Best NBA off-seasons in history.

Dale & Keefe
Friday, August 11th

If Kyrie Irvivng is traded from the Cavs would the Boston Celtics be the clear #1 team in the East? Rich Keefe, Michael Holley and Ben Kichen discuss the best NBA offseasons in history. 


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Hey welcome back into our basketball podcasts in his rookie Michael and agreeing catches errors. There that they are shouting at me like nothing inconsistent about don't know about the way you go death that immediately got a garage there and that's the name of the podcast ours I am concerned. The last moment basketball podcast or dock also felt that spot. A lot of talk about basketball in general are you enjoying the off season to this point the best offseason in my lifetime. That's really is the best NBA odds are probably hope that column note that was the best offseason the dust off you think about what's happened embryonic have regarded as a result houses and map out for the Celtics or picnic players and guys ought to be regional wanna be knack I want mostly felt OK most result but it was the biggest about it. That's offseason carrier ring has asked to be traded. Chris Paul. Blurs what what he was gonna leave in free agency was gonna go to disburse or somewhere else you want wind up being traded to Houston. A Carmelo Anthony must join them in Houston. I think it is is. Hold George. Treated Jimmy Butler Jimmy Butler accurate and the overall felt the threat. And what's better that's Doc Rivers got his roster. That can really don't hit rock I will go with 1993. Jerry West Jordan losing basketball to go to baseball I think that's bigger every you know worse yeah horrible for the game that would exams that test. It was bigger but it wasn't glory of this Jordan's god this is pretty significant obviously it is now to the trades that have not happened yet you match in there which would make even crazier. If carrier ring and Carmelo Anthony. Of our retiree. Because that is so fast this problem with that. What is his problem it's problem miles an hour is that he asked for a trade after they won the title yet when you consider it you portrayed maybe gave Negroponte talked about it. On Alex no we have a parade tomorrow and Metallica it and happy that this time they met Lara title team. Diary you made a great shot games and when it's your first championship for Cleveland. In import and an area. We ended. Want a better all around him index put the men go to New York. What is that the book diary is he wants to be the man put up yet that's fine except like demand. But in the list of teams that he wants the goats do want him as the peppers would not be the man I don't letters a huge personality but he's the man yet announced better than you said it was to run is wanting to run our raw politics team right that it's either Popovich or coli you think that's just like a smokescreen because. The spurs on there that people can't doubt that you wanna win. If the spurs will be only logical team to go to the warriors are full it'll launch. The Islamic Arnold level of other other teams on his list of the two of as the funds he's a man art science he's running his own team Minnesota. I'm not sure. I'm not sure at eight right now he is that president and the coats. So it has. Team well and you've got a guy there that is probably going to be better than him next season in Arlington towns. Yeah I don't I'm not giving in because there is better than that right now right now but I think the time yeah by the time the next season ends they ended between 1718 season. Anti council we better than carrier. So won't buy everything but what I think is. I'll learn better player than him right now Jimmy about it you know the Geneva was better carrier that is not a Irvin Boller and I I think it's pretty damn close to her older but your point nice little old tax so it's it's not like you know you go there and oh he's clearly the wine. We wouldn't be clearly the one in San Antonio clearly the one in Minnesota the New York Phoenix in New York. It was and Miami was what it was me on the list light side troll don't troll pastoral and and Gloria. Little beat the man in new York and really what he really be the man in your dad losing user he's of them were things don't get me wrong he would be but we're seeing is is very popular there and he's left his mark on the team this offseason. And basically got fill out. There's all those on the set about a guy that's in the finals forestry years I won a title and at a forty some point game in the final of the guys there along lately the big games what I think it's in their corners that at these towns like where he would let Andre Iguodala a lot and I think you have finals MVPs that the got a really. Look at. Carrier ring. This and I I do about this. And a little bit about the after the Davis like that does do about this now that he's okay. You know I really don't want laughing I had to come out defending another that's even does that personality where if it. Everybody called the two guys got Andre are you looking. At it. But they are not very moment is what would be the south exceeded the big balls that they're even in the early because I was like about birdie dead but he he put his arms all the way down to signifies just how big is this a bit half hour. As very very great Andre we what we all wanna be thinking about that Walters had a article today about how cavs could hold on the carrier ring. Root GA December 15 is only stupid. Rules and what you can do re entry entered. If a player signed as a free agent this offseason they can't flip the trade until then. So if you want open the door to more possibilities after the cavs you can go into the season carrier ready to do that I think if not. I think is ridiculous and value just. Let's say just a great start to get up a great start and he still doesn't rescind his trade offers atlas on his way into December 13. Do you read a quote Bob video that's two months' worth of alcohol and playing and then you're you're good team and all of a sudden. You have to treat carrier ring now. And the bill would ruin the 1718 season for the cavaliers have it be great for the Celtics yet but this is too much chaos it's much uncertainty uncertainty penetrate them. Trade and our technical training camp knowing. Diary has that all the stuff about LeBron behind the scenes on the par on that allows them but diary and athletic oracle back report on his degree and can. OK you're if you're the cavs this program and emulate okay we're gonna give him we'll trade him. One of those six teams who is the right trade partner for the cavaliers. Probably the next Kirk now. And some little thing but that's by the close like you lose that trade that's all the closest thing. Critics of how fast the win right now they'd other it was a broad and a year seeking a trade carrier Irving for. Like young players and a couple necks like maybe that's the right move for your friend just for the future but you need to get back to the finals this year the broad and rated god these days. You know it's got to do I would trade in the Phoenix I yet but throws during the Phoenix they still have talent that can be useful to the cavaliers and you do if you get a first round pick from Phoenix. You're not sure Kerry carried in the west with Phoenix that's still should be a pretty good bit towards where I traitor to New York. First round of bullets on a pack. With a trade Booker. The date for Tyree I would. That is at seven point right now. If you know I'll take the guy who put up forty plus and final. Book they give up Booker would they give up and I just got Josh Jackson would you. As discrete one Hillary's. Though much work is almost worse. War 2018 I think Booker degree 78. Would be great great glee Whitney oh I mean he wouldn't it be nice knowing where that return is going to be spectrum. I'm thing at least Carmelo for a year it is closer is Juarez is a point guard you don't backcourt and he got the point guard Mario Chalmers hit a fine don't appoint what they also had a decent and our biggest yet another score. I'll sit with the heat they had waded boss at the broad nobody was like their point guard though that word because at times and they started this struggle they would claim they're out there for the and I don't know why eighties stuff in the corner anyway haven't bossier and opposite corners and the bronze often anyway. That's I think they can make out some. But you Richard Miami they had. Wade and Chalmers answer back a backward which your backcourt now Cleveland JR Smith and who. Well that's like yeah you heroes rose a private euros. Yeah they get their that's a point guard Derrick Rose they're rose but any if you have Carmelo idea Derrick Rose of LeBron Carmelo law. Literally whoever I don't know county new network does that mean what is it like it is going to be good team does LeBron on it but. That you swap out a lot like out of spring Carmelo is. Is easily a better rebounder obviously that meant hiring similar defensively did you know one cares and Perry might be slightly better score right now are these better score book hostile to when he became easy and it could score when he wants Carmelo when a game he's you LeBron doesn't get what would you do it right so I think but I think I think now fiery is he if I don't play for forgiveness and the pressure is crazy but I think crazy score for one year ago like Josh Jackson's not really help you. I loved Devin Booker but I feel like deaths are. Step backwards every year. They're plus all the step backwards and he made me you know you never know about LeBron maybe the bronze you know on baby the bronze at the same agent. Clinton ever worked Oakley is getting worse regardless yet either Tyree stays on the team and they hate each other. Or he's gone and you're getting at best 75 cents on the how about these folks don't like I read the Celtics guys buy that. Is that would help I won't do it you know I'm when you see these folks do you mean X cavaliers GM David Griffin experimental or fans today while while the Celtics go out and get carrier ring and make trade traders they trade Crowder trade. Jalen brown throwing a Brooklyn picked throw into Brooklyn pick whatever. I think it's Loma. No you wouldn't do I know what I don't think. All of that is too much because I think. You could look at Cleveland's day aren't you guys captured or not gonna go crazy. Isiah Thomas as good if not the best player possibly get anyone of these guys aren't the Oscars and that would be the Huskies and for that please. See you guys there for years that they have to figure out what they're gonna do with him he may not wanna stay there so you're getting one year buys SE I think if you're the GMO Cleveland. Outgrowing Crowder and out thrown the pick I would throw Jalen brown is solid at stoop of the you'd have to do all that. Out rather have carrier exiting the better player you have a contract for a couple of years he's. Younger only a couple of years or a couple years I took and got an opt out but I there's one. Right on him you don't know what artery it carry if he's here he probably doesn't wanna be here to think Isiah doesn't wanna be there I don't think you would demand a trade to the Celtics Celtics worked on his list were reason. He doesn't think it's a good fit but anyway maybe it is realistic and trade Isaiah babies they got ST. Well it would be his team if you look as the evidence that valued at current contract cited extends the celtics' window. Company you know really yours. Doctor 'cause because you're not giving any that you're not you're not not gonna win a championship with part. If you trade. Isiah Thomas the cavaliers and parks and other parts so you get the crowd or our area for tropic. So you'll you will not you're not better than they are in the 201718. Seasons you know. I might want their right there so I. I don't think they are but I think your window gets extended Livermore I am. Honestly hedging on LeBron leaving after this year and I think that with these days now that I really actually done it in the Bronx based we all day and we all agree. Think LeBron is leaving. Based on the L season we're having here the greatest offseason has gone you don't know what's gonna happen so what LeBron studies. You've just given him a Brooklyn it. And you've got a client but on five about other tickets good luck in the third although the bronzed and that means he's the apology and that means. Oh yeah integrated UK about it got to get some that aren't. And LeBron better GM and Jordan. Yes already he's got a gym and Doc Rivers capella Phil's job. Lot of people are better him than doctor called Colorado as you know they did such a great job of I'm spinning it. You know this is so bad job it's the job of head coach in the job you have is owed their branded. All retarded there. They they would have high emotion they were kind yes you. Or a character sounds contract now a threat locked in that's guaranteed money that he doubts Austin forget. That. We're gonna bad Austin rivers from our fertility. It's those are all times got to let it got to admit it happened it played no more than fourteen minutes and any particular but Soria picked the cavs look like next year. LeBron and you're again the broad just LeBron I think they're the favorite rang earlier but just LeBron. That's cup but the gap was so. Significant last year and you felt differently you just how to run by angry gals and I'd I'd say that remark. I did change ride because you earlier I was wrong it's OK to say that tape forget I. Was wrong. And isolated Iran and clean up its drop yes so but you add Gordon Hayward equation. You get Jason Tatum. You get you're sue Jalen brown where the cavs to me Erica treading water a huge Derrick Rose span. And now you it's me and all of a sudden act gap has gotten a lot closer this is something to the second team. But that's fine. But it's a lot quicker than I ever thought it would be as far as them being like truly in the man. Last year I thought the Celtics were. What are we stated the cavaliers base and a series of thirty points better than Phil Hughes right. Yes aggressors and other words if you don't want to say thirty points or two players Celtics need to players as they got one. Like solid player I mean we and amassing fellow like he's OK you know he's he's a terrific iron in Hayward but one guy you know. Is that established all star. Is Jason Tatum the second guy yeah. I mean maybe but not. Yet is Jason Tatum in year two of Jalen brown do you combine that and then you get that second guy that opening. That's I think you need one more player. They're good players they want. Or does crazy recede before all search the content. This Mueller as the executive rose last year and you didn't expect this going in but the cavs had the three best players in that series. Now no Isiah has hurt everything else because he played the way things were going the three best players for all math side. Should get a lot more even than a ones so Gordon Hayward hopefully he's. Continues his track of these armor gets better every single season can't last forever but if he does that again. You have to be in that conversation yet. Six all stars probably between the two will all the talent lead in the east that's pretty good Goodell ought to mention was Charles park with comments we have had a chance to do it on the on the afternoon show. This week but. Charles Barkley I'm so confused by this. He said our quote army but he basically said the carrier ring is stupid for wanting to be the man because it's all about winning. Now and he's well known was that we Irving's too because he thinks there at the OK let's get this straight. You guys why is it to have revenue of he's played all this guys like him to school have. This collects thread rods. So he thinks carries stupid for wanting to be the man but he thought the prom was stupid for. Not wanting to be the man he thought Kevin Durant was stupid for not when he beat me and so what is. You can have a ball there. You really can't I don't know how to spend retirees situation. This generation of players you wanna be only good scene. You wanna play with public great player this emotional where you want to beat the man. I just think is so stupid I got sent to play well another great player I want to do that. The objective is to win. Okay well so where you can listen yourself but I. Yeah it in the same ballpark. It's public to different people talking to the exact opposite argument she and she law of the fact that he wants to be the man the health. Well I mean at all those. The eighties and high eighties last night these players that's what they were saying we wouldn't do it. And that magic was drafted right team with five I'll ever act of other guys that you're drafted by the lakers beat your new teammate the MVP of the league Kareem Abdul Jabbar. We'll talk about some partly with say that stuff because at the end of history is that too late when he join up in Houston is trying to get a look at old timers super team. And it didn't work lately got to force straight out of Philly they got the you've got to Phoenix by in BP league they went to the finals tone that was by the way it felt like. I'd like just pointless idea of the character of the Andrew Huang territorial the horrible bad grade goes to Houston. With Clyde McCain. And it brings in Scotty can bury the like novices are gonna work here so I don't know what he's talking among there was hiring mole. You can't have ample ways soak up the next time somebody joins let's see it's completely changes to realize hey this is the way things are now in the NBA. But I don't know but it is true that is the way things are now. Are realistic like how do you guys feel oboe players joining up another team is Philip it's brutal way to win now. Are you hit a good night. Happens and happens for your team it's awesome though the Celtics have taken advantage of it is good guy Gordon Hayward hey good. They missed out on Kevin Durant was too bad. I that they had gotten Durant. You know may we be talking about it championship already right now that maybe they've been there so if your team is in the conversation you like if you're team is one of those burned ones. I happen happen to the Celtics yet is that in the history of the Celtics. They've never had one of those great players as you know. A medical joined the boy over there somewhere. And so here like okay. It's too bad that happens it's two at Oklahoma City that happening you write directly. And a half ago and promised again I think you go to next years they're still too team's second when the title. Maybe only one maybe one maybe it's cold state again because Cleveland to that the infighting I don't know quite what it knows this and a chance for Houston now I don't think so but I think give a lot of really intriguing teams because their return to keep up with the warriors so that you have. Pardon and Paul plane together you have the spurs were going to be good you have Russell Westbrook Paul George but he does so there's a lot of intriguing team. With business whispers yet. What business and government coli got hurt and I don't know if it's all so much money if money. Last year probably had. He actually wasn't bad last year there you go back and look at he was kind of under the radar but yeah I had a decent season. They I mean they're they're very good aspect of wars or bring in the whole group back again and they may is that there's they're so good but. Every race or can compete with them and your forming like miners super teams across the board. I think that's good the guy again I'm one of the defenders of it because you know you're gonna get some bad regular season games whatever but what he gets the finals like that is. Historic when you have in this Halloween was my beeper if I'm just a grown up version of what we've always there was always that way aren't while you have eight of the 25 at best players or whatever it is in the world on the court now once that's awesome. See right now is we're in a moment and and we have a lot of the the haters from a different generation. We don't appreciate it but. So we we we will rail against this column and it's as bad for the league. But what's what's compelling TV thirty for thirty Celtics vs lakers have been an identity for the Celtics club and imagine any privacy at the lakers came back and line. Committed 86. The though that's part lakers and Beckett and their about it. Our everyday. And not 87 to commit lakers comeback against the so we're celebrating this. Repetitions. That we complain about now is just a different form the players have had power it will. They move a little freer now but it if you look at the history the NBA will start in 1957. It lets me know what you look at it every team that won was that. Yes they're going to teams and they're Celtics stack the semi sixers stacked the box actors and enables that although there are all solid match all you have a couple of exceptions like the the 79 sonics he did have two really good also our summit team. And you focusing gust indeed it was a but the other teams could compete mimic it. I'll advocate ever watch lakers and remember having the stock was twelve years old watch in lakers. And it is going up and down as an airplane the lasers. That like. No Billy rates paid the body. Does what these guys out. The lakers make every other team. Look ahead. It is ahead it would it would just a doctor and west need to be only down out of the wells they would make it a little more interesting. When they play that nugget of the nuggets and play any defense of the court at the right spot out one. By 137. Best way to go about their bottom out it is a different. You know different style of applaud. People is not about what would spattered eighties are today it's the same thing it's the same era they're both but it in the ninety's you. Top heavy teams that are really good with a lot of hours and you have to crash at the box they released if they want to improve. They should lop off a couple of team feel that way about Everest I like it get more talent across the aren't doing contracts anything they're gonna add more teams but. They about it there's already I think on a talent maybe more now there's ever been in the league right now if you blocked off the last few teams. You're just have a talent hurt everywhere will be great. I happen. I think he should do the same thing in hockey football baseball that you just have more talent across port last jobs you only getting the best players you never get a night where. All of his tee league roster would have it would panic if you only have the best orders I'm not pleasant hours and football because who wants to see the best team in the bestsellers know this now the evidence both teams are about to get their celebrity of the bad records of course but there would be. To support more talent. Across the board but yeah I think the MBA we've had this argument allot to it isn't a great. Right now but I I understand my fear is that while we pick the orders to be there again. I don't look at how it's affected. That's why the best off he's never it's because the Golden State. And it would've been I think more people would have been excited about the NBA. And the the trilogy of cavaliers warriors if the cavaliers taking care of business make a series wasn't. It it was a four to one. It looks like it was not a close series. And it actually was I act after and I gained three the cavs blew game three just blew it this network. They they had if they had snag one another game. Then we might be the commands and that was great basketball because at times. It was incredible basketball. Back at me. Outside. About it you don't. You have Kevin Love over there he's like an afterthought it was still matters he's an all star. It's either very good player a great player of it to about Kevin Love is ever since they signed them or trade. There's been trade rumors about the heat will likely last longer in Cleveland LeBron or carried. This isn't yet he's still Eric that could be its Minnesota all over again or just I love. I've been aware of Minnesota at the Cleveland. Where would you rather it. You don't get to answer okay Minnesota or Cleveland yes I've never been a Minnesota. I've been to Cleveland and I honestly not discuss Michael's here I think he gets unfairly ripped apart I was the fun of their if you times at a buddy lived outside of their of that actually don't mind at all or your body that. He where he lives now that the suburb of likely doubled its upper school or from buffalo. He moved there afterwards. But Indians games but those that like yeah which this stadium. Strip club down the street that prior to go your ticket stub from the game and well. And Indians are shown up in there really was mister mister walking distance from your program and where different if it was also you know I would assume your asking herself into the U I don't you're actually asking for a friend and from there that I Cleveland I was shocked about what was there is broad. I'd probably an urban Minnesota dudes on stage a bit integrate. There it is and as opposed. Both cities actually are pretty good in the summer. Now what cleat Cleveland gets the edge because the winter is bad in Cleveland but Minneapolis it's just. All human and we bottom and Minnesota where the different model yeah this is a great place in June yes probably. Not Berkeley on. Election. I've never been to either I've only heard good things about Minneapolis I don't whether to go with that note that really provided a really this the preexisting argument before you got what we. Might go ahead it's really long drawn out fight. There were offers cost period covered golf. Over whether and that's what you hear it sometimes yeah. Whether or not you have to go someplace to know whether it's oxygen Felix you do or what say you want you to. The only hundred read up about it because I had never been to Cleveland everything I've heard Buckley wrote that off when a dump I don't wanna go there. What ultimately you know the good part about that was the U pleasantly surprised and even if I just mediocre you think it's better than it is that health. It's better that it wanted the two hours of video of everything out socks and when you go in the sugar. Best city you've been to outside of Boston. Order and New Jersey area for instance in the United States not the best but the one. That you had to move out of boss your force that applauses and yet to relocate in lived in what city. I am on the band. This night is not a good answer Boston but the true New York on hate New York, New York I have too much for me and so distracted by the lights I can't handle it I might I think it's the ADD I don't know what is I can't in New York. I don't like you made I don't I don't like you know like me or hate it's it's too much it's much to my age just do my best artists and prevent it concrete jungle is just too much I've never been displacement that his routers Chicago Chicago's organized Augusta has been there and save for college talent that are there. Of their for a little bit like in a great senator like California like what Israel went in Chicago cop yeah yeah I want my eEye kind of like Houston. But granted that was that it. This enterprise -- that was the that was the at the club where my best clothes yeah exactly that I -- dated today pushed up per not everybody is we're gonna ask general of police officers that are. Present here though yeah as the through all the political or not morally out here but certainly how many civil rights have been violated the predicted that the record for the Super Bowl maybe go to Detroit it's like to buy half the city you would on Detroit would have mandatory about social cargo or Chicago or Houston at. San Francisco like it's super expensive but I liked -- front that moved out there particularly the depending on where your are you now the techies. Are a ton of money there. Yes that's probably definitely not New York York cannot in New York DC I don't mind he's he's another go at odd adult man sticky humid cool. Phoenix is good little. It's really hot but it's it's tolerable atmosphere. Of national. Urban like country music on a I don't aggregates people love nationals it's agrees secret party yes party party name on Martin. We. Just. I wanna party now yeah some of the upper hardware don't. You know he won't going with the vehicle immediately and go home. I I don't know who would rather sit at home in front of their video games may keep minister it's really close and out and you can actually talk to people ball era at home when but he. It's a major deal points. I want to comment on larger. On level cooler appear this. To that at that you have a better knowing that dinner. She. Started yet but hold it and keep it up like oh that's. You know you're not welcome our two year. Both already here and and I go to anywhere yet not from a legal door though time had that about it at the yeah Hillary. It's a couple up plugs if you like soccer listen the soccer cast that stands. Soccer podcast WEI dot com and on iTunes soccer cast. If you like video games or movies or TV shows in check out hash tag dork also on iTunes in WEEI dot com Austin and the poetry and off like sports tonight if you like god you can see Michael a church it's not that threat of government. But operate for you all right we will talk to you all later on here in the offseason this is the the celtics' most itself but in basketball podcasts. Well what you want.