Bill Belichick with Dale, Holley and Keefe 11-13-17

Monday, November 13th

We check in with Bill Belichick live from Colorado to break down the win over the Broncos and preview the Sunday match-up in Mexico against the Raiders.


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More to. On Sports Radio WEEI I'm. It's time for our weekly conversation with the England patriots head coach Bill Belichick our conversation with the coaches front you buy Putnam Investments. Pursuing performance excellence through the power of teamwork and joining us now from Colorado Springs is Bill Belichick take Coachella aria. Don't write that and gone are doing pretty well I remember a year ago we asked Hugh if special teams worth was still a third of the game and it kind of sad unfortunately the way the rules are it probably isn't last night's special teams may have been more than a third of the game for your team. Well those discussed. You know as they always do work really hard in a different picture out for a specific place and this early in the game come up and not focus on get a curtain and play from what from Favre knows. The complicity. Little resistant and under cold crab apple does so. On if it's really rooted. Individual placement and every unit really air control after our return on punt return. Q school now almost all the students contributed forest and was concerned a company. Couple letters football from from all the units you. As you said everybody. You you can look at a lot of phases of the teams he's somebody who made a contribution wondered about. Kyle van noise seems like a versatile player he's got the green dot on the back of his helmet now and I wonder. What goes into that I'm sure there are some intelligent players. So don't necessarily feel comfortable with the green god so we can't just be that what are some of the fact did you consider before. Given that player that responsibility. Well wolf first of all the little little functions of position. Yeah you can't really. It's hard to control things from the perimeter of the field so little. On offense to senator and quarterback recruit to because they control most of the things on offense and and defensively. The middle linebacker to the safety. When somebody that's near so that's via exact position the Soviets near that spot. You can control from the inside out is important here we have a corner. There's just too forward for everybody to be able to. Organize them better communication and so. The position well but other than. You know how a lot of experience sources put it on an awful ones strategist put it. Inside linebacker he's been perfect Castro just further tests coverage. He's. Put multiple positions for that. And heartfelt defense of you'd think cycle lot of things like so he has a really good understanding of the full. Playbook not just. His English and vote because these political positions cut our total work together and he's got a good presence in decision making in his. The problem. We can all trooped on and we can own artwork on the disintegration sometimes. It will look. Some some people or what they're better than others and making quick decisions and they can. The right ones quickly here it's it's very important. This football game when you're male couple seconds at a time to keeping your terrible people aren't. And only a few seconds there before they get a lot of it's not all for the most part so. Could make her decision been taken won't and they can truly wrong decisions so well presence and leadership and communication and decision making those social part of it to him. Problems problems and troubles since. Now Martellus Bennett joins the team late last week and he plays in the game. Last night. He's been very outspoken and critical about the green bay Packers and about their team doctor. Is that something that you have any problem with. Better to answer the question should ask him well. I don't. All right great don't don't don't Mercury. But are you OK with him boy acing his his displeasure it sounds like we're down. There were down I personally look at situations so. They come in on some of the team or some other some of the situation and on the system and it. We're used to seeing Tom Brady. Quick snap and and catch the other team with twelve men on the field I'm not sure the last time I saw punter duet. Was Ryan Allen instructed it or is he instructed regularly. That if he sees that opportunity to snap the ball as quickly as he can. Who usually filled up. The correspondent alternate communication. On the pod came through in about a person protector of personal protector. NATO there are cases. Those the ones who is responsible for organized in the protection and and organize and other parts of the party game dependent on what looked therein would situations where party and whether it's in the gamer. That in this field backed up over they had two people one deeper how many guys are in the box. So forth so I don't. And then that these that it actually between the there are some point when when we're ready to snapple ball in the aggregate number of things involved. And that sort of the snapper for Joseph to. You know they executed snout so. Supposed to go faster some positives or. Or sometimes it's terminal outlook for us to defense is or isn't doing a merger to gain an advantage I don't faster sometimes we can. It's very trusting to take her time on them to go slow market caught in the situation where over. Don't quite have everything except when once so well in that case it and he was able to have recognized the problem. And also now. They're first downforce and just. Work out that we needed to slow on the front Europe's first and countless. Picked. Good opportunity that we capitalized on the button on the Ponte Minnesota where Israeli goes some. You know it's not a part of it too indispensable because that is important at all. Players they're also answered in this case on the Ponte that are pretty certain there is lethal. You know work on and on course cancer. I don't know doesn't want a scrimmage or someone that's. Signal caller. Needs to future. Or quarterback whoever loses its future as if that's. We were really want veterans advocate good joke circumstantial not to do certain things manageable. In an opportunity. On to get your perspective on the brought the Crocs sequence look like he scored a touchdown. They said it it was not. And then you called the timeout and once I love the timeout was called. Did that gives you pause as to whether the whether to challenge or not because there's a chance and it happened that. You would actually lose two timeouts in that situation. Here we did boost this year we get this two timeouts. Well now but what about touchdowns he missed a touchdown and are they even have that and we'll catch you with that touchdown charitable and so. We live in the two and a touchdown. But. You know I had a fairly good look at the Tory because obviously. Far away but I had a complete look at Adam's kind of the same look totally. Up head linesman. Who ruled it incomplete past week we kind of decided one on certain. And those close group broke out of hand under the ball and word trust account accomplished ground you know owns it was a close call. Those. And you know. I don't take time out not because it looked but the challenge for the notes because the play wrong. That we had for the next down in just. As students feel like we're in the right spot on the outside to come out of we. Tickets from outlook to the pluses and its own arsenal based on what. Other coaches with the blues song. But those were challenging. Are certain vernacular flirt and it was probably less than 5050 because. It looked at ruled incomplete sentence and so. It would have taken. Opposite moreover turn it. Really to me like you gotta hand under but it's close calls to in the and the fact that very little bit. Incomplete to serve us probably metals and stay that way this. On the other words probably. Hard to overturn this or that little stretched so. How much you listen to the player I'm sure the player feels like they caught it almost all the time reserve balance between. Then being adamant that they yet they caught he should challenge this or is it more the other communication upstairs. You know washed I've talked to reporters about to fail to understand. You know what is such awareness problem. In India and regardless of what happens on the players coaches and players are challenging someplace aren't so. You know their job is to have it do the best they can't brought rescue deployments ourselves to do but I care in terms of production team and I think thirty. Respect the job to do our respective don't they have to tune. In overcrowded and dust we can have. Liberals are called upon social. But and there's important could be could be reviewed could be overturned boat. Tickets were. So we're challenged so long. You know that the player you know play like you're first. To use talent reported that the games can literature program now truly. And could use some and so again those decisions are coaching decisions player incidence. Yeah I think we all understand that they're but it still on the bus they can't. Could be history and one point or another doesn't it and what are the decisions instantly expensed. Knowing the respect that you have four American servicemen and service women. And and knowing your prior connection to the Naval Academy you've probably got to love the fact that your team is spending the week. At the air force academy you get the the benefit of working out an altitude for another week. But I know how much you probably enjoy the atmosphere and what your your team is going to be able to CNN experience this week. Yeah I'd say it's tremendous opportunity for our our football team. In the country accessible people who are here. There air force academy is. Highly competitive. Institution. It's very difficult to get him very difficult to. Achieve these standards and they require to graduate. A little certainty necessary to reforms so. They do a tremendous job of trading well. Men and women can serve and defend our country. There are hardly schedule. And operating the beat most. Advanced and powerful. Equipment in the world. Missiles at a great display of leadership. It in top physical condition. And perform their jobs so. Two great institutions. Great opportunity for us to work in in that type of an environment. Demands that a fight global performance. On a daily basis. So traumatic most of what. The F bomb. It worked out it worked out we were here for could be here and they've been very. You're forced to edit some very accommodating. To us and provide us with. The things. We fast forward. Hope they work. Operations smoother and other temporary so. It's been a pleasure to work with a woman. We have tremendous amount of respect for the job they do they do it. Looked forward to. Observing it and it just being around. I called me up Thursday. Put out every day. And you mentioned the smoothness of operation you guys have done this before but I'm still wonder what's the biggest challenge of being away from here. Hear your home operation. Won't just sum it all those all the devilish things. That you need to I was smooth operation. So pretty pretty. Reestablish some world salutes. Food transportation. Medical facilities. Videos. Are operation. That some of them. I can see it before it got so that needs to be done. Get rested they'll recover. From it and a distraction for environment so we can concentrate on. The jobs that we have to do. So forth so there's. And so it's pretty good to remove a lot of what people are supplement our players functions for people. And every has a role of Britain is an important job and does. But really it's them. We talked we've talked about it last week. With certain stay in the military. I don't mean to compare the military it's totally different situation but. It is similar in the you know military operation C. Certain people. In the bitter pill or operation you know people littered. Saudi favor them there and whatever they're doing in an engagement. But behind that you have all of these. To support those people who. Fargo there's applause and better food better communication. That are transportation and so forth and so. It and inhabitants much part of an operation has stood as well actually after dividends that enables them to have. Be successful if they have good support something for football team. That you have. Players preferable feel both. There's Porter. All the people in the organization and equipment training video and instant nutrition. So for. Do things for them to help them. Prepare or to. Chickens. Coming out of the way so they don't have too soon to strip to possibly can concentrate on. The job to put it a little slow. Movement between the Colorado for a week and then try wanted to at least. It's been our operations and what people who were prepared her for her to. Make your decisions possible. It's we'll be some challenges of this object will have to work or work rounder will be exactly the way we've. I definitely likable figure purposely do over. I think is sufficiently important sessions console. It was great last night to get on the bus and come down here and get off both gonna that's in both struggled for the super. President for airport. You know alone won't float out of us. So. If you're facing a lot better this morning. And we felt it specialist. Today some. Hopefully it'll focus. They get the Oakland Raiders on Sunday they are four and five of the year where they've won two of their last three what kind of challenges do they present. Voters are fertility. They're explosive back and I can school work. And any time for many in the world field. Defensively Rick. It's power brokers are constructed from a number. This group of letters. Circled back in Irving. Was to serve. Seems like we're talking about the sever weeks. That are that are part of handled. Patterson in the return game is dynamic quarter. And that offensively. You know lynch. That particular. Issue I. We. So it doesn't really matter who it's all there. Expect there to score per person or. Our best offensive football over the post and football so. And there are players potential stickler for them. You know. Capability. The most they've certainly. Given that he and extra opportunities. And they can be reform bill. True. Bill Ellis appreciates time good luck in Mexico City we'll talk to you next week. Art so prepared to risk Michael thank you thanks bill. Patriots head coach Bill Belichick joining us from Colorado Springs.