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Thursday, May 24th
This week Mike and Dan discuss the NFL’s new policy for the National Anthem, Mike Francesa has joined twitter, Jemele Hill nominated for an award, Deadspin digging up irrelevant information and more!

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All we can match the week. It's the only thing and it'll certainly be a part gas and America just trash talk. So of course the straight back. The only media gossip podcast in America. I you know I get confused now we have and actually drew that thing. It sounds like it's going to be good show yeah so I think this is some analysts and and horizon it's just utter disappointment is just me talking now. Hello. Trash talk back what did I my demise seeing diamond importers who vote with me is always damn Watkins you know. How everybody. I'm you know I don't know why pretend like we didn't see each other for an hour before this well I mean it's all part of podcast finished mostly accident we get the formalities are out of the way how are good for a long time OC did the people might think we just show up here at the same program. So. Some some news last night. You know it's there's a world crisis going I don't know if you heard. Players across America have been Neil. Rice and it's not an you know I thought it's been real tragedy a hot Buford done of this now I guess now now. Well yeah we we absolutely should have been up I don't get I don't get the deal. The F summit early yesterday that players that don't want a Neil can stay in the locker. Would think they she can't be seen nor heard yet if you have any beliefs at all shut the (%expletive) up and stay inside because no wants to hear from. That's the world we live in now apparently. No one gave a (%expletive) about that is. But. The you know the world news now you look at ratings firm may think well. Why are they in it'll ratings lower this year than they have in years past it can't be because people are canceling cable left and right. You can't look at the fact that Sunday Night Football is still the highest rated program on television and say what may be people. Just watching television as much a percentage wise about so now it's that apparently. Because Donald Trump this president's. That that. You know people don't like dealers thus asking dealers. And that has to be the reason for the NFL's measures. I don't get it Michael will bond. Shed some light on it and Michael will buy us is peace because I think I agree with him overall but. As a often is in media these days. Hypocrite the broke. It does not surprise me that the owners would rather do anything to say. We're not having this on the let's get this behind us they don't want their image tarnished and that's the way they feel about it. So. The protect their bottom line right there protect their business which they absolutely do have the right to your eye but here's my problem. Keep you Hussein and it's it's usually the opposite side but that's my real problem with the kneeling because I don't agree with. People who knew I think there there messages is convoluted and it's gotten lost. And it's people who think their their kneeling for a cause that are really really getting their point across. If it doesn't make a lot of sense to. I also believe you should be able do whatever the (%expletive) you want short of harming people in this country right. Heidi you wanna kneeled down owners sit down there or roll around on the ground you can do that. And you know why I feel that ain't because. It's in our (%expletive) constitution. But beat beat and more importantly I think. Because most of the people in that stadium and and the national anthems being sung are I'd taken a dance. Are buying hot dogs are scrolling through their (%expletive) in cellphones. They're not paying attention but then they act like they're patriots when they get a chance to say this is how rages. I can't believe these players are kneeling for a cause that I as a white person I just don't understand. I don't mean I don't know and I'm usually one put a cart I don't get why those guys in the that doesn't mean they shouldn't be doing. I don't get the (%expletive) they knew the all you want you know it might into I feel like we were we were over this we where I really we were over the since that decision upheld brought it back up and now what's gonna happen. I hate it I guarantee and I hope I'm not wrong while my guarantees been pretty wrong. They may fill in the patriots now while you're number one now yeah right they're gonna go after a I guarantee. That this will happen and I hope they don't puts out. But what I think will happen now is now the players are gonna Neil yeah I think it was over they were all kind of standing there was no noticeable right. And I heard about that media. So it was so it's essentially you'd get a few players Bartlett and they not they'd been doing repeatedly not show the sidelines and media income. You might be right and I can't really remember yeah. But but either you it would have been a big step if we saw players nearly remembers story it was kind of a kind of became a non issue right. I saw I saw you logged Wednesday on Twitter that there's a lot of players simulate. You know guys that were odd not planning on doing anything that had done stuff in the past. They were gonna doing this year and then this stuff came out this week that now they're gonna do it again right it's the same exact thing is when. What I truck trump said this has this the sounds a bit did you sons of bitches line last year in November or whatever and that's who made the whole big one now one weekend but then as you saw. Weeks go line date kind of went back to death and not as many people are still it was going to be a couple guys or going to do it. But. And it is egg they went back down it kind of went back Brett. So here's here's here's I hope the players do first is I hope they off a premium. This is a (%expletive) Yucca talents we can and can't do. Economical rule that's as I'm not allowed to heal via my fourth grade right (%expletive) up adult I'll sit out and take my pants off I want. Altman then if you buy it violated dressed in fifth and I had to I Anderson but. What I'm saying is. Short of in. Complete public indecency and hurting anyone should be blue express yourself how the (%expletive) they're adults they're being paid a lot of money because they're entertainers let them entertain. If they think they're sending some sort of message and let him do. And if people disagree that's your right to disagree with him you should be a (%expletive) week we cuddled babies too often in this world. And it's usually it that's my biggest (%expletive) problem with this is that now is the trump supporters in the all right and and these guys that for years. I'd defend it. And I was on the side of because they were always eight you're taken trumpet context on the ship they're taking this comedian out of context that the joke guys tell a joke the guys just giving an opinion. Bakken play often don't attack. Now the second you do something they don't like. It's the same spot in Korea. It and and if it's strip Parker Matt Stone the South Park guys as of brewing quota of the the far right and the far left of the same person themselves lot. And it's it's just not that's obviously true because every time something like this comes up you know Michelle also something you don't like it the when house correspondents' dinner a few weeks. Right it's all who was all (%expletive) Republicans and conservatives saying this is outrageous this woman should be done away. But who defended. (%expletive) and every other comedian who depend Gilbert Godfrey Anthony call me and Daniel option these guys it was all people on the right. While people are molested as outraged it shouldn't be able to say Indians. You're the you're you know all of this that the people you call snowflakes and Cox and policies that's you now. You Howard's. That's you and Donald Trump I don't even including nap because he just eat he says things the reaction he says things the support base but. Do you like did you yours you take her victory theater as it did you hear us yet. Well I think that's good I don't think people should be staying in the locker rooms but still I think it's gonna get to stand. Proudly. For the national. We shouldn't be playing should be there may be should be. In the country you have to stand proudly for the National Anthem and the NFL owners of the right thing and that's what they've done. Intense pace and that this is why here's something I defend trump. I have no I didn't vote for Donald. I have no allegiance to him but I'll put them on ship when he says stuff like that. It's just him being an inarticulate. Horse's ass now reacts. Instead of boat people wanna spin that into is that he's saying. People should be deported right all the Twitter headlines always good to be usually do what you should not yet you should not a resident in the same thing. Every ignorant ass holes as well we don't like him get out moved out of France where to camp. Every castles said effort users. That's all trump to say you only get allies he's not saying I'm gonna physically forced him out he's just being in fast as he often it's. But where I defend scrap it is the far left says he says deported he said deported no we didn't take context switches words. This past holes on the other side. I'd get mad that you're spinning trumps words how how did don't be a pussy don't taken out of context. Pompeo wire. Well when you look at people and say well they're just dealing as they want cops to die. Do the same thing. Do the exact same thing we've got when you equate Colin Capra maker Michael Bennett while they are. Probably dummies and totally agree with their message would you quit in the cop killers. It the same thing would you equate trump to being a white supremacist. You're taking everyone a context where he just that should face value it's just people expressing themselves and I hate to tell you folks most people are (%expletive) more. It was this podcast for political insight. Readily more than a couple laps at some blind astle making a few jokes. Then your fool you shouldn't go to people and entertainment. Per year philosophical. Beliefs. That should never be the case. So. Don't end it and you know at their ship going on here too that. And I mean not only cannot comment I don't know anything about. Other than what. You know fans now really right essentially gnome no more than anyone else. But they should going on here where there's people trying to take. Guys words out of context and spin it into something that was offense. Hate that the city thing to do no matter. But if you're just doing it in the wind for known to hear the Netanya. At your own when you start tap attacking advertisers. And I I went on this random early on the show to. You expect. When you start attacking advertisers. And things like that what you're doing is not only. Attacking the job of the one batters and a couple people that you think. You're tacking on an innocent people's jobs. And as a people to realize. Is they think they're being progressive. An open minded by saying hey he says and Illinois organ to shut it down. Well you're just doing your affecting a lot of innocent people that probably agree with view overall. You don't need to agree with that. Not every gas will need divorce and that's what social media has done is it's given every personal voice and you know that's fine if used correctly. If you just say hey I think should be able to kneel right if I think if if you Neil you should Putnam dot they speak in those those are all valid opinions but. You shouldn't go and attack. People's livelihoods speaking of by giving a voice on Twitter did you see who is the newest. On Twitter. If you would it yes he's here it is arrives like France says the Pope has arrived he but he might he has not unlocked 80% of putters features. It was Emmy and I don't know I didn't others things to a mock. On what would it. As Twitter and yours with the with the opus we. So I get I get a notification and have it. This is how. You know I'm almost scared of of the Internet world because they know an ornament. And notification aren't worthy candidates and some you might wanna follow Mike Francis. Jesus I imagine it's a real. Dimples are will dissect. Yeah Internet comment from the back. But I will say that the net effect in Munich thing just on the shipment the whose. Son and a football is the highest rated. Show on television. You are people really not watching. Wallace speaking of that a sigh was the highest rated it went down they lost of course don't doubt the weather and a item by a million of course went out. Because people don't are don't have cable right. I've moved I am siblings placements are. And the people who live there all young young girls in their early twenty's a bit of cable in the house are gonna want summer I steal. Steal. All star game I steal friends cable the espy's yet I still friends cable when I need to watch. It. The roots are from rock things like that missed okay that's right coming get the deadly Comcast did. I just signed up for a Comcast than a moving myself like so by you know I'm as you are here to Orlando enemy you're young man's you have yes. But the problem is most a lot of people. And you know the people to have cable it's a lot for sports and life program yeah and they don't really neat it's not that I saw village if you look at the ratings the ratings all that matters enact. Because yes there's a million less people there's also probably. Ten million less people with Kate yeah. So. That's a pretty good percentage for the NFL to lose no speaking of so I was you know during the choosing a my cable package the other you know an iron right and let guys like. A big baseball fan on MLB network it's like you on or Greg MLB network you have to get an additional 100 channels with them LB network. Right direct to get it well that's an idea they'd like I'm eight under a minute but then they'd been able to of the sports and entertainment package which is. Not at all red zone yesterday in goal line and full court so noted they wanted to I'm not gonna pay for that now. Almost like as you reside in different ways rush cheaper to just by. You know just have a PlayStation view era Firefox or whatever but to me and almost sucked me in now they'll suck me and there was there was tricked me until they still get used that you have to pay for it and right so it's almost like well I'm going to the cable company for an. One majesty cable yeah by a bit. That's that's why the NFL. Here's a thing now is the answer is prosecuted and Tagliabue is front and ship. I can't count the number of times that I heard boy the NFL in the mix missed a big picture like best about never makes mystic. And now it's just constant gaffes and not looking at the right things and Adele. Just being a buck in dummy. And and 00 this is the point one before you differences. Are doing. A very intrigued by the fact he has but. The that the reason everyone's hypocrite. Is because they say losing business losing business while you're losing business united you know I get Garrett. It's that's complete (%expletive) Because say someone said something like. Am. I won more female coaches in the and you had statistical proof. That enraged so many people. That people stop watch it good evidence that saying I want more females in the NFL. Lost you ratings they would never speak out against you know why because they don't want to hear the ship on what it's all based on. If there was statistical proof that if you had more white guys in the NFL. More people watch and that came out they would never they were never make a rule about that because you couldn't be crazy. Why would it something making get away with shooting. We need when you can get away with shooting up on people's beliefs they'll do. That's my problem it's not about losing money it's about the fact that they're afraid people are so petrified of hearing should aren't what. That they'll just don't Howard revenue. So. He doesn't necessarily matter the politics it just matters the amount of outrage. The amount of fake Twitter accounts. That people are willing to make to be enraged about an inch so whether it's pro or against Donald Trump as long as it involves Donald Trump. People are gonna freak out about it and say we can produce. An amendment. We're gonna put across yeah I'm Maria princess I'm ready you ready insist it's not so the first one. Is the first on the first the first this is the first week. Long time coming first time tweeting don't waste my time would dump stuff now. First I don't things him. I mean I I it's it's verified as Mike Francis and ray it is Arafat yeah so I and I. He knows about me as an assistant I would yeah I would bet he's got here's what I would. Almost guarantee I wanna believe it's him. Part of his deal you know it's him if he starts his IMO it's Francis if he starts replying unquote tweeting people and your more. It was time the senate not to bring it you start getting those minutes are right maybe this is goma. By. I don't think it's him I think what happened was when he came back deaf man. They said we need to have a social media because every room. And the team has been made it well. It is important in a way before apprentice I don't think it would. No because I think the better account to be the ones making fun of yup that's where the (%expletive) up if they did in fact make Francis and make a Twitter. The nation be attacking. The day of the counseling that on house. That go after France as it promotes the show way more than Francis a tweet about the Mets watered. You know I mean. Or amber on. Remember like the build up to his first I remember any decision to do anything it Lleyton who would as much build up to a first tweet. As my size legal merit nearly always in a Twitter headquarters to send his first week communities as an NI so this is the history number two. Squarely on the back the first conference is a long time coming longtime company say like five years ago they would government's quarterly earnings to how it's that was now like you say you never do. In my entire life and always has time and any sign new contracts on his. The was that we oh that's why don't think it's him either the waste my time would dumb stuff it's almost like to catch phrase. You know I mean are like his son and I did and I am saying like I would be insane and made it to the next one that's gets more. We number two thinking of broadcasting daily from the Twitter offices for the remainder of my career this is an office building of course and why city only. If they get more instinct in that they all of that. Let's go to last Saturday justify feast is the weakest preakness field in recent memory looks to have everything his own way. It's real. Rick it's my friends has twitters about as much of a snooze fest. Really good win for the Mets but is Arizona kidding you played third baseman back with no outs runner on second bottom of the ninth. Jesus Christ. Is obviously Mike does an. Update it's just to get quick information. Not pocket in your entire game rial an episode has and then earlier this week there was an opening meant. He you know he doesn't follow anybody right third isn't like any and brilliantly three lakes in like one of them was zone. But I is. Two days ago although I haven't officially started following anybody yet in parentheses that is a very all caps big step. As well mad dog expert I already follow a few people about pressing the button so Mike does not you use the search feature. It just feels like system. I put that at the top of his list is downtown Josh Brown of CNBC's halftime report I Lehman the the old giants. On the Internet hit hit hit epithet at. And after that I would be an interest in follow and then we got semi you know show we'd like pressure Emeril on today's program before. That kind of stuff for many service between about the anthem. What he's mikes at a we got the NFL continues to it scared a ridiculous and dealing with National Anthem okay. So here it's now works either the home team has bought. Yeah so he's explaining it hurts it basically picked fifth. CI a gets aid is maybe isn't is obviously doesn't know the NFL needs to tackle your opinions little pot a little on there from Mike. Stand up. And let's see once again the NFL the shows no backbone no courage no conviction this once great league has become industries like templates trump. And there are a lot of similar ideas. There are a lot of similar. It's always there is a short short quick insults. And then this is the other three I was mentioning 'cause a czar from Lucy. Birdie on Twitter as she tweeted something about this through the three tweets that he liked two of them have been from skip Bayless. And then the other one has you like his own tweets and then those like he's responding right to Lucy. Whoever cares about sex such such things I've never liked to tweet now get back to more important things. You know maybe it is. If he's responding in that maybe that is it terrible and for your loss for the math Suzuki gone after Mike and I'd like I'd love a princess or re tweet of Lucy with some an appointment. To get. And we have visited Atlanta way might the league is. His last one but it's just when the national interests trump a scratch their balls trumpet generous thoughtful aren't. From birth the NFL's been a total mismatch. All and end this this is the in my first couple of days this this has been Twitter on training wheels just a couple of tweets. Haven't activated 80% of the features in other words you ain't seen nothing yet. Obviously isn't between videos. Holes or followed anybody can we just follow slept. But I'll present in mad dog will be the first that'll be a big thing. There'll be like an article on awful amount to about Mike Francis is first Twitter follow the first order Spann who on. And dad the other big news I. We haven't heard from her and want to pretty much since we started the show. Has been a lot of Gmail Yahoo! News. Which is hot because I must've missed a lot stuff. Because she was named. The North American black journalist of the. Which is fascinating and I didn't edit notes was adjourn. As someone who is head AP agency it wouldn't let that I want or I thought her field was more in Twitter clap that I always thought I did not realize. He's also a journalism this comes out to hold that. It certainly does. That would be the North American black. Dark. And thank you much. So I DN. You use your area your your Bruins right correct someone over the ruins after united announced a commitment is contributor. My it would ultimately does journalism. Now running she's the future. Even even should she writes it's like. A writer opinions she's an ad I mean editorializing. Up. So. I'm not estimates are busy you know if you wanna pick a black like Jason. Is guiding gives opinions of opinion papers and leave everything on the relates has an ox more entertaining memo. Ultimately it was done in the last year is get fired. From a show that nobody walked. Again. This from hills fault it's the show was very born. And anytime you wanted to some. Announcement just that one wants and he put Curt Schilling. And Humana building that would be an interesting you know whatever dude totally blame. You says that (%expletive) Which don't agree with but again that doesn't. Matter. It doesn't make you and in team is used to think making disagree with you makes you an entertaining. Or an interest not the case you more. On people's if you lost are now she's been tucked away Odom which it called. Think it's where the undefeated. So I guess she but she's got a journal breaking stories. You know she's not uncovering. Scandals. So I don't get journalism thing. Again there's too much of the since side viewers just like well she's a name. And she sparks a reaction. So let's give this award. And but then when she actually says something interesting the reason they're giving awards she says things that bother people. The next time she says. There'll be a state you know while we don't we condone this type of behavior. We have we not had any idea. Jim Allen though it's a something this offense we now what do. And it's just like you thought the acted dance back and forth based on which way the wind has blown it's such bullish. And I don't know I don't know to make. There no dyes his book why a prelude bill I don't get I don't get the old just it's hot it's it's baffling. You the idea of this. But she won some regrets. Hope. Beat cherish it for. As much rule authority it's the dog. She's been he's been overtaken by the the great and highly paid you know. That's the devious in wasting my. I shouldn't say wasting it was a good addition. But my man with the UFC's missed I think is the end of the USC being cool. Yet again if you and been paid a billion dollars. For a UC over next five years. I think the reason UC was gaining popularity is because it was kind of as roads outsiders stay right you know even the you know. It was on FS one was don't really watch it these guys that could do it kind of McGregor says that of the thought he wants. Now writing a tiniest the end of that and Disney mine. I think that takes a lot away from. I think there's gonna be Al least. Now on the road. As vision they stay with the ESPN past five years. You know if they wanted to study is pinning its exposure mentally in Boca but if they stay alias again. It's gonna be be saying where eventually. McGregor starts. Getting suspended for ship that he says. Other vital fighters have starred in suspended for partisanship it's not to be the same as ESPN and have anything to do that is a watered down. And the USC is not the NFL so they can't say hey shut the (%expletive) up we'll do whatever we want. They want that exposure being on ESPN. So I did as a bad move for use. Used don't strike me as the UFC Ed McDonnell not at all not at all it's becoming. Guy. Fourth sport grow. Of them becoming a big UC. That I I really wish I buy McGregor entertaining. Experience very entertaining I'd I really I got into the hold. When they did the boxing match last summer that made him right there I got I got an all that and then by. Now I don't like anything really it's on paper view now is I just don't I'm cheap cheap yes let's and number says the producer courier six and. Yeah that's for some and I'll ask you. Are you enjoying doing this podcast. Oh I'd like to keep it. I am black and Clinton said this isn't that this this has been hurting me for a few weeks. He's I've gotten about I don't know. Most of the subprime down self conscious nature where I just. Think it's. But I've got the vibe that I am I you've said that on the air few times it's my fault. He realizes and I can do about yeah I know that don't look now know with our please just like it's a few times where I said genuine well Amy. I don't know he's being sick they get paid that she could have gone work could work for America and the Pacific. Where we are decide yes says WTI 850 and see that the other ethnic group. So you know they're not pulling out all the stops Republican blind Mike. Will be better so I guess if I know you are being sarcastic but I had been a few times in my. You meet him because I don't even know who. I don't know okay I didn't I didn't enjoy that there were you offered me launch wonder if I did you deserve it that's that's I got the best work idea is that may just stay for six extra yeah. And that was the day we got that a Mike France SO. Rights are being more I've known and I don't know him personally asked. It was a week after I think with your Sweden is you're an event somewhere when you're you're doing your street team and duties program via a maybe news. Yeah but you may lose and it was a real Lucy I may lose they'd both of us really felt that. Nadia you Cassandra until that make it was. Some different. When we have time I was gonna throw one more lasting about half hour mark. I don't know why this is a story maybe you can tell we better. It's dad's been exposed fifty carpenter's name. Now why am I supposed to give a (%expletive) about that I don't know and my dad's been deficient. I'm going what I see attend the mean times on Twitter plays what a mask like is that generally do anything that they do it's it's almost like. Like they got turned down by a hug girl. Yeah and now they're doing anything they can to get back and rise that was dig up anything on body before or not but they're not good at it yeah like they're like hey do you know that. She had sex with someone figured rounds like who cares. Do people do that now it's when he team physicians. And their I hope it is fifty come to present an as far as I can tell he was I was like yeah. That's. That's me I guess like you got me what is meant. Now and and given up the ship a look at yet but I I think the reason to get to come to win by that is because he was legitimately a comment or. Who had a real job and did want him I was making plenty of money parcel. Of the gives shift. The world knows his name now right it's it's very weak dad's been behaves very odd. And glad no longer was destroyed an open and only time that I read Huntsman is that right before NFL seasons stars from the deal why your team's socks. Article and I I'm sure that's a room I kind of skimmed their own czars in I don't really skim through on to read the comments of the people around about the that's all you about their team. That's a bit the comedy is the best part oh yeah they are glorified running press. Are. So. Folks if you take any message away from the the it would be late in the Neil don't Neal who really care in America now. So move on their lives. The world and that's the thing to real quick. Is that eagle on the world and talk to people you realize most people do you. Know most people don't know if players in nearly. It's this. I mean maybe 1%. Of the population. It's home. These players and dealing and and the other one goes I can't believe it matter to you both vessels. Shut the (%expletive) up at the rest of us watching. Aren't that's it subscribing to it was a five hollering please. Some day get paid. Quit bitching me about.