Blind Mike's Trash Talk Ep 22 - A New Beginning

After a taking a week off due to crippling illness, Blind Mike returns to find out his producer Dan is leaving. The guys discuss the future of Trash Talk, some twitter messages and Stephen A Smith reacting to DeMarcus Cousins joining the Warriors.

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The only sound you answered yeah. After an America just trash talk. I know we're back dated. First week off at us. And it was not a pleasant. Don't take many days off. But. I regret to inform you you know to. Get sick to often. Our gross and happens. To put it mildly shooting liquid from fort policy. So. I was stricken you know I couldn't make it. And not only to do that you fans but you know it happens some times. And done this he's going to be a short until. Because. Who's coming and these guys that I am being event. In my mind cohort. My partner my. Friend. And Watkins. We broke. Oh yes why eating eating tonight cocktail now and I'm Bill Belichick it now I resign as. EP of trash talk known as this. Thing. I'm Dan. Gives you. To walk out. Opportunities elsewhere that are paid we got cancer can't say can't say it's official. Just. And witnessed. His back. And of course I think. You. Miserably and chrome tail between New Hampshire. We'll see. Leading an accountant. And helmet now no now this is something that ought to leave right after. I'm being. Bamboozled and yes exact. It is a fast one being pulled slightly and he. Is my. Eased one do's. Partners have. Why does mean you call me out I'm not paying attention multiple times tonight. I feel like and it in their disease and fairness to you also then if your producer dole pay attention Foley and fully devote themselves. So. Ericsson's. Around the water apple was from the source I'm thinking. Now known now I hand the water. We just got a new article about I don't care. Why. Is Cole. Hamels supposedly better for supposedly he said. Suppose a drive until it by the by the higher ups of the water cooler. It's dollars while the scuttlebutt around here. The water coolers. You cited created if creative differences within reason creative differences. That's not now a better now and just army. If you can. I've never I've never signs. I heard that. In leaving. Is leaving me ask. You this. You see that could be hurt. I mean I was gonna talk about it last week by you know you didn't even like your producer no you were sick you know I'd I found out via tweet. Yeah which are left the building. That that's the exactly and about 1045 when you're not you know mosey in your way down my hallway I figured it was a no go you should close. Odd man is an odd thing for someone to leave in the middle of the night without saying and also pick there. They're. Replaced success success as a business this is why your vocabulary. On the more you Burke's recent mature I'm dating. The chimes in Miami and awards. It's strange for someone to just the and place that the EU is right here now. Actually. The reason. Your story. To missed. My chance for a curtain count. The perfectly able bodied man couldn't for me back in that snowstorm. Is your replaced. So I've either going to be this man miles and place Friday and I've taken one disloyal flock in replacing more than. Jarrett. I won't see your last. I don't know if you want. But you you you Jared is is is via replacement Michael. Conceive you can speak. Of them I think at the speaker and I can't get it. That's hug my god that's a good race these are producing at those nightmare. Bomb. So you listen if you think you can you can do wood and those things that were to pay attention a little more. Human. What can you provide. I'd been up and oh is this an interview. Sort I didn't realize is being interviewed does it have any other option is clearly meant that even if it fails me you've got a guy that. Could have cut the I don't know Wilson Woolsey I guess so will spear we'll get on the horse and if we get buck though Africans there and then that doesn't make any. Maybe if you think about it yes so AJ I yadier as the guys that. Abandon Meehan. What. Are. The water. That is I don't they do and opportunities never come back knocked. But well sort. On. His tone was more. Phone call. Yesterday from some and that's right I don't know. If I'm supposed to say. It is remain unnamed. Source. Is Crist. I don't know we should name the source but Chris on his pulse Chris Curtis gimmick. And it's weird because. I've been going on here in bashing the shoot and Ireland and Gilroy show and bashed the (%expletive) out. I don't have any genuine. Animosity. I don't really expect the guide. Meetings and dry and boring that's out now is my beef that is drying dry and although people. I don't know if he should be the one thing well so that was my drive boring my point that's nice. Finally you know Jared RD fitness. At the end. Of January. And that's neat that's right. So. That was my only beef with Chris. Rhyme or. Fired back. But. So I was always worried about that tactic. Completely trashing. My. My boss is due with him at all but if I want to be on air would be. And I was always very nervous about just completely trashing the guy's gonna. Let's just at the it is cause very happy here. It is an attitude towards. It. The film. But couldn't stomach the ride I'm. Pleased equipment. So. He gets which is from. Basically. This is the part I don't know where am. I think I'm going to start I think to be on there more. More than zero it's it's the senate with that and get his get up about now. So. I will start to be on there are more. I don't really know. In what capacity. Of people to try wheels that turn in. And they. Go forward. And I'm more and I look in the room next. And I see the likes of mark games and child rape. It. I'm. And the trees and Carlin pride in inspired me to come packs an open Mike inspired me to come. I mean when I hear you know Portman and injured and made it can do. But look at that. Christie mark. Now. Antsy defined. Jared it's Purdue's mentioned. Made some asinine that I haven't heard it. All of this podcast and all he hates the podcast also linked and that's a very. Are spared in doing it's probably be six or seven years ago he went after a large. And said that podcasting was losers. Annual aggregate. Radio broadcasting podcasting or via a moneymaking endeavor which is little weird thing. For stern. To be that close minded guy who's always that innovative. And cutting edge it was weird for him to look at podcasting in Nazis. The potential. And he's argued in proven wrong but mrs. Said. After a decade or more ago. Mark James. Still carries that opinion is different and is there anybody out here besides me and I and I don't think you do either. Who doesn't have a podcast now I. And we need it I'll it will light hour actually gainfully employed we don't know I'm not really OK but I come here once a week maybe it's OK okay lovely team okay but the one thing I will say that barely appointment because. The better worsens are right that means I'm OK Paul. Or ever he has a pod cast. Parties and less than ten to fifteen podcasts are making money evils rustling losers podcast yeah yeah yeah right exit will be on next week if he wants me I enjoy I enjoy wrestling and wrestling podcast nor right going on on tolerance and I I did when it was I want I just don't know accuses everybody has a podcast. You people make money a podcasts are bar stool pardon my take. Stone cold Steve Austin Bill Simmons. Nobody else I don't youth on the resort had no real but those three you may know I don't know what they gave date they have like I went to the seminar where they had like this which was seminal Apollo aren't I don't always and it raises it that's the gist of it is. You know it was a great diapers and ran and trying to. India I can name thirty right now and well I mean a margin is never heard also refusal with ten to 15%. You might be able to say that aren't ya know makes sense I mean there are hundreds of thousands of podcasts that. Don't make money your obstruct justice exists and it. Don't worry and one baby or heard of Larry Gallo but I mean. Just in this building many hands podcast would make money if he did all of does make when he decides to do it. And if he did a regularly it would make money probably not enough for him live. Now that's a local pot you know and I mean it just is now the audience that Joseph Rogan Woolsey by dragging audience from people who actually like him from. The British and if many hand made that his soul endeavor. And dip podcast five days a week it was similar rated at about magma or I don't know how much but it would make. It would if American Jerry did an online shows subscription based that would make money. Yet. There's a pot there's podcast margin is never gonna as much as cult compound. That makes it. That makes poke please tell me that makes a 35000. Dollars a month and it's just three guys. Setting up Mike making Dick jokes Bernauer once and do one premium episode it's on patron they make 35 grand a month. So they each make over. A 120000. Dollars. That advertisers on the pod podcasting and come to town they meet once once a week to make Dick jokes makes 35000. There's another process and patriot on. Just a patron. The patron numbers and you'll see on the money is about fiscal chapel trap out the basic 90000 dollars. Those numbers are particularly Joseph Rogan makes a 100000 dollars an episode. From advertise. So I mean it's an idiotic statement to say ten to fifteen podcasts Lisa maybe ten to 15%. Right exactly that's more effect is like look at this anyone could do what I am doing right now. I mean memory here you eat at the what do you look no further having John. It's just I load. I get the listeners idea and it's not in what you know you gonna do is do it to do. So yeah he's right why anyone anyone can throw the podcast but the amount to make money and that is the future because we're gonna get in and I'm callers soon. That's going to be that's going to replace rate. WEI in. Fifteen years. Will probably still exist and it'll just be a big podcast network instead of radio station there that's that's readily. Don't know anyway. Everything's on demand you can with moderate there but it'll probably be alive streams that thing. We humans also I didn't mean I think I've I've I mean damn Feliz allowed to talk to instill. I don't I don't I don't blame you can I mean I blame more beyond the equipment that could yet but I think we're if I can. In multi million dollar radio studio we've got three mikes and here two of the more. We never have any headphones so it's like his radio that much better and podcasting. And the just the dumb statement by march aims mark Jennings. Would be lucky. For a company to name. He's the creep a guy yet a cut yet that's creeps and he's written yet. I asked him if he. Is the ease the the odd looking at. The taller much taller and out yeah. Mom. Tia margins we speak we. Answer. You seem my back and forth and Twitter with Jimmy Stewart. Am I saw maybe your initial tweet a couple weeks ago I think is that we could to strike two weeks ago at this point right. And I tell you I got a DM. From him about now. But sibling go back. It was wheat so I like they're actually you audience. No and I'm just I'm I'm blind all right that's the struggle. Are you physically Nancy. The Mets and I was going Philly you're human chain AM here. Alex. Congrats on getting back in the Eric you do podcast. No worse. In response to. At least. Know most of most of the audience you do show me there are very lack of response are very good. It didn't get it's okay no person I think I have some whatever relationship with no response. I can be ours or our relationships and would any of the quicker so. I tweeted. About. I edged rocker come weeks. I often am now and now some drink. And. I I tweet about how Scott so that in Jimmy Stewart on fall. Which is we have these are guys that I don't know all I meant so that once or twice. I never actually met Jimmy Stewart. He message me the only reason I have a somewhat of a relationship within his message read the First Amendment podcast. He message mean coming in his advice is good job with this is we worked on Obama. We went back and back and forth on Twitter few times that's all there's a wig there's no more we were never friends not even really acquaintances. But there's a weird thing where it's like when you follow me. Because I work for bars. And fuel you to make fun that's the thing was elect is like his electability could make fun just fine. Goalie when I knew he went on the air you'd make blind jokes. Bring my name up. And when he had Portnoy and make jokes about me stumbling around the office that's fine. But it's weird to then do to do that and then. On follow me when I don't work for bars to anymore. That seems like it's like Alice guise of no use to IE I should on them when it was funny. And now who gives a (%expletive) about so that's how I I am I took it. And I never really sending about and I don't really cares it's fine you know maybe not an interest in a follow whatever. We will liquid courage and that's at some things about it. And I called. I do feel bad as I was less Matta Jamie Stewart. But I write a ticket out on him more I called McCree. And said he was following cor rob us around it is going away party. Selected as a beacon booking guest saved his life or something like a couple shots and am. I missed. It Jimmy Stewart. Is on the number one afternoon show on boss the guy obviously deleted job. I would think if I'm a guy you one follow and don't give a show about that you would do just that and not. Should. Jimmy Stewart's. Didn't feel. I'll let you read. Reading at. The asks we are tonight wrong. What's the issue here what I do wrong view yet that it that's. And then migrate my spot. I don't like the people who. I don't like nasal Pedroia yeah I don't OK let's take I don't like the people follow me in our nice meal and a Barcelona when I'm not have no use for me. It's that's still being a little emotional and petty that's tonight at times but I but I was honest adding all I'm just kidding senator. You know I was I was honest in some. Probably be in a little bit about it for Jimmy Stewart's response. I couldn't tell you wonder the reason why and followed you I tend to do monthly spring cleaning to keep my follow number lobe of my idioms are always open. I don't know point when I'm not been nice you're going on my way to be mean to you. He's a percent as a point of reference some friends who Gaspar Mike really differences them he is a follow me on Twitter I don't hold that against them. He's ETE couldn't be more. Right about that there's no there's no reason for me to take shots and raining other than might be being a baby and seem any involvement. And then I say we're libelous things in my still being abused I took it personally sorry if I went too far look at that now that when I'm proud of myself. That's. Literally very odd to you personally are going to fun that's for which you agree that's a that's a fair response up. I thought it was done net. Then he responds. I is this a very long response. Yes okay yes this is where I was like. (%expletive) is going. I would it was baffling to me that I was in this discussion at this point. He took it as Robert and it's very personal. But to. It's this thing to me the note that I followed rob us around is going away party and I mean. Like a sad puppy. And a U wonder he can't booking guests one. Promise I consider one of my good friends if you know otherwise that he doesn't consider me a friend I'd love to hear your reasons why of course I'd be sad that someone I consider from leaving town. I don't call UB I call them. But if you were my apologies and for now remembering. Two Friday a book McPhee thirty minutes after she broke the Hanley news for your purposes seems like bad timing for that opinion. On the whole and radio guest on draw anymore our show doesn't do many phone guessed by choice not because I can't get them. You should check out my resume when I Wear it Ted dale knew me and holly I'm sure my desk calendars still somewhere in the offices of WEI my guests booking was good. During an era. And time slot that meant something. Seem strange. Yeah he's kind of validating himself Theo oh I did he's my response out the honor and gay Angus Reid that. I got my response was perfect you're a lot more successful than me man you don't need to justify everything I Turkoglu shot that you and anger in hopes to make people laugh. Was kind of like the backing out and closing the door kinda yeah I walk away it's. Sorry I guess I don't leave me alone. That's a little weird right. Yet to respond that adapt to an obviously and it would obviously I'm a drunk more on them is going off about nothing. To respond to me in in DN in that manners seemed very weird to. Like like YZ. Validating himself to. But then like it. I'll hopefully get paid accordingly. Should your friends of Caracas. Errors men. Crop is nice guy like I'm sure he's nice to it would earn that that's that's fine and treat him bogged. It was very weird. They've felt the need to do that is that this is a very sensitive and ego testicle industry so kind you know one of the residents say I didn't realize one of those Dick measuring contest kinda thing. That's why that's why kind of like. That's why I was worried when Chris Curtis call Eric is showing that. Where it's like icy again I'm getting a call from Chris Curtis or Mike. Is this them saying we heard the sheet you were saying were panicked and portrait that podcast the way it does not worthless. Deal that that was my immediate thought I was some neck. So my first I was ago what what a horrible thing that I say that he was bothered by. And cinema Gil lake wind Gilroy contact the company Asia. It was just off in demand joke imminently. Because that's been used to dealing with is that Jimmy Stewart like this is me starter. Just so you know it's like hey your bosses are obviously fine with that. What he give a (%expletive) if I make a joke about bats every sense. Hey it's like might not. Sort I call matzo. Ball creepy image. I am I don't get calls from Tony man accused. Has confidence crisis. And the number one afternoon Shaughnessy and take solace and some dame respects it's. Usable by your boot straps Chris. What are we end for a if we have some time in. Minutes' Steve inane thing in Utah yeah yeah on itself. Obviously little background here DeMarcus Cousins on the warriors Micah UA the MBAs ruined. Guy. Now here's the thing about the the LeBron I kind of audits Uggla doesn't know it's not usual topic though oh LeBron. Going LA. He's almost good nowadays at least. Three teams analyst. But also it's funny to me because LeBron is his gonna waste his last couple years but I'm sure they'll make some kind of a move mean Duff Linda's upcoming one. Yeah I mean that that I don't like there's no way they're not better than they the warriors or used on you know the better in San Antonio. Depending on that while lose and as currently content area. Did you did you hear the latest coli thing when the spurs like if officials want to check on he hid. But if and bustling to support the claims don't like you like he hit in the closet. That is correct or something there's something wrong when that guy couldn't. Yet and I would taken here. Certainly in much of Europe I wouldn't even Jim Brown not does not personally for the lakers but it's funny to me that LeBron is now just kind of wasting. What's his last. Couple great. You know he's gonna use these Google put up with the bald statement this is probably as last couple great years right. And yet he's got to deal with levoir ball. LeBron put that on the gonna hear a lot from our ball if want to means day's images Gerome the other leaking out as a meniscus injury now is that I can't treat them so. I don't know these need the will not tolerate but that suck and jive and form one hardball you hurt by Rondo go into lakers. You don't hypocrite I saw a lot of well agreed to that I think a lot of courage and ally agreed to an angry team has gone for he's played every now and. Yeah that meant as a bottom line. World Ron I'm I feel bad for like she's going to be as a dual Rondo. He's got to deal hardball Joseph Lance Steve he's not gonna he's at best can finish there. So it's kind of sad outcome really he should've stayed in the east. Death should go up probably. Should've gone the sixers yet. I don't think boss ordered to give as much as. It would have been great for them like they would've been an improved team but I don't think it would have been the right. Spot form but. He should stay in the east. But I'd like to the steaming. Right past me. Right so did this and anyways I silly all logic would bode going all right right going to the warriors NBA fan as he NBA ruined the news the other pictures of you know silverware article state jerseys and yes it is it's a it's a bore him he's. It's the quarters ago and yet the next couple years anyways so Steve today. Took Ella. Little Booth and he didn't like you like some criticism of the India. Ought to New York City all the way down here in LA where I am right. Does talk get well by god just get away with the NBA you've got pretty. But I know this is leading and it will be funny but you just he just to see that I. Will play as well start. But it's like does is that real does that seem real anyone. What does anyone think Stephen is that fired up about this topic you can play a very angry person in general yen at some time I like statement. He's on the personality is pianist elect but it's like does anyone buy it and that is genuine. Like if you were at home. And someone brought up the topic of the NBA with its. And good night I got coli I think he's like that died he's just like that made it. It's here it's here and excitable I didn't mean taco Steve. Ought to. New York City all the way down here in LA where I'm mad right. Let's talk get well by god just got away with the NBA you've got me. On to our wit Adam still owe me a Golden State war we. Bob. Bristol mean easily. That's got to be an on partly when Belichick says snap base there in the various it's got to be like he's trying to. Dude he's trying to he might be old guy is out of touch doesn't quite get. But. While rising up. Doesn't anybody. Is that I'm still nowhere Goldman's figure that's the commissioner basket. The I mean I guess it is. Yeah without him doing that ESPN has not mean a thing I think necklace from the fourth of July and yet work force. Tonight we worked out so I I was Clinton to rule I don't know YouTube is doing it's essentially just like three. All the networks they're kind of being thrown on YouTube now you YouTube Greta order no it's grown through YouTube this morning as the curtain count and route and I brought. My my my my port how much. Mo was spinning plates and tap dance trying to get something interesting out of heaven drought for the last five days and Jim it was now were. That's why I thought Chris Curtis is colony. I thought he even Chris Curtis could realize. Mike we might need to and as Evans wrote it is not wait. But alas. It would again cycle I just couldn't handle. I'm so it's grown through YouTube this morning and there is some live feed of get a oh boy out torture myself fines. Christ. Without Stephen A Smith. That wrote that that. ESP and mornings. And include the early afternoon with money well there's not an interesting personality to be found. On that entire. It's just. Like you got corner lot Kornheiser will bond in the afternoon I think they're still fine. I don't you know you know here and he blows about that shortly. Think that there you know when if its on a water. But in the more she's stressed he got Stephen and other house pretty rough. My Greenberg. Six million dollars. Match. Six and greens. May dry and boring is not so bad. It's it is the prop. QB Mike Greenberg you. Can't patent re can't seek. Pollen Mike Greenberg do you as my screen breaks as the can read tell propped. I can't do it I wanted to I condemn it. I can make some (%expletive) I I. As far as just off the copier head make it about I could do that better than most but it still wouldn't go. My Greenberg I mean beat in the goal keepers to. Meet. Area dry and boring as a way to go but ma'am in no man's. Camp Nancy can't read. And so Jarrett. I'm gonna need you to. Take me into the the promise. The deal to my best here you know earlier I don't know what Dan is thinking I've always said. That if there were any coattails to be written. I'm disabled man who makes 101000 dollars a year that's those the coattails he be right. On gravity on moon never let go available on tighten it but he's missed an out and Jared it's happened on this gravy train. And will continue to make trashed. A better program. We can and we knew them before ago may be a meteorologist Peter tangling maybe others appear. And this out of nowhere and become common. You know you're always welcome for not pay attention. As. You know we could use some. You know the problem is United's down. Even pretend you can we were listening as talking about and with the strips. I didn't hear it would have what do what do I thought I was going to work coming Hulu series. There were tank is to death and got a he has a series of who says it will he's not he's not like wheat. But he admits he is in the series on and on who I haven't listened Nancy. Helix stormed into homeland and back in February and Mike. Pulled us all about it. Went on the air he just stormed then. But it's on now it's on Hulu yeah it's like I add something on a hill. I answered with a Google Gary area looser to Gary tang. You know our our our good friend LB said that. You know Chang Wednesday as problems they think is not Gibson. Although he's a married to a Jewish so he's got one up now I'm not into some you can see it you say lot of things Garrett. But that's one when feather in his that's a good way. And fan I'm sorry oaks and other disasters all. And Dan and final goodbyes or is that. And if I thought that was pretty good guys are big for now you know I thought maybe. A heartfelt speech. Mr. Don't know meet you in to something personal here. On the forget that. I won't give much thought it breaks I always neat I will line. You know I'll always been drug can be best input and I'll send you validation deities I spoke to the Friday it may be spent. Keep an -- out that Glen MacNow Goran you know ye you got mad about me taken my successor yes I could Texas there was another candidate. Was begging for the opportunity that means don't say Patrick. I know we're talking about and that the answer was firm no. He asked believe they'll book guests yet. That's at. Bill Perry. In the middle of July. Eric. Subscribe on iTunes gives a rating review which. The radio dot com app I think you can. And did you dot com of course is our companies. And we will be that. You've been listening to trash talk. Kind of money here it again and WEP. I had to spend the radio dot. Tune in next week for another edition of trashed. A presentation of W. DP I.