Bill is Chill - Bill Dances to Despacito

WEEI Providence
Sunday, November 19th

Week 5 of Bill is Chill. This time Mark watches and learns some moves from Bill as he dances to Despacito.


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And to hell community downloads of music. Source breeze and I bought some of the world's instinct and you beat music. Yep I'm with human genome where is literally. Ends what about Nirvana civil Allison came. Stereo sound Garden City I don't know what kind of kicked. All right so. What you picked itself collect it. Oh no you didn't William. You like this song. No question about it. I'm sorry I can't believe you were shaking it to be very quick very true. And that it will. Few. What are you doing that at the stake in the way Scott who is taking away build this team. That's. All well. OK show me something different but it's up. To top films. He worked to him what buses pull. That because. Coming what's that like little women to walk you on the dance floor you wild now. Residents it's good moment I need to be able to dance like you buy yesterday and those working at it again. Are about you think the job are they keep. Us seen.