Bill is Chill - Bill and Mark play Mario Kart

WEEI Providence
Sunday, December 10th

The final Bill is Chill of 2017. Bill and Mark play some Mario Kart.


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Good feel like you can play good and Mario Kart tonight. Yes there oh wait for me of one capitalists but personally okay you play first also to what you're told a lot of things. Are we think we can. Smart works. Okay Nobel. Don't right right now maybe we're still legal and law students. I'll go mine agrees that you do and I would think he's thinking once. Greg tell them do that now. Well I hope it all there community. It's it's hard to do sometimes you go to the back story here and it. I'm lucky to suck at this game bill. That's just so I'm not an awful. Those who competitive effort and that yeah I'm sure whatever you say build out here isn't it thanks.