Mike and Dan relive the Red Sox Yankees bench clearing brawl from Wednesday night with some help from WFAN’s John Sterling and Suzyn Walden radio call. The guys take a look at ESPN’s Get Up and then discuss some slip-ups that got play by play announcers in trouble recently.


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We got to come on something. Better than so we we we've not been using the guitar that we started with the most of his early on or because like I'm. Most mostly due to laziness or incompetence. We everybody's in the Qatar but what I think we need is real and yes we got to sell you any creative fans holes are are are buoyed Dijjer on hereof gonna make this one I'm I'm working on another morally easy listening conference. Just dropped some random and have to get arm when it really really you know the sun the sub title of this podcast. Trash talk subtitled a lazy look at the media I'm. Of sports. So well. How to. If you endless last week I recommend you do. Because I can't speak obviously we have another guest and Lucy birds were Japan whose it was awesome Dodgers regulars awesome now I spoke to her after the show about coming and some regularly not every week dreaming but here and there if she ever has in the eighties just in time about an hour. The show was born and meets in this present a boring. I didn't say it and so many words how everyone and first let's take a while you know. But now I I am it's like a third boy ever there was a real conversation. In the three was at was what it was kind of we didn't have to necessarily stick to the script what were doing. Does she is very natural. I will get them the John Dennis tax. Guy I knew I had sent I think I'm gonna back. Mike I think once were allowed to go a little longer than our time right frame I think she baker yeah. It is so I'll loosen bird will be back of eating at last. So she filed into a runaway rebels from this Welsh on affairs and work much closer I'm on this. So that the the other guys stimulus uploading mrs. We can put our Iowa so now and we record on Thursday is out on Thursday. So don't seem dated that we're talking about last night's. Red Sox yankees rivalry is back in it well that's a percent. You know it annoys me just as much as when people are alike immediately all the rivalries back everyone says that on Twitter. What's equally annoying is the people like. Well I guess I'll be the first like sarcastically saying you know different in the people like insane yeah holding itself you know funny than that just as you notice that Iran's. I mean this should really come as a surprise either. You know at the dead rats RG is getting more attention. I mean they're any nap and over the winters stand guard the Yankees. Martinez threats arguments and signing in the news is gonna happen yet but baseball is more boring now or it feels more boring as the world. So having a good fight his gut. I do too I I I love base brawls yes well look like that on it's it's very very don't call me boring it's very cute I think I think back. Got the you've you've proven me wrong but a debt. So a good baseball but is good. However our favor broadcast team. Didn't and seemed careful they Wear. And that is John sterling and Susan Walton tonight like I hit the best you can just call me notion dollars might because last week I sent you this Demeco weekly thing with John sterling and yet. Back to back weeks here we are so let's so it's set the scene right joke Kelly it's Tyler Austin. In the armpit rib rib area right knowing years OK nick I don't think taking a fastball to that area wit and your life do you. And while it ended if you my body's own backyard you know line assessment record but most at most it's very rare. So anyways this is in retaliation because tire us instant slow in the second base Wednesday night spikes up. Despite broad Burkle will that. So the Red Sox pitcher decider retaliate and here is the call from WFAN. And it. Whoa. Protestants Linda's bat on the ground now and throw them and when man. He's winning he and Kelly go down on the ground both benches and they we have a brawl in Boston. It's good wins and Boston. And it slid hard into hold. And so apparently hit him with a pitch and arson charge them. Look if there is this payback in this paid back you don't hit a batter there. Throwing 98 miles an hour you just don't do best that's his wife never mind his career that's his life. Are you kidding me. There's a life Mike let's all take a few moments in. Thank whatever higher being you believe him. Austin still alive. We were all very worried yet especially after he did take a couple of pops to face aphorism that brawl that's right Joseph Jones Sony into. Soaked first visited thing in route to his wife was in danger. That's his life that we're talking about Susan McEnroe now again texted me this morning into the some good Suzyn Waldman audio I was a little disappointed. When I've found that there was no I what Alex Ricci Susan much better than. Logical. Oh yeah. Anke and Michael on. The next Ricci Susan much more than compassionate. Subdue I don't like subdued Suze well I don't I don't righteous I don't blame you cut it to six. I don't I don't blame the man for being angered it's like it's African baseball we know there is oldies he or she should be angry about. What's her. Co host called broadcast partners on my uncle's. Well that's good that's an anger row that's more than it does put it makes me laugh. So quick refresher. On John Sterling Jon Karl. John Carlos stands on an on call because. Darlings as her stand has an Italian name right but he's Italian so here. John Carlo. No old seat wolves though Barlow. Writes so instead of saying I've (%expletive) up on senate. Saying that he decides to take it to the next level which I mean my I kinda respect that I yup I'm going to be an idiot mindless fully take it to the next level well I don't I. I'll I'll tell you why don't respect that aspect of Johnston and because that's saudis think. He's thinking. Oh all the is everyone wants to know an old John is gonna do next. I really hate that in his mind he's become miss he's become the Yankees so like I was in their broadcast for him not for the game yet. But anyway it's or it's kind of like that thing where is dryly yeah out to commit deceived a resort re thinks he's Italian. And I didn't think it was and I so anyways. Sterling an interview with the New York Post earlier this week. Where he says that if John Crowe stand ever hits another home run after it never mind what's gone on strike and equipment. Yankees play by play an odds on sterling is ready to unveil a new signature call for last year's National League MVP. Sterling told the post you'll sing. Saying hello thank god none demands the car that balls shirt travels far. That lies cute my line Mike in Italian is from a Dean Martin Nat King Cole song. Not demand sikar means do not forget so let me set the scene via. So lovely. Lee June afternoon in the Bronx him. Reigning National League MVP John Carlos Stevenson. Said substantively very romantic I am marking. And after striking out three times are in the game. He gets a fast that's the thing about this Johnston should. Their losing fourteen to one still if it's on its behalf. Through his fat stand with the fastball right on the medal. He sends it into the into the bleachers at Yankee Stadium in a few well a lot of men Nat King Cole thank Erica. We have the piano only game losing hop. And that we. Got applause. And his mind it's been clear because we believe he's Indian and looking up and dual front happens what's John Dennis I'll yes sex hormones. Could job Johnny. That is. Now people called baseball animal lifelong baseball fan I'm one of you try. Are two of the few people in their twenties that's still give a (%expletive) about it and you try to defend. And say no it's not boring you you you don't understand to know what you think is you don't. And the like oh yeah it with the Yankees Huskers to go to Bali cook. Now saw that the saudis going to set a lullaby to all of us not that when the most exciting moment in the game patents. It's like come. And yet my biggest problem with him and Sam's last week is the will look inside the mind that we now. Like its inside the actor's studio Arafat and behind the meat. You know here's my room thinking we. Were inquiries that draw people into. A sense of Rome and of course played team but it's. Come on come on I hope this production of who's gonna start an idyllic opinion on the idea the piano immunized Susan Susan not Susan tick on the Ivan. Yeah. We go from righteous Susan to musicals and I love I'd of that virgin version now much more. Because subdued Susan didn't do is very disappoint and and just getting high and mighty about. That and this bothers me uttered cane seed this morning. I was. Very rarely do I hear them a straw man argue. That's what they're doing this morning because they were arguing they are saying you should be able. Hit that easily I would go for that right by the unwritten rules of the game yet who cares if but they're saying what does it solved. It's almost discussion now and like NPR. Eight soccer mom talked does its salt violence oversaw insolvent at someone's got to do. If a Barnes and was not often sometimes he got him in the face and it's all the don't solve anything with fists. I was particularly Taliban I was very surprised. To hear him kind of take that stance. We don't talk about. The media to have you done a bar fight from yes sort of not relate. Yes I like my buddy has knives through and viewed. President buddy was in a fight and didn't idiot. And I snuck a few punches and and scurried away and I got him at a clock and we look forward to that and it's all not all right so there. Wrong necessarily. But who cares but I like to see it it's entertaining exactly yes that's if you want to bring to baseball bats anymore and potentially. Not necessarily fight because that'll and it becomes the views of but you know guy's mouth off to each other. Thrown inside. It's it's entertaining and somewhat. So that that's my last it was. If David Price fake an injury left in the first inning usually am born and I saw I made last night spot on sites we don't have the drop a year of Happy Gilmore the group one of the ladies in the nursing on my fingers were they couldn't get into. Yet and it's perfect. I had I had tickled fingers over the thought leafing since Arafat in an edit this. But I do wanna talk about the other baseball brought you know we make from the Yankees. But I. The Red Sox broadcast is. It really bothers me how old boring in and family oriented it's got tackled me back Friday he's an exact product color color commentary is not my problem I like. Army still good. It and I think actors are these the best they've got he just doesn't wanna do it. Once I think. You're gonna you're gonna four nights a Johnny Jones she's a good day Dave O'Brien Packers Lian ramming. If you add that that's a professional that's but yeah this argument September last year is really good and then. Packers leak and kind of joke with Remy a little more so I feel like Dave O'Brien won't feel pressure to be the funny that's my problem Dave O'Brien. He's a good broadcast these and politically. My beef with the mother in the fact that the lifts his s.'s of that was he was zest estrangement but. And now my only real problem with a ms. He it seems like he tried commands located on was the fund or suppose the funny and Don and Gerry had as chemistry and try to beat. Funnies dork. But if the (%expletive) dork so. I'll just be a dork and and call the game but they should be another guy in there like hackers and shoot the (%expletive) That would make them more time I've told demise. The original rebel idea that'll revolutionize broadcasting is in the of the option. For the the blue the XBR rated broadcast LE VSAT mutton is that is switch over the African Portnoy and build better. Well that is by the way reform is front and crime but it's the sleep knock on builders and now. The the next. I've been up and Ivan Ivan and he's not the next one will find a state where blind man is. That's Michael. And yet you told me you at some points but the nets and hold the I mean listen again. Jordan's Furniture they're in a ship on the money yet in my book are you Santa. I don't know girls they sponsor area but I will say. That is a great. You know after July 16 or whatever the Sox throw a no hitter and you bought furniture before veering very right anyway itself not Jordan's friend just fall that's that's a good deal that should be promote but anyways the league with his name Gabriel. That name I don't know Ellie Ellie from Jordan's Furniture in our hero from an analyst. Odds are in the fifth inning the other night a much in the game in an Arnold they've done this. The entire of the entire home stance Omar but nobody do once in awhile but he's sitting on the monster in the league Zuma into the monster he's delegate he sat up there. And he's like talking about his deal for the entire commercial break and we thought hell is this. And that but then like Dave and Dave O'Brien hops and yet you know that's tour dinner even that's a great deal yeah I guess some furniture. It's like there's a way you can do that it doesn't seem so phony and force and a however they did it it was like jokes of buddhism than two and again it I don't wanna make it to make him trashing anyone's love sponsors Earl yes but. My point is that the way that NASA and orchestrates that. It's very unnatural. It takes so it distracts from the game and I beat just about like the guy sitting in the second rather of the monster seats and I got a big tent going up in front of me now is for Elliott noted it is two and a half minutes but even if you just admitted what you're as you know again we're gonna we're gonna take a couple minutes and we talked about it sponsors. Betsy a that's more acceptable than trying to make it seem like eight apropos of nothing we're just gonna mention the sponsor and talk about a different irony. It's it's very weird thing I hope they don't start me Metairie is that better or worse than the on the fifth and and show our order all like the fifth inning show is an economic studio with. The other men fifths listen lets not do any disservice it's the missed a few of them. That is like. I guess they're trying to be. To try to have a lot of new they're trying to have less ads so their big idea was no other sports at halftime shows let's do that. Here's the problem. Problem would baseball aren't the ads that say it's not the idea that we all understand that there's a middle of an inning you're gonna cut commercially need to make money I'll get. The idea of having a break in the game is not a problem it's it's the fact that games sometimes take our routes. So cutting the commercial is not the problem and we use substitute that with just a boring recap of the game were already watched. We know it's happening in the game and even if you missed it in Golan border enhanced program in front highlights very quickly. So. You don't need the mid mid fifth showed up days. And it's just more boring program that's. It's very. It's almost like they don't like to complain about our ratings are down 20% last year. It's like interject generally. Web sites like two minute recap of the day yes I mean you can't be both you can't be this network that. Is focused on ratings and ratings driven and you pretend like you give a (%expletive) about ratings. And then. We use even when you don't get ratings put on programs like small pox. But it's the kid. That Dustin Pedroia who is your favorite player when you're here. OK to earth are like no one wants to watch it's cute I get it it's fine for Sunday morning but. No one watched pitch I thought you were big fans Sox kid clubhouse. You know. I went perish rescue was utterly and a warm placement I'd put on my feet pajamas. And and get my pop tarts and I'd simmered down and hunkered down on a Sunday morning and watch the clubhouse but ever since Gary stressed out you know it hasn't. Hollywood Bob Barker of the press is not the same. True after 2000 to afford it and how old Darrent Austin annoys me. Now I find Guerin on it under voice and knowing finder. It's not necessarily hurt you ought. Garn Austin doesn't annoy me as much as the idea of a sideline reporter. The united Arnold and Gary Austin particularly good but it's like what do they asked to do that she's doing what she's passed. You know she's as the bow Boren that whole thing the whole idea. And it's mode and descended down to Garin Austin. Talked to a fan it's the cool with the CNET should. Eloquently make TC sit on the stop someone for. If that's not a slap in the fifth hit the guy's been there for twenty. Sometimes you see about left field so there around like the third baseline he's just sitting on the stairs yet try to talk somewhat and he's a well hey guys. Did you know the smoky bets likes to bold and oh my goodness what a crazy time Davila. Anyway. Yes and dozens broadcast is a Bork. At least the Yankees have something interest to listen. We don't Ingraham whose best. When I played duo in the city. But goalies it's the Gorman timing it's got. Ronald Ellis now they've been in knowing me. Really there and annoys me from a producer standpoint of trying to cut out a clip from the torque no I'm I'm gonna go of Accra iron go across the street and I don't hit it really raise them again to a lot of US puppet. What does so that zone so as they elect is very it's say it's league too much of character now. And so sees voice as a little weak for play by play they run should I hired timeline. But such and I don't expect it though holy ground and oh (%expletive) it's. But still act is too much longer they tried to do it and the other and show once remember him and I was a very highly rated but if it didn't work habits and a but Zelaya does like the show pony stuff when it first happened was funny but I feel right now it's too much. Trying to be that wild and crazy yelling councilman Jack its leader. Those yet will Jack the same. Yeah it's like when you have success with couple a couple think like Tommy's not phony ransom is not phony bias. Like that the best part of a Celtics broadcast is now in Tommy yells and screams it's when there's a call against the Celtics and you hear muffled. Who could that's my favorite part about Tommy and I it's. Is a more subdued and I've league's going to man it's to which an IRA but anyway it's. Speaking of putting on an act Jesus Christ. In that a sad display we didn't talk about this with Lucy last week but the ratings fair. The highest. Promoted are the the most promoted shows other than the six I would say India is in history cannot. What they fail. And that's a singularly and and do our next topic. I'm moving right along vacuum. It's (%expletive) like that where. Tom I said before the show started before get a started as a program. I took any. Blame offbeat so this'll be green birds flock but the from the things I've seen on that Shelby has an abomination I think Michelle beatles' very fun. But the problem. With so here's what ruined morning zoo radio. I was towered some Robin Quivers rule in the morning radio become and how it seems like he's ruin morning TV. Through no fault of around. But Robin Quivers role on the Howard Stern Show was kind of big the oh voice of the women who would kind of keep power in the final. All a lot of network executives don't realize is that will Robin was doing was not keeping Howard Stern line it was the appearance of keeping. It is however say something ridiculous to say oh how. But they would keep going keep going down that route. What happened mornings do as they saw that recently need those that girl to keep the guys that are so women have been put and a. They they've been tested this where they have to beat that now 1 on morning zoo type radio where it's like well guys come on and they stop the fun. And it seems like that that's on the show beetle has become an issue. Ollie does that clip of that isn't that what she wasn't sports nation with cowered in an early walk and wiley seeing so my Miami impression of Michelle beatle was entirely developed around. Podcast appearances I heard on a few podcast when she was. Seen it seemed like more herself. As a cat like like she she could be go. But it seems and I alias and the early watch sports nation but maybe shoes like that match or two and what he has in his. But it seems like she Ozzie she's slid in that role of being like guys come and let's not get too crazy here. Like when they went they went into 12 of mentioning Donald Trump and you've known threat timeout we don't talk about that here that's bad boy hang on. And they go the timing of the boy at one dollar they got to ask him his favorite skewed about our commander in chief I probably should yeah. Do you doing that out when I'm doing this is a good time out and do well I think I a couple of Eric. This I love this. Without the fake well although Michelle but it's like oh go. God forbid Jalen Rose says something interest what governments somewhat match show throws out one thing interest. And she immediately. Slammed the brakes. And that's another problem with TV like in radio. You can and you hear a lot with more anxious here curtain count where they get to something interesting the goal later breaks. In TV never see where it's like they were an interest in top we have to with a break now we have to go to his boring segment. Well. That's that's olds that's the way they didn't the (%expletive) and seventies or three channels. Now you can talk about more free form eight mile. And that it's the producer's job to kinda. The line ups I think I think on TV the advertisers pay for the specific specific times I know we're not weren radio they know what I'm saying it and I understand what I'm saying is. Make a deal with the advertises that hey we might go for forty minutes. And I understand the advertisement like that but you'd do a show that's worth a (%expletive) They're gonna say it was the worst of and advertised as well as this one might. Answer is the show always this program. I mean I think that the judge my my reaction to your question for the future. I am not looking capsule does note is that all right and not and I think it's Hewitt yeah. Don't SS. You come with a why when you. Bring things to me like Mike Lee of word of the day. I mean we we we toy than a couple weeks ago. And you know neither one of us are that's a great debate that was come out as some another brand new another morning zoo radio show came up with a forty years ago. And this show that claims they're gonna revolutionize broadcasting company again and what was the word of the week this Monday damn. I. It's a Monday edition of the green is where the Dallas one at a terrific weekend I got a sneak a word into the conversation today courtesy of Kayla Johnson Kayla what's the word plantation and and yeah it's fortunate our land management O greeted in the landing Manger not tonight bland but outlandish. The outlandish meant that you heard it's a word don't know that's the whole premise of the good okay. Thank you for doing this crap I think I would require a full body Black America that I thought. A the idea of the bid is your work you know we're so why do I have to go to this little active well I've never heard this it's again that's the (%expletive) idea to do. He's beat someone Rio. Is so is that just on social media they acknowledge it when it's it's the elephant in a gong that they ring and that's great he's part of the day folks I couldn't I have. I'm working during that you're wanted billions of people that are watching know I work for our sister station. During the morning so now. It's very weird that they. Built it up like we're going to here's my advice if and you you folks. Ever get the chance to do TV show or radio show don't sell it width. We're going to revolutionize. We're gonna change ever we're gonna change the way the game is done because every show I've ever heard saint. Then comes in and African Mike salt. There Mike Greenberg and they're just a border is going to do with the exact same way everyone else has done throughout history time. It's ridiculous it's a week so I don't build up like that if you knew the same should it wants and so they. The weird thing they do is they have like last we did bugger McFarland all week in the street Damien Woody. Is that is that there wave shaken things that exist were in fourth. As work race. It's it's a weird way of doing. The first is that what they promote. All of you know if they wanna bring it make things industry interest and and goal. But that tension right out there you know if it should do. And Jennifer thank you laugh and they should bring Angola. And have a segment why did it why did Mike and Mike why idol widely 82 wise during a bitch and why we hate each other now and that would be so I'd watch that they can appointment be appointment viewing it as a program graduates. That's something I'll walk you think at 32 for thirty will be interesting when it comes out of doing on I don't know I'm saying until now. It won't be because Dell Dell here will be the big. Omission on match go bills say you know sometimes we didn't go winning always you'll. At the end of the day. We respect or or I will be that big a big admittance but can you believe it's a while we are or if they'll have the you know if will be slightly interesting in the in the caught a down just half hourly minute Mike and the mad dog shore. Dahlia now when Mike that's the only time going over thirty for third as they. I X I wanted more although also NS a citizen of the mega man abducting. That might not be as existing as you want to be because I really believe that my cameraman Doug genuinely hate each other because they disagree about but yes I think I may so. President and real stupid like that they because that's what they explain it. But it's it's like. We disagreed about a potential pickings him back in 1993. The Mets made to maybe I mean now and you know to each other ice like I actually I would like that I could see that was the reason why I I've known as a about it and I. But it is maybe I don't even know if if you don't they ever did make a third of their in my group Mike in my degree and be watchable there was. Because that's interesting shuttle nozzle well I'm saying like would you actually be able to view it because Dijjer that it with the latest thirty for thirty in the Bobby Knight one that came out this week I saw something yes they're putting it on their new app. You have to pay 599 a month for. Not worth yeah I mean I was looking bored watched Bobby Knight those chair across the court and screens people and so here's the mistake a lot of services are making. Is there. There seeing the successive Netflix streaming sites and saying okay that's. We have to be now we have to be a subscriber based on line platform. That's great take take the advice of your successors. The promise yet that interesting shift in ideas it doesn't work with the sports on you there and it's note does. Because I'm watching Bobby Knight documentary on every six dollars a month for now it's like who gives real and more so the rights to sell sell to Netflix. Robert May netbook wave or right with all the all heal the third for there used to be on their wide to stop doing that. Because they want people to go to their own. Streaming all my old Disney starting their own history is there Steve Disney had now that's Disney's backing out of the deal in Disney's going to have their own in Disney has around and that'll be it. That'll be worth paying for. And you he does it'll be all of Disney's movies and all match and then he has been will be a part of that because they are part of Disney company right so that to a point. But these smaller outlets like the Bard's website. Which has got to be just the same Portia yeah or just described via what I just now. I haven't droughts. You know for teacher. And its variants eyes experience of him when Boston so. It's. My that's a prom with the athletic but the one China Oakley I hear Bedard elder man. It's just a snooze fest. BA in Greg a Bedard must stand for and because it is just a complete buck and more. And the big promotion that site is equal pay. If you like fall asleep at the wheel for the two hours he's on Felger and Matt has paid bucks a month to read an even more boring form of media. Is reading you can read this drivel for six dollars a month of that would've and robbery. And it's the same as you can get the globe and herald the globes also ships but in general leaving it. Anywhere LC give or go to bar stool will be in a tank and you'll get you'll get the gist of news I realize it's not real report. Eleven idealist. Or fuel our WEEI dot com if you Hillary more parcel post polling after the so. When other when there's three outlets doing this like if Hulu was doing the exact same as netbook and Netflix but for free. Who'll be Dominique that's of people if there's someone doing the same thing you are for free it's not worth it to make a paid. Service agreement advised. It's it's sad ominous crackle dominating. Nobody don't have that the same kind. Of sing at all have a couple of all of Netflix ship was on Mac in everything the Netflix offered was on the that it would. And I'm saying is services like dark it's night and ESPN's thing will be. So many other services will be offerings times. So. They've got rip they gonna have interest in con that's where they should've put the bar stools that Parcells and it should have been on a subscriber if they were wanted to launch subscriber base thing you holed about a Marshall thank you make people pay for. And then they can do whatever the (%expletive) The only Bartel fans pay six months that. All share a but just a little. Which is ambience and that is infant that. They would get the arsenal fans bank which oceanography. At 4000 views its. Enough with streaming services as they don't know how to deal. It's amazing that I can run he has paean Jenny I could run ESPN better from the people that are doing and now on cocaine at erect. Well you know I might need some and it's a stamp one hours and so. And enough get blue Hampshire would there will be plenty to bash them well maybe what do you think it's I told me decades he did this which. But I you've heard a little bit of that CM beater it's you know it's over for France doesn't he think may last longer and get up. You don't think diving get out gonna last longer cousins. The sad because of the money that after I how long this the six last what eighteen months. I think in radio. Oh that's that's a point is that the six last eighteen months I think this show might end go two years or one year. I think CNB last longer because I think radio is often very lays. Those aren't we got a job there so much written radio is often very lazy so. That showed they could sit there and do not believe there afternoon shows I've heard that sit there and do nothing for 45 hours at a time. And people still listen because it's sports talk in a big market so people are gonna listen it is their limited options I don't know that's the things I don't know CMB brazenly deceive. But I would think people are just tuning in because it stills you. It's something you're not getting everywhere aghast at sports talk which is an on every station like music. So. And people are just used to going to France as a shows they still do it you'll get habits ID CMB will last longer. Because the state bot. Even if some people that listen a show that plagued don't know that minutia on their wondering when Mike the indictment I don't. That. Oppose the open this criticized. This is awful. As godly people to just pop in once and I can't its friends that's a month he's on every day cricket and it's gonna gets a lot of vacation. So yeah my prediction CMB will skate rule for two young seventies. I would I bet they sent to your I don't know why. But I notice that's the radio that they don't do one year contract is often as a TV. So I think they're gonna slide by. And it. Someone who may not slide. There which is baffling and I guess an argument Dan on this one. Judging by your reaction to replace to cut about. And Oklahoma City Thunder broadcaster. Throughout a very common phrase. That I my father is used. Yelling at me. Many times because he's old nerd. So I've heard it from my childhood and didn't strike me as a provocative phrase at all but as people open arms. That Brian Davis is the guy's name Brandon Brian Davis calling. Russell Westbrook who's apparently on five in the problems the games. Optic. I think you're gonna want to beat the beetle droplets are doing it and so. I'll open I had that read and just we talk too much I definitely have our ports oil got him Bryant made his bright. And when you heard that you really ought got. Really. The white broadcaster calling it African American mentality you. And the others that are outraged by this and outrage and is a naked dude play here's my take a lot out may be outraged is my thing though is the people that thought of that immediately. Might be more a much more racist than Brian Dickerson because obviously. That didn't come across Brian davis' mind at all. Brendan is just a bland announcer I'm guessing wants to keep his job. If he thought for a sack of (%expletive) that's right slavery could be. Invoked from this I didn't. Obviously didn't think it's also I think everyone that thought that a media was probably a little more rest I mean Brian's else. When I mean I obviously did not watched the Monday night Oklahoma City Thunder game I don't I don't have him nearly past government this year there now so anyways when I saw this clip. It was called the headline Oklahoma City announcer broadcaster calls. Russell Westbrook cotton picking I got everything. You know that all him but that the like that's the headline I see I know I read the headline burst and now I want to everyone so that is automatically with the the top of my mind if you're not a pro like me old Mike Geary. Really didn't down to business deacon in those articles other most other people. Including me when I'm not like I'm doing work for the show I'll read this (%expletive) I'm going to have to. But I'd just like scroll for news that 92. I just read the tweet about headline never ends well I guess this guy's a clip. It is guys are racist rant I draw my conclusions from headlines 90% of so that's what most people. So most people just paint this guy is a racist and have help and I think he called Russell sports. And it reminds as your your boy Mike Hsu entitlement programs might white slaves in the white cotton pickers in the in the deep depression era. Oh those would brush and Brian Davis is different but it's obviously. There was no ailment and listen he sane Russell Westbrook on our. And he's an old mattered like Dave O'Brien and use these old dirty phrases. That it just slips out. Fired out and noble closed the show and an example of why Brian David should be Trout in trouble because sometimes broadcasters just wrote should. They don't I do on the show all the time where I was in the back to last week's episode and I kept saying. I was trying to say. That you can't be blamed. For not uploading episode because it was my fault because I trust you. I kept saying I can't be blame I was saying wrong. Ellison back was masonic (%expletive) idiots like united wanted to but. I've two yes man. But it's like sometimes you're talking. Like that year in the heat of the moment that your brand names. He has to rush out there and you're not realizing. Well oh dear there could be a connotation in this that I don't intend. So now people are saying that in use. It for us. That's how I hope. That Russell Westbrook. As some sort of class he's an here. Qualities that you know what I'm sure people asked him about it now. If this guy's job is in jeopardy is gonna get suspended ever won them should do on Russell Westbrook could save the guy by being like. And so hopefully Russell whispered does that but it's like really guys that the shoe were offended by now. Is. Injecting our own thoughts. Into what a dime and when used to implement it for game it's sat. And I said I think that says more about you got offended by you you'd collect like no you're you're talking on the specific with you know the collective view. They got offended by that and me the year mines immediately went. The race. You're probably a lot more focused on the bright ball play what we would immediately came to my mind when I heard this audio clip and it really need a headline of that and let's let's and it would. See Sarah sent to my point where it's like. You look at your minor way there might not hurt I used to think I am sorry sir yes I am delivered on it. But I'm saying is that guy didn't realize users say he just instead and then later it was public. Guess they blow. On the air talking about a glass blowing business. So. Make mystics. That's. Brian Davis leave that cardinals broadcaster. Just trying to do and battery on my action much. And that he's injured troop. That's in that Agassi troops. A blow job. A and if you want to it was the five story. A solider. Was that review might. Rage if you know that you think Dan great and you loaded the podcast with a long as it's in a capital. And you know he's iTunes and wherever I W I dot com W guy and January listens Liu how's about it. One Mike underscore it's my Twitter handle. And Watkins. At 93 and a follow it because he does a lot of work that show for no real benefit him in the open has but he. Is that does that make up for all the bad things and he cried in mixing in nice thing about it. Do you bloody night at the end. Oh below five star is I was Peter on the so marketed this. About folks.