Big week for suspensions for illegal hits in the NFL

Mut at Night
Tuesday, December 5th

Alex Reimer and Andy Hart are talking about the hits that caused injuries to the Pittsburgh Steelers Ryan Shazier, and the Bengals Vontaze Burfict in Monday Night's game. They also talk about how these hits compare to the one that earned Rob Gronkowski a 1-game suspension.


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It's much that night on Sports Radio tell you. He. Comments today yes record yanked her to tonight. You are correct and the heart of football. Football club ivory humor and heart in tonight on Monday night yes there. To that we have sponsored. Holds up. Way to sent. I don't take crap. From almost anybody at this radio station. I do take crap and from almost everybody at its radio station every listener to this radio station every caller every texture every Tweeter. But I will not sit here and let might commit Ganske. Take a shot at me and that you. Like Nat. That'll be great numbers yes it will be great numbers in my bitumen for who's criticizing it will be great numbers and you know why they're gonna be great numbers and art is a switch things up a little leap out at 7 o'clock hour. Have you heard much security and socks that but it nite nite train you guys played at the top six we estimated at seven but have you heard much true dean so. I have not a Casey know the old guy used to host Mike Adams as planet Mikey. And while mutt random out of town Barry Mann at a time very hairy back door to planet Mikey. A curtain call him a few weeks ago came up with being new money in nineteen sighing he refuses to use the ten nights. For that Barbara curtain behind this morning I think we have to restart the show and take it off with a little planet Mikey to true essence of money. Okay we'll we'll we'll find a percent expect this. Almost right on grad living here almost almost right on and tell you it is worth it is where it well I'm not think he has. Yeah yeah Mathieu your national open the 6 o'clock is there's some pent up raged between humans and of course sometimes it's really personal yeah. It's just one of the things are clicking through kind of bored but let's change let's change his game a little bit now. Talks politics he topped the list on all Callahan big conservative now and they don't Alter how we got it now pat. All right let's we're gonna this is gonna bring in the numbers and telling unit the true. Monday night games. Let's show. Monkey but still it's too. Continues. March you know. Sure. Not sure. Homeless and the monkey. On Sports Radio telling me. I look at men planet Mikey out here Randy Hart takes too. Is the big night Indians well here at globe. He's right we have EW CW in Beijing telling white glow bees. Her commit to hand down there at the house of blues in Boston is a big night glow Beazer handing out all their wards. Red Sox MVP he treats MVP. Celtics MVP Bruins MVP voice of Boston dawn on the line Kirk is there. I'm grinding up with why the green monster on FaceBook alive dot asking how he treated via. That was Aaron Hernandez or new Aaron Hernandez how close they were so I some interesting stuff going on there I'm sure the beer or report. I Cain tee tomorrow here at the dike that is a big event going on and the only Felix writes. Rusty get the people in the car the people listening got the play by play about big sporting events big events that are going on the globe is in my opinion. It's all because I thought then bowl and tweeted earlier something like the biggest night and Bob gas or younger something why enjoyed that ball in play by play of his Mexico City each which he did a couple weeks ago tweeting out pictures from Starbucks yes the breakfast options there prices yet I didn't read a lot of that on your Twitter feed is there a reason why I didn't go but he did not know not have if you did would you have side told us about year you're you're dining your dining yeah really know or a minute ago on Twitter and yes unpredictable -- yeah I'm not these social media star likes a Tom Brady off course -- lowly street as at all. Let's say that that that she does well chimes. Is getting really strange. And old. No offense. But and you can find them so like I have zero interest. In the number of times what's up what this college that's an every single picture don't know don't carry promised to reveal by the end of the year so we're under a month I don't care but it's also seemed to it's really trip mean you look at these photos we're getting grows stranger and I mean. I can't imagine drawing any of that stopper coming up at any of that stuff so that's alarms. Tickle it during one of the breaks the recent tee times covers Andy they are getting. That's youth finder's stranger as you kind of work in that area for the website right does he could pay gets. It's okay but isn't Fuzzy clip or is it redundant and boring trite click bait that it is not clicked right hand handles our greatest most does a fine job. Does a great job I I'm into just because it's so bizarre. It is selecting remember that on real candy commercial that pre Halloween that was bizarre how strange to have you don't follow up on that. I I think because my next story my next promise. Spaceship derided his spaceship if you want. Yes and something that I don't see daylight he can deliver is they're fine print that I didn't see in that ad where you like if Brady were to get some of the spaceship ride he would've heard. Yes that store right. So to to expose make an idea guy it is just getting stranger and standard TB times a little worried about Tommy on the field never been batted in Compton on the field and little loopy but obviously no surprise you're rich talked about this at the start yourself Robert patsy suspension upheld. By Derrick Brooks. Who is African Americans there's no racial component there and the player that ground hit was African American we we did here as are most defensive backs in the National Football League yes is it here clarity and you know in the it really. It pains me whenever I have to side with that eighty Twitter avatar crew. I hate acts in just makes me sick inside that's more your crowd it's not really mine so you can even latch onto that I can. Well no it's not so I was gonna go race car that's even too far from meat aisle and it's wrong thing that's saying that Brady mcdaniels argument is missing something about race I just. I just really can't do it I heard that comparison. I think I'm first take Max Armon said. Can you imagine Martellus Bennett did someone in the back and helmet. I'd say they'll grant. My husband does of the resonate. You know. Superstar now that's super roster is literally a superstar for the patriots that right there may to a lightning rod. Absolutely dives right in editing a crime is this is for suspension ever for a new contract and it's really his first. Truly dirty play and a lot of people throw on the Sergio Brown thrown about the clumping in my life. I did too and to me that was more. Playful and a physical sport kind of thing this was dirty this was legit Vontae is perfect or sue or where we want no one's third night you were I think worst the key goal unfocused at least he has the excuse of it's in the heat of a plate right now it's a fast paced game I didn't know he was really slot whatever. This is a guy lying on his back out of bounds you know watch the play and what patriot handled that perfectly. Doorstep he just walks over to make sure just touches and right make sure you don't win of one embarrassing plays or he gets up and runs. And he touches them and then grant just a cult he'll turn. It's the end of a wrestling match you maybe he'll turn it was the end of the paper view tune in tomorrow night on raw to find out what exactly is going on with the yield. I think bear I think most patriots fans agree with the I've not very many people beat I read Steve Bucky my good friend buck in the Boston Herald I think he's. Hearing voices in his hat you know it's com today clocked up easy. With one game suspension is lead can be cut hand wringing spurs defender baloney with Rob Gronkowski. Can eliminate any and all discussions about how the patriots best of his error not all time greatest tight and as a likable guy says funny things and as an easy Droid report which just whatever when he meets Hussein. Cracked who's defending Gradkowski and ally the one legitimate. Because of the way the NFL works the one legitimate is is he doesn't track record right you know this isn't bunt as perfect where you look at I did and I got to suspend him three games just whatever keeps adding up. He was clean and I thought there was a chance because he was clean meeting you just get a big fine he didn't but I don't hear a lot of people. Defending I think well I was actually. Pleasantly surprised I think that most patriots fans were like while that was dirty that toward him once he's gonna get again in the back and comic right and had. Right then meet heard about concussions CTV awareness has never been hired its. That's a really got the back of bad but you know Shaughnessy in the globe try to defend Rob Gronkowski patriots fans who's doing. Few people are doing now Everett yesterday and EEI dot com got an X and o's got up and get those clicks and paid by the clicking on. It's a great deal on. I'm not excusing current house he's action but I wanna add some context particulate nationally. It got lost a little bit that this was building up throughout the game right to devious Dwight is holding on the play and they're rolling your eyes but I'm not X they didn't see that didn't have to express. I'm sitting I'm growing I'm explaining it it's been building for seven years that's the I sowed panic I just now. Sure like you to snap and looked at the end of the game is being held yet the awful offensive pass an appearance on the first which even Tony Roma sect. Was a pretty weak haul truck on an Indy I just snapped he washed his mind and again that doesn't excuse his actions but it explains it that it nationally it's been portrayed as Gradkowski just randomly went after tree to tree devious wait for no reason whatsoever. And I just feel like you let that context to understand it a little bit more and it's an intense game it's an emotional game and sometimes. You just now. But just happened on a guy that I don't know the exact you have to look at all 22 but only time he covered in the game yeah it's not like they were going at it. Like O'Dell Beckham a few years ago or one every like every play and it's just building and this was a guy that most of the time I saw hide Micah Hyde covering ground while trying to come and watch play and change Davies might help and at least short but it's so anybody that holds you we're gonna beat who you know salt whoever he held there have been building up for seven years I think maybe lame excuse. I actually was really. I thought it was really good for him immediately to say I wanna apologize. I would have learned the players' names of forcing 27 right would have let her blog I ST sure what he said right I watch film I know he when he says I was name. But it quickly went from I apologize to excuse making it liked the view was barely out of his mouth and went right into but I don't really is simply throw flag and it'll play and they never reflect on the owed him to throw money into it. I just say you screwed up like you said. Illogical happens every one of us in our life. Has lost its are cool right right not all of us on national TV and then lost 281000. Dollars because of it. Well we've all done it and you like while an idiot and that's why I'm not ready to secret house is a dirty player are headhunter out this happens again we obviously revisit that conversation but I just think this is a guy. Who lost his cool he lost his mind he exploded on the field and the big argument a friend there you're your your white girlfriend partner whatever have never had ever in your life I'm sure. I felt like you'll be stupid small right also neatest Apatow. Is what you do and got. That's not about the dishes right correct about something deeper and with rocket think that's the case to devious what was holding a month not play holding him a couple of times. That's not why and that's not the most egregious offense that was just like the proverbial icing on okay. That's practice and iPad and this is you just can't. U I that's the idea out. You obviously T but but this one game suspension is. No surprise it's perfectly in line with white either offenders have gotten this year from my dad means to be side Judy snitch eastern now. Or to Al I think the these suspensions for Monday Night Football have sort of clouded the topic for a lot of players and wondering. So. And after the play out of bounds blind side. Illegal hit to the head which was Bronx it's the same as. A questionable block in the middle of the field in the heat of ballots illegal block out. Maybe that's cracked that's a big ethic I think if he hits and had blocked in my ass crack that crack and that's him in the head. If you hit in the head there's a question there it's close in very close and it's only an illegal block for the last year too I mean it's it's one of those they're trying to legislate right. And I said this earlier also order re re say just because you probably didn't hear it. The NFL has asked players to not blow other guys up if they don't need to. You know the old school sure all her. They've actually said it we have genes territory in in and officials meeting with the media this year saying that they bass players think a little bit you know and he didn't need to blow mop. If he just gets in the way they're letting them build those body basketball star shadow pics set a screen what are your fellow Kenyans is no need for well I'll eat at there's no need for helmet to helmet they're legislating that out he's trying to. Get the ball separated from the receiver if he. Succeeds there that's not a touch right as you got to control the ball go the Dow finished the catch all of that. The issue is they areas he he nailed him in the head but there was no question when he was a report if he Ames center of mass which is held on the football. He can dislodge the ball to good football here's an interesting angered Huskies you've answered this in the past he said I'd rather get hit in had been knees. Well a lot of guys have said that you might Harrison over the years yeah there's a lot of guys that have said that. And then you get into what you brought up the head just the head is now the focal point the lightning rod. Chris Nowitzki weeded out and I thought was ridiculously extreme but he's a lobbyist he's lobbying and certain direction. But that you're right if if you've done the same interest beard of and maybe even you know broken a rib. You know his helmet went right to a rib it's looked at so differently because of the era and what's going on in this this world and would put absolutely and when you talk. But all of this player safety stuff on it Michael get a game like last yet at all now all of the players' safety rules and precautions in place despite. And told the players start respecting themselves and toll at safety to go you know what I'm not in charge helmet first into her receiver in the end zone. It's only so much the beaten didn't correct but do they want it that's the default site at the players want to or the players still feel that crime mole. You know this is a gladiator on the modern day gladiator and I will. You know I think it's natural I think that'll you know Gigi Shuster Smith's mistreatment of its history yes when he stands over him. I mean that is like what not part of the bad ass and I think that's natural for some people like they just feel that like there's that adrenaline surge and then you realize. Rule price just killed a man what am I doing get out of here and you look at Tony Brown even defended Judy's in this shoot right after the game saying bonds has perfect. God is Carmen Antonio probably abducting caused by perfect a couple of years ago so that was it that's that's where we are the B yeah it got Tony Brown. We took a vicious had shot in that game as they can this just had shots in the passing notes how much Bernstein notes a series today is. After the game he's defending his guy right so it's O'Neill round. Had some more time than anybody. Yet you know it doesn't view it seriously says yeah I got what he deserved it's a good football play. Then the NFL is fighting in an uphill battle here. And perfect is as dirty as they can he's probably the dirty player in the NFL right now. But that doesn't mean it's open season on him that all the rules out the window because he has a track record now that's not the way it works. That's the way Antonio Brown clearly sees it but he's wack job to we've seen enough from him over the years they play a lot of players. Probably but he can't do now this is that the issue here with the league that I think they have to be careful what is what I you know the but isn't the whole who'd want him. The whole load one yes we're here that Ryan Clark sound like now where. This is getting back into bounties and it's premeditated. And because we're now weeks away from when the bill's gonna play the patriots. That's a total different beast it's one thing to do what George I OP did. In the end zone trying to stop touchdown boom I hit him in the head. Brandon meriwether data they've all done it over Rodney Harrison did. Get off your high horse you did it. What if you're talking about it months earlier sort of like Gregg Williams was talking about it weeks and months earlier putting a bounty on a guy. That's a whole different beast you have to deal what the punishment was more severe I don't did you hear players did I grow if it's a way to grind out but if they take ground out. You'll see massive suspensions if there's a player that clearly. Targets romped to hurt drunk in that Christmas Eve game. I think you're talking about eight game suspension age old you really yeah if could you. It's premeditated and Abbott our Ryan Clark says the player in question believes everybody wants him. So yeah it's it's on the record I actually think. In my view good thing for grown that he might be protected now because I don't know that anybody's dumb enough to do that now that it's a story. Go out there you might see guys not going anywhere near ground I'm not suspended for the year it's the last game second last game of the season. So but that's what the league has to watch out for some of the visit tell you never take out of football. Guys are gonna stand over guys in and flex their muscles and say you know what I'm more of a man you'll ever be. But if they're pre meditating tweeting about it texting guys about it predicting it. That's a whole different ball game guy and a harsh penalties is why is what currency Lott like about they can even get on the same page that she Larry FitzGerald. He doesn't agree with the suspension right because he thinks it hurts the team it should be more financial you know goal. 500000 dollar declare mentality to what Harrison was the Rodney Harrison was the exact opposite. His whole theory was until you suspend me. Well like here he would set aside. A hundred and back then 150000 dollars at the beginning of the year like a Christmas Fund that paper Christmas he papers finds an advance he didn't hear you find him. So you can't even get the same mentality within. Within this fraternity of players right but it Harrison and FitzGerald that they commonality there and they don't seem to take it as seriously you don't seem to carry as much as media types and some fans into one of my center rules that light is. If you can't be more and have been the victim. You just can't sell what how much is at ball games I don't think you live to that rule when you're on the morning shows and all we get into that I am. It is my girl trapped in your big benefits well we will get to know I am anti PC. Anti anti PC can't be more and didn't the victim and I'm watching these games I decided this year I'm done out of watching a player safety and then tweeting about concussions because. Clearly the players don't seem to care that much regularly they don't I agree so why am I gonna can't match I agree. They politics it's a different world now these aren't they the they're aware of everything they're aware that the equipment is sort of limited him how it's gonna protect them. They're aware that they've seen. You know Wes Welker and other guys kind of fade out he stumbled around and as you how to write need from now they're aware and they've decided. I wanna keep doing this this is what I love this way signed up for it it's a different era and I agree with you and it's a different issue for younger kids that that far that's fine my parents pop Warner different story but if you're in the NFL. And you don't seem to care and I am not saying you even short. Your adult you can choose to play a sport that puts your brain on the line and you can choose to deal with the ramifications in 5101520. Years. I like the product I like entertainment to right. And the failed the thumbs up thumbs down to me if I don't like my incident was vicious. And I like to it was a animate your acting exactly are exactly the fans did to it I'd double digit increase this Monday night angle Steelers game over last week because that's what people starting with the football. You know this growth that's been continuous. That's where they started. They started with jacked up they started with a NFL blitz they started with big hits football hits on those Sports Illustrated videos when you renewed you got a big hit video. It is what it is it's a violent sport. You can't take the violence out of it I'm sorry and I know financially in their business model to make sure sort of the soccer moms are still interest in all that. To get 25 billion dollars they only to watch. But the core fan the one that was what you when Europe. One billion dollar industry likes it I want violence in the ratings show even got that anger steelers' playoff game a couple of years ago wild card game totally so this is the change like I'd rules after it. Right highest rated wild card game since Tony twelve what I Brady's stay on public on the station. An appellate elephants are thought oh points. It's a violent game people wanna see the violence in the game. Now there are lines you can't cross just like there I get a lot enjoyed watching Ron you know elbow to Davies now on the back and arm but you know what they do wanna see. They wanna see ground run down the field they wanna see the safety run from fifteen yards in the other direction they wanna see who goes down on the collide and does this make a Christmas Eve matchup against the bills from our perspective a thousand times more interest and pretty much the only thing that Donald and that is right 617779. 797. Roemer and hurt doing it for my Sports Radio to view the. Those awful and she. Did you talk to your it was dirty I have like I have to say I gazed into the hole. Who won a million people who won't grow short lemon at the exact fix the hole who wanted to see him. What exact he could you translate that. Hey is that they were putting my zone that are not an analyst doesn't think this is that this is that they are takes him I thought they shouldn't jump him. Led that was my initial thought that his teammates. To that came through his defeat. And I'm that you can't just so hanging will they be doing is known me as you can't do that but is someway. His teammate should've laid gronkowski know how dirty and how out of phones. That play that play would solve kind of disappointed in that. So drying Clark earlier today out with runners still on ESPN. Still trying to figure out what that means the whole hood is now. A lot of people a lot of them sounds ominous it does. I think. These guys need to be real really careful I gonzo went the other way. In the call of the games God's elect said something you effect that you get you all the good if you get. What are we doing here this is not rustling. This is real sport that has rules that has whistles that has starts and stops and boundaries. And you have. Ex players on both sides. Call for fighting and he's in addition it jumped him BK you can't hit them like yah you can hear him now position. What are we talking about and and that does a guy who works for ESPN correct yes. ESPN ABC major partner of the national football we drink he's real we have yeah caucusing which is system right yeah so. That's a station that couldn't air. That football show and drawing a blank now on the football for a long time of the NFL clearly is to play makers makers. This is played makers now we're going down this road story lines and premeditated actions. The rats retaliation. To an end. They'll do it on on on Sunday paper you might wreck what. Well I don't think it speaks back to the mentality strike marks a seat for receive the plane alarm time that lead in actuality is you go after one of our guys. We're going after you and are in the hospital put on yours in the diaper and I players' safety mine assi got to go laughter that was. I.'s and an M tons of expletive criticizing their lack of response to huge and how the all of yet Williams wasn't as Wright Clark and now. But at least Jim Kelly give him a little bit of a past as he played in a different era 25 years ago different it was you know Fred's moralist. Different era they treated the game differently. Clark is a little bit more of a modern play as well spoken so but the Mittal has a mentality changed that much meaning getting out after he deserved by his that would be an arm. That would be the theme I would leave this week. You can want it as a doctor as an owner as a commissioner. Even as a thing you can want it to go a certain direction. We're seeing that the men who were on the field. Old Kelly select new Clark whoever don't want to go that they still want to sort of street justice in the hood. You see see that all the time even an agency ought to put in Russell Wilson after just one plate when he gets nailed and magical Wii percent same thing with the colts. That's the coaches making that decision but the players are onboard eating Russell Wilson wants to exit the game beat us and correct that we present and the other beat the to the only comments from white correct. They might not may or may not have even wanted shared publicly my guess is didn't. I guess is he thought he was texting a path. An ex player who might under any line Clark asked doctor record on the record no you know ninety I think yeah might as journalistic minds of our time someone who's not happy with him right now. They were putting his own. Put their hands are just lock yet for translation does that mean. Still trying to figure out maybe it's like from Jay-Z song you were saying oh yeah I got the litter I'd want to earlier this on Mike the way and showing how if you take it from the jays he's ultimately sentenced. That means he put a hit on I put the wolves Tonya I put a price on your head the whole hole little one ya your start to look. Like bread and that means but maybe just flattens put a price on your head it's a bounty it's an old school but empty Gregg Williams is like yeah. But the players are on Ryan Clark's advocating for that audience answer he has now white may have just been. There's talk in the talk you know I mean that doesn't miss I just think that they need to be careful. In this world of people have questions about the NFL and they still watching and we still a mainstream product. Careful what you are doing right now everybody running clarks of the world's God's elect of the world. Rocks of the world where I would it be careful how does Ryan Clark saying it's a shame the bills should step around what he should be. For his employers purposes. We want ratings up we want mainstream stream audiences but correct but people like story lines they do like they like or violence. Some people like violence I don't know what percentage that is. I that was instituted jumped him. I think most still mean a Daniel snapping the Steelers game that would increase over osment night's game people like this stuff like hard hitting. Some people that yeah I don't know and and I've not looked I don't know how you would even find out these numbers what portion. Is you know sort of the carpet informal poll who watches NASCAR for the crashes those types of people out of reach for the while. I do not that's a despite it'll take. Absolutely despicable 617779. Senate does he think white got what he deserved you know what you play football I think I heard him say that excitement I've. Got a good job lies you got Leo does I was Iraq bill welcome to the sale hurry. They are loved by Ryan clocked in the national. Obsession with the pats at this point we Wear it as a badge of honor and a say it lining plaque hey you know he's a man that I added I think he tried to show himself inside somebody that's working towards. You know helping today's divide. You know between the races and instead he comes out with this kind of a. All right well. Up what's that the person to what he means he's helping the divide between races. Yeah a day he wants to be known as a guide it will work between the blacks and whites he wants he wants to bring everybody together. Comes out with a comment like this. You think his comment is now dividing the races latest U wanna bring them together divide up. You want it but this comment today in providing them. But I want to be known we goes on match like the race open minded. Wherever they'll build up a lot of what what closed racial dog lying Clarkson in your opinion. The suggestion that award to. Is going to take alcohol October you know that you don't think that's a racial comment. I think it's a figure of speech for gas. I think they'll what is his whole group of teammates and we can pretend he XYZ bubble like put it on him in the hood. I think what he's saying is everybody in this locker rooms pissed off and they want a piece of him. Like my boys got my back I great as they shut. Now how you handle that then we go down the road of where does that go. Right Clark is also just a steeler correct he has so there is some of that that deep seeded hatred yes there is a feud long. Long live feud between those organizations and you know so that. Plays a factor in some of these things loyalties to teams hitting the Steelers eked I don't get Cincinnati Mike Tomlin would like to really stupid which is our onto the patriots December 17. But in two weeks ahead. Get bank that would been real embarrassing that's what they keep Dylan. Eking out wins good teams bad team no matter who they play it's I gotta a winner in the fourth quarter against. And any and you can look at it it's an all point for you watch last night as some has broken plays in the secondary along AJ green touched on which next week called back with holding us Roethlisberger looks terrible to me he gets balls sad is that these right on the ground and lie he did he sell on the and I don't know bits back nine physically because. He has not taking care himself like Brady as hydrate but. Are also just disinterested as he gonna to Cutler land where he's kinda. Am playing but I don't re not really invested in what I'm doing that's amazing thing about Brady or at the point now where he's he's outlasted all his peers. He's not blasting his juniors. Oh yeah Eli Manning pretty much he's gonna outlast Roethlisberger he's gonna outlast Phil rivers he's outlasted Joseph Flacco who socks and so I EU just out out out and on to the incredible things appraiser Connelly has he outlasted them. He this is an open receiver. The offensive coordinator says you missed an open receiver any flips out loses his crap that's how invested he is he's getting all you're just saying any idea heart because he's waited the U I lack you would be drawing him hot headed that's true Scott Elliott in Portland valued what's going on. Military guys let's not. All right so Andy I gotta say I've never heard you before you sound great on the radio candlelight he now. That kind of hurts and it's kind of a compliments all take it as both. What do used to call me Andy fox and did but I do get even with him. I did a few shows with him yes people would say you sound like him summons like Intel and I'm not sure that's a compliment. Take it as a cartel are able and off the air right now some sound like in the my attitude is different don't act like okay is from and I've looked at money. Meets him. When I got out. Your blood problem. Yes you get a football guy on earth and you go all. According to now hand. And then when this guy comes on you called quote. Do you use misuse here's block. Cracked walk. Let's let's call. Crock clock crack crack crack back cracked. Ams are receiver cracks back from the outside and it's illegal illegal illegal but it isn't always illegal they've re. I'll be honest with the I don't know they've had a lot of bullet points in the rule of what and again going back that officiating crew. They didn't know they were explaining it to us. And one guy explained and the other guy raised his head and had no that's not right you just didn't see the officials don't know and I'd I expected you know they know what it's called Donald. What exact he where you translate that he he does not provide black on his lower part of his eyes I don't know where he look the I'd like I bring an onion o'clock hour I don't wanna see that our eyeliner sometimes originally I'm not Buckley alone work. We're all as it. As a Reagan like let's grab a Jim Newberry port village him. Kate I'm not just applying more rock thereby. It may work out for him in the long term what you mean when. Well little brother keeps on hoping their brother you know markets are more than 13 brother finally you're not well actually guy. Then later guys are going to be on the old rubber and so you have what was so potatoes so. And I think he's going to be watched closely. You know he either at all total bogus calls against them here you'll have to keep recall in the end zone that Tenneco is way and you know that pazner appearance the other nine. That the other day that was called it ridiculous yeah I'd like you guys are gonna be on. You ought whose Robin Herman there's going to be more bogus page. Yeah I don't I've heard that theory a lot. And I don't know if it's a good thing or bad thing because I think he gets away with a lot of pushing off and using his size. I'd like to just see him see them let ground play because to me if you. Let him play he's always the bigger. Stronger taller more athletic guy that's like he did institute to devious white died in earlier neck and I got the ball exactly I'd I'd like to see because if you focus on it. Yet you'll get some flags. They're going to be some flags and although there's some weak gas OP cause I'm not one in the first half Sunday was bad news. Awful horrific call it was so bad that's a beating you can't go back to last night's game a palace it's an imperfect and mr. perfect encapsulation. And so what's the Tom's league faces of the pilots yet they had shots concussions accent Iraq. You have just the worst. Officiating yet ever the AJ green touchdown negated has been made weep holding caught in the market is bright putt return negated because of a sticky tack. Ace NASCAR and we can talk we want to button healing and this other stuff but the officiating. That is a real problem that I think is affecting misleading has for many years and I don't see it's getting worse no question it's getting worse actually looked I thought the patriots were doing Orly and penalties this year but they've had too many penalties. The below the league average unbelievable so everybody's. Getting to the penalty and at some point our National League broadcasters like Tony romo's McDonough last night when their story that caught the officiating correct you know it's. I'll give a man on the line once he'd defend its grabbed him Tim hello. What is your defensive Rob Gronkowski and we haven't heard that. Yeah law and I think it's really important that we differentiate here defending. After an isolation and and actually contextualizing what why it happened so I mean. It won't. Rocket incentivized. To cast ball in the paper yet you'll get targeted a turnaround of the game and every time. Somebody hold them inspected and got involved potentially taking money out of his pocket. And the topic repeatedly in the top Irsay got upset about that concept November do we are huge Barack. And you know I disagree here get it it's a bang bang play a key he got held in the heat of the moment of violent games he he acted inappropriately. Wasn't bang bang there was a good three count between when he was held. And when he assaulted a guy who was out of bounds after the play ended. But app absolutely and three seconds in a game that you know all day you're hitting each other and I mean yeah we can figure settlement not so like all the people on the high horses wanted to know if it's a race issue or oh what a call ground our character to question. That's ridiculous that he gets to trillion more dollar chip and acted under cap you get 2.5 million dollar have been excellent and and you get targeted about them on the game on average so would you hold him we're taking money out of pocket to your blog and every game. Your defenses money because he was intending to get more money while he lost between parties and all he did something stupid and he's I think anything missing this game is in the right 240 grand how things that you worked out. I totally understand that but let. And if you're in it ironic and lose money but my point is that tempers flared at the violent game anyways and friends are complete validation. Our understanding why didn't even took a lot character and when you think about what you spent wondering okay. You can on birth McLaughlin was premeditated that was the violent target target. Mike Evans hit what all. Premeditated you think that was premeditated they set that play out he knew before that game he was. What ought yeah at. All Antonio Brown something different I heard Smith Shuster saying I should've let up. I understand I probably should have let. Yes. You can't just say you can't throw things out there without any evidence to back especially on talk Ian Wright ever accuse irresponsible idiot. I didn't action about what about the reaction at the end. I see athletes do things that are impressive all the time. And celebrate in that way whether it's a dunk over a guy whether it's at that came out excited DB who knows why don't you're no question victim. Great when you come to different outlook discussion between and that kind of ground. Given has no I don't think. We can we can move on beyond what Mike Evans you ran across the field and hit and had a player more prince. That's an argument is that the grunt it was bad but it's similar to what its costs and. Those not premeditated and so therefore I think. Despite a one game suspension for premeditated hit a premeditated action like AJ green option or what. AJ green action with Ramsey was premed it wasn't going to say that the same thing they were highlighted on the audio track. We turn artichoke. Put him in a choke hold on to clog do you disguise although it is lashing out at second after the play and and have been happening all in all I'm saying is that. Is that if you put it in the context you put everyone. Everyone want to diminish the real value it here pocket there oh you know ignore the people that you ignore it you're getting gras. You what is he had nine catches on eleven targets for a 147 yards had been shot down. Keep what he won the game would only reception and you need to read it needed it was not a fact of. Commitment leads the patriots in receptions. Find my way into the game with forty reception I think we did aiding. And he did. I don't police are sadly yes 56 now in my math would tell me 56 minus nine. I am pretty sure going like 42 options we can get on the wedding went with some number in less than eight yeah. For example. If you're an adult brawl and I miss he did all the money out again. I ran against that answers the call body. Like I these people that twist them sell it didn't really work because he he's now missing a game I threes one less game as long as he dominates here and don't get it because you'll be the all pro. And Fisher with its Kenny beat out tells C Graham. I don't know hurt somebody else and be the all pro that's right it that dare you get your ten point whatever 75 million dollars just this whole. There's not a lot of Tim's and I give him credit I don't know that I would be willing to admit that I felt the way he does because he was just bending all over and can. And I don't halfway like I'm intent 50% of what Tim said like I don't think it was the worst I've ever see not many insect agreed I think it is again. I'm not explaining I'm not excusing it but explaining that. He was held on Napoli was held the old game he's been held all year he feels like the referees don't call fairly so we snapped. You lost this court shortly Evans lost his cool just light guy you know I. It happens it's Obama I don't think the grunt it is all that different from other stuff we've seen so. Iger 50% of what Tim said by the money. The month adding it would likely for example is he saying Von Miller. Who. Get paid a lot blisters say he has incentives so he gets held multiple times in a row. Is he have carte Blanche to just decapitate the tackle 'cause he told me if I don't get my socks I don't get my money. And again doesn't work out grant's missing game cousins of torture forty grand and I just I agree it is somewhat ridiculous I just don't really buy the argument. And it's not okay to snap that way it. I should pick. That the back the Beckham thing is similar like member when they thought the putt putt and that last play where. He came in he likes beer himself in his head at the end of the play took him like that was sort of similar. Like literally built before our eyes what was I think you know and again for seven years he says in seven years I put into account. Teacher devious what's bill that you have Australasian football in the NFL officials not calling him fairly quick to remember how the patriots used to play defense on the colts and hold those guys so did they have. At the end of those games they should just snapped at somebody. But it's football you're going to get hit clutched tackle thrown. Grabbed at some point your professional or your not as if you're not then you went Cervantes perfectly and where you're out of control and you're not playing within the parameters of the football game. He seems like an extreme case at point oh worked up 617779797. Roemer handy art filling in for candy hard candy hearts and art. After that has. Yeah I almost feel like. Should preempt it showed. Because it's kind of like going up against the super. A back rub against the globe B it's going on as we speak at the house of us. Your offense likable no one's purple. Well they know what's happening now is Kurt minute hand. Has crashed the globe these FaceBook live right now the WB yeah I'd FaceBook page. I'll take her as a basketball now is dot com that the role at the port people. Why don't you doctor Dougherty that we need you. We need to recap tomorrow lucky like either but leper cons there is a black tie affair. Couric is wearing a pullover splintered and everyone else appears to be. That's even better so that we are going tonight we've been talking during the break and the out not quite sure why this exists. You've got to figure it sponsored right I mean no nobody would do this if it wasn't sponsored. A lot of big words going on tonight and lots of big awards. The good name Red Sox MVP of the globe be Red Sox MVP. How many of these not peacekeeping paired. Fourteen it's five from each team are nominated on site the revolutionary included as well out so 25 players in total. Nominated Communist when he I've deep thinker there. Take the under you Saturday at three in the I'll take that under is well. Met I gotta think they got to read out there right in the globe so Henry think can resume to twist some arms and to thank you I will Ortiz and articulate what I heard about it joys and Arizona. Moot any deployed to know on the Red Sox lives in Bosnia anymore in the offseason. So maybe there if they don't have a Red Sox player there that night I wanna change my thing to zero. There's some intense buys with his voice of Boston have deep voice of Boston weren't that will be is got our man the hall of Famer Joseph Steagall. Tommy writes. John while Edwards and women to patriots radio broadcasters. Bob sushi and Scott's elect you to just a quick clarification do you say that way to (%expletive) him off like it's OC. See I've never heard in my life. That's hurtful I never heard a patriots radio broadcast them at home like everyone else watching that's hurtful and never heard so it's so seat so C. Bob some obstinacy yes. I don't know why both so why is he not expecting even I don't even know his name which I think disqualified when you've always had an article from the voice of Boston award I know it's a patriots dot com colleague and a means in a way to over when your brother and a ticket so it's not. All Kurt and so I flagged it as an winner. There's a lack one it was a little boy has often that is an outrage our man joke estate where we took the stage every summer Red Sox broadcasts. As you wanna go before he has not what's Dave O'Brien won one. OK and while it's I think this is Joe's first nomination joke just dig the hall of Famer. Spurs nomination. In no hardware it's. And he does a 162 games as opposed to sixteen game football season en route out pre season it's 10 my gosh Europe like twenty. I'm sorry Bob associate. I'm spot Chad's been profiled him like last year he talked about how why he doesn't really see spam name during the the policies he's breaking down film. Is you know is like really you worked one day week. I think you're a little bit more in that. He does some stuff for patriots psychologists find contributor to the westernized upper patriot ally why do some stuff for Debbie at times that's it sums though other digital world works sometimes I'll have a multiple masters and you want to thank you have multiple life serving multiple masters I'm technically aid brand personality here at WE. When I when I per hire decent very nice as you don't they have one of those markets there and ran personality of the literal warning shots in my heating element I started denying Allen's coming as a brand brown chairman has much personalities. At the brain is Eric deeper seeded issue between unite now. That is like pick and that's gaveled. Pitino Latinos to scout that's gonna open wide campus he gets regular shifts on the morning show we view those guys at the start of the cast down to sporty. Seeded you wanna rich got that reputation. Not a one player who wanted to Andy heart political and it's now coming up later on district is more to the right of the exact correct. I would say that's accurate that's good see we need more concerning war on the middle. I'm not to the extreme right look at let's take a look at the week and I know the Ozzie Guillen routes among my best friends are day and I went to Madonna three times. I'm not nervous about Madonna never been through Donna either by a bit to a gay wedding season all the seasonal icon she's yesterday's news what does a gay wedding get anything. Guy gets you the last the final two hours but that's it gets you not only eats a more conservatives to work with is on the weekends it's neat track meet Tomas seat. It all liberals on the week and that is an issue we need some fight are no lighter analysts. Now it's very hard to like as I caught myself saying new the other day on the act while this is why you do you people you vote against yourself interest summit Alex how old are such a DB that's why nobody likes you. Nelson I don't that's the only sad but one of one of Nelson in the current what's not. It was going on they are that I don't know yet if that somebody on it take but I magma IE on card not not many people think about it but how many people that that innate need. Did an issue at ground. And I got me. You can happen do you eat did and you need it yeah. Early signs eat eat that was acts if he you know ideas reiterate again I mean definitely need. Yeah no argument that. Anyone's concerned with what they can't take part eat eat green damaged. And and all these guys using that stuff. And part property and kill them now all. I mean ducked out of their reaction that you would get some they'd met someone tipped MR. What he would do what we could eventually diluted out curse like a girl anybody. So I meant it. So I mentioned nick writes now do we think possible steroid use contributed know his anger outbursts now I don't. And I also heard people on my Twitter feed said you know we're talking about head injuries in CTE four wiped. He's in the concussion protocol. What about the aggressive war. I've seen out of my torn up with a way to test for it or. You know they they. Had these early research discussions that yes they're gonna have a live to you to be they living they figured out a way now to tested theoretically you anywhere that goes and how long it takes to go down that road but by the way the NFL does not want. Dottie is bad news relief we're at a point where you can start testing for CT in living people. Bad news it's certainly a bad it's bad news for the long term future yes I think the press I've already heard players say I I wouldn't it tested a probably know that on some level I have some issues. You know I've heard a better ending to me when that much of my favorite quotes is that jets safety Jamar Adams this past summer there's no place I'd rather die than right here on this football field and again I feel like. A lot more players and people want to thank outback kind of mentality me. I'm not quite as far as Gerry Callahan into the hole high school football thing. But I love foot brother had I want you on all and I do think it's a unique sport. And a unique team environment when you're in high school and I I believe and all that I would like to play high school football. Now popping piece not up where I think pop Warner should be I don't think we need. 1112 year old butting heads undeveloped brains now and often four nights a week and in game and we have a little hesitant. I wouldn't say I want bands necessarily where you've gone but my son is not playing in I don't really see the new local Lola the benefit the united. All some people would tell you in the real serious towns that it's a feeder program that eco Yugo right from up the chain of pop Warner into high school you run the same offense that are now important to me you know it's just sites until you double the current offense freshman year high school can't the way I look at it is yes if you're good enough you're gonna be good when you're in ninth grade tenth or eleventh grade whether you do the playbook and six greater not render football. That's what we do and I knew I'd love it I just like football I. I guess like I won't go I'd I a lot of things go lose the flamingo a lot of things just jumped in the near an arsenal universal DT please. You molecule is not mandating your head. During the break 6177797. Acre seven coming up next I've said I've tried really hard. To see this even hasten its Saudi arguments and Michael will bond cited argument the Tony Kornheiser side of the argument. Is this about race. Describe it to getting killed and offers an odd to devious mind me right totally Barry White privilege knowing these big left them alone I can't quite do it but I do it ain't it you wanna read from this story a guy named Jared gamble on something called shadow league wrote an article he'll be anchored Italian tomorrow. Rob Gronkowski sheltered by the privilege of ground being rock I think most of this article is asinine. But one point he makes about grants party in how we perceive that's. I think judge Jerry gamble might be onto something would do that next in your phone calls it of course it's any update you. I on the globe these Kurt many hands crashed the proceedings I'd O'Sullivan editor of the globe I've ran away from Turkey on the FaceBook live a few minutes ago. Couric went to approach him for an interview just Sullivan ran away so what did you all of that is while Roemer and heart sports rated at the.