BLIND MIKE'S TRASH TALK EP 13 - Francesa is Back! Lucy Burdge Guest Host

Lucy Burdge comes back to join Mike and Dan to discuss the return of the Pope, Mike Francesa to WFAN in New York. They breakdown reactions across the market, play the latest John Sterling ode to Giancarlo Stanton and more!


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But more than anything else blown out I wanna thank you guys the listeners. The audience. Was without you. We don't list the week. We don't list a month so what I'd like the city was our own issue I thank you and from the bottom I thought I love. The bus. My good. Another dramatic video I haven't seen standing right into it. It's I think he is. You know hours and a couple of might. Gary Beck. That's specified that it. Intuit and here before it was very I didn't want pointless personal we're here in late. The last thirteen fourteen weeks. Of course my sincere men and Watkins is always ointment with some sound. Decent but. Just funny in general. And return. Effort. Best. Of the I mean we don't we don't know option but it but it is guys that don't that the Willie always that we it's we it's committee. You're your books I'm happy to be. Occurring. On. It. I figured Lucy we need chemo. And there are a couple. More out of it. A huge news. The Pope is that. Mike princess after one. Four months. With. So I've theory. So you know how he always talks about it loves the snow blow. Oh yeah he just went drop states noble all the time on that I think. And now in its talking. On right so I don't know it's finally done like you know last week we are last little. We're a blip it's now in a Pulitzer with it's nowhere and exactly. It's. I here's what the differences after four months. As he wants that yeah. Yeah. There was an in house. The world as I heard he has after producers do you just can't like a Sunday football show. I mean no one. East for future people. CNBC he did some stuff with them to add him -- aren't that the recurring. Like I am here you're referring yes. So yes it's I'm excited about this I think this is an unprecedented I've never heard of this happening on Sunday he magnitude will go beat up he is the. I'm president park and people are hiring come back especially in the media right and as the world of sports. But what I think is a president has the lead to his retirement. Was like. Yes we're all eyes and its president and it would be like the holding Jeter or the tortillas came back that's that this would be like if he can back after all of us slash O. Listen to the entire thing I cry I was so sad all that for say now now he's back I tried all for nothing in zealots that. It's it's it's a weird thing to do that cancer ask for the year. And s's in your goodbyes. And then just come back but. It really saved his. Sinking so here is why I don't mind them as much. The eight is it W and was riding without him. And it would look. On this and it's for a dozen left and and he sees the station he built. With that your ratings. And ratings they lost Michael and I afternoon right for the first time was right before my point is. Examples but there are some shows. Consistently finish second. And maybe glitzy MB. I'm so. I don't know how well they're doing it's not as well as. Innocents and Michael. And that's pretty embarrassing. Her the most historic times line Sports Radio. So rates as a at least at least they're not arriving and now he's knocking the doors. Yes welcome back eggs at least for me it's now he's had a sinking ship and so it's. It's part of a relic who really really I love it I want it as a hero Ray Allen said and more now that I did before because this is this is just Corey this is. Also X I mean I expected it's a little. The second he showed up. I'm CNBC the day after his retirement currently the Monday after. That he he can't say that's how is he going to sail later. For ever and he could sneak and do it for months or theory is again like it never never even. And he said Matt does a critical comments that we've quite nervous out if it's. Yeah I mean memories. Or Francis to deal with. Doing nothing now being in the spotlight for a few months not spilling his diet cokes and nodding off on camera despite. Wu anchor that afternoon positions again over a dud WFAN in New York. And does so he will return after retiring in December 15 and there are a lot of lessons to learn here. From a standpoint of god would do is Dick who did what and who did this everything else let's start with the Mike aspect of it and I take what I learned to Danks and and I'm almost the same age as my five or six years younger about Elena sank into the bank's eighth when you retire. And I the assignment if Mike when you meet tighter she Tyler just you know he finished it Sega by and a Friday afternoon getting the achievements. And we're not I. 20. If you do that and then all of a sudden change minus five or six months ago or courses saint sources when it's time to go just sets it your own gut and out. Now mad dogs and is grass is idolized and we agree that you look like kind of a horse's ass if you build that up very years fans come back yet but I'm sorry that and I only to suspects the PG provide fouling but. It is it's like you know. If you don't because they were offering him money. Write a fan he said that he not a money saying they aren't hired they offered him to a shorter show right hours we want more money to do last hour with the Mike if you're not done. Think he'd go right you're not gonna get the world you seven years old Mac and keep getting the same money that we dies. You know I mean he had. The cheerful goodbye at the first ever called your show and she is like you. Mr. He can't do another retirement power Britain like. Outlook that would likely be the difference as arrogant just do it again you don't beat the reason we did it I'm not real retirements like telling you leave now and happy kid would again yet it has to be any distinctly irregular elegant one goodbye to. It meant. We do. It's Mormon about. That's the first and second thing is. Make sure your yeah I did it make sure that when you do we Ty gets the deal every day. Now you know Mike's on kids so it it's much water. He can't go to Miami while West Palm Beach or now Kentucky. Kansas school why you wanna be home with kids. Is it. Better to let that was Celtic kids' school letter worry about you know columns at eight letter where about cures SAT scores. Let me go to work or to look at ridiculous at seven. National questionable on arsenals by mad dog champion there but I will ignore that just for the second. Oldest friends and. So. She. Even if he's in. Early sixties. And equities let's call 664. In your. Now now reference the open. And then Michael Kay says that's government we have an OK and we also have on CMB limit and Michael good. Rivalry arch nemesis. And let let's compare what Jay Leno did right. They're playing Jay Leno are blamed NBC I mean. I've always been too young amen from me right that's might like catch phrase. He wants to come really doesn't care I mean. Though I have ever face him disgraceful what they did to the people they hired that there are the ones that you should say is disgraceful. I mean might Michelle being on the air people should do what makes her happy. And he realized it down to four months but I mean FA I panicked after one book that they lost that Big Bang those people means. He's right in that you know they've been left over is currently he should've went in the NC. But here's more than the analogy couples partisan for a dozen shows. To leave they offered him contracts do different things he still chose to leave those early this thing. But you should blame CNB. For just sucking and guys in this room at the mentioned we have the formula. Her. Mornings in place Phillies and we've got me that you know the grizzled broadcast. Just a girl includes. Just any and I pray at any situation I find the woman and that's all you need and then then you put it supports a one timer. Yeah you know I would have considered human access even once in LA yes that's right let's all we need it it's going to so we weaker. You know and it's conferences ago I think we've got the trickier but I didn't see him beat deal with being announced this quickly saw Ahmad. I'm just gonna say it is a little long and its of this particular show so when you wanna stop topic is just to stop it but if usher or or just enjoy the mayhem you can't just let it. Let's obviously addressed lease situation that's out there are many stories which. All. Seemed to be pointing to Mike returning and that's certainly. Appears to be the case is an influence and all we can tell you talk about his voice I forgot one thing boy. I is that I forgot one thing I considered myself via public broadcaster but I don't have to start talking minus my gearing up. An arrow on. Really didn't I don't mountain like on I'd guess I think now Bradford when he was in my first partner version of this podcast. He's and I do a little bit of Utley if they want us I think that's more like him nervously trying to be professionally on and it. But I it's weird to put on a fall. There's no way he talks. How isn't hours. Magic didn't hiring with. Area. Hero is this we're not going anywhere. Oh no we're going to be a big part of his radio station for a long time and this is a business. And you're talking about someone in like. Who was wildly successful for thirty years so we're only makes business sense. Till we welcome somebody like mad back into the fold it got that. So it's awkward. Sort of slipped. Does win it all three was allowed to share author's note. Big question by Bart better than. His art is about to lose his job after four months and he as a quickly. Seem weak willed. Yeah he's not he T there and also Edberg. It. And I'm ratings and I. Was. Absent in. Know. Your. He's got thrown into drive time in New York City you don't get tying your quote they already get that I'm your contract hopefully. It to a point Chris. Ends and we have this show was gonna sock as soon as we weren't started mad dog today and Nancy Utley got to show mockery like they. It's amazing recent wouldn't mean Dan Patrick you are for the stove before. Get a started. We sent isn't it amazing to watch a show being put together where before they ever do an episode you know is going to be off. And they built a whole studio Ford it was like six million dollars and you know it's going to be terrible before it even starts and it's like this out. Yes exactly and it's it's just tip the business sense would make more sense to get rid of them completely and the upper revenue could be really Bieber. And I mean I I joke obviously about what a story but it would. Be so much more beneficial to just put three young people leave never heard of him there. And handling Bart Scott's and some woman and some guy that's been around forever known position. Nobody is listening because when parts got a great right. You have to substance idol wasn't anything like princess because you know there's the possibility that it could be train wreck that was happening knows it's him or he talked about there's one time he talked about Star Wars didn't know what it was like he doesn't know what it is it's fantastic and evening back happens list and because you know something stupid app mostly a time. Melissa Francis towards the end yeah I assume like growing up but it might just hand towards the end discussing ending. And I could listen to five hours because it's torture but want to know why all. I don't there's a lot but it's funny just merely clips and that's his legs while playing an instrument powerful and I love the aptly when callers just weapon yet and they are not around is that guy does that's an animal for now with me. The world would lose his involvement room it's like I. Might have some fun like and they've also might. Michael. And he wants. The bus I look I thought Mike please unload your bro. Your call amber a little princesses I'm glad system that meets new mom both before and you. But before well we do that there's one capitalism. Because there's a couple stores as we wanted a woman's. That you could provide that means. First the the Rockies. But it Naia you know what do you feel apparently. There was there was big big happenings that social media popular sentiment Iraqis just did that very you know quarter applause. And saved their progressive analysts. Oh and the Rockies responded. For example someone quoted by. Hypothetically the rock he said it doesn't matter what your talent is but just roll in there and real we will progress. And the Rockies responded sang this is one of the worst case that was the guys were used imitating you pray exact but satire. But first well let's hear that mattered. Does this woman. Let's hear the new rock group before it plays or anything you wanna say before. I'm so that I support women and and minorities and anyone else but they've movements like Duluth. Yeah. It's. The. Yeah I think Nicole lied guy and it was a little out out of he's not like anybody else. But did she gets to that and. And it's just. Awful. An. Hour. He's hearing though. And this woman now. In broad. Wary about people's voices. It's if you owe. It. We would be criticized them. But. For. Now. At. That. Point it was strongly with. The circus. I would. Require them. Buttons she trial strategy trying to stick with it happen and ran just saying it's gone don't rightly Johnston is homer. It's just keep it simple simple is better. Not to go the other way that'd be extremely. I'm I'm glad you mentioned John Sterling I was gonna actually compared the greatest. Because you know in fairness to uttered some people it to the spice of the broadcasts and we we pre we talked about this couple weeks ago and John Carlos in the midst of its big colts don't play. Sterling added another home run call prepare form and over the weekend. Oh did he deliver. Well here is John Carlin and floods and roosters. That. So well and I drove to the right field that ball's high as far. John good. No I did that did. The goal is to travel to. I. Worsening your call. He still trying to impress that it might girlfriend. I don't like this crazy you know. I'm standing the Italian aspect that's down the girlfriend. He's got and he doesn't know I'm at a time Lou Clements and and that's why I'm telling it it's it's awesome. Nothing short of electors and and just keep their influence with an extra annihilated I'm a lawyer thing broke. Before the distress about that I wanted to Whitney's voice. Was that themselves. Apparently oh patent you know that is. Yes and I saw the speech that you honestly Tiger Woods yet. I don't know how I feel about that. Because like that's why I mean I know she looks like but the picture along with the story I was reading it looks like Tiger Woods yeah. But it's at C strangely adds that wouldn't I would be weird if you watch something about Tiger Woods and it's Paul Patton playing tiger was I like the whole time I'd be thinking that's all. And there there would have to as a woman's right there were have to be no. It would take you out of it's so much as she cut in us they do an amazing job of making her look like him. In sounding exactly like him where there is not an ounce of as a woman playing tonight in order to completely be aux you have to consciously remember oceans then immigrant via otherwise it's like. Wanted to play him you know. I would be interesting if they did it because it's something different door just to watch it another crack the audience saying don't do it. I'm just saying beware if you want to be good movie to be going away and terrible. That's my items announcers because I'm so that it was. The losing its attention. It's German and means more and ordering paid. How did note I think that the. Seat that's right. Give back the meat whom I pay Lucy. And I just harass Stan and given no benefits I spent three hours a night intro let's get back to well it was for nothing different inside of it was all for not. Except you know doing the rich and well. Last. Is. Yeah. Rose got into a beef with us tonight to Wayne about Donald Trump. And then on the same day but money Jones when honoring intimately shouldn't talk. Politics. So that people don't and that is going on is again. All of this knowledge has yet it immediately you know how the Red Sox in years past have done things where it's like. We're never signing pitcher over thirty again. And the negative press because it. And in case they were not that superstars signs on me crazy deals. ESPN except they're doing the same time right where they just don't know that is sinking ship. But I was wrong tool. My dues and say. I was wrong because we predicted. You know last Eric CME would last longer you know I was right you right. That's right you win that yeah the idea that the Pope was gonna become bet that they can. So that on finally settled. Listening to you I didn't exactly earth that's that's what brought there and Dan before though wondering but I have constantly to it was and I humility that Johnston. The first follow. My friend who's Bergeron put out Lucille buried Lucille urge and and want to let him for all his hard work that the men and hurled it. At do you want the united three and I'm an important score and please subscribe upon as those rating. And all that happy orchard and that the outcome. And most of all there. Are right CNN's week folks. Well here is John Carlin and floods in the newsgroups. It's slow and I drove to the right field not bow tie up as far there. John good. No I do admit that. The ball through travel. June.