Bill Belichick on DHK "by the rule, I don't think he had one foot in" 12-26-17

Tuesday, December 26th

Bill Belichick makes his weekly appearance on DHK. 


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Let's start with the media group written and allow you to address that there are multiple media reports that James Harrison is visiting at Gillette Stadium today do you care to respond to that. Don't know we have announcements will welcome them when they're firm. I am I can't patent and not even uniting in confirming that he's visiting here today and right that's okay. Let's let's go back to what happened here on not on Sunday that with a win against the Buffalo Bills because I'm gonna be honestly I looked at it. Thirty times you probably looked at it fifty times. I'm still confused why they took the touchdown away from Kelvin Benjamin do you think ultimately Alberto river on in the league office got that call correct. Yes and they get possession little you didn't because I I I guess I didn't see any. Incontrovertible evidence that that that was the case that was the part that that confused me yes. Well I think there are couple replay is that it's hard to tell the one that should that's facing him. Where it falls of the ball not sure they go conflict. So you think they got it right. It didn't have to nuclear possession of the ball he ballplayer when he found a gain possession of the ball. Again I'm not sure that it won't announce tech. 00 touchy about about rules. On the field because it seems like you know every week you know that the Pittsburgh game. Would survive in the grounds pretty basic. Last week. Or Sunday against buffalo and in many cases. Where something has come up in his cause a controversy at least around the country and not necessarily their team but around the country. How much time did you spend and he spent a lot of time situation football with your team but just in terms of classroom. Of talking about the rules with your team is there a way of saying. Now 20% of the time is it more training camp the regular season how much time do you guys been talking about. They're talking bet on a regular basis but that though I couldn't say that there's X amount of time. Schedule on regular. Every this day or read that day in vote. We. Yes we we definitely covered we certainly covered in training camp on recovery in the spring when our. Rookies command because there are a lot of rules and I felt that different from college so that's number one does that make those changes. We talk about the new rules with the team wants those rules are well established. Sometimes listen springs and Hudson training camps and aunts both. As your goes along we talk about rules situations as they come up with a new rules not just to refresh from. We go over his coaching staffs and returned sent about the rules and that's an ongoing process you're never leave there's always something else because there are some money. Rules and timing procedures. And things like. Just good. Stood when everybody knows that that's Asia along. Time where you think it's this one person X is this one person thinks that after a fund and in the meantime was that congress have Burgess knows what it is in the first place. And that that's more for us that way. I was gonna ask you that broke about thirty seconds ago or a minute ago. Seemed out of college. Is it your sense that guys coming out of college they're knowledge level of NFL rules is. Pretty minimal because and it's just a completely different game or do you find that some of these guys coming out of college there. Pretty up on it they know they're going to the next level and kind of get the differences between the college game NFL game. Well when you're talking about a number of players that were. Coming in this discussion that it and the whole spectrum. Some players are word of some players are summer players are aware of things that are specific to their particular position. So it was votes it would depend on the player vote and it doesn't really matter. Problem it's a good against good review for everybody even if you if a player does kinda know little rules that doesn't would hurt incidence there and listened to. Those points given to everybody. And go to them and solicit for myself and a member of the coaches. We talk about the rules on a regular basis alone. And it's good even if you know what to just. Haven't confirmed that you know that's right and it's it's exactly where follows then as did hear that again this. Discussion more confirmation. And Benjamin played did you get the sense that your guys. Good I saw I Gilmore immediately. Definitely it's no good not a lot of guys do that because they want it to be true he's not necessarily true but did you get a sense that. As a review was going on was there any conversation on silent about hey. He didn't have possession or I'd I don't know he got his feet down or anything like that where guys on top of it from what you can understand what you get here on that play. Well it's really that's really out of our hands once we've made the challenge them it's their decision. It's that doesn't really matter what we think. At that point it's just moving on to whatever the next play is that it's complete will the ball compact to the situation defects complete them. Well the situation in this isn't it touchdown and then we're thinking about our field goal welcome rush team where the kickoff return thing about offensive plays. That's an incomplete pass than in the new down and distance situation that. And present itself for the defense and and how much time was left for wasn't left so. We're really did we we really need to move on to exploit boat out to say on all those views that I saw from behind. Who look like my America shall we might have both feet down I thought the the view from. Benjamin. Facing the camera. Show that by the time he gained possession of the ball. There. To me he has beaten. I've heard a description of Dion Lewis says he might be short but he isn't small. He's also one of the best in the National Football League in terms of yards after initial contact. What makes him so hard to bring down for opposing defenses. Or as strong as good vision is good balance he answer that while plans at an all of them. Specter play instruments you've had some some shorter. Running backs over the course of your career right back to Dave make it and Kevin Faulk was not young not a huge guy. And is there a common thread between those types of players for you do you think over the years. Well I think if you look around. We'll around the league you see a lot of running backs in the thought 510 range 510511. Right into yes probably the most common. Height of those so a couple inches taller a couple of sure don't think it's that for the norm. We think they'll all run doctor 62 actually got it's wrong. So. But if you think their 62 and then it's fun non and that seemed to forget. About 510 and five iron. There. Fighting it in on dissent and it's it's not. That's always standard is written for me notes than normal of that positions. Straight around probably 510 down. Marquis flowers had a a team high ten tackles for you on Sunday a career high two and a half sacks. What exactly about mark pieces game do you think fits in so well with what you guys are doing defensively. Ortiz has worked our force and and we've asked him do some different things and he's continued to try to. You know I understand the defense the work on the techniques and the reason responsibilities within those Paulson as defensive as the this chance to play. And was federal structured game did a great job force. On a number of plays when. He played well in space he tackled well you eat that good awareness. Good leverage a number dropped so. Has an opportunity and he did a lot with the. I'm not sure training camp when you put your quarterbacks are three quarterbacks. You set yourself all three of these guys will be starting for teams. And the National Football League we get to December but that's the case right now obviously Brady percent. And then Jimmy ground below and and you've got plenty to worry about but do you. How do you have you found yourself following Rob Lowe and his four starts in San Francisco and if so what what you thought of the way he's playing. Oh I'm happy for this successfully says you know welcome. A cherry worked hard to Kobe were pertinent both on the opportunity and we have another good quarterback here with Bryant has been working very hard and has done a great job for us and opportunities that these. Opposite laws on the practice. He's an operational force nurse. But there have been fortunate. And it's so we got the opportunity. And I think surprising that they're Jimmie is doing or. What what he's shown so far and like I never really study and then watch them practice so scorers. It's it is it's. Rob Gronkowski said after the game on Sunday. His hometown team the Buffalo Bills passed on to opportunities to draft him and he's never forgotten that. Sometimes you don't know what fuels a player but he looked like he had some fuel on it whenever he plays the Buffalo Bills. Bershard there metrics remain on the touchdown was. You see a lot of good coaches in this league and we seem all make our great coaches that that ball to us. When at least homestand you think it's gone out of bounds Scotland or bowel wall somewhere. Those great coach and most that was thrown. Obviously in a way that only rob could get it and thought got to probably only has -- could get so. You know it's a terrific well. He said a couple of those over the last couple of weeks that that one down on a shoe tops. A week ago you know eat you think McDyess 67 making that catch that shouldn't be possible. And he makes some of those cookies and heroes those. You know so rob Roz may at some tremendous plays great concentration date hands and and it was a six and a half let us assume that doesn't quite look like it's there but then when it when he needs to make the play it is there's. There's been very impressed. We've talked about is receiving end as apparatuses and he's got over it almost seventy catches over a thousand yards. How about a mess as a blocker how would you describe is his blocking style and his blocking consistent. Iraq is tough kid he likes to walk and stick it straight these jobs ago that line which is a key at that position to deal with the defensive and so. Outside linebackers that played well so he's got long arms he's got it for him. While some he liked to walk in place to stick it in there. Created good Boston and we've got some good plays that he has its roots and it plays on incited to worst on the force. Don't take it up inside so. So it's a tough position to play there are a lot of we see a lot of nickel defense as we see a lot of different there are a lot of different looks on the it's does. You know switch spots inside outside in the stack and then this and nausea and who's out and lose and then. You know just usually blocking and one guys who usually. Fullback and tight pander to tie it and two titans an attack or tight end and tackle block in two for two or three factory. And it's sort out those guys and get them blocked. Not just line up and block and one guy and problem. He may 01 front of the things that cut loose and we are currently that game three for three or two for two or whatever combination is so. In the a lot of tough looks over there sometimes the players ever. To Ursula Oscars there from a skirmish four or 56 or some line of scrimmage at what point do you leave on screws to go get them at what point do you. Stay on the on the Dallas scrimmage and let that the guy go so there there are a lot of judgments and decisions tonight there. While rob and Dwyane. Hollister changed though one company cam. Marcus were tackle those guys there's there are a lot of things to work it probably is which of those he's football Smart he. He knows. And instinctively. Clue who we heat who we need to get with a dangerous guys or you know based on what are what the play is how to get that done. They're just hearing you describe it it's kind of speaks to the sophistication of the pro. Since that's the sophistication of the pro passing game vs. Most college programs or maybe even all college programs. And that there must be difficult to project. You see an athlete like gronkowski was well regarded at a high school and he would have been a first round pick clearly if he had had the injury. Arizona. But is that hard to see even with that talent is it hard to say this guy with dollars talents going to be able to make this jump. So completely different world and different realm of the pro passing game. Well but I don't think he saw that in college sought I don't know he would have first round make a thirty passes well. A lot in the acknowledged expert as. So. How's the was very so it's. Sometimes a player like that you've got to. There's more there than what you see sometimes what you see is this what you get but sometimes there's more there and picked again one of things with rob that's impressive is how hard he works. How much he loves football and how willing he has to do whatever it takes. To help the team to have successful plane first went so. Those are all things that they're not all equal but when somebody has some some asthma high level rob those. Combined with talent combined with toughness combined with an instinctive so. I'll play which can you didn't see it in college he played a little loose freshman and it decent sophomore year. The acquittals that sooner. It was there's a lot of guys a little more production in the college. But the government have more production he said it felt so. Final question from me between injury and illness your offensive line's been in a bit of a state of flux here over the last few weeks and only sold there was a question mark evidently ran up until game. Until the game on Sunday how did you think your offensive line perform against buffalo against the bills here on Sunday. Well I thought we are moments of this the whole game was kind of a tale of two house them. Got off to a slow start offensively and and it up with thirteen points but gave away sudden wasn't a great first. Was very first level of defense either. Even though we kept them out of the end zone we play a lot of plays scared blah third downs. Second half would be. Started fast offensively. Got off the field on third down fumble back for office on defense. Score again. Recently had a significantly so. And like what to do some of those things you are a little bit more or a little bit sooner. We had our moments were times when we've we've blocked well my pass protected well in a lot of pressure on quarterback. Running game was. At times good times. Just okay. So. There are enough good things to win but certainly things we can improve on to better. Actually coach photos situations that came up. It's that we didn't have coached well enough and new players to kind of what they're supposed to do just didn't quite have. Set up. The the best way couple that we worked a couple of those things on the more production later games. Thought they does a great job with a group throw as well prepared they they play hard they play good communication play together and who sits before it was solid. Our bill now it's time for the Mercedes-Benz keep performance question of the week I think we should give it a Christmas thing and have some fun. Best Christmas present you've given or the best one you've received you take your notebook. Learn let's talk for a. Those that do research on the I mean they're all Corey you know. Justice. Just as in the killing. It's always nice to receive. Things that you are so they were bought yourself. Your football coaches and everybody give you football gets here. I think I got probably most of the football stuff he's had a heck a that are got that covered most of the car and did you ever did you get that you know since two minutes ago no timeouts did you get it done. I had to get it done. Just like and as a scramble defenseless animal vote. Now we. There's the commercial guys that's what guys do. All I know the feeling I can't do that to 23 and you see all these guys to understand and around about trying to come and get that look on their face right. Help me please don't have any gifts I gotta get it done before tomorrow. They I think American thing and you revolve and then they crippled and then.