Blind Mike’s Trash Talk Ep. 5 – Boston talent, Rapoport v Dukes, Sean Miller & ESPN 3-2-18

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Friday, March 2nd

Blind Mike Geary is back to discuss the week in media news, with Michael Holley's departure from WEEI raising questions about the available talent in the market. The guys also discuss Ian Rapoport vs. Chad Dukes, Sean Miller's investigation and old faces returning to ESPN.


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I mean. They've got a best. I think so. It's crazy so. Back trash talk I'm your host like hearing game one might with me is always my producers seeing diamonds in Watkins origin when it's. It's it's a sick joke at this point. We started this show Thursday February February 3 at it was the first episodes of it I guess sense of that viewers a short month it's been a month hit. So. The premise of this show if you don't know. Is that media gossip but everything outside of WV. We're ignoring what happens at that you via Ike is a minute and the boys in the morning project. So we look at everything else so this is what week five and I think every single week now some but there's been. Crazy headlines something just happens where it's like with so this we can't taught what (%expletive) is going not. Every single week it's always in the know it's always someone different salaries of strength early is it really shows off my skills of broadcast. That I can still bring about a half hour of and time lessons it was a it was a little shorter than usual which I apologize. Members saying some other stuff but I am inhumane in my memories but I that's midi was very good it was good news Osman is very and I Persian come on again. And will do that in the future where guys like I said last week it is if it's guys. Certain guys three I or certain guys from bar stool there in the news. I'll talk to them. And that I mean who. You know I don't want is on Wednesday on boring people. A policy as far as Disco but enough of the week that the the original form of trash. Just talking about things. Where we don't quite understand and. So the stuff happening here with them via you know we don't talk about the ice stuff or do I talk about his. Possible replacements not just for that show. For the day on holly or formally dale and Holley show. Michael Holley leaving obviously by. Really just in general who in this market. Could be a date time. Host of the show have their name on a show and have to be good because aside from. The afternoon she. There's also always talk of could a third station working and lost. I've heard. Tell from inside sources that. NBC sports or formally Comcast. Owns a frequency in Boston that they've done nothing with. And the logical move would be people think that they may start sports station that tangling network with him to Gary tangling network. Be sad to see him go from here but that I'd like seek tang went to fill four hours a day would be fun. Another day another rumor that's always out there is with with John Henry buying the globe and owning NASA and does he go for a radio station does he create. The global radio and TV let's go Red Sox rally read somewhere be Tom Karen and Steve why in reason. And so I don't know well if he's back right is back and hasn't yet though. I like that into at all is returning games I think got I haven't missed it and forget Steve on. You know there's a lot of talk Boston's company room for a third station. And I think gets overlooked is that's a 100% true I think the audience is there for the previous Thursday that the ratings. Top two and rebook essentially. Morning show midday show afternoon show all sports to corporate then drop offs you get and then big drop so I think. The the the thirst. For more sports programming is there the question in my eyes and I think the answer is Null. Is is there enough talent. In this market. Toward a third greatest. And when looking guy I'm trying to fill a triple one seat in my mind some look at me guys again outside of exiting as a couple. Front runners. For the afternoon show but if you guys outside here who. Is capable of you know providing content for a four hour show five days a week. I would say if you look at the other station. The two guys that don't of their own show now. That absolutely deserve. Jim Murray a 100% Jim Murray's in my opinion the most talented guy and a market that does have his own show. You know boomer feminists so I think he would be very good. With the right. Supporting cast yet I think he'd be a lot better on a curtain Callahan type show. Here's and here's the flaw with merry and I can't even really called a flaw. 'cause again it's not he shows he is an assay of but I think he slips into the you know sporting McKenzie and a couple times like when Felger got in trouble for the Halladay stop. There's a couple times. Where those guys catch it. And marry instead of being the monster. Falls back into I got a bad guys and again and he shot. I'm guessing from his perspective is only catch the should the wrath of Felger. Ha ha prayer for calling him out on some of the Roy realities. You know Mazur is very apologetic incite and rein him so American got that which I appreciate but no murder adding Mary's very good. You know. And he's very funny guy I think judging by his Twitter and similar interests that I know he and I have. I think he'd be very good talking about things outside the sports. Mary most did did honestly deserve zones show. But if not that's not Saturday as the London EPS is yet he's bad he's so much better than the week if you look at other weakened programming as there's an app state. We can progress. And that Murray is leaps and bounds ahead of everyone that in fact I'd say he's better man. Every one. Out yet everyone on that station. I think murder is the most talented guy and 985. And that. I think Felger is probably. A gives voters credit. Doug is certainly got a house. Very gonna when he does he's a good broadcaster knows he's doing. Come as a lap dog that that's there along for the ride but I think merry is the most under utilized guy at either station it's. And the second guy over there that I think is is good that would fit especially some -- the afternoon show here I think you would. Probably be the best fit of anyone over there. Is hard. Who does middays would be rounds and he's got enough responsibility waking up Zola every human Jesus Christ. The select unfold meant what about that time and that he. The baby and even know what about. Apparently something I said. Her old Scott he'll I guess I guess it was Ryan asked. When my my mother was in the Las Vegas shooting as elect to re tweet something about it we're trying to. Over with something and you ignored me Agassi missed folder that could guy that's. As you know he he has no problem. Mocking people when there at the blind dad are still romance for actual help and one follow. Instead of the areas. But yeah party in the mid days. Is I think he's also cut in the same boat as Mary's funny guy. He seems like the type that could go outside sports if that show wanted so. I don't know party could Carey's own show the way that Jimmer. Because of the gulf. You know I take him that I'm glad you corrected me I'm sorry I can't I forgot about the golf should. At one point I remember having to work the golf expo and there was the signs saying the 95 golf show rob hardy pool Oca well I think I take a back I didn't realize he was I was in the illustrious golf show. 8 in the morning I think 66 AM Saturday. That's a primetime slot. And I mean you know morning show here and start six so I mean this Saturday is that people waking up early fair that's opened the yesterday's you know and yet many hours of so party I think is good. We're not like when I I was on with them once and Beatles outs it was hardy and so. And hardy right away and government of pork and in very good spirits wasn't abusing more rate to make it funny bust my balls. And it was very funny guy I'd Unita kind of a good back and forth you actually laughed I laughed yet really. Oh do you have under. He's you know meet and I'm always very offended and I'm very sad it sounds very I'm like I'm very sends a very sensitive but I hardy managed to walk that line. And I think party's good and again he also carries that thing that Mary does where he's able pardon to produce stuff. That's one thing outlaw. I don't. Get on WEI or anyone else for getting away from this is a lot of it's very tacky radio. There's a lot of now. Everett and particularly morning's new type shows. There's a lot of song parodies in fake phone calls and stuff like that. Where whoever's all out of it's that the phone calls are all think you can't do that under FCC law on. And the song parodies are usually there's no reason for them so they're just not funny or they can't use you know certain language or whatever so it's eight into not being funny. I think Marian hardy are able to do (%expletive) with production. That is eighties found. And good quote. So they could add that sort of element to a show also if they wanted to adding those are the two guys that and it across the street. That that to a very good job and are sort of under utilized that way. But if you look beyond that I can't think. Any. At either newspaper. Or her. Any any of the blogs are aiming that would. And be good on the radio over four hours a deck and even if you even when you look at the edgy guys like Shaughnessy or borders there boards air. So. I guess what I'm saying is as it is adamant that he it and I'm tossing it into the though if they need someone which I mean thank. Who's. Was more polarizing them blind you know. Nancy I have my iPad is now you give me right you mean umi riled up all the time yes that's right so. Blind Mike's head is in the ring just like rough and rowdy. Now if you need and I thought out and everything substance doesn't matter if you need me for any if you need me to officiate your wedding. Half your ordained any thing I Kennedy write a time line takes five minutes. Hi sunny meaning before in this world I'll do that's who have been reduced. But no and I'll reality there's there's no one in the market can think annual look at guys like you know ten line. That the problem with them as they are entertaining but it's like for how are Tommy kerns example that's another one Brit I think Tommy current could be good thing he was in the running. One man Jerry Horton joined the afternoons I think it was like. Or maybe one key for I forget. One of the names that was rather a lot was Tommy Kerr. And he's a guy where it's yet he can do it for hours and days five days a week I think he'd be very good or or anything good as the two. As he'd be good that he's a funny guys insightful. He seems nova at all all the sports but. Even he has said when I've heard talk about it I don't know I wanted to have five days a week for a long and it's like you have to want to do or you're just gonna. Burnout real. So. Not a lot of talent here in Boston and I'm sane as if you need some I'm here. Thompson. And you know. Fans trash talk via the trash. Which he would throw them on social media blind Mike is the best replacement for it and show anyway it's one. And then so some other stuff some real stuff. Not just speculation. Some real stuff that happened there were a lot of apologies. This week around the world rated. And it's hard to Ian Rapoport I don't weird week speaking of powerful insiders and earn well. Tommy turn any and grab work and about more different takes on the Rob Gronkowski. But out rev reports Weekes started very weird where he was breaking. Breaking some news. He's gotten some cements inside info on the phone but he was also on the rate. So really you know do two things at once he was on with Chad Dukes who believes that washing. Bring a bag on site thinks so that's not so I think this guy I've heard of Chad do before I think he's. I don't know of the show's still exist agreement due to ship. He's formally or may be still currently of the bingo and duke show. I'm not I would I looked it was to order and all that kind of stuff is we're insured funds information legacy was much like podcasts Lewis so I think having a big Owen dukes. Is or was it was like a tight turner rich type show. Where it's like Iran Iraq station in their kind of edgy guys talks that net Atmel is edgy in quotes. But. Bill you know that talk about sports but and I think he also does I think with the show that he Ed Rappaport on was strictly sports talk type show yeah. So he has Rappaport die and and wrap imports behavior was. Questionable. Let's hear what Ian Rappaport and does this have said Chad Dukes. In imported my guess attendees territory NFL network of course and bars and I'm so it or not. That is the last time we know that some bitch on the show our story what a piece of guard and that's twice he's got that. So. I like Chad Dukes who right away. Guys and there's a lot of ships. Across the country. I'm both locally nationally or. That would that something like that would happen and you have a big name guy like Rappaport on the hope will you do you this you reportedly make to let's hope we've been a disconnect it will be it's been a problem I mean Mike I completely agree though with Duke's here because this is the first time in that day that this happened. That's a say I like Chad looks like. I he's got some balls and edged. Now if I have to criticize Chad Dukes I would say put on a little bit of a fake voice that I think a little bit Adams air. In rapid borrowed joining us down. I can talk like that serious it would sound better men and we've just aren't enough. My Guerrier anyways what does that it Rappaport at say. I like Chad Dukes. Response because is that not enough this (%expletive) I'm sure his program director makes him have Rappaport on something there's something where he obviously didn't want Rappaport. Kinda neat twist his arm and doing well I think at that point because we're gonna play this appeared segment yeah they charge you prerecorded segment with a earlier. And this he mentioned Aziz is the second time yeah so the same thing happened in yours is what he was different. He goes back up. Is your idea what you would be weird. So. A little oil and second. It's. Keep it is our second. Game for something else because nothing else happens. Were you sitting their landfill. When you could've been doing summing with a show like three and a half four minutes and then when he came back right apologized. No no there's just silence phone went dead. He calls this producer Lance feel bad total here's here's the radio and around here. By way radio scary I news that he had the break was like a safety got released by the Carolina Panthers. That is groundbreaking stuff Kurt Coleman I like to make sure I my aunt is back field info on I am notifications when that comes up on Twitter. I always say I need I need Panthers defensive backfield in from its. It's about so. Shed deuce there. Obviously he's talking about later so when they start talking over hang up it's just that that was pre recorded music on apartment. So I would say again and I had to criticize Ted exile like for the most part but as you pointed out. Landfill is as producers and yeah that's it seems like rate I'm guessing he's the the stunt boy them go on the field and do wacky things less is they've actually like John landfill did you think it yet John landfill reporting live from DC. So chat but. Other Nana I really like Chad do zealot that he's gone back after Rappaport. Said a lot of guys you know would be very phony if they're if they're PD tells me that rapport on the well those who wouldn't it is but since there's three and a half four minutes of rap reporting on the now. Demi seemed to you it's like your body says amp for three and a half four minutes away. It's right outside his rating. But three and a half four minutes on the phone on especially in radio. Is a lifetime. In an eight to Ernie and advice stop talking for three and a half four minutes right now. I wouldn't podcasting they're doing with the what do you what do you do you can't do that it does not talk very. For a third of the time Iraq that clip was forty seconds and it felt like five minutes right exactly yeah I was waiting for them to be guys that aren't we talked. So yeah when I could dental Sammy again this consummate and a half and my we can then it's too long he would only get half hour Zoho it's like you know. It three or an F four minutes is a lifetime on radio and what tremendous Dick move. But sold to wrap reports credit. If I don't know if this was ten minute sooners on to do this or if someone told him to but anyways he calls in the next day to apologize and I don't abide. I'm OK remember you ought Max and appreciate the call and brings early bushy tailed in the beginning of the show occurred before. Well. I just wanted to apologize. Sore yesterday cool weather from dropping you I'm trying not. I know you got a job to do twice I appreciate. I like talk radio a lot and listened to it I grew up listening to it. Slime make sure do need to really try to do as many of these things as I can. Do it for me I get become such a lot of different fan bases in. And I immediately Ingrid I like to talk about and illegally you get honestly slow. And him to you know it unfortunately the only. I know it doesn't mean if you are fortunate hung up and I certainly not something I want. And I wanted to apologize this afternoon. Sleep and his wife Rappaport geez so relax he's do you think that dukes would accept that apology. You know what. I would think oh you typical radio guy will. You typical one market guys daddy rap port on I would think he would take an apology. But then when I was in Chad Dukes I hear them but you know you have to don't just sit behind a mayor peppering those shots and I said in my guy Chad Dukes is gonna come through let's let's find out what's in response. Brother I appreciate golfers all I needed to acknowledge you did it twice the mean one day that's why it was so I don't know if you heard yet what it's done it once. Whatever never happens I mean fourteen years of doing radio but got a break news. It was the fact did it twice I tried it taped an interview with you earlier than you do that live. In prime time that you understand that that's why there was such an issue. Well of course I mean it is bad luck and me good luck because I ended up having two news items to contribute. Maurice to Chris Coleman release another would skews an important piece of the Jerry Jones Roger Goodell fine. But you know it's unfortunate and it's really honestly just ballot the first time. But you guys down cause I want it to nature between that type articulate and you can help us is excellent too problem than you and just. Five minutes. Well. Don't go away longer I'm all in Amal and I Chad so odd. Rappaport noticed I mean the kind of I guess kind of accepted it well first of all Rappaport. Do. Didn't assiduously but the guy's wife relax a winner was very its ad is very it's very unfortunate Chatham and immensely saw. And it will never I actually we will never have. And can Twitter was very rough Furl the end on Monday a wasn't yet to respond to orders for growth lumpy were bashing him I mean do is basically telling his followers to a going to bash Ian Rapoport. On Twitter as he should so and and Chad Dukes good job not giving in and saying hey he apologized he said no I need you understand. You came on my show in a climate of dead air and and he did it again lock if I mean so if your brick Kurt Coleman's story gives so this brings us through my favorite part of the entire interview. Rappaport. Asks Chad if there's anything he would like to apologize for. Do you. Gathering to say about which you say yesterday Islam trying to find what do you want me to apologize well. Some I read them this company also announcing those. Is pretty tough stuff man. Off yes Mourinho but I settlement into the microphone yeah economy and I set all of it in the context of the shell auto package and I asked her. You know everything that took place so that's just in reaction to I'm and I'm professional series of events so. In oh everything's fine but I can't apologize for the way that I handle on it. On this particular performance the way that I have always done it now. I say the waters under the bridge and I'm I'm sorry if that stuff was something when it cost them too but I don't I don't really feel like I'd have anything to apologize horse as he was here in just a little. This. Oh. Yes I am thank you so much I appreciate your body and do you. I'm sorry in their front in now. I'm sorry I am sorry to bug not sought. Ian got pitched out by this same day. Apologized to me and then Ian finally reaches down in between his legs. And fines. A albeit tiny but he finds himself. And he says all right now this guy gave me a lot of (%expletive) and here from his fans on Twitter on the comeback at this guy and saying that you sit in the weakest voice to you. And it seems to me is that I think the decision that he's not out. So I've Ibarguen but I hate you you're annoying but Urbina hassle but I I mean things an awful amounts yes so what. Now get back here and give some coffee and you Tony parched and you tell me in the Cincinnati Bengals third string left tackle gets caught now. I'll be the first one I want that scoop so you had a rough day. On Twitter overall can be lowered given ship for the granting too. So Tommy turn like I said. Reported that rock. Me be adding he may be leaning that he's going to be he wasn't happy here last year blow up. And Tommy kerns a guy who's usually. Defends the team when outrageous (%expletive) comes at about it yeah use the first guys saw before nick from Boston reveal themselves. Tommy turned the first guys saw that was like I'm not seen anything about this Brady contract stuff with grow up not seen any about it it's. Office. Currencies of the first guided kind of defend the patriots correctly so when he comes out against them I usually say this merit. Ian said how I'll play again it's important but. Inside Inca. I think quote Bronx can be that guy because eons tied in bars to he wants love from the patriots fans I think Brooke's going to be that close to. The war. And men grant in my opinion we've clueless. That hash tag clueless tweet I think it was a program. And reports gotten a fragment you talked about at the same time though I think rocks trawling everybody does it seems like that now it's gone it's gone so far the other way where it's. It seems to Demi did oddly enough it seems like in the VWE work. Yeah where it's ammo you guys this time as panic here let's test this out on Twitter before we actually take its India during. But I don't want you to even that religious oriented Rappaport at a rough week and boy did Chad do you know I. I take back any criticism at a Chad Dukes now that I've heard a couple clips of them I don't think that's a fake radio voice. I'm sure John landfills that man's real name and he's not a hack it on I love Chad if I moved to Washington that's my guy most. Announcement so. So there are some other apologies in the in the world this week yeah these speaking of rough weeks ago SI ESPN and has. Been the theme of of our show besides you know the other media gossip via ESP and seems always been headlines and over the weekend Mike I don't know if you noticed but March Madness is Marty beat on him and I'm not talking about the best on the court. In about off the court sooner than that I don't like on your plan now. I realized that I stand up and read if I so what happened so. Marks laid off from ESPN. Comes out of this report about the FBI. Investigation and college basketball over the over the course the last couple years have been investigating you know that they found out that Sean Miller the coach of Arizona. Has been. Possibly paying some of his players to play for Sony on this Henry who doesn't these days ice on his gunnery region's first two characters about. Peace here. FBI wiretaps intercepted telephone conversation between Arizona Coach Sean Miller encryption Dawkins a key figure in the FBI's investigation into college basketball corruption. Which Miller discussed paying a 100000 dollars to venture star freshman. The injury and signed with the wildcats. Sources familiar with the government's evidence told ESPN. According to people would knowledge of the FF BI investigation Miller in Dawkins. And runner working for the and a sense sports agent Andy Andy Miller. Had multiple conversations about eight when Dawkins NASA Sean Miller. If he should work with a assistant coach in the annual book Richardson. To finalize an agreement Miller told Dawkins and he should deal with him directly when he came to money sources sent. So that sets up is a lot of reason to believe Sean Miller will be five hours. Egged we'll talk about match it but good written Sean but. There was. One college basketball announcer who got excited about the prospect of him maybe getting fired and blurted this. We have breaking news. From Arizona moved on Miller has been relieved of his duties at the University of Arizona. As if almost renders you breathless. So breathless ref. I would say night brown I would say hey we all saw that right we all knew. Mean my dad big college basketball buddies we all knew Sean Miller is out except. Apparently he is no he's just sit and Internet I think because and he has not been near the team over the past week now as of Saturday that this all happened yet. Yes is suspended now by the doctors team not a practice and games or anything like that. But he still employed by the university he has not fired they're expected to reinstate him but we've at some point coming up. So. Nationally on the SPN announcers here. I don't know their names but they they found objects on a diet dummies yet you're gonna. Yeah I think that was like a pac twelve game at noon on Saturday that's the anyways. They found out that on that's not the case alive here's that later on in the broadcast. In the end of the paper reports that we apologize for more minutes John Miller had been fire that was indicated for report from. The press row here at Oregon State earlier tonight I felt when me. Regret and I had that information about real long but the day here are the facts at one time in my life I'm thankful I'm not a good traffic control it at that I put into effect. I shot. Jane Jane's dad from breaking bad idea of a 747 down over New Mexico I'm thankful Amazon network and I think settlers. And it's just and it's on I'll of the phrase now. As an as a than any any any follower of mine knows not one for via fake apologies. Born apologies are warranted because you just being a Demi I love. Because it's like. Like that I know a better and I loved I loved the phrasing may use a lot in in those of apology like. When you say something like tell a joke the apology is always. The I had no right this can't believe that it was wrong and ashamed my Fam but when you actually get something wrong. The apology his. We inadvertently. Somehow some words got over the I don't know how it happened it was a big crazy mistake I blacked out. Yeah I had no control over where Imus who knows whose fault it is certainly not mock. It's weird how late it that was used reverse psychology. When you say some then maybe Asian said who really cares in the end. It's on I embarrassed myself. And my family in the college basketball community Sean Miller didn't apologize. Paying off players and god knows yet strong and apologize them and this poor bastard you know we. We inadvertently. I don't know. God told me to say it's someone in sept in my mind and it got down on. But. Yes silliness over ESPN autism. All all the time. We talked about on this program. How they constantly adjust to moving people around. And it hasn't stopped. Now Keith Obermann was back non. He was on PTI. I think he's been on some other stuff. Is it looks like. They're gearing up to a again another Keith Obermann return yet via time's square sports it was so. Right. And yet that late night goes without a delicate time for sports yet. Where the the worst person in the world was Turkmen and aha. Keith maybe Frankie B job freeze or Chris says. But keep moments ago to keep bringing back and I saw I now awful announcing. Tweeted it and Patrick may be starting to do around whore and and then there were rumors over the winner did ESPN once Dan Patrick Mac why would the impact your however gold that he's his own boss right is owned shell on his own in his own studio. And Dan Patrick is kind of a cool show like yeah I like him that or shall I really damp had a trip to like I will punishments and awesome. People people kind of mock Dan Patrick. Max. They make fun of that show. Because it's very you know stick to sports type stuff but it's also anytime you as an interview you know it's not going to be hard hitting. Right out he licks player's ball's a little bit. And you know he doesn't there there's nothing. And very controversial command Dan Patrick I guess I get why you make fun of that especially like the temperate you highlight a curtain and parts that are in that. So I get that Italy do listen to it's it's it's. An easy listen and it's it's fine you know Dan Patrick kind of funny buses producers balls all that stuff it's spot for it you know what it is. It's a it's a good show it's a good like. It's better when you better than anything beyond its better than anything ESP and has right now. Other than maybe PTI. And obviously thirty for thirty's apartment separate. Soars like program India. Which I mean damn catchers the peak of like the national yes that's a good way to put of the national sports talk radio guys it's a damp at best so why's he gonna go back tears again. I think ESPN's honestly sinking ship via. Temperatures ruling was one of the founding late media in one. Came right when he was good and they treat him like (%expletive) On his way out he's talked about it for the motion to punish. And it's an I realize it's trying new guys there when Dan Patrick was like but. I don't know why would Dan Patrick go back but even if he doubts they dots it's just another retract it. Instead of saying how we move forward in the 20182019. They think how do we re Stoller. What was once 1995. Let's go back to the ninety's yet. So they just say well you know it's key move to put Mike Greenberg back on sports. And it's like. I'm. Should people are getting their highlights now from Twitter. And instead Graham and all as a people get highlights and wants but it just watch the ice and I don't sports senator. For that stuff and there's a million packages where you know via the MLB package you can watch every highlights from every game in five minutes on your phone. You don't need sport union Michael Smith on sports center at 6 o'clock to tell you what the lakers did eighteen hours ago. It it just doesn't make any sense and Hispanic. So why they keep trying let's bring old guys with. Me the bring favorable bet they grow boomer and Tom Jackson back after the championship games. It's like. Think full board. For middle of god. Think about. What this generation lights and will grow up like or when you have killers like that of your Ana FL coverage like Chris Berman don't force them out the door. Yes I mean. I I know boomer and a boomer wasn't what he was ten years ago but still old what are they put on there and I I would say the op is I don't force him out the door you have nothing to replace yes that's if their placement is Sam ponder. An attack. It Berman ride this out and tell at a mile and telling clients a more Watson the rumble and bumble and seven men and then there is. And this is another problem Bambi is again. Sort of a just and it was a couple weeks ago. It's this idea that they'd hired. Diversity for diversity sick. Which is doing a disservice to whoever they hire because it's. Basically admitting this was the most talented person for the job it's the person. Who will look best spreadsheet. And I think they're on the verge of doing that again. With bats melons however I think she's better much better job than just windows said that that. But it's not part of the million things. But the rumor is now that with grown and gone and they are going to completely revamped Monday Night Football. And where I've seen. A lot of reports of is that they're going hard after Peyton Manning yes fox and ESPN both the heart of the pain Manning. And if he is and it's and they want my money football and the rumored to replace Sean McDonough which is like I don't know why don't just keep Sharma. Charlie is if ratings were lower it's not because comic is because. Of technology people are watching TV when they were in money couples and money and if money in a football is our. Monday Night Football is closer now to Thursday night football than it is on our I was a kid but remember like the game favre's dad died yeah yeah. That era of money and a football when I was a kid was unbelievable that those with a primetime games as the best game of the week. Now it's. It's Thursday night football Pakistan earlier in the week. Crappy product I was never motivated to watch. There was not I'd watch it was on I was doing nothing. Com or picture two point rate in that game gave nothing in Los the dolphins and ocean island off the right so how he rights act so. The ease the problem is not Sean McDonough why you replace him I don't really now. In anything he got some notoriety for nets preachy voice thing he did at the end. So keep that don't make that thing is people watch that (%expletive) I mean in small. Boost your ratings 50%. But. You know it's it's a funny thing that they can run with. Instead they'll probably go Beth mounds and especially they want Peyton Manning is that they hire a white guy. You've got to do something crazy on the others. And my crazy I mean hasn't been done. I think that mounds OK I think he's fine but Italy is there really need that. But he is he was beaten progressives and probably higher at mounds now can I tell you if it's kind of her almost four are we are on the this. I think ESPN and every other networks. Is. I go with has been my idea for a long time is you have alternative broadcasts so for example Nasser Al he's nested as my example for its. If you want a straightforward. Basic baseball broadcast you can watch Dave O'Brien and steal lines and Aston. And nests and plus or whatever would be online order ever. You can get an alternative version where it's like in Kirk in Callahan. Or you know or knowing Jared Caracas or whenever you know whatever duo it would be. And calls it wouldn't be as saint Leo builder whatever. It would have the descent you laws and that would be too big d.s name the names are no price be too big for nest and some. But you know ESPN order you have an alternative broadcast. They can get online or whatever you know however that war. And you can watch that with the game instead of the strait for broadcast and if you wanna bring people in adding that's the idea these numbers should be. What do Bart little bars those if -- lead play by any timeline of the game it would do. Double whatever ESPN does that same guaranteed you know they do feel if your share if you could be cat PST call a game called cubs game. Whenever. Verses. Who was beaten Matt Vasgersian in just Mendoza and you rod. Big cat and yet steered to way to guarantee. That's my idea to revolutionize broadcast like it. And we did over that we did more than this week but it's to make up wouldn't last last so you know I'm always trying to make up to youth and make sure. We I've gotten some good reviews and the iTunes page which is up. And you can write those yourself I think you I wrote in my audience but they are good when I say good job like those are very well you know no spelling errors in grammar is had it exactly correct so go on iTunes. Give us a five star rating in a positive review. If you if you can't find the actions made it's easy enough but I will tweeted out apple I might underscore stand tweeted out he won in 93. And add that the I would tweet out and go WEEI dot com this and every other podcasts on the network. Our guys sealant it.