Bill Belichick joins OMF after the Patriots week one win over the Texans

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Monday, September 10th
Bill Belichick sat down with the OMF boys and broke down the win over the Texans in week one.  Bill answered questions on the defense, going against a Romeo Crennell defense, the craziness around NFL official reviews, and much more.

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I'm back here and all of that finished patriots Monday were alive down here at Gillette Stadium it's time for us to talked to the coach. Bill Belichick being brought to you by mass general hospital cancer center every day amazing by the northeast men's clinic specializing exclusively. In men's sexual health. McFarland energy Frazier. Engineering and buy your Boston area or Mercedes-Benz. Dealer. I don't know congratulations. Excellent yet effective policy analyst at figured that first of sure is right out of the eight gig dividend what you're gonna get on the first one eyewitness account. You know whether some on her usual situations in the canyon mine and it was a good situation a football and that there's been some things as the we have seen them. At a makes adjustments to sew. Moves that could. And could experience an opening April's so. This disarm Watson. The first sunny guy solemn matter unbelievable game. Obviously coming back off the injury. Were you surprised. We looked a little nervous maybe it'll skittish at times. We we did you were you re surprised that this see that they how easily not easily but how you guys were able to corral and for the most part. Well he's our got a handle you know Amanda make it play on the third and short scramble. He's been in we've we've seen him. And pre season. A few plays I think he's back to full strength it's think we plot emphasis in trying to contain him and runners left on analog articulate his list of forks over. Your ability in years past it almost to take actually acting out of pocket it almost seems that you just that could contain and keep them there that you guys put a lot of pressure on him as well as in the without blitzing all was that. Part of it was it just win a one on one battles no blitz in the front four are surprised how much pressure they put. You know that's which you know you always showed video is trying to put pressure on them and keeping contained sometimes it's. Little easier said than done. That's we try to do them both of which but competitive Java wasn't perfect but. You know it all Muslims stand back there are not running. You force the issue vote still run. You know a big part of that seems like the tier defense line and how important there. There I guess have their pushes and you know being sound in that area seem like they got a good push and the guys on the edge weren't running past them which. I selected defense tackles and get overlooked when it comes to rush in the past I mean I get there but it seemed like those guys are affecting the play. Right no question it does have both components of defense of the inside players don't get. Into the pockets on the quarterbacks that's and there's space and they. Outside restaurant passed them create space suit so essentially of success. 05 alignment right. And so if for ruptures and six got to oversee kick animal covered. See just have to be at the church put yourself in position is not too much space in the gap that you don't coach Burton. And he definitely that from wrong equities for now. You know I seed in the passive with with mobile quarterbacks that can run. Sometimes it looks like you guys know how good a good blitz package. That it's been specific to that guy that sometimes you just rush three rush forward to play coverage. Was or AT and you saw with Watson and maybe in the past. From last let me ask Clinton that decided to listen wares gonna rush four and we're not gonna blitzes much. We'll take digital and everything that you know open if you wanna give him the offensive line or. Billy O'Brien the same look on every single place so we try to mix it up little with some different players and their greatest different matchup so. But we've we get a lot of that was certain that a lot of Foreman Washington. The players that are great job of Russian to be disruptive at the same time. And in the go to the other side you spent a lot of time this week talking about your dating Kwame injured while commercialism the guys. I took the job that Trent brown did on the left side Marcus cannon on the on the right side better than what you thought you gonna get especially with Trent brown right out of the gate. Well let's. He's taken a lot of the Lotto team offense is get the ball out on time as the receivers getting open itself and so on doing their job and vote we've had a pretty good job of that overall for the first. Three quarters they got a little bit couple times or fourth quarter before the final drive but. It's a very good lie and Hurt Locker a lot of good players. I thought our guys hung in there with a pretty well. So Trenton a good job marks suited to. LA or hurt us on the edge. There. Is it different for you from going up against a guy like Romeo also known for so long respect him. Is it you know what he wants to do be that he knows you as well as at a different type of games of both medical against the defensive coordinator you're not familiar with. Well to. I think Reno rodeo is gonna take away the things that you do so. How he decides to do that that's that's a different story. He sort of go up against because you don't he'll change from week to week and give it different look which he got us. On several different looks yesterday. Their time package from their coverages. So. It's it's always challenging Roma's one of those defensive coordinator solely so it's it's almost a go at them. Earlier Bryce Pickens will be in Houston for not calling a timeout. Because there was no challenge out of New York initially. Whiff. With a crock or catch. And we're talking about this earlier when you let the process the way it works now bill in the old days size buildings a couple of years ago. The official would stop the game he would make the decision on the field now what's going back to New York. We you guys smartly came right up to the line of scrimmage bam ran a plus. New York and river on never got an opportunity apparently to do anything in New York. Does that process work right now do you have to look at this thing differently. In the New York's got to make that decision and it's gonna take a while before they do. Well. It in that particular case well at one time outlook or music after that place so if you're rotunda. Very two minute drive we're trying to impress issue purpose stand there and and waste. Know Richard and I don't understand what you were doing but what I'm saying is is it different culture right now in this situation and that has to go back to New York. Well New York may be looking at multiple games as opposed to Wear an official. Could decide they want to look at it again. Well you have to focus Fisher an apartment that you know the mechanics aren't European who fought and so forth that's that's a question. In a situation like that OK if you if you throw the flag you can't throw the challenge by challenge by inside two minutes if you do with a penalty. I can easily see you know some coaches just you know throwing it maybe just because there bit emotional. Do you passively just take that flight wasted another journal suppose they're gonna lose your cool. But I would just I wouldn't want that thing near me just in case I had the urge to throw it in just for in a moment of a lapse of judgment you just forget with the rule. Give a flag guy. Here and we think. Nine assists they got to be responsible for so which is OK I think it's too much. Is there around us when we were talking about just how them like how long it takes. Four of review crew in New York City. Too I guess I identify OK there's a play we need to review. It's in stat inside two minutes but coach ability he can do is call a timeout. Did you guys realize they okay takes maybe thirteen point five seconds of this situation comes up. You guys have twelve sexy get your butts up there either kill it. Or run a play and is that it because I know you eat there's a lot of and breaking down rules and you know situations. Right well yeah virtual winner it to drive as you know Christian you don't know how much time you you just notices the play's over you look at that line and on the next play and kill as many places possible. There's a replay official on the Booth though that doesn't mean. There's officials in the orcas well there's a replay official in the Booth he's part of the crew. And so. I think are actually it's his job to. Called on the crew let them know there's a place he feels like should be reviewed. For example in that situation words. Under tunis in this challenge all. So. Could happen in New York I'm an expose it could there's a replay official in the Booth goes similar to that but different and they. Concussion. Spotter. So it's same. That's the same type of process so there is somebody there in the stadium didn't dream I realized that yet but each crew has a replay. Official. And they note that as I think they also replace assistant to a virtually to a home. But again I don't know the mechanics are on the I know the part of recruit how exactly true indication works. Between. The referee and all his crew and the replay official and so forth. Again I'm not involved in the communications are exactly how it works well. They can all talk to each other in some form or fashion. Sign a fumble on the sideline and and have something happens on us and I NASCAR official. This near me to have linesmen or the Blue Line judge. On plate he can either give me answer eakins say wait a second chart with sales off find out who the penalty was on or whatever so. That there is a communication there again how exactly it it's. Health functions that's a big question you have to as the official I don't know what to new rule did you think that was a catch. Now that you don't have to survive the ground would that be catch I've grown plank. I thought as a coach on the field but. Journalists you know to bang bang play in ought but it does that ball was knocked out three after came down the little committees. The bill we look at the jet has been some you know unlock stuff with as far as injuries go the to ultimately. 51 snaps and think yes the gas Rudnick of mission to basically because he's from Purdue when he justice Marco Aurelio I would what what have you seen maybe just give this rookie 51 snaps in that much responsibility here relegate. What he heard it. As the elder players are in the planning playing time they get. Two months are good good trying to camp and whatever plant on the gets here. Is that a few says he lined up a lot on the outside too with some of the running backs to run back through. Depends on the call the formation vote he he could be out there usually plays in the middle that he could be outside based on what we have called and were. They it. You know Phil or set seven target seven catches touchdown. Tom talked about him in the post game specifically you do a good job option routes making the right decision anticipating. Seems like the light has gone on for him. He knows that also. Well I think filled. As most players do and our system that a federal law from being your last year and then get off to a fresh start this year and certain. With a year of experience that didn't have last year you came last year in September or so that are in this full training camp and I thought catch on to do is try learning game plan and so forth forest this year is it over. You know learn from scratch work that techniques and villages still get a better understanding them and their foundations system they have last year and a stroke ought. A lot of players that go through that process and I think he's way ahead of where it was last year he's coverage of course. Kick off returns. They seem to get good field position how much of that was. Just not make him play and how much of it is this new rule now where you've got to wait you've got to take out is that a factor at all. We struggled a little factored in. We've just got to do a better job in and to be jobless kickoff. Coverage earlier coach better play better. We can't give up that kind of field position consistently play in. The sooner we need to work on for sure. I random question just to going back to the old days. And she can just look at these few guys still get out game balls for wins like every individual guys individual performances that's still a thing with you guys. We will recognize. Different areas of performance. Weekly yes I was I was curious. Is it do as good as a coach nominate a player like is that is the one of as one of his position players as it is is it do you guys debate on Dayton is it and just curious how that. How that goes down. Because it in because a guy like rocket had a good game six weeks in Toronto. Very good have a great game you know or maybe. There are Holmgren and only one offensive player got a game ball when defensive player got a game ball and that was it. But you guys doing differently we swim from when I was there like if you could be three office of guys. Just curious how that process works for you guys for kind of summoned an it player nominee himself. Most players at the lesser. Extent it. Yeah outside the way it works I say they're we again we have different recognition for. The game the week and so forth and it would just depend on again who we feel occurrences. It's not necessarily the it was a mostly or serve the most tackles or whatever but just overall performance and the jobs that he had to do owe it to them. And other things in my taken place during the week and so forth so it's not a science at formula that. We have ways to recognize players individually for what they've done well that doesn't override the team performance. At those. Say. Recognize it and and give give. And actually two guys who have pounce on them specialists in performance or more of those things that we talk about. Yeah the guys that put through Dawson of the united are you activate Riley McCarron obviously ball security the big park. Of what this league's all about what you preach. And carries get young kid who's out there nobody probably feels worse than he does for for mopping up build upon how do you. Sorting did you gain confidence reduce confidence back into the kids is to thought people feel that he's already voted off the island you know I mean we've missed that putt up do you. Try to regain confidence to a kid that has a moment like that any game. Well helmet on Wednesday sudden and if or from the Turkey working hard for so. Everybody's. In that category every player and coach the darkest day in the game we can all look at things that happen in the Cayman. NC things that we we can do better so that's our challenges to the identify those slow work harder cart element and do better next time you give another shot next week. You'll talk about the whole situation obviously we've got to. You know look at players that are of overall Roth what are British rolls and so forth each game's different in terms of our game plan we don't have the same players active in the liberals aren't so forth so old. You know we'll see how it goes. Yet a tough defense yet to go up against. In yesterday's game get a pushover defense next Sunday in Jacksonville and should be that should be easy going up against them. Problems they present for him especially coming after a playoff game. Well it's very talented group there. They're really pretty strong in her position on the front on doctors are are fast and then it took over coverage players. And if you work for every art and they turn the ball over they can. They take it away for me and missiles. A sloppy and get the ball. You know on downs they can they get it going you know where her strips so. Triples than stroke fumbles interceptions for its own restive ratio of all security that it last week we can't. We can't be terrible for three tons of cocaine. And think that that's gonna win four says it's good good form so we're able to. Overcoat against Houston that it's that's not or won't they. Begin for Matt Patricia today. You did serve a bunch of services employee gets the jets. It's gotta make you happy have you been able to reach out to him or or we we felt comfortable you get notes of busy work day for you. To get maybe just pay attention to how he's doing how. Just how he's coaching that team of in his first first try. Well. What he says the Sunnis literally sees it references. If it's so. All the stars are aligned there yeah talk yeah. Of course who have tomorrow. Would you would you just curious you know first year coach I mean you've been there before you read other coaches leave and go other places. If there is one piece of advice he would give you know a first year coach in his first game as a head coach what would be. On all seven of trouble is trying to coach our team generally word that everybody else. Everybody's team in situations circumstances are different. They're challenges are different so. Well than than bush and somebody well I'm. The strike did gusto I can't or better fails to. Try to get myself some good advice. As we real quick less well for me we we heard some earlier this week that you you had a new dog named Nike. That it seemed in this special that you're pretty adamant that he probably should've named Jack and I'm just serious and quiet moments do you still call him Jack what do you go by and I don't Ramona. Welcome to the club officials. Fact of the Davis of news and our dogs. Let it Laporte it's a car it's the Nike that's are sort of wrap things up with our Mercedes-Benz drive of the week coach your favorite drive of the week. Well that's the sole is good to get on the board for so. We're able to get the turnaround first oil on the on the read options. Kyle come penetrated in there and looked like a miscommunication between the handoff and the keep them. And to be able to convert that in touchdown with a great play from Tom raw and catcher on the goal line. Cantor wrote stance for the sound or else go display so. I was. Those are good drive we'll put them in there for. Candidate practiced those is that Wednesday and yes must be somewhere and I haven't seen violence that must be some more outside in my site. Our fifth. Offshore Barnard drive of the week was brought you by the Boston area Mercedes-Benz dealers and numbers and the conversation of contract you buy Putnam Investments Putnam investments in new wingman patriots prop partner's committed to an act. Active game plan. On the field. And off. One down fifteen to go good luck next week down to Jacksonville coach partnership until another congress and thank you Bill Belichick right here on OMF.