Blind Mike Geary's Podcast Ep. 6- ESPN drama, Deion double standard & Peyton in the booth 3-9-18

Blind Mike Geary and Dan Watkins have your week-in-media review discussing a lawsuit against ESPN, and the courting of Peyton Manning for an NFL analyst job. 

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What's up. We are that I sort of got the next time Tom Brady makes me late for court. Because. When I understood it fifteen in the that's all I ask for thank. We'll get to you live performers government that. Yeah that's right I was hang with Tom Brady so worldly according to so little jealous yes you know that's one of the parts Tom. When AF doesn't event and Tom there he has a tip line Mike Foreman say you know. I guess if you need to. Meanwhile soloists are laboring behind us and answer the worried staying late we'll look I pretty desperate in the actual. That is that I am of course your host Mike eureka I am blind Mike. Part of service at a trash talk that was the years my producer and seeing I'm and is always Dan Watkins Howard I'm doing next tremendous. Now as essentially mine employee I guess I wanna make sure that over the last six weeks or so I've made you feel. I'll like yours in in a safe environment and I kind of want that record is that can you confirm that. Yes absolutely aka item in a safe environment pull out of that pause outlet and a half. And the reason I bring that up is because Adrian Lawrence as run amok on ESPN is again we year with the SP. So. It gambit phone along Adrian Lawrence is the the former ESPN employee. That is suing them offers sexual harassment he's made a lot of claims. The first to came out. Word. Against the likes of John what you grow and votes across which he growth and when I saw that I like bush so when I saw that I was like come. Out another guy like in this in this messed. Police say he's not ash another ship had acted disown and then it turns out you see the evidence it's like he was in May be a little bit of reduced. Yeah but but who among us is that they'll face comment but yet and said not even that's not even that. No similar shared via I mean setting up a picture of yourself shirtless men and brought drinking coffee I think you're trying to show the Margaret and there's a funny caption on the show ratio on the teasing good shape. A little do Sheikh. But company doesn't mean he's not a not let's not assume all of the guys encourage how old is your fifth year. Close to he's older do it. It is he's keeping a tight looks met eight. Mazda's we'll hear later Mazur would love it matters what you Ross if that was on a magazine my pool my guess you mention he has in the magma that out while the man as would oh or go to what will will get to that protects gonna have him at a in the al-Qaeda instead of Dave O'Brien because in another incident is that a man boobs Berman and they could had John but he. So. And getting. Yeah so what you Ross is one of the claims and then the most recent climb. That. Looked very Jews. Was that. Adrian Lawrence knew of a racially disparaging voice man left on Joseph Miller hills points by one boom Chris berm. Now when you see that headline. You think oh bull this. Will be good because you know everyone likes a little sensational. Gossip. They like. A vulgar voice mail as long as it's not lefty who. And when you think of a source. Boomer has some some doozies he's you know he's he's let him fly. He's talked about his trips to Canada. I think we have that. Ready pro ready for it where boomer. You know he likes to make sure when he was still don't base like to make share. But he got at least one blue jays game in here steroids for this reason. Of pressure understand tonight is. Awful and here. Awful no no authority awful. I saw this on the schedule jets during the Christmas holiday I mean I thought I took or do you do duties at 6 o'clock knowing what was what does what. Go to do do do is Canadian has little bit of Cody didn't jazzed enough to get that pop. When a guy in an. I've given a thought that his microphone is non talking about. Bring in drugs across the country across the board too Chris Barnett a drug and correct isn't. And that it is the classic line from now on his own when he goes. Then when you walk to the countering candidate with those dude did does that go from the State's eighth. That's cute chorus that they're all promoting us and bringing drugs vector units that's. But then there are some clips of Berman. When he was caught. What he thought was off Mike. That aren't so friendly and then Joseph yet do not walk in front anywhere near the camera when Chris Berman is about alive he's gotten to this. What I'm doing TV and I get eighteen god dammit. Can't everybody stop for ten minutes meet everybody seems that's the only everybody can we expect Jesus rights. I mean it's not in my stance. Is that when everybody has to move when I'm trying to concentrate. Geez you guys that I. Mean that's so rude I can't believe it that's it so goddamn it why is everyone all the sudden have to move that to (%expletive) hours to move around wait ten minutes. Geez. Bazardo explode by god that's like no one's ever worked on TV here before. Duncan under the kill them but they do hypocrite I really actually can't believe what I just saw that in. Like no one here has worked on TV before Barrett dial tone. And it was seven people running she's. We need to act on Monday Night Football we need that as a as a drop broke as a that's why talk you see that's I talked to Ken layered enact public Canas in here by himself. I think Jesus ten and we only we just needed to fifteenth Puckett squeezed. Her fifteen. Minutes we're going to fail. And if you're ever in your past eleven again that's what got some boomer after winning the east at fifteen. Minutes. You know the things I like about the Berman rants. Is that in his mind you know the Mike stole attached in his mind he's off Mike but he still uses the boomer voice. Like fifteen (%expletive) and east and boomer some dude dude blues. He's in complete boomer moat that must be the guy was beating guy you'd even when he's angry or joking around he's he's. I'm Mike boomer all the time. But so you're those clips and I love knows that there. The fifteenth but in minutes is an all time great explosion. It's also late in. I think. If we were there may we concede I consumers is that you know context is ever so. You've figured this man has reason maybe they'll really draw so you think Burma's guys amenities and for thirty some odd years. And he sees Gmail hill who essentially is no real talent getting a primetime slot so. You'd think boy there's a racially charged voicemail. In her inbox I've got to hear this. Now my prediction is that it does exist and it will come out. Eight seconds afterward and recording. That's that's nothing's happened when you knew this on Friday likewise not talking but the biggest news of the day is always breaks and we're done record it's noon on Thursday march it yet right now about 430 without it this afternoon. But Gmail hill claims. It doesn't exist. So now you got to be thanked him. This is to strike and you know I realized in the hills prize company girl which is like playing the race card and Berman doesn't work there anymore. So if there was something you'd think you know he'll be the type two minute at least. So this is a couple of strikes against Adrian warrants. And you've got to start thinking this looks bad eight Eaton like now it looks like you're really trying to make something and enough and to make a name for yourself. And make you a quick cash. Is there any evidence that goes in her favor now eyesight is something with she's naming John encroachment a couple of the guys that aren't there anymore. I haven't seen anything that's you know to know there's nothing. And so here is and as as a guy that runs this type show trash talk reached an army is in essentially. I want I want there very badly. To be some dirt here. I'd love nothing more than to watch that the demise obvious again. Beyond the league is having you here shout out Chad Stewart Chad Dukes and other fan of the program. All the guys we talk praised last week fans trashed. That's that's canceled that. Now speaking of places where there's been harassment abound. And implement them cheer. And I guess. I luckily I don't think Deion Sanders and should finesse. Norton I won. A lot of people are saying if this the other way around. He'd be getting (%expletive) which is true but I think Deion Sanders should be able to see stuff like this about a white player at the NFL com. Branch of additional option. Why are you surprised there are no jobs abroad would place it on TV but even the wrong. You can track guy Murray he was a track guy. What you're saying it but you don't live Monday cynical time this coalition. Israeli war three box. Hello hill 215. Pounds of gold hook him. Eating animals and it. Pierce shot the lights were really. John choice anarchy defensive back from and yet now Mike did you imagine saying this is like. Something for the NHL it was an African American player on the ice and they're all mine. It. Is a competent. If you will meet. And now there there are stereotypes that are allowable. In in the media and in and just in society in general and that's you can stereotype white guys a slow. You can in stereotype black guys is as good athletes I guess I guess those two things are allowed. And allow you heard a lot of white guys yesterday and I've been victim is in the past Matt cooled off. A lot of guys get outraged and ace of Deion Sanders should be fired because a white guy would get fired if he said something like that about a black. You've got the wrong take. The answer it we should laugh attack that because it's kind of funny from Deion Sanders was for it and also if a white guy says something like that about a black guy and he's kidding around. We should laugh at that. Well in the (%expletive) up a little and say that yeah that was funny from Deion Sanders and like I said kind of the same type of thing it would also be fun. Is laugh which it now we can we do that if we see that that's funny idea on Sanders don't be too much nor should. But I think the problem a lot of white angry white guys. And they get very mad when they see an injustice and they should be mad at the people who would get man. I don't think Deion Sanders in man that have been joking. And seem like he has that many. Gripes as far as an infant. Just not how funny is it that bad the last two guys standing at and a though network Michael Irvin Deion Sanders. And of the US and eighty's and it is going to be huge sexual harassment scandal clues left it's obviously the Hans and as a molecular. But sure enough as the guys. And generals on. So we mentioned last week that ESP and doing a complete. Reshuffling of the money football lineup and they are going hard after Peyton Manning. Apparently they are in a bidding war. Fair for Peyton Manning with fox. Fox. Just got Thursday night football so I guess they wanna do allow that broadcast it's basically the the battle of the duds of the week. Because Thursday night is always but it no one's ever game should. It's just the real hardcore football fans need to fix on Thursday night the watch or your team. And Monday night used to be the cream of the crop. In the last few years that's been a real stinker room as well. Ratings are down. So for whatever reason these two networks or sang. God throw money. And what I'm telling you use. The only way a broadcast. Will be affected by the play by play guy or the color commentator is if they are real play by play guys are calling color commentators. Putting Romo I think is good a lot of people hate him. But it did one single person. Watch or not watch because that boob Phil Simms is out of there. Andy Young up and comer told Tony Romo was in the GM. And I don't think. Some tools. I thought I don't think anyone gave issue still Sims is horrible Tony Romo I'd that was pretty good. Out of this group but either way. What do you like one or hate the other in the patriots applying. And romo's doing the gamer Phil Simms or Mike here. No matter whose common dating your tunnel now if you wanna make the broadcast truly more entertaining you know hate patent Manning and mean. You pay a guy like. As a last. Nobler Portnoy. Spock and Kirk and Callahan and anyone in the realm of actual entertainment. To do and on filtered online version need to streamed to your team. And that's a get people watch ten I can't imagine. Paying tech has grown three million dollars a year it was 55. So. OK so he's so it may be getting paid double on Monday do you think the ratings doubled because Peyton Manning's and Solon you like there was thinking oh you throws that so well. And everybody ill. The political Natalie could you imagine if the quarterback on the fields at Omaha yet. All like and that won't get old the 80000 time it's happened that he does the nationwide during the match. And it'll be in. Grew gruden had the almost weirdly professional when they would call Redskins games he would refer rumors Jon Gruden. I don't think it would do that for realized games you know I admiral the disputed I don't know you know the Mets this Eric. I mansion on a problem payment you know it's. A month and I think he's kind of funny for the you know the roles that he's Ben and he serves the purpose that companies and has now on that one. But he's not funny enough. To make. Kids who watched held which they're not doing it I mean like this generation doesn't watch TV on TV. Cables getting cancer cable plans are getting canceled in droves. Ali canceling my. Package this week I'm preacher. So people are canceling cable. Is it through to now watching yours that because you know other reasons. I'll lobby home some months ago I figured I really seriously and kicked out and some and I'll show you. That's navigated there are making a point upside and that's that's that the younger generations. I want to do it of you want them to watch Steve or stream online you have to come up with new an interest in should. You can't just say well we had high ratings in 1995. So let's try and bring it back to that model. You have to say let's look for. And let's have an alternative broadcast where it's completely unfiltered and it's not necessarily polished guys. Talking about the x.s and knows it's I shoot the (%expletive) Do you think your fun. Playoffs. Like Mike and day. Grant and I can't see the field from the box that's ultimately what you look at dinner deployment and a sprinkle in some. Some light hearted humor. So. What I like Ecstasy. Wise. Innovations like one that happened with happening with. With TBS. TBS is doing the selection she. Third. Marchment is this week and they are doing it now this is part was little was that the doing a two hours selection show. But they're announcing all's 68 teams in the first and good to finally caught on if finally caught that I I like now. My only gripe with them would be the price cut that down one. Don't announce in the first ten minutes or need a two hour program. Yeah I never really got the whole Charles. We thought I was in the college star you know what a tie it. That goes to what I am. Championing here for ESPN. Is that they're going way of funny guy. Or. I think Shaq is lowering its neck we give yours you'd come up with the Shaq Barkley dynamics like Barkley aligning Barton is very funny he says. Outrages in Eddie's he's not afraid to saint because he's betting on most and he's honest he's got money and all the games so from that perspective he's got he's running again. Every game. It meant from that respect he's got so I don't mind that they don't have. Jay bill Lewis and digger Phelps and Dick right now and voter. I come I don't mind. Bill Billy wrapped all of these I don't I don't mind that it's I'm Barkley and Shaq and what did you is that silly and half on. Over about earning earning earning. Saw and I and I like that there ago and ate rat we we understand the twitters on us. And that people are gonna leak the brackets early. Let's just get it out there at ten minutes and then if you like college basketball stick around because at the world if you if you look at podcasts. Them the money that certainly noticed the many other podcasts are getting advertised. Is is get it because. It shows that certain companies. Are willing to realize that if they. Advertise the podcast they're targeting their specific audience and it's more of an intimate setting. So when you hear a guy you like is when you apart is we relate to Pampers. It's different then you know a college basketball broadcast with just robots. You relate to the guy you listen to iPod yet again not me is sucked but most people that are good. So that's what you're certain advertisement a lot of podcasts because they've figured out that by targeting and night. People you like and my saying hey go on at this product people are more apt to buy it and you need to see it odd turn Red Sox. So. Podcasting is figuring that out. Eventually sports will try to match. Where they'll say you know what let's start marketing towards our audience because in the long run that's gonna be who's watching. I understand every sport once we mainstream of the NFL's struggling with eventually you get so mainstream. That you deal with the countries that the NFL has several thousand people and anything what's wrong it's a two bit there's no growth. And the other thing I like that March Madness is doing is nice in the NCAA app they're going to happen. An animal red zone like feature that it jumps around the most interesting game at that time at the OK fine. Finally. The people on the technology and sports catching up. And seeing the things that are done right and done wrong. And aired trying to limit should that not only is it. Still living in the stone. Mike Green coming back soon get up. A Soviet and yet not is that we're not. Get up with Mike Greenberg. Sports. That don't that get us had a dozen failed already numerous times your own. So wake up. 88 in Lawrence is doing a good job but someone our goal when you know you watch. Today aren't. You know sometimes I was occurring count in the morning sometimes I get sick all that entertainment that they pack for hours and I say. Just you meet the school who's who give me the school hours and break down again it's likely total gold going. I dozed off for about forty minutes and wake back up. And I'm finally rested and rejuvenated to turn curtain talent and those media Greg nice morning routine exact yet. As a golden window lull me back to sleep as I need a few more. So that about does I am such a great broadcaster perfect perfect placement way to go so. Gang as always. You know if you haven't heard the iTunes pages up. Gives fueled five star review. Positive rating we have nine of them until the world you'll love us. No we have 9000 is what. We had a nine merely nine million reviews with a most popular thing tonight so you're not part of the ban lenient hop on. Is this train is a move. And if you can't find it just Google won my trash talk but he can't find it goes W the I'd dot com if the I dot com now. I tweeted out at limelight underscore stand tweeted out and he won in 93. The WEEI. Putter now. And they may not we will find out is do they do want to. Well the last plane is something. So. You know get get subscribe to all that fun stuff.