Bill Belichick with Dale, Holley and Keefe

Tuesday, October 10th

Our weekly sit down with the head coach.   On the Tampa win and the Jets game that is upcoming.


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Talk about a topic patriots coach Bill Belichick that means it's the coaches our coach has brought to buy Massachusetts general hospital cancer senator. Every day amazing Wendy's new giant junior bacon cheeseburger knowing on Buick GMC dealers chippewa boots and Carolina boots. By the northeast men's clinic specializing exclusively in men's sexual health and buy your Boston area Mercedes-Benz. Dealers. Coach Dario. Great and similar responses well I'd respond to the view that people tune in they wanna hear you have to say. I you guys did something that's tough to do in this league short week on the road and and picked an apple went. Yeah it's good to get the win. Down there in Tampa mom and I thought our guys really worked hard all week Baptist. That trip in the game and all look compliment updates on Monday Tuesday Wednesday morning before he left so. You know and on the final play both. Not so we really competed well weakened this says it could hit the winner. I don't we talk review before the season started and you never know what what kind of team you have until. Maybe November or or October five games in do you have a sense of who you are or is that still a work in progress toward. Obama then but their work in progress all year but you know in all more we knew five weeks ago so. There are some things that we've eliminated some things we've had the change some things that we've added and and we'll sell it goes and they did Ozal leave the right things I've only to modify them some doesn't belong to it was a subsidy. Is is that is that period after Thursday. Was that more of let me step away from it and and just get the players some rescuers are more let's go back in. Do you assume is that the self scouting period at all. Just it just to assess. Where you stand after five games. All yes it's definitely assaults going period I mean every weeks a cells can only to be honest with you but we have a couple of extra days that's good to have little more time to do that and last week part of Tampa game there really wasn't a good time for us to adjust much anything you know we're just on the wrong come off of Carolina and on the Tampa so now now we have a little bit of we'll little breathing room this week too as you say it is self scouting. That changes in some weird economic and last week which was in the week to make them. Now's not more or retirement and so. Know some things I think we can I know we can do better will work hard on those at a park are scheduled so forth and trying to make some make some adjustments nice improvements. How to think Stephon Gilmore played on Thursday night. Not our secondary did a good job. Both they'll what they'll play it well. You know we've. Battle on all the way through the end of the game. You know they got a little get a few plays there in fourth quarter but. And overall that we go on for well. Now as ever don't want players when you get new players in here is there ever discussions had about. Not that they don't take football seriously at the fans are great in other cities but we talk about the slot filled in baseball. Is it similar where. If you're from a smaller market maybe there's not as many media members or maybe the fans are quite as vocal as their conversations try to make that adjustment period for some of the new guys here. Well well when we try to do everything we can't mojo with the new players that come to retain their a lot of things at that takes into account relocation on them. Practice and schedules and so forth so. And we we do best weekend to get them acclimated to this new environment so we'll be rookie players that are. Players from other teams in the tunnel where they come from what the situation is it's not the same for all players look. They usually fallen to a couple of categories. Spring training camp mid season so forth so you know we. We have little kind of a program or. Little of the structure for we feel like it is best you can with those new players. He said after the Tampa game that he the first of which trail the number one guy just be a man. And I know you guys don't do everything the same from week to week. If you take that in consideration for player who says art. I'd like to do that does that that toll screw up what you're trying to do what Matt Patricia is trying to do for guys as are most comfortable. Playing man all the time and how do you perceive that information. Well pickle our players. Look we all of individual preferences on and you may play team sports like football and do what's best for the team. And that's that's only do and that's what our players do. Should lose some guys that wanna. And carry the ball more blitz more run more outside rounds more inside rooms that are Islam. And we do the best weekend. Two win games then so we can't take a poll in suitable 53 guys want to him. Check off there wishlists and all. And we have to assume that the team sort of a game plan and try to operate a team salute. In a weakened competitively compete against. Other good teams and what each one of those teams specifically goes well we think they'll try to do against us so so we do. It just a case where some guys look at their preferences their preference. And other cases. May be the guy hasn't been asked to do a certain thing. For four or five years. You get locked into a certain way of doing business and maybe you think he can't do it but you haven't been asked it to as is that your experience do it. Some guys you're asking them to do something that maybe they have been asked to do before. That's very common problem. A lot of us from college. Right off the a lot of those guys don't play in the kicking game because there there. I quote star players in puts things a freshman and sophomores dues so. Than they come here and everybody's involved in the kicking game so. But times that's a big adjustment form but the schemes are different places different certainly the schedule on the and be a professional football players look different in college football player in terms of time demands and how competitive citizen. Not just how competitive it is on the field a competitive of the hole. Processes. Some other a lot of differences between things that guys are used to it. Solemn act on it well although some album. That's harder for. Going back to last Thursday's game Perth another minute the fourth quarter you guys are sixteen to seven and you elected to pin them deep I think it but it and a fifty yard field goal idea attempted that. Was there any consideration to that it going for kick there. The other couple couple those situations. That came up in the game long field goals vs. Ponce verses gone for a fourth down and it was an interesting game the way that the way that unfolded so. There there were there's a number of deciding factors that went and went into those decisions. You know one which was the win this is a crosswind which was a little different than straight on or straight behind you. And I thought made those pixel that more challenge analyst Steve at the ball well then. Knows they can't force the last one obviously but. So yeah there were there were definitely some some. Decisions that were. Weren't obvious you know couple choices. About Crockett who what when was the decision made that you know he would be able to play in that game was at the last minute thing or did he travel. And so it isn't so was it one of those if you give them away in just the process work about where the game. See how he responds and then you make the decision or did not get to that point. Impacts it down there's so. Each situations different. So every player's different every injuries different everything sold at different ages. Take a case by case and when you know you know and if you don't know them. You take as far as you can until you do know or until you have to make a decision so. It's no different than that Israel in the situation you know. If we had known that rob wasn't gonna play then we wouldn't mean there have been no point traveling to Tampa. And put them on a plane and all the just. Too little of them here so who's. That you know went to Thursday's short week in the axis you know you work harder to get back into this wasn't quite there. Now Tom Brady's been sacked. Sixteen times in five games last year it was fit fifteen times in twelve regular season games. Is that play calling is it breakdowns up fraud is that the defense is that you faced as the combination of why do you think that the big increase this year. Oh well I think anytime you start comparing you thirty years or so many variables that. That's that's really part for me to do I think overall so does that. We need to. It'd work on everything you know and passing and his. Timing. And quarterback procedures in the ball on assignments protections to the quarterback enough time. It's up in the right place that fusion of those options so all of us all the info so that when you do a better job all the way across the board. And we can in no way that we can all do better. That's you before about the the talent the slight difference. Between a great team in the NFL and the team that doesn't it it's not a successful. And seems to be just such a thin line you know before the season. You know we all thought the jets some and the jets may not win a game and then there was the patriots be undefeated you know on and on. Is it that does that really exists that you have a team that so called doesn't have a bunch of talent and a team that is head and shoulders. Mortality than and other do you buy that at all in the NFL is that eggs is that exist in any kind of hit any corner of the league. Now I can't thank the team we've ever played that didn't didn't have good talent in NFL talent on. So. Look that's lit set up. Salary cap the same so. He can't really outspend another team for very long you can outspend him for a year to within a catches up with the you can out draft lament what is at the same draft Nixon and teams with a lesser records and our pick so. The are included that players so it's you know it's a very level playing field levels itself out in the feet. Gain an advantage in one area then you know almost have to give it back you know people and so on you know cultural expensive players. That are theoretically the better players than him at some point those bills are gonna come man in and you're gonna have to. Do some abouts and notre so there's what there's good players could coaches. Good teams. In every every week and honestly there are still real bye weeks those occasional play if you plant somebody. Even hear a player. And you're gonna have trouble and that's a very. Very competitively and as we all know two in a moment on the and all that plays a part of its own. A couple bad series workable turnover circuit they collision. And it platform on all. And can't control. When it drives me crazy is there in the have a team that's struggling you say. Hey could this team lose to get Alabama develop policies that are Dave RO or whoever the the top. Five team in a college football is. Is that it can you imagine any scenario like that where I a team of eighteen to 22 year rolls no matter how talented they are good command and actually compete we've grown men in the open and professional football. Well I think the reality is if you looked at that entire team there's only. A handful but he and real good team. You know. You get at the double digit the guys that would even. Played endlessly not let it to a camp but you know legitimate players or about the 2001 Miami Hurricanes but I would say it might want -- that he was absolutely stacked card yeah upload and New Hampshire it you know they've won out here or there but I mean overall it's. You look at the entire college team and how many camera actually. Gonna play in the NFL. Votes. In a comparable team. Now jets are coming up on Sunday they are one of the surprise teams in the league at three into it deals with three to you guys are 32. With some of the challenges that the jets present. Both just virtual do great job of not turning the ball over play good defense and do a lot of points. And make you work for everything there. Though it a lot of penalties. Turn a ball over it and go Olympic plays so. You know after the immovable. And throw a lot of consecutive plays together. You can't make mistakes against them kill them if they form. And receptions to Ulster fumbles. Things like that they avert a field goal kicker. So live one couple close games with. The ovals so. Got a lot of lot of ways to win close games. You mentioned penalties we didn't bring this up before the to the question of the week. In the in the Tampa game were back to back penalties. On special teams and just wondering how do you keep your composure. During those situations and not. Pulling your hair out or pull somebody else's after that that that must just get on your last an hour. Well we have the same thing in. The vote instant camera back so. You know we had too many panels period offensively defensively specialties is that too many penalties and so. Didn't do much better job two coaches that are players to be more. Cognizant of the calls in and Parcells and death situations. Now we can't we can't keep you know given away the origin opportunities that were you when the penalties so it's so higher. The areas that we targeted that we need to improve. I've got a hard hitting Mercedes then key performance question of the week for you. How apple picking personal pictures and I was apple ticket for you that's the question of the got a quite clearly a question I was apple McCain and I do you have any apple picking tips for those who were. Gonna go in the next couple weeks. Created great time here and both of them harmful knowing one's. And then they're out there whose problem. With that you have some form a. It apple a couple of baskets full of apples. And apples grapes and all. Thought bigger great question my best big question that's the question of the league and that's what Mercedes and keep performance personally.