Blind Mike's Trash Talk, Ep. 12 - Twitter GIF feuds, local broadcasts, Charles Barkley, Gil Santos

This week on Trash Talk, Mike and Dan discuss the odd feud on Twitter between Barstool's KFC and an online pitching coach, fake news from the Globe, NESN broadcasts, Charles Barkley, and the death of Gil Santos.


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You the most. It. I don't know I think we won't we might need a word of the day if that might. Best. Maybe the country W. Him like your. View trapped. Sea diamond producer and want what's going on. The ratings him. Once again. I honestly don't even know what to think anymore is that between Casey and team are across the street just the constant bickering back and forth but it was a horrible. So it's a weird thing for awhile I always wondered how can two shows. Oakley in their number one. And I finally. Minute hand did a very good job and explains. So what do you is that you guys broadcast all knowing. So we have frequencies and obviously Boston. Springfield Worcester. Rhode Island. Maine maybe New Hampshire and then there might be one. Hello. To escape the view via Internet. So. Nine if I was not like they have. Only. 951 signal but yet only one signal but I think in certain areas there signal Mosul stronger. For example. You can pick up 95. In profit. Right certainly need to prop state. That he has but that Providence station. Bleeds into areas of Massachusetts still in in. Norwood in the southern mass. So. My understanding. And realizes scintillating. Stuff. But so from my understanding is is that. 1985 comes in very clearly in those there is more clearly and 937. Not as much so there are better off listening to the Providence W yeah. So when they're calculating ratings and I believe this is what Nielsen goes. They're just looking for listeners in the Boston area so it doesn't matter what frequency you're listening. So if you listen the Providence station and you're in Massachusetts. You talent is part of curtain Italians ratings. But what veteran rich would have you believe is that. They're cheating by counting all of their province ratings so it's almost like their doubling their numbers I guess is what a Trent Richardson. Which is not the case. And Nielsen that this is out Nielsen judges. That rate so. On this scale curtain Callahan are number one. And rates disclaim that their life a big test is do we fake news it's very very fake news. Not now I'm curious about is a turner said whoa we're getting bonuses. Are they just lying about that also they must. Well I think I think if you're number one you get a bonus a bigger bonus compared to if you're number number it to you got a small market. So they are getting a bonus maybe but not only is taking food off their kids' table certainly now this thing too is. It's afterwards don't need the law. You know I could sit here. As a WTI both listeners and employee. I could sit here and Tony and use that term loosely yet I mean I don't stress I don't get eight. It gets you pilots you and every single time are fine I forget it. I'm so. I could kiss the ass of WTI just with degrees doctorates are. Let's turn rich are also one of the highest rated sports talk shows. Mort supports our morning shows in the country that don't need a lot. Now I will say I clicked over there the other day do my due diligence do some research than they were talking about the ratings and I guess I clicked over to time. Where they were just talking sports and ball. That is it is dreadfully born I used to listen it's a turner. My W when I first moved him to VI Apple's work. Now we have fixed the glitch folks you can hit trashed and WTI app to view Ida com where they were radio doc as the years ago. But he did it well IE I still uses the via but the two of the rated believer dot com is clear okay. Are you using. But the podcast but again I think the radio content flick like show. More so yes and yet podcast on the news on demand via video some that he. So. But it wasn't whoever's got here a few years ago it was workings it was a victory in the morning and they were okay they are funny. But I think what they started listening to that ends now at the time now curtain again. I was like. It was it was finally moderates do. A fine job but I think I just such next level. That it's different you know it's it's not a prepared and we're competitors and and Howard Stern or not do that. When Howard Stern was in his heyday he writes holy (%expletive) this is way different than anything and anywhere else is doing. And that's right Pinkerton cal and ride just to devote every other show can do sports talk for hours and it's in some pop cultures then. Joke around by curtain county and are so good at both. Being honest about themselves. And calling out a lot of (%expletive) they see around them and mocking. Each other and their their characters like mine. Land Roemer and no one's on the show you more about the guys that are on it and they're very they're very good that. Am good at being on the good it. He should each other or you know in many hand is pissed off account and vice Versa where is torture and Richard thing. It seems like they always handling of each other. What I've heard so many stories John Wallach mean complete wreck. And things like that where it's like what where when does that ever come out. He column the classic third Mike I've been hassle Heathrow and I guess he was real hassle he yelled it might for saying out on it instead of it. Like remote was a young guy that Ike you go off I went to school Rhode Island and I was like it bought from. To me on socket I mean they they are very sensitive power from thanks for general acts I guess it rates if your pronouncing. Let minster Leo minster people here do the same Port Chester or chastity now. I get but I don't think we hold a real Roger I guess wallet with and that's why do you guys laugh and where it's yet there's. And there's not enough of that match and that's the but you know what they did while they distant second in the ratings close. So that's easier in a big market your clothes why do you guys about it I think it's amazing about ball the shows is that they've literally make up 80% morning was a tumbling bit but it appears like. It's Dropbox is unreal between second there yet. It's really light. You know I think that the only time you've seen as when Howard Stern is on. It'll in most markets he was in it was him way up here. And man everywhere else weigh your second wasn't anywhere close because they both Ehrlich over Bolton yes that's absurd crazy. So. And they also both counts. Online streaming. Out in Boston another count of count the same way it's kind of listen guys and that's residents say is that. That was a thing the tattered record bitching about also will include their streaming it's like both. Is that how it's done also Nielsen ratings in general. The way they do is complete it. It's like such a saw small segment of the population. And it's it's trusting people record what they listen to its very antiquated and weird. But I will say this for the new stories in your consistently number one the weaker pound have been. We're consistently number two etc. That's essentially where you'll. They did they are able to get them if you're always number one in your normal because they switch around. Who has the diaries. And people meters sort of prepare well. So. The it's pretty it's like 50000 people an opportunity it's like 50000 people in the country and in Nielsen box. For a country without him 350. Million people that's how we figure out how. People are viewing things it's it it seems battery antiquated. But another ariz speaking of line after Richmond utilized. And you know the globe doesn't need the light analysts feel that it is. But the globe caught online. And kudos massive kudos. To my friends curtain count inning Chris Curtis and finally there. Excellent work. Kevin Cullen. If you don't know rights of the globe and heat in the last five years. Any time the words Boston Marathon bombing have been uttered. Kevin colonies were right there. This thing guys is that IQ of a home. When I was there. It's now it's you know dad whether they want to. Well. You could hear bombs go off IDI it was there. Was first responder we. Picking up victims in rushing in the hospital. Oh boy you'd think a story like that's gonna be true. Apparently an old Kevin Cullen caught lying. By. It irks him Asman and his sidekick Jerry. And his band of merry men and Purdue production. Good job by all of and it's amazing to me. A newspaper a historic newspaper's been around for a was not able to catch in their editing processes. It's. In theory words. New word of the day which we implement Greenberg with the word of the day. I. So. It meant and what. A day through days to figure that have to have actual evidence that chemical was lying about the the thirteen merit bombing. He was lying about. And being friends with the firefighters that help. One part of the Richards family. Its. Embarrassing. For the Boston glow that they didn't check this at all and or radio. That they essentially just called a dumb shock jock. Guy has caught you with your pants them. And I wanna give. A round of applause. To curtain Gerri because. The station. Was kind of under attack. Her little wild from the Boston Globe. And when that happens. A lot of places would. You know not wanted deal and in this day and age again. Please don't deal with the ship. Because it just exacerbates it and he's in the news or repaired and but curtain Kelly retired the ship they were tired of you know being guys that make jokes and there are considered the castles. They're considered this black eye on the media of Boston. While guys who Ron Borges. And Mike Barnicle and Kevin Cullen of god. The toast of the town for years they use get away with it. And art in Jerry decided no more. To this line they expose the glow the glow words come after the morning. All right pat. And it's amazing to me and I say this'll. If you go after people who make jokes or giving their real opinions that are a little outlandish. Goal for. You know do it that's how you wanna live your life by being thought police and word please. You know that's your writing do. Make sure you are squeaky clean. Because. Those guys could turn right back around nine you. If you go after it. W the guy commitment jokers. Are their own some off the cuff remark out there that Wednesday. And quite sound right. It's on you. And sciences. We may have done. What you are reporting. Its. Record of Boston. Creating a super hero image fears. What you're that your character in this book is meant. So Colin will probably lose his job. I think Al's. I get yet to global keep suspension this seems. Some legs there today Ehrlich tweets about this morning that they're looking into the globe is looking into now that's great for the good. Maybe go to sensitivity. May what they should be doing is going to journalism schools for at least a debt. Today because on the Thursday they teach you. Source. Ron Borges. It would passport is on the show. Borges was true. He's the W in law. But he wasn't saying he wasn't making stuff up and made stuff and listen adios to him cry it's. It's like I was trying to convince you something on the crisis or else. And you. Exact. It eat he and Colin was acting. Which is embarrassed. It's so embarrassing now you know it's a lie that Matt Patterson's tonight. On O'Brien and I barely know via. MM. So. We know that listen to him documentaries HBO and interviews with the BBC I was able. The basic. National X. And it was complete line and he here it is news and all it remark he said it reminded them. That's great fire able to invoke 9/11. And even. Kevin Cullen he got Weezer. You called current account and irresponsible shock jocks well. You hit the height of irresponsibility my friend. So you get fired you absolutely deserved. And if you don't. You are incredibly. But you'd also deserve every story you write from now on. The first week in response. Will be you should read this Kevin issue Nagin is up. You reap what you sow my friend you wanna go after people for jokes. Make sure you're doing your job that's roads it. So we'll see if Kevin Cullen it's five we've also got some that's national story the first I want to stay here in Boston for a minute. Because my boy Jonny Gomes. Was calling games this week favorites. You can adjoining rooms they're doing against our during the game you I mean for. It sure. Can critical so it's he's he's a complete with whom. But there's something likable about like I notice. He's got a next. So did the exact there is. I can't put my finger. I guess being outscored. Trust. Exactly John he's. He says things that adjusts you know he's he does try to wait too hard. But at least he's not Todd Walker we are and what his report on walker when he denied he said Mike Simmons doing the next. While it Mike Timlin did last year you guys like David yet they on the West Coast trip Gomes did like for management talent in the us are always gonna hey we got Gomes for six Oregon for three more. Huge fan history of the game are we all John. But timlin and Todd Walker in with those guys were complete boards like they just did it it was almost like they weren't saying it. I things went in just who. You heard noise speed in quite note once. Whereas Jonny Gomes I don't know there's something about a that's likable he's in that and that there's something to. I'm not a doctor by any means. Yeah. That's that's for shared. The night. The problem is two there's no to. A real person there was a real person a human being in the Booth with them. About some dumb stuff he says the johnsons and have fun. O'Brien of O'Brien says the other night. The Red Sox have got to be the hottest team. And any team in baseball. And Jonny Gomes to says. All thirtieth. Like he's adding some. And then there's just silence. Is very good job security at rangers' excellent good work. You are now there's. There's there was just not DC next room. It's. Obviously that's what I meant. Stock and others thirty. Bryant is those. Core. And young man which at their only. In years apart and then goes late thirties are. These. O'Brien is the boy I just recently. Because of the man. Someone with even. The remote is the man with them. They could go back and forth with me Ingraham. Angle and backers Padilla who. Make. It's a sad that actors and ram make those. West Coast. Armenia revenues were really treason and very understandably so in. Its estimate doesn't want to. Buy. You know we support with. It. The idea of Gomes Jack Edwards broadcaster Leo I do you think eating jacket you baseball. He did Little League World Series and if I remember. The program. Not enough. Craziness. Edwards this post season. There was one good rant and now is games three this past Monday night during the Bruins in the Maple Leafs on there was. Pros are down 32 in the third period in they dates. Looked like they are about to have an odd man rush up the ice and then this happened. And. Yeah. The sticking out of his mind. He's not only ridiculous. Well. Okay. It's not okay. Do you think he's really that excited about that ideas it either I think Jack is this certified insane person that ethic and he really is that worked anywhere is Bruins PGA's and gets home at night yes and president like he named his dog the Stanley pop. And I wondered. I wonder if that's real I've I've I've. You know Jack has never really gone to the query bothers me yet. But this playoff run I've I've been switching guardian BC feed all right I'm a lot more. Just because sometimes it just it's life it's just let's not say it's because there's a lot rhetoric is your time I was asked knew you liked the Bruins a lot close them. So I was asking you birth if there were any real good ones. And he said he kind of reverted back seventeen Sony's also remember rag tag group yeah. I'm I don't have the lead on the audio not rocket program but on after the Bruins eliminated Canadians into other eleven on the way to winning cup. Jack you know like you know yelling at the end of the series so NASA has the rights the first round yeah so it was after game seven I was there last broadcast of the year. And at the late and he was dale and probably whoever it went on contacted Jack for a final sign off. Of the year tour and Jack goes on this like two minute rant and comparing the Bruins to the colonists. Are getting fed up. About the tea tax. As I am in the march to the revolutionary war but then he did it again this year before game one against the Maple Leafs. Once again the likes. I think its stake with him because he had the one. It's racked group of farmers he would have first there's the line people of this city. I think he's the high school and I remember finding you know there it was that we're watching we're watching an insane man the Bruins. So I think he got so much notoriety that. But he kind of just sticks that takes all that'll get me. Play on the radio stations and people think I'm lacking I think he has put it some thought he might pick your jacket were in there. As my producer Jack in there and a delve into that mine I do go over the brunt practices but secrecy I see so. It justice just as an example of how insane jackets. In eighty Berkeley has color commentator sits alone. I practiced I think Andy's awful like 24 hours alone but literally game you think. Was sitting alone in the broadcast and Berkeley is a joke they're getting started talking with the Mets that. Jesus Christ. Berkeley's if anybody any of those guys an album those ladies it's teams as we see is a good from the work here nobody yeah they I'd love. Do you know what I'd pay to have LB do drones were used today announced that. Did he was like wood dale. Oh yeah I would love to see them you know if you hop LP Masson India there's a reason and yeah that's agree. I I would have I would pay money you get all your Rockies. For sport by. Way to. But I watch every Bruins game OB it's typically. Particularly if you got a few belts. And that's and I wouldn't in any of who you think he's been naturally. You can cousins just. My exploits. But. Now always you know we checked in my friends here the media. Check in my friends that bar stool. Ice so. I I don't really understand this week. KFC my boy. Who I've head and a lot last few months. Of a truce because he's he was very good seller goes by. Essentially it's all and heaven. Francis Clancy yet welcome. We can put. It on. Flights and not only has been on the joked about it gambler story is apt. Blind Mike wanted to be gone by this policy. Elements and being. Maybe it's news that's that's. AFC so. This has been when I was a bar stool before. I remember. We would use gifts and videos. Major League Baseball. And constantly we would have accounts. Shut down and and suspended. Because and of these social media policies Ernster. They don't want anyone using anything. That's why he saw bar stools stars like there quietly re enactments. Where they go in front of the green screen as they couldn't user highlights. And Edwards is re enact some crazy play whatever they were. They would've wanted to weed out right pretty funny but that is that stems from an OB not allowing them to use like yes this guy's. Pitching ninja and rob Friedman is in his room and yeah. He's ban if that's essentially just an MLB yet. He's been tweeting out in gifts for long time supposed to elects them. So yes. He's got his account finally got suspended for penalty correct. And KFC was taking victory in in this guy's misery I guess saying that it's about time. This guy gets shut down bar stools bringing it on for years. And nearly as rob Friedman didn't kindly to those ports. Yes retreats out I think has money nice to take at KFC are still in Bartel sports this is ridiculous. Quit stealing guests. KFC response Ira Tweety your original tweet you big fat cried into Freeman in response and then ripped it off and acted like it was yours steely mixed deal face. Google who we've got to go to embark you know there's a sad thing in comedy now where it's almost like people think being unfunny is being funny. It's like they're using like ten or we get every day stealing makes it all go that's a cute made it's it's very sad. Other tweets because I guess. Look animal is trying to them right that the system. It's this guy got so mad that he started going after KFC if you don't hear not from. There's a scandal he cheated on his humans admitted he owned up to a it's neither here nor there but this guy started going after KFC for being an adulterer and polish it is like. Are gifts that serious something analogous worry on the baseball. In the world where. Your whole life is so devoted to tweeting out gifts. You'll admissions director for using the same gift it's weird to get any. But it's also guess if he called low hanging fruit and criticize the guy after me if they. The critical you guys are you blind to Mike wants to know if you're really sure you never made fun of the obvious thing about some. Mike is very curious wouldn't ever may be gone after the low paying for. So maybe over. But is weird that there is this just world of Internet guys that give them much about it and I mean I guess than assembled that's is that guy makes money that counts them out one. Note there's. There's a weird world and understand you. Got it right it won't pay less than what I'm that is again. Received particularly as it is impossible I have to pay you more to it. Minutes it is very weird that if C is in this world of getting into bickering and arguments with. Internet. I can imagine that it's getting mad about who used to get birds and who was stealing it from who it is. But that made news that's that's my head image as an awful announcing it's like this is a newsworthy story and understand when I got suspended and made from an hour ago. But there or we are now a guy who takes notions from any. I'm in Charles bark that's for Hampshire. I love. Charles Barkley. Always have very honest duke is an entertaining broadcaster. Few screws loose but I like it'll raise Alec. I love now that we're we're finally getting to see why Charles has had such a bad gambling problem because you can't predict for ships now. You see it watching him cross on his NCAA tournament bracket games and like me it was I never knew me Charles were eliminated on the Thursday. But. You know we saw how. Few weeks back we saw Chris Berman handled talking off Mike. I think Charles that a little better middle class this is on there for TNT. Two things about this I want to see had to almost all he's got. Always have we're we're doing our. And elegant how relieved and is that rush through this conversation and someone followed the goes in his own ballroom bodes well. Blood and hit well at all now I'm. Now. The comes through one. On the podcast you can hear very clearly an original clip but it. There are people talk when it's not just him being paranoid are we heard about it they're talking very loudly during a TV broadcast but what I love about this is that. And this is speaks to bark is honesty because typically in media their two groups of people. Then what with you've got here Dave O'Brien's. That would like addressing in a real and dirty way. Like this the people around some bad they're both kind of an athlete doesn't bother the (%expletive) out of him. Are there is we can't just fifteen. I'm glad we still have come. This guy's league Berman who will wait until the cameras are off until. What I'm doing TV and I get eighteenth got damaged person that everybody stop for ten minutes trying to get beat everybody seems that's the only. Everybody can we expect Jesus rights. I realize it's frustrating boomer but the should do is be honest. This in. An earlier is that there's an honesty to. When something goes wrong they'll make fun of the producers rather than other shows who you know will pretend like everything's fine and school re the producers off the Mike. And it does the purpose of you know we knew Dick. I just love Barkley doing such an. And in my favorite. And any of the guys any halftime show or pregame show. Partners Alec shacks. Is that hit shoots me typical bird they just that it is O I even mentioned this pew Internet. The you know our pre production meeting. On the did you see. I guess bar of odd distant third Monday Night Football no way. The the audition was in the tree house. I don't know I can't confirm that when they Skype for a foreign from his tree house now their one game as Soledad it was like Italy and now it is on public Packers all failures like easily Mitt hunt. It. Out all camouflage. With a million units or sell signal yet that it. Now it was my understanding may have this totally wrong. It was my understanding that far. Wouldn't even consider broadcasting because he's one of these guys that it was a story about on a few years ago when he left his post ago it was. Daughter's soccer game and forgot where he was going or something like that he hits the belly endorse. Yeah I thought Favre was one of those guys where he had some real. Issues stemming from concussions. So I didn't think he would even want to be. But meetings that because now. If I said do you even five years ago. You know how much ES and would be. Cleaning in their pants for a chance to have Britain or woman of the ball on. They would. And at which we which one Hemmer Peyton. Mean obviously Peyton I guess we'll know what below if they have if they didn't they know they know now. Him. It's B. As far as the golden normally when Burma as far was always his guy. It was it was. Re almost we'll click the extent how much they loved that if you don't does in the 02 men was technically in these. ABC bright and he is struggling. So. And and yet but they got a few did it does in the system they were thinking clearly. They got John skipper John skipper spoke at mass at. They could finally makes goods and so that was the reason Brothers just think you. Know that I would love that audition tape. Because how that must that be for them not to hire. It's got to be abysmal. Probably to think they would love to have Britain because there's a story I saw earlier in the week to that Mike Mayo criticized. The networks. For always firing names over. Talent. And you see that you know he's with those since. Those in great trouble winning quarterback and was able just keep that job. Until finally. They had the sense that Tony Romo in the am but. It's. Constantly legal for me. On order a divert you know only just windows that look like there. You know open mind. A top three. If it's Wilson drops boomer drops. Kudos to them for not to blindly hiring. They will. There's no word on Manny he's either doing on a soccer Warner now is like the latest name for Thursday night. A real it's about you know. Committed many sitting in the near the deal was maybe it is enough for ten million dollars in the (%expletive) digger don't. Should it off the park. I'm. Via corporate far right. The visa centimeters. The reporters. It's not his fault the guys that is. It's not gonna screwed. You couple that card. Thanks in Syria. Is mr. Aaron Hernandez. Who he is he doing that he would ask that you thought but short of that I. And you final. I do this the greatest voice in my life. Very sad to say no longer. Yet or mom. I mean in an example go to you as the ago. Of running. Bert. Was part of rubber noses it was this Soviet birthday and it's 57. Wedding anniversary. I'd say. I it's a mediocre birth and it's a die. As worse than Hebert. Honestly you'll Santa's as as a as a reporter in I was testing the voice got. When I was running a cartoon their TV show ran needs god to be portrayed. The voice of Gil Santos is who won the point. The distant this can lead he never got natural job maybe never wanted one you love the pats did he. He must really love prize purse along the patriots weren't the patriots we have today. Right they were you know mediocre or black now mediocre to bad French are black down on TV here so intimately could keep your patriots fix was innocent. And deals and deal and you know. I didn't realize is that you know at least. Eighty sports analyst on com. So let's hope you know as you you could use by. You'll sentence well Lewis. For. To a good note you'll sent those personal saying. As always subscribed you. Exit Browner. A great man. Subscribe to podcast it was five stars please please if there's anything you want to talk about you wanna talk about. We I'm blind Mike underscored. 193. It also rode in as partners to further. About it that's straight sports of years of more than Mike's case and economical times. Not as good as you at the streets but yeah I mean it. You know make fun of someone I Bastia few weeks I'd like to compliment its graduates complements him. There Leon and I basket. Bring it home and that is that's irritated they crisper. You'll fine job of finally did go. And I think we did as overall this week. Lackluster. Where you'll you'd treatment on opening like I said last week or two weeks ago. It's on when we fail it's on both the weather's needle let's see if I actually. Well that's that arm that will find. Maybe it was seabirds and it equals. And he later rest in peace deal sent. Yet while we will hold money back goodness now from the flying hash mark into the left for the military 48 yard field goal attempt. That could go snap slowdown kicked off get his old. Yeah.