BLIND MIKE’S TRASH TALK EP 16 – Broadcast Booths in the News

Mike and Dan discuss the ESPN NBA Broadcast Booth, the announcement of the new Monday Night Football team, Jonny Gomes back at NESN, Barkley settles the Laurel Yanny debate and more!


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We don't we didn't match the great people yeah it's the only one filtered. And America this trash talk or do. Line it's. And I got a good Thursday morning on all of that again for getting up put us on he has VMware ready to go the candy let's get on. Is my show got them. Our money trash talking like an intra. Could run target. You know people have been Sen. Mike it was mystery it was people. Urban vibe union pop who said that insane and insane Mikey knew the face. You are is an industry. You know DJ running out. Maybe in his department native and to a press he viewed. You know. Rule. Book and an ego. Personal. Johnson. Also last week was real dog should. Not come. At. That's opens opens and was and the star in his in his game. People up some people over it people read them and I was bigamy ran the ran the red. I'm back with him. Some. Pretty. Street. Archer we talked last week about oh. They accused me off and I'm I'm scrolling through putter. And and your use. Of Howard Stern doing your bit in the ninety's I think probably be in the eighties he did. Called stripper jeopardy. Nobody sounds like something you do of course. Maybe 2030 years ago yes now when before Mike yes yet I mean honestly before mine too and but the gist of the bill was to have. Dumber air and it's you know it finds strippers that weren't. That's that's all of them but the ones in particular weren't very knowledgeable. On certain issues right the now in 2008 team on swirled through Twitter and I see. A turn rich to weed out. Coming up next. How many jeopardy. And beat him maybe it's it's well it's. One guy from Manila Shula and one guy from the south she'll school Aron often buck in Boston trivia guy. Yeah it is hack is it's announced but might. Favorite part was can you guess what the browsers where. Joining us that they used for browsers are generated buzz in right answer I do know their version of a buzz it was. Now we're back now Aki and B how not just any beer. Outspoken against it guy. They're cracking cancer it's. That's how they buzz and that's that's that's the mass will be your pocket awesome name named after Rhode Island beach in its burden in New York it's funny is the yeah it's funny you say mass hole because that was one of the categories right mast hole eats sort of a I really you're gonna call minute and a half can say is still informs there and and that whole week later. Think no one's gonna notice that you're doing how any jeopardy and I only got doing in the most packed away so I listened to it obviously. I couldn't stomach the whole bit so I can't tell you whether or not hostage 01. But I can tell you that during the five minutes analysts and they had non sarge my boy a Mike's our dryly well. If sarge who doubt them. But they had him on them to make they just made fun. And they made from the guys edit so. In five minutes they completely debunks the idea that they're not ripping off stern and they don't have invite. I listened for 5 minutes this morning out of those are both wise. So Kurt I think you're not only your reputation your spot at number one. To say you mean of author. Idiots behind. I don't. I'm agreed helmet I thought some of the month would've said the men does that give yours that's not true. No we've never done that I mean we do like I mean I guess the similar thing that we do is like LB on history. When grant us to visit Greg guests like Adobe's Eric it's what you do in the battle to bring the characters on the show right they had. Actual people intestines it. No we don't we don't do lines calling trivia questions are now yeah well it does not 1985 right and Hillman knows them and Freddie Tate. The king a radio apparently does not know. What did it is last week and defend and no real that most of torture and original today I did it. I did some quick investigating. And Jesus Christ. If that's a represented their show. That's embarrassed. 1986 radio how did you equity guys. It's funny welcome back in south bay where cracking dances and our answer in mass hold for pocket awesome day. That's cool it was funny that thirty years. Yeah it's. Today other than that there's there's there's been a theme we've touched on. All week while. The side the the three majors and it's a picture the three major sports and there and their boats we've got. NBA. And Jeff Van Gundy I think a great week this week money if Obama announced the Booth and bring in a career. A boy Johnny ego but I will start. With Jeff Van Gundy Mark Jackson. And Mike is Mike is playing and Mike Green yes a reasonable I was forget his name in July I I've heard and for years. Doing the primetime games in the house forgiveness and Mike. So that Booth is. Interest because. Jeff Van Gundy. I've always southern port. A couple of bad. It's. I mean again you know in 1985 line but don't bet that for for what I play in color come there has become. About one thing. But just the ends more so the insight. Two to say to say that the cavs are only two of the most guys. Especially is the end. Don't battle brawn like. It's disaster not gonna tell you in the hazard and ideals like that so having got a did very good. There was one play were Jim Brown drove the whole. And he civil bronze takes it from jail and yet I liked him a lot. I'd have liked Jeff Van Gundy Jim Reynolds. But Mark Jackson as a real people every time and Gundy got slightly interest and it's an old quote you gotta be naked of course you've got to be negative here that they get me that's their thing that they gonna. Shaq Barkley back and forth that they have to be adversarial. It's like painting goodies. And diesel run in circles mark as far as announces. The Jackson. Let's just tombs of Time Warner's name I mean every time you like. Says anything. It's Connelly or you'll Coach Kiffin who was. Loyal to what it is it's amazing in May that he had that team. Right which will go down ads you know one of the greatest teams. Ever when they're done. You would think Alia Celtics bulls where does around the thereon absolutely end don't they went through airport Warren dent in their own you know our guys aren't as generations dynasty or will. When it's Austin them. And Mark Jackson had that team Torre and couldn't do anything. Death and embarrassment. And dies as the so just the contrast between him and Jimmy and Gundy all Mark Jackson really bringing yet a couple. Of points. But Ali really said that interest to me. How every time in an embryo point it's. Going to be so they can. And then the one that really it was Mike Breen. Always talks about the fake hopelessly. In. My brain also got in on the board fast. When did you hear the the thought you'd JR Smith yeah vote you Judeo always any time. An F bomb can get on network television Ella. I'm a child now. Gets hearing during naughty words on TV. So. The the (%expletive) you JR Smith I mean the EJ arch is going on around the garden and. And I'm guessing we'll have. No this is it definitely should. Through through. Anytime you've seen George I like when you say that you use soften it so much like that bowling alone he might jump hook don't know why she had an event. Mean I'm not I I don't really expect play by play guys to bring the pizzazz. Yeah well. Now if they're they're trying to boring fine yeah but Mike Mike Breen is fine because. You're right his job is not to be spectacular. The problem I haven't Dave O'Brien as the that's a two man Booth usually. Right so. When Dave O'Brien just makes corn ball jokes it's like and get a little. But Mike brings job is not to be insightful it's called again he's got a good voice does a good job at that. So the third and should be shouldn't be. Jeff Van Gundy tap dancing and spinning plates to make things interest. But my problem Mike Green necklace. Is purely that. Jeff and and he's right. There's a middle ground between losing your job instinct they'll be saying (%expletive) in the crowd they're yelling the word (%expletive) repeated. To say that is obvious that in trouble we also don't think. Break into a colts Obama. They appear to be sitting at an obscene. I don't know or I'm a fifty year old man that's terrified of curse. It is a weird that we make adults aptly. I get I get like Mike green is like that it's just like we're adults we can all acknowledge what's obviously happening. So but giving going to be great job he's probably the best. About platinum side the best collar guys as the votes that I can only regiment. News now Tommy. I'm not I'm excluding. Local town iris and your brother and a national what I'm ranges. That whenever Tommy decides. Stepped. Which hopefully he's got when he years left. I'm just look at the possible. But. Tommy's done. I know that the gonna go with. That and scout was not my brother I would really want them to go with senator Max. Max on the radio I mean but normally happen yeah it is I mean Kosher just got one from a Bruins radio that he got the biggest ITV I mean in the nights you know TV am so we. Just know the ghost now. And I buicks out who's obese has locally and why do well to pitcher ignored my incident or nine or skeleton and predict. While I was when I was you frowned upon the ginger people when I was with when I was at bars and we tried to make video of them yeah it has some pop and shot thing. And in Oregon is far too. It was like I was reduced but scout is all contest and decks of those before bars those things right. I mean they were running but it wasn't where it is now about it and yes they were like oh these Internet guys trying to make Nvidia it's like they were doing your favorite. In Gary Tang Wei can get on parcel the outings of its. Of metallic Alexander. Arena and I don't mean to take digs but as I can embark. I mean I look at a couple of as the chill the (%expletive) endorse one or my favorite moments. We're in for the helmets though you know as when Carrie finally Amber's an obstacle diversity in the studio and held us tells about his new play he's got on Hulu. And I thought. I miss him I miss him Imus and C I miss seeing amber around your right because. You know I show up. To do podcasts in just basketball shorts and a teacher. The only man ever analysis in you know suits there is dressed Anson college here the only man who was with me. My brother in times. Gary hang whoa where'd flip flops basketball shook Harris do you have to have you seen Dickerson he's aren't here now I thought it was almost men really my god. He's gotten attitude all my guy he is a slob really yeah I I thought I was Michael Moore. Bought into the hallways for at least they're not that I mean a B I think I think I heard the clip I can't see would I was in the battle and they play and a shows over in the bad under the heading Kirk as like did your wife actually lets you leave the house like that if they had like publicly at like beard she's trying to punish your reasons and I know I know he deals with that depression. But it yeah we've managed to lose tonight. Jesus is it sees you again I'm not in been heavily. You wouldn't be outraged when he was TV ready eased back in the day. And I mean you know outside you'll say TV some tracks and bounce and they duels I didn't but me on the radio TV radio station always at like thirty of the come take a look yeah. I'll just stand tall and examine them yet. This communal edicts nine a government. It's the other one the other. Guess to talk about Tamils that local. And co. Your boy Jonny Gomes aria I said a few weeks ago that I like Jonny Gomes on the on the broadcast my ticket back is something about a mile liked. Nothing bad can I do a little bit for traction yet now I don't know what the dealers. It's. Just the feeling the last couple of nice that it views you get real close to doing so like them. He was hit the ball real artists out were loud and don't allow doubts. A nice long right died earlier on in the game dry what he call outs that are a lot. The barrels barrels of big board there. Those are allowed out. We call them out outs and allowed call my doubts I used a righty righty change it you're seeing more often. You guys. Are when they lied. To his Simmons so do you think it's. Do you think that Jonny Gomes because he doesn't seem like a deck. So do you think that he talks down to people like battle with time or do you think he's he's. In a mindset of I'm on TV so I need to explain yes yes it is over explains yeah what's the clip you the clip. He played me before about the 500 batting. My 56 batting average. This situation right here right. Hi sandy. Itself. 517. Or you're over 50% I didn't know that song is going to do math might I didn't think Connie is here now that that was 51 point 7% I never I wasn't Smart enough to know that. Thank you John up. It's a weird it's it it's got to be that he's just he doesn't duties that identity right the last two years now here's what worries. When he did the a's games in the angels' games now analysts coast. As okay Jonny Gomes leaves on the West Coast. So that's you know known wanted to travel visas to travel grammys at war Lorena whatever his condition as the trio right. So they have Jonny Gomes in the West Coast and I understood. Why am in. A mop. And for a from experiencing complacent at some of these I won't say which ones that some of these media companies are cheap so I don't like playing guys and to put him up for no reason. I can call big difference hotel a few of them. Today they bear no expense to bring this guy in that must mean like right up so that will worries me natives. When Renny. Is finally done whenever that is just like I was talking about top don't want scout to be the replacement. Is Jonny Gomes. I hope not because it's gonna replace Rummy I don't know maybe they have. A deal where relates. Minarets are starting in their West Coast trip out to Oakland anyway and the angels I think there's a to a Seattle have to do so many game yet but maybe they the gently in game cap or whatever and there is getting them out of the way now while the Celtics are on in you know people wanna be paying attention. Coach speak and tweet last night. The most underrated Twitter account in in America on Mike underscore. I you know got their respect but I tweeted about. Of the Celtics and patriots have overtake ignorance. They need rate we need we need ratings boy's pocket enough tension as to what do we do court. And get Tom Warner and some lady in the books yeah well I mean and fairness the girl she just on the contest for NASA and so that's great error and Hampshire she made that. A great. Document management yet they showed us earlier in the commercial I mean we are Sox nation or whatever I mean it was an essence archer was awful but I'm sure she did a great job for what. With with whatever restrictions were due to defy. That doesn't mean I wanna listen to order. Or anyone made up I'm document me answer answer you know five minutes of fame. I guess it's the fourth thing about their Wednesday night game in June giving tours my biggest problem is Tom immunity I don't then oh well like he was there as he oversees the project of Nelson's next produced and yet it was in his. That's a modem on the screen when you view of money in known part of its. I don't know if I that she would not world war. I am. You know you're about to say it. I'm about to say. But I am entertaining. And argued. And I realize as prime money market and laughing at you I realize and I realize that's I would Tom Warner thanks to. Now become more like number I couldn't do the only on filtered media partner customer I'm one month. No red item on you and I am and ask him if he has an interest in enabling anymore. Serial rapists. But I don't beat Monica money Robin. The answer is weird to make any in game interviews. At all even baseball related whatever the role should have ever been good. Even I don't remember this a few years ago you remember them most burger. And herb street when their due in college football. An Eminem in the Booth just appeared Oreo and I'm like. The click used drug doubters and I don't he was lists over yet he might not but usually he didn't wanna be there rewrite it was we. Adam. I've made my favorite artist of all time. Interesting guy. He was a war if you have an. In game rising guys at a place yet he's got to turn them go with the flow of the action of the games against the called game that's why there in addition to Dave O'Brien and am now. Now that I think she slim that I'd like to. Fresh. Should more shots Mormon never yet. But Albright if that was that I can't do and so it's a medic named. And I never noticed it 20 Jimmer he pointed out Korea and after the part of their own I was little I can't stop. So yet NASA and I don't know what their deal was but I'm back. Don't go Johnny Jones or at least straighten him out and saying. You know you don't need to be split we don't need to be told that 517 is over 50% went. Right by. I don't know maybe maybe it will become here's the other thing I've said this I'm about that does nice transition into by the Newman and at. I think the biggest problem is that what ESPN. Is. B.'s broadcast teams the reason a lot of people like them or hate him or or are comfortable. Because of that exact reason you're overtime he called to. You are now kinda just used to hearing Joba do it like that hatred for Joe Buck isn't as much as I used to here in August because it's gotten better. Or even answer it because people like more wait wait wait until we are authorities officers. In my comeback. Yeah. Although he only does the World Series president. Does he do via a he he doesn't do divisions as one of the unanswered fox only has one of the LC announces yet so so we might not even do right but. Point being Joe Buck is kind of sad to say. By Joe Buck has become the Voice of America. It does every third Super Bowl you know every World Series right you know regular season football regular season baseball you know he's he's. He's the guy he's deeply put up again so. Mean it's huge number like when you think violently guys see the number one it comes to mind ball my favorite Evers Mike same here. How's it not is not even closer and a night I prefer Nance overbought but you know who's great on Sunday night baseball which. He got fired his views tied Agile more toward solid in the worst. The person in his job and anything I don't have a hard and might have been the worst any job in America. Take who owes your worst employee put my begins Joseph Moore. It's a it's accompanied there's quite a few and ideas panic and in the baseball department that yes shall Steve Phillips but so Harold Russell so it was good they were just. Curves into parts. In my delicate hands it's different it just can't do it jasmine goes very bad I adjustment goes above you'll Mort. As a prequel you know that they think. That they would Joseph Morgan I don't yeah him him and John noting outages to dentists to I noticed. Sounds like pay like when I hear their voices are meant we think you know Sunday night's growing up watching that it's best when I'm making base and I. John Miller very adept at maybe the Chinese so does the John giants right on the radio I think John Miller's great. And if they just left John Miller and I don't think it would have gone through this every year it's in new broadcast like in he got sick to. How did yeah mostly when someone has to wonder about yes I think he's got. Let go because it was made in one night in the snicker one point he wasn't traveling. Deal of federal friend now realize it was ten years ago but yes apple you know well into and mean anything's better than a viewing the good thing about Aaron Boone me a manager's other than he's announcing it was stupid effort in. And next week Aaron Boone's gonna amity Ryan Howard over the plate. It's we yet boondoggle it may not terrorists that title mean assent the answer is and it is they beat him with to make him boondoggle. Who's in it imitating batting stances that menace and the Mendoza line. Which is just just Mendoza in your place it's like hey let's come up with a fun and and and and and not apply the meaning of that at all doesn't Walt doesn't. Met with the Mendoza line mean average. It mean though it's legal less then it's a blow to hundreds of really bad foul ball that does make sense. It's into this didn't happen yes ironically it makes sense I don't think they were going for Tom. But so I think he has his problem is now with the money and it football. Is they just keep turning over arise after it paid this year and choice with Jon Gruden and but they just keep looking at it saying well maybe if we change the announcers the ratings look at that now. Sean McDonough was not the problem the race in anything from a democratic criticizing the rafts. And criticized in the league added. To people's enjoyment of the games yeah so getting Sean again it was a mistake in my book but it doesn't really matter the same man watchman although many. But now if you haven't heard the new money football Booth is Joseph Testa taller. Who am pleased with just another another yup another Dave O'Brien. And the guy that was doing you know basketball football for them who's got a good voice but no personality. Jason Witten. The newly retired Jason Witten right I guess they figured. Tony Romo it's a great job which is it any trouble is there is there anyone from the 2000 cowboys avail. As a way to Europe although Brazzaville. For now these from the patriots I heard differs a new blog Mike exclusive notes that denied as Bryant's patriot Tampa Bay commit of patriot. JD Martin is going to be a bust. And I don't go out on a road and our. So Jason Witten who I've never heard. The ever heard speak all fine I'm sure will be talking about money yet. But Moses and Nazis like you know just average then there's no reason to talk about girl I think it's only will be he'll be fine. He won't see the actual second second Mike like yeah commentators who assert guy note Jason Witten is the second guy the third guy. Which is it's weird so there at Booker McFarland a good. Of get up you may or you folks you may know him from the very popular show get a and ESP. To Booker McFarlin as the third man but he's he's on the sideline like Tony seraguso was whether or not. Yes I. He birdied the third guy. So it's a one cal Ripken when they were doing the playoff games at Fenway. And they had now Ron darling and Ernie Johnson in the Booth you know and cal Ripken was also. Quote unquote in the Booth but they'd put him in right center field. Right aero some ungodly reason they do that any is there was like Doug land only like you'd be sitting on the blood debt to make any (%expletive) cents or eight. Ungodly sent here's what looks like from the outfield just me on the fan's view you just do you camera. Cal Ripken sitting out there. So I guess that's what they're doing with the bugger McFarland. They're putting my on the field but he's going to be an equal voice. So he and Jason what will supposedly talked the same amount. Then but he's going to be on the field and and Lisa salters is doing and silent. Very weird they. What they need to do and I've said this a return to open up. Through my idea and their baby. Bill better. Nick Apollo Lenny Clark what do you want. Throw them a Booth alternative option on line that's a guess that gas and seats baby. The blind Mike experience. Roll call. It'll call. As Ephron and it'll draw. Some rivals went on to watch somethings sort out of blind Mike yeah upon my experience I'm sure that just meet stumbling. Now ultimately broke the Mike was an admiral begging you to prop up. That's my idea Trent does. Well. So the oh yes again I wanted to stand his temperament because they're making man. Ten part documentary series. Right we've Netflix with Netflix you know we're launching her own streaming service but now we're gonna partner would Netflix H chest it's just dumb dumb idea that dumb idea. First of yet of the partnering with Netflix things I assume to be on that otherwise I would Netflix are no because on almost any other services right they want to Washington this yeah. They're spending a lot of money on anyone. And the reason they're spending a lot of money on it is because Michael Jordan involved yet I'm guaranteeing you. That will make this should be document. The documentary I'd much rather see is the one Michael Jordan doesn't wanna be apart. The one that talks about Michael Jordan's gambling. And cheating on his wife and why he left basketball but the real reason you have basketball for two years. And you know why Eddie gets saved by have been bailed out by Bill Murray in space jam. Yes. Hard hitting questions like that. Eyes what I want and you know a guy with the squeaky clean image the Michael Jordan tries to not. Think it. Talk about the conspiracy theories and his dad dying temperature at which that's that's the stuff that gets people watching documents. My heart talk about and Stan. It was an agreement is changing an open book. Just I hear is the only if he stepped down from Jordan and had nothing to do with that Nike anymore. Now it's a gimmick but they got stolen the style sneakers. And he's he's quoted famously is saying. Republicans buy sneakers to. So he doesn't want anyone. Thinking Portland me doesn't want an image tainted at all imagine as the documentary is produced by Barkley. I agree who hates Jordan and great passer I. My bookmark. Tolerable or. Za three weeks in a row at the time apart I know Monica I enjoy it. And it could get this I mean so I'm sure by now Barkley always Suze has never everybody's died heard the whole morally do anything. Yeah I mean I've only heard I only hurdle idol Hillard laurel and tourists amen senior leaders sane human beings ally. Laurels or obviously the world. Laurels. And moral. Clear is that yeah. Ire laurel ever went right you're lying and says I guess is there something with the with the pitches that you can hear you on a New York played it from merely via an I do you play the one where I heard Yani. They're saying some different missing young year. Yes yeah yeah I guess that some say something to take advantage down balls anyways but I received a written. This is sparked the argument yeah you're right but good thing for us right sir Charles was there to put an end to the debate on the hip trends and AT&T program. What is your your room I thought I heard Joba. I'll tell you that there are different and well yeah I thought don't do not acknowledge it. Younger and I don't have a good yeah. Its narrative greater ago. Yeah. I. I have to say. Chuck doesn't seem like a phony to me that he's put aside he's trying to be wacky instantly that I don't know I think chuck bruegger's don't know I didn't get possibly you don't think. I don't know Meyer said I can speak for fast fox. I don't know I don't. Speaking of donuts by the idea I don't know if you see Duncan's hold royal wedding don't because that we've presented this to merely yet there is so Duncan in Quincy anyway as over the I don't know off all endure such as the one in Quincy the original one and as the the royal wedding doughnut odd further royal wedding this guy asked you to know your plan tuning in on Saturday essar of course at that to tune into that but. It is the most atrocious there every any donor or. It looks awful and the folks like its key angry it's like a chocolate in jelly mixture and is an extra hour. Yeah it is it's either essentially. Either like a jelly donut elect the right. Never the Twain shall meet now that not only does expect you like to go to Boston cream middle or something like like that be jailed in Iraq but daily. It literally felling I took like a syringe full of sugar and just injected into my columns well but I it was just might Hong was spending now and that's the thing. Like if you made me out when it was slow yeah. Kabila clips. And it's. I mention this last few weeks so one visas every date. One visas in season we talked about the Jordan documentary yeah I a couple of their TV suggests that I can give you guys defense this program. That means you like she broadcasting and in and the world's surrounding it so you're not watching the show. Rock mine I have to start this I've seen of trees you're making a mistake if you're not watching insist they're awesome. Start from season one. It's on I have seen as I've no reason to promote us of the and I just love the show how extremists. It's icy I don't know it's on Hulu. It's not Netflix right. Crackle and any if you have any if you have cable. I've seen under an icy capital. But it's hilarious you don't know it's about it's that Funny or Die character that Hank is Mary came up with yet and it's this guy Jim Brock Meyer. Who was a very polished broadcaster. And a lot of holes school raises. And and eighty I and godfather references and exhibit all of the other old school type brought into the one decade. What debate he came home all I need and ever broadcast. Lucy put dominated the stove 'cause Denny's come home office up over the pockets whose wife the message there was. And then now one defeat came home and to find his wife. And like gang bangs it. So is like this wholesome guy who discovered that any gets drunk I'm is next broadcast and just goes off and talks about it. In the ninth inning so his career is wrong. And net the show is about bag guy coming back from that incident and trying to get back into broadcasting yeah it's hysterical. And I talked about Joe Buck earlier. It will Joe Buck haters if you enjoy hitting Joe Buck. Tread lightly because the end of season one kind of make like Joba he's a few episodes he's actually pretty surprisingly fun. And not a terrible act. You know you hate Joe Buck and you enjoy that lifestyle just proceed with caution but it's a really punish. And Abby I want to recommend this is like old now has been out for awhile but don't talk to watch that. Is the Paterno moving on HBO you know at the chino yes yeah the chino was other then. You know talk tonight knicks when Joseph Paterno has a very. You know all lighthearted you know we knew when a little bit different than its animal he's Mormon Joseph Pesci type. And which you know has always been riddled with cigarettes and whiskey for sixty years. So other Matta and having a much deeper what's the paternal he played very good joked. He was very good and the movie. At the reason I brought up on the shows because I always worry about. Especially in films and kind of soft selling. Subjects like that even though send us diesel different disease unanimously on everyone right now there's no other than. John C. There's no in the reveres and dusty is a good guy. But even so I was worried that maybe. They wouldn't necessarily hit on the actual. Child molestation as hard as you know people like to see that Chileans they did it. Dated debate a lot of the descriptions. Were very graphic and snared depiction of Paterno. Talking about it felt very real. That in Peyton Paterno is this monster was who was who cast they Paterno very much how it probably happened worries register at night evil men. Who wanted to focus on football. And up which unit is a great job a train those two things to check out Brock Meyer. And Paterno at your homework for this week kids check out those two things and a comeback it's him. And prima to this report we have time we're good we're good so thanks again my boy DJ Ronnie rough. Ran. As premature at foaming at one Mike and scorn Twitter Dan watching this the man who keeps the show a run and anti Wadi 93 on Twitter wasn't for me being here is pushing buttons beneath your recording yourself yes literally I did that Paul's show RD day of him additional committees the show once. And I'll literally sat here when he left the room. And was in another studio so I sat here pushing buttons and appropriate amount of time to make him think. I knew what I was doing and then just left. And guys are baseball and I got donated seal it up and it was just. Cam I cutesy you're. And we begin. You know some views we get more or less a review week so let's keep that trend go folks. It's really keep that let's get to this let's unplug and as sad as that sounds I'm bagging effort to abuse five stars and redwood W. I was. Overnight tunes WEEI dot com WEEI app and the radio dot com am and I will stop babbling now seal it up.