Bill Belichick "it's not in my control. ... very open line of communication. We will see how it plays out."  on his coaches interviewing for head coaching vacancies

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, January 2nd

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick joins the show to discuss why he wore shorts and a t-shirt in less than 10 degree weather, what the team had to deal with the cold weather, how the team performed during the regular season, how they will prepare for one of three teams, and he does into detail about his coaching staff from Cleveland and how successful they have been.


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Bill joins us on the line right now hey bill how are. Michael are gone to a grade girl happy to hear new year to you thank you all up in here may. Change. Now I respected I I think you're great coach but. Hell you do and out there in shorts and a short sleeved shirt on Sunday. Are. I saw that picture and I thought man who's that guy tough or you didn't. Well I'll talk about that gonna gain Internet. Just. Kind of check out in addition we have. A little. No short meeting people wait. Go out before the game and just. Make sure we're on the same page on some of the things that might come up during the game from that standpoint. No big deal. I was gonna ask you about the the temperature from a different standpoint. We we know how cold that playoff game was years ago against the titans who think they get let's start without windchill was four degrees wind chill minus something or the other. That you guys are able to win again here to practice in those temperatures to what advantages. Do you get if any. Of a practicing. In these types of conditions. Mortgages that you saw. That's how wonder if he'd ever get used to and I'm I was looking at guys out on that field I was watching you on the sideline. I mean I grew up in Maine for crying out loud I don't think I ever get used to it but I I guess the. I'd say that I mean there's so. But the skill players. Is throwing hard all your catching a hard all your -- a hard ball. Help or you can throw. Them. In the return game. The ball looked at traveled far so. Adjusting your blocking based on. Coverage was. Sent saying just. It that just a little bit different things little bit of getting used to. And for those of his skill players. You know for the other guys. They just get used to that compact than in cooler temperatures. Not saying it feels good voters. Perfect or anything but it. That's an adjustment and so they're gonna go to training camp and going out there every day and illness what dripping off it before we're even and the stretching. Our practice and just a different feeling that at some point your body just to him. Do that and in some fashion not saying pull your own comfort but you started that sooner than. You kind of get used to it. Are you got a lot more experience than many of your players and just in these conditions and seen them. Do you have a conversation with them. About the conditions or is it just hey you got to live and learn you experience that you'll figure it out on your own audio approaches. No we definitely thought about it. We talk about. Think you do want to thank you don't wanna do how it affects the game. But those are all. Secondary so the team you're playing an end. That got called happier playing against problem. You can use some of those. Some knowledge of the tradition here and it surely you can't believe he's still got up. Does that play against your opponent so. And don't. Like it at the ball a little bit. Take a look at. The wind and how it affects your shot then I wanna hit those thought that a good job. As the wind got mega carriers are gonna push it isn't going to be that. You mean make that adjustment needs rather take. Into consideration and compensate and the quality selector the way you hit it but. They're good they're good ball and still got to play good football as does that play good fundamentals but there are some things on the they elements. Wolf. Change change things a little bit. And whether it's rain snow putting. Things like that taken effect. The players more. That's my other things that'll position I play in what what it is bar. Miles thanks for everybody by any means. The billion also have a lot of experience the patriots do in having people interested in your employees. Now we know that you've you've lost that two coordinators at the same time at the end of the 2004 season and Charlie Weis and Romeo crow now. Lots of stories about Josh McDaniels and nmap pitchers that gaining are garnering interest from a number of teams. Do you look at it differently now that you did back then I mean you. You know it's at this time a year teams come calling do you do you take a different approach in 2000. Eighteen now than you did in say 20042005. Well I think every year's different every situation a little bit different now know that. 82 years this thing. But there com we'll read as you noted so. That's fit. Really it is not in my control. Not talked the people that are involved in we've got a very open mind communication. And bodies at first trying to come up close and quite awhile now on both. They could have found. Not. I think I can control. If members of your staff came to you seeking advice would you feel free to give it to them. Yeah been there we've we've talked about. All things over the overall long period of time. This is it something that just suddenly happened. That we haven't experienced this yourself. We've we've got a lot conversations and and those conversations or remain private between myself and the parties involved. Now that you've had the sixteen game regular season Tenet took a look back on and assess. How do you look at your team in terms of coach ability effort. You've you've clinched the first overall seed in the AFC obviously won the division is well how do you assess the regular season for your team at this point. Well there's things we need. The wool work on the that we wanted to try to improve. And that'll come weren't focused on we know who our next opponent is although there there are some things we can work on Rivera also that we fight. But really at this point the first sixteen game in only a matter much. Fumble for a long time ago parents opponents that. Are going to be at backers. Don't forward so although we can do. In the days and we get at so that's really cool focused on how to make most of the time we have available opportunities. We have to prepare and and prove it ain't so we can. How are best in next Saturday night at the goal this the player but football game of the year and a Saturday night. Just hit on something I want a follow up on how did you do that you don't have full an opponent could be one of three teams. So what's this week like in terms of of preparation what what exactly are you are you doing since he can't focus on what opponents. Doing things that are are good for the killing of pictures. It doesn't matter who we play. Are. Execution and timing. Own. Awareness. Different play situations. All of the it will war from those things that amount no matter who we play on. Good execution good timing. Good fundamentals. And situation awareness and on that won't want to do than in certain situations one execute particular. I think in those situations. Both those will serve us well it is if and when they come up and we'll work on things that have definitely come out. On the owls and certain plays not every situation but wolf purpose situation. We can prepare for they come out hopefully we'll LSU on that car. James Harrison had a short week of work with your team to get ready to play game on Sunday. How did you think his workweek went in his performance for you on Sunday. Jake work extremely hard and very conscientious and very professional. He. Works hard to get information. And understand what his job this and I need to do it. Obviously a lot of new terminology. In. Differences from the system that he played in but. Saying. Worked hard with that. Those changes and but each day got better form on the rockets feel. Calm. And that he. Play competitively in the game. He made some plays that that helped us. The bank when he. Potion that are on makes very understands and well thought. On balance sheet he helped us and just keep going they'll double crosses. Bill now is time for the Mercedes-Benz key performance question of the week RD asked about the temperatures and how it's. How is difficult for some players or maybe all players operate those conditions that you had on Sunday against the jets. Particularly the specialist. What did you think of all of Ryan Allen and his cows he. And and that weather on Sunday. I thought it was good although and Joseph and Danny handles the pomp and beyond the call. They all. They all did a good job of handle those situations. And the conditions were weren't easy again I think troubled players are virtual ethnic or are these conditions on Thursday were. Harder than they were in the game on Sunday. That was so hard on Sunday. And but the actual concentration. No turnovers. Good ball handling and good execution on our our pick. In those conditions. You've got to get it is vessels is being run a lot of credit. What was an easy day care that they they pick well. Ryan fit well into the wind kick well what went. Wrong. The ball well fifty situationally. Soviet get a lot of good. More opportunities and we want to have let me. You did well. Final question from me the national collegiate football semifinals were yesterday. I'm guessing at some point he had a chance that to dip in and watch a little bit of it. I was curious are there interest is here Nick Saban talked about how much his association and friendship with you. Has helped shape his coaching career. Do you feel like he's a guy who has. In some respects kind of patterned the way you approach the job as well. Well. And. Very gracious comment that they may but. I think I probably learn as much or more from nick then. Then he hit a major in our four years and Cleveland and all throughout our relationship. And that's a tremendous football coach. He's. Strong in every area. At all preparation on field coaching motivation. Strategy. The very aggressive. I think current football and totally understand every facet of the game from the nose guard the free safety. In total honor so. Alone peace these a great friend. The coach that tremendous admiration and respect or always have. And learn a great deal from. All. Observing him coach and for years to the Cleveland but in our conversations and in our meeting and so forth that we've sat through the years Susan. And on a daily basis while with the browns next. There's there's a tremendous though the tremendous job and the fundamentals that are in the principles that he uses and again those different aspects the coaching. Are all very good. And does it does an outstanding. Mind of an outstanding way. Leadership. Which we've seen that. Also many times throughout the course is career. And so many different ways but his leadership is it is. Motivation. This heinous coaches players and the ability to adapt to change and see the game at that need to be seen at that moment or for that particular week or that particular situation is. On the scooters as anybody other better around. So happy for nick com. And obviously is a great great day for football yesterday looked. The road alone. Notre Dame game and carried out of the water. South Carolina game wasn't another very competitive games is a lot of great all gained a lot of great football players and coaches and great competition. So. I get to see all of the other what I did say he was. Pretty exciting day so that's great great great football fan to competition on field. I'm not my last question for you wanna go back to something you said you know those browns days what do staff from into the head coaching have. Nick Saban as a defensive coordinator did you ever think. At this point he's saying now man there's no question this guy. Is going to be as head coach somewhere did you did you see that very early. The greatness of Saban. Absolutely. Absent and nick nick heard about it coach is that coach Toledo. When I hired him Cleveland. And then. Nudity and the coordinator Michigan State before that. On. And nick nick has great leadership and great ability to. Motivate each. And strategize. In football. But as you said that that. Pat Hill and it had a great career as a coach at Fresno. Kirk terms still the by eight prized record and I loved so we'll have that next year that he's had a tremendous career. Just. All right now maligned got O'Brien and then what are the great coach he was. Home. And other coaches that you know I've had great success as well. Pick a burning engine base. Would he lie and offer. It Vanderbilt. Down power went to Vanderbilt don't. Mean all all their coaches Kevin Spencer had made great career. As special teams fortunately for a couple decades. And that Dudley accountable. Scouting staff will roll off the end. Michael Marty. And bomb. Cocaine or Phil savage. Almost in the draw upon. On the nearly mean does it went on that tremendous careers and it's Alan Scott Pioli. All started there are so there was. Also thought great it's there but. For a lot of good people. That. All had really good futures and it certainly isn't surprising to me at all. The success that they've had sailed all the people. Nick would legally surprising. I think anybody that was there with their. Salt. Greatness as a coach. Alone. I want all figured I doubt about that. Bill we appreciates time is always congratulations on nine getting the first seed in the AF CN double talk to again next week. Oh thank you. Is there that is patriots head coach Bill Belichick joining us here on Sports Radio 6177797937. Is telephone number. I even text deceptive like a 37937. Will get.