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Thursday, May 10th

This week on Trash Talk Mike explains his rant against Portnoy last week, the guys discuss the on going morning show feuds, Shaq and Charles Barkley trade jabs on TNT, Kurt Warner possibly coming out of retirement, Katie Nolan’s salary and more!


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Oh. And the problem not for a is field what's that at that too much like where I'm starting. To starts. Hello your. Dog. At the derby took her. I've got a soothing voice. Hi guys that stretched of course. As always with my trusty producer and seeing diamonds at Watkins what's the Salvatore. That's ever restart and against him last week truth speaker. That ironically some. From last item was last week talked about. Or Oilers some people defied viciously attacked and it's a dollar that. I agree with that. But. Apparently people online spot I want I want to clarify some. Tom my groupies when yet the day and so being the operative important that the so. I talked about Portland last might be. Was with the fact that he lied about coming. I know now. I clarified is even noise at all last week I think they're pretty good job explaining why I was pissed. The people here with here. You know I like to appease the it to try and implement my swing state is trying to understand. And I know the portal shows me anything more than he's given them new we should change the name of the podcast and this is what I'm pretty. I'll bet back at the line mind. I'm an an aggregate gave me all the all new pavement demand goes up. Does the frustration you heard my voice is built up older. Not being able yet people do certain things. Clinton does not getting responses from people there at the air here never. Him. It's very knowing we just don't get responses are able or than you do. McNally Portnoy who. You know you have sort of relationship with. And it just fell off its duty again. He can just tell me I don't wanna do you show it's not as it is when it exposes appoint me doing it enemy time to do it. When what are the real reason was he do it that's all I ask for. Com. And I think it stems you know I'm not I'm not just because I'm disabled person does Armenians by pot. I'm not a note that he's doing or what the deal but. Don't tell me you're never gonna do yeah I again in the that's all. The I mean nothing dumping. I didn't build bar stool on my backer and that's so that make more sense than. Ewing at parties I guess you'll accept that acceptable are it's not it's not like an eagle and scorched earth. (%expletive) everyone over there I hate amount never read the blog again. It's merely saying you know. I put my time in there at least show me the respective being. Par five. I don't want you got to say it's if he said no I'm going on keynesian Monday so blow it before that. That's perfectly. I totally understood it just don't say I'm never going anywhere near that place and into it and that's the city and there's a reason for him to do. Nine EO EC TI wouldn't. Opera so it it to about surprised if there. If we're used to but it fine. But there. But at that now now that you followed that you all missed him so speaking of people but bowls Freddie to. Across the street. Protester. Not happy with that the boys in the morning here Nancy. We can't play any of their audio apparel. I haven't had a good bit about thug and has a few weeks ago and Africa that camp played there on that it's a rush game. They get away with playing in the mornings acting as it it is different. There's something illegal legally there's something different about the way you use your life on there it is recording on. Not Smart enough to know that is noted the summit with distribution yet it's in a legal mumbo. So we camp whether audio ports. But both shows admitted that my good pal Dan Watkins. Works for the number one show in the city congratulations that's threatening its only uses the borders there's the Hill Man Morning Show carried out its back. By Dan Watkins. And and his merry men down there in the case. Hi so. With all the training from Al Reyes and if you mentioned eerily tutors you guys who does the skills the skills of broadcast elect talks at the yea he can't he can't recall they don't stuff and more exactly I'll never stop the so. Both shows admitted Hellman was number one last week just you know just a week but it element is number one of those starts and then eight there was a lot of there's a lot of in fighting us and I can't play the audio is would be better I completely audio and his best actor so mainly off focus on the complete. Media that radio ratings are. That there's not something they can say no you're wrong is number ones number twos is very. It's baffling to me that in this day and age. 48 team. We all have Smartphones you can tell. You can tell exactly where I am now if you hadn't property now on maps and I could be just at staffed yet you tell exactly where I am right now. Yet you can't tell how many people are listening to watch on their radio or TV. It's mind boggling and just on them before. My buddy has. My buddies and he's a Nielsen meant. He's he's innocent family your friends about 65 girls well this human my buddy Chris essentially s.'s sixty. So. Easy easy Nielsen man now and what he just due to his every week. Right down at Dyer up with a pen and paper. It's 1968. Rates down with a pen and paper what he watched at what times and emails. Using the US Postal Service he sends it back in the mail and that's how they count television ratings. It is making god damn sensed. And the way I know radio works is even if it's almost more antiquated because they go by. People meters. Portable people meters were hurt on and there's only a thousand. In in mastered is like 50000 in the country. And the same that you'll about a there's like fifty doubt that the camera that. For a country with 350 million people. It's nonsense that you can't so I think the rob I think you get these radio wars wipe lectures. Claims it current and lying which are one. Right now both of them about what went Hillman who summoned steps down off the ground for. Biker kind of been consistently number one for Rory now what that means it is. -- That hopefully if you got a number every one that. Listen to agency doctor Eric Hillman. A turn educates the deal iron element. And see probably be a little iron touch her ranch but roughly you got the full number relatively. Be pretty simple. I don't think you know. But when you're consistently number one for over a year in the case seemed that also means OSU getting more listeners and so. That's the way we have to go on you know as it decreases is that the way he measures that ship. So I don't know why Fred touch it keeps popping up with this nonsense. You're lying about the rates. How how do they keep making money and they keep getting ratings bounces how'd they get away with calling themselves number one if it's just patently and for a. Because it's not. Brent yeah true. We would handle like specific between the lines sports the rate couple weeks ago yes so we don't really needed mental thing now but. It's it's just weird that. Fred touch or just keeps getting away with lying and saying that calm all this debris at the reason this came up is because. 95 made at again is we can't play but they may add it says. Here we don't fine politics and infighting we don't consider politics and inflating entertainment. And why wanna it is entertainment is maybe not not the way you wanna run radio show and that's fine. But to say that's not a valid form of entertainment that's. It's old school I think first of all politics. You guys aren't Donald Trump has been the bigger stories in the country. I don't know two years now due to agree to that. Excellent timing accurately. I and he does get good ratings so operative carries the trio could pick up a are ready and form it is stand watch that that's right. So the idea that you talking politics is use it boring. Anymore. Now we'll Donnie teed off this and inside affect people don't all that Howard's. The grace of it and and the comedy Hannah Howard Stern rip off. So again because yes men and pays homage to Stearns. If that is true low. Low energy individual we do not need in this country. That's currently reference a very low sounds like he's just the just rolled out of that. But he says men and ripping up our Stan is. That difference between. Ripping a guy off and and you know being influenced. Like this person. Act. That's a Smart people do. So many hand let's listen to start the way you hear hopefully someday pay them and the radio. You'll hear that I'm influenced by men and Dan Gilbert Jim Norton and they got here that come out. In just the way right off the ideas that I have surely that people are influenced by. People come before especially great. Treatment and accidents at the ports and steal from. It. Scott and Todd and some wacky more Carson and Kennedy here anyway acting more whacky morning. He should certain actions infamy that's forgot. But he still acts that do it if you steal from the best keeps the city draw from the best that's ever. Anticipate it lecturer and rich aren't influenced by Howard Stern. Absolutely crazy there at the wacky rock guys they do man on the street stuff and goof on their producers. Have you guys noticed how it's. Different doctor shut the (%expletive) out. Being a baby talk about honor and heard more but her man and protester. Resentment and walked the town you've been number I'm not ready to play our podcast this week. It. Now let's. I think we'll stand by the fact I may have gotten emotion. A man with feelings. Those feelings fly because I'm not protector hours crybaby why I didn't align protector. Is line because he says. Its ratings. Are. State emotional. The president of the and then and back SP. Just one note today. He's fine John skipper got new job he did but even after the news that came out of what he ain't hear what he Cady Noland. Well it's yeah. Assay it's it would have been enough for him to close the rest of his way out of a job because today I made a sweet deal. I got Katy Nolan from FS one for a a Mitt. And so John skippers last rob. Coke fueled. Burning of ESPN's money. With a lot of people but men Katie no one was big on this. What do you make them. Believe north of 1000001. Million dollars at a camp. Because. Like Hamburg as I've seen it can't because as I've seen beating on the door it. Should. Is becoming of ever seeing now I don't watch ESPN anywhere near as much as I used to write notice yet but both drew couldn't buy dot. Like and by that I had I don't think I've really ever turn on mostly you know of the Celtics games on the for the playoffs but. Yeah I'd I don't know the last time I think I saw her was Super Bowl median night. That's the type of ship that she does a case that comes around once a year Connecticut. But the deficit this does is it do like up a wacky bit which he's asking people of using a hot dogs are sandwiches. That hasn't gotten off Mike and mics open debate. That really stick to the talk about bringing Mike Mike back as we go and goal has been a disaster I don't know apparently they've been so good that they are taking their producers in the entire production staff to a nine yard games at Hartford maybe I don't want to build a New Haven to keep together for awhile because I write a note because Jenna is right does that. Alex is doing so great. The word of the day really really those are the heart of the day is right now. But Cano I don't understand what her job is. Like how it was justified but she make a million dollars I want and it's even fine if she Gmail Gmail that was obviously part. But it is wild. Jim how hail host a show every night. In a kind of crime you know historic ESPN spot on the dance on the world on the world wide it. So that's you justified your helmet might now it is astronomically. Too much what she is make. She should have been able Florida. A bus pass for match my and a mosque Roddy. But you can say okay that was her job I have no idea you know and job. She's not radio show Alley I liked her and that is one or podcast was OPEC. So she did a podcast. Couple times. That's the that's crazy number to be paying for a podcast but at least she has a job. Now he gets a job he goes on highly questionable while. A little bit Arturo acting so the ball money yet. Until that turned ideas Beaumont he's getting it showed just move these people around and have no. Reason for them to beat us keep brush it against the laws actually feels that as exacting yet. But it's it's night and throwing motion against the same coalition against the law. Taking meet the smeared feces cycle repentance and tossing it back at the same ball. And realizing it's never missed. So I guess John ski resort where the sporting news or whatever content parent company of the sporting news. To Jesus Christ that's this. Bringing they must is be Iranian. I think John skipper didn't actually have a subscription to the sport news that he was Marie middle school you know once again exactly Todd Jones via former closer for the tigers used to write a weekly. Article the remember Ted Todd Jones the parents are on them he might have a term I remembered it's one of those guys but Pittsburgh PA yet amortized but yet. Are you now Johnson everywhere for a her son Dan Houston. What appears messes. When he was middle school we lose exploring his body that's always have a commitment at this morning. Support John skipper has been reduced to obscurity but at least he left his mark. By giving some well deserved money to. Now another some us five autism some Jews east some good stuff there's a fight. And and TNT. Partly but it's Shaq thing we talked about it a little. Plays Embarq and stuff last week titled about checkers Bart. I've always wondered if that's re. Like I seem like kind of an act for awhile I think it starts off with a McNamee both just keep like they can veto it would take shots each and it eventually gets personal yeah adding he kind of saw the culmination of that in the night. Where this got seemingly at least to these these. 220 it's it seemed pretty personal. Yet they are talking about DeMar DeRozan of the raptors and going Casey the head coach and I guess they don't get along talk like that along those lines and they are talking the best player in the if Bart whose name appointee bass players I coach have to get along in check which I loved art and that's a check naturally Iran. Refutes it to repair his relationship with the mark Rosen Margo yes you know this proposal you have to do it because. Some bad publicity if your best player. You did your best player what was your bench he. Well he just talked appointments reported no disrespect your best tours merged you don't have a great religion would you best player. You never want to win this he did not that's not true that well you eat in New York you know just consciously some did just does not Truman stuck it there. Runnin' rebels. One Barbara when it was two or. Not the job that. It would have been an ability to buzz about who doubles as part of would you know. I want a real home. Would you best horse you rode your problems are resolved it is probably. Too did you view about how things. That you write with all of that you're gonna. The help of some of the style but it. Out the repaired he had a blueprint of the top of the list you elaborate on what you win win. And have the way that way to go right hello local political in my view but yeah. It can be a lot of great player you. Don't know. All the way article a few months ago it was 12100. Million Belgrade where he would have thought I was a. Rules of the and it felt when he shut them out and let the men they're minute talk. I love that person well it started off the homage is to know about his book. It's funny just to see. Body has grown man. The biggest growth the gargantuan grown men that it made millions and millions of dollars slightly it's still still argues the way yet we did five or you Ariza I am. I don't totally grew by this point but I'll love that shocked. Talking to go back the total overdoing it collateral and then it's awesome it's a funny thing because you know that this is Shaq show so. Perky good in those three championship shirtless but you know it's a sensitive thing yeah you know and absolutely it's just the thing. When that will always stick with Jack animation as a player that you yet he played it. Again that's the thing that it awarded today is now but Mike Greenberg which. But yet I think it will stay with Shaq forever that all all the championships he won north coping went way. So that never desert which is crazy obviously deserve. He's great and he's back he's the only reason Dwayne wade. Here because popular. That's else that was Jack forever so I just love the Arctic but needles so I think that is why it's like at first it might have been like. Hey we'll just pretend we hate each other. I think now it's. But he has keeps ticket this mother (%expletive) just keeps bringing up Coke. It's a pitch and that's like just screaming Google Google and WW. I'll and the two things that last week. Things on the Barkley and princess. And opens back in the news again. I sort. So I guess. This fine company at the come at a problem with com. The what did you Sydney countless calls I forget the name fun house on those that are you follow them. I don't fall titles like Tony I've seen a lot of his work its equipment I've seen it does go to war. And got heat heat tweets out all the Francis. I believe he was the first. Two and covers the the falling asleep in my eyes we have there really is sometimes. And so it's great order to make a conference has some line act and to cut. In New York exposed this man and got him. Reported Twitter and the com and the I love. I was at played every time I walked to the every time I got the third player. That noise just played want to appeal to the com. Make my days much more plus admired if it started with a home like we talked to a viewer I am not the guys security. I'm. So. This I don't stand because. Companies companies veterans now on the Sampras I agree to come through when it's in the com it's a fine company. A fine and and try and come they do Lamar. But let me just say. People get very nervous and you see here with the afternoons. People get every night not just it's just radio or any entertainment. It will get very nervous and if you make fun of something. It means. People aren't gonna walk. If you make fun of the afternoon show and calm bland and boring and Dougherty. On that means that people listen do it the boat can watch. Them and folks until. I'm telling you Mike. That just because you mocks when you mocked for it and this is a big thing with France us if you make fun and spilling his dike pokes. And fallen asleep at the Mike. Im getting mad at that is funny. But we take that and put on Twitter that promotes the show. Might it doesn't trash France us it makes to the I position by analysts. It's because it's makes fun loveable yet you know I mean the doesn't matter why people listen if people listen to make fun of that should be fine. You shouldn't want people that listen for the reasons you want them to you you just want people listen listen yes for. Let's at any cost if they listen to his men and made fun of him in the morning but it listen because this fun house Twitter account made fun of my friends as a that's what used to be. Let's listen and. Except for there's one reason why you should not listen point that if you think you're his Borough like at the table so Mike. It yeah. Hey what's. The buzz don't quite please upload your bro I'm trying to grow camps are just a book. I judges conference and any any excuse that was really great story there were a lot of great stories as you can tell you if you've made it this far in the podcast. You tell it was a lot to drop. Especially mouth. I have to go half hour art they make. So the Havoc the other pieces and a line is that nose was Johnny Bench. Doing play by play did you tell this to be I step out. That the regular players stepped out of the dispute argument Friday. Johnny benches at the ballpark is not threads and I think John they're like an interview with them gassing out. But you know middle or whatever oh he's not regularly in the no no it. I realize now so they give it gives old Johnny. A chance to play by play as a real. Reliable right center field back goes. Yeah. Note that was the first time I'd eyes it was fun. I've heard that would now have in the video playing for me yeah I'm annoyed with the thing. It's well I'll get in this it's better than I elegant and shipboard things and how it done yet. I would send. You know I can hear the the ball has been struck. I have no idea world went judging by the fans' reaction doesn't play. Probably throwing home I'm guessing he's sick I could be wrong folks but that's I'm assuming happened based on purely might force senses. Other than my guys. Putin's. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I I didn't do that he's income of whack at the I would say Johnny Bench as much of a career. Went platinum and deeply eighty settling matters not well if determinant. A problem with a moment so. Do Kurt Warner might not change we do things more just maker Warner Kurt Warner so Kurt Warner. Apparently. Thinks he can still play against. That notice must take from this I guess I guess through an offer her order RD and a half time he reached out age forty said yeah. People give Brady forcing him at least 45. Kurt Warner who has been leaks for what. 678 years. Now leased it to be solving hazardous five yeah and I was a couple of years right yes so many years been utterly at least so. I don't understand this but he claimed. That he and offering him actually reopen. She's ready to. Go to homeless it. Golf course I think it would be great thanks. Together they needed someone. They went outside of I don't a series of I didn't completely different now. Pilots it depends on house that's the difference between she organized and we salaries Gisele ones bringing home Kurt Warner has yet that's. Justin Knox off just yet I go with the bottom I don't and it does leave the alone Arnold's views on that does the TV broadcaster that was the radio broadcasts but it was the radio broadcaster Don Mueller got Mike Shannon your election human machine and I believe I do. And thank you might tell us about a blow job. But the guy. Elements you know. When I wrap things up let's here from Mike Sheehan and close about this again. Actually no difference because that's. Suffice funny sometimes differences. -- order at the way up there at the I guess Carol Warner. There was bodies were. Like mark who that must've been I can only imagine that conversation. Was like. I think about it back out there and what are coaches are. Will blow up to sign up. Anchor weren't just taken seriously. There's no way that coaches here's obvious as it never came up. You must've found some you know. They must realize you're 47 years old you've been retired for years. So yeah that's and lasting Peter King a lot of should draw looks. If I could apply different that your audio that some days. Alas I'm handcuffed him. And a Peter King also said he offered to resign. From Sports Illustrated. Report in the that the league it's nothing correctly. I was of these guys to come out years later. Would you didn't do. So gives it right telling us. Either resign. Or don't. Brag about it to a year's list. Peter King odd guy not guy. Had a report is not that much like this show Peter king's very boring much like this usually. Is your first time was folks. Spotter Mike as much better. Right Yang and I get angry about next. Who can I get Matt. You know all of next week I'll be mad at. Can recent months between. Magnetic confinement were such a nice guy and have a tough time getting their look at the next equals. So. Folks is so if the show if the show didn't do. I don't know what your ears are used what kind of in thrall and its enemies. We are good weeks. But if this showed UN and you just aren't going to be able to and well. As subscribe on iTunes. It's five star rating on review and another UNC two agency or so ago. No clue where rough enough those charts maybe. Boy I thought it. Is that roughly what will come back. Hot heavy next week my friends that WEEI dot com if you don't subscribe to show. Was on the BI apple with a radio dot com map. And listen to a all our other glorious podcasts there at one Mike and the score on Twitter at do you want in 93 if you wanted to follow the voice the people then one that's right. And CNET folks. I take its. Hartnell realize small loan is an incredible work I'd be gay because that machine it's it's it's Andy bush.