Blind Mike's Trash Talk Ep 21 - High Noon, Sarah Spain, Britt McHenry

On this episode, Mike and Dan discuss the roller coaster of ratings for ESPN's Original Programming. Ed Werder and Charlotte Wilder have it out on Twitter before Britt McHenry and Sarah Spain get involved.

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All we can map the week. It's the only sound it'll certainly be a block Captain America this trash talk or do. These Amy talked. Is this on a bench so they wanna talk or beginning. That it will miss it for you this this. This summit of rich well first off after last week's. Unmitigated disaster. Just an utter failure. By Dan watching last week an abysmal performance but he thought you'd think we'd have we have commitment and I annual follow that up the good episode and it was. Just utter horse. Entirely danceable. And this week. We've got some island that's if I had an idea and we got some funny Roemer drops to play it'd damped. Our ball. Oh we don't have it now we don't this so Roemer bailed again. And I'm working with complete incompetence so we're I don't know it's due what are what are you talking I can't prepare this week. What you mean I mean very well decides listen we regret what does sound that we don't even play we I have no idea. I heard he's waving a blind man sang start. Who got the go ahead with your big preparation well. Now we're in our what was our fourth studio today trying to do this because Red Sox pregame apparently John Wright the (%expletive) is John rider to kick me out of my studio yeah. You can you know we are trying to beat the hell out of the triumph by Red Sox up yeah. But anyways. I printed out 57 sheets of paper expert bishop. I'm sure there all. I'm through each one more useless than the other yeah. Because I'm sure we're night cue you to talk about them in I don't know what I'm talking or less on my phone it's your fault for more explanation and setting things up or. I can imagine most people do a drown out what I'm saying and remember Mike and I don't blame a man of the people that's for and they agree would make it. Support and Salvatore. If Portnoy is lap dog then one. So Ramon not here again as you can. The time I'm starting to think. This is a B I Gusmao. My you'll you'll keepers may not be that good. This memo a bit coming from miles away then and I am smelling a bit. Because last Friday they say anchoring count and Al extreme are coming back Tuesday. Roemer tells me I'm coming back Tuesday but. Over a week. I hear from you very unreliable so. That. Ream. Said now I'm not comment Tuesday dissolved. Now has an interest injures and mind. Source. Incredibly and rely maybe the most general. But is it who I think it is yes. But I'm willing to speak at an episode on me saying that the suspect. So really. From him. Well you know event if they are doing bits all doomed to beta. Mean I think the thing is those if we did get primer on the podcast if you say his name wrong everybody is about as Roemer in Reimer the odds are that our team if we Roemer on this podcast you know it would kind of be like K. When an AA meeting. I didn't because we've all been on this other persons podcast. All right later recovery yet. We all moral low enough depth that we've all our life is all should enough that we've done as other persons podcast so they saw some by NBA all sorts. It's spending will. Oh yeah that's right for mystic indicate we're talking about I don't assays name and I don't wanna give immigrant breeze and these guys hit it out in Andre Drummond on his podcast. And he's on these white guys that when they're in the room with a black guy. You'll my man was. Was critical Lackey it. It's like are you can talk to the guy like a (%expletive) human being you know to change your entire persona because there's an African American or. -- as a show of your phone off now is Susan. Elevator check out impaired if you aren't on talking a matter of pot it is an episode with an idiot on. That's the one. So Rima bailed again I'm starting to think this have been. They admit they made it seem like management's keep an amount they wanted to break him in the studio. I think is coming back so my last correspondents who Raymer. Why is that once he does Haines City on what he's back on and some good pass and he's always so was doing weekends and nights again. He'll be I mean he'll be on the pod. And two I believe it's due to this point I don't know item is used to be like so many. Mon Montreal bathhouse attendees a you know unless we can you just yet. I think a couple times be used he'd like so many something else club why are you asking me I thought I don't pay attention. Well it was so Larry's the first time he is on MI so seeped in your brain. So. Roemer hopeful beyond. I don't know I don't know I don't know why they don't let them back I don't get. It's we will be nom kind of dumb joke around Boston's by you need to do this podcast I appreciated if you would and when he does I will appreciate it but. It doesn't need to and what he wants is occurring Callahan or released the weekends or. I don't get why did Obama. Really don't even have bet. It may maybe did something about it I I even at this point having a hard time time calling Reimer did dumb. Because. That was a throw a lot if you read in print you'll today. Always called Reid's daughter whose home again if you hear. A pro he's making a joke he's trying to be wacky. It would that it but the kid that you paid this panel. You know I mean eating commit crime. He didn't go on the I know racist tirade. A dumb joke that was kind of taken orally and maybe should have been it should have been by Brady certainly rate is nearly media and content but for the rest of us to be offended by. Of course it's well remember what the kid back for God's. As a guy who'd been blown off by Sen. But he doubted content. Broke quit before you the other nationals we have to discuss national news we do because we're not allowed to smoke rubles and we don't have Roemer. Sub a real quick before and in that I wanna say I congrats to my boy across the street now. Former. Into comic Christian market. Old time. I'm 95 should I did I kind of using you know in the and the betting game of who's gonna take that spot yet you you what you may made sense he implemented it yet. Yeah I mean he's the best they EE. She's better than John Wallach. I didn't Jimmer on what he's better than any of the other flag as it's a glorified headlines spot. Which is weird that but at least on that show he's going to be able to talk yeah yeah I assume that I know with Keefe. They always talked via I don't talk to I don't really ever listen that show I do I know all I know about Adam Jones. Is that I know many hand dished Royce. And says that's it for the finished terrible at his job. So they must be something personal there because. Galleries I said is because the few times that was an Adam Jones. It didn't inspire any reaction. He's he's eat IIII did you find his should I enjoy issue Amazon is now. That's only few yeah I I was overly negative about everything to appointments on. What is it NAFTA don't listen to enough not to but I don't ever calls and many felt so is it does and obviously he's more negative and dollar yet. Much mourners dollar but is it an actor and now it is I got I mean you know he's all he's the culture the Dark Knight. That is that is so I don't know I I. I don't know why minute dash and so hard because I'd I'd I'd never inspired a reaction I've listened mapping out whenever maybe they knew the metal once and may be I don't know Asia and but. Our cans should add something that show I mean he can't do a means Suzyn Waldman impression like rich keep which by the way. Susan woman depression gets so much praise it's terrible. Keeps yeah well I mean it's I don't know what you'll think it's fun. It's horrendous it's the alleys Adam Jones is John Sterling kind of sounds like I'm always a he's Suzyn Waldman is god all it's a no it's not funny right. But you're right I got so much praise recital Christian right and there's not be doing that wacky. He skis. Yeah manners please know he's he's an actual good. It will be a good addition that show for once the and I think youth is on retention and accurate I PRD had that. But he is already on wheat I don't know hoses zone and he was him and a Joseph merry. Oh right Jim Murray's. Slow stepbrother whatever is who but I like a shark and good friend he's one of only. Three guys he angrily say gimme. A decent shot in this news business. Portnoy and Robbie Bradford be in the other two. Our camp put me on the air he's the only guy ever put Niemi or consistently. I'm so appreciative and I'm appreciative of him and now my goal is to take over much slot. And destroy both Eminem jumped. Of Internet Christian I can't come to me groveling for a job an argument. Because you know I Omid a debt. That's how high that's all I build my friendships I'd have people down and building back up. I'll assess what you're doing me yes. Eventually I'll I'll I'll. W into submission. I don't know and you'll think he'll be admitted the beaten man that I need to be to actually produce a bench. You got a lot of notes I've got a duo on us let's let's hear where you what do you notes were rude to start. Well we've we've neglected. Because that we had many hand and LB. And ended did just disaster of last week. All June is kind of been booked right so we haven't had a chance to get to the news. Skyrocket to the moon. That has been high note the militia yes emotion wolf first you wanna talk about. North star that you wanna star was six years where some. So what's the deal with sees him sports I do well very well. So maybe in a singing its praises so well and ideas can put on a press release that how well or don't write I don't I I saw on off announcing ESPN's getting criticized that and why and I think is because you know it's because people like us who likes you and average when you get away from politics. It's not a netted just 21. Person. Who is awful that job and Michael Smith. Right and the Ebbers knew just didn't have the right to mill hill I think could be good. If you put a worth Schilling or someone like that you know honestly you just want details I feel powerless to do you know then the new look to watch the world. But honestly that would be an entertaining show would last a week and a half Michelin would say something awful. Get fired again going to be a periscope but yeah that you watch shall enter a no I don't review I did for a minute and it was. Not not his not as bright parts show Blake when he first started doing this resume watching games in his house. I watched for like it will awhile. As in can anything it's been I'd yet its current. The liberals ruining the country I'd get it I don't even totally disagree and yet but the funeral we don't we understand. There was so press release to area. Viewers are responding to the sixty M sports senator with the program on track for four consecutive months of the year over year viewership growth. Which they actually what does that mean over year year over yeah months of year over year. Adam and edit them and I knew adroit packed into his eye guys is we've been to the or dropped four straight months. But of increased ratings that they are to get right or not you know that that's going Porsche but again sorry for visiting our order is six into the sixth. Let's say still intend to Ghani taking over as consistent anchors on May fourteenth program average of 531000. Viewers. This experience for senators and keying in Don deliver. Hillary stands up to the minute news previews and an analysis of the nicely to gains and events. And it is doing you guys who they did before with the Houston area it's weird it's like. You know when. There's a weird thing where they'd need. They trying shake up the formulas. Where it's like well if we make this sports center anchor person now. You Greenberg right and Bibby was never sports aren't but got you know beetle and Katie known these people and well let's make them into a personality that can carry it showed to melt you know. Well I think I think the big thing is you know as BP took off and it actually works. Right snowed it into dollars right but I think SVPs kind of a funny guy yet. He's been around I think he's been around for as good job yeah he's always with Scott impose always been a sports on our host right he's done is on radio show to. Which adding that naturally kind of fits into being able to be present you know the talk for an hour to our career. So. There's a thing where they think now we need is makes sports senator anchor's purse now. Would they went back to his would have sports senate. But not make it the sage Steele and Kevin a Gandhi show right is just sports writer and I think and that's not that great the fire department does abuses not blame the world on fire now. It's for six in the afternoon it's fine. You know I mean they were doing you know Brett. I mean though they would ask BP show it's it's on an 11 o'clock at night people are looking for that more of that I'm sure there. At 6 o'clock now it's it's okay but even you but here's the problem with all the trump style and the political stuff is. I think anything that one sided in unless it's in the venue it's supposed to. You go to Fox News everything's that wants billion MSNBC entity that wants that's supposed to be that way. If you look at supports senator it's people from every know from all walks of black people white people Chinese all everyone eat a blind people incited people all of us via joined together and ESP yet. So when you have a show that leans so far one way it's gonna alienating half your viewers. And then the ones that stay for the political reasons are gonna realize this and an interesting. The kind of saying these aggregate give back to I'm I'm watching this for sports and yet exactly how I I couldn't watch it for the political aspect of sports if there's an interesting discussion. Who's ever I don't I've never messed on the student like I'm gonna watch she is gonna listen to politics right. But never an FC especially at 6 o'clock and you can get that on any other station. Right you can book which you and women would be more attack right there in more factual because they're different because their act I mean quarter unquote experts in in writing the field right. Where people where Jim Hill is not Michael Smith. Certainly is where you'll turn to sports center to get away as an escape after those that don't wanna the next game yet very well very well see it like me. Ha that's why donor. So I think maybe they're seeing we don't necessarily need to be polarizing I think a lot of other places are Messina where it's like if you are good that it. Like occurring count and for example if you're good at that type of show. Do that type option if you're not lake Felger in matters. And you're good at just stick to sports. Which they are people they look at their ratings they argued that that I asked to stick to sports as much as people might say hey because I I do find it baffling. That I don't even know program as it ever mention Trump's name they did do and that is pretty crazy. During the election remember them talking about what India while good and that doesn't it two years ago. That's pretty crazy but right there rankings don't lie they've they're good it's sticking to sports so the problem is when you try and make people do things that they're not good. Right it's not a matter of this show has to talk politics of the Shah as sports it's when you make you make him Michael Smith beyond a pseudo political show. And he can't he's not capable of doing so. Basically. The date on all all of us and gore going on in my next you to paper Oca this year to she'd Q2 5757. On. Evenings doing well. Mornings and midday not not so much is not so much pets headline we'll get up we all know we don't we know get it was going to be does but now we don't remind you fare shown is an. Behind two minute. Which just start I just start off and every other if you watched it. I don't know what the hell like they're trying to make a movie yourself mussina would you say you saw at the gym at ground in the background Ike I I imagine. How many people roughly. I don't I know you I don't spot let's say. A 100000 people roughly yet wash China sure I imagine. Every single one of them. Is a bar urged him I just thinks are too because I see them anytime you go Mubarak gym during the day ESPN's. Yeah anywhere else notice that he said to me just a sign I get up this morning. I saw and high noon earlier. I never heard those words right in fairness I'm in an atom less than a month but. See my point and all I don't know who's watching this view outside of bars engines I don't think have ever had any earn everything agency were put money Jones that. And out of his like you know the patriot the racist. Rant there it's anywhere it's like Beckett how old is active yeah regulars on. Headline. Get up and I knew in both and it ratings lows. So I get up you can hear I don't know you know that post he shuffling papers I am rule scuffling to prove how much he's pilot continued. I knew it. Get up and high noon. The few shows aired on Thursday and Friday of last week in both an all time viewership lows bailing to crap crack 200000. Viewers. So yes pink anything get to a thousand people to watch original programming on its main network this is this is an ESPN to write Prius V and news. It's on ESP less than 200 pounds yes. To get up had just a hundred in 97000. Viewers this past Thursday from seven to 10 AM eastern time. A whopping 33%. Off the ratings ESPN had at the traditional sports center airing at the same time. The exact same week June week last year to. It into perspective. There are a lot of podcasts. You've never heard right. Again our 100000 downloads and really this is. It's up. I'll talk to Bradford now with the numbers that it's close but now there ought to podcast that you never heard. They get a 100000 downloads a week. So essentially they're doing. Unknown obscure podcast numbers. On the worldwide leader in sports. And that's pretty (%expletive) answer. And the sad thing is what they're gonna do is just add Cady Noland of the the ball money ship. Or you don't mean just substitute Mike Greenberg with. Bob Roberts floor I don't know I don't know any sports on our anchors and putt some generic. Broadcast. And it's going to be the same ship and then a bench although I'll save maybe this new John skipper whatever his name is Jimmie. Yeah I Jimmy the Greek put him for his name it's now he seems to be doing. And maybe to six is a trend. That they're going towards are going to not keep doing that because I think both money and Pablo it was a there was still a John skipper creation. I believe so I think you'll opponent thinks so it could be completely untrue I just say things won't talk about her admire their ratings yeah it's so now. So get up get swat. Does a 19797. That it Tenet at 10 AM let's take you through the debt NN that Tenet. Then the one talent they have left and more comes Max Heller. I was in front of the yes. ST discrimination cocaine. You. Stephen A Smith comes on at what it depends for stakes aren't and then on its all okay. So he is the gap he bridges the gap it's it's the equivalent not visit this to me is like when the sixers lead in was Kornheiser ruled. Cries are robots still. Talented guys that do location oh now or was fifteen years ago but find a and the drop off will be tremendous. Celtics now you've got Steve placement in the mornings he started. Yeah and 10 o'clock and are nines and doesn't woody go to a Stevens. On Thursday first they produced 308000. So. Again not tremendous not a sign felled finale numbers what 4111000. More but Stephen A Smith is story and every when he can't. Please come on come back folks. But listen to me for two hours to beat the to 300 Nate. Nicely done. Right keep keep on building because don't forget. And a clock is still middays then known as mid up. So it's not like. There's a bunch of people turning off their TVs at that time if your home at noon your home want usually right so. He builds up to three in 2000 boom money in Pablo do with that Thursday. They fit they posted a hundred in 93000. Viewers which was down a whopping 47%. From a new sports on her last 20990. Of those 4000 less than get up yes and it's. Was uttered in and it didn't yet under 151000. Last. A 150000. People that are on their talent he can turn off their televisions first or second Stephen A Smith leaves and if you wanna you wanna even funny. Arrival deeper in the competition of the point where people might be. Watching. At the isn't this time. An episode of lays in a monster machines. Airing head to head and Nickelodeon at same time drew 926000. Viewers what exactly is a give as the summer and a program is sounds pretty good. Well I'm I'm guess it's you know it's one of those Nickelodeon cartoon I'm guessing if they're losing breeds losing it not just losing to a cartoon nine noon. But you're losing by a B and 400%. You I mean 500 delivered it wasn't ten depended new it is they that is prime time preschool television. Mr. Zoellick may get out kindergarten is in the school right you know they get home. First half of the debt write expect the other senator manager's box yes no. And got some more to duties mean by. I think. Sarah Spain has found a way to do it yeah well by going after. A former ESP NL yes balls this all started with a four Ed. Early word means he's now he is doing anymore. No I'm guessing based on based on these comments I'm guessing no Horry or because god forbid you say anything. Or Charlotte or soon you'll be right and yet. Still I don't know if he's so. Ron what it was semi six young guns laws and those I'm and I I've papers all over the place if you get serious that we did a wide stream of this yet amassed. So some gal from Sports Illustrated. ESPN. It was a Munich Munich times yes she's in his hands which is a mess up or not she tweets as something. Aside posted a jobless thing right in Charlotte wilder. Right right average child Reno which Jason Garrett Callahan was sexually harassing manner pirate caught the symbol of really yet won't beat. Mattered was those job same sources the report but I'll continue. Our new OS yeah. A US. Those all starts out of that job postings Charl Weiler tweets out as you can stand sitting near me in an office is a very cool opportunities especially if you're a woman trying to get into sports. You should message mediums are open. Border decided well you know maybe a story about those yet to be quote tweets are still men need not apply any others and eligible. Wholesaler that Fred before you go. He's right in neck rub she was immediate help but look there's a thing where. It's become. Let's get a woman there is so adjustment doesn't let skidded girl could there Hardenne. And sometimes once why not always. What's wild. A guy might be best suited for particular job as promised an event. Are there is a thing where it's like Palin just got a girl. Let's find a woman. And vagina on it. If there's a slip between your legs please come on all who we've got a job opened. A low. Ink is very scared the same thing and you sick it just know these are Dan's words he's he's he's a friend boy I am by. There's a thing where it's like hey let's get a girl and and werder reckon but. What this government science and what's an Emmy announcer. Charlie wilder now know of the of the girl between. Mean throw throw while there was the original opinion at times as who ad was art and that's not dark yet so. What Mino is sang is not. Two was he really saying she's like hey I'd like a girl in in. In sports you know and to give a gala. Which is lake she's not even one hiring sort of a really matters she said security went back and forth now. Yes aren't so Charlotte beat back in that ball while your right ads are pretend to make sports media more than 10% Dino mite that. Orders bonds. And that's where hold on we go to argue with each of which in this was this was your point yeah I wanna argue both. It's that 10% thing may be only 10% of qualified. People that are applying or what. And you know maybe they're just not drawn to that profession in the same number that man. Is that a horrible thing I don't know but I don't need doesn't really seem that Arab is there is there a number of qualified women that are being turned away because that's raw. But if not outspoken relax at the percentages sort of that order. I resources associated ass I was hiring the best regardless of race sex and other factors I agree with. While while there but. It's also not Edward his job to police. Now there's also thing right I do kinda hate guys where it's like any opportunity just to comment. Matter runner ever and now we're come minorities they all you can (%expletive) relaxed. It has an Ed werder why it why is he attacking mr. maybe he thinks he lost his job he has been in the series. But I don't know that the beach to baby and werder has an ax to grind so then throw on patrols that move just keep what the next reply. It was my. While enforcing a lot of woman of people of color who are the dust off the get passed over during the hiring process and every publication now it's important to make the picture effort I find that to be. In this day and wildly in two years ago. One 1000000% that was the case. Now do you think that's true where. I don't written permission. Qualified. Minorities and women are applying and just go like it's not it doesn't. That seems if she believes that. That's shocking. That doesn't seem to be the case more and more not even in broadcast in the you know on TV shows in in every form media. You seem more and more where they're not only trying to hire a woman a minorities. Almost excludes EC more. TV shows on Netflix and Amazon and all this where it's exclusively where the show I noticed this the other day the show unbreakable can be Schmidt but I love. Showdown like a lot. There's not a single straight white male character on there that isn't a complete moron or monster. It's like I still like the show up I mean so who really cares but that is a fact that. People are trying to be much more progressive to the point where. Qualifications almost matter awesome. Right those are sponsor this from. And early worked oh so you're saying the rest of the industry is racist and sexist except for you. I going to be houses and orders and I tried to argue both sides and orders got me on his side Betty he met. There anymore of Astoria Oregon area Sulzer. Joseph Waller and you even read it's truly outstanding vast vast in all caps is what you're taking away from these tweets. And order response just rode out there to take away from chocolate just read aloud what. What you wrote. You essentially made it clear that your be excluding males regardless of ability. I read the words you wrote he tucked Randall county that's where he's getting a little different as I was sent solid we've that would go to college said with that we've yet is where. WEEI Eckerd Callahan show friend Rupert Penry to side the China my girl. Quote sheets add to meet. Dan says Lowber McCann no matter what you Dan says. Without me went on to note that most agree not as danced now mind that's fine. Moment on its ergonomic I don't see beauty and Adams. Well that's my stats troop NC color I don't see I don't Sirius X and browser any chances yet. Not by choice for McKenna asked him. What do Britain's. Ed werder is the most talented NFL reporter I've ever met. He just made the pro football hall last year gobble up as a woman he's a great I too can say the best apple can she get the job regardless of race or gender. Reality is in the media media those two things offering a push first now. Never once did my parents say apply or trial because you're a girl he told me up to apply because I'm a hard worker and ESP and I never wanted to write for ESP NW. I wanted to be on the same page as the man truly people novel concept dot dot dot hash tag. Ed werder he's right at this point. We have fourth party trying to woo people just didn't juice and orders in samarra. Somehow water there he's got three broads garner attention number brought zealous supporter in the united through royal now wears and what a foursome is trying to enter Sarah Spain. Yes chimes in. Quoting a pandering quoting as liberal as they can. The first half I am guessing she must agree with the port right that's what she's defending her again Albert McKenna I sure maybe. The first half a year to me is nothing to do with the second half I don't know a single woman who was told the interviews slash additions less trial because you're a girl. A doesn't even make sense in an industry is that is what she set a long way to go to achieve equal representation I'd like to work for the girls as. As for ESP NW men and women in the ball counts. And L in parentheses and nine by non binary folks operate them she's not. She detail in note that Mike I have notes I don't really awesome if it. No I didn't realize they've prepared would he integrates. Can't do nothing none body there enough focus and now you're questioning the notes that I have how embarrassing Sarah. It's stopped working so hard to be progress. Everyone gets you're you're you're open minded we understand. The work so hard over all the time that's my problem of these people as its. Nonstop. Bludgeoning you over the head with how open minded yeah. And we'll let anyone do anything you understand. Us. It just let me have opinions tool for Christ's sake. Why is Britain camrys opinion less valid Mueller's and you can throw in men and women and none by and it. You'll agree with the and everything it's fine. People. Rock. Stars spanky compete tonight talking. Los Angeles I'm gone by and it was where real dry and I was. As for his BMW men and women in nine by non binding her folks write for the site. It's not about being honest to a different page figuratively. Or less than and it's about having a space for female athletes and sports fans the same way ESP less and less that female has. Any different political views. The same way ESP NFC is specific soccer by 38 to analytics as officer at a time you know yes. It I think I think certain people. Can't apply for that job. And that the brother about his meat is Britney camrys. A piece of (%expletive) she's been that discourages society because she isn't a line politically with Sarah spent. It's like you know I mean that's where really gets annoying is it's like yes yeah if you're a woman and you think the same as me we love to have you in this job. If not go pockets. The Morton's terrorists. It's over at the juicy here necklace was asked that it be abridged version connect and we've gone on. For awhile there are about to get word out does he insults a so yes to that yes the fact he never took the time to understand and follow ESP NW and you view the coverage of female athletes and female perspectives on major issues and spore as something less than is a sad reflection of how you see women in yourself. As a Brit. No that was Sarah Spain with a yes we can now breast Brit decides to lie you don't worry mackerel bro and I know Lowell treatment she really decides to escalate being scored net quite dramatically here. You broke. In prompt and quotation marks in the industry by selling yourself as a day on social media to get dot dot dot Super Bowl tickets you literally soldier body to get attention. And then have the audacity to lecture women on feminism you I had opportunities are for ESP NW in decline. However. Don't make mistakes but I'm not over here telling people how to park their cars the audacity of democracy is astounding but I have. That's a funny lot. Put the. I am a female I was an athlete thing I'm Gooden understanding what that means now some would pick up the Mike got things to do. That the party cars things of prefer most improve McHenry Avaya. Certain. End zone that president Paul that we pull Barcelona's Sarah Spain responds basically I don't know if this is over yeah or it's the going. I'm don't know it's got to be diamond Adams days and maybe I mean that's an eighteen those two days. Or and owners. So that patriotism so we got there we got it closer to seven deficit that we got the gist of it and basically Henry's. Here's the I guess the problem was me is on certain things. I can't imagine. Thinking Brit McHenry is wrong about it. I mean a pro am fairly open minded guy myself but there's certainly that words like I don't get web McHenry where there's an argument against what she sang. But he just seems right Henry worked part I mean you know what. We can probably admit this part of Barbara McHenry got a job is it looks also. Which that's not fair all this here's the part that people should really divide in this entire battle is too gorgeous women. That have both been hired by ESPN. Going out and about how women can't get hired the problem should be will they ever hire an ugly broad. Well there'll be at the girl equivalent of meat on ESPN. That's what they should be fighting for not too beautiful women saying it's impossible to get hired for women when they have been hired. So hopefully the world all look like blind Mike folks. As a vice. And then out of time and who have time to. No we are about burger we're going to show he's getting kicked out of spring kicked out of another career. Well folks. It's been fun I yelled throw alarm. You know we would have made fun valves remove morbid to end Elvis immensely and then mass media today's upon for another job and he asked me. What's our the best episode we've done production wise. Issue with the best basketball game ever played there all of this but in earlier time. In. Guys subscribe to the iTunes give us a five star rating so I don't hurt myself off the top twenty guest street. And now has always have you eEye dot comedy VIR. Known on the radio dot com map. And a worlds you podcast. I mean is it.