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Thursday, February 22nd

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Don't sleep is wrong with you people we. Here's the best. Ever brush my here my entire life. I'm going to be benefits. Definitely afraid to run a Russian marijuana that's life if you're trying airline try to keep it short. Ability. You're not a desire when you comb through the year before that I've never ever. Used to brush her home there in front shows down about noted for you have them like almost like it fits Europe. This that this is oil mica like a Lego piece of bone spur around doesn't move. The bride to be it's so wait you wake up in the morning it kind of stick it out you shower. What you drier hair and and it's and it's not the company more than that's it for the rest the day. For example you once the portable. The fact I don't get there while that that's for the hats come back in another problem that's what I've got lots that's right. We were talking trades and you know the trade deadline in the NHL is coming up on Monday and you know the possibility that Erik Karlsson could be traded by then and of the fact that the Bruins are apparently still in on Ryan McDonna. And making it blockbuster runway Erik Karlsson several tugboats auto that's huge there's been some sleeping trade deadlines both in the NHL in the NBA in years past but Erik Karlsson getting moved. And if that happens to go to Tampa Bay demand that that would be pretty good so trades but look at sports fans we love traits right now betrayed trades or are you the lifeblood of acts without trades what we have a player who's not here is the best player ever that's right and when he gets here he becomes miles select the best player ever. So so there's even trade talk from the national hockey. The National Football League I should say you know the possibility. All what would be a blockbuster deal in the NFL at that and back took place is early edition last night NBC sports Bert Briere Chris Gasper we're talking about that. Part of what bill has to do with rock if across the comeback this figure out where his head to you is once guys start to think about retirement. There's a level of disengagement there than you have to worry about the player and so I think part of what built jobs gonna be if rom comes to a decision to come back the patriots in 2018 is is he fully engaged and is you've. Really willing to go through everything you need to go through to be only player in the NFL again. And if his determination is that he's just not all the way there and maybe think about something like that but obviously the company where it is something else. I'm engineers they I think they've always made exceptions for this got. So Rob Gronkowski is somebody's saying bill look. About my contract you know I don't wanna go through another season here when I have to are all this money by getting these scent of heaven forbid I don't wanna play Arizona does know I get rid of I don't get rid of them that what do you make exceptions are special players and he's a special place that if I about it I don't want to trade this guy I wanna create and I don't he's gonna play for me. A lot of what's going on what the deal what's the disk Colby Cohen on the back props and it's a difficult losses that dramas or wherever what does that. With over there yeah that is pretty good for the arc Caledonia of everybody happy and does distracted I'll be honest I was listening the music for most of that. But here's what I've I was in the music because anything that suggests that the Bill Belichick should consider trading Rob Gronkowski sort of goes over my head anyway all of this I feel like any heart was in a couple Sundays ago with me and he'd sort of Florida this out there but that it wasn't gonna happen but sort of mentioned it and I just feel like. There's some doubt add rear of the list of people that wanna talk about the possibility of trading rock without say they're gonna do it. But I wonder if they were ever to trade him with it then go back and take credit for today is my kind of put another great seed ever I warned you were a little bit. That this could happen. And so yesterday I think we kind of do you belong to be grown up going to the Debbie did you week. Yeah I think we sort it I think we did more likely that he is on another team not named the patriots next year or not in the league at all. Where did you get a better chance I think their duties on the patriots next that are out on that but our attitude either he's not playing football all responsible for another team. I'm not playing football. Yet just the just retired I'll write a little bit it's gonna calamity if he's got a play's going to be here play bill Belichick's not trading yeah I don't I don't think he has either. It do you think he's really get hold out because. One of the first thing they knew what you said it's still right after. We heard wrong talk about in the post game how we have to look at his future you thought maybe contract point. I just suggested that made it as what he's doing good but let's say they do nothing when I that I I don't think you know fifteen minutes after losing a Super Bowl he's thinking about contract and that's probably got them the best time I just think that you know there's a thousand things running through his mind and contractors problem I don't think so because I think he is played probably under value. Certainly for a few years although he's a tricky guy. To lock in a contract and in the sense that you know. When he's hurt a lot when he misses games obviously he's not worth the money but when he's out there on the field he's worth even more than he's getting. It's that you look at him from this past year it was incentives. She we have this underneath maybe all of our segments that help but help or hurt. The more distracting you talk canal and out right field for so Rob Gronkowski. I think we'll be back with the team next feature that rise. Don't quit and I would help no wife yet ignorant it's distracting is how how I am not. Why would you put that underneath. They are watching actually a synthetic. Triggering gas market correct about drugs and AirTran out of their clients don't they'll have to do with crop if across gonna come back. This figure hours heads. Here is once guys start to think about retirement. What is I don't what is that all of the dub step is when things. Go out. I think it makes it legal to better our eyes and now. It's very easy to get destroy these kids today. Why even throw that out they could trigger on a the patriots they could trade anybody anybody but Tom Brady there they could trade or con. I don't think it's gonna get to the point though where Rob Gronkowski. Wants to sit out. It not get paid at all you do it with the patriots would vacate in the ground if Crocs that I want more money next year probably. You do you think so yes. I mean if he say I want only paid like the highest paid wide receiver in football now yeah right. But if he's only a player of the year too and that's what he should back at that I do in the situation if he goes or I got a year left. And I know after talking with Dave Meltzer that's not a million or two million dollars but that I can get it could WB that's not good enough for me. Levee really push for you know 1213. Million dollars which I get that from pitchers this year. But an idea that it. If you think about it it here first Wallace there's such it is there any such thing as an on tradable player. Yeah the old cliche is while Wayne Gretzky got traded anybody can be traded that's the the the old cliche Joseph Montana or Montreal that's because anybody yet rather try to get more attention on hockey in LA some sort Heidi we've had callers talked about trading Tom Brady for crime. Yeah but he has never been traded in new won't betray he has untreatable I think yet I think his grunt untreatable. Now if you're the patriots. And you know like Bill Belichick told us no I I never get offended if somebody asks. But you know how much did ask him about Tom and asked about title or audio will offend anybody sitting that he probably did a little bit I don't think ground is untreatable. I think you'd be very difficult to get the proper return. Because your another team and if you can get a healthy gronkowski he is worth our time. But there's no guarantee of that he's missed so many games over the course of his career and now would this. Possible retirement if you're if you're another team in the league union called the patriots if you get across how many years to that you're gonna get him for. Could be 123. Could be two you have no idea. So I think he's definitely odd tradable but I don't think it makes sense really for both sides rake him over the patriots. Get in return they only get you first round pick form like it in kindergarten line is there any such thing as an on tradable player. Yes yeah I think. But LeBron but when LeBron was on the heat if he decides for Sunnis under contract or contracts throws you know. A lot into it because you don't know if this guy's gonna resign and I think if if Tyree Irving tells you I'm nuts on every side and there then okay at all as an easy start to invent. But taking the contract part gathering for example players that are good players they just say forget it yet they should be like in in my opinion. The Bruins would take Charlie Mack ways untraceable don't don't ask because we're not dealing. Yeah yeah probably if not I sensed this in any realistic trade because you're getting into this you crazy stuff we could pick any player you want forum that may be but. I'll give economy David is it. Exactly who another guy who might be considered on trade on tradable sleep I think there are untreatable players. I don't think is good his grunt is he might be as good as some of those guys but because there's so many. Veritable slew of them like he could retire or he could get hurt at any editing moments. I think he is tradable. I'm not but I'm not saying like late rob in a book reader is that they have to. But they might do that on bouncing so is that the one where you know Tom Brady goes in and locks the office door and says I'm not. I'm not an anybody out here to you tell me the you're not trading Rob Gronkowski. That he does that split believe it or not I don't think I mean I know. You know Don you effect on he was saying that he he does things like that he he needs guarantees he needs Josh from the angels back. But no doubt be another one at the list of the comprehension. Welker and David Givens and all his cousin of operating where you were just episode and let's let's win it without him. Short of gras you know going in in and literally asking for you know top wide receiver money in the NFL. He's a non tradable commodity for me. We are talking about and I don't even I mean put the word arguably and anymore about our greatest height and whoever play. When you've got the greatest quarterback whoever played paired with the greatest tied and whoever played why would I disrupt that. Other than a contract issue. Right and and and maybe that's what they're saying maybe that there's a factor would that this year maybe is looking to get top dollar. But if but if it isn't and he comes back I still think we're looking at may be the last year of grown. But realistically this could be the last year of ground. And Belichick there raises you know right in the past the Fed may be Brady and Belichick retire together. It might be had might actually be gras can read you the best coach in the best tight end that decides to walk away at the end of the year and a quarterback stays for. There's three or four or however many he thinks he deployed. So we decided that he's not going to wrestling. Dave Meltzer sort of you know indicated the parameters I set up that's unrealistic. I don't think he's retiring. I don't either although I did I know Michael says it's still an option I don't think it's a realistic option. I think he's serious sincere when he says he's he's thinking about it but I think ultimately that's OK I am I'm not done playing a comeback so I don't think he's gonna retire. I don't he's going to be traded. So let's do another there's only one option left 11 more year of patriots but if I thought that's four more years. So I would goal I'd be very surprised I think it's going to be more like one wanted to. Played he's an ice cores but eight years more than actors and all their career he's played eight years. So authorities this young guy. If for some football as a real world wise he is but football wise he has him it so would all the injured the injuries just piling up. They were the chances. If you you know four years or the chance that you get through each one without another one of these crazy injuries or another surgery. Surgeries that he had. He's had multiple backs yet those before TB twelve that's true. He had a concussion after TV twelve concussions are. A concussion for a yes. Not now no matter how much TB twelve water you drink it doesn't matter you're probably gonna get a concussion if somebody drills you in the ear home most likely. Seasonal best of DH. Game has changed dramatically. What I was a kid. Forget that it does it continue to just shut up back there because people don't care both QB agent. Did it perfectly honest with you all of the game is anybody care about the game anymore. I understand it's flawed but listen to yourselves I don't hear the kitchen gets crossed up 10 takes a fastball off the shoulder what a little while you think that's what they wanna see. We don't care listen it's still a game of baseball in which communication with the catcher to pitcher have to talk. It's still a game which you village have to know what's coming. Don't mind trying to speeded up but you've to sound ridiculous. Not quite able to catch you get crossed up we'll open up at six times a game. With a sad it's baseball season. Very site go lot of energy out there in the cracked at about the smell of the grass all saying you love that he was. Riveting today give us the play by play of the first inning on a Red Sox she thought he had a laugh at. All four or. Pork imports are from northeastern could get out that first thing so that was last night I want and act towards Boston he was going act them. There is an awful lot of complaining about the pace of play in Major League Baseball there is an awful lot of complaining at an admin you know silly stupid suggestions out there three balls for a walk a two strikes you right now with a width of all seven innings. I gave you one yesterday that red eyes and said hey you know in Major League Baseball executive. Ed Ed talked about to him. Up about an option that that they think should be considered and in fact he gave him to ice and that he actually thought it would be considered. Out a way to spice things up a little bit. Yeah it like. You know it yesterday I didn't like it I thought it was too much because that there's anything to LII don't like change I like things that over the way that they are. But baseball needs to change baseball. Pass to work on this and I'm I'm not going to be. Like Michael Holley and say either you like baseball or you don't like there's definitely room something to there's definitely room to change though admitted there should be. Things that they can do to speed it up or at the very least make it more spicy or spice this B chase buys. You'd mentioned the story about how ninth inning if a team is trailing. Now would they get into specifics on. What the score has the B is just to tell trailing in the ninth the way it was described wise if the team is trailing in the ninth inning. Then you could in effect in the ninth inning and ninth inning only not a dating not seventh not extras ninth nine only nine. You are allowed to send up to the plate. As your first three hitters whoever you want who. Whether they are just played. 345. Goes out and order in the eighth inning ninth inning. Your manager sends 345. Right back out there. And then six goes and seven goes and he goes. And if it goes into extra innings they haven't figured out what it would be. Do you pick it up from eighth from the eighth or you pick it up from where it left off that. You know what I'm gonna send Mike Trout up enough and I'm gonna send it back at why he got there he gets and sent it back up he had the double goes out Sackett throughout your back I got what they're talking drought is drove it Trout so you could you a couple of tryouts you could start with your 345 hitters. Now I think that I didn't like I heard you hated it seems such a departure Jason moxie the producer of your yeah all donated yesterday. I grew back. I thought about it that's a quick I did. I said to myself all the bad ideas he's been trying to change baseball is the best that art. This I didn't like it first and it just seemed outlandish it Siebert it seemed like something that it's so different. However. Had a chance to sleep on the no well out of Ottawa here's the other allied to this before you you give us you know your your opportunity to sleep on share of shares up here here's what they were saying they were saying that. At no point in it Lleyton and NBA game assuming that he hasn't fouled out is LeBron James sit on the bench or you know it's it's. Economy David not allowed out on the ice. Results will sports are different. I understand that different that Major League Baseball is attempting to kind of the early to capture some past there's only there's less tackling in baseball there's a slam dunks as well. They should add those those are entertaining place on what you're talking yourself out of what you. I'd I'd I'd I'd I'd be bailing. I think it's. It also adds another layer. Of strategy and another thing for the manager NAFTA do so think about. During you know it wouldn't when the Red Sox had Manny and Ortiz which you could figure out our border or bring these guys back out. It's though. You have 345. In your lineup or whatever it is 234 where your best guys are you can send them up. Or depending on the closer I mean can eat a nightmare for the closers which is great. That probably holly important he hates closers Atlantic briefing about the clothes and now they'll really have something to complain about. Is every single time they try to get a save I have to do it against smoky bets and Judy Martinez and all these guys. So. I kinda like it but it is such a dramatic change from what it once not as bad as some of the things that have been put out there I mean as I said all three balls Furl Furl walked two struck out and out yeah that's allowed to get out of the Internet that is not all all of that is so dramatically different. But it does add. About we're watching the games the way that it goes and if you they are here comes Craig Kimbrel and he is gonna face like Aaron judge engine Karl stand in the ninth. You're much more adjusted then I hit solo here comes zero graver Torres and Brett Gardner that now. Learn all the rats auction when that what does this also legion to watch other games liquid ambient as in every ninth inning in every game that night yet probably. Now again it probably I would be but there's I don't know what the I don't know what the run differential is like it if you're down by eight in the ninth inning. What about this of this let's say you wanna go at your 345 that are right. Energy to and stayed two up was 345. Could you say hey we're gonna put these three guys then and then when a lot of picks up again if you were the same three guys again. Policy that was that they would have talked about this LX all of a sudden you get right back. I don't yeah that mean they're there would ever loopholes here literally I in this thing out there could be very complicated to think if you've got those guys out of work if you've got like 321. I don't know I don't know you they said. You've got to pick it up like if your bat three then it's that we followed by four followed by five but not for your first your three guys you just slapped together from anywhere. Don't know why -- the way it was to spread the ice injustice led him a little more time and he just that we can wrap our heads around it real quick coming up for Mars no Judy Martinez announcement or press conference. You've got to feel sectors though that's a career how logs it's gonna take physical according to Pete Abraham physically is not complete. Yeah that that he always like. That. That all of back complete way to do it well Haley and this guy bathroom function of our. He had enough to peddle all with each guy analyst we say the cup test together the map all weeklong. If the physical thing I haven't had one and about fifteen years ought to remember. But did it give you wanna hold you played football and I think that's probably ten years out get out there there is but. Five minutes it's a physical 56 well now you don't get like driver and that's. And now ready okay yeah five days apparently it got to you know fly guys all around the country for the mrs. Something stinks he's one of the labs the comebacks but it's a patented. Pedro Gomez hadn't signed on Monday. Now certainly doubt Pedro goalmouth that's the last thing I want to do today to rotator Goldman did a list like Michael doesn't insiders and Eleanor. This outsiders. Yes I have as well outside a bigger government might be an outsider who steals and I'm so let's go back to Rich Lowry is an organizer you know rapper had promised in the ninth inning. Ninth inning only. Not eight dating not seven did not act of clearly hide your first three hitters who ever. You want winning. Whether they are just played X 345. Goes out and order in the eighth minute isn't ninth inning. Your manager sends 345. Right back out there. And then six goes and seven goes. So you can pick up your batting order wherever you want but then you've got to stick with 34567. In other words you can't have a chemical might ever three era. And earlier that I admire and my seventh hitters got four hits that ice that put him up and now he see him he did stress the whole ninth inning I don't know if you noticed that he stressed ninth inning I got that that's very okay I'm finally tonight there's a what happens if Obama. You're in the bottom of the eleventh and you're down by Ira. And a you probably already did it or the other team did it to you to get to the ninth or get to the eleventh and I'm fond of that. In your role was that again in the ticket at the one time offer that point it's already extra innings should be exciting right gas. Well you you have to admit it would give a whole different take to watching the bottom of the ninth inning the night then. Yeah I mean it would be it would be much more dramatic. In week you'd be much more engaged. It's every it's a radical change though I like your batting out of order now's what you're doing. At that of the first rules of baseball that you can't bat out of order of the top two rules. Not a I think he adds it's. Completely grown on me and I think it would be very exciting yeah dad yeah I have asked me if I changed my mind the first time a year I'd change that violence of would do with this I it's like pretty good it's it's. It's pretty dead on loaded with you one they can do for all of us one fold. Are clear had. And I you know give it another thought what you Rossi did you are you one block of that now I I became a date and it is thinking about it is obvious and all the rule change the things that's the best one this would make me wanna see other in fact this is now gonna make me hate baseball because they don't I don't know if I like it so much now I've gotten completely the other way that's the problem now has worked ourselves to a point where this how many guys we lost in the ninth inning and here comes brought colts. We know look we know now who's gonna hate. Campbell's gonna hate us any closer any law that no matter what when your coming up in the when you're gonna go out there in the ninth inning. You're gonna face the meat of the order no matter what all the managers. And it will kind of hated to. I always either one managers Camille that the role you know Mike Trout up there but the other managers got to deal with their clothes were always facing that the top guys. But also how you manage the game before it's gonna be different to save the eight inning. You see you got the of the studs coming up there. Then you know hey they're not coming up for the nine or of the at the importance of play in the game out to know who's going to be hitting in the lineup later in the game battle gets thrown out the window. And maybe people don't maybe baseball says you know what for the sake of entertainment. And for the sake of getting people lost these two teams. We don't care we don't care votes on the extra strategy that goes in there it's a new it's a new wrinkle the new kind of strategy let's just say this if they do consider this seriously if they do implement it. John barrels thankfully sought after Janet and I felt like. I he'd be he'd be great for the fact that. DeVon Guerrero John Boehner. Right now anybody of the matter is like abusing the splits a high heel pretty good about Christiane right now yeah. Oh my god that's ahead and you could even struggle against Andy about it as well plugged is pregnancy test packet that collect our. And screw it up with this. I would screw up you would he would hate this could be another part to drive him nuts. The odds on whether they just played. So act and I believe it's one there. You know if you have the good guys just sort of drop those and occasionally and you haven't been banned the damn that's our own Jason just it just that he out he has that I believe he has guys like down and show producers that are on my kind of like our friend from Moscow. Yeah yeah all the now. The equally men see I like that night I like W it's not as good as if you do it they do what it feels better yet. That's whether they are just played. So three fourths. Oh. Till next I I want this whole chain you know our guys Billiton Mansfield a bill. What do you say no we just fixed baseball what is meg. Ought to have a comment about bat but hey. You should not talk about all of a British that it. I got this bombing it out find a way to do it. All. Out a bit plummeted like that. I love baseball is very ahead of its time I would watch out watch the hell out of baseball. Our. Probably or that I don't feel like an inside joke that when he was not getting you nursing base people know I'm wondering great film does this have to do what we're discussing he wants to change the game. Once the change all it says it wants on the ninth inning rule if you've got the N double AC any point psych outs it's it's a good time. Combined the best of basketball and baseball. People thought I don't doubt we get out of it. And making sure. Well I was joked. Are you sure it was a tough call there. I but it's it's question basketball's a great movie and if they. I have only area we appreciate that since it New Hampshire hey Sam. They had gone what's the great. Well I heard I heard the rumor was that they'd do it but it's you know behind scenes are bedding or guests are inside track it down in the ninth inning. That would not be paired with CNET and head to sell lots. About how about what Ron I would almost. If you had also lied out I would almost rather be behind it and I did it I expect that not that lately and they're in their heads. It is batting order. I like him I like it. Because simply unfair standard here not wrong about that its own senator or as if it if my privacy on the other pinning them and and and now you think it again in the ninth inning. It easily homer in the eighth homer in the ninth game over. They had stated that. That's exactly what they're saying. So I got a fairly simple yes or changes the interest level it changes the game that's OK but you know what I think all parents of again and make sleep on it and I've come back a new man. Changed you had a few less Beers last night the normally give you more. I don't work out there below we all end. It's always this we're not whether yes we stop with that out there yeah hoping to keep this is the best does eat. Each cage on it. The other thing we've been talking about here and it's got a lot of interest. And and this believe it or not. Originated with rich Eisen who rich Eisen said a Major League Baseball executive. He didn't say who. Thought it but it made me Ohio out of his dad is this is like the assistant to be assistant GM could put a Major League Baseball executive told ice in about something. Major League Baseball is considering. Ninth. Inning only. You are allowed to send up to the plate as your first three hitters whoever you want who. Whether they are just played SF 345. Goes out and order in the eighth inning ninth inning. Your manager sends 345. Right back out there. And then six goes and seven goes and eight goes. And if it goes into extra innings they haven't figured out what it would be. Do you pick it up. From hatred from the eighth or you pick it up from where it left off that you recreate the batting order in the ninth inning that goes now for the rest of the game. Well. So just for a perfect example yanks are down by two or three and nine inning. And Aaron Boone gets to put Sanchez. Same judge up there put up. Now when when we brought this up okay. Rich hated I didn't like you says too much it was sort of a shocking change so really radical too so we had a a little time to think about it firm. Maybe if you adult beverages were involved project in Internet can confirm that and that there was some of those involved and I thought process. So today on rich guys and show. He gets Christopher mad dog Russo want who's got the you know the show high heat on MLB network a man and and kind of baseball traditionalist. You would expect that Chris Russo would not like this idea at all. Not a terrible idea baseball's how to do everything they can that you know better than anybody of sprucing up their offense. You know you know a bit with the advent of a reliever how good nudie picture resort to strike outs. That's on a cradle excitement almost by the NBA going half court you know would be the last second shot quarter timeout advanced the ball. Which could have used to do until you know twenty years are gonna wanna have some excitement at the end. And then China gathered up and pick out a way to combat the accent on the great relief pitcher. And cargo that saw battle highlight material. In and I don't think so it's not a terrible idea and other government doing what it's not a terrible idea candidates brainstorming that probably a lot of crazy can't you. We don't know about the action in solid man on first and second whatever it was we saw that during the World Baseball Classic. So that China Robert alienate Japan to create more rallies. In the last three innings in this game of these games and so that right there is probably a couple of cocktails or they exist. And I don't. Park avenue. What can we do that's so rich guys and and get the world. And they succeeded at it on again and you don't want negative credit that's that's it that's something you just things. Something different I would not play at that not again I'll admit it's also some consideration we'll do it. But it's not televised. Even Chris Russo said. He likes it but he also says twice and then they'll never do as the disagree and and I disagree I I I think that under this commissioner. Anything is possible. Yeah I think I think you finally got a guy in place who who doesn't just sit there and it not everything's fine we're good everybody loves us where America's pastime. He says you know what we need to look at changing some things here. What's been a long time since I think there's been a real big time dramatic change in baseball thoracic question before. You'd said the DH so. There's an example something that must have sounded insane or what the three point shot basketball yeah sounded insane that you already you're number three now what are you what are you doing. But in the game changes and it can be better because of it and this is one where. Yeah that the real purist it's it's might be tough to director had a around this and that. We've gone through throughout the day there's a lot of details that need to be ironed out about you know what how does the collide get picked up how do you communicated to the other team on and who's gonna hit. All these different things that you have to figure out but that's finds the idea of this. It's gonna create all kinds of more more bonds. Around in a late late game scenarios now are always going to be entertaining. I love the fact. That they are willing to at least consider the possibility of going against the baseball purist the baseball purist who sang it. Beauty of the game is yet on how long it's gonna last I don't care it's four hours I'm good thing a tennis match yet sleaze. It's okay to think about changing things right they. A lot of people thought that the since the installation of the DH was a dramatic change for Major League Baseball all might god what are you oil well. And by the way it is stupid that you only have written one of the two leagues and through beside the point out. It's OK to change things. It all the replay they've put in you know it's a minor thing but they they tweaked the intentional walk thing that that's something that. 2030 years ago and never would have done another short on votes a speed this up let's find ways to make the game. More entertaining I do think part of that is being quicker but that's not the only thing I've ever the only sport changes in ice more looks at it says you know a lot. We need to spice this up we'd always go first to the Vienna felt everything go over to loosen the epic you have a ticket you're like. Are without there's there's that it and and if you know what this is too easy let's back it up a little back the extra point right they've you know what a lot of things change to kick off rule right they've they've got a bunch and you know they'll mask a lot of those is safety things by either way that we've seen. All these professional sports change in the shoot out in the NHL so we sort of got started on this whole thing. That's one of them or don't three on three overtime all of that. It did and we point out Joseph your Omega a crazy change like this I think it's crazy but doesn't mean it can't be good for them for the sport. Our navy. It may be some people say what you're gonna have for the regular season should jam in the post season. While the shoot out as a great example of that whereas. Everybody knows that if they used to want ties there are gonna come on back after the lockout they don't want ties bandit with the shoot out. When it's say you know best of seven series let's let's and this and in traditional overtime it's. I like the idea that there are at least even thinking outside the box that they're not just saying I don't know which is gonna keep you were gonna keep doing what we do. Where everybody loves us. Numbers don't back up on it and interestingly enough there's a new article that just came out today about that the NBA national ratings are on the rise. I'm looking an awful announcing here it says and this is primarily they're doing well nationally doing well regionally Celtics telecast numbers are way up. And and one of the keys to success is is their numbers with younger viewers. Alia the NBA is looking at and saying all right what do we do to get young younger people involved and it's working for them. And I think rob Manfred correctly is looking at his game and saying all right how we key how we engage more people welcome this would do this with absolute. Lee do it yet amid a couple of criticisms we've gotten of this is just all the more but that's the good players are gonna dead and I don't see how that would be a bad thing and also moved he bats now. Has more opportunities for clutch moments. That's great but that's that's gonna get more people to love the game whether it's in John Carlos Stanton or Mike Trout Bryce Harper. Eddie's hazard hitting in the ninth inning that's great just pick up the difference when you're sitting out of Washington game and it's a close game in the ninth inning. And before they go to commercial they showed the graphic you know the score that hits the errors mistakes due up next. And when it's 789. Or 891 to go. Playing a singer. But when it's 345 few Kelly okay accurate to come back and now you and I are talking now here. You know two hits and and they can win this game wears well when it's the other guys bought a lot of that's just it's not nearly the same.