Bill Belichick addressed the "fake news" around his relationship with Tom Brady, and the Jimmy Garoppolo trade

Mut at Night
Monday, November 6th

Mut and Keefe talk about Bill Belichick's interview with Dale & Holley with Keefe, which he referred to the reports on his and Tom Brady's relationship as fake news. Belichick also talks about there not being a trade market for Jimmy Garoppolo in the spring, when the assumption was trade value would be at a high for the Patriots backup QB.


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News he's Monday night. At. Home field everybody. It. I'd go to certain all of. You know little wardrobe changes now. Movies. Shirtless and play the trombone. We got back. And Holley show on. When he was going home yeah got a gold jacket that I didn't. What. That ship. If there. And eight. Old man I got a lot of ammunition man. How many times I'm it's I'm. Now here's my life at night on Sports Radio W. I'll say this right finally it issued a patriots Monday on WEEI get a whole lot of stuff to react to starting this morning with bill. The thoughts are with Tom Brady. This afternoon Heath Evans gave an unbelievable answer to the Colin Capp Rick question that was brought up the dale and Holley program a wanna play that. At some point hopefully we'll get to a tonight. But then that the final piece of that was Bill Belichick who is a whole fame coach by the greatest coach of all time not made Vince Lombardi. But is normally not somebody I plan on referencing are talking about when he comes on wood dale and holly keep it it's not their fault bill is bill will. Doesn't give you much as an interview but today. While the head coach of the patriots gave you some stuff the reactor rich keep you were there were you expecting the coach to be so. Our conversational spotted by we today. I didn't predicted Michael Holley did Hollywood say it all day he thought he was in a really good and I was just saying well you know he's addressed some of these questions during press conferences and video just resort back to that whether it's Iraq blower. You know even. We serve with a many months ago and he was asked about outs Guerrero sedate you it's going to be sort of you know aborted dress that type of thing which. Occasionally you'll do is you know but no he was pretty open about everything we asked them. It was a couple places in particular now what are you get into. The coaching and the hitting and what's different now. I've heard bill talk about those things I not talk about Guerrero we get to that towards the end the interview about business picked couple get your reaction to those who herded. Or just your first I'll play a couple of some of the guys you've played a lot of it before 6 o'clock at 617779. 7937. Sat wicker sham. Wrote a very lengthy piece on That in wait the end page eight of twelve you printed out talks about Brady garrote below and Alex Guerrero. Andy apparent voter confidence this is via the right after the trade of of go rumpled separate Cisco rich. That voter confidence as they call it here I comes and Brady found himself in the middle of a conflict between the patriots and Guerrero. With Guerrero blaming the team's trainers for injuries some his clients have suffered. And would Belichick make you resoundingly clear that Cabrera has no actual role on the staff yelled speculated that second. Quote there's a collision calming a friend of Belichick says even without a rubble itching to supplant him. Brady is aware of the competing legacies of the heart of the patriots distort success he says now that he hopes he doesn't play for anyone else but is also not nigh eve. Defeat I can't and it's alluded to this conflict between Brady and Pallet Jack and maybe a bigger conflict between Belichick and Guerrero with that big hope their from the friend of bill. There's a collision coming I'm talking about the guy TB twelve guru. And about the New England Patriots this was the head coach Bill Belichick just fell over an hour or so ago. Talking about the relationship Ellis Pereira what is his role with this patriots team. Now a lot is up and written about Tom Brady of course this year he's he's a four year old quarterback and put enough some pretty incredible numbers and would that story comes that the TB twelve method that is apart of and and his guy Alex Guerrero. I'm curious what's your relationship like with out Guerrero. Well Alex that works with Tom and and pumps facility in the and that's really about the end zone. If a player goes up there for a second opinion treatment or whatever then that's. Now it's fun no different today went to his own chiropractic massage their story. What happens to please. Did you you know out of town interaction when them. No Mikey he's not on our staff. You know our staff and our training staff are. Nutrition staff or equipment staff. You know those are all contain with the patriots you know Alex and and his staff at TB 121000. You know palms Roland TV twelve that's that's kind of a separate business. Well he went on to. Co talked about for the fake news of the story the relationships company. He did not shy away from that question I almost felt like Richie was hoping to be able to answer that question to reiterate. What is written in the storied Alice rural is not part. Are all of the coaching staff and any wanted to make that abundantly clear today he did not say in in in any. Certain terms. But he hearing that answer. I'm led to believe. Some what I read here in the wicker Sheehan peace when he goes out of his way. If it's true that Guerrero thinks that some a's players. Were hurt because the patriots trainers and he's made that point about opinion unknown developed check. There is zero doubt my mind that annoys the hell out of Bill Belichick he wants to let everybody that Alex is not part of the patriots. Rings that yet made that are like they're from and how that's its own thing but he also you know says hey if guys wanna go up their first second opinion or treatment. Then that's fine just because we know now there are so many players rather tied to our that'll min M a dole craw because. Out of my next question about just our war on players going out there outside a Tom Brady resolutely he is fine with all of that clearly put them when he gets back to their staff know. Valid as the as even points out in the answer you don't you judge your own a massage therapist that's sort of how. He is viewed in a way either trainer yes but he's not on the team staff so that is very different. And you guys to knock down this road but I'm I'm just inferring non allocated to Belichick didn't say this today with with holly and Keefe. He did not allude to the story Becky called the story fake news later on talking about. Elation of Brady and Belichick but if it is true that is Belichick just confirmed him as basically. He. TV well I Brady's guy what he said we have a staff. Alex is not part of it he does is all thing if that guy. Is making it Null through whispers or direct comments to bella checker Brady and ultimate raced out hey it's your fault it's George training staff's fault that my guy got hurt. There is doubt in my mind that this is the hell out of a guy like Bill Belichick is he's a football guys used that phrase a couple of times recently. He sees Guerrero as Kosmas I did therapy as they are out there again what the call whenever you want well if if if that guy is complaining. About page of players getting hurt blaming the training staff and say these guys did what I told the duke and no more pliable and drank more water and use the vibrating foam rollers we sell a TV twelve web site. They wouldn't be hard. Then my then this story is a 1000% correct and it's got to make and no way bella check this outsider who's not again and he said it again today. I to a point not part of the staff if he's a planet about guys getting hurt that is gonna lead to a collision course and that would lead to I don't think some friction between. Brady Belichick Guerrero and Guerrero is overstepped any Sorrell of boundaries there. Did it isn't the fear that if Brady had to choose between the two by what who's more important to him right now. Doesn't sound like you almost you Lara Guerrero is now absolutely but that is that is knotty now it's great that that EU. Is still playing at this level of forty it is great that he believes all the stuff has worked forma that's that's terrific but. I'd need. The that the guy who is the best head coach in the history of football and has been the this entire time. I would think you'd want aside without person but I guess I will be think about it Guerrero in his mind and he's talked about this a lot with with Kirk and Jerry talked about extensively. In a TB twelve book it was before the the cookbook section. It was just before that it was before the the un un sourced thank you Stu how's Guerrero for saving people's lives and how we're rate as products are based on what he said. An unnamed people Serbian and ample. I'll be talked about how always is for a change clouds tomorrow. Right and on the other hand here's this guy Bill Belichick who drafted Jimmie garrote all essentially. To replace Tom Brady so what do you think the relation is better when I don't think that they had a survey bad relationship we'll get to that part of throw a dollar check in a second but. It's been sixteen years he's the coach bradys the player. How many people out there who works over for sixteen years hats like awesome relationship with their boss I would say very few and in fact that they didn't. You look at it differently if you worked at a place for sixteen years you receive boy I love my Boston where really. Is that I deserve days of dynamic there that shouldn't lead to these guys being best friends sold the football dynamic a little bit different. Revenue of whatever your job happens to be aired your boss compared to quarterback and head coach here you look at it. Tim Hamulack head coach drafted Jimmie rumpled replace spree right now what we did but no problem bill there's a coach who traded away in the problem. Rights ID. I just thought it was odd going back a couple of weeks ago when Brady was on in the morning and said that the relationship is pretty much the same. I just find that article at any literally anybody's relationship. If you're with somebody that often for sixteen years maybe it's worse may or may be a lot better but I found it very. Odd that it would be this thing yeah I took at the Guerrero part of it he in league and he calls the story fake news but I I am more likely to believe now. The section there this paragraph five the talks about Guerrero and his friend who says quote it's a collision. Comics are friends Belichick you could tell from bill he has very little respect for of a friend. This was since he called them up fake news at that point where I did like a lot saudis are your plans. All we're worried for right now we had that well I guess that love how he. Any is talking us about the the article it clearly. He read it and I think ice vibrate and Brady's been Brady Brady today with the guys this morning. It was asked flat out did you read the set the ricochet and ESP NBC he said no. Are there is no doubt in my mind that Belichick is ready alluded to it's an odd enough that was the story that had no. Real sources on it had Woody's unnamed sources on attributed then anybody I don't think anybody said anything this is just a general random opinion about I am not sure exactly watt and that he reported its spread is very good friend Donald Trump we supports very very very much you went to the White House wrote a letter for the Donald. And what was hash tag fake news he dropped a fake news on us so that it is and I ate maybe some of this is fake news in here but his Guerrero answer. I don't know maybe should be listening to it. There is definitely something going on there and and based on his assertion that he is he'll Brady's guy and not part of the training staff. It would not surprise me in all the we have a Bill Belichick on all Donald Trump that it with the boys patio. Without actually talk about some of these. Hasn't informed opinion about something and it's one thing. And other laws or just talk about a lot of fake news here about this but now things that are on the turtle as usual so we get a lot of. Who hobble that's yeah a lot of that there's a lot out there went and I think actually ties back into grapple and eight and got people like me. Who said now for a year Trajan Mitterrand apple and they trade them. A week ago tonight. And I'm still want happy in the got to stick republic for the guy yeah the under sold them didn't get it offensive player that another day and a trader Mike couldn't do anything and I are bad and I've certainly. Locally many people who said this nationally it's been said. The patriots are not maximize. The Jimmy eagle drop below trademark they could have gotten a first could have gotten a second I I I felt like that. When bill so there's a lot of that going on right now rich I had. I had at least some of that had to do with. The criticism they've gotten as a franchise. About maximizing. The Jimmy couple of trade at 67 days ago but what he did confirm was that he was not available. Back in April. Back in May well during the draft he he confirmed what he. In way in a in a way he confirmed on chapters. Strike the at a show after lunch came on this radio station on curtain talents they would trade from fort aboard picks. Which sounds stupid at the time. But turns out exactly cut number six patio it's Bill Belichick confirming that six months ago there are looking to trade Jimmy rob. Let me ask you about. Jimmy drop below is traded. Last week. Your trade rumors about him April. Who knows first round picks second round pick. Straight it last week you get the sense that the market. For Jimmy in October was the same. As the market was for Jimmy in April. It's tough question. I don't know I really don't know I mean there was really it there was no market to treat him in April. Aren't. Really care what the offer one answer to those notes I don't know with the offers were one of them. There was no. Don't mean there was there was no interest on Mars and make that deal. So it didn't matter what they'll offer us what they offer one of them I don't know that work as those never whenever and so senate fill it with the thus does the that position probably any team Italy or at least we felt like we did and maybe other teams that feel differently I don't know. We are great debt that the depositions is tremendous situation you know two quarterbacks of the caliber that we've had for the best. And call two and a half years. From when Jimmie was ready so. Unfortunately it just wasn't sustainable. OK for a super Smart organization and the smartest coach. In history to games not name of Marty. I could not believe that answer so he admits another clip coming out. That you could see the end of the road common that they could not sustain. Brady and drop long term so last April. When I certainly. If morons like mere talking about the end of that wrote in a franchise tag and how crazy it's going to be keep these guys on the on the roster together. Last April you more entertaining trade talks. For Jimmy Ron Paul Adams chapters right you wouldn't trade him for four picks. That's that's a terrible decision by the organization which they should have been looking at every offer at that point know what's gonna be available and if and when they had to trade on. They had the conversations instead they wait till the night before the trade deadline made one called the John Lynch got played for. Belichick for a pre season and treated for second round pick. Those incidents it doesn't doesn't it seem like Tom Brady's last three years on the field. Couldn't convince them that he was going to be good to go for this year but the first eight games did he's the MVP last year and it's spent right and then. But you don't train and you wanna hang on film I guess for insurance but then Brady plays well for half a season. And you say are we Dietrich grappled if you think he's that good. You probably think it enough to win with him at some level certainly more than Brian Hoyer so. Keeping him for the next eight games and the playoff run is not worth the insurance of the second round pick they got from San Francisco. Lady right waited this long any thought it was gonna be insurance he liked the player Belichick. Has gushed about the player he did last week that it again would you guys today he really likes him OK I get it. So the White House hold on to him the rest of the year and know that OK we like in this march and we think we can still win with Jimmy go rubble and he's fought has kept them around. Then why not sit on a for the rest of the year say that if somebody won and betray drop lol what you got to this point. Ice I don't think it makes sense if you were talking about last April. He thought it was that good hold on the asset and say okay we don't get it except we get this great assurance of a player we like the rest of the year yet we you know. That was in the same camp as you that you don't trade and do whatever you can and but then once the season rolls around and you convince yourself okay Agassi's insurance for a Super Bowl favorite than Soviet either he's shards. So many convince yourself that's the case of an athlete to be here that we've made it insurance and more in what we had about an it was the colts and Jim Irsay or the jets and over the held their GM right now is to pick your team. And it was the same situation. And it was the they knew they had to get ready to quarterbacks the that the move on from one. And as recently as last April when the draft came around and we know from reading over the weekend in Cleveland the browns. Desperately want to drop all we know from listening Jay Glazer over the weekend the forty niners called about Rob Lowe and a fact even asked about Tom Brady. If you leave Jim good Glazer. All over fox sports so. They were calling. Any other team this is about not the patriots we would spend a segment or two or more than that. Mocking that team and saying the patriots would never do that the patriots and maximize the after the patriots at C. The end well for anybody else and they would have planned for the jets in the cold to the giants of the dolphins the bills those of the moron teams that do something like this. Because Belichick wares gonna go okay now no big deal I. I heard that today I thought. He's out of this might it out of what the trade offers back in April and it even the Bengals got more for AJ McCarron at the deadline although the browns were supposed to advocate called tortured and treating editing home thousand different as a tough Tom Dunn Halloween you you really should have the deadline but they got a second and a third. Forums so even if you're gonna make a deal for a quarterback if feels like he couldn't even if even if you waited until last week to do it it looks like the market was you could have gotten more so that's why did this they something else here to Belichick is not saying there there's another. There's another reason why he ends up in San Francisco. And not Cleveland there's some other motive to have kept him. All labeled the deadline and just get a second round pick for him. I'm not sure that is a much or will ever know what it is but as of today. Adam Schechter he's vindicated. Given what he said and that the beating he took last week and eventually to Jennifer second round pick. I also think it's pretty clear who shift was talking to you actually hear this stuff that you dug in pale. I think bill is a pretty good source on this for Hampshire after. But even makes less sense now that they were talking last April and deep patriot fans the U wanna be on city itself. As any other team you'd be marketed to call in sick how dumb the jets talking how stupid the colts because it's billed it was gonna of shrug their shoulders and say it's no big deal. On I I'm shocked by that and I a lot of patriot fans will be though some will defend it because it is in bill we trust and it's certainly he's earned that trust. A over the last sixteen years a success here in doing mobile thought you guys about this is well I thought was. It was rare but it was pretty insightful Belichick gave you some good stuff today with the guys I credit Richard holly I don't wasn't there. Bill fell less intimidated without dale being there. We opened up was yes a the alchemy as as I know from my days here William Brown guy but he's certainly a locker so he certainly has he sent them a very neat things about me. Over the years so dale can be intimidating. Dale was not there Belichick opened up. Credit to guys that were there. I'll miss get a credit rich I was all there is mostly made his most it was mostly you hear the tremendous and it also initiate it would any art yesterday thank you so he's ready to open up and I talk about this company did 617779. A fall guy 79370. Is your phone number your thoughts in this and I'm gonna add to my conspiracy theories they do that said something. There's a reason why this happened wade did it. I gave my eight. So my conspiracy theory last week and I am add a little a dent into that here at some point here tonight. It is Monday night key for long as well Sports Radio WEE. But there are certain times when when you are both of these guys are going to be on the team at the end of the season that are gonna make it through the season or was it just sort of a series of events that led. Wanna think of any doubt that there were so that we can all see that there was going to be at some point this it was gonna end. So how old place what time and it him there was some variants and in the end what does what I said. About a couple days ago that was last week because that's what looks so I don't have anything nothing new has happened since then. Other than Bill Belichick admitting today with the guys holly keep down their excellent stadium that day he was not. I'm teasing trade talks in your rigor awful back in April the end of the road was gonna be there at some point but I guess April was too soon. To go down that wrote it's a lot at night Sports Radio WEEI part of a big patriots Monday today breed this morning. City not read the wicker sham peace Belichick today certainly acting like he read it I was not impressed by many of the things that were written there. Grapple was in their Guerrero was in there you guys are on the phones to react and 617779. 7937. Is the phone several let the people jumping in gyms in the car first appear money at night hey Jim. Are you Jim Jim. Yeah so we got our weather grapple. First did you see that stressed that tweet from Dallas or this classic. I'm confident I'll what will we miss. It has happened and the million dollars tweeted about it you're not campus anymore feature but like it was a quick look like Kansas City or is can't ask. While social media for anyone's got a voice what what you did you think that rumpled trade makes sense though Jim. Again I mean so you know I had my first heard about it I did not I was kind of upset about it but as a doctor so. Your arteries it's on number one I don't we're called anybody said that there are offering the first object shirt. Two virtual virtual grapples back and people don't remember anybody that was on the cable so. I'm not sure that was session. Apples or sporadically of letting Tommy card confirmed at that teams are offering big in the browns in particular are offering a first round pick. As part of a deal for Barack poll at the draft. Yes. Well as objects of the bat but the other thing that really think that. It was a lot artist are so if you can occur or so we see how we actually can do that wait till. You achieve X. Okay shall and now I understand magellanic that's a base would a lot of people of insinuated that this was a A insurance policies of explained to me now so you get to this point you think that. Rob Lowe is good enough to help your team compete in Brady goes down that's the insurance policy part of it why not then. Bite the bullet keep around till the end of the year franchise tag and you get less form but. That policy is still there Brian Hoyer here on it we can all agree that they're not winning anything of Brian Hoyer is quarterback. Basra is a gamble but it appeared Brady makes apple do this season and you think you can make it to the way. I guess that was our first pick they pulled the trigger article. I'm not I'm not guaranteeing your gym but I'm I'm just saying it thanks for the call at that point Richard and we all agreed that the browns and and again it was a portable weekends exact same way. The browns were banging on the door to try to talk to the patriots budget to drop the ball and then even heard. They'll check today talking about diligently matter what the offer yeah because they weren't they weren't open for so. You can't tell me that if they ate flipped it around on Cleveland and said hey we'll take your number twelve pick and you guys can outcrop load that Cleveland would have done. Rented I think we get sort of bog down and our who offered what to whatever else but. If somebody or even taking offers soul who knows what you really could have received if you let if you let the league know and I know he made some sort of comment about how. In others not like. He would say emails there's like little like a message board but for the whole league's nowhere where I was just that you fancy football might there's no trade block but he does it's well log lists the name on everything yet yes there is in this case the trade off generator yes it was and now Mary I'll take out Mary Kay Cabot is go back and look at her reporting on this she was essentially. Buying the browns a billboard. In her in her reporting on this and try to get the patriots tension by saying they would it. Give up a first round pick plus they love the guy I can we can pull up and go through all of it the browns were leaking this to Mary Kay Cabot maybe it's because. The patriots were picked up the phone the chapter was right they do not want to entertain trade talks that point although if it John Lynch. Jay Glazer right and John Lynch got through until least asked the question about crumpled bit. That was the message board that was that that the text message that was the email Mary Kay Cabot blog post after blog post. Rounds love Jimmy drop low have trade capital. Would they like to make moved again and you can even do even easier than that you can call browsing call the niners and you know maybe a third team that you think might be interested in tellem. They were or what work taking best offers Virginia drop below and and see what all those teams come up with them and then make your decision from there I Johnson a car John WTI. John. John thank you patio I don't I don't like this on my voice anyway I wanna hear back. Well when did address the values listening to a yes thank you John Johnny there. Put back whole patio we can't. And I'm gonna drop it on maybe John Neal called back I don't know it's as active ultra sound now I think froze and I were to death throes. I watched go by on I got it since this whole system it's I was I made fun of all the old ass hosts like Callahan can't run this thing. On turns all seen either I suck at odd James in western hi James. They would score what's objected. And I can't help feel like something that's under the table at this trade and it isn't. On the table so to speak we know that we thought second round pick but I can't help but feel like it's something Mike hey all future. Well look at that kind of got it. Patriots and and yeah. Most like extra like an extra bonus a really excellent when you get when recently mow lawns are kidding get paid. Cash not that got reported as tax income they said the 49ers. Hey we would like a certain type of player in Rhode Ernie on my line who. Yeah I can't quite get it will probably last you know we're not out there and this Phase Forward. Maybe that something that you know can he yes he got about one. Claim and so you know it's quite an album like this a. Some sweeteners what you're saying yeah well he he's more school like godfather route. Rich and he's all like hey I did you a favor right now I come do you in my time I need Allen like reciprocate should force. Local brought these sleep with the fishes yes and CA Ike I would. Was good quotes from god father by Noah I would butchered so poorly like LeBron that to be played as it sound like for the next ten years the other all the brought almost to run my life I don't. It's my favorite movie wants all the time. Fail hard that they won't accept the pile that's in the part might take as point this out every year at the playoffs he always read and read the godfather again probably are rather get locked in playoff time around zero dark 32 when he shoots all social media off. On mats in Portland with thoughts on the grapple with the iMac. Hey guys. You know Mike question really similar and I was wondering what the league rules around transparency and you're dealing are exactly. I mean I did their capacity for some kinda under that they've. Oh. Oh Massa and the what do you mean under the table like what they're gonna all for the players and give them a player or give them this is a lot of political analyst at mallet to finish but Matt Matt Matt Matt. Now hold on while I don't one guy get your theory to second but this is this is how much the fans of New England respect Bill Belichick that they think. That he got some under the table built his second round pick yet more than a second round pick for Rob Lowe economist went like this all. It's not just that he made a bad deal are rushed deal it's this this wait is this sweetener coming Mac really back and bought this is quoted as real quick I would say the only. Kind of handshake agreement after the fact that we sought immediately was when they've agreed to this trade. I bet they also got the 49ers to agree that they're gonna release Brian Hoyer. They're probably was that of a tax lawyer was reported to be a part of the trade at first and then for I don't know salary cap resort ever. He was just cut but I bet they did they bogeyed the second but we also want your assurance that you're not gonna key employer so we can now and as a back that would be the only kind of guess and take that makes some sense. But humor of it will be maybe even more or did you okay go we like Yeltsin had it. Is that if Britain was the target all along come. May be it you know Laker trade back situation. Like you know they'd pick electrical grapple for this season and then it's a trade back in. Rich cultural. Here. Tom Brady was not. Who they wanted all along they actually called first the ball drop below and then they got shot down for Barack Losman John Lynch said while he's not available to maybe Brady is uncertain lynch did you think is realistic but he Yassin who or what when who would the when the 49ers walker topple long term and operate that's a that they asked for him first. But it can be corrected it but Matt is back ray players who say they got thirty trade back here and other concentrate Specter noted acts. You know it that will be the back the backroom deal like we end up with Brady in the actually Hewlett to get growth back in doing it. Embree in this current sentence. It's. I've heard a dragon medical I I I gotta be honest I do not it's another thing area and expect this a week after the trade people had a week at people they got dismissed this. And people in doing this now for last couple days that now they're now inventing. Sweeteners and kick ins and get paid on the table as this but there is they movement for grow up blow will still be the quarterback of the future Jesus people not give up on that despite the trade. So yes we have heard things like this it can't just be that they got caught. It cannot be they got caught last minute realize a case not to assign a sweetheart deal we were nigh eve and none out and protect our pick that they Campion a win every trip. And how it anyway and this one big problem salt but their own way no way they got the most for the player that's that's the only point 617779. 79370. Is the phone number hole I am not expecting a week later conspiracy theories on the table talk on Jimmy grapple and patriots. That's a squad tonight here it's Mott at night's Sports Radio WB yeah. Different activist calls here to second a busy patriots Monday convert this morning. With Kirk and Jerry had dale and them. Holly and keep this afternoon as dale was offer Bruins coverage and talking to Bill Belichick ball very interesting stuff we're playing now a bunch veneer tonight could scan on demand. At WEEI dot com articles in the podcast on the WEEI out just that. Have real and Richard lastly while he's still here. My conspiracy theory of why they traded gras bloated Sampras is going said last week it's because that's right they did not want Josh McDaniels ending up there as part of a package deal to see the regal happening Cleveland so you can write your worried about the future franchise I guess it was the Cleveland that's a good it's a strong power couple there between the the angles into rock blown in rent and ballot check we know he loves crumple it wanna see it happen so he said. Senate to a place room going to be long term and not be in the AFC. Right on their faces gonna support here's the second part to that thing adds to my credibility on this stretch. He knows by setting a San Francisco he's likely to. Subtle long term deal there with a coach it's going to be there while right Kyle Shanahan should be it should be there for a while there and start form. Apparently according to Peter came in this morning in his on Monday Morning Quarterback before it got to his be your thoughts and then thoughts on things in the world. He had his take that. Rob Lowe would maybe whispered to the browns and his agent Don he whispered the browns his likely won't sell the browns apparently were OK with that the wanna trade for a so he goes there. And after one year franchise tag. They can't attack him again. He's dead ends up on. The jets or the bills or a real AFC competitor like maybe not next year. But the year after that to not only did not want McCain is going there he did not want. A rock bloated and out long term in his backyard in the AFC we didn't sign long term with Cleveland does that make any sense. Any difference doesn't twice so he could finish out this year played next year and the year after that in Cleveland even if you hated it. But I thought was of the new rules were one. But it is too anyway it's all it's it's shorter term and so you think it's one of those Brett Favre type deals for the Packers are like and yet can't traded to the vikings yeah that'd tears in that with the vikings yes. I still would say if you're gonna get the most. From Cleveland. You do regardless of whether he's in and with the jets or not I don't I don't disagree emphatic mode Mike has its did they know under the table payments it was here of having grapple in the AFC. And he would be additional you know grow up on now I'll read the Adam shaft article from. That it was yesterday it doesn't sound that he dared to see. That should grapples with the niners long term it might be gone next year and all laughable and it's crap and he's gonna go in there he thought course aptly gonna sign Aries it say it will guarantee they're gonna have a top pick in the first round that gets a wide receiver running back offensive linemen a boost that offense and probably only their long term I DNA Connecticut on the trade at 6177797937. Good evening Dan. Yet at the guard lets them. There I'm any good conspiracies where it starts apologizing to and it. But. Would probably trade whatever I happen where. Computed me that it Belichick no respect is that measures how and why do you trade percent for whiter here that doesn't quite. If I don't think I can ridiculous trade it'd take way to backup Arab bright lawyer. I don't think it's opera set was very good. That's my guests and they think Brian lawyers very now. A bit do you think once but I think they're similar late you're you're screwed either way editor mark mark mark mark potter and the order. And I think they need. I don't want I think he's been okayed and he he's he's he has not been great but that team a we all agree is in a bad spot anyway. He is not fallen flat on its face a similar question I mean it because they drafted him pretty high so they obviously thought very highly of him then. I did they did need another wide receiver or Malcolm Mitchell went down but you know maybe could have gotten filled doorstep with somebody else I don't know but my guess is today they were not. All that's sold on percent otherwise you'd be a music cut. Right rather if you think it trader the united you've just been released by the team. There is what I am today if they cut him loose and they thought. They must have thought were not gonna need another quarterback here at some points that they did they were really. Again the word is naive I guess. Might even have to think they were gonna convince drop below to sign one of these team from the deal some point during the year war. They thought Brady was gonna fail organ her in the first eight games is how they're betting on. At sesame a lot of emphasis is put on the easy games that's it feels like moment. You mention the seeker K Rego the horse doctor on Twitter. What the secret plan is trade Brady to separate Cisco for Jimmy gee next season so the TV twelfth in his career we have a lot of qualifiers at cited our original idea horse doctor got some momentum. Calls and a car people. There without with all. Hey by the policy. Belichick is on trade though aren't so I don't know why are people. A Russian at under the right I mean we'll be calling you I don't inner ear and not what they get a quality second or third round right. Move it was a second rounder I forget some Dalton was that it. They they Wear on you and other we agree on. Keeping them out of AFC east I think that that they out of it. But I don't think it's time an Israeli that that awful I mean. Breasts that obviously wasn't gonna feel the role of current us anywhere. On. A walk or beyond what we had these vulnerable little gonna get out in a vehicle that celebrate if you want to break. You have to people it's that simple you make it halfway through the year and you know when you get to the entity that it will send out. So now you get rid of significant in the middle not in the nail right on the page but uniting yourself in the on the. So I don't think if they. If they franchise tag garrote all the end of the year they can't get the same second round pick they just got. I'll I'll think so I don't think so I mean. There are involved it's dumb and I yeah I would. Just say this is the that they might neither apparently according to bill and bill said this today to Dylan and in Keefe to holly keeps our. He EE said today in April. If you believe them they weren't entertain the trade talks. So they didn't know what was available they had no idea. What was gonna be available until I guess they called John Lynch on Sunday into Monday because the trade came together in a day. So there was no investigation of what might be there was no investigation of even at the last minute. Let's find the best deal possible is felt like it was San Francisco or or nothing according to all the reports we bread and heard this weekend right. Yes it was over AFC east team to go to. That no I don't think so Oz or talk about that crazy. Thought that you know down the road a year from now or Monica and it was coney Healy NAS and it coney Healy and a third for the patriots second. They process Nevada debate Emmett Wright is they got on third they got a 72. Back they traded 64 it's I don't think those are bad but would you just slide down around to get a player that you wanna in this case you've just got to eight spots he was sixty or 72. Any go to the player now that players don't work out players sucks or whatever the not always suck for you he's he's been OK for the jets leave it made a couple ladies how to win a game. But I we've had trouble or in the year but I am not cannon that was again not a great trade and the I think callers right the beginning. Telecheck has been hit or miss just like every GM is when it comes these traits via I have no problems saying it feels like getting get the most back. For brothel in this case. Many people do they want a conspiracy theories that's why we're here. On sports talk radio rich thank you good stuff they would they'll talk he what tomorrow types earmark that is our rich key for the ideal holing key program here holly had the interview today with the Bill Belichick was an on demand. At WEEI dot com speaking of Bill Belichick act. The win over the weekend not this past weekend and in play last weekend when number 269. Overall. The next winds at a time when an NFL legend patriots coach for the win this weekend at Denver. Get a towel in coach Tom Landry for the third winningest coach in NFL history with two water and seventy. I Don Shula the winningest coach of all time with 37347. George Alice had 324. Get himself tied into third with a win at Denver. I'm getting it done as the coach's team for a long long time getting it done for you with your vehicle. You know by now you want technology wants to I want the 2018. Shabby equinox the equinox has technology. You're gonna love like surround a vision about this this bill featured usually virtual bird's eye view. Other vehicle on the available eight inch screen. Right there on the debt should the eight inch diagonal color touch screen in case this and that before different cameras the standard rear vision camera. Before looking camera on the front grille and one under each side mirror of the vehicle just one of the features you're gonna love the 2018 showed equinox. In stock now affect the Chevy close out in 2000 seventeens. Are going baskets special clothes out pricing on the most popular too that's 6177797937. We're here until. One at football rich les will be here are told and what did you take your phone calls on what you're from Belichick in for Brady today's part of a patriots Monday. It is Mott at night's Sports Radio W media.