Bill Belichick with Dale, Holley and Keefe 09-18-17

Monday, September 18th

We sit down with Patriots head coach Bill Belichick live from Gilette Stadium on a Patriots Monday.  Bill breaks down the win over the Saints, the learning curve for wide receivers, and a full and detailed analysis of some of the technology and communication issues the team faced Sunday and in other weeks.


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It's time talked to the head coach and England patriots Bill Belichick our conversation with a coach. Brought you by Putnam Investments pursuing performance excellence through the power of teamwork. And the head coach joins us here hey bill how are you good there. There's a tornado that hit it right right thanks you have said in the past how hard it is to go on the road and win any time in the National Football League. Not to win in New Orleans tough place to play against a coach that you respect and a great opposing quarterback. How did you rank yesterday's victory for your team. Oh well following Nixon on progress and its improvement from last week I was still a long long ago. Had in the right direction most widgets and cut off to a good start. You know plates and compliment her for people live on third down defensively. Vote him a slot opportunities that you have some big plays and played them very well on the kicking games. And nine penalties and silliness of some some good things and some things that we. We need to we need to improve on Monday to coach but it play. When you prepare for any team we're sure that all of you have challenges that might keep you up a little bit. Let's look at a New Orleans just their stats last year on third down staggering. 40% third down conversions one. How do you counter that to. So what do you think they've had so much so much success over the years offensively particularly on third downs really hard effort here. Right well loan. Again good coaching good quarterback. Good players they're very good skill players and they always have. Select Abel is a good backs on those Gus can convert on third down have a good tight ends. And that a good skilled players good receivers with a B slot receivers. And innocence and be sure that hurt him a little bit here last week this week. They still love that you know very good group their own Coleman. Obviously Thomas. You know Tommy Lee and and little groups so. You know they they scheme you well then make it hard to get the quarterback options. Based on man zone blitz. Whatever you do he has a good use as a pretty good option on the play he usually reads it right and gets into the break. They usually pretty again it himself. Says. All of those things come in the Paula there and and they stay out of law law ordinary situations to I mean we and one couple. Third and fifteens or something like that seventeen someone you know those those it's that hard for him and convert so. You know that you don't have very many options and play well first and second down was optional third. Now closing out the first half you guys are driving didn't have any timeouts and Brady scrambles on the last play and are able to get the the whole field goal unit out there and kick as time expires not a play typically see very often throughout the season. Obviously one that you guys work on in practice what's the biggest challenge would that give it 22 guys have to be on the exact same page there. Yeah pretty much a straight. Well you have to make quick decision but you're gonna do you know. Leave the offense out there on fourth down and try to pick it up in the clock and after that play or you're gonna go in there and picket an and you try to make that decision before. The play if you can. So that's what we did we said that the clocks from an. We don't get a first down we're gonna go with with the no huddle field goal and so once we it's made that call. At the end of the play it and everybody now operated quickly and the guys or on the field in all from us or on go wrong. That with two or three seconds doubles now to. To get done so this isn't a good job both units elephants in them and the few million. It is that's on the super ticker yet I'd discounts you know for awhile but is that something where those guys that so many times you're there a time out maybe opposing coaches trying to iso and they have all day out there this is while we your fly out there and and tickets are clearly that's something he's comfortable. Yeah well let's say those guys were on more than anybody in the snapper the holder in the kicker sojo and and Ryan and Steve work on that by themselves a lot where they run out and it's not just. You know the the kicker but it's the holder getting the right distance from the from the snapper so that the timing is right in the and the the ticker lineup on the holders so you know again the ball's spotted measure run down field sometimes you don't know exactly. What this is communication from the snapper to the well to the holder where the ball is too Ryan and Ryan. To the spot than Steve lines up on the spot men you know we would kind of do countdown sometimes accountants fast than disrupting ticket sometimes it's. More like it was in the game where you have a couple seconds that unity is is not write the final buzzer there yeah a couple seconds to packets them. And you don't want a Russian if you don't have to Russia right so that's. So though those guys spent quite a bit of time on that the main thing for the holder is to make sure that everybody's set. So if we have anybody that's still getting senator Jake went in the stance and whatever week we don't want snap but because then. It. Lose the played half of the overall so. Them was sent them he knows he can let it go after. Or give it another second or two if he has time to make sure that everybody's says the kickers feel. Watching the game it it seemed as though Josh McDaniels and the offense used a wider variety of position groupings than we've seen. We saw a lot of different guys split out wide at different times including James Devlin and others. Was this a week where. The practice week with so crucial because you were throwing it it appeared to be watching. The were throwing more at these guys and even the new wood and a normal week. Well and we usually use quite a few personnel were and so last week we didn't we had to tie ins for the Kansas City game. We had three for this game on but only three receivers this week we have four receivers so we just changed the depth little bit that the tighter receiver numbers but on the backs and they were the same and there was still quite a few. So we he's quite a few Europeans I would say it was dramatically different in practice or the game planning was dramatically different from Afghanistan. Agree that probably was a little bit more not. Not that much. You know Tom Brady was on earlier today talking about the range. Of the offensive playbook the number of plays in there. How do you feel it for a guy like you know cook is in his first year here doorstep just got here and rookies do you feel like you know. It's it's a difficult. Playbook to learn or work what do you say it's. What's your commitment level is to put into it he does come in and get it quickly or think it takes a couple of years. Well I think you can get a certain portion of the there still growth it's safer clearly Chris Hogan. He's a lot more. Oh familiar and reacts a lot quicker things this year than he did last year. Not because he's smarter but just because he has more experience in the system and he's he's done things. Instead of them may be in the first for the second time a year ago on September. Unilateral training camps and OTAs or anything else. You know now this year he's a whole year in those situations that come out wants a tallest men from six or seven times and now he would react to them. And very quickly here or you know Dion lewis' in about a couple of years. You know witness in the system. An additional player like James Boyd who started. It didn't play much his rookie year but played his second and thirty years has quite a bit of experience. Don't worry it'll it'll do a few more things with and the we've done in the past just because. You know he's he's advanced more but. It's it's incremental but I think from your one year two there's a pretty good. There's pretty good jump from those guys. And especially rookies from here one year two there's a bigger jump for those guys because that's. Doctors learn the playbook it's farm pro football it's the end of pro athletes. Training differently it's a lifestyle. How to. How deep can go into the well and felt comfortable with some of these guys for example like you know Josh has been around for awhile Tom. Say hey you know we played Tennessee five years ago we did this or that jets game in 2010. Is that something you you're comfortable doing with them wars just. You wanna keep that momentum because they know it. Yeah everybody else the other players that have been there sure they couldn't you know you could definitely a doctor Robinson a gronkowski your carrier. Remember this is the look we got that he set the jets game and tendon and you know Oakland spore player like raw for com. Julian somebody like that they're alienated they remember that and here's member how we handle that we we did this we did that that'll. Sure the compact on you know you and analysts say that. And cokes for us. He he would call the so that hasn't been around an answer to option on in Manhattan in many coaches and staff were able to do that you know how we can handle this situation in was basically the same thing we saw them. And San Diego back in 2013. Okay so. Be it would do the exact same thing or something similar to it because this is just a little bit different yeah there's definitely some. Such an advantage of an experienced staff on hand players experience that are within your system. You're not gonna have 22 players like that but you know making some your key ones to have them as an example. You know Patrick Chung Harmon defensively guys like that. Well Wilfork or something like that author here's how the block on the play list silence and a couple of years ago then you know that that those guys can handle that that's what makes a great players. Now we found out after the game that you guys Robinson had set issues how often does that happen and and how does that that impact your communication to play college. Console them. Sometimes more than others but it. Very solemn lead author game in either. A press box communication or coach quarterback communication. And empowerment to tablets and all of this'll woman's story in the sense that the communication from press on the sidelines that coat so. And it's it's pretty common. You know did that one of the issues is just you know the rule and so if. Who depend on it's it's complicated set of rules but basically if something happens. During the there's two things can happen there's an equity ruling on an equity rules of equity rolled his son Jeremiah sidelined them. On your sideline has the same fate if if there's not an equity ruled and you just Lewis fuel problem and you live well part of that is whether there's an issue. At the start of the game and console before the game starts. It's a non equity things right. The problems before the game it doesn't happen in events during the game it's tough walk but if that happens before the game. Then that's not tough laws that's it is not right the first place so that kind of changes the ground rules of that so. Yesterday. Was an example of problems before the game which is what happened in the Miami game last year at the end of the season. And then that kind of changes the way that the whole situation gets handled here in the game so. So I talked to them about that before the game. That came up again at halftime which is before the game but it's kind of the same thing it's. Before things really get started in and Kate go on that and that kind of brings things under a little bit of a different. I'm Borough of rules policies. You make are you not to say aren't you know what they have mostly does everything for us. He does a tremendous job done and he's on the Euro you know. Obviously a lot of stress because things happened so quickly and a lot of different components to it there's the receiver in the player's helmet there's. You know the all the technologies. And then you know those in a matter of those connections and then there's the actual. You know. On hardware that's used. And so he does a tremendous job of organizing and making sure that's all right for Austin works and Josh and mad at myself. But the leaf handles all. The other things and there's a lot of equipment that we have that is an art equipment mostly equipment that we don't get until the games so there's no way for us that tested or. Repair everything so. What the functionality of it is he's not sure until you actually get to the game and take case and opened up and start using and of course game day. Unity have a lot of other events going on with marketing him you know the radio TV even though many other frequencies being used and so forth so. It's a lot lot more going on game day dinners she's gotten tested on Saturday afternoon when everything yes sure it's fine but that's that's the stuff that's going on so. That's that you know those are some of the components that go went the from my standpoint it's is that something's wrong before the game that's a different than if something's wrong during the game and it was right at the start again. And so. Felt that needed some clarification but it's it's really. It's really between the teams in the league. Internally. We can control we can control and that's that's rarely an issue and a battery goes dead or something in the that we fix that that's fairly easy the hard part is the is that networking and McConnell offs and so forth. You know social on the coach quarterback is if the button if they click the button and cut you off when you think you're wrong. That's a problem in on so. That's you know that that's just another element of that so let's I just thought that Macintosh and a great job of Hanlon multiple situations that came up over the course of the game minutes are actually before again so. But that it got to work through. Houston Texans come to town this weekend. You practiced with them this summer had some joint workouts together you play them obviously in the playoffs last year. When you're practicing with the team do you get much. Scouting done in that situation does it help you would all that would help them as well but is there any. Eight that you get OK I know what this guy can do now where am I might not known that before that sort of thing. I think it's an animal that will that mean. I think we know what the hunter Hopkins who do I think you know McCain you can do that no one can do I think they know what Fareed you can do gronkowski can do my forties and you know the cuts that state secret so. Again the most important thing in those situations. Or like our practices and in. Greenbrier were. First rule it wasn't a scheme thing it was like let's lineup and play against another good team against the beleaguered group of players and see how our guys play we were trying and a oh run this play against that play because that'll work. You know here's our group plays and they know what they are we know what players are let's see how we execute how we get but fundamentally happily. Improve our hand placement route technique arm every terror you know our our angles how qui you know how we improve those things that's really what those practices were about. You know have a dream up some triple reverse the that they wouldn't be able to stop. You know. It it it I don't think at that point we were ready for that you know that we are just trying to. Teach our EU market players that they just needed to have fundamental work against other good player against the Canadians want against colony against merciless against those guys. To slate. They needed against our guys and you know you get from your own players in the practice I think you'll also it's good again and against and set of players and maybe a little bit different ski itself. I thought that was that was very helpful Austin and the rule they saw us run this play this play before it's you know. That is a big secret they know we have play. But for analysis more about the bigger picture we can sixteen game schedule we're trying to get your team ready or try your players ready we're trying to. Compete against another good football team. That was the benefit for us and so they know we've. In Iran crossing pattern this formation of New Hampshire this scene that played fifty times and. Our bill and I'll start for the coach's job that we got a lot to choose from this week. Brought together Boston area Mercedes-Benz dealer is visit MB USA dot com for your nearest dealer today. You pick kids. The moon. Either between the first one or or or the want to have them. No worry took the last two and a half minutes off the clock and didn't get on the ball that they have the ball coming out of the start of the second half so's this kind of like the you know little like the Kansas City situation where we were ahead in the and they scored for the ethnic affable sort of third quarter. So in this case we got the ball scored in often. And we stopped and the start of the third quarter two. But look first I was a good drive him go seven nothing on the road that's always a good place to start. The vertical third downs and then that Birkhead. You know people want that girl ocean. And an irate areas so. One of those two. We always appreciate your time congratulations on the win we'll talk to next week kartsonas good thank you thanks coach Bill Belichick joining us here on Sports Radio WEEI.