Bill Belichick joins DHK -  “That is absolutely not true”on meeting with Roger Goodell last week. 1-8-17

Monday, January 8th

Bill Belichick opens up and responses to the Seth Wickersham article. Bill goes into detail on his current relationship with Robert Kraft and Tom Brady. Bill also addresses the rumors of his meeting with Roger Goodell last week, and his thoughts on the match up with the Tennessee Titans.


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It is time to talk with a head coach of the New England Patriots Bill Belichick our conversation with the coach has brought you by Putnam Investments pursuing performance excellence. The power of team work. Patriots head coach Bill Belichick joins us here at our to let stadium studios had Hillary of good fit into a profit and good to see it that. I'm gonna start with a of what seems like a weird question but I'd rather ask you directly rather than refer to press reports that you mammary and out of of red. How would you describe your relationship with Robert Kraft and Tom Brady. Great. Eighteen years to Tomlin. Eighteen plus 122 Robert. And very. The show and Roberts. On trade opportunities in his support. Then. Been pretty lucky if Thomas quarterback for. Those eighteen years plan for seventeen. Eighteen and you know pizza. Great player coach and Dunlop for the steam. Does and you tell me personally so. Their relationship with with both Grover and Tom. And I'll throw in there since it was part of the article manipulative vigorous ship without extra. As is Robert feel as Robert ever told you to make a trade that you didn't wanna I wanna make. You know we've never done that we've. We talk about things organizational and make organizational decisions. Now that you in the conference call earlier today that you that he had not read the article and then it Raddatz and then now. I'm just here so but there's a joint statement and go on Friday between you and Robert and Tom together. There's a lot of things that were inaccurate. In its multiple articles as well so was it why did you feel. You know put yourself part of a joint statement even that yet not read the article that points well I'd. Was informed of some of the things that we're in the article so. Based on you know some quotes and some things that were out pointed out. Yeah. That was absolutely error ma felt or inaccurate and I'm 100%. With Robert and tone in that statement. 100% I think it's probably surprised some people would you say your relationship with Alex Guerrero has been great. Over the the past several years as well because the inference from some people is that that's not the case at all. Yeah. But I agree. Yeah and I think we're talking about some a lot of inaccuracies here. I respect Alex and I think and I think evident professional relationship with a and I can't speak for him but I think you to listen to. So that that changes with Alex. What what would how would you characterize the changes in his status in terms of being in the building. It if your relationship with them is great. Why the changes. Well we have we have relationships a lot of people alone in the medical area. Lots of consultants loss of people that are specialists lets people do many different things and so we try to have low working relationships with the down. Multiple individuals multiple groups. In multiple areas and try to structure of those who does it can. Are very are you planning to coax the New England Patriots in 2018. Down. Missouri the itty itty talk about your. Your status and and and it according to the story and no one of the quotes was that you told friends left the impression with some friends that the current dynamic. Was unsustainable. And that if you were told to make it. Once again a terrorist plot all the individual you know none of those statements nurtured it will any below their own just anonymous quotes and so. And I need to give credibility to those anonymous quotes color blind him. No one more thing there was a as a statement in there that you had. You are good friends with Roger Goodell when he met with him last week is that true and. That's absolutely not true lies Thomas Sowell the commissioner was before game. On against Oakland in Mexico City he was on silent and asylum for the games in which to each other well let's let's listen. What's your relationship like them. Well it's again he's he's the commissioner. Certainly there's. Among coaches commission that we know that now with the kind of relationship that is so. But as far as saying hello to you talking to him a kind of thing that. Seen him last week I'm not in good friends I think was the term put in there. You said no then I'm not. Cannot I don't know what that means but again I'm not an I'm not congress applauded each individual. Anonymous quote. Some and put their name on something and talk about it coming out I would consider that. For every anonymous opinion quote that's out there on I don't feel obligated to reply to all those. That means it's interesting though the story says you know your relations with Kraft does not. Is not great and telecheck. In Belichick and Brady and relationship not great you say it is breaking his craft it is we've Guerrero. Story says you that we could go. He says he didn't. So. If would you say this story is. Maybe it's not a few inaccuracies were Jews say based on what we've talked about today would you say it's wholly inaccurate. Again I haven't read the story. In on number the points votes certainly aren't accurate. I'm not gonna again I'm not gonna acknowledged a point by point. Discussions of all the things that are anonymously attributed to nobody. And our random opinions that are unsubstantiated. So again if we wanted to do something has some credibility to a and that's that's one thing. I don't see that. Do you have an opinion on why it appears that there are certain media outlets I don't even suggested this one just in general. Seem to wanted to try to shoot holes in what you guys have done down here. Yeah again and I can't really worry about what everybody else thanks horror what everybody's opinions are there are some good ones are that means people like as people. Criticizes its own. People think on the good coach some people think of a bit so. I can't really control that I'm only care about atlas one of the dust that I camp our team our team be successful. That's what's important committee. And what others opinions are there. That's influence and has not. Not that high on my list with time molesters. Do a good job for Robert his family heritage of four tall man all of his teammates everybody on the team the coaching staff. And that's who I feel committed to an obligated to announce who don't wanna. On charter responsive. With all due respect to. There's one that's what's what's your assessment of the play of your forty year old quarterback over the course of this season. Well I think that's. You know some you could really. And don't throw they loop around our whole team on we got a lot of good good moments with a good record problem. And there are some things it could have been better. On all from all those coaches players and individual players different units coaching staff. But really none of that matters right now. What matters how we do on Saturday night and the next competition and so. We're in one game season and we're gonna put everything we have into the season. And to those that we can go and we have coming up that's true that's about the. Is it easier to do if you don't the criticism is it easier to deal with the people say Belichick. Whether it's you know trading Drew Bledsoe years ago Richard Seymour or you know for them to the easier to deal with those opinions as opposed to. A story where you felt like this is not based on something that happened this is based on. Unnamed sources speculation is that more damaging do you feel like you have to. Take those on because not just opinions it is something that possibly that that narrative is allowed to continue to damage some relationships. Want to with the relationships are don't think echoes a good relationships going to be damage. Well anonymous opinions and that's. Look this is the first time that's ever happened. Thought that's way a lot of things are reported these days. So. And as good as I can't control not in the news business saw him on the coach. My charges best job that I can for team that's room focuses mattresses. Are so there's some good that some. Now. We will as collectively we've been a statement that. I know with the strengthen our relationship is between myself robber in palm those have been addressed that Alex since he was also brought into this equations so. I'll feel a need to respond to any further than that the announcement. Have you seen a change in Holland and how the league in how the teams are are covered in the sense that those general Michael Lewis and where you don't. It's gone beyond the x.s and knows what you do on third down and and things like that into more of the soap opera angles where it's off the field what's your relationship like with this personal relation but this person. Is that new word this year or is that sort of been trickling into the game for awhile. I think it's a come from Long Island and I have talked to people about that and tonight at the same excuses from the media people live bailed him descent excuses that this is what. We have to do. Whether it's their boss of them wouldn't the network is over. Now that's what the competition's doing and so that we have to do so and I like it all those excuses for why is this way. It's never their fault. You know week after this the way we after reported that these are the questions that we have to ask so. You know you doesn't northern Iowa on them. You have preached for a long time to your players about you know put the blinders on put your head down doing your job and worrying about the game that has to be played this week. Do you think your team has handled outside distractions pretty well so far. Well again they're doesn't really matter what happened last year last week or last month there last anything. What matters is what what we do this week that's a tendencies so. Apps that is some good some bad things some things there could have been better something's been that works well whatever they were there were told the books its history so. We're talking about this week this game against but it doesn't. That's where focuses. Aggressive violations. Do it every won't with the man appear that doesn't matter. Mean look at teams that Little League in scoring this year. And part time scorer in the playoffs season than a lot of playoff game instant win and play analyst and a and an uplift in a long time. Tennessee had been nine years came back in the fourth quarter came back from point 13 months ago. You can talk about whatever you want to talk about the past and how important is on the thing that matters at all. And that's as much and. You've got a guy and John Robinson who built Tennessee and he he he was here for a dozen years. I know what would you say about him in and that it do you see any reflection of Robinson in this team right now. What date on did a great job offer let's here in the personal apartment integration of the culture of all the players that are on this team. He. Some role in in getting them on this team as is that a Tennessee. And I'm sure that between. And so often. His staff and coach Malarkey and on the other coaches that are involved parties. He's put together a good football team down there and they. And they really want to play off games they have they have to win last regular season game now which they did qualify in the in the on this week. In Kansas City. So that shows some toughness and resiliency some ability to play under pressure. And compete and they've done a good job. And he certainly deserves his share of the credit goes to the players as do. As for the coaching staff mom. All the people involvement assault team effort if no one person that didn't collectively that it. It's Anchorage that are that are going to be tough to going to be tough to deal Saturday night. Plus and he faced them I was back in the end of the fifteen season and Mary Oden got hurt early in the game in the roster really pretty different on both sides that's a that he can even users that just so long ago it does mean delta I think that's an animal. But the cuts them. How what kind of challenges do the present though come on senator. America and everything. They're they're very good in the kicking in got a great great honor. And a great kicker. Jacksons and dynamic returner. I got a good core of those special teams players offensively they're on the ball well. Got to go around accident that quarterback that Enron got a good group for explosive receivers Walker's. Outstanding tight end. Defensively and Little League in rushing base for the last two years. It'll give up big plays that don't get penalized. They're sound better and make many mistakes they're very well coached cultural clothes. And one very great all time coaches on the sports scene. Kamal with a propeller plane career in my the he's he's done a tremendous job done and that that defense plays well that play consistent. They're tough football team and they can rumbled and stopped one. That play Smart that are they've done a lot of close games they won a lot of close games. And they play it under pressure at the end of the season and they responded well so that's that's really what it's about dilemma when you have to do that have been able to do. You mentioned Dick LeBeau. Are you of the opinion that assistant coaches should be considered for inclusion in the football hall fame. Well absolutely and I think he'd be one. It's one. Mean use. Does the length of his career at the things that he's accomplished she's involved Famer and yet bitten so. Running out there's a lot of assistant coaches that are arguably more aware that insular people that are in their for others. As far as what they pictured at a camp football but look that's not really in my field it's not only in what the criteria is for all of planets. And very subjective so. In the eighties and you know by the book holder and people who vote are the ones that vote. The lobos is one of agree it's one of the real greats. Is development as a home bullets and that's to the test of time and that's a victory. Defensive. Schematic. That he orchestrated them and developed. As well as is overall quality teaching and. Coaching. On many levels. That. Three different organizations Cincinnati Pittsburgh and Tennessee with tremendous success. It's but it will sustain that. Over a long period of time it's. Is that a remarkable career. Personally greatly admire. Worthy of very. Escalator war. That he has received implement more than issued. And he did some great things in Pittsburgh and other places on defense and then by Malarkey was in Pittsburgh for allows. To coordinators it too simplistic to say that. Malarkey and and LeBeau with Pittsburgh ties. Are bringing that to Tennessee or they are they putting that we. On on the Pittsburgh things that they did while they were the Steelers. Well I think there yep sure and in their they certainly have their own. Version of that is different players and it's it's a it's a different team. Well there's a lot of Pittsburgh. Roots there uncle doctor coach Whisenhunt when he was there in April Malarkey there in the marquis went on and well blow when John you know it's. His influence there as well so. But they may you know there are other other people there. That. Are you know part of that whole. The titans team that are outside of Pittsburgh certainly is strong Pittsburgh influence that there's any question about but it's certainly not a duplication of that organization that he. They have the things that work for them in place in new or pretty well. Bosnia the hall of Famer Randy Moss finalists for that fair to say over the last twenty years not many receivers better than Randy Moss. Rim also phenomenal player. He was so. Extremely hard to defend but really almost impossible to defendant on. My appreciation for him just grew exponentially when we come here and he really. Gave me the insight. Two. Kind of his the way he saw the game from the perimeter of the field. And ultimately in the slot. As well so grannies is extremely. Bright guy bright player understands. Understands football. That his position better than anybody I've ever coached them really one of the all time greats in terms of football intelligence IQ and knowing how to play you know games played so. It great talent but he it's more than that that more than just talent and players he was. He knew how to play and I learned an awful lot from Randy. In a short amount of time in the street a few things hurdle. Wish I had that then I wish I'd known earlier. You know he really he's want to win he wanted to compete want to win and he and it's in situations where. Crate for that. When he came here he was on him. They had an opportunity do that I think. And we got his best. And that's pretty good case. It's a tremendous player cannot think socialism the players so be irked me compare him with. With them but I know what I saw in Brussels. It's. A very high level higher than anything I've seen. Me tag onto that with dark. Mercedes Penske performance question of the week natural question to me somebody who should be in all favor considered. But hall of fame this out of there right now or doesn't get a lot of consideration and those are certain positions that don't pay a lot of attention to use only. And one kicker pure kicker and a hall of fame anybody that. That's why a lot of the a lot of the does that that I have coached. That are out this year thinker. Are very worthy. You know starting with mark Navarro. Jefferson walls. Ty Law Randy. That's an impressive group of always says that with Gil print that for scouting him what he's done for the development of on the National Football League both at Cisco. And team builder and developer not just what he deferred Dallas for the how much other teams and other organizations. Took his blueprint and either copied and modified it in their own in their own way. Will be another person. We'll throw in there so. There's a couple for. Bill we always appreciate time good luck on on Saturday night we'll talk to next week all right great sounds good thanks thanks as the patriots head coach Bill Belichick joining us here on Sports Radio W media.