Bill Belichick with Dale, Holley and Keefe - 10-02-17

Monday, October 2nd

We sit down with Patriots head coach Bill Belichick after a week 4 loss to the Panthers at home.


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Back here so let's stadium on a patriots Monday time now to talk to the head coach of the New England Patriots built Pallet Jack. Our conversation with the coaches brought you by Putnam Investments. Pursuing performance excellence through the power of teamwork hi bill how are that it might. As a general rule of thumb bill is it easier to correct mistakes that are physical that a mental. Just as sort of try to fix it every affects men. There's something wrong and entity fix whatever it is you. Turner dress and in the ticker I guess I'm just wondering is if if the guy just makes a mental mistake. Is that more correct to below Casey this is what you did this is what I wanted to do. We can fix that more easily at least it seems that way to me maybe I'm wrong. Then well there's some aid. Hundreds of and thousands of situations that come up them the multiples there are exponential really between. Offensive plays and defense of situations or vice Versa defense of calls an offensive formations and then what can happen after the formation that's but again it's it's an exponential number so. You can fix one thing matters. Still thousands and thousands of things that can come off the so you have to enough. Framework of rules and so forth so. Not on the senate not turn over complicated but it's not just. Well one thing happen. It's a little more little more than enough. There are many players yesterday in the secondary and defense talked about they lack the communication. That led to some problems did you see it that way too did you think that was. One of the major stories or was it. One of one of many things that that went wrong yesterday making. Following news again molest play the game hers. A lot of things that could've happened differently that might change outcome of the game that we'll feel that way every coach and every. Players participate in the game I mean iTunes. And a couple things differently I think we made a difference and sure each player feels that way. At every position they play it ever but it was in the game so. You know in the end we just didn't. Unable to do enough guns. That's when real feel. And in when they talk about communication especially the secondary guys well you know Patrick John's been here for wiles on the surface. Along with Harmon and M accordion and Richards has been here so you look at Gilmore who's new. Is it up to. The guys have been here for awhile to bring him into their way of communicating or is it up to Q awards you. Catch up to where these guys are thinking and for the coaching staff to say RE. We need to meet him where he is or he needs to meet us where we are. Well in the end the most important thing is that everybody's on the same page period so. However. That happens on any play offense defense or special teams play. If all of them people are doing. On the same page on the play then you have a chance Celtics unit. Still to do a lot of things right that if they're on the same page then that's where it starts on. If that's wrong and then the chances of everything else in it accounts it forward. Aren't really in your favor you might get where it was for players to potentially fund. Squeeze got to make sure there but he is on the same page. Honor clearly call it's always the way we think it's all his first priority. And sometimes it breaks down. On that final series where does run defense was very consideration to using timeouts. Forward. Or also were you surprised at all that the Panthers are pretty content was always a pretty long field goal. You know what I'm innocent when taken time out this look like they're just gonna run an honorable and quarterback sneaks and get a closer to them. And a short field goals. Thought at that point the and they were and kick from there than. That are available to look like their freedoms and opportunities that make and complacency pointing. Analyst remarkable quarterback sneaks them. We took that are forty acre field goal. And it. It seems as though as as we watch you've had a couple of pretty mobile quarterbacks in the last couple of weeks. And they have values their legs to make some plays. Were you surprised based on how Carolina had played previously that Cam Newton was as mobile as he was because he hadn't been here of late. Unknown I don't know. It's the most athletic quarterbacks in the league and I think you concede. You know it really I mean the plays that he ran where we're designed place. Experimental pocket wants them and then I pushed him out of bounds he can't a couple of yards and other scramble. Long pass play but a means of the yards any gains were. And on third down and in the red area than. There critical errors. And the piece is a good Volcker good runner good athlete and I don't think that's any secret I don't know search for a as we. We expect them to you know to handle all those situations like he usually goes. We know how is it's a physical game there's no way around that and so you have. Don't miss tackles need to work on your tackling your technique. That's way to do it is to practice it how do you do that this week when you have. Thursday game is that something that you just. Mean you know you're the body is just not gonna be ready I would think until. Wednesday how do you address some of the areas that you saw on the game that you think are problematic in need physical attention. You know I don't think this is going to be a big and physical weakened on the practice field so we had that yesterday. Well again counters does so. Four left. And I think we've we will be able to him talk about the things that we need to improve on. These guys have enough experience in. But we will just won't be able put in the time. An individual here at the moment to work on. But the tenth as nonsensical or and so. It's so it is this week. Is the Thursday game is it is it too quick of a turnaround both for. Preparation on the coaching staff but also just physically recovering of them for the players. You don't miss it. Look I'll schedule again so we just mister show when coach from and to the best I can there so it's. That's my role on an advocate for us that questions. Somebody in the decision making process trauma. Does it seem him as sped up for you guys as it does even even for fans where you just to watch and and they are playing wanted to football what is fair to watch my football actually you know boom that the weakest are already on Thursday does it feel that. Sped up for you guys well. Well right now us as we speak it's it's Thursday night for us so. Where we would normally be on Thursday night we're not even close to there right now. And Tuesday nights Friday night so. We've got a lot of lot of ground to make up. I will consolidate things and and do it as quickly as it can and we're not going to be able to do everything that we would normally do. Oh on a regular week. Will take that things are the most important than a conventional none. Of the team as prepared as we can and they'll put an extra. Time watching film tonight and tomorrow and Wednesday Thursday down during the day in Tampa and will be. Will be an ago. I was pretty sure that it you've just sort of answered it just from a logistical rules perspective. You can have your players in here on Tuesday when you've got to play Thursday right. That's her so you couldn't work with them what you did today already or have today so far already. Can work within tomorrow travel Wednesday in and game on Thursday Credit Suisse four days and months so. You know once a week but it's not right. Like it like his training camp where it's one day per calendar seven days. The regular season will slope to them. When asked about this specific play momentum going your direction seems like. Called me a penalty. On. On Gilmore Gilmore says after the game hey I put my hand in his chest and then it went up to the neck areas sometimes officials call that sometimes they don't. What what would you or or or Matt or even Josh. Boy here don't tell him in that situation that he is he's sound like you're going in the direction of hey I don't know I'm playing aggressive that's where played tellem. Okay they called it that means you can't do it or. What what what it was he being taught that doing what's the best way to teach. Well that you know really depends on the on the situation but I think it was pretty. Clear in that game that they were calling it tight. On and pass in the passing game both offensively and defensively and the tool vehicles and yeah interference call them on rob on the past outfielder wrong so. We knew that they were calm at tight we talk about the and so and don't get his ankle tight you have to. Play a little bit differently and that's not. That's dollars just in its. Holding here than in others look there are a lot of players that are in the gray hairs on plays or marginal it's football. Joseph basketball assign them got a as the first Sharpton organized at the floor and personal foul them. Senators up for Sharon. Fairly seek contact and he's a lines so. If if that's the league is being called them that's when you play. They start you for the LeBron or. I while I say how did this big basketball SA drug house key it seems like the last few years it's almost. Some are Shaquille O'Neal for so many years of both the foul on Shaq is he's just so dominance of physically big. They can he get beat up all the more and wouldn't go to the line as much as he did it seems like it's the same with gronkowski. What are the challenges there because maybe another tired and maybe one who's not so physically imposing. Would draw more penalties but he's getting hit just as much. Well. Manner similar saying whether it is or isn't the case. I don't know we you know we. We have a problem they don't talk raw raw we've talked about situation. Think he understands what you know when he can and can't do not think he really tries to do. Tries to do what's legal and tries not to. Put himself in the situation we're looking call quality doesn't. And doesn't push all citizens try to create space. He tries to defend themselves. And that's what he's been taught to do you think that's what he tries to do sometimes as a career and there. Doesn't really want to go but that's. I think he's done very good job of that the last couple years probably since fifteen past two years of really. In cognizant of what and look he's big strong guy so he. No push somebody it's little different than another as if so. I think overall he's a very good job. It's a tough call we got yesterday. He. He he's really work or two. To avoid those sudden and for the most part here. House I it's my turn now the question of the week I love this part on to bill. Start for the Mercedes been key performers question of the week performance question we brought us. Brought you by the Boston area Mercedes-Benz dealers a 2008 T lineup of Mercedes-Benz SUV is that something like that everyone something for one. Visit your local Mercedes-Benz dealer for attractive lease offers and financing and all asking that question will be about defense you know you're. Defenses since you've been here of no matter who the coordinator has been defenses. Are pretty reliable and uses it a lot of guys running free. Like he did yesterday and you have been. In Kansas City in the Gypsy did you feel like you have. These guys here who can get back to that point defensively. Where we've seen in years past his good solid defense it's. Yeah the roster right now the talent right now to get it done. You know on an anomaly to compare teams to other teams of this insist in the room and or gonna or as far as we can coaches and players to. Played better in all three phases of the game that's our job and so we do every day that's organ so. Hopefully we can improve on offense defense special teams currently in all through the years. That's orderly or tore. Bill we appreciate time as always we'll talk to next week token and it like you aren't their X patriots head coach Bill Belichick joining us here at.