This week, Mike addresses his critics, the latest Jemele Hill outrage, Francesa doesn’t care about other shows and Tony Mazz pulling a Reimer.

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We know we didn't match the great people yeah it's the only time you'll certainly be a small. Have an America just trash talk. Thought we had a good show went for. Him and we did we had a great truck plant Brad thought and on back this week. Zacks. That's why so that's what it was nestled on down here is press. We had a great show planned you know we followed up we had LB couple weeks ago he was great awesome man and last week he was great. Highest highest rated show I would assume they don't miss him numbers but I would guess commitment and being on last week was our highest rate. And a follow up without regret this week. But like so many bath house attendees. I've been screwed bottle point. He. Or at least that's already done me he'd let me over. And he has little. He's he's apparently back and the current count program on Tuesday a Sauna to save dollars. Most Jews suspension all those Jews fair canes I. I'm not delusional. Much is meant to hand things and this sense of self importance. I am off though him irony as I strongly this I think me and everybody else agrees. Mines. But I understand it the same so far. Tuesday but he will be out next. And I find it's a it's a comeback in talked to me John that is home Wii's. This week. Yet announced that it. Might basically on the terms that there. Yes that's that's pretty much all the new Apollo. You above and you know should note I hate us self importance of the articles on when I agree to the ball excellence. I do some way I dress with Patrick gill but it was of Patrick so no who's that. Exactly answers after that regularly this two nights a week overnight tree. Oh mark. While I mean. Half. Into our candies and that imprisonment he's not an all. And it does in the come from analyst for. But. And Reamer was scrubbed from here they gave Patrick Gilroy couple. Couple swings up the bigs. In the confines. So. Regularly and last week. Talked about this. That. Chris Curtis on the morning show called meet dry and Bork. And I don't know where that comes. I can't imagine he's ever listened to me. Because. I think can layered edited to show I don't know of Crist knows that operate a computer. I was can wage job I assume I know Chris Kristi are on the board so I dowdy and it's podcasts. When I don't know when he would listen to my other podcasts I don't know when he would have heard me on I can imagine state have to hear behind with Christian art camp last summer. And held some weird grudge with me. So I don't know when he heard. But I would say this the Chris Curtis. For him to call me drawing board. When everything that comes out of his mouth is just uttered these. Stumbling and fumbling in just pure dribble. And when he books the weekends. And fill in on that show the felons on that show. And his big claim to fame is getting what Mark James on the weekend. Peter go on the order of the guy's name is. And that's that's Ryan Bork. So if I'm Brian boring and meet the list that you create. Add me to Butch Stearns and Mark James and trained to mossy. That's your all star lineup that's your baby they go to that and I'm dry and boring fight itself. I'm not gonna to be on that show. When Evans relic they bring in for two hours. We have Astro. It's like you know I I just since you probably baseball writers I do via other rob Bradford. Reference I don't know mr. as a because he's technically your boss yes that's that's the Emmys and he's a brilliant men that yeah I don't know why make him such a bad rap is a very intelligent guy. Good enough yet. It has nothing to do with the fact that he could take this podcast with me and once. Back to Chris Curtis hasn't spoken pride in your job managing a dry and boring kick me out of here. It and that's Ryan boring that's fine I don't have this. I really don't have the self important thing where I should be on the you understand what they were ever if you if you think I'm okay enough. Which now lancet Jericho and said among the weekends my blood mutt set them on the weekends. Even men and said Roma on the weekends once B sucks you never hear from me. Which missile but a move on to accept the deal if I stuck never be back on. But I assure you I will be better than Butch Stearns I'll be better than training and Hamas ET. I'll be better then Mark James and this isn't saying oh this is not brag. It's an insult to them that I would be better. So hasn't spoken Friday evening I'm Matt Ryan boring pick me up one body via podcast. And the answer would be which is the saddest thing is that they don't care about podcasts. Obviously looked a lot other than minute hand and the real came city which Keefe. Dale the hockey podcast it's like my dad is don't care finds important talent. In here this. Great you view of this great insight into who the local young talent and it's not me that's fine but find some back that up. With a than I amateur whatever that it was in the 95 time Anderson yet what do. That that's the young guy the cool young guiding you brought in he's better than me. Mind and if they are sucked Jeremy on a Grammy on that's fine but I think it's a little shady. They just completely impede my. Career are hopeful career. The rhyme or you'll give me shot. But you know. Let's in the ship comes and has been used. But Roemer scrutiny. As he has so many other young man. So we are left with you know the regular regular trash talk a cool viewed. The jobs beside and I kind of felt good speed inaugural dry that that's. A language to. I'm obviously emotional. Which would you try it you know laugh. I. So few things luckily. Who one of things minute and the last to make news. May you know cause trouble eighties which was met with an immediate email from management. Some cards advice wouldn't say cause trouble in her pocket and that your signal a real game. They told me someday down the roads about now he said. You don't like to see if you even in the as you said you did with Kurt and it turns out you'd go I have asked. And has thrown me under the bus and a reason. It is not my auriemma is and Hillary heroes. But they they meet that very panicked who took the Mike don't. Don't make any trouble he got enough of that going on here. Before well before I get the ocean. Reagan when I was does economic trouble and I say round of applause. I'm cartman above and aisles but does that show in general. Fair not letting them. Now letting themselves be Dick around anymore. They've been getting. A lot of (%expletive) from some guy. Bob something rather ridiculous that should add that from him but I forgot that part of the disposal program. But this guy's been going after them first some comments they made about. Trend transition about kids transit. People under eighteen transition years ago it's. And then they they also says something about. Transgender athletes competing. Boy's friends listening to girls competing at that and this guy's been attacking them for what I would deem a reasonable opinion. Not necessarily the right or wrong opinion but a reasonable period in that could be argued. Without merit and and civility. But this guy's been attacking them for her almost a year I guess. And they mention it again and they want the segment scrubbed from the Internet. Many have fought against. And round of applause to my butt. My boy my co host the show Portman man. Because I've got a lot of balls and I realize there was says Wellman and it doesn't get it doesn't give a (%expletive) it was his job is on in my meaning that parcel. But it's still does take balls because he likes this job. It's comfortable he likes getting ratings. You know I mean you know he's in what was that show like the Jews and them what you need to lose by a sense of mission that he does and I respect that he continues to. So people say the when I'm asked to taste minute and ask it's not a thing of kissing ass is that I respect think. Because the government Jerry in and Kirk in the morning but what else have left. We have dale talking about brick and abuse in his buddies in hockey wrote. He Monday night. Yep Patrick we'll have that thought got. Saved. So that's rainy guys like man and Jerry I'm. But speaking of guys the cause trouble I wanted to talk. About it scrimmage Smith. So it's it's snoop dog's podcast. Which when you're a snoop dog park as I can't imagine things like. Sex or drugs would ever get brought up. So Steve and it was obviously completely blind sided. By late snoops question. Idea of his response to. Whether he's a hitter NASA manned. Now point and he aren't you put on this falsely began. Ambled. Don't make you some questions US to the best you've been sure what the first thing you do think though when you wake up god how are quote how to cope didn't. I don't say the question we indeed hot or cold or hot topples a burgers burgers and ask for. Always oh. Questions. Now I'm Lance that neither knows a lot mama so she Walt Disney but dammit they're Biden knows it on the bottom teeth because they're at right nobody right. And it runs said the Walt Disney thing in via the bottom feeders kind of disgusting image distribution and article caution right after I was receiving about God Particle. If you are going to be on what you mean yeah I understand his confusion. But I did rise Stephen A Smith said the Walt Disney thing Mac but obviously knew what he's doing. It's advocates say it's a silly little thing. Now the image of Stephen basement eating gas is one we can all probably do without one it's and it's dogs podcast. Are you gonna get some. Why go on or if you're gonna be sorry for anything interest in Omaha. Terribly sorry. So. I I I don't know who was bothered by this is his bosses. And I can't imagine anyone in the even in the fake outrage tournament meant that is offensive. I mean you know Snoop Dogg pod is not on the checking out. But so he apologized. To the fine people Walt does. Rhetoric but then had you off your game to Dallas on you wanna be no that's not via. Son of equality now imagine this god damn. You said that's present we have apology yells not that you just and all of a Christ while Roemer I need your buddies. Save me from this portion. Deal with this guy is he checked out from the minute I start speaking. That is for. It. Accelerant. Used. Stevens the you know I am dry and boring folks is why I reacted appropriately to this eighties. I would lose my falcon mining. In west Carriker LB was here's suit. Don't talked. And I need to rely on him to play clips while mean we do you talk about the delay I may actually what I found. I don't it's not it's not labeled Stephen mace and just play it extra play enough with the excuses is labeled SAS. I got what's happened. Yet. What's going. Odd statement I'm sure that ESPN asked before quote you'll see dad. Downey's statement is appropriate statement I'm speaking straight from the it's not always about you was talk generally because eminence of that person but he Zain it's not always about just about the law's effect I think about Jonathan went to open. Lunatic Sierra cat passed on the show when I think about people like washing Keegan and Justin Craig and trot killer rate. And I think about nor we Williamson. Has been very very good team happy. Not think about it in this is are there about when it on made in the executive decision. Both screaming at me my opponent house playing a clip you should've had imposed utter drivel. But it should have been an. But. I don't get why why is this apology. I guess eventually ramp of two apartments aren't Walt sang on and passed. Which imminent is its investment that you're not the red sex in his life. He's he's he's a red blooded American it meant things about sex. So I don't get without apology does. When people need to apologize. Datsyuk is that exit right now okay. Now I can go back to just think Stephen A Smith is a sexual. Solely consumed with sports being. And that satisfies. But some should apologize more from what they say is probably ago. She. Is was defending on Twitter account wins are always those who a week ago. Got arrested for Bert. So you know hasn't exactly kept his nose of the truck. And I guess he was Lloyd Leeson looked. Around someone's house neighbor season. The black hat. Panics. May have to but at first I guess it looked like. Don't Wenzel may be wrong original hill says what I recorded am. Was the key Leo you know I had this one ready but she's tweeting about sensible budget and yet so it's mine and she said basically. When Dan read exactly barbecues yet barbecues Starbucks this thing that burial at camp mr. camp barbecue golf if Starbucks nap and shop for homes was getting longer and longer. Mean which amount held means by that. Those of you don't we close things she's looking at of the the Starbucks instant and all these viral videos. Black people getting on just. And I don't counts and Kellen Winslow just mind is easing queues. Outside. Some racist white man's house who called bullies. Dan tell folks what happened about an hour. The someone yells something else happen very and then some between matter and Jesus that's awesome house have. And then this area and prepare for the sept I have you know I know I was coming. Like overdue Roemer righty that he walked in half Barbara for early yet is an upcoming guests or he tell me in tennis today. Which it's not really as the guys have been patient bed ten episodes ready to go. With a without not but this week I was planning to city airing the Portland Michael that's even due to a net player arrests. Well I'll be a lot last week with hurt you any money in the stereo so now in line and wanted to know we were supposed. And you embarrassing me Lisa what do you have today. I go about Chris Curtis I know that a real. Stimulus in this and say boy. I've never been more right about anything a mile I got to liven up a little you know so you can thank me later wells. So what happened was that depends obviously oblivious to it I'm just bagging on Gmail built for no reason. What happened was killing Wednesday's vote an hour and a half later was arrested for. Kidnapping and rape really you slot. And I'm not laughing at that obviously I'm laughing at the idea that Jim Hill was light on this board guy get harassed by the cops. Then an hour and a half later he got arrested for something. More than a misdemeanor it's. And then her defensive and it was this. You have this which between right after. Jesus Christ at the fifth. Yeah idol and so beyond knocking a defense that was accused of something so despicable when your but while you're tweet gloating you're also sank Steve this is why black people should be profiled. Be my guest and Diana though after about the network doctor so. I don't get Diana hill the hill is not that. Can win at that innocent black men should be harassed it's at Winslow wasn't an innocent black. I saw some suspicious he called the cops and he was right to do. Jim Mel. How much you know it saddens me is I was passionate about this issue an hour ago and how much more passionate about the idea that damage to sleep at the utterly. You know folks dry and boring if you wanna be if you wanna be impressed who lied. About it this. I'm I'm a disabled man who comes in and his his help the men I've referred to as my seeing I'm. Just got its feet up. Eaten bon bons. Not giving a (%expletive) about the show what's. Navigating to read forming I say this I can't see that and accurate when whom who who have the most talked one. As Hillary was his house Roemer and he got to do some work for cuts even solely. If you play. The show sucks so let's send would would always suit. And princess. Ball first in a dollar Americans are right. We got a week we will wade through that the download record to get the Pope yes it's a dog would wreck. Is what Michael case for New Jersey closed I think he's a Carlos. Is what the description I saw we produce as 19 k's away with the so I guess that makes more sense if you just producers has. Foxy in this worked its legacy Michael due to talk. But I mean you really element of it yet exactly you're right about that is like but Mike OK number one in the biggest market. More anymore you think he was the one he was throwing a lot the three months that Mike as the smoke was so much the K was number one. Caller calls and today. What happened Mikey the Pope returns. In a number one anymore. And Donald Rocca was none too pleased with. All of that he's not crushing us in the last trading finishing first we finished in fourth he had to Yankee games that help raises a his average job or kill it on yes that doesn't count towards the radio ratings we've got more of a young audience that podcasters than streams us that's the stuff that Neil best refuses to write about and that's the stuff that the models are scared to bring up. So I'm tired of this false narrative mongers do what Ellis Francisco go ahead Q what this must go ahead I don't care. I've got the contract I love the job I've been here seventeen years I've built the current I'm very proud of the let him what he does. It's a good. I don't care minimalist there's the 42 life through Jesus Christ. Keep going ninth that's that's good go to say you know I don't care we of people watching yes but what's that thousand people in you know Mike talk about me falling asleep here. It with you go back and actually watch the clip of that freaked out like OK I'm pretty sure Michael Kay is actually asleep by the Kansan of the things parents go ahead. More. Am conference. It's it's yet basically all it's all exaggerated he repeats himself yet it's all basically that where is bitching about. Ratings. Say what you want about the it's it's not that he's not even doing the Fred touch a thing. Where fraternity just lies about. Ratings. Agassi's a yeah. So what he's beating me cats. That speak to touch it he just Illinois and new wardrobe makeovers on its autumn like tweeting about it he. Haircuts and the house's new suit. And again and again protector says like me and for not arts and the temperature stern did thirty years. Easy drunk guy gets Jamaica hello. Lack. Don that is that fuse with crisper. The lazy he woke up the lazy drinker efforts to note. So it's been done before. Being. Yet the Pope as a response to Donald reckons. Insane rants. I don't talk about the shows and you know I've never spent ten minutes from the guy in my life so I'm going. Things to say about me but that's because of that Americans are ridiculous. And means nothing to me. And that's essentially what Chris Curtis did to me. With this guy and he's chirping at me I'm Patrick Russia can. So I know the feeling dot org Erica I'm not being heard by number one. But acts and here you're fighting a losing bet in the point is you don't care vote ratings I don't get that point. It should be your better show if you should be attacking Francis of being lazy. Not caring about a show for kicking retiring. Letting people replace him and taking them out to be after more as you certainly can't go out there perjury. Speaking of ago ratings this idea for this when we don't have audio for because we're not allowed to place. We got in trouble that dry and boring Chris Chris reads the edited out of this podcast every week for the first six weeks we did. So much but we can't play 95 I can't play this but you hear. Man is talking about Gisele. He's on to and I think it at that point our boys our boys Roemer that was supposed to premiere today got in trouble. For the commitment properties daughter. And if you go back analysts it was a throwaway joke. If we're being there when I talk about the station's biggest guests well okay. You're right and I and a Wii U we talk about with bank talk about that would Roemer next week but my point in his. I believe. 95 broadcast the patriots might run a million if there at the patriots are and who's their superstar. Number and you heard number eight and somebody's life. No visas is maybe the only woman as important to him as his daughter probably is as Mahler and asthma at the history when he. So it has goes on has granted that we template for legal balls at but. He he starts going off about how. Is that the site of Gisele. Makes them wanna wretch makes a one of pot luck. He can't stand even the side of fines or discussed. The and then adds I'm not joking it took him might. I'm serious just how much. And not a key percent. No one gives a (%expletive) it's the weirdest thing where for what reason the station gets a lot of (%expletive) Roemer Fauria for jokes. Mass say things that they apparently believe. The semi joke. That they believe about it. This this station's number one client essentially the patriots. That's the number one team they have the rights for the broadcast. And men going off about how Tom breeze it makes an apartment that's acceptable. I don't get. But. Then double standard if folks were fighting against it bloodline might it help you fight against that Roemer. Men and Callahan. But to an extent. That's at a tuna and osment. Or remaining. And into the afternoon. So on Santa's from me on from alma dale mix it up from on the weekends from now Gilroy again. I mean don't that's torture but you EC and the point I'm making news from whoever you want a ago and hopefully level Roemer in next week hopefully and be prepared next week hopefully we'll have a much better episode in the portion I just idea for a half hour. See you next week folks. You've been listening to trash talk with the kind of money I hear it again and WUPI. Dot. I to am radio dot com and tune in next week or another addition of trashed. Presentation that stuff you. DP I.