that. I don't know it's aside mass it's a full Heidi that he had on halfway health care a hell of that is a full and yes the full buddies and I don't utilize an old thing ability to get it right it does defy the laws of physics doesn't make a Tiger Woods versatile though. They watch stuff back stretched that thing out of you had been that got her reversal advocate of the whole thing our are at stake and there is. Gravity I think it. If you pick if you take that hoodie but with that had I have that doesn't have a top that topples have your head would still my old you might have something visor winner had a and these guys that come on guys are under way you're on your way to being fully protect OK speaking of Kevin Garnett Paul Pierce wanted to take the opportunity to thank him as well. Hey Kevin talk every week he could we comes at a house it's all. It says is only regret was not coming here five years earlier. He. And. What can I say about you man you've you've had some historical nights in this building you may be better. So our plan would soon. Don't a lot of people got it. Is he summer Rondo next cousin don't all go so but it may be a lot of people dismissing whole adult life. Though dole quite as much time he gave the other guys almost unglued at it that he had some big nights and there it did. And so does those funny to see. Doc in Rondo and Garnett also in their together regard it with that right only a middle of them. Yet with a promise that there that he got Ray Allen and sitting insert pictures and gulf of George bonus this is out of what. There way out for our lead with saying on the mid day Asia today that. That he Ray Allen was invited. I bet I don't have as Iceland does but it just makes total sense that of course he was invite in cities that now. American be there and wanna play I don't know how to hide all around the Lopez George Lopez. It can do on Saturday I could commend Saturday but now it then Rodgers back on. It ran out if I did all right from the I guess you're brilliant. I don't have raced side before and I and I doubt now that you're not you got out of the perfect are a few out there at all by the way. We've got our our differences we don't win the title without reality it would operate out please let Aaron actually were a problem for everybody right now holds out for you got in I had to bring it out you know I had to bring up a high with the Miami. Hold you know don't do that you say you do I turn on and are you are saying on the I am I know we did rat we didn't finish together like we wanted to blood we had some. Also he held on won a title and why would you wanna be here to be here next with hero LeBron to you know extra when I went for a you make it on Sunday LeBron will be there. It can't explain okay can I place I'll I'll commit. And final of the final kilometer from Paul Pierce he's thanking. Not only the team but you guys. So there's not only teaching the game of basketball. They teach you success. So surprise but we'll always be who have read them off family. Now. But not least. We'll I'll who'll go W dot defense. Forbid there. Thank you so much for Syria. For coming support and good the bad guys you guys and therefore be it but there's so much. I's. Makers even more special. To save on number is one of the rafters. I saw some grief for peers. Because he had notes on his own. News scroll through on his phone well the problem how old were the people can agree that yeah it's evolved with the problem that I did all Smartphones. I to remember everything kind of the way of the world now 00 he should have gotten from memory but it wouldn't be the phone and not. I'll cards but there I think he's all too often and that's not about black guy I'm that everybody. Dropped out of his head that's my guess it would have to get anything for. Compound when I came back to provide prompter I heard it from Mike at the end is that yet also with a bad read our management. I've what you grew out of that fuel from memory when you have a phone where you have a napkin with them notes jotted down and thought there. If you. The method Lugar sort of died. I so let's get to this day everybody knows now the whole story about. Ron Borges writing the piece in the Boston Herald which the paper ultimately deleted from the web site and and apologized for and said. I was based on faulty sources Borges. That catfish for lack of a better term by nick from Boston yeah. Who called Kirk and Callahan told in the holes and brag about what I did and and show them got on the sent them the series of text messages that he'd exchanged where he had pretended he was done he. To Ron Borges. And and so this weekend that John Tomas he was on this morning with Kuerten Callahan. But he was on Saturday. And he began this whole thing talking about Ron Borges by defending Raun. You know the gut reaction. On a personal level is sadness because Ron is. One of my closest friends in this business and you don't wish that on anyone. And you know I'm sure we'll get to this you know a lot of people have done the parallel between what happened. With me ten years ago on him I don't really see any comparison basically because. At least mine. I can own and say whatever mistakes were made were mine. Actually him credit limit at least mine I think right OK okay mistakes in other words he's saying he didn't. Hmmm I don't know it's nobody's got a bright he didn't yet eating itself up by I I got I'm waiting for the rule of I got away for the defense so as their defense. Working on article close the business got that he is saying and and find out of Reese editor earlier moments anybody destroyed when. See anybody lose her job yet got to sort of same page of balancing that with the defense of the action. In his case this is the part that gets me. You have someone maliciously willfully. Lying to him and yes there's a whole separate conversation about. Double triple quadruple checking a story of this magnitude and all that I get that. But if you believe you're dealing with tiny and from the sounds of it you know the collar said that he sort of worked him for a couple of weeks on this is a long time it was a long time. And I don't doubt for a second that tiny has multiple cellphone numbers and I don't doubt for a second that Ron Borges has at least one of those numbers and I don't doubt. But he tried calling him on those numbers and then when he gets a call from the guy. And you know this is the unfortunate part you'd talk to him and you believe that he's dire need. At that point what reporter wouldn't go with that story you know that's that's the only thing I say when you're getting into when you believe you're getting it from the agents. Right well it's hard to say like how how can you print that. Oh my god I can't. Seriously that what reporter wouldn't go to that story most of them most reporters we're going to start you tell me. Nick and Boston has been working him for the most part. Overtaxed. For two almost entirely to actually kind of tells them I don't know early Youngstown he tells them. I've got twenty seconds to talk to you what we've been talking for two weeks. You don't sound like duke in. You can only talking for twenty seconds two months he says there's no doubt in my mind rob we're just have one of those numbers. Here are I'll talk to him on any of those ones but those numbers don't match up that number doesn't match up with the number that you already have. He get a call or text from broiler furthermore. It's a big story it's a huge story it doesn't make sense if you look at it not a very if you compared to everything that you know. About Tom Brady. Take reporter out of it take journalism school a lot of it it just take anything picking any pay rent a fan and Boston there were you on it's been around measures. Okay. Charles Walter hall Charles down all or what ever knew and multiple Roxbury where they are coming Tom Brady makes sense Tom Brady. It's not initial approach Yates for the first time in twenty years and I'll use the Tom Brady was the highest paid player in football now. Thank you wake up and did you coach relating nations whose story was the paper based on the 22 conversation. We want the political other Patriot Act anywhere you don't know what. Reporter would go what most reporters wouldn't do it now. I understand he's a friend of yours to my teacher is one of closest friends and business and you want what's best for your friends you don't want to see your friends destroyed. But come on. Oh god. Don't make it don't make it sound common. And uncommon. Is crazy. I let's go to the next cut where he knew he gets into the whole plagiarism thing as well even that quote unquote plagiarism thing at the globe. To me he got railroaded on the out one and so. They did a huge investigation they found no other evidence that he had ever lifted a word from anybody. But I understand how this business where extra one strike you got one strike this is strike two you know he's that. Guy in his sixties and a twelve year old kid. Sorry. For those of you out there who want me to dance on his grave I can't do it I can't do it because of the way this went out. This is someone willfully misleading him and if you take joy from that. You take pleasure from that I don't know what the F is wrong. I agree with the the kid but he's got a kid. Got a family. There's that's between Asia be fired and out now defending record of big idiotic middle and it Ron Borges the human being of course of course you don't want anybody anybody care would. My number one enemy an opportunity collaborative and what's what's the look like right now power ranking your enemy number one how many how many check 0521 or what I want my top five list personally not a lot of work and I don't work and that I get out Ireland. And this week great. I'll have them well I doubt I'll reveal you reveal and not pay their. Andre what do the setup totally understands great and he wanted to do it together we do it all up by vanity parallel top five grudges or not the same enemies are our enemies don't have a name you know him as clearly you have five enemies. Got that you know all about the I don't consider shopping done and because he's used to fish out. The group and area so ardently desire guy to bring up an excellent point we combine. Grudges tries allies enemies yet you come out come all plot that our excellence but summit and I yet about this let's go back to the point Michael you were making Batman really look at the human being is fine by. And you can't he can't defend it you can't defend. I. I say when you say you can't defend gorgeous at all I can a little because you went back and forth of the guys for two weeks you've got him on the phone you thought it was him now. I know they played sound and these two gagged this got a satellite Tania not changed his voice I have no idea maybe just having talks on using violence you know for so terrible the big picture. How this all went down. Like you cat fished him and you burns him in his career is now over and what what is there to celebrate that. This careers not necessarily over that would go to far. And probably isn't The Herald there in the middle of there also OK here's the guys if they're being sold them. Nick embossed didn't change his voice he just used his voice which is not god he's sports car. Or is on number or are there any of that information out Tomas he went on to suggest that you know maybe there were hints here that some of this stuff could be true of. And and and here's the other thing I don't like and I know the afternoon guys are beaten us yesterday. You know Borges went in without bias this is an anti Belichick by estimates by wanted to write the story. I about it's a huge story and it's while it would be out of character for Brady delight sit out and demand a contract. And we agreed that the way this season has unfolded with the trade of Iraq below and Tom vs time and we wait a sham story that there have been. Not even subtle hints that Brady wants its contract addressed that Brady wants some long term security here like all of that stuff. No I haven't while those tents while. I I've missed all those. Well. This maturity. This story. Is denounced. I think they. The whole thing not not not all are not buying the afternoon's show WB yeah. Not by some angry patriots fan who is Bill Belichick all day and you can't criticize Belichick. I have all our. All I hear fed. We're taking drifting down it is based on falsehoods we didn't say it isn't tired that it. And so that Hamas in Felder then. All I. And what else you need to see or hear. Error while in fact two keys point. Maybe John Tomas he does hint that while the story doesn't really fit with Brady's overall. You know the way he's conducted himself here. The events of the last few months it's not crazy to pray that you bill like you know what. I've been a good soldier for ever I given everything I've had to this franchise it's time for you to commit to me why so that part. May be some details here and there weren't exact. We're yes so it's definitely belt no that wasn't right after the C whatever. You know made a broad stroke on that story were not I don't mind I mean he's the only guy that has come out it's the season is ended that is done anything other than reinforce. The central tenets of that story at least in my mind. And you know must sound Smart. Yeah I found the town Smart. That's idiotic that's stupid it's just opened what he's saying broad stroke if soccer is bothered me deeply. To my journalistic court bothers me why does it bother me because. Johnson mossy. It. If this story rings true and if not as crazy as it would appear to be because of the season that it happened this goes back to the fake. Doggie. This is bigger than a contract. This story now I may cut back. Put this thing in the paper. I need you to tell me. Why have Tom Brady changed tell me stories. Tell me how he has gotten to this point because the guy that I used to talk to the guy that I do it now. Never would have thought this way never would've felt this way. What happened or what he's got it done up all its order that Texas thing I made up before it put this paper. How do you defend. Yes well. There might be somebody who has an even dumber take the about what you just heard from John to mossy who I think might be in Michael's top five after today there might be somebody who's hot sports Tate. Might be even dumber it just turns out it was phony except the thing about mcdaniels wasn't in the nick of Boston which are saying right. Gary yeah you're not in the screen grab I saw and then he goes there's like two screens are sick and Darryl Dawkins did things that I. So I discounts suddenly 5% sure. So let's see. 00. It seems so I regret not getting in the way. Tell me that is still at an all its all American and an article about some of the predicated on nick from Boston all of that the Boston Herald takes down and says it was based on a faulty source. It somehow 75%. From I've I regret not raining you when it's not a lie. If you believe. So he's got two people go to mic in Boston they saw 5%. Or three people you have Borges the mosque in the owner here. On the mic and Boston's. 75%. Yeah I've got no explanations for yeah I mean I I I have truly I cannot explain. Short of what I can explain easily is the friendship part. French I'm a friend and I'm defending my friend I got I got that I understand that and I'm not gonna celebrate the end of a career I got back. Yeah that's very guys go to the airport security is celebrating you don't need to go oh great I'm I'm so glad somebody's gotta work now to do that that's that that's a different thing but the say he screwed up it shouldn't have gone without. Those can be separate and that's what I think most. Or saying yeah you know and has hard headed defender definitely met his daughter madness and so it's certainly not. Elves celebrating. Any type of issue with with their fathers is not. This is not a an assault on the family this is not about. He notes that taking money away from a family nobody would do that nobody would be excited about that but if you just look at it from a journalistic priest perspective. Here it is really it's really difficult. Come up with a scenario where yeah that makes sense. Stuff here that night that's the stuff kind of focus in on drunk a little bit route to site Brooks speech yes. I'm really your account I got a lot. Oh Michael wow way out of your god haters out there are grown. I'd ever since these Super Bowl post game press conference in which rob said he needs some time to decide what he wants to do with its future. There's been speculation on whether romp. Should hang up his cleats may be turned acting for his future. This is a removed by the way endorsed by actor David Arquette. Rob rain how's he gets there are rumors that he could be I would it and then it. For kids like. You're right yellow or black and what he'd be an action veto it exceeds about being real and I believe he's really look at these smooth. Is it because that's what I want debts to give me a superhero but it. Real there's two weeks of ceremonies. It goes through your. First of all alcohol powerful does happen to David Arquette says yeah well David Arquette screwed up a marriage to Courtney Cox and WCW. Terror and really hasn't been relevant in. In acting since about 2000 two's I'm not sure this is the endorsement you're looking for Michael he was at all for scream movies where used. The worst character but he was adult forum. Who screwed up the name was that the interviewer was guy there yeah it did cross grain house. He's. I mean adult romp. The last thing that's really relevant that he was and besides this. Fourth scream when this report about eight legged freak out there that's my guess it was 2002 see spot run 2001. Kids moving dog will be I don't understand why that whole thing with Courtney Cox didn't survive and doesn't sound well to get to the best movie but. He is in a ton of street dvd movies that. A good Steve let me facilities for back working actor trucked up. That popular line eons. We Yule. Dice. Busan dies. Amanda let's act like you know what I yeah yeah Ali was and that already know that dies in a high note that have made it yet go go big. Don't know who went on holiday plant a camping on the lever to help and wildlife there. A that. May happen yeah well. I thought I don't some that we consider the radio odd note al-Qaeda without debate it and that's from thirty I'll be out here I don't. There's also been speculation that Iran may instead moved from the NFL pro wrestling like his good buddy moto Raleigh now this is something both Mo Jo. And his brother Chris think that Ron could be pretty good that. It's 300 career. Only encourage unhealthy I don't know I can't. Before being ordered a community. Hot dogs they love going to have a lot he's the man and I don't put anything past the it's grizzlies were itself. So the endorsement from a motel Vegas soft maybe. The other no. Can't speak for I can't speak for why are we asking it's not a matter if they did things work when police RD Denny within wrestle mania last year. Kennedy wrestle mania moments though. But become an actor or wrestler in need some sort of you know acting skills. So let's hear good grunts acting chops actually are now first up. It's only now through film appearance. Was a small but important role in straight to dvd movie. You can't have it. It's way once when I think. It's more than that man. No ma'am. Get on doing. My. I gotta be honest. He does not as bad as far there are she's actually Joanna crook right yeah actually an actress that you might have been a factor in that scene out of inaccuracies and inscrutable. She's the model. She's been in the movie possibly put it that way out like Amanda Jack Coca Atlantic yes I'm okay sort of on the inches and dice. All right so maybe the acting thing won't operate Hamas standup comedy I don't think so how strong do without gas. Trust me I'm all pro football and all growing going. Catchup ball from Brady the unsound. And I'll catch a smoking hot model right off the DJ Vu baby. I don't like. I don't like it is on it bothered me yeah. Playground we take a pitcher hey we did you sell me now I it. I hate grouchy and my wife. Oh my why. So we can be best buddies forever man please please ladies I'm looking projector and on Wednesday. Hey what can I say I'm on top. Tom Brady's work out player now. You know I wrong I'd be I'd be up their TV twelve get myself didn't you know fit condition for the start of quote BA's. And I think the football career isn't quite ready. L a couple of years yet a couple of years exact go from there and get outtakes and acting classes along the way the season you know the hour on your standup routine and stepping on TV it won't work. There. Rule we spoke out all right so filled one area where front is actually done pretty well it is acting in commercials. Like for instance when he's admonishing teenagers for eating tide pods. No no no no no I don't know now I don't know what happens or not people you start us for washed up to now. If you found out in the or a message by the way professional athlete had eaten at iPod. Nobody him when he rounded the first death that oh my god somebody on one of the four Boston sports teams need a ton Thai blogs. Butcher guest. I only have a second yes. Yes I would think he's the guy they gave probably at about 2000 praises about martian. Maybe now he's too mature for that he's richer or sure he's got he's got a child he's got a wife he's got a child are not eating tonight Ali I think you can be a fathers that we tied dogs that. It's always kind of second place and their parents. David managers. The wild wild and I live and I it's hot but it if you're pretending to Villa Park ranger that loves beef jerky. I'm range around. Just doing ranger and things and a. Yes welcome to the park you may see some trees and water and swirls. All that good stuff. Excuse me please keep all body parts inside the vehicle. I'll thank you very much. What's out but you did. I'm sorry sir. Yeah Jeremy Bronson hard to. Guys maybe a polar bear something in a lot of marginal drives today and I'm sorry. I agree Iran. I'm doing Reynard things. Later rob is coming onshore horizontal bar style romance at jerky. Untouchable. Idea idea I did I would tell you until outrageous things that's always fascinated me okay I visited rock from the park that's funny that's a good line alike. But Atlantic he had lived up fair chunk of that which is maybe better yeah I don't write anything down but don't have anybody else rooting for you maybe it's possible possible. Singing could be in grounds future. Unfortunately. This might be the best of the slide this up. The upset of the millennial was going to be the beginning of the song to rock. And then doesn't run it with something. But up I was just what if I don't yeah it does. Got carried out. Antonio Brown more likely about the same time there was a much better it was. Much much better map so Michael what do you think it is not all that this this builder did a good football player. On the can actor. They can act carries on all the evidence we presented to but it entertainer entertainer rod for birthday parties entertaining. He's an entertaining guy he keeps getting phone calls. To do it very wants to do various things various things in five years what is he on this. Acting in movies and movies like direct to dvd would David Arquette. That's not his fault is that he was a cameo player and a host of data or the main actor and the main actress. Was an actual and accrued but okay. On them I'm asking is on five years he's going to be late in the endless summer movie we're gonna go see a movie and grounds going to be loud gronkowski. Skyscraper. Weighing down our dossier is just get a rebate all the dog dies yes aren't. This was the entire brown okay. Much better visual. Just this man. On I've been. I don't know we know we can dance and this I feel entertainers are surprised me was. He dances better than these things aren't like that you really like. I live there right now and I yet but we're working on it now if I. I OK. Vital vital etiquette Atlantic to let me for the way their final drive also cosponsored by cars for kids donate car help the child today schedule your free pick up an 877 cars for kids are cards for kids dot com. Ever keep this up next. Crystal Lonny never mod it tonight starts on Monday so Chris blogging is again. With the guys tomorrow by. This comes some five is that there. 75%.