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Tuesday, June 5th
WEEI's Kirk Minihane joins Mike to discuss the state of the Kirk & Callahan Show, radio in general, his plans if he ever leaves the station and more

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All we can match the great people and it's the only unclear answered yeah. And America this trash talk. I guess today as the star of the number 1 morning show on Boston that is if you include the province ratings of course right it's continent. Was darker with some like what's going on. How are you I'm irritated Duma is all about getting good way I was very excited hi Hannah do a show and schlep in the woods Dubai studio I'm an iPod to a studio in new podcast review net I've noticed you know they were a class a four they've got the 850 logo still don't clearly spare no expense welcomed the (%expletive) its that's how we doing here headphones power and you know I appreciate IS of the steel last image on my old I remember that I got. Including a guy himself your alma. He's not doing just picked. I've asked him so I asked him for the first time he came on yeah. And he told me something about getting back to the all star beret because he was busy with baseball stuff and it seemed a lot of (%expletive) about the spike just about it was. My old as I hope I am. Yes on this one yes so then I saw him at that a T-Mobile and that he did OK you know I granted when there's thousands of fans rushing it's tough to get a minute about was there was a tear out. I think like three or four people. Payments and then down then and I am so he didn't quite turn me down and I said yeah you know. I've kind of want to start having guests and a little tough and I'm ramping up to ask him right as he should have Chris Curtis book the show for. Lily I was like. Suppose I'm not gonna go to that. Guy and the number one yeah he's got stuff to do actual form right yes so yet mutt kind of skirted around some say yes for months saying yes I would want a month on. Yeah that's good. I mean almost like he's likely would I ask him about you based I didn't think you do right. Doug's initial report like yeah I didn't hear I have a very low self cops ask an annual 1 time I am here did that help both the two Republicans trash trash yet again. Thanks again I want to write a com. So when I wanna start asks Newsnight from last time I had the music that while the does count and shows them going oh is that right you're on was bella yes OK okay. And you told me even during that time it was kind of towards the end maybe John obvious he was leaders and India beat sold me that. You talked to mark the beetle birch friend. About doing it showed again. Without leaving Lou Louis that nobody's. Well that's true. Sorry mom so Bertrand and I. Met at the it's the old public she knows which is down the street it's gone. That. Three years ago I was looking to leave the morning jokes I didn't wanna do the show the way anymore. John was still there Jerry is there's a different kind of show I'd sort of convert on the try to approach. The after show at that point. Sort of up in the years and yet named Galen hall full time there rotating in management said to me. If you want to we don't want to watch sustainable but if you really think you can't do that we're willing to talk with two afternoons you can talk to some people. Maybe potential partner won the guys is Bertrand and you can really. We have lunch together we talked like virtual entity but it really we are two different personalities both literally worked amateurs sphere goes outside sports is Marseille. Double was Norway who's there right now don't you shall we had dinner one night Burlington the orbiter program your program director fills acrid you'll general manager. At the station. Com in that was really by the time I was sort of delicate process. I kind of had an idea of where the morning show was in the go in the year to report some assurances. And it felt okay about it the other guy was my. Arm but they canvas they they wanna be the stain of wars and the most important part of the day for radio stations and more revenue is generally. It's kind of sets tone for the days the most important show at the station and the wanna keep me there. And John and Gerry and try to palaces on that could. And then once they couldn't they said they would lose the way one to a code for yeah Bertrand I had lunch. Legitimacy. Years two and half three years ago it's probably three years made them more. Of aggression must still bend. Yeah I think that I think Beatles staunch southern mass iPad has had a yet so base the so I kind of got this Raton now but the question I wanted to ask was. Obviously did you know then that that wouldn't work order because I've heard you talk about Zambrano wanting Bertrand in the morning show boy yeah so so you knew that. Don't you don't even know that wouldn't work for all I know Bertrand Israeli go and fight me by everything and you have a great time an eagle on the ride. What I know now is that I am inflexible in one dish now he's always been great. You may not like it meanwhile we do more stuff I'm of the view the stuff I want to know market. When you open right now Jerry's. Cherry is obviously more flexible willing good. But boy do you mentioned Bertrand yes so with mark LI I I don't know I can't really answer that. But I think Bertrand also won its stayed there he liked it there at a good angle Mike and Tony. I think he knew there was a chance that something was opened up and take that it's it's sort of you mentioned doing the show the way you want are you. You're able to do that here now with the play much better than say two months ago we are battling a stuff for different people trying to bring us down all the time and that's okay I'm you know. I I tell the stories that you know the thing euphoria happen. And then we had a test to be training and be one up going to. Spring training at Fort Myers. Jerry's voice for shot I was in the should be moved we did the first segment with the break 630 year whenever wasn't turn of us. I'll use forward. And we got more more comfortable and about six month or so ago I finally said I'm sick of even pretending to appease people who (%expletive) hate us they hate us again try to bring us out. So Gulfport knock yourself out because they keep what you want. Call advertisers badger people try to make them which guilt and shame in doing ship. But I'm not gonna do that anymore but an even to an extent that was it was a much I'm not trying to placate people there's no (%expletive) you we're never gonna make those people happy never ever. Yeah the the big threat I've firfer lack a better term you make is a lot of times when management puts restrictions on you bring a bar stool yeah how. Results in a porn related Imus because I can imagine that's like Nokia. What how often have you actually talked to him because you make reference to a lot I don't know how much of a much duked. Expect a forceful but we talked in the phone a couple of times. We get along really well and obvious have a lot of respect for I think he does for me my town also that we are pretty good chemistry together were on the air and and whatever. And he's always said when he gets fired you can have a job of Bristol which is gonna happen in when I guess fire ritual and whether it's next year next week or four years from now. So nice option have. But you know. You know gave prime buzz was I do porn is laws IDB's he's not guys and what channel shark you know but no but I mean it's you know. By not listeners much forced to raise it probably should have the display of us some. So they removed what's her face from the morning's. Drew Stewart thinks that ga area they are hurt it goes disaster it was a good work and I've been learning like a way that this is disease is thought they were they are trying different things where it's like adding that show was their version of trying to let's. Branch out from the usual our store brand building what Syria in war right now in most parts to people don't want to hear that they try to didn't work. But he of the obviously it's a book runaway train wreck. I can't explain. It to its Amanda and duplicates the loyalties on the rays yeah its it's impressive the fact that I've been there in a year and a half stole recognized by people yes that's it's it's I did nothing inherently right if you dumb videos and right right and so it is pretty crazy but you. How well he says her allotment and flagrant arsenal of its true aria how well do you think you would fit in let me hear what eagle that's for Tom. I think you don't subscribe to as much as the dad says the frat boy culture I think a lot of the stuff that they do you kind of find kind of stupid. Like what you know Saturdays for the boy yes some college football stuff and all that I think we. Marshall could use only partial could use. Somebody who within the bars the world who mocks the bore the world yeah. They could use a little insight self replication at this point to Castro is becoming sort of a corporate ties situation. Somebody who says almost all buzz in the building its emphasis and spelling bee it's perfectly candidate like you know hourly charities for the boys are really slope. I'm and that is I think Portnoy doesn't have a great. Capacity to make fun of himself. He does do you think. I shall we go out he's pretty good by certain like a big -- phone KFC you guys he respects right but I think if they just hired an outsider. To beat the ombudsman like lightning is every somebody write some and I would say heavy loose connection via world yet but I think you know but. Also bar still does a tremendous amount of sports talk. Shortly with in the raid that you know and the nationals it would have to be college football which I would just say the port decision on not doing yet to be more of. You sort of you know a topic they show storied day stuff gossip stuff radio drama stuff and you know. It's good pal we do now with some sports and extent do you think there were. Ever would this ever be an option if you left the guy for whatever reason. That you are you and Jerry or whoever US. Did something like what Glenn did when he left because people mock court weighs forty dry try it I think. That was a great idea amid a few years had its time and I think or remind not in the guided to a well here's the thing but I think you'll. Could write here's the problem with frequent tried. Is he tried to do. The same color beat joint trying to get back your radio right but it wasn't they would believe squares and radio show which it wasn't like they talked about something you could hear on the radio. So a few weeks ago and I thought there's a chance I might be a job. As are always happens every few months so I just weeded out randomly. You know which you doing to pay homage to reign as the ghost form armament he had every single water to thousand responsible a reaction from me. And it was about 35% yes and 65% no which I would have taken plea for mr. you know do I think. I don't prices to I think there's a spot for somebody who. It's free of anything making criticize any institution they want they can do anything they want. Free of its software and your restrictions at all no advertisers. Which pay 399 a month that somebody that you really like and listen to every day for 63 hours. Maybe yeah maybe if you get a thousand people who do that for 2000 people. Working at the 5000 people who do that I mean I don't know. Boston sports journal which means born has a thousand subscribers. And I it's I didn't know that right is I didn't and number if that's at 8000 to match trounced that the public to get the if you don't want to and the crashing of your guys right you're on your role and eat it you're doing four dollars a month it's 5000 will figure out by the time we don't ever stop making pretty nicely and you get to do which one do you. By the way it's total failure everybody says wait a paper to paper series paper Netflix I'm yours for (%expletive) and I can get. And normally Jerry Kelly for free not as good maybe you'd say die hard in the mine but still pretty good community. Well it's it's a model I think you're right. The Clem wasn't the right guided Buick. To be and we want you might meet mini DV. It seemed to you wanna do that on because I was taught you that was not a filters should commit replicates I don't mean the bat he's a traditional support the best ever traditional sport. Com. I wanted nastiness because the big thing in the news lastly Chris Rose and it's meant to be do you guys ever field. Critical at all when you mean. And it after them that stuff that I want to be fired and there's a recession color right right absolutely not I don't. Bomb because like I say like 80% I think that we should be fired the socket there yet. You know like I know probably happened Borges the call can be fired sought the job. Got fooled. And he got swindled so we've gone but two I think it was in should be fired no light given all the where no no advertisers archery and Sarah. Nobody I know I write this stuff dies pretty quickly. Like we view it isn't about Euro or talent that the thing with talent fifteen years ago humans sure it was a social media right and there was this long history and trust was so let's say. After six months whatever comes. Coke cold comes back. There was interest in the game and pitched great that's the thing we live in the world now. Where it's like this all works. You know this shore so it was it was inspired today OK that's a fair. We have to get liberal for us it's meant to be fired right that's affair she wasn't as host another conserve lets find Rush Limbaugh by Howard Stern but speicher and it's fun some guy Chicago let's find somebody on TV. Let's find some act of ever want to thirst to get me fired like I say if you get everybody fired essentially thought it if the do. Person left on radio television we Mike Reid that's it and never (%expletive) in like they did it really making no money because he's watching. Against us first now I get to some extent. We want action happens to somebody in the house now has the power. With their phone. The state on here are the eight people with a mean advertise foresee cement. Whatever. The sponsors. Like them to death rate you win she's fired then what what what are you really. We don't loose change your life. You've got dispersants by. I. I I'll get this this this. This rush to do. Do you think there should be I think Al moments of this about some of summits and examined in. That there should have been you know when Roseanne go on whatever new show debate and to an episode about it Mike she's whatever it probably easier pork and all that high in the sky harbor it was ball. It's pie in the sky because you're dealing with somebody who's been seen. Right Roseanne thinks the marathon bombing didn't happen she makes actors like the Richard Daley were freed by actors what she also that the thing. If take that technically yeah anti. Semitic conspiracy stuff because they get so. While she was editors but that was a of that but that was an extort the time because you I have to show. But my point is did that thing where they're taking this joke it was a joke when he found funny it was funny it was idiotic and tweak that just it was if it's gonna try. He was Joseph British comedian for a job to was somebody whose insurance between which sets joke. I would sit there trying for a joke and it's it was dominate your so tweet but she's a comedian so there's a different expectation I guess but. There's also she was making a joke there's no debate about that. And debate leverages its merits I think it was what I do things in anger but there's also a thing with Roseanne where it in the storyline of this show. Like her son as a as a black yeah option child that's right where she's progressive wanna waste no question may be those where we immediately go racist. Maybe she's not that genetic crazy can spare me you may not but if we get a chance that kind of explain now. Before canceling or show acquire racist shore because moment than this and indeed jittery enough to. Everybody gets right now I've been I think it's just ultimately pie in the sky I think you're right yeah I think it's been wonderful that's up that's just not work to think advertisers say you know what happens I must analogy tweets about this status and an M. Ben Ali's point. Do you think it in and it will change that a caller eventually you will be able discrete content themselves I don't know while those units changed everything I mean the unit is only reason. Why Samantha bee got some trouble at that she she did on the Internet all the reactors miso with apartment shootings it's it's. Absolutely. It's great that way because it's great for us means people are vested interest in all that you can't you can't. Be upset whenever it's a big party job but it is not something we've dealt with that we had obviously people suspect that people go after advertisers. And they bludgeon them to the point where local advertisers who know us a lot like us who are great people like Milton problem farms. As insurance or revise energy. Whoever Buffalo Wild Wings are all great. And it's it was a sure every day but at least as good as we knows it's true but it is a national advertiser re just pick a random national habitats or sickle coal against an example. If somebody pledges and day after day says the racist home for example the elegance we know these guys are right let's move on some deals. That's way the world works out scary scary to. Do you think has trump been good for you guys. People get sick and has made no difference right now great but I mean I think if you miss the show every day he seemed gone away from trump walks and choir them but today she's great I mean to overcome president distort it would be Eagles will be at the White House. Great story. Which goes nuts on Twitter it's great to detaining. But it's me the country and replace it I've seen some suggest no apps we've got three years ago people batch increasing social media they are now is well. Beat up people who hate trumpet fun of the trump hatred for the move and other places that there's no ago. Alec trump on his own has made the country angrier I know I don't. Are you surprised that especially given that. You know not that just the success here show but the climate in general. He surprised when 95 take shots like we don't talk politics and infighting and at times that will surprise you or visit as we not a tactic record shows that they. Like in the passive ignores now they don't could be made that decision not to. Mean the super successful also all the shows degrade our shoes. Arm to get some weird I don't know anybody in my life I really don't. Who only talk about like the game last night or third line of the bullpen I just don't know anybody in my life. Who finds that to be stimulating all the time. They choose to mean Phil Grimm as do only that they do very well. You know but I detection rich don't have that and touch are trying to act like their. There are demean talk about this on the not a sport show. They would they word anyway even shows was beating guys that don't talk sports beat us at our roster they offer now and now they have a lot of guests on the heat Abraham which must be a dynamic imagine they decide to go to wager while the guests on. In the US worker for the I don't know. On those and and people get mad here receive this is our show was not least porch it's an issue show two guys show when the sport's biggest topic like Tuesday trump. In the Eagles as a sports talk radio this article sports topic so we did that 90% initial. Tomorrow we'll see we'll see what else. If you could do a show with anyone other than Callahan. Who would've. You know and now you know use it right. Or outside in nine not a chemist national. Young blind man perhaps maybe I'll probably see Jim Murray right now like a lot I'm glad it's an exciting would've thought. I would've said the best third guy in on your show would be gym area I think outside of I'd probably. Even rather rather injury cost him. I would probably say Jim. What I don't even I'd never worked with that we communicate little text below sort of book recommendations and documentaries and stuff back report. Eases you isn't it great guy and he's really talented and I feel like he's under utilized on that show I agree and I'll say this I really I've really. Father that articulate. When I watch that chokes and listen everything simple shows sample stations and all of that stuff I sense of frustration from him now he seems like he feels he's being utilized. And that's and I bet that's life when you're in the marriage Armenia is successful. You can only go so far. And I think he must be thinking wait a minute you know he sees him as a variety cease Feldman says those guys do great and we give me any more swings and getting right now. I'm should be treated great but he's thinking boy sort of I could do more and I mean I would say much. Mutton Jamar as soon to guys that won the most crucial. Weeping mess because a title and why is she complete character anonymous. I don't get sold a sold on the place I've said that screaming and they call and chat and wrote that story that's important we're ninety some percent stake here Massa right out of pocket Red Sox catcher Mike no human beings Matt Roberts and (%expletive) All. Areas to meet him as I have heard or ways Saturday age right right now he's mr. hockey yeah so I think there's there's definitely some of that. But I mean I think he's I think he's out of his pocket and Lama and networking via I mean I don't blame him. I could do it every day like that but yeah he manages to incessant success but yeah I don't think it's real so he wouldn't be able to obvious and city leaders now I talkies a couple of anxious now I don't know. I'm good I mean five million dollars. A couple of years ago went out there obviously for about Max Kellerman and into the trial one day and I thought this is not the only job in two million dollars here take this not be happy I love what I do I love it do. Prussia people in the weight room and you personally respect and understand respect I understand my management asked that sometimes. We've had a tough since September. With these activists going after suspend top every day about do not want to do and it showed the showed Gerri every day. That that was a great show guess it was a great show where your will that the mini roll we've got some good shows you feel great if she can show. You feel awful but there's always the an island today it in 300 years law will be one race and our emotional reserves what happens to protect. An idea that in the past. Which on the meter I think that would then. Either ignored or use at let's move on from where I said well let's dive into this intelligence agencies and Steve do you explain yourself that's week. When when John Dennis came back over the winter you guys that crossover yeah it was very civil. What I think that is at this point in me she doesn't listen to that so here's how it looked right looked as. I won the war. A device users coming back to fill in over the holidays. I just finished number one again but to be off for a week when he wouldn't. Yeah like like badges older guy over what he's coming back. He's filling in Amish. We've had it out in Aussie John Wright actually get along pretty well we text every once awhile. You know I think I get a kick out of him now. I was might anger toward John. Was not so much John and as the person's junk in this radio personality whose generational difference for me was really success for a long time to show his way I didn't wanna do it that way. Now wanted to move on and once I was able to do that it was there was going. So there's no urge to raise this would be better adamant for the two hours is supposed to commenced last week. But you guys I mean you guys still do may find what they're angry and not so would you wanna do that with him and sure capsule price you wanted to I guess you wanna do it last week as much as well and you know I don't know why do why would he ever involved that he and about whether that happens I don't know so. Jerry was out for a week and we're trying to budget to people and nobody wants Collison or it also knows how to a short of that kind of UN sales hit a bomb so we said. You know I guess Joey said it up music amid for a couple hours and it's at the last second he couldn't I just don't that you want to deal with the heat of two hours of which. You know I I you know. Whenever I understands I guess it's not easy I guess to be talks of people's lives is what they'll say sites applied to acknowledge some truth in them but. I need to show you yell you scream you laugh he get mad he get over he got home we come back next week it's not it's not complicated. It's not get very worried about social -- three bad tweets old sock it's cool ones on or or laugh at them or to what aren't people outside it's you know it's not that it's not that typical people tweet that they want the (%expletive) teacher aides are you okay great. Good okay I was color retard not eight hours ago on site so I mean he's he's I just. And I was sick couple years ago. I ever got mad at a couple of years ago I would say. I thought about more than I do now analogies it's just as a to me and I have to immensely important at this point regular tours and the cycle of what is ago survey is the way and we guys here's a story here's annexing thing is we said earlier rose and it's with a B can we move into next to where we who we try to take down next with the big story next to be great. Great tool. But sometimes it's like a (%expletive) worn out now. Speaking of checking the tweets in the text aligns well would you like to see happen with via afternoon show the today damning Keefe an Irish guys if their person there who makes him uncomfortable that's all the makes him. Which you would you rather of that board as you alluded this a couple of times ran an a flip fop with on I don't care that I I just you know cousins whatever. But I would rather see them bring a third guy US team. Challenge that makes him a couple details of his best he's uncomfortable. And rich you know from a Curtis is rich. I think he's tried to use some more lately it seems. Put it seems to me the richest men to comfortably in deal that show. That show feels like dale. That to be doesn't work. Yes I would I would if I was rich realist in me but at some point we John and Jerry I can't miss it (%expletive) this enemy is as much as McCain and my shell for a third person coming in like that because it pretty good job. And rich now now it's Richard shell there's two people three people Michael and his name's Michael Scott right which is now. Should be colder that showing it doesn't feel like it does he's renting from dale launch. Do you think there's ever an opportunity for tonight thinking guide it in is out for him. Is there ever chance of that helps so I attic reverse served his time I mean is now been five months six months almost since he called Brady's to the pace at which is stupid. I feel the punishment. It's you know is now exceed and yet far exceed the capsule and out of the podcast few weeks ago. I would love to have Alex back on the show no problem and the option to mosque is welcome back which but yes I think Alex should be get outside area. Now I do what sort. Yeah Iowa well for awhile I was chair because he's a the the first episode I did was. I won I was gonna talk about arena is today the real thing happened and I got a panicked call from rob Bradford. Just to set to please please it's. Almost the people like that and that's how I got expelled they want him it was my first ever episode to vigilant and they were editing time now we added that OK but they just want to put it up if the boy yet outs that we do. We got I had to guess I think it is time. And this proxy back the station. Yeah I would agree to an end you know put in Roemer. We're the same age is technically guys standing in my way untrue saying you should actually be on airs a topic it is a polarizing figures a lot of them. Highly polarizing figures you see there on the radio this market you Jerry. Felger to a much different X I think people which I guess that's troop count in in just the sports world would be founder yeah and a lot and that's. Pretty much and I thought right so he can be. Is there to the casting couch yeah do you think. You really matters. That only muddies they're essentially. You know we've done this we've gone over as we get daily ratings we looked at them and there's no proof to any Jessica if members ever effected the ratings does it matter to you would you rather do with these rotating guys sometimes I think I Gerri I don't think he did enough shows by ourselves at the beginning as well I think protection tarnish the good really good. Our shows lately to assume better than a year to us. But I would like. In two or three times a week to bring somebody in and it's kind of good for us in the kind of loosens us up gives some playoff of easily make fun of so yeah I think we can forgive mutt and one more maybe of the that personal watched twice a week might on an injury and I think will be five. I only five people at 32 or three it will be. And they get it and let's try to answer that article I wanted to ask is there any chance. And I had absolutely no good times again that league but I mean just as the yes budget so I mean I'm asking now. His cell as a resident Jerry talent jail today who was. Why Brett you know but who was. Alex Roemer we had a Monroe seabirds and hatter on while I understand you but yet on right on I mean yeah these guys which you work for the show to. I work for the company I Jessica. I've. I guess I say I it's a stadium and BetaNews makes the news yet you know makes the news caused trouble because trouble you'd. Now I will say this I have about ten times the Twitter followers that Patrick Gilroy. So I'm on Tim's last week I hear how much suggests million Gilroy anchors there was no enough. So I'm in the same categories competitors trouble I'll lose my (%expletive) mind like I said do something you'll these two would that dumping his dog. It gory came in earnest unlike you we came under in the blizzard human you have the guts drive in the blizzard right. Yeah yeah that's all I doubt the worst day in my life life that day I arrived no one else on the road I was thinking you can drive. Now that's a good idea I was I was talking begging people and in the worst thing was. I hear you I'd time. Side to VO work like 7 in the morning the first half hour of the show right and I heard you say. You know if if we offer it to you need to make it that's it. It's not happen again. And countenance as does anyone have any ambition and confidence sobbing looking up to 25 floor window in my hotel and listen listen I mean you know how that brokered manager with that storm. Absolutely license got a lot. Like art. I am I as are the senators it's gotten a lot worse you do holy blindness of new so they told me it would give viewers when I was in the ice. And that is been untrue how blind are you speak last minute on what's right and what's so so I'm a 100% not. In how it goes under resemble write a closer Herm. I would take. I think close and you 'cause NIC nice seat. And I can see you can get around them but couldn't cane or dog walked two miles away I walked here OK so I I would say I'm. Close do you. But I I used to say like I could get a way to drive a car but I just legally technically it's now it's not kill people it would be no resurrection of Jesus. So what are you doing for living. I work here. I too aren't limited here and then I do a lot of attention announcement that it may make enough defect and scraped by with a goal line as the goal long term at the station. I. On realistically do you do okay I'm saying like you isn't it between Russian next stop minus I I've and I've message to as a Bonn and Curtis Brothers and guns are response. And of its effect and pipe dream. I'd like to do nights weekends whenever I can get on the air doing. And it's not an objective so we or. Ignored ignored no response at all. Now well I think the the closest thing yet the responses. Asked him about it is I've never do that asterisk master artists and content I think that's good and then I'm eager to get. Am I mean as this and I completely have people listen to me and Saddam completely on talent that. Or is it just that known would no line to be honest the name is Erica. See that's good politics not that that is what I wanted to when ten texted me. I was like about doing the morning show right. I was a policeman name came up in some sense that's true that's true but ever come up with a sense of like you know he's at countering all right there's no there's been know who. Thought that was feeling during those guar. I would expect him which is a good thing but I assume that it's not it's always been my mind right here's Curtis sailing vessel not. Is that there's been some sort of discussion where you where. Moderate Anderson goes up through ports Sagan a Ubisoft too much importance are signing yourself to do these pictures that really your oh I don't. You're going you do know why music I'm Mike assuming ho you'll notice that's different you know I missed yes I regularly bring me on an ultimate asked this question a 100% yes it. I thought I setup a half hours I give this softball restrictive than anyone I beg to come on the I have no problem and as I was saying it is a for guys your age and is not a lot out there are so if you're going to be. In astle and cause trouble you're gonna make a living. That's the UV that's the that the egyptians will now would you greet me based on this and you'd think I've got some some chops are now. I was tough for me I think. I think your fan. Sharia which I think makes it difficult rights I but I says sends a message of fear a fear of challenging not authentic real challenge you to the resentment to be shipped EMI out calling mild to look at I I agree with you in a sense right what are you gonna do it advertiser that's why defended the Mets the real world I mean I hate to say that I would guess I would love. The fireplace that's why defended the company on the Roemer think is usually am I'm I say you know just plucky defended him out defender. I want to get to it was it was a deleted episode about the way I did it to NN or was that. I usually I say. Defend your talent. If you believe in them but I'm kinda see what they want but with the Brady thing that's a business deal right where you you amended one person's humor she leaves. Massive investment for the I mean you're talking seven figure. Out the company. In Roemer. As good as he is right now is worth zero dollars and that your such as the nets. We read about Roseanne does not present is worth a lot more and that's why audio but by companies like naturally defend this Grozny and host tweet if you were notion. But that's I think he's doing my I think I'm on now now that solar Sam was was a big story in the country. On what day woods. Wherever you last week Tuesday and Tuesday Thursday the thirty companies weren't spending the evening but other what other companies have substitute need to accept money but that's that's what that's that but giving is again said. Like beavers froze is not actually seen was is actually seen she believes marathon yes it was them actors so when you get. We don't those people off the bomb with the calls from the people. The (%expletive) nuts like they're disgraced share and that now that's the worst fault ABC's fault for giving back into the it was a disgrace. Well that's my problem with it is you do a show with her for ten years he would take when he Lagos and then you bring her back she was that personal Thai soldiers were raided the racist tweet was worse and and let it bug adorable and the conspiracy stuff I think that's crazy because. She's always been where accusers haven't saying you do with a crazy person that's all your but I would say that you know. Twenty years ago were read agrees arose it was in a month ago with the up upfront BBC they were joking about grease you're Puerto CBC people's resolve the joke. It's only got her troubled that it really you know shifts their pants and and covers arrests. Well there's also a thing of now if you if you. Tweet defending from people's secrets course on US Kanye Kanye West before the slavery. Pretzels before that all you really said was I think comes the good job yes and people called him an insane by the way I think. Think trumps doing it added four I think he's doing a good job as president of the United States. These insane things Trump's eyes to teacher that (%expletive) cold knots but is it president so far he's done a good job people. Don't want people don't Americans don't want that some don't want it to be true they don't want the president to agree job which is yet the world we've. And though the reason I can't totally going on you on the present thing is that it is Disney. If it was a desperate team it was a different company I'd say right okay but it's it's talking to talk to defend any. Not well and you have robredo possibly a few more quite a god leave when violence. Any. Brazilians notre by your face before me via don't know you know throw ultimate nugget of oh what time I asked about it. But the bottom is there personal. What does he is is is you. Does he have any ambition is that all a gazillion ordered he originally carried him now colors nations India. But he's a front it seems like when he's gone from the show for awhile he missed. He misses he does witnesses said is that you know it's funny that this is the attention. I guess. More meaning it was on the show and nobody watches and that the it's noble as we tweet about it talks about the he knows a much you've really cares. But it's funny I think if you I did Astrid train left having mostly because of Tomas things mostly because of me. And outs of the first problem was because of me. The tangling things like Stewart shows a leaders like or reject that much. Why is that plays music Jerry's angry as tension in the room he that you go to the united shows together and grew frantic. The talent as an island to do next to the extent to an extent that Jerry. I have these but I you know drive to I think. Gary would back on the show at some point it. Do you think training to an extent has a lack of ambition because no military is like tradition nonwhite players jobs in March she is off slightly and I think she thinks her friends in the Boston global world and liberal world think the cheese are these angry guy she's sick of the that's I think but if she comes in and fights you guys wouldn't view would be. As opposed going on shows and green yes but she does it did you find out what she was really good. Which is like for ambition actually not. But she didn't want to deal with anymore and that's. No I was say this if you wanna come on the show up at dragged off to some is one of the year. You know yeah. Anchor Paula you can miss some good advice that I grew by my litmus and I only hedge Condit to beg you to do show a call up a Clausen percent of the next one should you know. Your best role right now. I think is to badger badger these people want that and we shall. Why ask yeah I was doing weekly without art is doing that everywhere yeah arkan was M council I was cycle but there are starting to kinda did like I can look at. So we were kind of started of Opel chemistry is an idea and then he left his they they want him to do. Six days a week here without a contract at some point right. So relaxed and that's when Imus is our bon oh. I think the second time about have been on the show it agency get some sort of an audition I didn't say just to show. I auditioned for granted though and I just on the response that's a lesson best. Com okay well I finally heard I think I included him on the message with Curtis hall that was what five months ago but so. Well there are a lot podcasts OK so march terrible lacking ambition why aren't you doing every week sit that's what I wonder is I worry I worry about I worry am at and I am and I've got crazy I know is am I insane. Find the right day it's every three months NC two weeks and weeks go in a poke your head and say hey you know I'm just trying to do this what can I do. I'll do anything. You know nice I started doing this you know whenever. I don't we can shift he could find do an sailing and yet never seen joke at it and they never say no until you get the point we don't have seen when and it's you know if. Yes and yes this. Is what you're doing it yeah exactly exactly Jesus I'm Mike Eric beggar my anytime I damaged Tennessee. And as always you can subscribe on iTunes and all that Porsche tennis every week. Thank you again Kirk about. You've been listening to trash talk. Kind of money here at big kid at WE PI dot com iTunes just in the radio dot. Tune in next week for another edition of trashed. A presentation of W. DP I.